St. Joseph Gazette from St. Joseph, Missouri on November 30, 1914 · 3
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St. Joseph Gazette from St. Joseph, Missouri · 3

St. Joseph, Missouri
Issue Date:
Monday, November 30, 1914
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Monday Morning. November 30, 1914 Sport Results and Dope ISLAND SETTLER . HAS ODD CLAIM In Local Theaters MORRIS MATCH IS OXE OF CLASS Oklahoman Looked On as One - of Best Heavyweights in U. S. CARROLL WELL KNOWN Sailor Confident He Can Stop GiantWeek's Bouts Meager BOXINt; HOt'TS THIS WF.F.K ''. MONDAY Willi IWM -vs. Tommc rj. id mumls al Milwaukee. ' Knew out Ower Urown . lo Hou.k ID nrurnla. at Memphis. Tfiin. WKONKMlOV riMI W"lah va Ylmng HhUfive 10 rounds, at Hew York THl'KSDAV 1-Bombardier Wells v. frank Mnran, so niun.le, ( London, Enfinii. fRttiAT (liarlls Willi vs. Kr.nkcy Callahan, rounds, at St. bouls. Mo. Mllt QJbbotn Vs. Bnfe Mha. 10 rounda at Hudson. Hit ATI RlAT Al (Rudolph McCoy Kid Wagner, W mind, at Wllkrsbarr, Pa. Bjr "HAM" HAMILTON. Ope upon a time 1 boxer named Luther Mccarty waa boxing heavy, weight and having , grand little time round Springfield. Mo, He -wasn't making barrel of money, but he waa living and h didn't have to flgl.t vary hard, for tt didn't take him Jong io discourage every man who atepped Into the ring with him. Now, thia fellow wasn't unambl. uv ne iciii aiter promoters 11 Springfield to get him a regular match. And Just about that time Carl Morris waa tumblrd from hla aeM tip In front by Jim Flynn. Eager o gat another chance, Mortia consented to a match with Missouri's white hope.. Net day Luther McCarty awakened and found himself famoui, for ha had knocked out one of the moat talked of white heavyweights in the bualnesa. Time went on and Luther became famotidine greatest lighter of his day probably being lout to us when he dropped dead during Ills match with Arthur Pelkey. Carroll Superstitions Pallor' Carroll, San Francisco's heavyweight, la juat a little bit super-stltlou. He ' Isn't unknown by an meant, but h passed over, .virtually the same record aa Luther "McCarty traveled over and hasn't a whole tot 1 tu anew .ot .n,. t an avmi una traveled hla road over again and now holds a higher position In Antic dr. ties than he ever before enjoyed. Carroll has been after a match ivlth Morris for a long time and now Morris haa consented. ' The two will rncrt the night of Dec. IS before the Buchanan County Athletic club. In the Auditorium. Jf Carrol! succeed , in stopping Carl Morris he will be acknowledged one of the world's great tit unite heavyweights. And Carroll is so confident that he will stop the.. Oklahoma giant that he already has specified the number of rounds he wllj let Morris stay. ' Hound to Draw Crowd Heavyweights have never had much of a trial In fit. Joseph and just how they will take with the populace la a mystery, but. the- lluchuqan club ' rertaln It will come out on the long end of things, for even if local sports do not' enthuse over the match, it ! a certainty those who live nearby will t.rsval here to see Carl Morris In action. Morris probably is the next heavyweight champion of the world-providing Jess Wlilard doesn't knock out jack Johnson In their meeting already arranged for. -- The big pktsi. homan has been going great of la'e and-lhere hasn't .been a man in. the samw-jfsss-with; him for some, time. More than one person Is of the opinion that Morris la more deserving of