The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 6, 1941 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 6, 1941
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, MARCH 6, 1941 District Meet; Sarazen, Hogan Win ose Coming 5 Today-Birdies Aid Golf Stars The Sports Spotlight fty RAYMOND CRUMP «t tiia Cinulfir New*; Stal'l Draft Ballyhoo Found Actuality In Colleges indefinite postponement. . . . As; j .sedation pi-exy W. S. Johnston, the Seven of the most power-: CORAL GABLES, Fist,, i BiytheviiiP railroader, stiys they " j JJy Drilled IVess burne, i Odds and finds and new.s tnat j TJJHT-',-; been more ballyhoo about i piiruu-r -Football Regulars Pr-te the Northerly Arkansas annual ihe effect of selective service on |'fjmofrmaii and John Petty. Walker star nc<?ro field trials still arc in a stale of j .sports than actual effect Itself, i Iowa—Jim That is up lo now. Cronin Has 20 Pitcher* And 201 Problems By liARRV GRAYSON NBA Service Sports Editor SARASOTA, Pla., March 6. on the football team, and | There are 20 pitchers in ihe Red This has been particularly true j p, K iv! resu- | Sox camp but tlie only known Track Meet Has Crack Thinclads BY PAUL SC11EFFE1.5 United I'ress Stan" Correspondent NEW YORK. March 6. (UP)— Three champions— Walter Mehl. Left MacMitchell and Al Blozis— today topped the siar-studded field scheci- or ll " il! b( ' L0 ° !;Ue l01 ' < hl * ful basketball teams in Ar-| March G. (UP)—The youih- kansas' high school compo-i ful accurai-y of Ben llugan ^^ tition this season o p e n <i d of \Vhite Plains, N. Y., and '"'incidentally. Johnston win en- play at 2 p.m. today at Ma- the coolness under lire o! tcr a pair of prize pooches, sid rion to determine the winner! Veteran Gene Sarazen of, 1 willing (Pointer), and Ben's- MO- and state tournament entry i Erookfiekl Center, Conn., i m ™ f y Su<' <En«iish iSetter), hi the from District four, and the! paid off at th,'rate of $10001 "^ ^^trinis^ Mino in the case of colleges, whose spoils ^'^hcduled for ;m early tPamii were protected by an early lar. j quantity is a lefthander as old as ; uiea lo in the 20th animal Knights of Columbus i L\.JIII i^inLiiu.1. :uui t ill jk^ ii»vi|'«»« «-/»* tit ».».-. ...i..,. x»» • T '-imftf t •» nr>') v "Pi re Blytheville Chicks met Corn- u head today following ihe i ^ Arc ^ '22-23.'' inf?'s quintet in tlie opening close of the .tSlli Internu-i - '- ruliiiL- ot Llu» administration to do ? fer iiuhi'Mion of students actually j enrolled. Nut as tin- caiilonmetiLs u»> lo accoiiiniodiiU; a ho<ly <tf man iinuuuf the <'oiin- iiy, inn! the world situation i— Football Rp^ular.s cobb j the American League. nri ,imn Trimble. | And all that is certain The Rjo Tf'll. nf r-Mir> j>i(r!if. for ''xnninle. m e i!i»' June cl^s at the Naval Aca<l- i"ip' in mi'i-viVrir- because oC the quintet contest. opening t , i Uonal Pour-Bali Champion- oli's through in the lower bracket. Jonesboro Draws Bye The top bracket pits Blytheville against Corning at 2 o'clock and Paragould vs. Leachville at 3. Rector will engage Manila's Lions in the other bracket at 4., and Jonesboro drew a first-round bye. Winner of the Blytheville-Corning game will meet the Paragould- Leachville victor, while Jonesboro will compete against the Rector- Manila winner. Coach Joe Dildy and his players have worked hard this week attaining tip-top condition for the tough schedule ahead in the tournament and stand a fair chance to get to the finals and p/:hups spill Jonesboro. At any rate, the . i dfr tv ir J . Jonesboro . machine had a tough j " •' , tussle in their last meeting and sa ' the Chicks looked sharp enough to cut any-competition down to their respective sizes against Manila last week. Blytheville. winner or tne Missis- | ship. sippi county tournament here last i c- nd(n ., 133 . pou , K1 H ogan, week, u favored in its bracket to i k . ariin o !nonev winner lhLs yeftr> meet joiiesboro's defending state | and 39 . V ear-uid .Saracen, won 'first S 1 !"