The Kansas City Times from Kansas City, Missouri on January 26, 1909 · Page 5
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The Kansas City Times from Kansas City, Missouri · Page 5

Kansas City, Missouri
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Tuesday, January 26, 1909
Page 5
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THE KANSAS CTTY TTilES. TTESDAY. .TA^’UA^^Y 26. WOf). lumbermen in the big hall » protest TO-DAV A0AIN8T UNLOADING PENALTIES BY RAILWAYS. ni<. pro«r*mm» for the Op«iiliiK of Ih** Twe«fy-f«Mt Anmnal Con- vrntloB of th* Southwe*»- •ra AMOctatioa. SYDNEY C. LOVE A f;o. QI’IT. TO lua ist<: f ol'M'fL nrLi:s. Dnllaeas Cauard <he Ynrk nnil t'hl-i'I’h** l.owrr lioiior ^nmril ii < 0111 mil / caso llrukrr* lu Miin|«rufl. C hicago , Jan. 25.—La Salic Mrcct atul lu >lnkt* riiniiKCM. I hi* riik’>'. of the lower liou.if' of tin-• r»0(-,«AMMB FOt TO-DAV. m.—Some remtrks md I ,^0 p. l>y Douglai Malloch, of the treasurer, J. H. of the poem The Lumber"’*v 00 ”p^ «’■—Annuil addre»» of the preaJ' John Halloren. .1 30 p. m.—Annual report of the aecre- tiry. Harry A. Gorsuch, Annual report Fore^man. «Lppointment of committeea. 4 p ,n.—Address, "In Search 0 ’K«p),’’ Oon Warren, Independence, Kas. Thr liveliest topic to be disciitsed before fhe twenty-first annual convention of th« Southwestern Lumbernifn’s convention, which opent in Convention hall this afternoon, is, a« most of the lumberman now here see it, the question of reciprocal demurrage. That doesn’t mean much to anyone but a shipper. But all the lumber dealers are up in arm» against the practice the railway companies have of charipnfl: a dollar for every day lumber reraatns in a car after forty-eight hotjri. WHAT OX* DEAT.Kl 8AVf. •^t's all one sided," said Edgar S. Mmer of Bethany, Mo., a former oflScer erf th»* as(»ociation, at the Coate» house 1 a«t night. "The railroads can make us »ait six months or a year for a carload ( Í «'if and we can do nothing. Yet once they have it placed on the siding at our yards v« turn to and get the car Vmrtv in two days or pay a penalty. Sometimes a wholesaler orders two or 'hrec car* of lumber a week from the mill The railway company may *tick ihe«e cars on a siding somewhere, leave fh^m unt!, there’s a string of about twentvriv^, then shoot them in on lie H<*aler. He may be in a fiinn r>f !>ay 2.000 population, where the \r,r 1 facilities are poor and help scarce. if he doesn’t unload that whole string •1 forty-eight hours he pays a dollar on •h'* <ar for every extra day required. know a man in Missouri who waited tine nKmths for the railroad to bring ''ni a car of shingles. They came in 'naliv at an inopportune time and he iidn't get them unloaded for four days. ra«> for the railroad, eh? We dealers ''■fl that the railways are taking their <pife out on the lumber companies since ihe two cent lassenger rate. They seem fhmk that because lumber isn’t perishable they can set out a car of it any time snd let it wait indefinitely. Meanwhile, (.«me poor fellow is waiting in the rain !^r ?hirgles to patch his roof.” OTHF» gt.’iSTrONS TO BE COKRinERED. The lumbermen expect to start agitation for a national law requiring railroad com- Í inies to tran«!port freight in a reasonable »npth of time—a law which the interstate • ommerce commission can enforce. .Another question to be discussed is the ^«•ablishment of a code of ethics—an ^erecment made by wholesaler and jobber 'vith the retailer regarding contracts and •*rm« The members of the association ome from the four state«, Missouri, Kan«as, Oklahoma and .Arkansas, and oniprise l)r*th wlv>le'^aler^ and retailers. L. r Boyle, who was to have addressed convention this afternoon upon the > ;lijei.t, "The Ethics of the Lumber Busin's From the Viewp'Mnt of a I.awyer,’’ .