The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 2, 1952 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 2, 1952
Page 8
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PAGE BLYTHEVFLLE (ARK.) COURIER M8W1 |ATVM>AY, AUGUST «, 1951 Plane Troubles Plague Acheson on Pacific Trip Jump eLad Plane Trouble 2-3« DENVER W)—Engine trouble has Mossadegh Gets Unlimited Power Rubbcrstamp Put On by Parliament; America Assailed TEHRAN, Iran W)— The Iranian Senate Saturday rubberstamped un. limited powers during the next six months for Premier Mohammed Mossadegh and blasted American advisees to Iran. The resounding vote of confidence . —34 to 1— given the nation's un- Simons Army Hospital. Air Tniasport Constella- delayed Secretary of SUtlo Dean Acheson here for a second time within less limn 24 hours In a flight to Honolulu. Aoheson and his government party were forced down last night when an engine went bad on their Military tion. A second Constellation was flown from Washington. D. C., nnd officials at Lowry Air Force Baso sold the craft came In with one engine feather. A third plane was en route to Denver from Washington and it is expected Acheson will be able, to resume his flight by 1 p.m., today. The first plane made a routine landing at Lowry AFB last night. Acheson, on the way to Honolulu to put into effect a new Pacific defensive alliance among the United States, Australia nnd New Zealand, spent Hie night in a suite at Pitz- dJsputed leader by the upper house followed similar action Thursday by the Majlis (lower house). Mossa- degh now lias more power than any Jrankm premier ever had and n completely free hand to Implement his nlne-iiolnt program Intended to put Iran back in the black, financially. The Senate session was punctuated by attacks on American advisers. The speakers did not refer to them directly as Americans but us* the term "foreign advisers." however, since the Americans are th« only ones with military mis- »fon» and advisers here, it was plain whom they meant. Dr. Martin Daftarl, son-in-law of th* premier, after defending the government's program, told the Senate: "We do not need foreign •dvlsen in this country." Iran's agriculture Is being aided under President Truman's Four Point program. . The plane was scheduled to leave Denver at 1 a.m. EST, fcxlny, and was due in San Francisco at 1:30 a.m., PDT, The departure from the coast city wns scheduled for 1:30 p.m. PDT. Originally, Acheson, ambassador Philip C. Jes.inp, Assistant Secretaries Oeorge E. Perkins and John M. Allison and stnff members were scheduled to spend Inst night in San Francisco and take Honolulu at noon today Pacific hop. CHERRY off for PRISONERS (OonMnued from Page 1) f*w Kit blocks and spilled back Into the yard to yell nnd taunt tlie poWee. Police Stand BT Aware the broken locks made U Impossible to keep the convicts behind bars for the night, the police Mood by and allowed the prisoners to blow off steam. Quiet finally »a» restored shortly alter midnight and the prisoners bunked down as best they could, many in the prison yard. The demonstration was almost an exact duplicate of the two separate days of rioting thnt erupted In (he prison curly in May. Injuries in those riots, however, were comparatively mtnir. After the May disturbances an , official investigation was promised by the Quebec provincial government, but no results have been announced. One prisoner was heard to shout last night "we could pick the steel wool out of the corn we had tonight for supper." There wns no immediate statement from the jnll governor, Dr. Zenon Lesnge, or other prison authorities. Jail sources said, however, that the trouble began when 'one pri?on- er pretended to be stricken ill In his cell. He called a guard, overpowered him and used his keys !o free other convicts from their cells. Police Use Tear Gas Gathering in the prison yard, tile (Coiltinned from Page 1) when onltf a few persons were present, Texnrkann and the rest of Miller County went to Hep. Boyd Tackett, the third place man ,ln the prefcr- enlial. Tackett since has come out for Cherry. McM.ith and "Silent Voler" The McMath forces npaiently attempted to turn the Cherry talka- thon to their.own with a series of questions directed to the candidate, from a "silent voter" over three Texarkana radio stations immediately before Cherry wns to go on the air. Cherry later answered them. After the Cherry program was over, the some "silent voter" came back with a repetition ol the questions which he snld hadn't been answerer! fully along with