The Kansas City Times from Kansas City, Missouri on April 22, 1910 · Page 1
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The Kansas City Times from Kansas City, Missouri · Page 1

Kansas City, Missouri
Issue Date:
Friday, April 22, 1910
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Sí físt ntf’l fíiTF. Mt'vrniríg, l'A't-.pín»' an<j Humlay (i8 parere a wee'Ki, < 1 <'liverc>cl b- i.», riera In Kausaa t. ii> ansi víeinü5*. tOLLMS \ ni.lh. 8 y malí, poetn«- í>re)ruiil. lOc a v.ef ; one year, |6.*0. Aíl (¡i.tU ul>siO¡ IpUont are pav alile In artvancr'. (the Mornitìó KAxNSAS CITY STAR) llau^a^ ®iíü SVMSCmMEKS Failing to r«c«!v« the Morning, Evening or Sunday Editions should report the fact by TELEPHONE 20 MAIN. \'0L. To. XO. 96 . KAXHAB CITY. APKÎL 22 . 19 lO.~FKli>AY FKÎTÎTEEX PAUEB. iJ W li"' I. i O'* TRAISS FIVK CBJrr« I. THK criTr 0»E CBHT mark twain has left us r-nifcF ANO 6O0IUY PAIN ENDED FOR V'M LATE YcSTEROAY AFTERNOON. Mfiire Me Hw («ieaeea," the l.aal Werda H# Wr«t«—ft»rr«w Over the Death* tit Mka Dawrhtcr «od Friend* flaateaed the Bud, VI'.iltNEti FOlt 4 HmriHEK OF #, i,e(tnard l,ol* Mao .%»»«> From MeCoae Forii», blit Via»!«’! ’kVeleomed Home, Fe»r that he would he whipped If he went home and dealre to go home to see his 4-year-old brother were two conflicting force« that Influenced Leonard F years old, of ZdlS Askew Avenue, iu hi« wanderings yesterday. He. was sent to the McCunc Farm ten days ago because bis father could not con- I Early yesterday morning he RrJ50îî»o, Co.vîf., April 21.-Samuel | j-ai, aviay snd atarted to go home. ijiBghorn Clemens ("Mark Twain") gt, daybreak a farmer overtook him died peacefully at 6:30 o'clock tonight (if sBgina pectoris. He lapsed into i«ma at 8 o'clock this afternoon and caver recovered consclousness. it south of Independence and invited him to ride. From Independence he came aun Kansas City on a street car. Passen- jgers on the car paid his fare, l-p to -— ^ ¡the time he 8te|ipcd from the car iu the end of a man outw orn by grief and scu's agony of body. YesUrday was a bad day for those ...insas I’ity he had been eager to reach home, but suddenly i» occurred to him that his parents would not welcome JISTRUST. CUMMINS SAYS HE PROGRESSIVE SENATOR 6XPt.AINS RECENT REPUBLICAN DEFEATS. Voter* hrr HeKianln«: to Whether «rrvnnt« Arr a* Alert for the People a* for the Intere*»*. Ill* lliasno*!«. Mtssnim suowEKs today . Fatr and l.ooler Weather Predielea for; Kaman* nad Oklahoma. Tfa® Washington forecast I b . Missouri and Io*a Shower« and cool-| er Friday; Safmdai fair. SCHOOLS OUTGROWN AGAINT^^^’ I iloha IV i riun ^TATK rs í ** ho .' •■'ILAWYERSCAN’TMUDDLEHER '•oble*kl, Vetera» I.eetnrer. hay* ’ _________________ the board asks 3-4 MILLION BONOS FOR NEW BUILDINGS IN lit* .lob Won’t I.ant l.onKer. .iohn Sobleskl of Los Angeles opened ' PcARL KELLAR, THE SWOPE NURSE, the gtatewlds c ampaign for prohibition * FOR HYDE'S COUNSEL. 1 last night in » «peech at the Flrpt V\ April 21.—At the i?ijd of a ppee< h on the Railroad Bill thi? afternoon Senator Cummins of fow’a talked very plainly to bis Ttepublieau brethren. He undertook to give reasons for the recent terrific losnes to the Republican party In MassachuBettF, and New York in doing so ho told his party as.soeiates that it 1« a question of public confidence in rue good intentions of the men who bold office a« Republicans. "We sometimes wonder what is wrong with the Repubiiran party,” Cummins said. "I am going to speak a moment now to my Republican associate«. We rriaay; natmnai rnir. i .................—— * uisi. uigiu m » bpeeo» luw a hî-î. Kan«as -Fair Friday, cooler in nem««rt tor » „» rh ’‘-iiristian Church, He has lectured for, ...i. f.t,. .