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Lancaster New Era from Lancaster, Pennsylvania • Page 11
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Lancaster New Era from Lancaster, Pennsylvania • Page 11

Lancaster New Erai
Lancaster, Pennsylvania
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NINE MONDAY LANCASTER NEW ERA MARCH 25. 1929 Fashion Plaque CAN YOU BEAT IT? Copyright HU. By Kcttcn Tfalks TO parents of the Day love and understanding of the mother, but also the strength, aggressiveness and steady courage of the father. It Is not easy to be a good mother, but to be father and mother both Is an hereto feat. Yet even If the mother Is able to be for her children a shining example of the virtues of both sexes, the little ones remain profoundly handicapped In the attainment of healthy emotional attitudes.

The little girl Is likely to become so conditioned In love and admiration for a feminine Image that It will be difficult tor her to achieve a satisfactory relationship with any man. The boy will have more than usual difficulty In giving his deepest love to any woman other than his mother, and he Is further handicapped by a strong Identification with the mother whom he so loves and admires. Thus It will be difficult for him to assume the masculine role, unless he early Is made to take responsibilities and play the part of protector of the house. Tilt: FATHERLESS HOME ny ALICE JLDSON 1EALE The tragedy of the fatherleM homo Is even greater than It appear on the surface. It la not almply a matter of there being but one loving protector Instead of two, of the greater Insecurity of the home from material standpoint-much more than these things.

It Is a profound spiritual deprivation. The children who grow up In a homo In which there Is no father lack a fundamental emotional-- relationship Which Is essential to normal development. Their love turns entirely toward the mother, who must embody In her personality the good qualities for which nature wisely provides two models. Her Inadequacies, therefore, exercise a doubly harmful Influence, for there Is no one else from whom the children may learn the qualities which she dors not possess. The mother who must bring up her children single handed must represent not only the nurturing By MRS.

ALEXANDER GEORGE AN EASTER LUNCHEON The pretty yellow and whits spring flowers, the variety of favors andflufly little toy chickens and bunnies tor sale In ths stores make the Easter party one quite simple to plan. Wicker, reed or glass baskets are suitable containers for Jonquils, Untfo-dils, narcissi or hyacinths with plenty of greenery. These are to be -placed In the center of the table or. If the table is large, several bouquets can be arranged. A potted plant or flower, gracefully tied with green crepe paper or tulle, makes a very effective center table decoration.

Email pots, holding single blooms and greenery, can be used tor favors, the name cards being fastened round the pot on a cord. These small pots are inexpensive and could be filled by the hostess. They make novel favors. However elaborate or simple the party, the color scheme should be yellow. MENU Orange and Grapefruit Cocktail Chicken Croquettes in Nests of Buttered Peas Yellow Rolls Pesch Conserve Stuffed Egg Salad Cheese Sticks Lemon Sherbet Gold Cakes Coffee Yellow and White Cream Candles in Bunny Cups Gold Cakes cup fat 1 'a cups sugar 4 egg yolks 1 teaspoon lemon extract I teaspoon orange extract 1 cup water 3 cups flour 5 teaspoons baking powder '4 teeaspoon salt 3 egg whites, stiffly beaten Cream the fat and sugar for 2 minutes.

Add the egg yolks, extracts, water, flour and baikng powder. Beat for 3 minutes. Fold in the rest of the Ingredients and half fill welt greased muffin pans. Bake In a moderate oven for SO minutes. Cool and cover with whit frosting.

stuffed Leg Salad, serving Eight 8 hard cooked eggs 1 '4 cup whit cream cheese 4 cup chopped pimentos 1 1 teaspoon finely chopped parsley 2 tablespoons catsup 4 teaspoon salt '4 teaspoon pepper cup salad dressing Cut the eggs in halves lengthwise. Remove and mash the yolks. Add the cheese, pimentos, parsley, catsup, salt, pepper and I tablespoon dressing to the yolks. Fill the egg cases with this mixture and chill. When ready to serve place on lettuce leaves and surround with the remaining dressing.

