The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 15, 1936 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 15, 1936
Page 2
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PACUB TWO New/ Ladies' Shop Will Open Doors , Here Oil Saturday "The Edythe '"Shoppc" featuring lidks' .resdy-to-wear, accessories . «ad gift novelties, *-» 111 open far business Saturday In tlic former Style Shop building, \Uilcli was the home of The Ituhlon for a < number of stars. ' . The personnel-of the shop will be/ Miss Alice George, for ft num- ber'of jears with Goldsmith's Memphis, who for the lost three years has been manager and buyi er for the ladles' derailment ot the Lee Wilson Co. store at Wilson, her sister, Miss Edith George, also of Memphis, and theli cousin, Miss Seliiia Saliba, of lierc. Till; Interloi of Ihe bulldliu Is decorated In a black and white modern .design-"and Hie customers will be~ waited upon'by £lih in black and *hlte mil forms. This shop will specialize hi Hollywood dicsses a nationally known line of frocks. < BLYTHEV1LLE (ARK.)'TCOUUIEB NEWS Miss Ethyl Kifcr Is Bride of Carl Barnes HOLLAND, Mo.—Miss Elhyl KI- fei mid Call Baincs of Steel" .wei'9; married Saturday, Oct. 10, Jn Ca rut hers; ille Miss Kifer Ls tno popular and attractlic ilauf,litiu of.Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Kifcr. She Is a graduate ot Holland high school She \\oie a navy crepe flared tunic with a lavender cor- tage'.'ond navy .accessories. Dalle Slrodes. joting c;amjelist, * ill begin a reiual meeting hi Blythevillc al tlie Full Gosel Tabernacle Frici-iy night which will continue Indefinitely Special music and an evangelistic parly fiom Sluttgntt, Aik, will atslst lilm Burton Ray Grlssom, ngc '( montlis ant! 2f; dnjs, son of Mr. and Mrs Euford aUssom, of the Samford comimmllj, died Fndiij after a short illness fiom cclllls Burial «as made Sunday nl M^ I 21011 cemetery near Cooler , ! * * * Mr and Mrs Ralph SnmifoH announce Ihc birth of n b.iby ghl ol the home of Mi. niid Mrs Bob Eandlonl al the edge of losui or.. Wedncsdas, Sept 31 iho cl.i!d has been mined Diana Dali. > Little. Fdwin'Zalmer, sou of Mr and Mrs Ira Zaliner, and Rote'I. Franklin Balnl ton of Mrs Jmcl Samford, were In Memphis Monday, and Tucstlnj \Uieie belli underwent tonsllcctomlM at ihc Methodist hospital They me recovering nicelj;. fffs M^r>ln Bookout . who 'is. attending Arkansas. State-'(.ollege, 3 Jonesboro, for » short tearhcis p*st week* -• R ~~ an.l Starts 'Soldier* Career at 4 Evangelist Will Hold Two Meetings Here Mrs. J. I). Cox of Memphis,'self- styled personal contact evangelist, vlll'spcnk at 'the site of the old Mahan store building, In the 100 West, Main street block, Friday and Saturday nights nt 8 o'clock. Mrs. CM ims five years cxperl- encc In the evangelistic field and Is on a tour of several .states, she will speak In Osccola Saturday afternoon on tlic courthouse lawn, The subject of her Friday night sermon Is "The Great Slinking" ami her Saturday iilglil subject Is "God's Year ot HecomjKnscs for Klou." Soviet Russia has 10,000 newspapers, wlSi 11 total circulation of more than 37,000,000. Pie Supper at R*sa 'The Rosa MclhodisL'.clnirch vj'itl have n pic supper Friday night 'for. the benefit of Ihc church. •: 'The 1>15(01, tlie Ucv J C Agncw, !