-. armay 4« a-»ut i - _______ __ ______ lÎOTty-threc >eRTS in every stale which } has baniahed or baa attempted to aboi- ] teh the saloon. He believes that the ; passing of the bbIooij will coroe within the nest ten yeais and that the liquor part; Saturday fair, warmer in west past. Oklahome -Faii Friday, < ooler In cen- ^ tral and east part'»; Sanirday fair, I warmer In wi Bt rmrt. Fast Texas—Fair Friday, cooler In ' north and west part: Saturday fair, cooler in east part; brisk to high winds. 1'he maximum temperature in Kansas City yesterday wa« St and the minimum The maximum a year ago wan 57 and the minlmura liti. Yeaterday’s readings of tt<** th'*ruiom- cter follow: Odi >ortl>ea*t «nd «CTernl VVnril Kniiding*—M«y t.'o t<. t nt«>r* .\>xt Mtiniff. All Iltelr N«te», C*®Bf«re«ee» ««ti «f Her previo«» Te«tlmo«x B«ed I« V Min Acal««t the State*» «tar W'ltae**. Ko'*' many wonTen -or men, either. chusetlH district. We are overwhelmed and dismayed when we read the dispatches annuuncing the outcome in the .Vew York district. Home people at, tribute this disturbance, this loss o 7 e.rn. . ..'Ï 5 P m 8 a. m. -.... ....tiO ñ p. tn, . .-, n «,tn. . .fi:t 7 t*. tí)... . to n tn., 11 a m. . .... ,TC p. m.... 12 n.ion.. ... , ,74' 10 P- in.... 1 p. m, . .... .rs ! I P tn . . .. 2 p. to . .... , 8 f> 12 mldnlght .4 p. irt.. . . . . . .82'. 1 .. ; ^ p. ni. . .84 2 a. tn ......... The A Intana« • 1 oaHx. ; .Sun r'-es .. .5 : :31 a. in .Moon r 1 .se®. i.-fun ; -ets. ...7 ;02 p.niM.>en set?: . . Again Kansas City hag ouigrovn its; traffic will be gtaa'ipcd out by m« .*v,- ia .«..- —vi achools. The board of education 1 h -. j job as a lecturer v. ill end then, he says.; for that niatter--could answer correct- lleves another high school building and | Mr. «obiegkl is of Polish royal blood, jiy f^^r three hours the questions of an several new ward schools are ucpded.; He was sixth in line for the throne of j expert cross-examiner trained in all it decided ai Its metding last night to ■ i'oiand. His «ncestor, John the Great, the tricks of lawyers to tangle a wlt- Hsk the In bond.’j jclat election „ ............ j, Army a» a oojiiai. jh » huw , ' i since the war has beeu devoted alraost'¡«barged with murdering Col. T homas ‘ ..... . jij gwope. A careful review* of the ex- in Mia -1 amination failed to disclose that the I month. new TVH*'-* MUUUlb « 1 » ’ jriff »ijktu iU iiiir Xt/I I.U 13 VA t ^ viAAurru am «fcis led ai Its metding last night to ■ i'oiand. His ancestor, John the Great, the tricks of lawyers to tangle s wit* people to vote % million dollars 1 Christianity from theitj(*ss? Substantially, that is what Miss l.’j for new buildings The «pe-Kellar a nurse, did yesterday aft- rtlon probably will be held «‘-xl j Army a bugler, ills time * . .. . V . 1 ______ .1 ______ I with n^firHprinir Tnl T'hrtmsi» vnops nn: v rir xk/vI will Dp Tne preciioil OI a îiJisiU ««UUUl lu AOW iuai lUl* lo vu ix* * wo ; «.iiujjrtuvu \nn*s\i lu fJlOViU^í:^ lual iu* the northeast part of the t Ity. The*«ourl, Mr. Sobleskl will lecture on anti-1 w*lt.nees stumbled In any particular de- North*>a«t Improvement Apsociation p«. j saloon -tv!f i tltioned the board last night for a tL'ed'ucatlonal and moral or-'i ttiat Ml school In the territory north of Flf Ions of the state for a strenuous ; threo nO' (eeriTh Street and easl of Woodlfind ' ¡¡apj "Speeches will be ; proposition tamely. Avenue. Twenly-tlve residentH of j made in 'everv di«tiict, MlsBouri will ¡upon to describe ui part of rb.- < ity, with four «!»nkesnu>n. ' jj^jp ^,p pj-ohjpHlon stares j-- appeared bcfure the board vlth etntis- ; y.,jvember is.” «!