-nnounced la^t night that he would be un­ íale to appear because of professional dtitie« His address has been po«tpnned n?:l Thursday morning. \ long leaf yellow pine tree two feet i'' <liameter and ninety feet in height ffNnr« one of the exhibits at Convention ’’ ■I! Of, the tree is not intact. Tt 'a* been cut up into convenient lengths forms the four corners and entrance t'v a wholesale lumber company'« booth. was shipped here from I^ouisiana for •ni« particular purpose. The long pine >a\es and cones are used for decorations. financial circles were surprised to Icarii coiUH’il. it ha*, bet-n dis-.-ovcrcd, havoj to-day that Sidney C, i-ove & Co. j-ooii will close its office in the Kookery building and that within a short time the cor- ooration may cease to exist on the New York board of trade. * The reasons for the suspension of business by the compiiny, whith was; of the best known in Cliicagf) in the residence of Mr. l„<}vc in this city, were pot made public to-day. (ieneral dullness in business, it is said, is the unofficial reason given at the Love office. Mr, L/Jve announced from New York that he and his wife will make an extended tour of Europe as soon as the business affair« of the company are straightened up, and Frederick C. Aldrich, partner of Ixjve, said he, too, woubl go not been revised t > conform to the pro-j visions of the luw iliartcr, A resolution: by Con H, llaycs, the speaker, w,hiclii was adopted last night, names h'rank J.i Shinnick, 1C. E. Morris, l-raiik I). .Askew,! J/r, Charles J. (iiltnan and Robert L.j Sinitii a cimimittee on revision, i 'fhe following routine biiMncss wa'I transacted by the coiun il: 1 'I’pjjpr li(iii«if. !Ujw<“r hou«r. I Afr«OFI'IAT|:>Nf. $200 to Williim Jonet to hctflr claim for ilani • Kr» from operation of K«ptic tani<. I’as'ied. $77 «.05 to F«rlcrr-\Va»hinffTon company for rrpaiririK paving around tily Lall. $«if<i.3:{ for rrpairiiiK pavirig, nty property. I’asRcd. ! $<iOO, K^rt Ttirpin, fi^orge Kingslrv ami f'harlc!» I,. Shannon, annotatitig charter. Passefl ! rrfnnd to \V. I). ^hoTC, tax error I I’assed. TO LOCATE ST»It.T LICHlt, 'One Anderson between Berton and filadstonr. Referred. *C>re *a* on College and Fiffeentti. Referred. •<'>ne g»\ Indiana and Independence. Kt ferred. *l‘our ga§, Meriirrijton between Twenty-fifth and 'I'wenty-aixth. Referred. •One ga*. Windior between Ba!e» and A«Uew. Referred. *Thre<* gai, C«ntr«l between Southwest boulevard and -Vtilwatrfcee avenue GEO. B. PECK DRY GOODS CO. S^DNKV C. lOVR. electric. Referred. Che»lnut and Pendleton. One Passed. •Three gai in Glllham road and Harriion boulevard. Pawed. "One gai, Tracy between Independence and Admiral. Pai«ed. to I \frsKo<fF.E jrnr rjiosE\. Men ^>om Olhrr <l«le» Will CoBMlitrr l.ot Praiid Kvidrnre. ^h sko » j KE, O k ,, Jan. 25.—With a view to obtaining a grand jury free from local environments the federal authorities have railed men, with two exceptions, from ' itside of Mtiskogee to investigate the diarges of conspiracy and fraud in con- T ertion with the holding of Muskogee iiiwn lot«, There is a probability that several r.