«!, Himounced the women .of' : . I ho chinch will be In chaige of the affaii. 'nicoiim Is an Indian word meaning highest, 01 new hewn I have token up: blnu ho'rs" mule, 1C tiamls, 1,100 ibs., col- hr imik on left hoiildu jj^nw mine iml till Ownci cm re toui by pijlng damages Cm he (oiuiil 2nd house .south of nvcss pin on Highway 61..Sam Jones nt 1 llox Ijis Liixoja THURSDAY, OCTOBER IS, : 193(5 • , . Mrs J L Pmkbton She was MI'S Naomi J Plnkston before her re- 1 - centhnamage. t '•' , Mr and Mis Burt Iklwauls niul Mrs Mary Arnold and son Edna rd visited Mr. and Mis Manli Arnold of East St Louis 111, dining the week-end _ lutle Alma Jo Htcks, 18*moiu'is old daughter of Mr and Mis Ool die Hicks, the first victim of 111- lanlile paraljsis tt t Holland, Is doing nicely. 1 Mr^ and \frs Jack Edwards and .daughter Billy Mnxine drae lo Houston, Miss, ovei the v,a>k end j -to visit their daughlei, Mrs But Elevens Mr and Mrs Ru.<sel Dc\orc and daughter, Carol) Ann, ictunie'l Sunday lo their home at EUirH, Mo, after a short \isit here \viln Mrs De\orcs parents, Mr. and Mrs Jim Cohoon Mrs Reuben Puckctt \vas II c guest Sunday of her mother, Mrs: A B Smith of Doothspoinl, Tcnii The. condition of Mre. Maltie Strddcs of Braggadocio, who r ill at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Price Tatum, is unchanged Mr. .and Mrs. Jim Hall of Nc;v Suney visited the Jailer's par- SPECIALS All Day— LEMON LAYCR IOC CAKE id LGE. OATMEAL IftC COOKIES. Do/. .. lU CINNAA10N QC NUT LOAF .... U -PECAN ROLLS 1O^ Doz \.L FUDGE KROWNIE8. Doz. Specials for Uulereg Hour - Tri. - Sat. & Sun. COCONUT CIN- flC NAMON ROLLS, lites Held Monday for Old Holland Resident HOLLAND, Mo,—Funeral services or Mrs. Gallic Kcnley, 05, were held IdnUiiy'nficrnoon at the Church r Christ, with the Rev. Mr. Tliur- icnd olTiclntlng. Her sudden death, i Well occuncd Sunday nftcrnoan Whw.^iomc here, was attributed ti pirnhtlc stroke, the third In g^japntlii, _ Hijv.hig--,,llvcd n> UaiidjUiactknlly her cnlhc life rtrs" Keiucy ««;, widely known and ovcd- Slic Is survived by five "sons, ia^i, Jack, Dewcy, Sari: ami AV- Imrroiic daughter, Mrs.' Mali Ic I T me, and one sister, Mrs. Fminle iay. Burial : wns made at-. Little 'rniric ccnictery in cariillicrsvlllo The largest, school in the United lutes .is California Unlv isllj 'llh an enrollment ot 20380 VANILLA JVAFEHS. Bo/. .. DONUTS Patriotism i^ born,: early • in Syria, :is tins ' mem- | ber ol the Iron Shirts jnllHUi (Icmonslvnlcs. The bcl, .liand ,il,o[t in salute, is juiniiiB m Ilia ;ivelcome lo the Syrian' 1 <lclct,i tion rclunSini; lo • 'Damn&ius froiir Piiris, afler signinr; ';llic Franco-Syviiin treaty. .The ]> ict releases Syria fiom Ihc Fvcncli miindnlc, jiiviim Itcr viiHiiil in- dcpciiilchcc;. , Mr., and Mrs. W. B. ij»\ on Salurday and -SiiiKlay. Some historians claim Ameiicn me:\ras'called i\\ Sung and Unit i -Diiddhlsl missionary visited if s early,as 450 A. D. Sore, Aching Muscles Etr.p that pain! n's easy wi'lh Lcakes Antiseptic Liniment, bs- cause It |)pnelra(cs. 32 other uses; 2!c and 50c sizes. •' '.":' . ' LtAKI b To Your IHiicglst! RiTE PRICE GflO. & MKT. ,, f ,. ..'