/•«.. t tv flwxiA' tVi*it tilv/ntti t liFlIliUCl IT dl hours is stating the Hhe waa called to describe quickly and without ___________ } X. IAjH I*» Miuv^ iilcli «VVUI iiivtmcAixki , . ,...............- • ■ ■ . Vi.raM. the inrtla». 1* F«m A4T.M «»A pupllsfrum gevpnleen vard ^Khoola &re sOFT T\iU THE HVN AW AT It OHS E. «M«*» tur atleoding the three Kansas (Tty high ------— ----~— xnmue tms uisiuroance, ims joss o ■ M. « k . kux . O k ., April 21.--The suit Bch.jols, Many of the high .school pu- mv '' faith In th«:“ Repubiiran party, to the j brought by John Zufali. an Indian I nrotjpin cn ,jonil - ouihai . an juuian in » ’ .. * . , i .. *« , I a lonkT diFTan<*eR to 8cnool. Muskogee for .<2-o,000 damages sgHlnst Brooklyn end of the her t'. B .McLuJskey, v l<-e-president of the (,vercrov,dcd and another oiio «oon will wiiiKmsbnrc Bridge wae put to a euc- rer,; National Reserve Bank of Kansas City; built." said Edward 1,. tesi today when a horse beyond due S. 1). McCluskey of Muskogee and nti. an atlormy, "The Xortheast ha« ^ I Adolph Hill of Ardrnore, for the alletia- hoost^d all Kansas City prof>ositlnns Xhe control (f it. . ^ tion of Zuiair« v ifes affections, was ^nd we think that -oracih;ng I.« due ns corrsMlke contrivance and escaped wii settled out of court here today. ZnfaB m turn. Wc boP’ io have crosstovvn out a »cratch. Heretofoie. it is claimed, wa.s paid $4,.Son. The agreement carries ■ <>aj. Hiios and It i.s certain that we will h O per cent of runaway horses on this with it n {»rovtslon that. Zufall is to ob-; uave (hern by the time a bJgh school bridge were killed ^vhen they plunged tain a divorce. Zufall evidenced his <;an la- built for ns. ' into the big gates formerly used to y believe that their t epresentatlves good faith by nnng tee suii for oivorce Among those w no appearea o Intent upon full and complete jus- this afternoon. the board were: Judge .iohn G. ’ . 1 «»..,. «c rho%. hpiUoA that Zufall married Geraldine Mr-Cluskey. presblenf of the Northeast Imp only so long as »hat ^ ypciuskcy. and a ¡nent Association, Fred W. Elm Ir governing oodiee, wheth r tn , , f,f other defemiants in the secretary of the Kansas City Lif legislative, executive or Judicial. ■ damage oult. against the wishes of the surance Comi)«uy. and (’ol. L ng what they <-aa to give every man MrEiuskey iaml!:.-, and «hortly after WHter*. « . . .A I 1 • L'h >-• k »•* * M t iut'i-vtl T A V-k^-k«* T'aiic'Yk<i»>j 4 7 I 1 I ‘ji 11 ... . «» ------------- -V they believe that their tepresentative« good faith by filing the suit for divorce are Intent upon full and complete Jus- this afternoon. tlce: only so long as ihej believe that ntarned (, McLluskey. tbei be leglt'l doing w l a fair and equal opportunity in the Strug-, Mrs, Zufall left her husbami. Zufall gL of life This result iu Massachu-j based his suit for damage« on the ■!.>/« « seit« this result in New York, the tur-! grounds that his wife was taken away, biileiit water, that are «irring every- '™“> »t.' '‘"j:!!!'“!!! where are simply evidenoe« that the (■’ b YlcCluskey, Mrs IMcCluskey and people whether right or wrong. * are their daughter. Geraldine .McClupkey ; w' home is wondering whether the Congress of the Zufall, are living at the Urmoiid, Lin- Eulted SUte» la faithful in the dis- wood Boulevard and Troosi Avenue The dispatch from Muskogee was read can be built for us. " into the big gates formerly used to Among those v\lio appeared before «top runaways, the board were: Judge John G. Park, a horse was driven by John Romaine. preRbleot of I he Northeast Tmproce- \s the