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Sunday News from Lancaster, Pennsylvania • Page 18
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Sunday News from Lancaster, Pennsylvania • Page 18

Sunday Newsi
Lancaster, Pennsylvania
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18 THE SUNDAY NEWS LANCASTER. PA. MARCH 2V 19 -j-'w rrl P( A 1 1 TP eg Benes Radio Talks Permanent Bell Tower Soon At Valley rorgc Disk-Jockied By Reds By DREW PEARSON Washington It never got by the Czech censors, but those speeches of President Benes, supposedly backing up the new Communist government, weren't exactly made by him at all. They were transcribed records put together by the Communists. Here is the uncensored story of what happened. National Committee Headed By York Woman Nears Completion Of Tower To Hold World's Biggest Carillon; Started By DAR; York Gives Memorial Window To Four Chaplains The Shrine of the American People. as President Woodrow Wilson named the Washington Memorial Chanel at Valiev Forge, already world famous for its Gothic beauty, will shortly have added a permanent bell tower its complement in form and a proper setting for the carillon called the, most perfect set of bells in the world. The original carillon of 13 slate Stark Tompkins, promptly estab-bell 'The Star Spangled Ban- lished the Washington Memorial ner Nalional Peace Chime ded-( Committee in the Pennsylvania icated July 4, 1926. the 150th anni- Society, DAR. Consultations be-versary of independence, and the tween this committee and Dr. Hart National Birthday Bell form iheresulted in plans for the tower, in-nucleus of the Washington Mem-' eluding an honor roll on which orial National Carillon which, when would be recorded the names of completed, will contain 49 bells Revolutionary War patriots and the Forty-three have already been re- patriots of World Wars 1 and II reived, contributed bv the various who helped preserve the heritage states of the union, and six remain of freedom won by the first group to be given. Due to the national importance For the past 20 years, the bells of the bell tower and the special have hung in a temporary struc-, significance of the honor roll, the ture behind the chapel, a tow er.i building attracted national interest Sunday News MEWBn or ASSOCIATED ESS Tht Associated Press is entitled clusjvely to the use of republicaMim of all the local news printed in this newspaper, as wall as ali AP news dispatches. Entered at Poet Office at Lancaster, as second class mat) matter. Published Sunday bv Lancaster Sunday News. Thomas Barber. Editor; j. H. Stemman, President; F. S'em-man. Vice President-Treasurer. Terms le Sebserihcrs: By carrier. rents per week; $2 00 for six months. (4 00 for one year. By mail $4 50 per year; $2 25 for six months. Ali mail subscriptions payable in advance. As soon as the Communists started their putsch! 120 Red policemen surrounded Benes' palace, remaining there day and night. Knowing trouble was tm-m i t. Benes i had previously arranged with anti Communist Czech Army offi- cers to protect the country. How- ever, all calls from Presidential ace were cut off Benes could talk to no one. vVi -a I After the Putsch Communist Pre- Pearson mier Gottwald tasked Benes to speak on the radio 'and give his blessing to the new Igovernment. Bpnp agreed unsafe for an extended A new committee was formed, the speak, but not to bless the PvernjpPrioj 0f SPrvice. Construction of National Committee for the Krec- the new bell tower was begun Oct.jtion of the Bell Tower at Valley 1, 1941. when the foundation was Forge, and is headed by Mrs. laid. This was the outcome of a William C. Langston, of York. ment. The Communists countered by telling Benes that the streets were SAFETY IN NUMBERS Mrs. William Carroll Langston, of York, who heads th National Committee for the erection of th bell tower at Valley Forge. A former State D. A. R. officer in Pennsylvania, she was active in raising $9,000 in York for th rose window honoring the Four Chaplains, i Th window is a special memorial from the city to Rabbi i Goode, on of th chaplains and a resident of York at th tim i of his enlistment chime were assigned in the order the states joined the union, with their weights varying from Pennsylvanias 3,500 pounds to Delawares 225 pounds. Of these orlg- M-. zi unsafe; that he could not go to the 0n" thp "huilding of the belli Arranged In Order radio station to deliver his speech Vski tower by Dr. John Robbins record was made Great as the Star before the National Peace Chime