. ,. nim/iw * w ^ ^ K. C. .VlHATS WIO FOODS . Sill. * Mon. ' ''HONE' 23-1 T. ir. Viinllililirr, Owner m t Main Blytheville . Ulght Prices' Every'Kiij On hiervlhiiis 1 I'UHIi l.Altl),. « His $1.10;. 'K. Ib ("ill S3.R9; SO 111 ..P7 ran 56.15; 1 llw Ol C I'OTATOKS. I). S. No. 1 lied Ituslicl $1.15; Saol; $2.15; ol Pound .......' fa-iC SUOAll, Ciriiiiiilnlril, I.llllil.- f. Hi 2!lc; II) I SIIOH'l'KMNO, .Willie Ribbon. S HiV$t.C5; t':in fS.SU rp •i iiis DOC SODA .CKACKKKS -| r Iln.v !)i}j'.?,'.-l,lis IjC 1'KANUT liUTTEU or l-iill-(jiKu-l .I;u- ZdC Box ?a.«4; Z l.bis. ZbC IRUJStS »\i|»riliil Largo SO-C6. 25-lb Iliix ?1.75 n I'oiitul OC HICK, Choice Ncu- Crop r II) His 'lie: .Lb. DC CO! I H luri K u | liosi or 25c Mil K, Cirlllllon I MJI If* I Smill or t lull Cms lOC •MACKKREL 01 Sanliuis o Tall Can ~ 5C SPAGHETTI, CopkcU 'in >7l loinil» bum c-in /zC 15c PICKLES, Snili- -or 1HII <!«art J:iv KRIJ1T COCKTAIl,, ! l)cl 07 nionlo. I.Ri\ 'iy. Can Ll \- ; l\IHA'l' I.OA1',. Palace Q Tall l-r,t,. Can "C PQT1H) Ml-AT Plcnn, ol Itranrt. • Can ^^C rOMATO»S H-lllil 1-ack f t No. I Can 3C GLL\fIN I)(\Mrl Knjil r or Tcllo Bu\ ' DC SOAP,-Yellow-Ijilinilrv O JC -PEAS.-MtwC'g nl No. 2 Can I .jC VliflETAIU.E MIXTURE Plllllilis-. Can KItAUT, Fancy Ol No. 2 Can OjC SOU1 ¥ lonulo or \CK r clable. 'Call DC KliANKKDIlTKItS. 100 I uro Meil I b .N*;CK liONKS, Nice \InI\ I li SALT -MEAT. Hue lor 1 Ol tailinr. Mi. IjzC Breaklast Links, Pure or Pork Hausasn. J.b. .... ^DC SALA/.ON, Canova o-| quart :ijc; Pint ilC 9c °M5c and y^ int It C KODND lll-.ll Pu re ,lid Uhclcsunu Ih l!)C 101 W,\\ \n c,ride i ol By Ihc Piece II) liiC ItH bFFAKS II K »ln Itouni! I HOIK i Mtt ROVSsTb K. C )uili(\ Ib fif,h Uiisstd Daily HENS anil t'RYEKS KIH- IIMH luiilcr -||- incl Fresli. I.I). iDC OATS, Gnlil Slrdal -t e\ t Mis. 19C Al'ri.K liU'l Quart Jar IIO.MINV No Z f in 13c CHUM b VISION m lUc 9c iMUSTAItl) I'ull (juarl SOM' tllllb VULfcb Ncvi Crop ol DcliciolK, Kirh i'C III I I, rt 11 tits f A I'cunil 1UC HIDI1 lirsc 4 Horn]' !• ich ^C lOrATOI-S OI-, L^\. Illmore l9c i_ 1 1. Qu v ItMONS lulij hour Dcucn dAltr \GV f.rcra J cund Fanev I irge | A taLh 1UC OAND\ BAHS Curlis f ft I for lUC 1IIXKD OANDV 1A rcuuii . 1UC GOU-ft Iu7imnc roiiuil SIIV>t CKb\M -1A ^ 1 i. bl^r for 1UC nuooiis | A ZIL Wile for 1"C ^IO1*S Good Vlluc -l A Ench lUC STAMPS SILVER MOON NITECLUB Presents Chief ami His 9° 5 PLAIN ROLLS CC Dw (, We Skecialize in Spcdil Onltn -^ - Phone 110 BtYTHEVILLE BIG INDIAN FLOOR SHOW 3 NIGHTS PR!.- -.SAT. - SUN. ' OCTOBER;- IG - 17.