wagon rattled pasi PolicemHO ‘'leinlng. t'lowley, inatead of running out into Jfe In- rup roadway and trying to head off the 11- runaway, he pushed a button, which I notified Policeman Rose at the Brooklyn Hide that a runaway horse was approaching. Rose touched another button which set in mottou rim motor that, fur- CmcAoo. Apiil 11 Lmma to as the horse dashed Inlo *” Ivaijsap (it.v. " j^t,d there it wa« wedged hard asked tonipbi about her divorce Although running rapidly when Hany Heresford ami her marriage to b;aped into the gate, neither horse, John Stokes. H(uh incidents in thc,,;^;^go„ noc driver was injured, actress’« life occurred some time ago, lost t ss ft cUarge of tbe high Uutl.s that have d- volved upon it They are wondering «-rn-jt pnd« the f-ase .ihsolutelv " he »‘ ne-s!. ji.v ..-.--..v i tf mr whether our ears are as keen to hear jfa4 nothing nUDi..^ the complaints of tbe people as ““7“ ^o; 5 jlon'i want lo talk about , rar K««*«. Fit.* -o„iht.r» A..r«-I are quick to ll»ien to the wants of the TflEili IRTLSDS .\Ol^CAhED Ff i y,^kes said. 'Tbat 1« my »•»''** »**•*■“■ , ^ i interest«. One of them, as 1 «ay, may bc * ki « b >«- i, k -«*»* prlvlueTlfe «nd It belouga to me. The.v Twenty-five freight agents ofthc Kan- feel tuat this law la wrong and another "• • ciiv. k «*. i don'i want that son of publi-Py alH.ut sa» iTty Southern Railway from all uccumuPire 'tbf« The old tv ard ' poUtlcians. who for' im- In Kanfeas Glrv You f now t hat’s a of the 1 oMed States are meeting and so they go. if wp aMumulaie tbi« rli.-tated how tbe noiitici*! tdme that is dear to m.v heart, because tcansia« I’liv this week for eousulta diacontent. to!» suspicion, this want m . yeavs have nntAteo now rue puiHi for ■ me tn Kansas Ulty vou koow luai» a parts of the i nneu »mve! ical; place that is dear to m.v heart, because : Kansas i'iry this week :'pi;'iho;;,d' h.- .1.., m-.h«... h.ah,.: ...ey ».e ■>','r'r ;'r'::rTo thPRP people will, to paraphrase a trouble for the new commissioner« *«: , f.,. now aud 1 <Km't want tnem thought of Horace Mann work their K hiish « GHy. Km- think of mt’ fts a divorcee. There study the Southwestern ; events, the conversnrlomi. the most ml wills in on orderly, peaceful revolution rhe men who have been acctuMomed , - , j, ^ -\Vo want them to understand , , , ...„„-„„.i, trivial .... iu political affairs. to «ay “who should be who” iu tne ' Ity: „ .b -Rv is Ulectionuble need« of this section of the country, for'«»Xe and apparcntl.v trivial i ^0T OA.xs HUI lUt m.Moj RAIS appoimment« are demanding that sotne , «o'"» PublUity 1« objntumame. j ^ ^ of the South- «laaces. happenings and am« i OJ lleve that this political disturbance is Thl« wa CKVRI Kt.t.I vK tur swopf ft HSK,. WTie F-F.Vilf* Si:r < EfiSFl t.l.T WPH IHF MX OK I.AVryjRS VCSIKKUAV. ¡faltering or groping for word.«. lh* reum- ■onnected uuing Hep- h I ip ent.ered Ecdonet She had opG her MASK TW a IW. SAfcHTL t AXOnoBX t LF.MKN«. __ ^OT GAINS H.R lUf m-M.x RAIS app.dmment« are demanding that some, h ^ - ^risiering voui que.- Hiey are really emissaries of the houtb- ''am''>nlngs and act» c am not saving and I do mU be-.‘'by appointee« who have filled ,ve»lsaid Mr. Hmy the. "Manufacturers with the Hwope tragedy hegtim thdf this uolitical disturbance isof for several years be re- ti t«» t.etweHU acts at the Grand seeking a location iu this part of the 2i>. when she entered , u ^ jmoved without cause. In order that their ‘ ,v ... where who is nlaving the country frequently consult them foi j^vv-ope’s service. She had o because the people have any more faith *vared fur.” ^«ider Op^ia 1 uu.v wh ^ opening«. Earmers wantlug to estab- n.enorT to depend unon in the Democratic party than they had the (’ommisslon Law fitness in city l»^ ' ^ %he Hurvesi Moon"' at Hsh humestead.s and others deatrlng to * '..