(ines \sill be eliminated from the list a ui others substituted l>efore the sitting Hcf'iiis tomorrow. The names of the prc'-rnt jurors are: Edward Shanahan, . reman. Vinita; W. W. Hollister, Chicka .ha; (i, W, Jones, W'estville; Henry j nk, Sapulpa; Wiley Chambers, (Tare- 'if>re; Clarence Smith. Chelsea: B. E. •’ii’liam, Watova; J. W, McKee, Boyn' n; J. H, Burleson, Council Hill ; Edard Miller, Wainwright; E. W. Smith. '>apiili)a; ,\. H, Sheffsky, Haskell; Claud !<oss, Sailisaw ; William Hawkins, Porter; I’aul T. Parkinson, Wagoner; J. A. I."wery. Oaktaha; J. H. Black, Wagoner; ' (, Hall, Wagoner; B. Fenger, Vi- "it.i, \V. X, Settle, Muskogee; W. J. ' Mik, .Muskogee; K. C. Lee, McAlester; S Hawk, McAlester. Wholesale indictments are expected to 'rt turncd by the federal grand jury, i ae jury will be under heavy guard, at ’-'a t one secret service man to each -iror being on the ground. The indict ’iient« are expected to be returned ^Ranist some of the most widely known 11 '•n of the city, < lovcnior Haskell, who arrived here ' '•day, said to-night "if M L, Mott and Miarst ilo not ilominate the people have ‘»tiling to fear in land suits,” It was found to-day that the various --ts of names of "dummies ’ claiming al- '''ged possessory rights to town lots are hissing from the records of the townsite ''nmiission, which had charge of the ap- ' '•aisement, apportionment and scheduling ' f the lots. This commission finished its 'vork six years ago. Tt was composed of Dwight W, Tuttle of •‘onnecticut and John y -Adams anti Ci. Marshall, both of Muskogee. The w’overnment’s attorneys say the disappear- nce of these lists will have little or no ••ffect on the investigation. HAPPENINGS OF THE CITY, Europe before resuming activities in the stock market and board of trade. The partnership of Ix)ve and Aldrich was to have terminated April 1. .Aldrich went to New York Saturday. Shearson, Hammill & Ca. took over the grain trades of the rompany and Hollister & Babcock of New York will take the stock business. The I.ove company did a business of 25 million dollars annually. In the stock market it was correspondent here for n (i. Reid and the Moores. It was recently on the bull side of the market. TH) SHKLV OUE IS THE WEST. H. I,.. Klabrr of IdMho Tell« of Plaaa «0 Krep Monrjr Id That Mtate. "Idaho has grown weary of sending her mine products back to Pittsburg to be smelted," said H. !>. Fisher at the Hotel Baltimore last night. Mr. Fisher is pre«ident of the I,emhi Smelting company, which is just completing its plant at Hahn, Id "In previous years, the mining companies in our neighborhood have been spending $35 or $40 a ton sending their ore back to Pennsylvania to be sinelted With the smelter on the ground, it will cost them about $20 a ton. The mines in the Hahn district produce an ore from which copper, lead, silver and some gold is taken. When this is smelted the bullion bars must still be sent back Flast for retinement. but the bulk is decidedly decreased and the expense materially les- i sened, ’ Mr. Either was born and educated in North Missouri. He went to Idaho to practice law and the opening in the smelting field drew him into business. He says that while he is a Missourian, he doesn't like to sec the Idaho people spend so much of their money in Pennsylvania. DU. Til.HOr TO ao O.v A VISIT. The Trlnll.r ( liun li Heolor Ulll Preach III M. I'fiul'« at \%ai*hlii«loB. The Rev. RoI>ert Talbot, rector of I rinity