tome new ones. Tills second phase of what the silent one said wasn't designed as "heckling" was timed to follow Immediately after Cherry finished. But Cherry quit talking 10 minutes before Hie scheduled hour nnd the interval was filled with music. Connection In Obvious The direct connection with Mc- Malh wns obvious. Some of the Issues raised were the same ones used by McMath In a speech nt Olen- wood last night. For example questions about Cherry's connection wiili an East Arkansas "divorce mill" nnd the part Hint Sen. John L. McClellan. no political friend of McMath, is playing In the Cherry campaign. Cherry said Arkansas divorce laws are "bad" nnd that he had prepared for a group of interested women proposed legislative revisions. McMath, he said, promised support ! Obituaries Rites Tomorrow For James Webb Services (or James Alvin Webb, 51, of Blylhevllle, will be conducted tomorrow in (he Clear Lake Baptist Church by the Rev. J. E. Cox and Ihe Rev. P. H. Jerntuan. Mr. Webb, a farmer, had lived near Blytheville for about eight years. He Is survived by his wife, Mrs. Enna Webb; two sons. Jerry Webb and Gone Webb of Bly- tlievllle; four -brothers, Travis Webb of Phoenix, Ariz., Etgle Webb of Borgcr, Texas. Elmer Webb of Nettlelon, Miss., nnd Reggie Webb of Blytheville, and a sister, Mrs. Dessle Hughes of Blytheville. Burial will be In Dogwood Cein- etary. Pallbearers will be James; Allen Hayncs, Blchnrd Hnyncs, John Taylor, Theodore Gurley, Wesley Stalllngs nnd Muck Ford. Cobb Funeral Home Is in charge. Services Aug. 10 For Korean Vet Services for First Lt. George P. Anderson, formerly of West Riduc, who was killed in n Jeep accident Nov. 25 in Korcu, will be conducted at 2 p.m. AUK. 10 in Selmer Baptist Church in Sehner, Tcnn., by the Hcv. P. O. Freemnn of Thaycr. Mo., assisted by the Rev. A. T, Willis ot Tulsn. Okla., and Ihe Rev. O. G. Lawless of Selmer. Burial will be In Shiloh National Cemetery. The body of Lt. Anderson is scheduled to* arrive Selmer Aug. i. ile wns the son of Mr. and Mrs. Claltilo G, Anderson of Bethel Springs, Tenn., formerly of West Ridge. Lt. Anderson, who was 28, is survived by his parents: his wife Mrs. Genevieve Anderson of Darlington, Wls.; two dniiKhlL'is, Alice Lee and llawley June: and a Hi.s- ter. Mrs. N. E. I lard in of Memphis. Murry Ruled State Defender In McMqffi Suit LITTLE ROCK W) — I'utnski Chancellor Frank Dodge ruled yesterday nlternoon that Atty. Gen. Ike Mllrry was Arkansas' legal defender in the suit of Gov. McMnth to recover some S900 in back state income taxes. Chancellor Dodge upheld Murry's petition that he should be allowed to defend the state, and overruled fi motion by the defendant. Revenue Commissioner C:irl Parker that Murry's intervention was "a political move." Parker's attorney, o. T. Ward, a Hck'L-uue Department lawyer , told Judge Dodge that he did not con- Civil Rights Plank Interpreted Differently by North and South By KIUVIN B. HAAKINSON WASHINGTON W> — One of the architect* of the Democratic platform said today R'LJ probably a good thing that Northmi J 'a'nd "Southern Democrats contend tlie new civil rights plank means different tilings. "That's all right with me as long as they all vote right In November." Sen. Theodore Prancis, Green of Rhode Island told a reporter. Despite mounting Dixie-Yankee disputes about. Just "what the civil rights plank p%lgcs, Green said the compromise should eliminate any bolt by Southern states similar to the 19!8 defection. Oreen, oldest senator—he will be 85 on Oct. 2—was one of the 18 members of the preliminary platform drafting committee that worked day nnd night at Chicago. Their two-phase compromise avoided a party-splitting fight bolh In the 125-member Platform Committee and later on the convention floor. Action Promised Tlie civil ri|;h(.s section promised continued Democratic Activity In the field of racial relations to eliminate discrimination In political rights, employment and other fields. A separate section pledged Im- Southern and Northern Democrats have used the words of the platform as a mirror for their conflicting views. Pl«ult "J.tM Threittnlnt" Sen. A. Wiss Robertson of Virginia, In announcing his'support for a straight Democratic ticket thts fall, said the new civil rights plank "Is less threatening to the Southern viewpoint than the 1948 plank." Other Southerners say flatly that the new plank, is weaker than the 13-18 pledge, which caused a convention walkout of Dixie delegates and loss of 33 electoral votes for President Trnman four years ago. Sen. Blair Moody