Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 10, 1942 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, August 10, 1942
Page 1
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Page 81* MRS. R00SEVET OPPOSED TO LEFT WING FACTION DAILY NEWTS, Frftnklyn l>, HooHovolt has mado It clear Hint Mho wants nothing In do with fho loft \vlng faction of thu Amur ton n Labor party, In a hitter to left-wing Inadora, lh,o first Indy ncoiuiea thorn* of bo- ing controlled by llusslu, And shti has forbidden thont C'o use a letter Mho vvroto Homo llmu ago lo pro- moth (ul't-svlng Now York primary, lit thu Hnyn Mrs, UouNUvnH: "I adnilro and the marvelous light HUH Hla IM puUI'ng up , . . but 1 do no wish l-o hi) nontrolled in this tunm try by an Amor loan group that, If turn, to controlled by MusHla." Sho duolarod (hat hor earlier letter wflft.'ln no way mount to endow? utirulldnlofi of tho loft wing. That lollop uxproHMiul Mrs. UOOHU- VfHl'H approval of Ihn Now York nouuty oomml'ttoo's support of oon- ftt'nsslorinl candidates who wore cmrneatly supporting the war and who urged unity of race, elfins and orood, JAPS JUMPED ON I with tho JjroathlQS^ oxoHcment of i propeller-thundering' 'adventure, i>at O'Urion, Olunn Kprd.und fcJvolyn If/lvou linnd' l.hA. H tail fir • -cast of tllC TO l ra^*•vT A win Kcyes head' tho: stellar v .cast of Uie : FYrl flllF now Him, \ynioh 1 \vas directed by Sid- JUAI lA/IflJ jWy.Saikow 'fVoin, u .screen pjuy J;>y MONDAY, AUOU8T 10, 1942 v POLISH AHMY TRAINING •New York, Aug. 10-^(UP)~ An, exchange of messages between Jo- ; y/Sakow 'foin, u.yorcon Mloliaol uiankford., '' ' TIIITlUf AT DATA AN I ' Tho^«^m;c6noo^ns;:U80 1 It^y:l^.,tlib 1 nEufl /11 DA 1 A/Ill oxpjoits oi 1 an ,advehUirosOm.Q ,conip rnqrcfaJ flyer, Ay lib la! pronounced guilty,'oi' carelessness In fight, Jeud-: —(U J J )~ Fng J.Q tragedy antj 'thd'd'eatli oiVu Spokano, Wnsn,, Aug. 10 Thousands of Jap soldiers dollbor-1 ijoflpwrpUot. ' J^lscaurago.d; ;;out(ws.t, ntoly Naorllleod thblr MVOH to broach hg'hldoV himself InIhotropics; loaV-; American defenses on fiatann poriln- in# behind, hlin a young son >ylion\ MIIl/i I im (Hnli'/PH niirl \vhfv irlftliztiH.hi'ri. Thd' Hula, Uotonut Ouocgo 8. Amorlimn oftUun 1 to osoapo from Ba- he, klpllsic^ arid who 4 , , Clark, last I boy, without knowledge' .of, his dlHgraoo, lives' iiiidbr''ah ' laan, nayH Iho Jap.s riiHhud Into o tfumod name,,.In tiino,., ho-alsp; ber nlno Hold and Jumpod on tlio mingH oomos a ilyor, •-.