„nviPri. w -' u tCAPA before. I do not believe there ha.« been Hiiions alone muM. be considered. Any ; - ^ mp ;ent word he locale out here consult our agents.” ' VLVIT TlL any change of iJUbllc Kentiraenr upon disregard of this would make the com-; >^ * i,up,-viewed EriendH of A meeting will be held tn the Baltl- Frank T. Malsh. ink u . that question, but it Is due to a gradu- uiissionera liable to removal. The pol- i'''>uld not be in rUeres- more Hotel tbis moviung. Tomorrow , the defense, had copi.w of the tfsti- ally weakening confider.ce in the inibRc iticians iiave been told this, but they ' 'jVL-o .'-the has with the agents will start on a tour of tbe juony th* witmss gave at tbe coroner'« servants who have been endowed with j continue lo visit the ne«ly elected ■ urn Hfokes Kansas Gtty Houthern territory. inqueHt tn Eehnmrv ; in the taking of power by the Republicau voter» of the commission.-r. and insist that the civil hm- « .. vear-old daughur. Mrs. . < ok him. He was picked up by a police- child bark, Rls father came to police headtiuartor.s, hut »aid he did not want him. "Take him to the det<‘ntlon home," he said, "'rouiorrow you can send him back to the McCune Farm. We can’t do anything with him.” THE IH.iTH to \ORLK t., ItOss. Noble G who wmtebed at the bedeld«. The pulse •»ok steadily, but late at night Mark Twain passed from stupor Into the first tiarura! sleep he had known since he returned from Bermuda and this morn Irg he, Bwoke refreshed, even faintly cUeiTfuh and in full poBsession of all ds faculties. SKKMED T.V GOOD SPtRnS. He recognized his daughter Glara Mrs, Ossip OEbrilowitsob, spoke a rational word or two and feeling himself omqual to conversation, wrote out in pencil: ' Give ms my glasBes.” They were his last words. Laying 'heiti aside he «ank first into reverie snri later into final unconsciousnes«. .Mr. Paine said tonight that the book Mark Twain took up from the coverlet, aih . i beside him when he asked for hi« i'iasscR wan Carlyle’s "History of the French Revolution." his inseparable com- 'HDlon. and greatest tavorite. There wb » no thought at the time, however, that the end was so near. At •i o'clock Dr. Robert Halsey, who hail been contlnuouuly in attendance, said . "Mr. C’leraeus la not so strong at this hour as he was at the corresponding hour vesterday, but he ha« wonderful ''itallty and he may rally again." W ITIB BfOviRArHF.R WITH HIM. At the deathlied were only Mrs. labrllowltscb, "Clara Cleraens," her uiBrjand, Dr. Robert Halsey, Doctor Juintard, Albert Bjgelow Paine, who, vIM write Mark Twain’s biograpby. andjfo,. $*jO.Oi>u « two trained nurcee. Hestoralives— uigltaUs, strychnine and camphor were Rdmlnlstered, but tbe patient failed to ■espond. , ,, A tank of oivgen still stumis uucaii- •<S for at Redding station. Gxygen vvas rled yesterday and tbe physlclati» ex- ‘alned that it was of no value, l‘e- ause the valvular action of the heart < 1 « not disordered. There was only extreme and increasing debility, ac- otnpanled by labored re«T>li’a'*i't'<* tudn ' t me iv pvin . | ■'cdatlvefc soothed his pain, but In his | 'f omeDLi« of «oxisclousnetss the mental , Ciepreislon persisted. On the vvay from ; k«rmuda he said to AUiert Bigelow j 'Aiiie, who had been his con«tani com-; 'itnton in llJneH«: j '‘This Is a had Job; vvEH never pull ’'■rough with it. ' Gn «horo once more and longing for A serenity of the New Eugland hills, ® took heart and said to thopc wlio *’'f*d bis eni'eoblement In sorrow' ''GL'e n»e H hrPHth ot Redding air once ntore snd this will pa««” rtroui O' riu noii i i '»n ' u t km it did liu't and ttrcd of body *’■''1 v-eary o! .