THE TREND toward the princess silhouette Is shown In this combination of flesh crept de chine trimmed with blue at the top and bottom. D3y Health Hints Fish Isn't Brain Food, Says Doctor SEE WILDSWANS Class In Ornithology Visits Flats of Chesapeake Bay. A party of 18 students in the Ornithology class at Franklin and Marshall college, headed by Professor H. H. Beck, motored to Northeast.

Md on Sunday and proceeded to the Susquehanna Flats where the habits of wild fowl were studied. A gathering ol 2,000 wild swan, all pure white, was witnessed by the class. Among other fowl seen were hundreds of canvas back ducks, wild geese and many van-ties of duck and other web footed birds. The Federal government have protected the swan for some years. Prof.

W. E. Welsberger, Instructor In chemistry accompanied the club has some sort of tip about a 8500 bill As McMann reached for the extension on Bordens desk, Rita Dubois rose, looked wildly about as If for a way of escape, then braced herself against the desk, her enormous black eyes fixed In an agony of suspense upon the detective. (To Be Continued) The torn 500 bill. Will It pin the murder on Rita Dubois? slowly clearing.

"And Bordens half of the bill was not on his body this morning. Of course whoever took the 500 in smaller bills might have taken the useless torn half It wouldnt have been useless to one person Rita Dubois! Ruth reminded him. And she could have passed it, no matter how she got It, for she would have thought no one knew of Bordens having had the other half! Please ask her for her half of the bill, Mr. McMann! If 6he still has It, Ill believe she did not see Mr. Bor-: den when she came back Saturday' afternoon.

Detective Blrdwell Interrupted the whispered conference. Headquarters on the line, sir. The Golden Slipper safe was robbed sometime between closing time early Sunday morning and noon today. The manager of the CIRCLE TO MEET 7 be Alters Ready Circle of the Kings Daughters of the Trllnty Lutheran church will meet Tuesday oclock. BLAGK niGEO 1929 By NEA Service.

Inc. ANNE AUSTIN Doctor Found. What is Best; for Thin, Constipated People SCOUTS PLANT SEEDS Place Two Walnuts From Roosevelt Grave On MUiersvilie Campus. Special ceremonies attended the planting of two walnuts taken from a tree growing beelde the grave of Theodore Roosevelt, at Oyster Bay, L. on the campus of the Mlllersvilie State Teachers College by Mlllersvilie Boy Scouts Saturday afternoon.

C. B. Sanford, scout executive ol Lancaster county; Dr. C. H.

Gordlnler, president of the college; Dr. H. Justin Roddy, curator of F. and M. college museum and a group of ten scouts witnessed the ceremony.

Brief talks were given by Mr. Sanford and Dr. Gordlnler. The walnuts were planted by William Palmer, patrol leader and Paul Oreblnger, assistant. The nuts Were secured through the efforts of Rev.

Wiyiam T. Brundlck, scoutmaster of the MUlers-vllle troop. EDITORS NOTE: The theory that fish Is a brain food Is exploded in this article by Dr. Flsh-beln. The first of a series on gen-" erally accepted superstitions about health.

BY Pit. MORRIS FISHBEIN (Editor Journal of the American Medical Association) The human brain consists largely of a fatty material containing chemical substances known as Cholesterol and lecithin, and the tissues of the brain are comparatively rich In phosphorus. Brain material Is rapidly digested in the stomach and will not make brains any more than any other food that may be taken. The idea that fish Is especially valuable as a brain food is grounded on the belief that fish Is especially rich In phosphorus. Phosphorus and Thought Many years ago a student named Buchner said, Without phosphorus there Is no thought.

This statement Is only true In the sense that the brain contains phosphorus and without the brain, thought Is unthinkable. There Is no proof that an Increased amount of phosphorus In the food Is especially favorable to mental effort. The great naturalist Agassiz, knowing of the statement by Buchner and being Informed by the eminent chemist Dumans, the teacher of Pasteur, that fish contained much phosphorus, put two and two together and argued that the eating of fish would be especially good for the brain. Actually there Is no one food that has more value for the brain than any other. It is Important that the brain be properly nourished with a good blood supply, and since nervous tissue Is especially quick to react to unfavorable Influences, the brain responds more quickly to Intoxication by way of the blood, to anemia or to any other force related to the blood than any other tissue of the body.