!^: ,,.! a y?;. k ! ^ L . c i... °° ine ! ^M money by defeating Sammy Snead of Hot Springs, Va., and Ralph Guluah). Chicago, 4 and li in the 3G-hole finals yesterday for top money. 8nt':»d and Guiclahl eurned S500 apiece. i*tiHers Warm Up Hogan carried most of the win- j We're goiny to brog a bit <a bit, he says) and assume thai we have 'I fifty readers To the ond of ilus- tration, however, nor because w^'re botherijvi; thr boss for a raise. Ffjr«ns we've just received concei'Miiif'- uiiumfiU'tun; and t'fi\t k of si>(irtinff tjoods cfjuip- jiinit in i.'Wf) will 1»; annor- linued jis follows to the 5!) of you tnvlhiuftl readers (well, piixt time brinij a friend), in the following manner: l. The first 20. may choose up tor Ins team, but | s t rtes an(i play baseball. You Ret :-ami kept his end up j one ball for your comeH t. Two of accurate putiinit on the 14th vou ._ [h e bigwst ones urefevobly— will have to umpire. But wait until [ we've finished. '.'.. The first four may have u j^olf b/ill. If you drive a nail in it j of Hit morning round, .sinking a ] ^0-fODter. and lit- ended the match on the 500-yard 15th in the afternoon when he chipped n from 25 this may clianife overnight. Indeed, a change has already boon felt. A survey of the campuses in the Bin Ten conference alone indi'^tics, what probably is hap- •.icnii 1 " a i every major .school in ihe nation. To Feel Effects Soon j No athletic team iia.s yet been '• •.'•rn-krd by tlit; drnft. But several romino no will feel tlie urexsure. L'v.dins LI 10 list, Is N or thw« stern with two basketball men and five football plavers alrendv classified and 'di'f'Trpd until school is out in June. i. Thn Wildcats alrendv have lost ' OMO .so'ihomnre footballer—Lindsev Moor' 1 -—who has left scliool io join ie tofims swill"- were- e. '>»i/-« On : sii]<> of tlcke*.«; for M'on- \uooiriv w^°<:Min(j nro- h^ T e ir ion ^nt. wi*nr, on •about is "ot Robert Moses Grove at 41 is that he can work no more than once a week. No on ft as old or as heavy as Joi> Cronin ever got away with playing shortstop in Ihe majors. The two catchers — Frankie Pytlak. and Johnny Peacock—put together wouldn't make a goori- sized man. In le.ii field will be Ted William.-, who, although iie is ihe be.n. young hitter in the game, wants lo be a fireman. The finest, prospects—Ulysses J. Lupien.. Jr.. and Al Flair—asoire in compete Today nfii«i-,a'|or.o who sr to play first base, where the Bos- v. Meronev s^id. a° m" l( "h will h^ with .H>Mm" V.nit, tons require help fully as much p>-nmofpv -Mti-o ' as their multi-millionaire owner, Tickets i Thomas Austin Yawkey. needs until G p.m. ' financial assistance. Ulysses Lupien. former Harvard captain, is getting bald waiting for feet off the i;n-on tor a birdie tour to wind up i ho tourney. Hoyan had u Held clay, bagsjln;,' seven birdies in the 14 afternoon holes and fired a .sixilinv; live un- i ihe nut-yoing nine, putts of -10, 10 and sevcui feet with regularity when he needed them, but most oi ihe afternoon he .slammed ih? ball within three iYei and often within mere nnd tie onto the pellet a siring. mavbe you won't whack it out of sluhl. 3. All fifty may line up for a i .•.