-•..:' •' to oxplodo thorn, Thoy dlod—bul. ^n carrying Ills story from ;t|i.a tholr olTortH cluarod u way for their ulobiade wlilbli foilowocV thoi.FfrHlj comradoH, f>ydrU|,>Var through tho years up-.t^ Clark H«,VH that a suoond wavti of , and .after .Pcurl Harbor,' . Dji-eoloi; laps followed and hurled thorn- | s Sidney. Salkow brings ' to . "1','ljght: iiivfiN nn AniDi-ltMin barbml wlro on-Mvleulona'nt"-u keoh undorslurtalng soph and the Polish ..premier First WAYE§ .Officers Swoirii In rc.voals -thoro sti'H Ja u PolJsli urmy A .Bvitlsh broadcast! ^(picked up by G13S ) says Slaliii tokl Premier Sikorsky, on the occasion or tlie • first an-' nlvei'Siary. i of treaty, .that tho 'Polish-Bussian' divisions of pol- teb tuoops are -IrainJng jn /the Near BftSt, . . •••• ' :-.;:::;: '-. • - NEW IDEA TO (!IJI(« SPEED angh'inonlH. ' lh(JH« Hiilfllcln ftHHflultH, the j scat, adventure, AniorhwiiH and KIITplnoM hurkul baok II Jap flrlvoH. Hut the cnomy finally oranhnd through from slioor of what I's.'n.upded for ;odge-of-the-, Tho Detroit man got on tho bus and looked at;ound, weight of numbers, Glark was oonWf 'Next to him sat a pretty girl- rnandor of tho f)7lh Philippine Infantry tiOOlltH, Augusta,,Me,.,. Aug. '8-r-(-lIP)~Thp; j tale OPA o/Iluials aro studying a nqvs*i/'.sw,gges,t.i.o.n for., curbing. speeding motorists. The idea is Lo,i'orbld M)y automobile driver convicted of spdbdlng i'rom obtaining h B.\' or "Cl^ ijasolino, ..'-riUJows *\ books or' .new ' tia-es, . And this suggestion; comes , Croin Slate Polic.c Chief Henry 'P. Weaver. making up her I'aoo. Sho poured at, herself In the .mir- HEGISTHATION PLAT K^S Augusta, Ma-lne, Aug. 10— (UP) Ph'o' war program te going to 1 remove- familial- a'ccessory i'rom the lulomobllps in Maine. AntKlt'.s .the Great Air Film Now at Oem Theater vjl IV IJUUl. WV1 H» llV/ltJU|l. 1,1 ui i t> in i i r ,. . , --'•.•-,-.• ' i ., •or, (Uldletl with her eyebrows l'" 1 ^^ 1 .^K^ 10n ^ jlal -P this time., tounhed up her lipstick, performed;].' bunion Wood chict clerk of Iho other ll'ttlo operations whose mean- {• l [ ] ° l ™ vehicles ,division,, says•-.wlnd : SCOimSCRAP BOOK K.$-"W$w the! oath to the first three' 'women to, be.- com' lug Is known only to the women-, folks. signs, of flberboard or place- j board will bo used 'in tlieii l "i'Tiially the Detroit man could inoxlyonr, And ho says' fchi^ Is being stand if no longer, Jf the ladle* ; <Q"«. to save, mctHl., • Honoring America's airmen of yes- I could pretty 'themselves up on terday, today and tomorrow, Col- I publlo bus, why oouldn I he ! imbla's thrilling now survloe drama, o So ho pulled out his false teoCli A govornmnnt map of Mil flen- Igfiatos tho tJrosM Tlmhurs Htrlp across Oklahoma w Iho "western ' "piigiil f/loulonant," currently is j and proceeded to clean them with j boundary of habitable land." providing Gem • -thoaler audiences a• toolhplofc, • • ' v ,, ,, , ._... ^^. v .iTbmeri-'sN t aval Reserve) officer a: is, G.apt. Kenneth Chs;fem^n..,/They, are ( ; 1> to r.) lieutenants Miss Virginia,Oarlin of Ifffieldv Mass;; Mrs. Marion. Enright of Forest. Hills, ,N. Y.; and Grace; Cheney. They will be stationed at the WAVES- Bureau of Personnel! in Washingtpn l; D. C. (Central Press) ETTA KETT TRY A CLASSIFIED j AD IN THE DAIli NEWS.... RESULTS ARE CERTAIN! Consult Classifications Below For Profit. Watch Them Daily Announcements '*"irvV£VV.i r vi*j!ViV'- r *-.