Spangled In rector of, the chapel, w-as, it was jnai 13, only Rhode Islands. Pennsylvania D. A. R. state con- considered inadequate for Valley aith wanted hear the. before although cast and set in place to ferenre. I Forge, where, it was felt, all the Started By State DAR Ipeople in all the states must be The state regent, Mrs. William represented. The state bells in the SOON VISITING TIME for Valley Forge will bring thousands of Pennsylvanians to view its apple blossoms and historic buildings such as Washingtons Headquarters (above) in the Memorial chapel. complete the notes of the national anthem, remains to be donated in the name of the state. -The remaining 35 bells were assigned by population. The 49th bell, the National Birthday weighing two and a half tons gPjj 0T0RISTS ARE being Invited to join Governor Duffs Pennsylvania Safe Driver League to boost the statewide safety campaign. So far it is an Individual proposition, th cooperative citizen to pledge observance of four main rules for correct driving, and to wear a blue and gold sticker on his rear window. But isnt this a bigger opportunity for communities? Lancaster might add a worthy project to its list bv aiming at a record for public safety. We have a lot of records here, some of them nationally known our food, farms, industries. Why not ring the bell as the safest town In the whole U. S.T The governor has provided the pattern. All that Is naeded is organized cooperation. Sign Monday and bring a pal. service! were held at Valley Forge until the temporary frame chapel now known as the Theodore Roose- bears a star for every state nd, was built in Septembez. the names of the states in the order they came into the union little frame structure was made famous by the visit of President Roosevelt who delivered a great forming a decorative border. Names of the donors are preserved ar dedicated to a different beginning with Delaware the first Sunday of January. To these services are invited the governor and, various officials of the state honored. Today, March 21, is North Carolina State Sunday and in his sermon. Rev. Dr. Hart will pay tribute to the 12th state to enter the Union. when services are in the great carillon is played hour on the hour from 10 5 p. ending with the Star-Spangled Banner each, evening sunset. Familiar hymns and airs are used at these in the National Birthday Bell addros in an effort to call the at- llet, N. Y. One of the moat beautiful memp-ials in the tower is that given by the city of York in honor of th four chaplains who went down on the Dorchester. Rabbi Dr. Alexander D. Goode at the time of his enlistment served the congregation of Temple Beth Israel in York. In tribute to him, a stained glass window has been contributed, on which will be told the story of brotherhood of the chaplains of different faiths who died together. The donation of the jnemorial to the four chaplains was the inspiration UPf Mrs. Langston who, almost single handed, aroused the in. of the community in raising the necessary funds. Her interest in the bell tower, plus her efforts on behalf of the at Valley Forge. Inspired By Sermon The chapel itself came into being as the result of a sermon preach- tention of the American people to Rev. Burk's suggestion to honor Washington at Valley Forge. In 1916 the new stone chapel was ed by the late Rev. W. Herbert built upon the design conceived by Burk in All Saints Church. Norris- architect Milton B. Medary. Each town, on Washington's birthday in'yearthe addition of memorials and patriotic 1903. In this sermon Rev. Buck! improvements of the setting makes! times. Except progress, every a. m. to at the chapel more worthy of the ap- To the cost of building the tower, pellation given it by British consul, estimated at upwards of $150,000, is Wilfred Powell "The American added an endowment fund of 000 to insure the unfailing services of an expert carilloneur. Only to a Westminster. Chapel Open Daily Not only is the chapel a shrine but the church home of a small talented musician skilled in the York memorial, led her to accept playing of bells may be entrusted chairmanship of the committee for suggested the erection of a chapel at Valley Forge in these words: Would that we might rear a way-side chapel, fit memorial of the church's most honored son. to be the Nation's Bethel for all days to come, where the American Patriot might kneel in quest of. that courage and that strength, to make all honorable his citizenship' hpre below and prove his claim to that above. Beginning the