ICpiscopal church, at Tracy avenue and Tenth street, received the letter yesterday afternoon tendering him the rec­ torship of St. Paul’s Episcopal church in Washington I have not yet decided w'hether to accept the call or not,’' Mr. Talbot said last night. "I shall accept the invitation in the letter and go to Washington soon to 00 k over the parish. Of course. I cannot make a detinite answer until I have done so.” •F.ighieen gat, I.inwood, Trooit to Brooklyn. Pasie'T, *0.e gaa. Belleview and Forty third. Referred. •Two gaa. Madison and Forty-fifth, Referred TO rr,ANT Ttr.ri. •Hardeity, Independence to St. John, white elm. I'assed. •Totping, Saida to Nor!ed)?e, white elm. Passed. •Fortieth, Campbell to Tracy, white elm. Pas^d. TO CO!«ri*M CONT«ArT. *T. F, Mcdmre, to grade entrance to Penn Valley park, .Main to Wyandotte Pawed. TO r,rv.S AKD WIDE.N. •Woodland, Eighth to Ninth. Referred. •Alley between Ninth and Tenth in Kirkwood plaea. Pasaed. •Twenty-fourth, alley weit of Main to Grand avenue. Referred. TO CHAtfGE CKADt. •Eastern avenue, Fifteenth to Sixteenth. P»s»ed. •.Alley between Ninth and Tenth. Olive, to Prospect. Pasied, TO rSTAitliH •Cheitnut. Forty-fifth »0 Forty-Mxth, Pawed, •Forty fifth, l*ro«pect to Chentnut. Passed, •Forty-iixth, Prospect to Chestnut. Passed. •.Montgall, Forty-iifth to Forty-iixth. Pa»«ed. •peery, Bennington to point. Referred. •Fuller, Tenth to Twelfth. Referred. •Oakley, Tenth to Twelfth. Referred. TO CHANCE GI a DF. !.\lley between Smart and Gamer, Monroe to Myrtle. I’as^ed. •Thirty-eighth, yirginia to the Paseo, Ke Paseo. Referred. A SALE OF Men’s Handkerchiefs Our Buyer Sent Them From New York Our buyer, who is now in the East making his spring purchases, was fortunate enough to close out this lot of Men’s Handkerchiefs from a prominent impijrter; there are two different qualities, both of them ma<le of an excellent quality Iri«h linen. All the Handkerchiefs are very fine, sheer, and closely woven. tini«hed with ^ and ^-inch hems; each Handkerchief measures 19 inches square. They go on sale this morning in two lots, as follows : Lot I. 35 c values for 15 c, or $ 1.75 a dozen. Lot 3. 35 c, 39 c and 50 c values for 25 c, or $ 2.75 a dozen. Just Received, New Plaited Front Shirts, $1.75 New styles for spring, white grounds with neat brown, blue and green stripes; excellent values at ..............................................^JIa/3 Also, the Simplex Shirt, made with shield or half stiff fiA bosom, all sizes at................................................................................... Men'» Furnishing Section, Junt Inside the Main St. Door. 1108-1110 MAIN STREET WAIST SALE ! ? $5.00 Exquisite Net Waist, .. ‘T- ferred, •Fortieth, Virfinia to the OVER 409,000 SATISFIED KIMBALL PIANO BUYERS I There Is a Reason Ri^ht tn Quality Rt¿lit in Prtcc Right tn Terms W. W. KIMBALL CO., * rapltnl, fT.OO(MMM>. 1000-1011 GRAND AVE. WnrM's l.arceat Maanfartarera. nm $ 1.98 Tuesday’s Oiiering A I.acy, Attractive Waist, handsome Brussels net, China silk lined. Messalinc Piped Yoke Cluny Lacc {Like Picture) Full blouse elaborated with rows of Cluny insertion. Long mousque- taire sleeves trimmed with Cluny and German Val lace. Richer in value than any Waist offering ever shown before. Sizes 34 to 44—white, cream, ecru, gray. Fir$t Floor, North Section Extra Special —$1.98 Lingerie Waists, slightly Jf soiled, while they last, each.............................................JV/C ^ ii •Prospect, Ward to feet ea«t of Pros pect. Referred. TO extend time 0!