a chanca at the heavyweight crown than Wlilard. ' , Morris and Carroll both- will do most of their training In 8L Joseph Morris already has gone Into' light work snd will arrive here about a week before the' go to start boxing and other heavy work for the flnnl preparations. Carroll will be hr about the same time. McCansry With Morris Along with Morris will come Billy MeCarney, one of the most picturesque and Interesting men the fight gam ever has known. It whs M -Carney who waa helping I.nther Mccarty Into fame when the latter 'met death In Canada. "McCarnoy has staged some notable scraps and has handled Hume of the world's best known boxers. On this week'a fight program there ara no bouta worthy of the name unless one considers the chance Joe Bhugrue stsnds' of knocking out Champion Freddie -'elsh. These two boys are billed to' Uickle each other Thursday night over the ten round rente, but Fred probably will n.rt have to exert nimseu in ueauna ic New Yorker. Bombardier Wells and Frank Mo-ran are going to battle It out for some kind of honors this week. We suspect they really want to determine which L the poorer. Anyhow, they deserve some commendation, for the receipts of the battle are going to charity. SOUTHERN TITLE DIVIDED Tennewaee and An hum. Roth Claimants. Sl t Honors Atlanta, ., Nor, St. FooO.ull honors for 1st 4, in the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic association, ware divided between Auburn (Alabama Polytechnic Institute) and the V'nlverslty of Tennessee. - At the close of the regular season, Thursday, both claimed the championship. The only Important game remaining to be played In the south Is the contest here Iec. 8 between Auburn and the Carlisle Indiana. - .: :-v Waltsapar. painting- Thaoipeoa. 93 Jul. Av. Heavyweight Who Is io Box Here Dec. 15 CAHI, MORK1H National League Batting A verages . At!. Wtltsc. N. V. ...... 3 Plea. N. V. I Erwtn, Brook., Cine. 46 Kt rand,. Boston . , . , . 2 Daubert, Hrnok ,..471 Rerker, I'hll Mt Wheat. Brook. .....133 Da I ton, Hrimk. .....441 Stengel, Brook. .... . 412 Magee, Phil ;.IH Connolly, Boston . , . 39 Hums. N. V. .......SSI Wlngo, Pt. L.. ....... ,17'' 8tevle. St. U, Brook, in. Klsher. Cht"go .... So Cravath. I'hll 49 Marsons. Cine. ... ..124 Coatello. I'ltta. ,. . . . 4 Zimmerman. Chic. ..684 Millar, St. U ...;...S7S ITagemafSTBt. L, Chi 31 Jroh, Cine. ... . 46S ' Cather, St. L., Boat. 214 Fletcher. N. T. .....ttl Meyera, N. Y ..Sit Myera. Brook. ......127 Schmidt, Boston ,...(27 (ilbson, Pitts. ......274 ,'Magee. 8t. L.. ....... tn Phelan, Chicago . ... 44. Heraog. Cine. 4l Kvtrs. Boaton .....41 Hresnahan, Chic. ...241 Cirant. N. T, .......212 Kllllfer. Cine. 141 Lobert, I'hll. ...,.,.(05 Nash. 8t. I 51 Good, Chicago CIS fmlth. Brook., Boat.tST llyrno, Phil. ....... 47 Bescher, N. Y. 512 Gilbert. Boat. ...,.,224 Kobcrteon, N..T. ...25 Cpleatan. PHU. . ,16 Wox, pitta. ,.;... Rucker, Brook. . 24 Paskert, Phil.. ......451 Hummel, Brook. ,..201 Leach, Chic, .......77 Huggins. Ht. L. ... . Stock. N. Y. .. .. .. .385 Snodgraas. N. r...".22 OMara, Hrook, ..,.247, Clarke, Cine, i .313 Doyle. N. Y. ,.(S Mi-frfsn. N. T ..151 Wilson, St. L. (to Htirna. Phil. .139 Merkle. N. Y .(12 Archer. Chic. 241 CutkhaW, Brook. ,..(83 Fla.-hpr. Brook. .,..106 fnlllhs. Boat. .....I 3( .lamrs. Boat. ......lift Miller. Cine. ......h2 tirlner, St. L, 5i McCarty, Brook.' .. . lH Mowrey, Pitts. .... ,214 Wagner, Pitts. ,.,..53 Konntchy. Pitts. ....63 Devore. Phil.. Host.. 181 Ltidrrtis, Phil. ......443 iets, Brook. ,.,,..i2i0 Mann, Boat 38S Maranvllle. Boat. . . .88 Whltted. 