- Oklahoma Notions! r;u<i»-rl outfit. Iowa mnv lose its football iain-eipct—Bill Diohl. And Purdue's co-C'.n) tain --Tom Melton—is a low number man. V/«M\ o'^'X'ine f?i'«rta<; - e inkpv. the Joe James Emory Po.xx to wear out. He jne and won't have a hair on his head when The Beast finally does step Saturday night in Madison Square Garden. The presence of Mehl and Mae- MuL-holl—the reason's two ranking milm— at tlie top of their field occasions little .surprise but it's been a long time .since a sbotputter of Blosnis' remarkable talents has I cume along to challenge the runners is a first-rate champion. The George- j town husky has consistently cracked w o r1d standards w i t ii the 16 - pound ball. His latest effort—56 feet 6' inches for a new world indoor mark — in last Saturday's IC4A meet, put h i m Just six inches away from ranking- as the world's greatest shot- football name, because let a football. you also ntv) ,<?j>ii-r>v down. Wflch and ! Bobby Al Blozu Joe. .starting at a p.m. Mond;»v. Regulars To Start seconds. Dildy planned to start his regular five of Sonny Lloyd and Hays Spradley at forwards;. Bo Coppedge at center, and Monk Mosley im-hes of the elusive cup with his What we're driving at is this: Manufacture of baselmlls in l.O.'^D loiailed six and a half million, or ^ue to every 2(1 person.? in the United .States. There was a total of 2.BH1.6G7 dozen golf balls— 'M.fiROOf)4. says our arithmetic 'ea^her—or one tor every four oer- ! •-cms. And there were manufactured positions, he said before the team Ubk 10 fake (he lend in the ™* ^ n IW ° mUUoa round yesterday despite a double- Losers Never Cuteli Up Snead and Ouidahl. who won this event two years a^o and were and Herschel Besharse at defense j favored again iliis year, never were positions, he sai left here today. Tournament finals will be played round of excellent golf. Saturday night. Girls Play March is Girls' pah-ings were announced at Marion today for the District Four':- .tournament scheduled at Marked Tree March 13-15. in which Osceola and Shawnee will play frotn ^-Mississippi county. In Die upper bracket: Tyronza vs. Corning-, \Vcsncr vs. Bar, Oak Grove vs. Dixie and 'Klackyater vs. liarlc; lower bracket: Parag-ould vs. Marion. Osceob. vs. Monette, Tun-oil vs. Shawnee and ftec-tor vs. Mar!;ort Tree. The powerful Tyronza sextet is favored to win the district meet. ' .Keiser Enters Meet -'Reiser's- girls' basketball team, j Cooler girls team won their first undefeated m almost 30 Arkansas i Ram e in the Southeast Missour high, school contests this season j Basketball tournament bein^ held and loser only co Catholic high of j in Diehlstadt this week over'Ran- of Indiana, one of ih'> b*vt nvddlfi-rtistfm'ie runner 1 ; rlfivflonpfl in years. vv^s called to dutv in January and will reoort when !i i< icmoorary deferment runs out at the pnd of tlv term. A Hoosi'T running-mate—ROY Cochran—holder of tho workl indoor r^orrl for 44ft vnrrls. probably will folio"' close behind. J!d"»' Pukcim. Minnesota's Remote Control !.s :>nntlipi- jith'"*e with a IOH" nun-.'-'-r. And Minnesota htirrl- Their best-ball score of 67 on the morning round was a stroke hlnher than the total tallied by the winners nnd was four below nar. Their afternoon round performance. \va stwo under par for the'first nine but. still three strokc- tnvay from the l«idei'R. and tl\ey .squared the last six holes. Both tennis finished the tournament 43 strokes under par. Snend and Gtildahl went 133 holes, while Hogan and Sarazen .shot over Ml holes. for every 50 persons A R-nlf hu* u'ith leather hntuls that wouldn't leister coulrl sliuitl on ;v tee inul crack bnlls six times u minute, 24 lu-iirs u d-.'v. f'\r n vats ;imi stiU havr L'->tf In I Is left over if lie :it- lnu"!