« co.vxmACT. IJ. O. West, to grade Fourteenth, Montgall to Agne*. PaMcd. •S. II. Bradbury, to grade \\’yandotte, Twen ty-ninth to Thirty first. Paued. TO COWSTEl'CT SIOT.WALK. !Tr*cy, Thirtieth to Thirty-firit, granitoid. Passed. !.‘»outh side Valentine road, Mercier to West Roanoke, also gutter. Paused TO CONFIIM VEEDICT. !To open and e^tabliih Broadway, Thirty- third to Forty-seventh, I'assed. GIAKTINC rE*Ml»SIO.V. •Mibiouri Pacific Railway company to construct switch on Twelfth street in Centropoli*. Passed. *To T. L. Porter, sidewalk on Charlotte, Canuihell and Twenty-seventh street. Passed, • Handera Sidewalk company, sidewalk, north side Seventeenth, Kensington to Lawn, Paised. •Bandera .■'idcwalk company, side»a'k, we«t •ide F-lmwood, Sixteenth to Seventeenth, Passed, ' MIKELLAKEOLS, Ordinance to place Linwood boulevard and Walrond b<iulrvard within hast Linwood addition under the control of the park board. •Ordinance to place Seventh street from ,\d- miral boulevard wr«t under the control ef the park board. Pas^ied, •Ordinance to acceiit quit claim deed from H, T, Abernathv and Mary S. .^bernalhy to land for part of Roanoke park. Parsed. •Ordinance to license abstractors of the titles. Passed. •To extend time on contract with Lonsdale Brothers on fire station No. 25. Passed. •Ordinance »egregating city chemist’s department. Pa^sed. Public Quick to Take Advantage of The World’s Work Distribution (Through Our Bock Department.) of the Great CENTURY DICTIONARY & CYCLOPEDIA & ATLAS Nearly 1,000 Kansas Cityans now own ‘‘The Century” Set and know its supreme value. By permission we print a few of their names. Just ask ihem. Good Friends of a Great Work Partial List Ftineral services for Thomas Burke will be Held at o’clock this morning at the Ke- iemptorist Fathers’ chiirch, Hunter avenue ■^nd Broadway, The Rev, William Graham "ill conduct the services. Burial is to he in Mount St. Mary’s cemetery. Mri. Ollie J, Watkins, 37 year* old, died pneumonia yesterday afternpon at her nome, 318 A»h street, Argentine. She was 'he wife of William Watkins, ■ former dep- 'ity ihenff of Wyandotte county. Besides "<^r husband, two small children are living. An inquiry concerning Austin Morris, ’ound dead in the alley behind the Gilliss 'neater Friday morning has been received 'rom Mrs. R. Morris of 326 East One Hun- 'ircd and Twenty-first street. New Yotk ' ^'*0 Stewart undcr- ^ag room». HE KILLED I.V EX-COSVICT. Oliver niola lind taimed Trouble ta a .loplln, Mo„ Home. Topliv. Mo., Jan. 25—Jesse Paul shot and killed Oliver Blain, an cx-convict, at Jackson station, a point on the interurban between Joplin and tialena, last night. Paul surrendered after telephoning for an ambulance to remove the body of the man he had killed. Both men lived in Joplin. , e Four vears ago Blain was convicted ot forgery 'and sent lo the penitentiary. Paul and his wife separated for a time last May because of Blain. HIS AS RLE KUOHES I.V .1 HOX C.4 R \ Man Kroiii Molla, M«., lojiired on Ilia Way lo Kiinita» « lly. Patrick Kelly. 4.i years old, of Rolla, Mo., was treated for a broken ankle at the emergency ho'^pital last night by Dr. R. N. CofieV. He said that he was riding to Kansas City in a box car when a heavy piece of iron in the car slipped and jarred against his right ankle .1/. S. I . GLEE flLVn ('OMISG. A Coaeert to He lilven February 2 at Cealral Illicit Mrhool. B C. MeVay, manager of the Cdce and Mandolin club of the University of .Mis- souti, was in Kansas City yesterday to arrange for a conccrt to be given by the club in the auditorium at Central high school on the night of February 2. A DECOUATIOy FOR SAItGEST. ’rhe fierniau Kuiprror Hunora the .