The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 28, 1939 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 28, 1939
Page 7
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[SATURDAY, OCTOBER, 28, 1939, OPPORTUNITY USES THE CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION . Dally rat« per line for co!"^eu- j .'vc insertlows: I (Jim t/me per .line... 100 liVo toes per line per <;ay....U8o Vhree times per line |) lix limes. Kr line per day.,..06o I Monti, rate per line eoc | Cards of Thanks.'.... ...soc & 15o Minimum charge 50e ordwed for tnree or sii nnd stopiwd before expim- >o« will be charged » w the num- ler ot times (lie add apiwarrt auQ . All Classified Advertising copy I iiiomituci by (lei-sons resitting' oui- Hde of the city wusl oe accom- '(iatiie<i oy cash. Hates may Be ea*V computed from above taole. Advertising ordered •for iirtBUiar insertions lanes me one time itue. I .w reoiniiisniiny'- vi-iu be taken liw more man out'incoi reel riis^r- ui any uu&n':eu uo. A 1 or sale For Rent Desirable bedroom In . private. home. Eleiim.lidU, 1037 W. \Vn\. nut; phone 884. . 28-ck-tf Modern C room house. Phone 513J ' 28-ek-2 ! Small cafe al Steclc. Mo. C)ood> . location. Other business reason! for .selling. Small cash price. Tom-1 my Pi'nkcs. Stecle, Mo. 2 room'- fnrulshcct apartment. 108 W. Kentucky, Phone 083, 27|jfc3 5 room furnished nparlment. oiil CliJckasau-ta. Apply Joe Waddy. HONEST VALUES AT I'HILLIPS .. , , Used Cm- and Truck •31 j OITcri'H For Siilc Js Hwidv (o Co. See Them Todav! 3 room furnished Mr,s Elma Croivdor, 60G N. Sth gt. 26-ck-tI 3 room modern furnished nparl- Jiient. Mrs. Tnschiler, 1501 w. Ash. 25-c':-ir 3 room ftirnlsliert apnrlmenl. pr«- ' session ii> one week. Airs c H I Wheeles. 80S Hearn. 29-])j;-aO '3« Furel Coupe 5^55 '^8 Clicv. C'lMCh 5(85 "JS Plymou I Ii Tour jjjjg 'i? Ford Del, Tudor 5375 '37 Chi'v. Sedan $w) '.7K Ford Tudor jingi '30 I'ord Tudor jjjj — TRUCKS — '37 C..M.C. 3/1 Pick-up J30S 2 large room auarlnicnU Cout)le!' :i ' '•'""I l*h-up , ««lml. 708 W.. M.I,,.! , | b'unr wall cases, 3 and 10 ll.~H<T- _ nek's ^-ateli Shot, M-ck-Zj c f owt ,, *»» !lca t [Several good mules, mares andMfffff- P' 10 ™ '• young horse,. Paul B,nu» l a or r^iSSTT^&.i ... «n,hu, NcM .| y decorated. 814 Hcsrn. ! 21-1A-H-3I bedroom, twin hods, two • Men prc- '.'3-cfc-tf 'lit! Ford I'anel niodel tractors, Rebuilt amlj __ _____ lls J)cw ' p" I lpomfortabloTe(iroo"rnT~U)l7~War- -'J-c^-» | nut. Phone 102 after four. 6 Allis-Cljiiliners Combines, . E.isyj 17-ck-tf Terms. Paul Byrnm. ti.ihcd Corn, Chops, Meal and Bran. Public Crushing. Blaylocx Sill, Highway 61. . 