-'* f ' y r*H i Lost iuul LOST—flank Hook No. 4r»,405 on fitditfaUiok SavlnMH M«nU has boon loHl, Any purson having cl-alrns on nakl book Is called upon to prosont I ho sanio to the bank within two months or tho saimi hook will bn dcolarod can- no I lad and extinguished, and n nosv orui Issuod In lloti thereof, hated at Naugaluok, Conn,, July '47, HM2, AUK. 10 and «4, LOHT— I'nlr of vnluahlr bl-focal py«- KlaH.srs luiar Mnorf's iMai'kn!, on Dhiiroh Him-!., TluirMduy nlKht. Ilowarfl, 'IVIophonc U77('», nt noon dally, H-7-cKlx, ^^•g»«iier^jc!r:. > ^5i^viT:^!:v,t:^js™;;. i n^r/rv^'r.^^^:uj^u^/ ; fiujitnimji /tnnounocnuntU HAHV — CarrlaKdH, Coaclu's, Wloknr '.M(rol|(M'H, lllKh tlhiUi'H, Crlhs, flay YardH, HathrwtlcM, lowcnt prlr-oH. THK HADln SHOP l«« Orand SI. Watm-hury 8-7tr Merchandise Artiolua AlKIUST SPEUIALS plooo Maj)lo,tiodroo!n Sot , ,$W.r>0 piMt'-u Muplo Sol. . ,#2r>.50 GAS AND KLKCTHia HANOKS •lug In Kltujtrlo llango *('» ( .).00 ( l).\12 Mnoluiifn IUIK -M.M, Motul I-'oldlng. Hod wWh (loodroHt .$10.05. WATKHHUMY KUUNITURW CJO. 480 West Main St., Waturlniry, ' Din I - Business Service 45 SAVKON YOUH OIL AND Irustallofl Storm- Sash .Combination Storm Doors Insulation. Ordnr now for Later Doll very. Free .estimate. •JOHN J, CAR-ROLL & SONS, ING. 5>;ii Spring St. Phone 2572 W, MONUMKNTft pi'luoH on All MnmorlulH 2iJO So, Main St. Tul, HW7 AirnusT SFISOJALS ,'J-pc. Maplo Unrlroom Suite f>-pc. Kltnhon Sots M-p(!, Living Room Suites U llnoiiiH( romploln IJxIU hliiolrum Hugs r>,0 Occasional Clhalrs ,, 10,0 Comphilc llomn Kurnlshings KELIABLE '"^I-W VIU I'!. Main, Cor, Col", Wnlnrlmr Tel, y-OUiK) 7-21-tf r,\*.rx .18D.&0 FOU ,SAI>J — Apphvs, pulutoc.H ond older vlrii'Xur, l>, Dillon, 117 Mol- bourno court. D'lal UU17. 8-Wllruo.x Atito.s Trucks For AOKAt) "A HAKK PLAMK TO Packard Sudan Itlilok 7-paMH. Hudan . •IIM iWilok Sudan ..... ... .tl>Ut> CUryHlw Sudan ........ l'7"> JDao Dodgo '»-dr, Sodan ,,, (W K«A(I Sedan ,,. UKiU Pryrnouth ^-dr. Sudan M>3C> Plymouth StMlan — Open KvunlngH — Paokftrcl-Watorbiiry, Jno. "A SAl-'K I'LACJM TC) UUY" 182 Wn lor town Avonuo Dial 4-0100 FOM SALK — Coinhliuitlon (JAN mid oil Htuvo, green and cream enamel; almost new. Apply 100 Meadow street, Immediately. INVITATION TO SAVIO Startling AuKUsL Values CAH SALK 10fl» Ford Convertible Coupe li».'»fl Ford ConviM'llhle Sedan I0a» Ford Tiulop \\m Ford Deluxe Fonlor 101)7 Ford Win lion Wnfjon 1fta.1l Ford Coupe 1IK)7 Old.smohlle C.oupo MHO Hhidobuker Prosldont 8«tl»n WI7 Mneoln Xppliyr Snlwn 19(10 Unooln /ephyr 8ednn 1940 Mnoolu '/ephyr Sediui TI1K NADtiATUOK FUKI. CO. *7 Church HI,.. Phone r#it6 1ft— Aulo l»nrM A , H?UT. P I^'.T "."-!— *-f 'i'l-'rei^rAY^ VULCANIZING^ »»otr«mfn« " HOKi-oovUlg l Tiro frinpohtion Sorvlc.o 'C2 tJnlto.rl Tiro Kaplony O Jrloknl {li-lckut UockcrH ,,, U.