- is A six- person.' floor show - - Hit- lirat -ever shown In any Night CUib in Missouri. Very nc.r mid chlfcicnU Shows ;U n [>: M. , arid 1 A. M. LITTLE BEAR RUNNING DEER Greatest .Iiivenilc Indian 1 Enlcrlalncrs tn llicir trie:; roping. Indian songs a n <l dances. ALSO CHItfF AND 1>IU\- CKSS CLKAHWATKU - IN THEIR AUSTRALIAN BULL ; WIHl 1 ACT MUSIC BY JACK JACKSON AND HIS PULLMAN 'PORTERS "ARISTOCRATS 01'' KYTHM" —A I)I)K1) ATTRACTION- TWO Or TIIK SOUTH'S SWliET- IWT HLUHS SINGERS - - D1RKCT KR051 NEW ORLEANS Clncf ami:-Princess Clcarwalor niu) llicir two sons, who-' have liccu the Icatin-c act of the.-Scars-Rpchuck Scroco Chili for the ]WSl two years, itave rccciilly, resigned their position with Sears-Roebuck ami arc now en- Icilainnig the -American public with their own show: ^ : ; Admission, Only 40c Per Person ..-....- LIBERTY CASH GROCERS LOWKST.PKICBS IN TOWN . •- SM W.'MAIN W, BLYTIIBVIU^ ARK. SPECIALS "FOB FRIDAY AND SATURDAY 2«b sack . . . 69c 48-lb sack . . $1.35 Barrel.... $5.35 Liltle Geneva Plain or S. Rising Guaranteed Potatoes I'. S. No. Red Triumph . I'ouiul 2jc Yellow Pound 2c Fresh Eggs Ooze ii 27c Bananas Ripe 121c ruits iMor-.lukc 3 for Jumbo Heads Kach ]0c 8c Snap Beans Ib. 5c Texas Green Pound Bacon Salt Meat . Swift's Oriole. Sliced RIND-ON, LI) ;iOc RINDLKSS, LI) ;)5c Ucsl Grade Strcsik-0-Leaii Pound 17 z c Oysters Fresh I'inl 32c Spare Ribs •Full lirtssotl .-'2-LI). Aver. Pound 30c I Bacon Fancv Sliteil I'ounrt 25c Steaks K. C. liccf 'Round or Loin Pound 25c Hams Cuthihy's Half or Shanklcss Whole I'icnit's Pound Calif. Doien 15c Jell-0 All F).uois I'kij. 5c Corn Libh.v's Golden liaiilani No. 2 Can lOc Meal ('ream '2-1-1.b.''Sack ; ;••>:>;-• \i<'(r,,_ • .. ^ 59c Hens Full I)rc.ssctl Pound Roast K. C. . Chuck. LL>. .... l, r )C Branded . Thick 'Rib, LI). . . ISc Beef . Shlclr. Clotl, Lb. 22c Wheat a js 9c Krisi)}' ; 1-Lb:; Rox 17c Shibley's Best Plain or Selif Rising Guaranteed 5,Lb. Sack 19<12 Lb. Sack 45c 24 Lb. Sack :82c 48 Lb. Sack •„ $1.60 Bam! : ;._.; ; $6.25 QLEO Lilv TOMATOES r?S me ml 2 SALMON Chum Tiill fun American iCLOROX Qimrl 21 CLORfiX Tint Uo'lUc Kach «A'BEANS Fr 1:,..7!f o'-Arrr -niwc ' nc O ! rtm • Stmarc Ii«x L M-Qy. Bottle MUSTARD MATCHES n ACHES PMRS SORGHUM Tc '" , 1 it AC 1 'School Da.VM. Karlv 1f)(' 'lino; ''Jiiiic.. No. 2 Ciiii llj VIRO RICE '*"** l!hlc U< 11 4° CRACKERS 2-S tg Ll5 c GRAPE JUICE: W S17 C PEANUT IUJTT1 \. strt 25 c MIT I/ : Carnation imiJll • • ;} Tall or 6 Sm. Kvnp. LI). 16 2 CHARCOAL VINEGAR Gi Gill[on 22° MILK Dime Brand and 1At CanlU IMONS Sunkist . ' Dozen APPLES 1)cliciolis Large. Kach SQUASH '"""• Process HOT ROLLS - Dozen BKEAD. Graham 1.1).''Box APPLE BUTTER Qt 13° SALT MEAT B " iUl L\14 c CHILI Stick Each' SAUSAGE Mixed BOLOGNA PORK BRAINS Fr it 15° PIG LIVER llcshLb 15 C OIL SAUSAGE u,.W KRAUT * ew ^.. 1Q C WEINERS Of GROUND BEEF SOAP LifcBu ^ i;iir f I'. & G. Bars.' Lb. : i Red Rose ITC COFFEE ftliss '1'ji Lb. COFFEE 1 ' PICKLES idiv of -.Mcni- .phis. Lb. ibby's Sweet Tp,C LSC'. .hir li/ Lihhy's iac 2'/, Can ll Pure.'Cs,nc 10 Lb. Paper Bag 10 Lbs. Limit . J 'i m

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