The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 6, 1941 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 6, 1941
Page 7
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THURSDAY, MARCH 6, 1941 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COUK1ER NEWS End of the World of Tomorrow Michigan Political Chief P-W^l And Eleven Others To Face Fraud Charges j DETROIT i.UP) — Trial of the first of three mail fraud conspiracy cases prepared by the criminal division of the Department of Justice against. Michigan's wealthy Republican leader, Frank D. McKay, and others, is scheduled to begin In U. S. district court here March 20. McKay was named n\ three indictments relumed by a special federal grand jury which has been existence since last March. He .s charged with defrauding Edsel B. Ford of the Ford Motor Com- _ pany of nearly §10,000 by present- i ing an allegedly faked campaign expense bill. McKay also was charged with participating in a 5500,000 conspiracy by which 16 nationally known liquor wholesalers obtained favorable treatment from the state liquor commission and with attempt - ing to defraud the city of Grand Rapids. McKay's home, of $300,000 in a waterworks bond deal. . McKcig-han Also Accused Other defendants in the liquor conspiracy are William H. McKeighan. . former Mayor of Flint and sometimes referred to as Me- j Kay's right hand in state Repub-1 lican politics. Fred Ehrmann, secretary of the vstate liquor commission, and nine other persons. All Michigan liquor retailers get their stock from state warehouses which _are kept rilled by purchases di- 'rctecl by the liquor commission. Tlie Grand Rapids waterworks case involved McKay. Stranahan, Harris & Co.. a Toledo. O.. bond house and two of the company's tilficials. The indictment, described McKay as "an influential and well- known political figure in the .state of Michigan who. was secretly employed by Stranahan, Harris & Co., to use his political influence avid control in promoting the business and interests" of the bond house in Michigan. It charged McKay had counterpart would have extracted from a compartment of that desk si bottle; of Bourbon whiskey. But liiMu Phil Sheridan's 19-U successor, Brigadier General Leonai'd T. Gerow, needs no artificial stimulus those .startling clays. Ilis job's o! i If ml dcl'initkm is "to I'ormiuate plans for use in the theater of war of the military forces, .separately, or in conjunction with the naval forces." The approved procedure is this: First estimate the situation, , weighing information on 45-4 factors covered i n Intelligence's strategic index—then prepare your plan. But in these days ot' lightning wariare. WPD must be more elastic than Moltke. Its -I officers { sometimes plan first and estimate later—if there's time. Sometimes, the plan is on one sheet of paper, •that's O. K.. too, it it gets I he- Army there "fiustest with the most- esf men." "\V11O. WHAT, XVUKKK, JLO\V. W»H:N AND WHY" General Gerow must look into the future, with the eyes not of a rap* crystal gazer, but of a hard- boik'd realist,. No scares—he just must figure out what could "They" really do to us? AH the possible "Thevis"? What must wo do, to forest all or stop I hem? Will they attack i he I'hilippinc.s? Will they land in Brazil—by air. by sci\, or both? How many troops do we Turkey Moves Tough Army Toward German-Menaced Greek Frontier ' These ore Turk ^infantrymen, famed fighters through many centuries. Numbering almost a million, thoy are moving mto positions nllnv'art the strategic Dardanelles near the Bulgarian-Greek frontier where now stand Adolf Hitler's gray-green clad troops. need; yrnvs. tanks, planes? How do they !>.(M there-? Then what? WPD must be ready to pull out ln detnil 1)y pickea oncers »i of the hat plans to meet uny ene- | War college. But neither it. mv. inivwhiM'c. But its mvorite i-.,, n«,i r>i«,, ,,^,. m,,^ .-..