°-5 r. x (' J>lnolrum Hugs '2.VTO Odd KltohOU Table ...',,, H.OO Odd Living (loom Chuh-H Hampers , ,Clard Tables ,,..'.,,,..., Living Uoom HtiiUiH ( f 4) (I 'Humor) Oil Cooker , fj-po, Urcfakfttrtt Sots ,,. Table Lamps Hrl'dgo LafnpH ,, ,., '•' I'Moor Lamps •••• 2-i Living tUmrn'HugH (Wx.18). ,,., IM (Jholoo'df- Colors* MANY O r rai*lR, MONEY •SAVERS Want Your CholcoV Come 'ICa'rl> HADLIOY?S ANNEX IOU Meadow Street Waterbury ,08 .08 O,9r> LOT) 4,j>r> .1)8 Metal Outtors, Leaders, Tinning 1 , Roofing and Furnaoo \Voi»k JAMES BAKER Telephone 2055 2fi Hrnrllny St, " Naugntuok, Conn SERVICE: On all rnakos of refrigerators and wnshoi's, moderato prices; ". NKVV I'JNCLAND MUSIC SHOP IH-? nrnnrl St. Dial 3-7193 H, C, A. Vlctb 1 !' phon'o- bolh Hides; reduced 2 MODKL graph price. price. Cravuson & Sims, 280 North Main St. hai'f/aliiN In (jood<l radios, priced -at'$fl-!fl5-$!iO, New England Mtislo Shop, 102 Grand St., Waterbury, Dial ,4-7.193. By PAUL YOUVE OLD JALOPY? DYING TO see;ir/ CAf2^YPAiNrALON6 CHANC /r O SEOBET AGENT X9 By ROBERT STORM GIVING A LIFT * AiKFieLD.' PRINCE TRAIN BRICK BRADFORD By WILLIAM RITJT and CLARENCE GRAY ELK( ll[l( \L AMI) RADIO HEPAIRS . ' —• Lowest Possible Prfoeji — . SWAN ELECTRIC CO. Elb'otrlolaiiB i5 u'hurch Street '. ' Tel. 2574 NOW IM the 'limn to your f(ir eon!. Mok up IUH! delivery /sOrvleo. Also for tho host dry cleaning, telephone 2023 "•KIKVMAN'S 78 Church Slt«pi, Nnuontuok ,,, Wthy, 17- Einplojoiicnt M«n Wantfd' AUGUST SALE Save 25 nor cent to 50 por coh't on I'i'Ice.H During Thla Great Sale I J'Jvoryihing- On Sul.o ut See Mint for full tlrno work In local Htore. Spf-clal tlori K'.von drafl-l'ree mart, f'f K'>or| character, Light, work, K»»cl IIOUPH and pny, ArldroMH Hox J, tlaro of NcwM Office, 8-7-dO, Wonien Wnnted HKU" WANTKO -rF.MAf J CIIIU8TMAH <!tirri Hon.<iatliMi, frlnriflH W) name Imprinted rsiiriHt- rnas fJardn ijil.OO up— free wirnploH, JM) ftHHortrnentH ;>0o up. Patriotic, C.Jard«. f'amoUH 2i aHHortmont on approval, Special H/trnpIo offer, WJDKNKAMI\ jna nroadway, r>opt, 00, Now Yprk, , .»-10-(Ux. Lo\vost Pricey in 1942 This IH tho- niO SAi;p;of Iho And•'' thor'o's .a 'Ivmaoii, Last^... . ; ftdvan'cod, : wo' placed 'jT Us I'ul %'out* Liiwii Mower In 8fiapd for' tho' season, ^lowers HhiirponcfJ, repaired, etc. Gall for ami dollvory sorvloo. MoMjourno's Service' 1 'Station, Rubber avenue. ^ Tolophonq: 3420. 4-74f Real Estate Por Sale •Forms For -Sale rOH • .SAliK— Would you like to hfivo a homo of your owm and ; make\an Invostmont at tlio satn ' tlnio, , F/oro Is an oxcoptlona i good Iniy for tho prloo of a , i-fanUly houso. I am offering to • you' n/'S-ramlly houao In an A-. , condition, all improvorncnts anc . largo '.'Jot 70xJ30 located at the , co;rnor' of Gorman and OHvo SI / Another good Investment, a 3! fa'frtlly houso of 1/i rooms, locat- ,'od at'\0arro11 St. Price $0,800 ; YOftrlV 'hicpmo $!)8''i 