-fpirif G”' old 'vanlor RgalriKt -ihams snti mobi' -nld fairuly ■' hte nnraes' '‘H'hy do -oo figo! to ket-p m- ai'vc "f'-'o days of life are a r ' km ! to n<«- a« T'nlted State« Qim. nc 'V«« i-i-rvr.Ai u,, « H«'**"- I "The time has come, it «e,M>is to me, man last night and taken to Mrs. .Io ^o take counsel togetlier with vcspoct hanna .Moran, police mntron. these things. Our people are de- "Can’t you fix it up «o that 1 tan see votedly attached to the Anti-’I’n)»» Law my little brother'"’ he asked the ^hey believe that it has In the »erviet.» law t»e "stretched.” H (iV? tlE\Eit SELZ Eli I St’HISl will play In "Mother ' at the rihnbert Tiieater In KnriHas t’tty next week. Tft ihit TO K. I . uosrmi.. i matron. "Tell tuaiunia that I will be tmtt are gone proti SffflEf’ IV It. 1. If. f'OMflil.SS. I'Tve faiint » «iiipHiiy'* Offer of *g« Allllloi» for a aO-Xr«r Ksirnslon Hrfti*rtl. «]tio-*tlon of "sialr* UUst»»**’ \nK«ro » •* Vr.vv V..KK, April 2!. “A demand for, v\» m i*an> < MTil 2T Factional »0 Areoniiiiovliile 2<H) Brd*. A $.'tU,00o HtiUition io the hospital conducted by the I'nlversity of Kan-Has Rt RosetlHle is a.s.«ure<l. Thu Kansas depositions in two c,Bse8 the latter part _____ of that month; in the, grand Jnr.' room Ihr Hiiildiit* «■ H«»r<tHir Will Hr Hadr In March and. ftnfllly. her direct test!‘ mony yesterday mortiing. He was assisted by suggestions from four asso elates. wh«.«e only duty wa» to watch niituuii. ................................................. vears umv ««e --ted them ^!rVhA VV vsuin . ton April 21. EHctional »t RosetlHle is a.s.«ured. Thu Kansas i^.jr ^ eak «pots and do w bat thev might. real good if «he will let me come hm-k 'tl.e oppression of greud and at renewal f „„lav’.s session of the legislature appropriated that amount, propriety, to add to the w-ltne«ii'« TO play with him. I like it, rea well ^r.d of power best lepresenied chise of the i>uez (^ .»nal , ”^e,een continental congress of the to he paid July L and the state ard.l- ,,,o,,jirrii8sment. The lawyer would a«k out at the MK’nne Farm. ln.t my railway companies of the I'uited . present adminisirauou was reused «! ! »‘"7/;7'’‘ ‘ of ,ect has heen ordered to draw- plans for tion taken from the inquest note«. brother Isn’t Ihere, so 1 had to run g„d when we take away from a general meeting of Bhareholders here, ^‘^Bonal so. let.v or laugini)» tut r hr . h quv »iiuu .« rv away.” them this protection as It is »ought to say.s Thu police sent word to the boy« ^ - - ’■ home to find If the parents wanted their . ^;hat we believe Bhield between them and avari.’e U8 the dollars for the Iram-iitKe. riehts” the stnte anxlHaries, were Antl-TniBt Law ha« been ” ■ "The present | to the congress at its after- „„r ..Twrr r, J"'! iL» “'„«i'noon ....Ion, ,h.. .1.1-«»..., aUsn«l In IM W’iUI^ 1Î1IN At »OCT iVJlXiVVAi The bill in the first in.stam e permit ; 7 * 'f.oiders Intended to try > . ... I ..... »... Ajri . ..V >.*« LI t *»«* V »• noon . •heir respect!ve 'paríy" i-arnps. f<»und a parliainen- I'aculty of the school for am>roval. Dr G. H. Hoxle, a physician with the depo»Riou«. offi.'es in the Argyle Building, is dean Every «eat in the courtroom w«« of tin* sciiool of medicine of the i ni- qjled, every foot of fipa.'e within the rati versity of Kansas. H is known as tlie occupied b.v lawypr.s. studying Eleanor 'raylor Bell .Memorial Hospital. nioodurc M.torneys -at «wo rows ■n... .n,..ol "y;'*', „,.