8t. L.. Bost.24 Bstes, ("lire. Chic. v . US Mnrsn, Cine, Boat. .541 Mai;tln, Bost., I'hll,. 177 Carey. Pitts. .....l.tit Oowdy. float. ...... J Nli-hoff, Cine. ......414 Collins. Pitts. ......112 Srhulte, Chic 445 'ierber. Pitts (4 U.I. ikl. a . H. S B. Pet J 447 1 4 .175 14 1 .341 I 0 .332 '151 25 -i 167 14 -.225 170 20 .21) 141 II 130 13 21 314 171 34 .314 20 122 12 170 62 .303 71 15 6 0 15 2 149 14 37 13 1 2 147 17 164 It 0 111 31 70 11 300 .300 .300 .291 .211 .297 .294 .20 .290 .211 28 147 15 ,2t 109 4 .2H 45 2 163 14 71 4 150 31 13 0 .2K .25 3K5 .284 .283 140 44 .211 1J7 12 .279 49 14 71 11 39 11 139 31 14 0 151 31 144 15 127 9 131 34 40 3 271 .277 .277 .276 .275 .272 .272 .272 ,270 .268 .264 .366 .266 .266 41 40 134 9 2 9 9 111 11 .244 55 ( .244 152 It .243 124 32 .243 96 It .243 101 25 .263 . 65 14 12 ' 4 UO 17 40 17 150 14 34 ( 132 23 ,2J .242 .240 .240 .259 .269 .258 44 1 .269 150 24 .267 27 1 0 0 .267 .257 .264 .265 9 23 49 14 4 1 .266 72 73 .264 .264 139 23 .263 140 20 .249 45 2 110 2 52 9 6 144 31 .219 .248 .241 .247 .244 61 It .245 - 40 - 4 .246 .244 .244 .243 .243 .243 !241 .241 134 .10 92 4 144 39 99 14 117 50 44 3 112 14 13 0 129 19 .240 I llnlin til .1 . 141 101 42 .240 Teareau, N.-T. .,,..117 Irelan. Phil 166 Humphries. Chic, .. 55 Kllllfar. PHI ... Mitchell, Pitts. .... .2JJ Alexander. Phil. ....127 Hess, Boston ....... 47 ttonsales. Cine 17 Twombley. Cine. ...24o rressn, St. U 103 Beck. 8.. U ..,..,..4(7 Murray. Bost". .113 Miller. Brook. .'.....1st Bailee, St. t. H Corrlden. Chic SIS Snyder. St. L. 120 Orsham, Cine. at Ross. Cine. ...... 41 Johnston, 4'hlc ;1SI Cruise, Ht. U ..255 Killey, Pitts. 44 Kgan, Brook. .1S7 Krommr, S. Y. ..... lit Barrlfk. Cine, Chlc.lBJ Klberfeld.. Brook. . . . 2 Murray, .V. Y 13 Bprgliammer, Clnc.lll Rally. Ins.. Pitts.... (AS HarKrava. Chic. .... SS Von Kolnits, CihC.194 Psnlala, Cine 2C Msthfwson. V. Y....105 Sweaney. Chlr 442 Rswiinga. Clnr 40 Hystt. Pitts 7 L'hler, Cine 5 Lohr. Clnr, 47 Deal. Boat, 257' Hnblltzell. Cine 24 Whsllng, Boat 172 28 39 .239 .234 .236 .234 .234 .234 .234 11 70 64 33 11 41 .233 84 12 .233 24 1 .231 104 14 24 2 39 0 .232 .232 .231 .231 .230 .230 .2S .229 .221 .227 .227 .224 224 .'2ft 51 "a 73 12 75 14 11 23 68 10 76 7 S3 14 22t 31 11 its ti 4 .223 113 21 ,2 22 4 (9. 14 22 4 .222 .222 .221 .211 .219 101 Ml .lit 13 1 .217 17 1 .215 .214 .211 .210 .210 .209 12 10 14 62 34 19 22 35 19 18 4 2 4 von per, cuts .20 need. I'hll ..107 4 .201 4 .201 Klggert. Brk 81. L.172 Williams. Chi ... S4 ... S9 ... 4 ...274 .202 Meneor, Pitts. Tyler. Boston Butler. Boston O'Toole. Pitts. Leonsrd. Pitts. J .203 19 0 -.205 (5 14 .201 . 40 .124 -1 .200 23 4 23 0 10 9 21 0 7 2 t 1 21 1 Pfelffer. Brook, '....lit Altchlson. Brook, ., (1 Mayer. Chll. Miller, 8t..L...... Thorpe, V,- Y. . .. , Duger, Bost. ..... Ylngllng, Cine, ., Iar, Clno. ...... Schmutz. Brok. ., Zabel. Chi. ...... Cheney. 'hi. ..... Marquard, N. T. . . Dooln. Phila. .... ,1S . 3 . 31 .10 .120 . 1 .14 . SS .10 . S4 .111 !2 I ,1 .192 .111 .184 .113 t II . 16 21 I 23 11 t I It I 21 24 1 I 14 11 IZ 1 .110 I .171 :.!S .171 .176 .171 .170 .115 .141 .14 .16 .141 .146 .144 .141 .-141 Bchnelder, Cine ..... 41 KHlogg. Cine. ....U Lavender. Chi. ... Robinaon, 8t. L.. Tincup. Phlla. .... Adams. Pitts. .... Donlln. N. Y, . .. , Mollwlts. Chi. 43 35 53 7 31 131 McCsrthy. Pitts. .