following May 31, congregation of residents of thejthe carillon that has been pro-lits erection seven years ago. For to speech it was given to the public. When he played over the record, he refused to let it go on the air, asked Benes to rewrite it. Benes made a few changes, then recorded his speech again. Whereupon the Communists took a dozen or go sentences from the record, end used this to broadcast to the Czech people. Note Premier Gottwald is so afraid British agents may spirit Benes out of the country that the sickly President is still being watched day and night. SENATOR'S WIVES Secretary of State Marshall made a direct appeal the other day to the wives of Senators and Congressmen to help quiet war hysteria and calm Washingtons jittery nerves. At an off-the-record meeting of the Womens Congressional Club, the soldier-diplomat rumbled: A lot of people in the past have been emotional over the prospects of war, but they have gone beyond that now. They have become pas sionate. Admitting that these are "trying times, Marshall urged the wives to "keep cool" and use "common sense. "Of course," he added with a flicker of a smile, you cant divorce emotion entirely, because we are uot made that way. Th women were warned In advance that they could not bring guests. For the first time in the club's history, the meeting was kept strictly off-the-record. Marshall recalled that Russia had vowed to fight the Marshall Plan after if was first announced. "They will do everything they can to fight it, he added. On the other hand, he pointed out that some rough sailing had to be expected. Recalling his visit to the Governors' Conference in Salt Lake City last year, Marshall de-' scribed the governors' clash over the tax question. "I asked them, said the Secretary, "if the governors of the United States couldn't agree, how they expected 16 nations to get A sketch showing the Washington Memorial Chapel as it will look when the bell tower is added on its right. The firm of architects which designed the chapel was engaged to plan the tower, in a complementary Gothic form. Inside a memorial room in the tower will be niches where the honor roll of 50,000 names will be placed. At the top of the structure will be hung the famed carillon of 49 bells, largest in the world. area. The Washington Memorial isnounced the most perfect set of open every day. Windows in the! bells in the world. The carillon Is chapel were designed and made by I also distinguished as the first set the famous DAscenzo studios of! made in this country, cast by Philadelphia. Services each Sunday' Meneely and Company of Waterv- six years she served as chairman of the Pennsylvania committee, and when the bell tower was taken bm a national project by the DaughtJj of the American Revolution last year, she was named vice chairman of the national committee which she now heads. Serving with Mrs. Langston ar Mrs. Edward Martin, Washington, wife of Senator Martin; Mra. James H. Duff, Harrisburg, wife of Pennsylvania's governor; Mra. Van Court Carwithen, Malvern; Mrs. Harper D. Sheppard, Hanover; Mrs. C. Edward Murray, Trenton, N. Edward Beard, Connellsville; Emily Schall, Reading; Mrs. Robert Page 23 PERMANENT Lifes Little Dramas By Bart Hodges THE BETTER HALF Keeping the peace has placed Uncle Sam somewhat In the position of th man faced with th collapsing on hos' shay. Thtr ar Just too many parts to hold at one. But non ar more disheartening than th bursting teams of our own hemisphere. Although their ultlmat Important must tampered by bigger things In Europe, apparently littl relief my xpectd from th tim-honord complications Latin American politics and Highly esteemed wilj. be th man who solves this perennial riddle. So far there ar no takers, but th problems multiply. More seriously, th fact is, that they ar almost never unrelated. For Instance, war in Costa Rica may be just on of those things. Again, It may be a tell i nq point in the battle for th Western Hemisphere's leadership still a moot point with some South Ameri- can countries. They would have you believe that although Uncle Sam Is th world's most likely top boss, he's Just another name In S. A. And th point it not too lightly taken in the face of the meeting of 21 American nations set for Bogota late this month. Surprises ar anticipated. Argentine Is still itching for leadership of a South American bloc. There ar those Communists, and there as always Is that sensitiveness to Yanqul domination. Th fact that th meeting Is being held five years late originally scheduled