%iner- l*-an Ardat in Berlin. B kri . in . Jan. 25.—Emperor William has conferred the dccoration of the Order of Merit on J. S. Sargent, the American artist, in recognition of his pre-eminence as a portrait painter Mualer linker« tu Meat. The executive committees of the N'ational ,\siociation of Matter Bakers and the Missouri Master Rakers will meet February 9 and 10 at the Hotel Baltimore. This is one of the regular meetings which are held here four times yearly. HE COMES WITH A CHESS RECORD Capabtanra. <‘the Cuban Hoy Wonder," lo Meel MIchelaen Here, ,\ brilliant chess player with a world’s record is expected in Kansas City next week. His name is Capablanca and his title is ' The Cuban Boy Wonder.'’ He has beaten Marshall and l^sker, although he is but 20 years old. No living player can boost his rccord of pinning 174^2 out of 175 games in his present challenge j tour of the I’nited States, j ,‘\ challenge to a three-game match with i F. Michelscn is bringing Capablanca to j this city. Michelscn is fmai *CTiicago, i where he was well known as the winner | of tlje Western championship two years i ago. He now' lives in Kansas City. l Michelsen looks like a sure winner in ' the Kansas City open chess tournament j now drawing to a close at the Kansas | City Chess, Checkers and Whist club I He has played his ten games, winning' eight and losing two. His only remain-| ing competitor is Banks, who has one | game to play yet. If he wins this they i will tie. All the other players in the' tournament have lost more than twoj games each. * MOVEMENTS OF OCEAN bTEAMERS. | ARalNEO VE*TE«r>AV. j Kaisetin .\uguste V ictoria, at New Vork from j ilambur)!. Monmouth, at Si, John from Bristol, I Siinneapolis, nt Xi'w York from London, | i'lurida, at New Vork from (i«noa, Caronia, at .Alexandria from New Vork, j Sainland. at .\ntwerp from New York, t eitic, at Liverpool from New Y ork. j siAii.n) vtsrr.uDAV. j St, Jyiui*. from I hrrbourg for New York, i Duca l>i «ienova, from (ienoa for New York ' tirosser Kurfur.t, from Bremen for .\e\* ; Carolina, from Fiume for Philadelphia Manuel t'alvo, from <ienoa for New York, .»^an t’liorgio, from Naples for New Vork. (iraf Waldersce, from Boulogne for Ni York, w HEN your health is poor you need the Bitters because it is compounded from those intfre- dients best adapted for making people well and keeping them so. A bottle of To Knlarce (be lUtrfleld Srhnol. Plans have been prepared for a 4 room brick addition to the C.arfieid school, at the northeast corner of Wabash and Aniie avenue», to be September. Contracts for clearing the ground, now occupied by frame cottages, are to be let in the spring. _____^_________ ./% Miuall KIre on .\«r(b Main KIreet. A small blaie about 6 o’clock y.esterday afternoon «lainagcii the stock and building of the tVntral Mercantile company at 604 Main street tf> the extent of $*00. The hre started among empty boxes in the back part of the atore. H OSTETTER’O OILKSflATID STOMACH B itter S will be sufficient to prove its value. Get it to-day from any Druggist. It is for Poor Appetite, Sleeplessness. Flatulency, Indii/es- tion, Colds and Grippe. Charles Channinj?; Allen, D. D. S. Kansas City Dental College. f‘. M. Bernardin, President The B.