-..17J Crutcher, Bos. ..... (4 Petatue. Boa. ....... (2 Vaughn. Chi..-.. 7 Benton, tMnc. ,..i,.'9l Perrttt, 8t. L. ...... II UST THE 1ST add THE EST 0 SPORT BY "HAM" HAMILTON HE close of the football season I has brought out tho usual aval anche of mythical all western, all eastern, and all-American teams. And, as usual, the' went has been en ttrely overlooked, by the critics In their search for the best material Michigan, a team which held Harvard to u 7 to 0 score, does nut land a man on the majority selection. : However, the eust la a little more liberal In Its selection of all western men, for tt Just has to pick some of them in the westernmost parts. Nebraska even, lands one man oo the team. The 1 selections are as follows;. , i All-Ameriran Hardwlck, Harvard, left end; Bellln, Princeton, left tackle; Pennock, Harvara. leu. guara.; mc-Kwan, Army,' center; Spears, Dartmouth, right guard; Trumbull. Harvard, right tacklei O'Hearn, Cornell, right end; Barrett, Cornell, quarterback; Bradlee. Harvard, left hair, back; Mahan, Harvard, right halfback; Whitney, Dartmouth, fullback. All-Western Cherry, Ohio State, right end; Halllgan, Nebraska, right tackle; Routh, Purdue, right guard; Ie Jardlen, Chicago, center; Chapman, lIlliiolB, left end; Clarke. Illinois, quarterback; Maulhetsch, Michigan, right halfback; Pogue, Illinois, lert halfback; Solon, Minnesota, fullback. There doesn't seem to vry much surplus enthusiasm In local baseball circles. The -average Topeka fan is about as much up in. the air regarding next season's program as the O. B. and Federal league leaders are ever the end of the diamond war, It la Tather a bad sign for the stove league to be showing such lltle energy. Topeka State Journal. Harry Wills, who lost to Sam Lang-ford via the knockout Thanksgiving day, has been matched for a twenty round battle with Sam McVea In New Orleans.' Wills is accused by Beany Walker, coaat walker, of quitting In his bout with Langford. ; Jimmy Murphy has at last got his chance with Charlie White, and now that he has tt what's he going to do with It? The two have been matched for a ten round go In Racine, Wis. Murphy Is counting on his- punching powers and ability to assimilate pun-Ishment to help him over the rough road White Is sure to' lead him. But he musn't forget that Charles can do some punching himself. Mike Qlbson and Bob Moha will meet Friday night In Hudson, Wis., In a ten round encounter. In spite of K.,ir,. hamlprt him In the past by Mike. Moha is sure ha will be able to tell a. different story ftir ineir neat meeting. Johnny Kllhane and Joe Mandot have been matched for a go next week In Indiana. Johnny haa pick-id a tough one for hla advent Into the lightweight claas, tor Mandot. accord-ing to critics, is about ready to again take his place as a contender for the championship crown, POOL MATCH STARTS TONIGHT AT PALACE Jitnrnf Williams and Pat Arnold, Local Cracks, to Play . 300 Balls tt'k.i vin,,ailr will h- a 'champion ship pocket billiards tournament will start tonight at the Palace pool hall when Jimmy wtiuams ana ri i-nnM tvn inoai rrarka. sill act to gether for the first block of a 100 potat match. One hundred nans win hi niavorf innlrht. the same number tomorrow night, and the final block Wednesday nlgnt. TV,, mrinitar nf this match, accord ing to plans of the Palace hall, will meet any challenger in me city tor a purse to be donated W the management . " - No admission Teeaj will be cnargea to the games. . ' WEYAND ARMY