for 1943, may prove a Stupidity on our part Five years Is long time for antipathies and misunderstandings to build themselves into causes. But we were busy with Europe and couldn't make it It suggests a possibility that, perhaps, we might do worse than concentrate consistently long One unforgettable dav hack in 1939, a British agent came to my office and showed me a remarkable new pen invented by a Hungarian named Biro. "It will write for three years without running out of ink. the Englishman declared. Though the pen wasnt completely perfected, I realized at first glance that my eyes beheld a Rold mine. And for the unbelievable sum of one dollar, I obtained first option on American manufacturing rights to the revolutionary ball pen. War exploded in Europe shortly afterwards. Inventor Biro had trouble dodging Nazi agents and per-fertinn of the pen was rielaed. But on another unforgettable day in 1943, an improved ball pen was brought to me for inspection. It wrote beautifully. But while I disassembled that particular model, a little spring shot into my left eye. Skillful surgery and six weeks mediral care saved my sight. I damned the ball pen, forfeited all rights and got my dollar back. My vision got better and better. Then, on another unforgettable day a few years later, with perfect eyesight I read the following headline In a trade publication- "Ball pen aale approach $100 million mark." But, of course, I did get my dollar back. Years' ago, Winchell Smith and I produced a play called Three Wise Fools, which opened at the Criterion with the reckless pace of a snail. Smith always hated the show. One Wednesday, when there was $58 in the box-office, the two of us stood in front of the Criterion at the corner of 44th Street and Broadway, disconsolately watching a million people pass by. My partner snarled at me, "You insisted on doing this farce, didn't you? "Yes, I replied, miserably. "Rotten cast. he fumed, just nobodies!" "I know it, I mumbled apologetically. And the Criterion theatre! he went on. Hasn't had a decent show in it for two years. And you had to pick It. I was almost on the verge of tears, but he continued relentlessly "Criterion! What a name for a theatre! Where did that word ever come from? What does it mean?" "If you look in the dictionary, 1 said weakly, "you'11 see that a criterion la 'a thing to go by. Well just look at those people, cried' Smith. Theyre going by, all right not a blasted one coming In! crrl(tit, IMS, N. Y. Pit Car. To celebrate a recent birthday. I went back to my home town and visited my old Roys Club where the youthful members planned a party in my honor. Arriving by early train, I took advantage of an opportunity to stroll through the club building and to relive many happy memories. Unannounced, 1 wandered from room to room, suddenly finding myself in the work shop where a bunch of the boys were bickering about how a tie rack should be made. When one of them recognized me, all jabbering stopped and they became tongue-tied. Wishing to break the embarrassing silence I took over as in the old Boys' Club days and proceeded to show them how a tie rack should be designed, sawed, fitted, sanded and stained. It was a beautiful job, if I say so myself, and the young workmen, who had stood obediently to one side, thanked me for my efforts. I went my way rejoicing. During the evening festivities, a committee of the boys representing the club, presented me with a present. I unwrapped it and read this note: "Happy birthday, Mr. Armstroag, and thanks for designing the tie rack just the way you wanted it. Letters EASTER SEAL SALE Editor. Sundav News: Just a line to express appreciation for your very fine editorial in the Sunday News of March 14th. entitled "Age of Mirarlps Sometimes the Directors of the Lancaster County Soriety for Crippled Children feel that their work along these lines is not fully understood by all of our good citizen. Again flunking you for your fin editorial to help all of us understand what we are doing, I am Yours very truly, R. F. ZAHM. President. Lancaster County Society for Crippled Children 0 LOANS March Of Science What Time Is It? ELECTRIC MOTORS With Palms for seasonal shopping to pay up old bills Get a cash loan here quickly and privately, on the friendly basis that made Personal Finance Co. th choice of over one million persons last year. Im Sold On You! You dont have to ask others8 to sign with you or sign' over" your wages. Friends or employers are not notified. How To Reduce Your Monthly Payments By lumping