Eating Too Much It Is currently believed that a large amount of food Is unfavorable to mental -work, since the. demand placed upon the digestive organs requires more blood In the abdomen and lees In the brain. Almost everyone feels tired and sleepy after a large meal. The brain worker does better with small meals of easily digestible food. 1 Wife Preservers As a family doctor at Montlcello, Illinois, the whole human body, not any small part of it, was Dr.

Caldwells practice. More than half his calls were on women, children and babies. They are the ones most often sick. But their Illnesses were usually of a minor mature colds, fevers, headaches, biliousness and all of them required first a thorough evacuation. They were constipated.

In the course of his 47 years practice (he was graduated from Rush Medical College back In 1875), he found a good deal of success In such cases with a prescription of his own containing simple laxative herbs with pepsin. In 1892 he decided to use this formula In the manufacture of a medicine to be known as Dr. Caldwells Syrup Pepsin, and In that year his prescription was first placed on the market. The preparation immediately had as great a success In the drug stores as It previously had In his private practice. Now, the third generation Is using It.

Mothers are giving It to their children who were given it by their mothers. Every second of the working day someone somewhere Is going Into a drug store to buy it. Millions of bottles of Dr. Caldwells Syrup Pepsin are being vised a year. Its great success Is based on merit.

AT AGE 83 Between one and four o'clock Saturday afternoon, HANDSOME HARRY BOUDEN, promoter of dubious stock companies, is shot. Monday morning KL'TH LESTER, his secretary, finds his body sprawled benenth tho alrshalt window of Ills private office. POLICE DETECTIVE McMANNs first suspect is MRS. BORDEN, wife of the promoter and mother of hla two children. She admits calling on him Saturday afternoon for her monthly alimony check but Insists he was alive when she left him.

The next suspect Is Ruth Lester, who confesses Bordens attempted familiarity with her Saturday morning. The third suspect Is JACK IIAYWARD, Ruths fiance, whose office Is Just across the narrow atrshaft from Borden's. He explains his return to the seventh floor Saturday afternoon by saying he left his and Ruths matinee tickets on Ills desk. Further suspicion Is cast dn Jack by the testimony of BILL COWAN, who tells of hearing Jack threaten Bordens life Saturday morning. He also tells of telephoning Jack Saturday afternoon, of being plugged In on a busy line, and of hearing Borden's voice shouting angrily.

wnue piainciotnes detectives are dispatched to bring In BENNY SMITH, Borden's office bov, and RITA DUBOIS, dancer friend of Bordens, McMann questions Ruth about the promoters previous love affairs. She tells him of CLEO GILMAN, who preceded Rita in Borden's afrectlons. They are Interrupted by DETECTIVE Clay, who announces ihlmsel and Rita Dubois. CHAPTER XXIII Detective Sergeant McMann made quick work of his preliminary questioning of Rita Dubois. Her replies as to name, age, profession and place of employment were given coolly, even nonchalantly, but Ruth, seated near the dancer, ao that both of the girls faced the detective across the dead man's desk, saw that Ritas hands were tightly locked.

And so you and Borden, after your first meeting about three weeks ago, became lovers? McMann pounced suddenly, Thats a. lie!" Rita denied vehemently, her black eyes blazing. Then McMann grinned crookedly I take it that your week-end at Winter Haven with Handsome Harry was to have been In the nature of a honeymoon? Let's not waste time. Miss Dubois I I know that you and Borden had planned to go to Winter Haven on that 2:19 Saturday afternoon that Borden had bought a drawing room for the trip and that he had reserved a suite for you and himself at the Winter Haven Hotel. Now what I want you to tell me Is why didnt Borden meet you at the station as he had planned? The dancer laughed, but It was not a gay sound.

That was what I wanted to know, too and I found out when I saw the headlines about the murder at noon today. For two hours Ruth Lester had been praying that Rita Dubois would furnish Jack Hayward an alibi, by admitting that Borden was alive when she had visited him after 2:15. The collapse of that hope now was so unnerving that the girl feared she would faint. "So It was news to you that Borden was dead, was It, Rita? McMann grinned. I'll say It was! Rita assured him, nonchalant again.