of Michigan. Sen. Herbert H. Lehman of Nev: York and Sen. Hubert Humphrey of Minnesota and other Northern Democrats insist the new platform is much stronger. They argue that the pledge to improve congressional lawmaking machinery amounts to A promise to end Senate filibusters, or at least try to change Senate rules to accomplish this. Caught In the middle of this political tug-of-war' Is Sen. John Spnrkman of Alabama, who won the Democratic vice presidential nomination after helping shape the platform compromises. Without detailing his view provement of congressional piece- civil rights or related issues, Spark- dnres so that a minority could not; man said It is his "firm conviction obstruct legislation in cither the j that our platform provides a pro- Senate or House. • ~ ' Since the convention at McMATH gram on which we can wage our campaign and win." W. Berlin Alerts Riot Squad Against Red Youth Invasion BERLIN Wl — Tension mounted in divided Berlin today as West Berlin police alerted riot squads to combat a threatened invasion of Western sectors tomorrow by thousands ot demonstrating Communists youth. The planned invasion to demonstrate 1 "for peace" was announced by the Communist press in the wake of last night's demand by Russia that the Big Three Powers lift restrictions, on trade between the East-West zone* of Germany. The Soviets charged the trade . bars violated the 1D48 agreement ending the Red blockade of Berlin. i Western Allied officials In Ger! many will meet in Bonn next week to consider a reply to live Soviet charge. They declined comment until expert.s have studied the demands made by G e n. Vassily Chuikov, Soviet Control Commission chairman. Although the air of the Russian move was not immediately apparent, observers considered it significant in view of the tension in this re-cnclrclcd city. It could foreshadow another blockade if the Soviets are looking 1 for an excuse for such a maneuver. Shortly after the Soviet licensed news agency AON reported the protest. West German officials announced that East and West Ger- WonHnwd from Psgt 1) tloned as a probable contender for McCtellan's Senate seat In 19S4. Dkore« "MIH" Hit Waving his coatless arms In nghT- Ing gestures, the governor told a crowd estimated by Glenwood Mayor Ervis Lively at 2,000 and a statewide radio audience that Cherry ; a hypocrite who was granting "fraudulent divorces on the testimony of professional witnesses." He said he had made a spot check of 38 divorces In Cherry's Chancery Court In East Arkansas, adding; "One attorney handled 25 of these cases and used the very same witnesses In nine of them. Two other witnesses were used In 13 cases. It looks like It would soak Into cherry's head that fraud was being perpetrated In his court. "There have been thousands ot other cases like this in his court breaking up homes—the very cornerstone of government—and leaving wives and children without adequate support. . . "Francis has bragged that the lawyers of his district are behind him. These are the shysters who are benefiting from the divorce racket. "Francis Cherry is a good man He is an honorable man, champion of the weak, defender of defenseless women and children. All this must be true because he has told us all about it on his talkathon over and over and over. "Mask Is Hypocritical" "You can't fool the Arkansas people, nnd one of the first things they can see through Is a mask- that hides n hypocritical face." McMath last night also made his first reference to the action of Jack Holt and Ike Murry in throwing their support to Cherry after they were eliminated from the race in the preferential primary. Said the governor: "I'm sure they went to the political bed with Francis because they love him so well." Rep. Boyd Tackett also was defeated last Tuesday and also voiced support of Cherry, but McMath did not criticize the Congressman. Glenwood is Tackctt's birthplace. The governor put In a strong bid for Tnckett's Southwest Arkansas vote by shouting, "Although we were opponents and have political differences, : didn't like it a bit when John McClellan pulled the rug out f45,000 Lo«t To 4 Gunmen HEADS AEC — R«P- Carl T. Durham, above, of North Garo- lina, will succeed the late Sen. Brien ^^cMahon as ehairmon tt the Joint Con{fr,«Mu>£0l jfouic Energy Gom'nWtti.