Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 3, 1957 · Page 43
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 43

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, June 3, 1957
Page 43
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Ten Logansport,. Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Josephine Lowman True, Bone Won't Bend But Muscles Will With Exercise Try this exercise for In this day of swim suits and play clothes, which leaves little to the imagination concerning the contour of a woman's leg, the figure is more important than it ever was. There are all sorts of defects which worry women, such as large ankles or calves, knock Easy-ro-Pock Cloche You'll find this quiek-to-crochct cloche also easy-Lo-pack—so nice for those vacation days ahead! Make it from sparkling white or in your favorite colors. Pattern No. 2408 contains crochet directions for Mother and Daughter hats; material requirements; stitch illustrations. Send 25c in COINS, your name, address and the PATTERN NUMBER to ANNE CAROT, Pharos- Tribune, 372 W. Quincy Street, Chi- cngo 6, Illinois. It's ready! The 1957 Needlework ALBUM — fifty-six colorful pages showing many pretty designs; plus directions for milking 3 crochet items and a quilt. Only 25c a copy! Ann Landers Marriage Lacks Nothing But Love, Trust, Understanding Dear Ann: I'm an attractive woman in my early 30's. My husband is 38. We have five children, a nice home and everything except love, standing" exactly what does it have -that justifies living together? You casually mention that he has hit you a few times and sneaks out of bed at night. I can't see that he contributes a single thing to the marriage except money. This you can get without the abuse, deceit and heartache. Tell the heel to send the support checks in the mail until he gets completely around. straightened respect, trust, affection and understanding. My husband has had girl friends from the first month we married. Two weeks ago a woman called. She thought I was the housekeeper, because he told her we were separated. She said to • tell my husband she tried to get him at work but he was out. She was going to the hospital to have a baby. Three hours later, her mother called to say "Elvira'had a nine pound boy." When my husband came home I gave him the messages and he denied everything. But he's lied lo me so much that I can't help but believe been 6 . ner, and has actually sneaked out. Most of the relatives refuse to Governor Declares Consolidations Only Classroom Solution INDIANAPOLIS (UP) — Governor Handley said today consolidation is the only solution to classroom shortages in Indiana schools. He made the statement as the State Common School Fund Commission rejected a request for a loan worth.$3.6 million from Penn Dear Ann: My mother is in her late 60's. She's dying of cancer and we can do nothing but keep her comfortable. She's been dismissed from the hospital to spend her last days at home. Her older sister always was a trouble-maker. This miserable woman has passed the word to the family that mother's type of can- he's involved here. He's ; cer is contagious and they'd be and 8 hours late for din- ! contaminated if they came to visit. reducing the ankles. knees and bow legs and a flabby inner leg line. When correction depends on bone structure rather than muscles and fatty deposits, of course that poses a problem. Bow legs are that way mainly because of the shape of the leg bones but muscles also play a part. The habit of pulling the legs as close together and trying to make them touch Whenever you are standing is as good an exercise as you can do. The beauty of this one is that nobody knows you arc indulging in it. Inner Leg Line A lax inner leg line is one of the unattractive figure faults which develop as the years pass unless you take steps to avoid it. The following exercise is a good one: Lie on the edge of your bed on your left side with the left leg hanging off the bed and the right log on the edge of tho bed. Now raise your left leg as high as you can. Lower leg. Continue. This time lie on the bed on your right side with your right leg hanging and your left leg on the edge of the bed. Lift your right leg as far up as you can. Many women wish to reduce the ankles. There are many exercises given for this but the old one of making circles with your toes is as good as any. You sit on a chair and cross the right knee over the left. Make circles with the right toe. Circle first in one direction and then in the other. After a while cross the left knee over the right and make circles with the left toe. Often thick ankles are due to bone structure, too. There is little you can do to improve this situation. Sometimes exercise helps some but you cannot exercise your bones away. of bed at night and. returned in time to change clothes and go to work. He's never beat me, but he has hit me a few times when I tried to straighten things out. I'm at the end of my rope. Do you think it would help to try to find out where this girl lives so I can appeal to her? Please tell me what to do.—MRS. UPSET It's bad enough that your husband appeals -to her—leave the girl alone. Your basic problem is with him not with the dolls that he chases. Since" this marriage, by your own description, lacks "love, respect, trust, affection and under- If you would like to Imvc my lenflci "Take Steps Toward Lovely I.CKS," send a slnmjifid, Helf-ad- tlrcsscd envelope with your riMiu for leaflet No, 13 lo .Tofi<:pbin« Lawman In curt; of thin newspaper. Tomorrow: "You Can Solve liiistllnc Problems—Here's Hr>w. : (Released by The Register and Tribune Syndicate.. 