24-pk-ll-3'l I One 1937 Stttdebaker 4-door Dlctn- I tor. Good mechanical condition. I Out! 1937 Chevrolet coupe, Perfect beomlition In every way. One sei I wagon scales. One coal burning I heater, C, E. Parks, phone '283. 23-ek-OT I l(f, head young, fresh Jersey cows. Gnines Marled. Phone 93. 23-uk-11-23 I Upright piano and four foot Fri;>- idiiire plectric retrigerator. Bom In excellent condition. Phone 77 or | call at 811 w. Main. SJ-ck-U BED cheap. Practically new mattress. Mrs. Samuel p.' Nor- Irls. Call 618J after 0 p.m. Oh I lumber. Onk. Cypress. SIS Her thousand. Delivered for S20. Ad- I joining Clear Unkc Farm. D. R. | Garner of Armorcl. 11-pk-ll-ll 2 bedrooms. Business women only. _Phone 239. H-ck-tl Nice comfortable room. Close in. 310 W. Walnut. 13-ck-U PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Corner 5th Jt Walnnt Pliunc 810-811 for Dcinons'j-atlmi B!y<hcville, Ait. (AliU.), CQUU1EK NBWS MISS THEM "C'lnun, slc]i tut il . T l'iu <lm: Imvl; ;,| || 1V (-,,.,.I j;i l.j liiinnU's " Comfortable front bedroom, o"iif-. slde entrance. Phone 351 5lo! Walnut, 11-ck-tfl Lost Nice bedroom. Convenient to bath Steam heat. Phone 280. 19-ck-tf Notice laek sideboard and end gn!es from 1MQ Chevrolet Stake Hotly Truck. Lost between Cross farm a.iifl Blylhcville or in Blythsvllle Notify TOJII Little Chev. Co. or J. B. Finkleii. 2S-plc-l One light Jersey steev. Yearling. Washing, Ironing •Expert washing and Ironing. Cheap. Rough dry Knet finish, .C quills SI,00. One day service, Willie acll Green, behind City Ice Plant. Wanted' Notice—I am now salesman forj W 'el3lit about 425. Horns Thomas Land Co. Have buys on Farm and City Property. H. C. Campbell . 13-ck-ll-13 Lewis-Chambers Constrticlion Com- . . 5" long. REWARD. Cnll Bob Harris, niylheville We will come for _ __ White face Helfcv. pnny, Inc., is responsible only! Eco pounds. H months old. Noti- for purchases if the vender Is sug- j r . v dallies Market, REWARD. Teli> lilfed with n written purchase or-' phone a : l. der signed in- W. c. nrcnnnn or J Phillipce. a-uk- Hunting License Hcli) Wan led I & BJ RD DOG LICENSE l FOn YODR. .r:(•)^^vp^;rFMl-c• m (WILL p 535.00 r - _ __ i ---x-r, •"•'CONVENIENCE WE biRAio.ui SALARY' A ? E -> : ?HBa?ARED TO , ISSUE YfiU.R ^ HUNU^NU AND.,.'BIR;D DOG LICENSE' AT OUR "STORE. imn of woman . with auto, s'clr- Poultry Mixture to I Farmers. Eureka Mfg. Co., East St. ILciiis, III. | Arouse Sluggish Liver; «nrk nft tiic bile to rid yoursell ol cou.stl- I nation, gas pains, mid that sour. I innik feeling. Take one bos of KIRIiV'S ACTIVE LIVER PILLS '25c at all Kirby Stores SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWAUB CO. PHONF :)5 Small female . white rai , brown spots. Named Trlxio REWARD. Cecil Wins-field, Stecle I". for ' Leonard Smith. 