CAPTAIN Tackle Fleeted on Way Home From Victory Owrr tle Navy West Point. N. T., Nov. 21. Alexander M. Weyand of New Jersey will be captain of the Army eleven in 1115. He was elected on the train on his way here from Phlladelplia. Weyand is classed as one of the best tackles the Army haa ever had. The victorious Army squad was accorded a rousing welcome, by cadets and civilians when It arrived home today. : Harmon. Pitts. It 11 0 .149 t 0 .149 10 I .133 9 ft' .132 I 0 .130 3 0 .130 12 1 .128 t 0 .128 11 1 .126 3 .125 1 1 .122 10 0 I t.,,.111 4 .104 3 t .10 1 .100 1 .091 4 0 .019 I .071 I 4 .041 .047 1 .053 1 .031 Marshall, Chita. ...43 kin. Brook. ..... 75 Demaree, N. Y 48 Rnlsely, Chi. Kafora. Pitts. 11 Ames. Cine 14 Allen, Brook. 47 Rudolph. Bos. 130 McAuley, Pitts. 14 Reulbsch, Brook. ... 74 Doak. St. L. . II Consrlman, Pitts.;.. 17 Griffith. Baa. ...... 41 Katlns. Chi., ...... 30 Correham, Boa. . .... It Smith. Chi 11 Plert-e. Chi. ...' 46 Oeeeha-r, Phlla. ... 40 McQuillan. Pitta. 71 Kantlhner. Pitts. .. II Baumgartner, Phlla. 1 Rlxey. Phlla. 21 Champion bataman. - Of tha four batsmen preceding Daubert In tha table none played In fifteen complete games. . . Note: Moat run a. George Burns, 100; stolen bases. Burns. 43; sacrifice hit a. Lee Magee. 36: home runs. Cravath, 19; three baae hits. Carey, 17; two kase Mis, Sherwood Magee, 39. Club- AB. H. B.B. Pet Brooklyn .. New Tork . Philadelphia Boston ..... Ht. Louis ... Chicago .... Cincinnati . Pittsburg ..,.1162: 111 171 j244 ,...1144 1241 239 .246 ....(lit 1145 4( .243 .,..(204 1207 134 .261 ....(044 1249 204 .241 ..,.6060 1224 lit .143 ....4991 1171 224 ,214 ....1141 1117 147V .111 Landed on Isolated Land Off New Zealand, Deserted, Nearly Starved DEVELOPED INDUSTRY After Starting Sheep Raising, inds He Can't Have Property Chrlstchurch, New Zealand, Nov. 2. ho is the owner of Sunday Island Is a question thatthua 0 be tied before long by the scrvernment of New Zealand. A man named Bell claims that It his by right, and he has arrived In Auckland in company with other more recent settlers to go exhaustively Into the matr with the government. nunaay isiuna, which is roughly seven miles long and five miles wide, is a subtropical Island lyinr about too miles northeast of Auckland. This la Bell's story: About thirty-five years ago Bell left New Zealand with hla wife and six children, and visited Tonga and Samoa, where he Intended to estaoilsn himself aa a trader. rie saw no immediate prospects mere, out in the course of conversation he heard Sunday Island snnken of, and he thereupon embarked on an Auckland-bound schooner, the captain consenting to call In at Sunday Island tn order to give Bell time to make, a general survey. Arrived in 1878 Tho island was reached on Dec. 9. 1878, and Bell accompanied by his family, went ashore. The master rf. the schooner, however, could stay only one day, so after promising to call In and pick thorn up on his return voyage he sailed away. Thla promise waa not kept for on arriving at Auck. land the master purchased ' another vessel with which he entered the San Francisco trade. After waiting for some time the truth began to dawn upon the settlers. They had certainly been forgotten by the island trader, and they realized that It might perhaps be years before another vessel came to their aalt-ance, so they set to work to make the best of the situation. Having some tools with him Bell, with the assist ance of his eldest daughter, began