*. ;^_^_ Holdup M 3 Minute* CHICAGO Iff)— Four gUnmwi M. - euterj g daring three-minute day. ghfc holdup of a bank in suburban .yons yesterday and stole an esti iated I4S.OOO In cash. The robbers, two of whom wo n nasks, entered the Bank of Lyon« n late afternoon—Just minutes be- ore hundreds of workers In > earby Industrial area were ex- jected to cash their paychecks. Three of the bandits herded IT arsons, including 12 employes, into rear room while a fourth ni.BI rent through the cages, scooping up • 11 the currency Into a paper sack He did not enter the vault. They fled in an auto driven by i fifth man. R. C. Belasick. assistant cashier climated the bank's loss at r" - ' many had concluded a new trade agreement calling for the exchange of 200 million marks 41 million dollars worth of goods to run until Dec. 31. Desperadoes Nabbed; Housewife Is Bludgeoned to Death by Pair SPRINGFIELD, Vt. Wl — T \v o de.spL'fadoes \vho escaped from state prison Wednesday nnd, police stild, fatally bludgeoned n housewife after midnight, were cnptwed loday after a brief but intense manhunt, Part of t\ posse of more than Allies, Reds n Agreement On 'Wording' MUNSAN, Korea W;—U. N. and Communist staff officers today signified agreement on the wording of all but two paragraphs of a Korean armistice draft. But they did n't tnckie tlie thorny prisoner ex change issue, major obstacle to i truce. Tlie prisoner Issue will be taken up when the main truce delegation; end a week-long recess tomorrow. Col. Duncan Somerville. U. .N staff officer told newsmen today "I think we have made some prog ress in firming up the agreements on all the paragraphs except two. He said the wording of seven dis piited sections vras worked out in a series of eight meetings. test Murry's ri^ht to represent the j 300 state police, hunters and other stoic, but said he rjuestioned atorncy genenU's motives. the Jonesboro Girl Wirt^New Title convicts began their demonstration. | and then did nothing about tlie .sit- '• Violence flared when police, usitig tear gns, forced them from tlie yarcl into a cell block. The prisoners already had set 17 fires In cell blocks and workshops a nd smash ed th e main tclepho ne switchboard, cutting communications within the prison. Herded Into the cell block, they barricaded all entrances and then broke Into the prison can teen, which was housed In that Ting. Plumbing was smnshed and. water sloshed through the corridors and down stairways. The prisoners later pushed back Into the big ynrd of the Jail, Montreal's northern outskirts. The police did not interfere and some 200 convicts bedded down under blankets In the yard. Others roamed about- (he prison, According to U S. Weather Bureau records, th? world's record for the most rainfall in one minute, .65 inch, belongs to Opid's Csmp, Calif. imtion. iver. The brown - eyed, brown-haired As for McClclhvn. Clicrry said he i Mrs' John "il"' Kenwar" "was''na'in'- liopcd for the support and of c d Miss Lake Cliicot at Lake Vil- iie earlier this year. Rtii:ners-up included Ml^s Smile Smith of Paris. Ark., nnd Miss Alice every Democ-rnL in Arkansas ex- i cept two—McMath himself and former Gov. Homer Adklns. one of McMnth's principal advisors. Cherry challenged McMath to "come on nnd sit here beside me; I'll nivswer one question and you can answer the next." Someone placed a chair bosirtc Cherry on the broadcast platform. Shortly thereafter the chair was adorned with a has lily-lettered placard benrinR this legend: "Reserved for Sid McAInth." ITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Couple, 76-83, Set For Marriage NEW YORK I.TI — A 7§-year-old bridegroom and the bride he says is 83 — Ihe marriage application says 93 — plan "to grow old together." Like nny young couple, they were nervous and bashful at their wedding yesterday. The bridegroom, Fred Ellenberg. apparently had quite a touch of Jonc.=hnro—Miss Cyntbla Ann Ken- ! S e( I by two intruders, j nerves when he made out the ward—is the new Queen White j Bloodhounds which had b e e n i mtu ' riil B<-' application and listed ' used• previously in the limit f u r Nov ' "• 105S - ns the bhrlh drite of Ihe prisoners. Donald Derang. a j lc " nrtc . Mrs - Margaret E. Bee- lifer convicted of murder, am! I 1 "" Francis Blair, picked up t h ei r ' shc ' s °'J' 83 ." s « id Ellenberg, scent this morning outside the' "P'oining that he should have Weatherup home. ' [ made Hie year 1868. j Demog and Blair escaped fiom | . — ~' '~-^n 'Ire prison in Windsor 12 miles ' from her early Wednesday by rnm- i iiv.; n 10-ton truck through t h e prison gates. The truck was found volunteers flushed the escapees out of the woods near Bishop's Farm about three miles from t h e home of Donald G. Weatherup, 56. which was .broken into during the night. Mrs. Elizabeth Weathcrup. 