-,.. chemical war fare; then went, back to infantry, serving- in the Philippines and China nml in important jobs here, including WPD before he became Us head in December- Under him. WPD works out everything, puUs it on paper, classifies tlu 1 papers. The Green Plan, for instance, might him; to do with European invasion oi' the St. Lawrence Valley, lutoly studied in del nil by picked officers at the nor Only structural steel framework remains of the imposing trylon and"perisphcre which served as the theme of the New York World's Fair. Throe-fourths of fair construction has been demolished. Safes Hold Our No. 1 Army Secret, , : . cfy .sea? The Navy Blueprints I H or Rep ellmglnvasion r±M*°™ •*- : M-it-h H>» Nsivv A/Tnrp n JJy THOMAS M. JOHNSON TsEA .Service Military Writer For example, . . . Over Iceland, enemy bombini WASHINGTON.—"Wav begun?" planes fly Amcriciuvard; in Alcx- rcph'ed Moltke. drowsily, \vhon they woke him deep in the night. -Top drawer. Full plans. Just follow threatening speech them." secretly received in excess of • < ?32j.- | 000 in fees for services from, the j company since 1931. 1 Although McKay, still Republican national committeeman from Michigan, has been « political power in Michigan for more than 1.5 years. he has never controlled a flairs in a machine \vay.-He is said to have no po'piiTar "following but -has ill- ways been able to., make hm'self fell by deft handling of Republican state conventions. McKay Also Industrial!**. i McKay, at- 57. not- only wa;> the boss of the Michigan Republican j-party but was the head of more than a dozen manufacturing and busyness enterprises. HLs first job was in a foundry He later became a carpenter and | that led to his entry in the Grand Rapids real estate field. He obtained a financial footing by .veiling lots to furniture workers for | SI down and $1 a week. His pvrscnt interests were said to include A brewery, r. rea) estate rirm. r.u oil company an insurance company and a. mattress factory. Of the indictmeirs McKay sain "I charge and I shall prove at the proper time that the indictment are the outcome of a. conspirac ; for political revenge, engineered bv | certain forces whom I helped defeat in an election. ..." The indictments were prepared under the direction ol O. John .Roger. Department ot Justice instigator who routed what.. war> of the Huey P. Long machine in Louisiana. The prosecution will | be under the direction of Henry G. OTJonnell. Rogee's chief assistant I here until Rogge went into private business. Then he rolled thoroir'h Prussian who ico, a General .siarts a revolution; in Japan, a premier makes a Then, in the quiet office of the War Plans over and slept j Division. General Staff, War Department, a bright-cyeci, sturdy man in a dark business suit at a big- mahogany desk will push a button. •Let's look over the Black Plan/' he will say. Or the green, cr the red. , I'UANS HAVE KEl'LACED EOTTLE OF BOURBON In , Moltkc's day. his American enemy is Old M;m Logistics, 'always qui/zing: "How are you going to get there?" By rail? Thirty men io a couch, 36 to a boxcar—figure it out. By road? A field army would choke roads from New York to Albany for a week .And Iced 'em! Two thousand tons of food for man and beast; ten thousand tons of supplies a c i a y_gas omitted. Ditto 18.000 tons of ammunition when they fight. March' tables; time tables; supply tables; maps. With these WPD' fights Logistics. sea? The Navy must escort blast a landing that ovci jwith the Navy. More maps; charts i weather reports. Land here? Nc soap—rockbound coast; nor her —shoals. Ah, here's the place but the other fellows know that, too. Can they get there STEK!, SAFKS SlllM'LANT AN OLD l)i:SK liKAWEK he Red Plan, nor Blue nor ow. is in the top drawer of Sher clan's old desk. plnnx are n two Inryo grei.-n steel sules. very modern, very secure 1 . Por- inps no safes in this country hold anything quite so important as these blueprints for repelling invasion. Read Courier News want nets. Safety In Bright, Paint, Fishing Vessels Advised BOSTON (UP) — To iud Coast Guards In answering distress culls, Hulling vessels should be painted bright or contrasting colors, nd- s Capl. Thomas A, Shanley.' commander of Cnasi. Guni'd divl- .'••ion headkuarfurs. j HR says Coast Gu:m! cnvlt und jjhinf.'.s would litu'n found UIL- Pro- videnwi, reciMHly in {listri's.s. much earlier If It hud not bt.