by erecting a house, an undertaking which was successfully carried out. Provisions Go ' Privations soon set In provisions ran short, and their attempts at cul tivation failed owing to the number of rata with, which the island abounded. On acount of the rocky nature of the coast no fish could be caught, and the native goats which Inhabited-the hilly parts of the Island were difficult to capture. At length, however, ah American whaler, the Canton, bound from Now Bedford to the Solomon Islands under command of Capt. Sherman, came to the Island. The barque, being behind time, the. captain declined to take any on on board, but he supplied them with provisions and thus, for the time being, they had sufficient for their heeds. Later on they attracted the attention of another ship, this time the Kyno. In which Bell returned to New Zealand and made arrangements !"or the owners of the vessel to send a ship to Sunday Island at three-month ly Intervals. On (fOvernment Jjsuhi The settlers then devoted them selves to sheep farming, and with the aid of some native boys front Mue the Cleared the bush from a large part of the island. Kven at this stage of their strange careers the Bells had many hardships and disappointments to face. Later on they learned from the New Zealand "ur-veyor-general that their Island home had become the property of the New Zealand government, and that they were, therefore, tenants on government land. This was the severest blow of all. .toother settlers began to arrive. Bell's sheep were cut off from the supply of fresh water, and the land he hud cleared was leased to others. The New Zealand steamer Tiitanekal has brought all the disputants to Auckland, where Bell hopes to prove hU right to the ownership .of Sunday island. If he succeeds in this, he will return to it and again devote his at- (anHnn tn atiAAft farmlnr It Is stated that two Auckland l-i- die's also claim ownership, on the' grounds that their parents resided on I the Island from 1137 to 1145. I NAME BASKETBALL DATES Mkwouri Conference) licks Schedules for Wlntr The following basketball schedules were adopted Saturday at the annual meeting of the Missouri Intercollegiate association: ' Central Wesleyan At Fayette, Feb. 1; at Tarklo, Feb. 11. Prury At William Jewell, Feb. 15: at Wesleyan, Feb. 1; at Tarklo, Feb. 17; at Maryvllle, Feb. IS; at Central, Feb; 11. Central At W-llllam Jewell, Feb. 1-2: at Wesleyan, Feb. I. ' Tarklo At William Jewell, Feb. 22: at Drury. Feb. 21; at Wesleyan, Jan. 11; at Maryvllle. Jan. 12. William Jewell At Central, Jan. 11 and 12; at Wesleyan, . Jan. 21; at Tarklo, Jan. 22; at Maryvllle. Jan. II. Wesleyan At William Jewell, Feb. t; at Tarklo, Jan. 21: aa Maryvllle, Jan..l. Maryvllle At William Jewell. Feb. 26: at Wesleyan, Feb. 25; at Tarklo, Feb. ,. .-''. With the Bowlers " Veterans Win Tree The Veterans won three games from the Drummers on the Ape alleys yesterday. Bertram was high ten with 226. and high thirty with 424. Scores: Scores: . Draaaaarra lat Perkins .Ill Ralna)ter 144 Zondler 201 Doran "'! Siemens .. , 1 2nd Id Tot 144 161 414 lit 192 (21 114 179 6 ll 241 177 177 17 (11 4T, tit 2( 221 , U 124 171 191 (44 172 111 411 110 201 631 171 124 111 1 . 