„„,.,1 a la..t -Hi.i, «■■..ka.i .i.b ,un .m.idhiK UK- »-lu...! a.Ml ..o.l.l al. t Ic )ur> Slis Tin llttss sri/.tD nut. , ilubeiv uttenii'C. the judge alert - ~ — Poll) siile«. Thé defendant and hl» K.M« Aiay I u*hing A»u* »» for w h»i j ere sta ring and Usten- a !b..,d .su„.a ted railroad« to make traffh agieemení» ’/ 7 ^',^pJ 7 ln ’coiün)'l ’until ’"òpirand con-'»‘»‘'ûtcelv.-« enmeshed like the olii Tr»us-Mi««ourl Freight As-; agitation had been rained ciectlou ve^terdav Roclation agreement by «imply filing a the NationuliKi,«, I’he refusal i.f the fh) re ^ ■ .L coin -vitli the Interstate Eommene franchise extension 1« regarded by tliem wa „ ,vhom it wa.s r:;z,.“ v‘;;:;.u.ssu„^ îs . vT4 brTdath'iír.'nad''“.!'’'»»:; . m ..» k ..™ m ...,,,,,,. X- M;».,,,, Ml^nurl ,.n.,nr.1ny a,tern.K,n ..Ln<n«, „„„„ James N 1924 (’entra! Street, and EommisHlon. Hut Guminin» «aid that Be.-ause iharTe« h' 2 T 4 :i Mercier ilireet. both made the bill no better than It was b«-, was, given a dull sa ^ f iKr™ji:rs.ä'.irLr 7 .b-'r *Hr\iTten^t 4 %‘'’t¡>v‘eral ‘ ' Tlm^'semite a.ljourned to meet at U Î^^^mimiel'ouH of Eomrnon Pleas yes-',» Afri.-» 11 ..,m. ii.mner Hr. xv,»k«»e cage at tbe ín,“:;ín, Z » .m,u,rr,... .nor,.in* ... "ír 'nL.n,...... , , t Í ion Z .tC l” .m « tellur ,na,i.. no, m.r 4 baH>ed Wire fm fem ing. whii'h he sold ,iiscu««lon of the ame,nlment« tVarfieid alleges that (he «avv was :-)0 s^vv Yohk, April Jl.- t. W, Uvnnoop, 1 he ”... „..a i.e th.. * Fot several years Mr. Ros» mnn III. ** li s ìì i n Yun.oot^ 1‘rHnU XclHl*» »I Jersey I II.» «»-lire* to ‘‘"i’ ..neu i,r *0, .0 u,. «,■ ¡Africa. and his brother, TI ioiuhb D R ob «. worked on a centrifugal cream separator In this inventbm the two men lost the small fortune they had accn miiinled , , . Mr. Ko»s was 7! year« old. He moved yns^)urr”Fuucrar«erviV^^^^^^^^^ be heíri Iv^hined the shoes of Jersty (’ity's mayor«. , u ll/l AUn WOS I HF **• tomorrow morning at Bt o’.-luek from poH. emen and firemen, threw the home. 2742 Merrier Street, Burial asi*le today and announced; will be in ForoHl IHU (Vmelery. I.Ue Off IH» Itnit*. JiHSKY Ctrv. N. I.. April 21. ;\eisha .lersey (Mty’s traveling boot-, ('py, Ka« blai k who for the past fifteen years has ' -------------- ‘Hovs, I’ve made a small fortune. tVarfieid alleges that (he «aw was :-*o s*^^v Y ohk , April 21.- G W. W ynnoop, 1 he torn by the takes; she maintalneu her «elf po««»- dull that he w«.-^' " H ‘Hiec.or of the Uio animal« and that It hup eion throu.ghout .In trying afternoon piece of cutting was a pa.^sunger on the \Miiie btar Enough »fgiect of the company, ^nd a> T. o’<*io. k was .Mill gazing ex- that an axle ‘ Maiesiic. which arrived today Accmn;' _ . ----------------------------- . «„»unriv and tnicre«te<nv at .dr. WaUh, struck him on the right /.and. breaking Wynkoop wa.s a fluffy .«nh , ;oll.ER HU RASH RtOtRERS. ^ to continue tbeexam- »„„, 1 . iiak.q. < »*iHer fired .»d , luai,ion another three bonrfc_ Aud ^ f riRhicard l itre** Hen A*»«y. tuay liH'it to do thls mornlttg, _or th* Mr. \Vyoko«)p went 10 Afn. a !a«f l)c S D.. April 21.--An uneuc- defense vztt« not more lUau half throuib cumber to negotiate the purcimsc of Mn nu »- - t ^ cros» examination when court ad rights in a rub'oer forest in the Mamll; ccssful attempt was mad* ahouf . o,.,.astonally she drank from counti'v He found an ahnndRnce oi o'clo* k this morntng to roh St#t.e water to relieve- ft sligllt ruhher ami saw much wild gume. .......................................................*.............. w .... ni** N IH«* ..................... -.W....C. R..W .L*- ...«.cu .-LC. X' Bank at Kayler. a «mali town between ¡,^^^rsenes»; AvNvi’ Mu.. April 21.