-en painted a (lark blue, forming no contrast with the water or atmosphere. The most conspicuous colors, ac- cording to Shunley, ure imvy spar,] Rend Courier News wane ads. ri'd-onmjjiS or while. j '•—-.— • • ._- : — -_^ — : — n. recent, ynir, 17,'J8(5 new liooks, as vtompucod with 10,812 produced in America at. the same tlirn*. Old? Get Pep, Vim with Iron, Calcium, Vitamin B, SPECIAL FOR TOMORROW! n ""' t ., , . Cunliilii.1 luiili'f, nllum- T 'Ui—liy timllt'i lm:Uln« Inm, C;\!i'lilln, Vltnmlii Hi Tli'iii-tunls wliti fi-it 'it<l now H-iipy. v'ivil'» yniitiiiri'. lntniihiiilory llftt;. *!*•• .mly'-JUi 1 . <.ioi, 0«l«:.\ Tuiili: 'l'»l»li't(i 'l'Ol>A V. t*iilo ut Klvliy Hi'ds. DI-IIH Htoni find nil iHlior t;oi)il ilrnc hlon's. Hoi Itiscitits Morning' and TRIESCHMANN'S CAFE Across From City Hall hft DUNDEE. -Scdtlaiul iUP) — A girl I who was born without hands has I been engaged by the Dundee Corporation as a shorthand - typist. 'When'shc writes she hold.s n. pencil tween hnr wrists, and slic types Iwitii the stumps of her wrists. General Lronnrd '! crystal -!;;r/.rr. for France- in a fcat unequalled until 19-10, r*tyU' for niiliiary h;.'.s bf^rn" adcptoci mu up^n hrro in flr-fcni.i'-fc- Such work requires all-around- iicss. and General Gerow has it. Bern near the Petersburg, Vu.. battlefield, he went not. to West Point, but, like General Marshall, to V. M. I. He started as an infantryman, smcllcd powder at Vera Cruz. In France he had a high Signal Corps Job. He went through all the army's graduate schools, including War College; .then, studied NERVOUS WEAK,CIUIIKY on "Certain Day$"? You women who suffer functional monthly distuvb- anccs which cause cramps, headache, backache, distress of "irregularities," weakness, nervousness, annoying: bloating- should find Lydia Pinlvham's Vegetable Compound marvelous to relieve these symptoms. Famous for over 00 ycars-Pink- ham's Compound has remarkably helped liundrads of thousands ciC women. It's one medicine that can be bought today that helps build up resistance against such, symp- ',oms. Made especially /or women WORTH TRYING I NOW SHOWING --1941 Style Trends In Wallpapers! For decorating beauty — charm- -economy THE PRICE Fresh from the Country 2 DOZ. 31C 4 Ib. Cartons 29c, 8 Ib. Cartons 58c rry . Ib. 12|c White Dough, 24 Ibs, 78c, 48 Ibs. $1.43 Self Rising 24 s 8k 48 Ibs $1.52 Eariy Wakefield 2 Ib. Box 14c Bunch IQc State Certified lied Hiver Triumph; Bushel ?1.25; Sac $1.83 FUNNY BUSINESS UMTS, Bermuda d f White or Yellow , 'Medium Syrup No. 1\ Cans Bunch 5c Gallon 22c 2 for 25c fOl §&? '/ i/Wr'.-•••••//.••>'••'••//,:* U' / .f ,• '•>L-s_i— '^-''.f. . • • • i V ,. COPS. 1941 SY MIA UEVICC. I"C T M BIG U V rAT Qfl Gone Granulated 10 LbS. 4?C BITTER, duart Jars 2 for 25c 11, Pet or Carnation, 6 Small or 3 Large Cans 21c MIXED SAUSAGE NECK BONES BAUS Ib. 5 BACON BUTTS Ib. 10 PORK SHOULDER 'T 15 Quality Ib. 25c These Prices Good Friday. Saturday & Monday. Mar. 7, 8 & 10th AM CROSS "But if you re not married, Uncle Elmer, \vlio tells - " - what not to do?" * 1015) W. Main JilytheviHe, Ark. // ipirf^L _ „ m.*i \ New 1941 papers for every room In the house — low priced Really decorate your home with wallpaper! Use colors to ;ia'cnl room schemes . - - patterns in keeping with your furniture style - . - "*c quality for convenience! Enterprise papers are wjishiir/cfl. colort'ust and • I'ut rrt' resiling nrw "Vju-i-s'' on your rooms for rhttOKc nrw «\i1t psiprrs from a tremrndoii.s selection new ;tt ArUansiis Taint, Glay* ami WwUpapcr Co. WaSh- ahlo price?! up from ..................................... Sc pr.r roll tip We carry <rvcr ;iOO pal-terns of Wallpapers: Hmhossed, Kngraved, Chintz. Stripes, Colonial, Motlern. Solids, Flor»l and I'lasUr finished vaUpape^ We Jjre distributors for Clopay Cedar-Treated Wallpaper, especiaHy rcc- oromcnded for closets, ehilterobes. and drawer livings. A1 80 —.We Will Contact Your Painter and Paperhanger Arkansas Paint, Glass and Wallpaper Co. We Deliver 705 K. Main R. (7, Coleman John , Myr. Phone 111 Dick Stone

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