<>(\ lo usr? o.verv IvrU i\\ iflM. |-*ooth!»Ms nvniitn n'otitd rover 125 srirlirons. .And baseballs nroduced would i Obio .PUtp has siv fooi.b^H niiv- • crs e v ii«^cli^" nn par'v m'l. Th<?v i pro: Tom Kinkaide. Ed Bruckner. ''•'U Hovmvl. Rirl r:-"- 1 in. Em 11 ! Wisconsin. M'r^ic^n nn^ TVlinois bnuo be°n i e t down easv—thus far. i Qihor Inw mirnbivs in schools arouiTi tho Piq Ten are held by the j following men: rinrts Service Sfthnols North w^.vtprn — pontK-->\\ (lrnv<?e 'B^n*en. Ike K^nforr). .Tim PTTLLWATER. Okln.. Mawh 6. iNEA)—Confined to bed bv in flu- ^iv.n wh°n Ins Mi«oi.n-i Valley Con- ff-i'en°e-]p^dinQ; C*klnhnmji A. & M. basketball t^am took the floor aeainst Crei^hLon. Coach. Honrv Ihn ii«:te' 10 d In n telephone description of the game. Assi<-M.nn[ Coich. Tobv Grp(»tc cli- rovied floor i?hiy. but freoueni sub- ?t.ii.utions were m?idp so Iba cotiUl talk to his regulars. The Ac^ie.s 'wpn. 41-31. Ii was the first same Iba missed in 350 con tests his tf;uns have played in H years. is "DETROIT. Mnrch G. (NEA)~ one single .sphere 45 feet in i Ti1 " rlon<J -'ncl Guard Hus Hea«jv. j R*ul Trout of the Tiser.s is some- 'linmeter! The census-takers ^ct n round r^ goods mn'Mifacrm-ers onoe two vears. The 1939 reoort, Don loam's, hleh scorer -and T WlllS 36-23 COOTER. Mo.. March G. — The Memphis, has entered the ninth annual A. A. U. girls' tournament scheduled at Little Rock 14-15. March chill's bv a :-corc of ao to 23 with litile diificult-v. I The tournament, which has the „ . • , . J ;20 best girls basketball teams in Twelve teams already are in the (.Southern Missouri is tournament, and two others have { u-nded bv a laree num, kl U1 entered the independent division, f flns . scliools in Ihe tournament otficuils said today. I include H aytl. Cooler and Bra^a- j doeio from Pemiseot County. The S^t - i Cocier girls won the county tour- (rf(l/? ' nameru held at Caruthersvillr ro- By Si?or^s Boom.\ c - ntiy - l ot?i\ of S'U.7f»^ Ri:>, worth of fjood? "reduced in 13^i. contrasted m Ov 1 much lower fi'n UT O f $52.074.270 "altMtlon of lflS7. If you'ri' siill Snt n rosi"{l \i\ ffiriifs «»r if you're s'cnvtU"*! nF ronorts thnt s;iv ;i lot of poonk- SF>< % »(! j»»nn<;v' on s"or^ — 'nuk al the fi^'Mu'r trickle protlu»Uou i(>i^i. u-»»'">i t-Mik-i sworul to "•*K'* S15.OftO.000. Ji was S1^>.. gloves and 108.14B es—the ! thin a of a scientific uhenomenon Bob Os- in ootical circles because he is left- evert, 'but pitches right-handed. Ordinarily, left-eyed persons are also left-handed and left-footed. "Dizzy Trout is imirme in soorts." • C JRVS the Better Vision Institute. ''He sunnre.sses his right eve and docs virtually all his seeing with Doerr, ihe superlative .second baseman, will have to take tilings easy throughout the training period because of a comparatively recent appendectomy. These are only a handful of the 101 problems that confront Manager Cronin. What little pitching the gold- spiked Red Sox get will have to come from Jack Wilson, Joe Dobson. Emerson Dickman, Herb Hash, Woodrow Rich, Mike Ryba, Heber Newsome, and the .southpaws. Earl Johnson. <• Mickey Harris, Cirove and Oscar Judd. Ryba, 36-year-old one-man ball club, had an earned run average of 2.94 in winning 24 while losing no more than 8 for Rochester. Heber Newsome compiled an ERA of 2.62 accounting for 23 engagements on the coast, and Judd, 31- year-old fugitive from the St. Louis Cardinal .chain gang, had an efficiency mark of 2-90. copping 22 contests in the same circuit. Garden Is Good The outfield is all right with the willowy Williams, who defies description. and either Lou Pinney or Pete Fox flanking the brilliant and bespectacled Dominic, youngest of the DiMaggios. Hitting Not Enough The lied Sox again led the American League in butting last season, yet could do nothing- more than tie ihe nondescript White Sox for filth place. The Hit less Wonders of 1905 putter. Blozis' hoove was shaken loose ns i ihe chamoioiis ocened in the af- i t.ornoon and is Lopped only by the • ^ feet 1 inches nwrk that Jack ; p o»r;.n.ce installed in the record bfoV- ni Oslo- Norwav. in 1934. ! jr bacrs. Ilnrlo Sam's chiUirou nre snort«n* foot,. r \nd wouUi-'t thp US A i be n dn-rv bn d ^i.