-R. Electric and i elephone Mfg, Co. Hwing C. Bland, .\ttorney at Law, 831 Scarritt Bldg. Mrs. B. F. Burd, The Largd.'n, 3040 Grand Avf. Wm. H. Burrow», «{»«« Highland .Avenue. John Cass, Stationary Kngireer Wabash P. R. W. p. Cherry, Pres, and Or Mgr. Cherry-Ti'.den Live .Stock I'ommission Co- Mrs. John Conover, 8110 Independence Avenue. Hale H. Cook, Attorney at Law, Water W’ks Btdp, Thotnas Cunningham, l.'t29 Cherry Stre*t. Louis Curtiss, Architect, 1112 .McGee Street. S. C. DIggle, r. Higgle Land Co., N. Y. Life BldK Mrs. A. A. Duke, S928 Forest ave. James Fairweather, .Attorney-at-I-aw, 704 Scarritt Bldg. Dr. W. A. Forster, Surgeon, lOOS Brooklyn Avenue. .Miss Ellen E. Fox, Teacher of English, Central High .School. Noah H. Oalnes, D. D. S., 1116 Main Street. J. A. (iallagher. Vice Pies, and Treats. Faxon Jk C.allagher Drug Company. M. W. (irady, 4611 Fast Seventh Street Mrs. Eva M. Graff, 8985 Terrace Street. Mrs. die Hamilton, 26J3 Forest .\venue. C. W. Hastings, Investments, Keith 4 Perry Bldg. N. F. Heitman,, 1004 New Vork I.ife ituilding. Right Rev. Eugene Russell Hendrix, Biihop oi M. E. Church. South. Ed. A. Ireland, Ireland-Backstrom Co., Tailors, D. W. King, M< troi>olitan St Railway Co. H. H. Longsdorf, 801 Lister .\venue. (ieo. F. Laughlln, Mar. Car Lines, Armour Packing C ompany. Howard F. Lea, Attorney at-Law, Dwight Bldg. Seth H. Leach, H 8«12 Paseo. Elmer L. Legg, Salesman, B. 1. Cobb Printing Company. Miss BIsie LIndgren, Teacher, Bancroft School. O. A. Lucas, Attorney at-Law, New York life Building. Andrew R. Lyon, Attorney-at-Ijiw, 601 New Vork Life Building. Job Marriott, Marriott & Kerlln, ItO» McGee St. R. J. McCarty, 8820 Warwick Boulevard. E. L. McClure, Maxwell-McCHure-Pitta Dry Goods Company. Lee I. McElroy, Jackton Lithia .Spring* Wattr ¿"ompany, Charles D. Mill, General Agent, New PLngtani Mutual life Insurance Company, Dr. H. W. Miller, 1638 Olive Street. Dr. V>'. E. Minor, 2t»V7 Troimt Avenue Rev. Charles W. Moore, Pastoi the Institutional Church. H, (J. Moore, Secretary «nd .Manager, Big Four liiiplement I ompany. Edwin A. 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Size of Vols.,12x9x3Va in* LATEST REVISED REGULAR EDITION; THE VERY BEST EDITION PUBLISHED *1 down and only $2.50 monthly When we undertook “The Century’’ distribution now so successfully under way at our Book Department, we were informed that there were already many owners of the work here, and we were invited to ask these owners what they thought of “The Century”—and we did. We wrote to quite a number and received many replies— letters of eulogy, so intelligent and sincere as to be absolutely convincing of the great value of the work. We printed, by permission, several of these letters. We wish we could print them all, but there’s hardly room in a page of Tfie Times to do it, W'e do print a partial list of the names of the writers, however, and only add that if you want to know about the work, Just Ask Them We deem it a gracious task for busy men and women—the women are indeed eloquent—thus to write words of praise about a set of books that has been and is of real service. Just ask them about it, or better still, call at our Book Department and glance over aii their letters; or if you cannot come, we will send you a copy of any one or more of them. Choose the name of any person