0-ck-JO-B niicrmuions. Slip covers " " 830. Rlrs. W. rcilnni- Tnhl—anil Taken „_„ u MORGAN HILL, Gal. (UP)- from liiiii'-fils'vvHlVci 1 «ii<r$3S Gypslrs vvlm rend the pnhn of !3r. It. L. Newtiold told him his fortimr: woiild l.v good niut (lien look it EXPERT RLECTHIC AND ACBTYLENB WELDING |\ ru _ ii,. ., . f i iiir HJio ricaVT U'clilliik • Barksdale Mfg. Co. Vhuiie 10 o» Kcs, JOJ9 Will Irn'ilc Siibiirbiin haeni- for residence in-ill' Illijh School. I? N, Fnirnr, uiiilc-s Und Co. 37-pMl Tak(Mi-Up Spuds Boom in West; Low Haul Rates Do It •MONTUOSE, 00)0. (UW-Colorado's Slope IMS gone on a potato- shipping sjirec which Is oxpcctcd (o last nil 'winter If reduced freight rules remnlii In effect. Hi-Binning bciV I,, nil rntlr:ad5 Dpmuirijf through |ho slale'u po- tnto-proiluclng hron ordered a 15 lo 18 ]>cr cent reduction In rotes. Ultimately, producers expected to savo more than $300,0110 on the 10W crop. ' Tlie reduced rnlrs nl6,-> nnply lo One white face steer yearling, weighing about. 600 iiouues Dr. E, V. Hill, Koiltc 1, a7-l)k.-:i Werf Optometrist •'UK MAKES 'KM 8KB" Over Joe ruaacji 1 St«r» Phone n-10 PRESCRIPTIONS— Safe - - Accurate Ynur Prescription Druggist Fowler Drug Co. Main A Fttit rbone HI i J. L. GUARD Optometrist Only Graduate trlst In BlythnvlUn. Cilassei Hlt«d Oorrectlj phEsenpfioiis~ Freshes! Slock (Jtmrmilei-d Bt-M IM-lc^ Kirby Drug: Stores Now Located at 151 Nurth Second ' ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWA11US, l-rnprlelor ' ; All Makes of Kclmllt Tj-p«H'rl(crs, AUilln £ Mncliirpi, mud Calculator*— Kcpalrlng—J'arU—Ktbftnnt [ ^v m I way olflclal!, announced It \vas niillclpitcrt that neaily 30000 cars would bo shipped from tho three stales. NOW IS THE TIME! Attend lo Your Tire Needs Now While These New Low Prices K.xist. Tire$totu STANDARD TIRES •OTHHR SIZES PHOI'OirnONATELV LOW // Use Our Budget Plan! PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Klll.1'Su!prj| nth & Walnut Tailors Tailor Almtc gulls S23.50 up ALL KINDS ALTEHATIONS George I/. .Muir 'Blylhcville's Only Tailor" __Wanteri to Rani 'J or :) furnished rooms for coliulc ami fi-yciir-old clilld, near Ccn- •Iral High School; Phono'536. 27ck3l Modern funiLshed hoiisc for two • months by responsible party. Box ! FHM Courier News. 2.|'-pk-:<l ! •10 acres land, near Blylheville. Write Box "40"', c/o r Courier '""'"'• . ' 20-pk-a FAMOUS SUFFRAGETTE IIORI7.ONTAI, Ansivcr to Previous Puzzle worker for women's vighis - Chapmnn I H Preposition. | 15 frrcefc hymn. 1 17 Comjx other. [ 1ft Exigency. 2f> A failin'ft off. l:!2Bonc. 1 2.5 Toward. 25 The deep. 27l'iilc. 29 South Carolina. I. TO Rubber tree. «il well. 1^5 SIM; of uo;il. |:18 Aclual. |."8Sihe is four - ycnrs of . -15C. 139 Tepee. 1 40 Having ears. •12 Hlaok bread. GO Molding. 