54. BATESVILLE. Ark. (,!')—An 18- ! died in Springfield Hospital a few year-old beauty contest entry from i hours after she \vn.s brutally slug- from under Boyd TacKett." But. for nil his fiery attack on his opposition, the crowd—which included a large number of children and farmers—cheered loudly wher McMath mentioned the paving of nearby roads during his administration. 'Hie governor spoke from the back of a truck. He loosened his famili bright red tie as he started speaking and poured out the fighting about two miles from the Weath-1 words without the aid of a text. He had only penciled notes. McMath accused Cherry of screening questions put to him by listeners on his talkathons and answering only those he wanted to answer. "On my truth forums," he added erup home. , "I want the people to ask me ques- 13 Join Army, And Air Force Here in July 'Twelve men from Misslsslpp County and one from Hayti, Mo enlisted in the Army and Air Fore at the recruiting station in cit hall here during last month. Enlisting in the Air Force wet Billy N. Ogle of Blytheville, Wil limn H. Bureh of Wilson, Georg D. Edrington of Osceola. John I Mlnynrd of Manila, Jimmie L. Dos and Coy D. Henson. both of Dyes and Bobby s. Brock of Keiser. The following men joined th Regular Army: William J. Polsto pf Osceola. Troy Elliott of Luxorr Thomas E. Van Meter of Hayt Mo., and Jimmy D. Nash, Bobb R. Smith and Charles G. Parrisl all of Blytheville: 8 Witnesses Are Heard in Bishop Case LITTLE ROCK. Ark. Wl — The Pulaski County Grand Jury, investigating Tuck Bishop's claim :hat he bought a furlough from :he Arkansas penitentiary, heard testimony from eight witnesses' yesterday before it recessed unlll Wednesday. Bishop, awaiting execution by ! Utah firing squad on Aug. 21 :laims that he bought a 80-day 'urlougli for $1,500 from the Ar- iansas prison during a Little Rock ' hotel meeting last December. ,'*Ml Witnesses who appeared befoWJ the jury yesterday included: Joe D. Wells, state P.irole Board stafi, member; Supt; Lee Henslee of tha Arkansas prison: State Sen. Clyde Byrd; Charlotte Turner, who was said to have seen Bishop while he was registered at the hotel; Jeff Duty, Washington county prosecutor; William M. Moorhead. assistant attorney general; John L. Fletcher, Arkansas Gazette col- : umnlst, and A. J. Bass, e convict. Negro Deaths tions direct. I'll answer all of them direct—on the spot and truthfully." Dora Luckctt Services for Dora Luckett, who '; died yesterday at her farm home near Gobler, Mo., will be conducted at- 2 p.m. Sunday in St. John's Baptist Church in Gobler by Rev. E. Berry. She was 67. ; Survivors arc her husband, Law- ,. son liUckett; two daughters, Mattie Luckett of Gobler and Nellie ' Mae Henderson of Chicago; and two sons, James Macabee of Chi- ' cago and Isiah Macabee of Jack-' son, Miss. Burial will be In Ul> John's Cemetery. Caston Funeraf t Home Is in charge. The Brownson Clmic 1201 West Ash Street WILL BE CLOSED AUG. 1 TO SEPT. 8 Ann M irry ol M:ilvcrn. The contest featured the final I day of the annual Water CrnnlvnL FRIENDLY THEATRE; SE3B3 SATURDAY 'SHERIFF OF REDWOOD" with Bill Klliotl SAT. OWL, SHOW "IN OLD MISSOURI" \villi Elviry nnrl The Weaver Hrns. Ait Conditioned By Refrigeration "Your Cnmnuinily Ccnler" MANILA, ARK. ' iMutirccs Sill. & Sun.' I Mi one f>S SATURDAY 'KING OF THE BULL WHIP" Lash [.aline SAT. OW1, SHOW 'NOT WANTED' SATURDAY, A TO. 2 '! "APACHE COUNTRY" (lone Atilry 1 Carolina Cotton Cass County Hoys SAT. MIOMTU SHOW "Wild Jungle Captive" A Horror Thriller Stsirls 10:.'IO p.m. SUNDAY - MONDAY, AUGUST 3 - 4 SUNDAY & .MONDAY !"FRANCIS GOES TO WEST POINT' Dnniilc! O'Connor l.ori Nelson VO LIVE FOR" Joan Fontaine £ Ray Milland ••*•••••••••••••«•»•»••• TUBSDAY TtlE SUN SETS AT DAWN" Waller Need 8.1 lly 1'ar The toast of New Orleans dives Starring YVONNE DeCARLQ • ROCK HUDSON tilt RICHARD OWNING D r«W bf SIWEY WWW • Stiff itf &'«**( b| OSWB SSWNtY • ProteeJ bv UOWD OXKIM I DIDN'T KNOW... . . . until my neighbor told me that the best place to find terrific bargains is in the COURIER classified ads. I know now! I always read them! Ads placed before 9 a.m. will appear same day. All classified advertising payable in advance. BLYTHEVTLLE COURIER NEWS 1:00 p.m.' AIR CONDITIONED BY REKIUGER.VnON : •••••••••••••••••••••• SATURDAY! 2 HITS! Plus: 2 Color Cartoons & Flying Disc Man Serial SAT. LATE SHOW Start? 11:30 Also Cartoon & Serial SUNDAY & MONDAY Double Feature M-C-M . Cartoon & Shorts

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