14 . i" iT silt ToUl Yrlerana Bertram Hunt Urguhart .. . mil. Pennewell, Jr. . Handicap CALL OF WILD WITH LOVE TOUCH PLEASES "Trail of Lonesome Pine" Well Presented by Capable Cast 1 at Lyceum I8ABKLLK fiOWK .B "June" rn "Tlie Trail of the lone, some Fine" There is the call of the wild, as suaged by the pathetic and appeal ing touch of love; the challenge of the lofty Ideals of the Blue Ridge mountaineers; the dawning Idea of civilization; the virtue of innocence, and the dramatic force of clashing wills in Hugene Walter's drama. The Trail of the Lonesome Pine," that opened a two days' engagement at the Lyceum yesterday. This play the forerunner of the mountaineer dramas is one that' continues "to live" In spite of the many Imita tions and efforts to replace it It Is now in Its fourth season, and, as It was presented last night, continues to please, amuse, and entertuin. Probably no better wild, unsophis ticated, winning, and lovable charac ter has ever been delineated on the stage than that of June, the uncul tured little girl who. in spite of her truculent surroundings, overcomes the environment through the light of real love and the assistance of -a noble character. And, without a doubt, .It would be difficult to Im prove upon the portrayal of this de lightful character, as It Is interpreted py Miss laabelle Lowe. Her talent Is perfectly In harmony with the qualifications demanded. Supporting Miss Lowe Is a comnanv that is adroit and'capable in each character. Wells Knibloe Is ImDres- slve and masterful as John Hale, the engineer lover. Bob Berkley (Jack i-enaieioni, as his friend. Is clever. and so is Marguerite Abbott, as Lo-rctta Tolliver. Noah Beery gives a forceful and natural portrayal of Judd Tolliver, June's father, and Paul Schwager. In the villlnn role of Dave. ik tin usually creditable. The other members of the cast do not suffer by comparison. nd the play as a whole is the best play of the mountains that has played at the Lyceum mm season. A mutinee will be given today. Star I'ntgrani at Crystal There is tin exceptional dtsplaji'of novelty and originality In the new bill inaugurated Ht the Crystal yesterday. Every act strikes a new and clever tone, and it is difficult to comnare them. Without a doubt, the best trained dog to prove a "star" on the Crystal stage this season, is "Jap." who, with his clever partner," Dal Baity, never falls to Interest and entertain. With a wealth of unique cleverness, a dash of the risque, and a stimulating line of repartee, Faber and Walters gyrate about the stage In a dandy double that exemplifies singing, talking, and dancing. It. Is difficult to describe "I IHed," the amusing farce delineated by . a skillful cast of four players it must be seen with the eye to fully appreciate.1 Iiwrence Johnson is a natural and meritorious ventriloquist. Mlnettl and Hldelll close the program with a fancy, bnngnhout acrobatic act.. Motion pictures fol low. . Xew Tab at Majrwllc "My .Southern. tJIrl" proved very en-tertulnlng to Majestic audiences yes- terduy, and was applauded by large crowds throughout the day. It is a spirited tab with iota of action.. Three reels" of the latest motion pictures close the bill. . . COMMISSION FOR COLORADO NAMED Three Men Appointed to Settle Strike Differences in Fu- . ture Troubles Washington, Nov. J. President Wilson tonight announced the appointment of Beth Ixiw of New York, Charles W. Mill of Philadelphia, and ratrick Glldar of Clearfield. Pa., as a commission through which future differences between operators and miners Involved in the present Colorado coal strike may be settled. The commission, officials explained, was not appointed to deal with, the existing differences which have caused rioting and