I was knocked out. Fainted right on the street. My girl friend, Willette Wilbur, who was downtown with me, had to call a cab and take me to her home. She can ed at last. You came, and you were hopping mad, too, werent you? Well, I wasnt what you might call delirious with delight," Rita admitted flippantly.

Then her eyes widened with fear. "Say. what are you trying to do? Pin something on me? Well, youve got a fat chance, old dear, because I didnt even see Harry, much lets bump him off, If that's what you're Insinuating. McManns thin lips twisted In that slow, crooked grin of his. "Stick to your story, Rita.

When did you gift here? What happened? The dancer's hands gTlpped each other so tightly that a knuckle cracked. Her big black eyes flashed from McManns heavy, grinning face to Ruths pale one, as If seeking help. Then, on a quickly drawn breatn, Rita answered: I came right over from the station, Just a block away. Just took time to check my bags. I suppose I was here within five minutes after I hung up the receiver.

'You got here about 18 or 20 minutes after two, then? McMann aaked, with pencil poised. Rita shrugged. "I guess so. Maybe a minute or two sooner I don't know. I knocked on the door and there wasn't any answer.

I knocked several times and then tried the knob and found the door locked, so I went away again. There wasn't anything else to do, she added defiantly. Of course not!" McMann agreed blandlyr Nothing to do but to turn right around and go right-back home, and wait for Borden to call you there. So thats what you did, eh? the dancer agreed eagerly and fell headlong Into McManns trap. Then, Rita McMann asked, as Ruth leaned forward tensely, how do you account for the fact that you spent at least 10 minutes on the seventh floor? I didnt!" Rita denied recklessly.

Ruth could hardly suppress a gasp of relief. Now, at least, Rita Dubois was lying. Micky Moran, the elevator operator, had testified that after taking the dancer to the seventh floor he had spent at least 10 minutes In the telephone booth In the lobby of the Starbridge Building, in conversation with his girl. But, of course, Rita could not know this Suddenly an incident which she had completely forgotten until that moment recurred to Ruth Lester like a flash of lightning across a dark sky. "Please, Mr.

McMann, she cried, her voice quivering with excited hope, "may I speak with you privately for a minute? The detective led the trembling girl to a far comer of Bordens office, while Rita stared after them with enormous, frightened black eyes. Ive just remembered something, Mr. McMann, Ruth whispered, as tho big man bent low to listen. Saturday morning, when Mr. Borden was in the outer olfice with Rita, he waved goodby to her with the tom half of a yellow-backed banknote.

1 didnt see the denomination', and 1 didnt think much of it at the time, but now I believe I know what had happened and what Mr. Borden meant when he said that about keeping ms part of the bargain II she kept hers." Yes, yes, McMann urged Impatiently, as Ruth paused lor breath. Im sure now that they had been scuffling playfully, Rita trying to take the bill away from him, and tearing It in two. Im sure sure! that he let her keep half of the torn bill and had promised to give her the other half after shed kept her promise about about going away with him. "Well? McMann grunted, frowning In deep concentration.

Oh, dont you see? Ruth implored. If shes telling the truth If she really didnt see Mr. Borden again, she still has her half of tns bllll But I believe shes lying 1 1 believe Mr. Borden was alive when she came, and that he either gave her the other half of the bill, as ne had undoubtedly promised he would, or that that they quarreled because he wouldnt, and she she Her whispering voice faltered. She could not bring herself to utter an accusation of murder.

"Oh, Mr. McMann, please believe I'm not Just talking wildly, to to help someone else! I know Rita must have been desperate for money, and yet I dont think shes Just a gold-digger either McMann frowned. Then, was Borden In the habit of carrying bills of large denomination? "He was, he was! Ruth- replied. "He was terribly vain about money loved to flash hundred-dollar bills. Just last week he showed me a 500 banknote told me to take a good look at It.

as 1 might never see one again. I told him he was foolish to carry such sums on his person, but he Just laughed at me and looked pleased with himself. Maybe maybe he showed It to Rita Saturday morning She faltered. McMann nodded slowly, the frown on repeated buying, on one satisfied user telling another. There are thousands of homes In this country that are never without a bottle of Dr.

Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin, and we have gotten many hundreds of letters from grateful people telling us that It helped them when everything else failed. Every drug store sells Dr. Caldwells Syrup Pepsin. There is nothing better than stale bread for removing dirty smudges from papered or painted walls. Loves Awakening Steadfatt Woman.

By Adele Garrison Quick relief for COLBS since 1889 IVoel Adds to the Apprehension with Newt That tho Thugs Live Nearby. i tell you. And then I find a dick waiting to grab me "Were you in love with Harry Borden, Rita? McMann Interrupted suddenly. Color swept over the thin, exotic face. Thats my Well, all right, then I wasnt But God knows I didnt wish him any harm.

McMann studied the girl for a long minute through narrowed, glinting eyes. Then: Well, Rita, lets have your story. Did you go to the station?" Rita flung up her head defiantly. Sure I did I I'd promised to go away with him for the week-end, and I was ready to keep my bargain. I got to the station at two, and went to the information desk, where hed said he would meet me.

At five minutes after two I began to get nervous for fear we'd miss the train and decided to phone him. Theres a telephone booth r.ear the information desk, and I called from there, where I could see Harry If he came while I was phoning. His lino was busy, so I knew hed not left the efflce. I waited for about five minutes more and called again, and his line was still busy. Just a minute McMann Interrupted.

Can you fix the time of that second call exactly? Sure! Ten minutes after two, Rita asserted confidently. I had my eye on the big clock. Ruth did not need the flick of Me-. Manns narrowed eyes In her direction to remind her that the dancer had partially corroborated Bill Cowan's damaging testimony against Jack Hayward that, when he had called Jacks number at 2:10, he had been plugged in on a busy line and had heard Harry Borden's voice raised In violent anger. With a tremendous effort of will she controlled the waves of dizziness that were pouring over her brain and braced herself to listen to McMann 's next question: Did you call his number again? Of couree! Rita answered promptly.

"I knew he was In his office or his line wouldnt be busy. I waited about a minute, and then I got him, and he told me to come over to the offloe Walt! McMann Interrupted sharply. Exactly what did you say to Borden and what did he say to you? The dancer hesitated for a moment, while Ruth held her breath. Well, he didnt give me a chance to say much. I said, My God, Harry, do you know what time it is, or have you forgot you were to catch a train at And he said, No I hadn't forget.

Rita, but Ive been unavoidably detained. What time Is It? I told him It was 12 minutes after two, and he swore a blue streak, and then he said wed have to take a later train and for me to come on up to the office, that we'd make new plans when I got there. McMann frowned and tapped his pencil against the dead mans desk. Ruth knew that he was trying to fit the dancers testimony Into his thejry of Jack Hayward as Borden's murderer. She wanted to remind him that he had her own corroboration of Jack's alibi that hs had rejoined her at the Chester Hotel at 10 minutes after two.

But she realized miserably, that more than her own word would be needed to make McMann believe In that alibi. Even a jury would hesitate to accept the word of a girl fighting for the life of the man she loved, when that word was the sole support of his alibi. Well, Rita go on, McMann direct- I v-r A different places and theres so much space out here? Youve put your Unger on the sore place, Noel, Mr. Underwood returned. Hard Isnt the word.

Impossible would be better. Oh, as hs saw ths alarm In Noel's face, I don'-t mean just now, everybodys safe for ths next few days they're too cagey to take any risks those lads, but they have Infinite patience, and determination, steeled by what will happen to them If they fall, so theyre going to try again at the first opportunity. Then whata to be done? Noel demanded In youthful Impatience, flushed a brick red as Mr. Underwood turned mildly quizzical eyes upon him. Thats what Im trying to figure out, son, he said softly, and Noel put no more questions.

Theres another thing we'vs got to consider, he said. As long a Mary la here, the farmhouse Isn't going to be a very safe place for anybody. My terrified thoughts flew to my small eon, sleeping upstairs, and 1 shivered. But Mr. Underwood paid no attention, and I realized that deliberately -had added this fear ta my anxiety Tor Mary for some reason of his own.

Planning an Exodus. When Is your father expected? Hs turned to me. "Any day now, I returned. He said In his last letter he would be at home some time this week. Oh, let it bs soon hs quoted, then turned to Noel.