1957) CHANCE MEETING STAFFORD SPRINGS, Conn. — Ronald Jacobsen, 21, was involved in a two-car collision while driving to the home of his girl friend. His fiancee was in the other car. You can remove stains so easily come to our home. Mother feels badly that she has so few callers and can't understand it. Can you say something to put this crackpot in her place? Also, where' can we send money to fight this dreaded disease?— G.K.P. I'm no doctor, but it's a y fact that medical science has yet to produce a single case of contagious cancer. Any relative who stays away from your home for this reason displays pure ignorance. Truth is For Young Sun Seekers 8475 2-6 yn. Few pattern pieces enable you to complete this darling buck-buttoning sundress in no timn. Tiny girls love 11, and it has panties lo match. No. 11475 with PATT-0-RAMA included is in sbes 2, 8, 4, 5, (! years. Sine 3, dress, 1% yards of 35-inch; panties, % yard. For this pattern, send 35c In COINS, your name, address, sizo desired, and Ihe PATTERN NUMBER to Sue Burnett, Pharos-Tribune 1 , 372 W. Quincy Street, Chicago II, III. Include 25 cents more with your pattern order for the Spring & Summer '57 issue of our pattern book Basic FASHION. It contains dozens of smart new styles for all nges; gift pattern printed inside the book. United States Joins Military Committee Of Baghdad Nations KARACHI, Pakistan (UP)—The United States formally jointed the Baghdad Pact military committee today and promised to "carry its full share of responsibilities" in'de- fense of the pact's Middle East tions. Former U.S. Ambassador to In- Twp., St. Joseph County, for a dia L Henderson spoke for the new high school, complete with a T n :t n j c (ot ,,, , f n,. „„,,„.•„„ » r n,., new high school, complete with a 3,000-seat gymnasium, an auditorium seating 1,200, and a swimming pool. The commission rejected the request, 8-1. State School Supt. Wilbur Young said the main reason it was turned down was because of "lack of effort" by township officials to raise the money on the local level. The commission recommended to work out wilii Misha- Jnited States at the opening of the Jiird session of the pact's Council that Penn atte.mpt consolidation plans waka High School, where many of its students'now go or readver- tise its bids for classroom space only. If it is unable to sell its bonds at five per cent interest, the" commission suggested that it return for another hearing. Township trustee Vernon Freed told the commission, "we've never had a high school. We're starting from scratch." "I don't know of a high school in Indiana that wouldn't have a gym and wouldn't offer some sort of physical education," he said. Handley replied, "we've got this happening in hundreds of townships all over the state and we 'hav-e only so much money." "I wish we could force consoli- a great weapon,—and so is money, j dation," said the governor. "Boy, I'd do it tomorrow." John P. Kurth, president of the Penn Tw-p. Taxpayers Assn., spoke against the plan. He called it "extravagant." In other action, the commission approved a change in construction plans for a high school in Ho-hart. The School City of Hobart requested to use $11,000 from $22,000 it had left over to make some minor construction changes. the military committee has been accepted as an honor and the United States expects to carry its tne 185 c iill share of responsibilities in this ! a nj lld _ mportant work," he said. Henderson headed a strong American delegation. Although the United States is not formally a member of the pact, its representatives sit on all key committees. The presence of Gen Nathan Twining, designated to become chairman of the U.S, Joint Chiefs of Staff on retirement of Adm. Arthur Radford, indicated the importance the United Stales attached logical' Send whatever the American you can spare to Cancer Society. They are doing a magnificant job. P.S. DON'T support little-known, half'baked outfits that prey on the ignorance of frightened people. Dear Ann: I'm a sophomore in high school and am bothered by problem concerning dating. Is a girl obliged to accept the first fellow who asks her for a big affair? Certain "early birds" tie up the choice dates by asking way in advance, and the girl has to accept because she doesn't dare refuse and show up later with someone else. I think it's unfair, and have been trapped many- times in just this way. Is there an alternative that is honest and decent?— UNINFORMED Depends on how early the bird is who asks for a date. If Eager Edgar asks in September for the May Prom, you have a perfect right to say "No" on grounds you never plan If you're that far invited ahead. to an affair within a reasonable period of time, say "yes" even though the lad isn't the dreamiest thing that ever came down the pike. Stalling around wailing for the Adonis is unwise. A few disappointments may be just what is needed to speed the snail up. (Ann Landers will be happy to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of this newspaper and enclose a stamped self-addressed envelope.) Copyright 19S7. Field Enterprises, Inc. i>|! Ministers. "The invitation Tuesday Evening, June 4, 1957. Similes Prove English Language Really Meaty CHICAGO (UP) — English is a queen who founded Carthago, meaty language. For example, you can ro whole You can bacon. Of course you might rate a