in the list whose letter you would like to see and a copy of that letter will be sent you by next mail. Then bear in mind that you can just now secure the same great work in the latest revised and very best edition published, at a a fraction only of the price they had to pay, but if you wish to get it, You Must Act Without Delay Very likely you are already tullj^ satisfied that ••The Century'* la the work you ^anj^ In^ which case the quickest and safest way Is to call at once or malt the Initial dollar promptly, thus making sure oi a set. USE TH15 COUPON FOR MAIL ORDERS CONTINUED W. A. Norton, Shipping Master. Kansas Stock Yards Company. Rev. J. P. O’Brien, Congregational Sunday School and Puolishing .Society. <ieo. P. Olmstead, Cady ti Olmstead Jewelry Company, W. K. Palmer, The W, K. Palmer Company. Engineer«. 71 7 nwight Builditig. Chas. R. Parsons, (ieneral .''ecretary. Railway Young .Men's Christian .Association, Mrs. A. E. Pinkney, Bonaventure Hotel. Mrs. C. V. Purcell, 912 Benton Boulevard. Dr. Charles W. Pyle, il'3.‘M235 Grand Avenue. M. Defoe Pypes, Attorney at Law. 419 New York Life Building. J. R. Quarles. President Kansas State Bank. S. Ridenour, Vice President. Ridenour Raker <irt»cery Company. Prof. Lawrence W. Robbins, Concert Organist. Pianist and Teacher, h Bale.n .Avenue. F. E. Rownd, St. I.OUI«, .Southwestern Railway Company. Frank Rush, Fire Department, Re‘idence 2(>3!) Jefferson Street. W. A. Satterlee, 413«} Warwick Boulevard. Mrs. .M. E. Scholey, 3208 Highland .-Xvenue. Mrs. J. C. Scroggin, 3100 }’eery Avenue. L. M. Sedgwick, President Sedgwick Tie Company, .‘504 West Tenth .Ntrcet. Rev. Wallace M. Short, Pastor Beactm Hill C onijregation- al ( hurch. Chester A. Snider, Treasurer Kvansi-Snyder-Buel Live Stock C ommi*-sion t. ompany. S. E. Swanson. 2722 Holmes Street. J. C. Swift, President Swift & Hetirv Live Stock Commi««;t<)n ( ompiiny. Rev. Robert Talbot, Rector Trinity t.'hiirch. W. VV. Thrasher, R. I’, t lerk fiiion Pacific Rail- wav . Henry Topping, 1 welfth and White .''treets. John Tracey, Oak l.umbei, Mmr Tinitiers and Cordwooil, 4442 Harrison. Robert W. Waddell. t ivil K.ngiiHfr, 3212 C entral St. Dr. \. V. Wedding, 2»S43 Benton Boulevard. Mrs. E. S. Wedge, l.'i38 Lister .\venv!e. John Caldwell Williams, .Architect, 7.‘0l New ^ork Life Building. James D. Winters, President Stock N ardi Bank of Commerce. Ed. E. Vales. .Attorney at- Law, N Y. Life Bldg. ^ ^ OHO. B. PECK Dry Cioods . Co., 4 lly, Mo. Inclosed is $1, ____fust payment. I'leaw »end me Tlie World’i ork for one year and The entury Dictionary and Cyclopedia and .Atlas, ten volumes, itest-revised, rcnular edition, . Ijiw Buckram hindinj -prite $43.60. Balance to >>e pai<l at the rate of $2.50 per month. I orward by return mail application blank for iigna- ture and khipping instructions. Please mail me complete information of The World’s \Sork offer of The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia and Atlas, latest revised, regular edition, including th« large book of itlu'tration*, specimen pagei, map, «t«. Name ............................^.................................................................... Address ....................................................................................... 1. For the complete let. put cross in upper square, ’¿, For particular« only, put cross in lower k^fuare Then Miun and mall at uaee. «T -41

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