all your credit accounts into one place, you can usually cut way down the total of your monthly payments. Simple To Get If you can repay small monthly Installments which yotj select do not hesitate to see' us for a loan. Come In or telephone Personal's YES MAN today. Loans $25 to $900 or more. The earth in its long past prob- By FRANK TRIPP i audible signal, like a foghorn on ably has been hit often by space Addison H. Groff Aunt Amy told the group that When hours drag on one's hands a troubled sea. That's when the projectiles worse than atomic Evervone calls her Aunt Amv she cuessed her hobbv was look-it seems fully as important to men at the powerhouse opened a bombs, and is likely to be hit again c. .1 enouoh on South Amri-n know the time as when hunting V8'V8 and 8 steam burst in the future. he a Person. She is lng after the sick p. 0D! fto catch a train. One of life's most to clean the pipes or some- This is the view of Allan O. always leaving word for me to The next day her telephone rang 'constant questions is, what I Kelly, writing in Popular Astron- come to see her new patient. She She was asked to call on an aged is it? Bov, but that was a welcome 0my on the craters of the moon. 'is sure that I can say wa tut to leave the hos- For whom doe time drag more sound- 11 meant the toughest part Like many other astronomers, hejwords that will help her sick 'pital. The call came from a friend than for convalescents or thosef rPy 24-houjr job once more ncar-l attributes these craters to bits by 'charge to bear better her burden1''1 had heard Aunt Amy mention who sit with them lem to get them into some kind of coherence. It is worth more then mere peace of mind since we all live in the world's better scents or m' 24-hour job once more near-j attributes these craters to bits by charge to bear better her la hl That's rnd vpry snon fou'd Ret' great meteors or comets. The 0f loneliness, and infirmity, her hobby, Repaired Rewound Repairing ef Rleclrieal Latipmnl IGNITION ENGINEERING SERVICE R. C. LEONARD Ann A Chestnut Dial I-S41I ly as such a UP- Tllen I'd think, you sap, howl moon has no atmosphere, and no Aunt Amv thinks it is quite In 8 da3 day quite I came In recently sitter. loftcn you would have given your rain or weather to wash away the Peering through the dark upon rSht arm for another hour a craters, the way the earths a little village, I learned when sleep. Were funny weather wears down mountains, or so Aunt Amy had taken over her new patient. She received her pay for the first two weeks, twenty-five dollars per week. The third week her patient people went half. Admitting that the hand it always out for solid U. S. dollars down there, end that economic assistance is a cause close to the hea-t of every true son of the Latin countries, quickly if briefly djusted, it does neither of us good to depend entirely upon this convenient device. Someday we may give th problems of these countries the serious study they deserve, and add a measure to our hemi-spheric weight. A powerful nation in a powerful hemisphere. COMPANIES Tatmai CompTmTI 2nd Floor 130 N. Queen St. Phone 2-1415 wonderful how she happened to her way to the house of the i invalid to whom she is now minis-. Therefore it it aupposed that tering. She found hersplf for a few nights reviewing my sms. the days everything that ever hit the moon a ldavs without unv calls for her had for Aunt Amy no money, only were brightened by a sleek and face left a mark that is still vini-1 services and made her wav to the! pw pars- Aon Amy aaid-knowing gray squirrel. He not only.ble. Kelly points out that one 0r her Church "Forget it. She is still there, and mu 81 knpw tha hmr hut he knew wnereithese craters Is so big that moun-; Society There who know her know that ahe midnight. In to go at the right time. tains about 20,000 feet high were lartip, wprp wPicoriing Euess and will still be there at the end of the a er they A 8 certain sanitarium window) cast up by the impact of whatever inpw 'mPmbers All the good burned till 3 a I' lJhe itseVpr8 8'81 o'8and up. Introduce Two things are always surpris- then the breakfast tray uhch fed is 500 miles by 1 00. 'themselves and state their hobbies 0ne t0 ow much some a shut-m had been cleared away On earth the largest crater is in folks are alwavs demanding from much. and there would be a morsel for1 Arizona, barely a mile in diameter. 