'W Professed creed. VKRTICW, •M To uixiinrc. 2 Epochs. . . •IG Spiral .1 .Scratches. «5SK *£.r ikc shrub. '' '' •1!) Pilled away. •> lnl °- r>l III I?,INC Hint. 6 Gi-cck lelter. :"i3 KiiuK-. 7 n,-,,.,,.,,, 08?atierf SlS:ilS ospirmc'Is'" 1 53Slic led the 11 Stair c;iinp:iign on 13.She was for formerly ;i women in Sjicakcr 01 U, S, A. . 16 She was also school super. inlcndenl or ISKegrets. 21 Chads. l!'l 0]i\ f c shrub. 2fi To keep .Tfld.-, 27 Very small. 23 Measure of area, ElSITJgRl 2 » To rli.sp,-,| t .h. QNEl 3I Meriting. 33 Plant part. 34 Ringlet. 35 Paring. 37 Lion. 38 Three. •II Agent. •13 Mohammedan judge. 1") Slovak. •17 Promontory •IS Beverage. SO Tr> deimsil S- Lawynr's r)i;irgc 53 Or a in. 5! Elcclrica! term 56 To tlep;irt. 5? Note in scale Wantcrl To Buy WANTKI) ^IjSKir^ FLOOR SCALE PHONE IM OK 372 24-ck-ll-a WK I'AY CASH R)I( Used Furniture liny Kflnnrr Furniture Store 111 IV. Main WF71Uy~SL)YBEANS~' lsc Cin Oprn Day-Nile — »iw:< IS Wl'-St __ IG-pS-U-16 Tl-l' DO SCEMT--- G^ WE'RE CV03IN 1 IM NOWTHAT ALLEY OOP MD OOOLA ARE SAFE1 V 6^^ FROM THE SIEGE OF TROY, LETS1URW CUR ATI ENTIDW TO THE POKTUMES OP THE THIRD TIME -TRAVELER, DR. 8ROW3OW, HEAP Of HMMt I IXDW'T SEEM TplREMEMBEP. THIS WHAT'S COME OVER BEONSOM? \Ltcofn;tiiiniiuieimcr he. ">• 't KOMI'S A,V1> HER BUI)T)1RS ^!S)r>,' w^l^.l'^w i 1 - 6AV ., SOME OOU&VV...OR OOW rees For Sale Plant rnrly brnrinir frinl. lifra now. Cntalos fro«. 1'ecnn Company, i.nmbcrlon Miss. WASH TUBBS THEC=0 \ YOU v;,MT IM 111' HIS WAE \WH1L6 IRUWft]WJ'__ CU THE «.\lt | ACQUAIUTEO WITH UMCU POX —T* A.UHCOUkl TUBBS ,ILL BE 1 . WHY, YOU AIH'TTHAT LIGHTM1M' RO& A6EMT AFTER ALL, C1ECUIT OOORBEU. I BETTER USE KHOCKER r«'KKn<t,KS AND HIS FRIKNDS Seems Sensible RY MRRKII.T. I see NO RFASOfJ , AT THE EXAMIMAT)0,vj OUSSTO^S YOU U- GET f«CKEO CXIf OF SCHOOL' Bur PASSED ioo7o —AND w ONE AT SHADYSIDc , . EVER DID . . MEB8E THAT BEFORE /./THAIS IF 75-iEY WOU6H TO fJQ66R 'OUT •TOUGHER auesnoMs, THEY CAMT BLAME ME FER DOWN TH' AMSV/ERS ' YOU GOING To DEFEWD YOURSELF? . TOOK THAT* THERE , I' ,. TOOK tHAT. BEFORE AMD t • , PASSED IT.' Me .. on I It e Chcvroli'l. .Ins! ; ftl.iuy l!):!7 Plymmilh Town ycOan Buc cial for Tuesday only. Come early ft grl ||||s wilh Trunk. Driven miles. Radio and heater 1937 Chevrolet Coupe. Kf!il buy a I 1935 Chevrolet Four-door Sedan. Spccinl 1031 Chevrolet I 1 - Truck U. W. Hotly. Only ' ^ „ _ IMS Chevrolet I'., T. Truck. 13 W Runs like *„„_, "«' 3^9.) 1937 Ford \> T. Truck. New stage iHXiy ' I3T Int. Pick-up Truck, fr^tr- Motor /\-l ,PO*D JD37 0. M. C. }\, Ton Qnnn Tmck. ». w 3>/iyy 1937 Korel V-8 Pick-up. >OOA " 'x body :... .jJOJy i!>y G.M.A.f. 1'aviiicnt i>|,,u Tom Little Chevrolet Go. I'lioiic C33

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