cold shoulder, in -which case you'd do some beefing. Long before jive-talk. Americans were coining colorful similes about meat and livestock. . According to the magazine National Live Stock Producer, some of these phrasep date back 300 years. Others were imported and go back to antiquity. Here_'s how some of the best known'sayings began: which you >:- Great horn spoon: A phrase de- ended this morning to us to join'noting soup ladles, strainers and agreed to settle only as much land as she could enclose with a bull'i hide. So she cut the hide into also bring home the *air—like cords long enough to encircle enough land to build the hog and take the bull by the horns. to this pact. hitherto "psycho- Read the Classified Ads mixing spoons once carved from the horns of cows or sheep. In the 1850s somebody adopted it as cuss word which could be used in the presence of ladies. Hell for leather: The beating a leather saddle takes when a cowpoke rides at top speed. End of your rope: Farmers used to slake horses and cows out to pasture on a rope. The animals | grazed in a circle around tlie^ slake. When they came to the end of the rope they obviously could go no farther. Whole hog: In colonial days a shilling was nicknamed a "hog." Later the American dime was given the same name. Prices were lower then, and when a fellow spent a "whole hog" he was living it up. Cut a dido: Dido, the my'hical city of Carthage. Hammy. Minstrel singers rubbed their faces with burnt cork for Negro impersonations. Later they mixed black powder with lard, because it was easier to apply and remove. Thus, minstrel men became known- as ham-fatters." Later, the synonym for mediocre actor became simply, "ham." Bring home the bacon: Bacon was essential family fare, and tho ability to bring it home indicated a steady income. The monks of Dunrr.ow in Essex, England, would give bacon to any man who knelt before the church door and swore that "for 12 months and a day. I have never had a household brawl nor wished myself unmarried." HURRY 3955 Cadillac Coupe. Power Steering and brakes. Clean as new but priced so low! See Ralph Thompsoifand step up to this Cadillac soon! Powlen Sales & Ser. Broadwny At Third Dairy Cattle Owners See Speedway Race INDIANAPOLIS (UP) — Dairy cattle owners from the 48 s lies and several foreign countries witnessed a special race at the Indianapolis Speedway Monday as the 72nd annual convention of I Holstein-Friesian Association America wa.s launched. Freddie Agabashian won six-lap, four-car "race" at average speed of 138 miles hour. Others taking part in event, started by Speedway owner Anton Hulman Jr., in a pace ear, were Rodger Ward, Jimmy Reecc and Don Freeland. Later, more than 2,000 members and guests of the HFAA heard talks by William Bursby of London, England, secretary of the British Friesian Association, and Robert H. Rurnler, execulive secretary of the American Association. • One of the highlights on Tuesday's program will be an address by Sr. Galo Plaza, former president of Ecuador and former ambassador to the United States. Plaza Is one of the leading Hoi- slein herd owners in the world. NO NOTHING BAY CITY, Mich.' — Russell .1. Tillon, recently retired auto fne lory foreman, Is handing out his new "business card" to friends. It reads: "Russell J. Tllton, retired no phone, no address, no business, no money." ' ' \ K . ., >' J i,i Fleecy Whit* eliminates many kinds of spots and stains on cottons and linens/ porcelain, enamel and tile surfaces. This is but one of tho many ways this outstanding liquid bleach and household disinfectant can nerve you. You'll find other USOH and directions on bottle label. ItEACHESi Whilom colloot and llneni, bri0hloni fail colon, eailly without rubbing], DISINFECTS* Sanltlxm your waih, baltiroom fixture), kltchon link, nursery and loyi, DEODORIZES, Baby waih, work clothel, refute cam... eliminate! unpleaiant odort. REMOVES STAINSi fruit, gran, «k, even •corch and mlldaw. Also from tile, enamel. 4>S.EASANT TO USI...LIAVES NO OFFENSIVf ODORI Show SlarlJ Al Di»k Caret Open Half Hour Earflar WEDNESDAY "THE B4G LAND" (Color) Alan taeld - Virginia Maya THURSDAY-FRIDAY "D DAY 6th of JUNE" (Color) Robert Taylor-Richard. Todd ROX Y STATE Open 1 p.m.—50c Til 6 HELD OVER THRU WEDNESDAY Added Fun Wed. Night Bugs Bunny Wednesday 7:46 HOUYWOOD Sneak Prevue In addition to Pa and Ma K«lll« me a brand new Hollywood Feature at no extra coit, 1 SHOWS 1 PRICE Sunday "Tammy and Bachelor" TUE.,Wed.,Thurs. Open 1 p. m.—35c Til 6 Adclod Fun at Night THRILLS! BJG "Last Outpost" with Ronald Reaaan "The Naked Jungle" Buck Nile! IMP UP WI TODAY and WED. -2 FEATURES 2« she wont let the Stranger go. TENNESSEE .<*• WMLUMMS' Muarsram ffi m. wm-umi MKI-EU nun < AND "CHICKEN DINNER COMING UP" for Five Lucky Patrons THURSDAY AROUND 8:00 P. M. Catch a live chicken and win a large taity ready-for-the- oven dr*»*ed chicken. Introducing th« Adv*no*-Kngli Complex!* Lln« of 1«sr Hom« «ppU»wo« trmtt AUTOMATIC WASHER! with "Top-of-the Line" KATURIS * 2-CYCLi WASHING ACTION * NEW BUIIT-IN LINT FILTER • You get 2 washing eyelet instead of one. You .imply sot dial for normal washing cycle or for delicate fabric cycle. * Lint Filter U BUILT-tN out of your way; it filter* »°» h wash and rinse water full time, even when water level if low. 3 AUTOMATIC WATIR HVEIS al tte MATCHING DRYER AVAILABLE RIOULMI VALUI *249.9S-NOW ONLY *19S.M with BARNETTS BARGAIN BARN 416 S. Third ttion. 2«1

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