- in a game-I ¡j village, In; saw a ilonr-HH »nd . a„d Tripp, on the MM''ftuke.* ^p, ■ ’ ■ ' ‘ . . , - . ,,alive..,, Three nnm tried to enter the ■ Olts, t . I. VI.HUES I'MOit.'ED? X** Vii* * tftIA Bi yan was welcomed liy hi» daughter, j nftecii ja-ar». Grace, .*n i other relative«, members of the Lincoln t’ominerchil ('lub and a few close political frieuds. He said he was | ^ h,'»he ''IB vim-ry wììiimih not familiar wljli local political comJi- i i,i.«cr. d sew t wrk HDch»-i«r. tinns and < ou'nl not dl.* Nebraska! Y ork . April I. Mrs, ('barles T, polhtca ini'liigcnily. hul relreraied hlsl^erke», *'i-b'vv of the traction miliion- !,Militi hat h<- was a ''«'uMdate for , v,’h(,«e nann- was again brought to hoarseees»: but it wm? noticed and commented upon by many that after *&• had emptied the gla«» handed her hf J. - re. although -ounsei for her as man nor. the quM low » 1*1 r-ivuim«-. ... - , 1 tloit» licgin w it fi liovv witer® . , «licrlff's PO««*’ started from ^cot^and. ! ^ liypodermic case when (. oionei seionds. whiie tin* Navy s time va«i n.j ^ rt}4t ME! Its*, till Rsft iV po««** « ame upon the lucn am! im* : died. October 27’ second« slower I ....... „ ^ rnedlao-B opened fire. One of the rob- t j„.. room, upstuirs. locked to my The rm. wa^ rowed over the outer, ».ria^r* «»ft .he *.».er«.or* Pr*.hM.iy uu 1 ^ mounded, WHS *-aiiiured. The witue»» replied, »raiung course, and while the '«ree The... , ! 0 ^« 4. aped. MrTalsh sprang np h*. quickly that calm H« a mill pond, n <'old, *ifiz/ling ^ ,,pxr meefinii bct',v**“ii the < oh I ' ' • rain chilled the .specuitorB, Ì>!'uniM)«nt j „¡inm-H wll! be hfdd Sic.teh. :,.i)Rtni- or any other foi I, I g«.(MÎ 1‘ is ce.Hfttri to he recaUcd tfia' Mark «Continuée! on LteveRih Pana) I'liire*! d< u!*>.'< iliat it* iiHs HD) ,,f ,tHi-ting H t'T*)hib!Gon newspaper or tpai b- .ifsiicf to inject lUe I'robihirbm . 41 Ì*:.. Hon inio national politic«. fl> say? I,., une*, no! - xpe.t 10 ae lita quc»HoD .1 paramount during hifi MfeHme. Mr, ftryan will remain in Ijiucoln and Nebrafka three weí-g» or a month- among w Imru was Secretary of the Va . y - * Havoy Hotel at B‘ o clock Thiir«- Gcorge Von L. Mjm t moriiln« St ttim tint**, it h pr.- U»nm l...|.r«ve l «e«,t ««.f >1«.^- j dh*t**d, matter, win be settle«! 'I’bf propcrtv owners «m Lo<u«t Str*-"t , j,,lnt meeting hi tin* Saroy Hotel # )“i."“!!non !)>nm FlRhlh to Twrlflh Street and th^- afternoon Itmb d bn s*'V)-ral T s . xjz * nr rtnih LIE' A! WI\HOL/A. mind it,' the re.-cnt disbnrsomeni «ale of his art works for more tban *2 million a inHTi Bitting nearby tipped over a gl«w of water which be was aiwut to drink. % rhisf ov**r».«.u I» i«.M....* Th« iRw ver « 7' 7 *^^^ iHdÌMnt. He had «*• 7'*-- ‘' "cxòV 'istb' fft’L' he demanded. While H F. I'Hck K L. Kogan and ‘ vome tvpewntten pa- 'per lu one band, ”th(o in your depoat liHH not iiven »0 long simo Mrs. Yerkes freed h.'t'self from lier marringe to WU- lon iMlzner I retivry Deu«moVc ' noi«d" to consider »dan« tor tion and s-"I'eian Immediate Improvement 00 theae two tarati«. fi|c jotrit enie «aid last mght that the t)e«t of feeling exiated between the mo wide». f. Cob,-«m, who rmim at bos Twew tv Poirih Street, wcrc g'.oc ycst.»rday iPfdr ri»‘(ps were en) -pd und tiodr l.niibon disb-'-^. stl -k pins, sb^viog »H« •o.ii'er IhHir bnmUes and « miiml.dln wcvc The value of »h« proparly i» f’Jdd JJITT % »*.e *.*»'• Hon you said y»ni aiw Hy« kept our caa* tu Colonel S"op’‘* loom”' t«j an »)*■)> »11 VI ) OK H> V! IND.NO HEW "I did." 'B«H Kellar replied, and ing forward, conrtaovtaly eba added, "*a6

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