1 life, how much waiting on they It would seem him. He'd climb the screen and But Kelly says that enormous Ineed how little they can do for paph ,0 announce his arrivaU'craters, like some on the moon, Avne Tf11 Permit (themselves, and how consistently 3 I awoke that wel- then take his ration and depart to would no longer be visible as IXUAaa ltllo I can do nothing for others not! dan must other windows he knew well leraters on the earth's face unless 17 even their own flesh and blod. 5 beieadyto burst At one a motherly old lady wlio an observer could look at them i TCDaTe TOT OTSt I And then one comes across Aunt. Then Id look at1 will spend her remaining days shut from a great distance away in I4mv Well past three score years my w-ateh and in her room waited with another space Manila, March 20 President 'and' ten she dons her white um-i- learn the horrible piece of crisp toast. I thought howl If the moon craters are really A. Roxas charged today form and takes over, a blessing to truth; that It was only the time much his visit meant to her. she meteors or comet collisions, he that Russia had destroyed the one weary pilgrim after another, that I usually go to bed. Iwas so lonely. Someone may rare as. it must be assumed the earth' effPPtiVPnPs nf the United Nations1 bu in not oniy material and spreading sun-courage, inspiring hope, pushing back the shadows of farth's. taking nearly month Ointy Now Open Saturdey 9 A. M. to 1 P. M. "1 Cm. Umj Itt lit tuaul CmmMwmm Dumi C. Lmm IMM W.K!Sr. UNCASTttt midnight. If one light was there it discommode themselves to come to one iwas between twelve and three. 'see her much but the squirrel or ne full turn on the lunar axis jThat meant I mut try to sleep did. every day. Terheps some of the vast almost another night's worth. The gray heautv was a wise that hit the moon, when it In a cottage farther off. some fellow. He rnrhan. hit thTemlinh whVn beauty was a wise hl moon, when it was l.ked to carry h's rp 'pd THE BIG JOB CECRETARY OF STATE Georg Marshall calling for the United States to take the responsibility of safeguarding freedom th world over, puts into official context the ultimate trend whieh have been so slowly, painfully traveling for thirty yeers. It means that the American people have come et last to the unavoidable end logical position which our political philosophy has a i ned. The Marshall speech does not meen war today, nor hoeeiess Involvements tomorrow, It mosns s'mply tet desnv Is no longer a romantic chet'enge. It A feet What ere we going to about It? Wanted RADAR ENGINEERS SYSTEM ENGINEERS ELECTRONIC ENGINEERS To carry out our long-term engineering program on missiles, radar and communications w-e must add qualified engineers with electronic. research, design and development experience to our ftaff. Please furnish complete resume of education, experience and salary expected to: Personnel Manager BENDIX RADIO DIVISION BENDIX AVIATION CORPORATION BALTIMORE 4 MARYLAND The President spoke in receiving the ancient night 80 honorary degree of doctor of Today we are celebrating the law al thp University of Santo, Triumphal F.ntrv Into the Holy Citv of the Founder of the Chnt- The United Nations, established Tan Religion Tat city is red with co'ilrt affrrt th earth' rotation i ,0 Prp'pnl fumre wars, has been blood today, and cities all over the 5 a nr to get to work That house chance on birds horning in on llcl PanB 8 rmation. lrowprlpM t0 avprt the word wtsh they WPrP fafeiy shel- 1 5) I 0( coming struggle, Roxas de- tered far under the good earth inbeacons that kept me posted one morning a slice of toast toast, deposited it on the sill, while dared. -stead of on hilltops where they through the night. nd Kraham cracker awaited he ate the cracker; then beat it! Russia, through her veto of cannot be hid. And he who wept dared begin to him on the same window sill. He ith the toat, measures intended to Implement over Jerusalem and weeps over our jawa re2r' caiis carry off bch. He couldn't' Who says animals don't reason? peace, has destroyed the effective-, fearing world todav has the secret J11! lUrt hour T8 50 started au-y with 'Only squirrels arent animals; ness of that world organization. of the only victory and triumph 'The result is the creation of con- worthy of palms. ....1 AM A tlW IAk ma A abbIx Jb Sb' For o'clock there her he wake up. Anyway daykght.he toast, huendlng to come back they're just rodents edible ones, wa )uet around the corner. jfor the cracker, no doubt (Copyright 198, General Pea wai en, Promptly he returned wi'h the! ture Corp.) dltlona which to I th.nk Aunt Amy war x. ilearned that aecret

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