^mn it., f - n if ' his left. He is orobably the only i were n ° l lhe Iirsl to demonstrate pitcher with left-eve dominance I thlU tliere was much more co baseball than hitting one. Nor will the Yankees of 1939 be the V ' ho ls not ° Trout has experienced lrouble with his cves - Ls some b:in>hoo nvK 1.2<M.H7 steel r/i-k :Mul '.'..^U.flNfi reels. thnn 3.0(10,000 softballs were bnU. b^>n and hunting? You know it! soft-Mil, b-^'Ot- • bowling, fLshin? j menlin S contact glasses. last- As Divszy Dean once said: "You have to get them other guys out." Birds can innate some of bones with air. their Rear! Courier N"e\vs wnni want. NEW YORK. March 6. t'NEA)— The phenomenal train in popular- Tne Central Rnilwny of Peru at nltitudes iiiv-hcr than ity made by skiing in the United : litj - 000 feet above si>a level at some Slates is reflected in the growth i P°''^. of equipment manufacUirins. ..... ---Twenty years ago the few en- c:i equipment. Uiusiasts— mostly native Scai\dina- ; Tlie business is now o^iimafd vlans who had come to this eoun- ; to be worth .sever? 1 hundred thoii- t-i->-— spent less than siOOO a year .;• and dollars a vcar. Ever Hear a Ski Jump?' . . . and here's America's PET whiskey because it's if . M Q "Mi' ( "h o H won rlif niile over ! olhpr .starters in 4:12 to erase j Pen Halloway of Harvard in j John ^s j n in B'onnt. Other \vn->npi's i o.rvi obeli. Pnrdhf»m. Vn)>rihnm. i n 60-uord ntilv finuhl" hv M7i«ni imnn un'th fi feet 5 s- p . IC broad jump with 23 feet inches. '-O wns o fiva-wav tie in the auif, pf. 1^ faot nmonV Dnv[p rl^t.^ pi*-*.; w^»-' > «n •R ) -A"^-ini ibin- •rhnr'i'n; ^'Tar^;n. 95 i_ p.itnrift ™ th« team champion points. i ;>- t -ic:t_'>ntcV(er in the K. ! which enris UIR nio^ro- 1 is ' i AValier IVIchl I world indoor two-mile and three- j mile records in his last two starts, runs against Mel Trim in the j two-mile. Truti is the only Rice j challenger who has bettered iiine i minutes this season. Golf Meet Off NEW YORK. March 6. «.UP)— "fr. the mile. R^ch hn<? h^j-^n r^e j The Metropolitan Open golf • cham- -^hev i.}-irpf» timp« nnr\ [hiQ will be i Pionship has been discontinued be- •h° seventh and ip.ct battle. | cause of the -i lack of public and Even that attraction axid the P la i'er support" the executive com- -»'-ob«hiilr.i!- of a record Blozw pitch m3 'ttee of the Metropolitan Golf ^.s failed to overshadow the rest ! association announced today. if a stellar Drosram which shnnid <j President . Walter Trammell said brine the Garden throng to lfi.000. j that the Open's financial result;; Grey Rice, who won eight in n j during the past several years have row this season and cracked the i been far from "satisfactory." What kind of collar will you have on your shirt, sir? Pint $1.20 Quart $2.35 AT AIL SWE STORES- 90 Proof • 610.A.DitkilDWIIIingCo.Jnc.l Torger Tokle, ski sensation from Noway, makes first broaden ,"• jump m sport's history. Tokle had just made a new | - Piaad, N. Y., with a leap of 2^3 feet in a hea^ A s* ARROW, oi course! Yes, bat what kind of Arrow? Vou see, our new fall fancy Arrow Shirts have lots of collar styles to pick from— tabs, short-and-wicle-collars, long point ones, button-downs, and so on. We recommend that you come in and see these magnificent shirts and lake your pick. All perfectly tailored, all Sanforized-Shrunk (fabric shrinkage less than 1%!) 82 and up R. D. Hughes & Co. A SMART COMFORTABLE LIGHTWEIGHT WITH WELT EDGE AND STANDARD WIDTH BAND .Here's the hat for the man who likes to tf eat his cake and have it! : ' In this hat you get all the casual comfort of a lightweight plus the smart appearance of a regular weight. Dalton Hats S3.50-S3.85 R. D. Hushes & Go.

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