Do you know when Trlncees China's lease of The Larches Is up? Not that it matters although she may be fussy you never can tell about women some of them. 1 mean. His bow and smils absolved Lillian and me from his strictures. There la no set time, I believe, Noel answered. She took the place for ths season, and ehe can stay as long as she likes or leavs whenever the pleases." Good: Mr.

Underwood replied. And ss for Prince Gogeres, he ha no responsibility except hla hotel bill and the hospital charges, neither ol which, I imagine, will bother him. So there'll be nothing to hinder the baiting of the tiger trap. I looked at him In smasement. What did he mean? (Continued Tomorrow Coejr'xM, 1921, Kneve rtitare Imln toe AT Noels revels, tllon that he had seen ths man who had tried to got Into Marys room, Harry Underwood was also on his feet.

"Are you sure, boy? queried sharply. Tell us, quickly. There couldnt bs two such men looking like that, could there? Verltzen asked. Rat-like face, you said, sandy hair, partly grey, straggling over It, and a scar like a comma, deep In one cheek? Ive seen a man like that. Then youve seen the devil himself, Mr.

Underwood rejoined. Where? When? A couple of days ago when I was out riding with Eleanor I mean Princess Ollna, he said, flushing. She always likes to go through the wood reads, and of course they are much better than the automobile highways. It was one of those winding roads that lead out toward Shin-necock. and there was a shack of a house almost hidden in the woods that looked as If nobody lived there.

But sitting on the eteps were three men, end one of them Jumped up when he saw us and ran around back of the house. But we caught a good look at him. And the PrlnceM exclaimed At the awful scar on his face. Id know him again anywhere. Couldn't we go there, and make sure of capturing the man? Harry Underwood looked at him with kindly and sympathetic admiration of his pluck, but shook his head.

My dear boy, he said, wherever that bird and Ills companions are. theyre many miles away from that shack. Theyre too wise to leave open any trail like that. Do you mean you think theyve loft the island? Noel asked hopefully. Hiding riaces Everywhere.

Again Mr. Underwood made a negative sign. wish 1 could believe that, he said, but the lads who belong to Kenellos don't give up eo easily as that. Unfortunately there are enough law-breaking, boot-legging alien In the sparsely settled part of this end of the island to give them a hundred safe shelters. Then, Noel asked fearfully, Isn't It going to he a hard task to guard all three.

Mary and Olina and Georges when they're all in f'l fS'V Her sad confession "Dear Diary, she wrote, "my cold is no better. I am so miserable. Havent been down to work for a week. Maybe my job is gone. Have done just about everything for this cold.

But Im worse. Cant even go to Alices party. And I bought the blue dress specially for it. Isnt life just too devastating! What a pity that everyone does not know what a powerful weapon against colds is obtainable in all drugstores! In large city and small town, in France or in Brazil, the standard prescription is GROVES BROMO QUININE. The tiny tablets are easy to take, pleasantly laxative, and speedily effective in preventing and correcting colds When you need muck relief, emphasize GROVES, in asking for GROVES Bromo Quinine.

Price 30c. No More Big Bills I 'vi jv '-rf DR- MALLAS prefers a small profit from many people, instead of Big Profits from few people. Painless Extraction Perfect-Fitting Plates Porcelain Crowns and Fillings. DR. MALLAS 39 W.

King St, Lancaster Open Daily 9 to 8 P. M. BY MME. I.ISBET1I What length shall your skirt be this spring? That depends on your type, and, too, on the time of day or night your costume Is worn. For morning skirts may show the knees If youre that kind of a girl.

For afternoon they should be slightly longer: and for evening wear still longer. The three models pictured, by Patou, are all sufficiently short to please the most Inveterate flapper. The two prints, left and center. Illustrate the approved mode for daytime, and the lace evening frock the formal type suitable for the debutante or college co-ed. Circular cut.

rather than pleatlngs, are used for fullness In the skirts, the frock pictured center, having godets of contrasting material for width, and the one at the right tiered ruffles. All three have the V-shaped neckline and the closely fitting hip. Special Care to Nervous People.

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