1 if you want ; to'/l?uy' o'r soil see Palsy Labri- I ol»i, realtor, 172 High St, Phono SAl-'E—J'oiiTlry farin ; JO acres 1 1, .V room bungalow, 2 car _ . .hen' -IVOUHOS, for 2,000. ' Pr.l bo. »a500.', Ga 011 $ J 200. Ter m s • on 'balah'co to suit purclKiscr. A, ' Sheploy, Tel. '2438"-" 7-24-tif, lino 1*1, Ltf, mul 50 /or $l,0f; nadie Imprinted Hardn, Bl«tlonory— ft'on f-4 artHor/.fnentM ii<'l l-'ic dp, Odd Gard» 1 l-Sdo, War Stamp Kvoryday (iardH, Special pfrnr, New Kn^- land Art, North Ahlngton, Wl, MJIHH. 8-JO-dlx, '(jnrload 'o'rtjUr -wftor, oai-U/ad ordoi \yl(,h loading mMvufa/itururs in all Mio ftirrilturti oon Lorn 'of Anui/'Jon,, lyovv, all thlM furnltiiro 1 , bought at low price ' Is lie re, H-'s road y'for you ' at prlcos sve caninH luij)'; tb thlpl'ltwtq 'aga,ln, or porhops for many yoiii'H to. oomo, All' prlo6» fth lowQi 1 IhaA t'hey. over wlllbo Mater this year,' TJiiM. liieans buy' every- y6n wl'll need tills year', , right Jiowl. Wo oanno't reorder at MI OHO old, low prices again, Como propiirod to 'buy,,,and sava :IH never, before,,, , ; , . lUty anything during this fulo on Terms, Albovt'n.,,,368 So, Main St. Phono 4-3144 ,, IIJCM' W/IIVTKO'F Wf<J pay you t'M Cor Nollltif/ (tut 5JH.OO boxoM, 50 boatitirul n.MHortoil Irnprlntod OhrlMtrnaH oarrls ^1,{X)-your profit OOo, f'roo ahoorful Utti'U Co,, 28X .White Plains, N, Y, H<NUx, :—Complete «ot of ivory, . fiirnlturo, Excollont coh- dllloii; ' IVoa^onablo If takon In Hlnglo lot, Tulophono 3550, 8-5-110, OIVITO'S MUSIC ti HECOUDlNa •'STUDIOS All luNtrurnontH Taught, HooorUt Mado Art tow AD 50o, So, Mala St, fi'cl. 4-d -Two fninlly lib'iiso of J) ;' Imprqvomohts. 'In A-t condition,' >V^'t'-side 'of 'town J/argc lot, $5900, Also;l>i;and novv modern 0 .room, one' family .house;' garago atUiched. Good location. Priced reasonable, A. Shcpley, Tbl. 2433, 7-2/i-t.f. 72 'I'O MENT — Ono do til) I o fiirnKshod room with kitchen • privileges, If doslrod. Apply 200 Soott stroot, sooond floor. 8-G~dGx| ^i^^S-^^^^:^ TMC CHIEMEROF THE TRIBE GATHER TO WITNESS THE CORONATION NO>N"ARRIVES IN A LITTER THE OLD KING. TENCTERJHEWISE FOLLOWED BY BRICK; AVERY RELUCTANT CANDIDATE FOR ROYALTY ;< > i >. •" ) BARNEY GOOGLE AND SNUFFY SMITH By BILLY DE C^SSVDV >:. «' -MOO G\V\E ME M VWVIVDEO - Cupr l'y-12. Kmy Iv.uuros S^mlic.itc. Inc . World rights resetted, BIO SISTER By LES FOEGRAVJS NO.'NO/VOURE . SPOILING EVERYTWING: BE STILL/ 'SL/irS ON' : TW& WlNt^^i'^OiV^U j CAN'T FLY' OUT AG,Al.N. j^_4^ L<3£>; POR HER LONG AS THEV DON"n KNG>\^ WHERE SHE IS--- : OO-O-OH.^ Copr. 190.-King.Pcatuita Syndimc. Inc.. \Vor»a rJghu racrwJ. MUGGBS AND SKEETER By WALLY BlSHOi* HER, PROPILE? PONT 9E t SiUt-V TELL HER TD'FCE THR CAMERA HCW ABOUT LGTTIN' A PICTURE ' NO. THAT'S OUT J BUT, IF THE CAMERA AMP L'OOK SkEETCR? A rflmf of \ dollar w* K OUR QUOTA for VICTORY U.S.WARBONDS

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