bloodshed In Colorado. Hywel Davles and W. B. Fair-ley, the conciliators who have been attempting to settle the strike for several months, will continue In their efforts to have the operator and miners agree on a settlement of the prrsent strike. In a statement announcing the appointment of the commission, the president eipreesed "the very earnest and sincere hope that the parties may see it not merely to be their own best Interest, but also a duty which they owe to the communities they Serve and to the nation Itself, to make use of this Instrument of peace and render a strike of tha kind which ha threatened tha order and pros- ihx . -.-'o.? :v 'U fiJ . W'S? Per-, - - ' ';' lfrllfl 1 vt -SA; I 1 , --.' :' V:','-'..'-; -i:rV' -, r r ;C '"'Sy-U' ''""''!': Kenilworth Suits ' ' ' '.:.''-. '( ''-:' '.'.'. .'"-'.- ';'"''' iy."yy:y;-m'- and Overcoats On Sale Today at Compare only with what other stores sell at $20 Every garment is guaranteed to give satisfaction or we want you to return them to' us. perlty of the great state of Colorndo a thing of the pat" The appointment of such a commission was contemplated In the plan for temporary settlement of the strike which the president proposed several months ago, and which was accepted by the miners, but rejected by tha operators. One of the chief objections of the operators to the plan was the naming of the commission. The president announced In his statement tonight that tho commission will place Itself "at. the service alike of the miners and the operators of the mines of Colorado in case controversy between them should In h future develop circumstances wilch ; wuuiu rcuuer iiieutuuun llio ouviuue way of peace and just settlement." Wilson added that "merely to withdraw the federal troops and leave the situation to clear and settle Itself would seem to me to be doing something lens than my duty after all that occurred." He has been asked by Gov. Am-j mons or i.oioraao 10 wnnaraw me troops from some of the districts, and will discuss the question with Secretary Garrison of the war department this week. The original basis of agreement offered by the president included the establishment of a three years' truce, ! subject to the enforcement of the mining jnd labor laws of Colorado; the return to work of miners who had not been convicted of law violations; the prohibition of Intimidation of union or nonunion men, and the appointment of a grievance committee by tha employes, Tt provided that In cases where the officers of the company and the grievance committee could not settle differences, a commission of three men named by the president should step in and act aa the final reform of all disputes. The Weather Report Fnreraat Missouri Unsettled Monday and Tuesday, probshly occasional rain. j "Kansas Fair and colder Monday: Tuesday fair. Nebraska Fair Monday end Tuesday. Weather tn St. Joseph ! tl' ui.h ATtTU t.-ja wwrirumv t 7 a. m. 47 1 n. m. S a. ni ...47 9 a. m .....44 S p. m.,.. 4 p. m.,.. 6o 50 ....... .50 .4H ........ .49 18 10 a. in.... .... i p. m... It a. m. ............ .47 ! 4 p. m...., 12 noon.. .....41(7 p. m.,... I p. m... .....4 1 1 p. m Condition nt T Orioek Last Mgkt Barometer, sea level ..M.94 Wind direction Northeast Wind velocity ,.4 miles Skv ...ClotKlv Relative humidity, per cent ...97 Precipitation previous 2 hours Trace Sun rises today 7 -1 fun seta 4:5o River stage 1.1 t . ( nndltiena One Yenr Asm Toda VVea t her , .Cloudy HlKbeat temperature .; Lowest temperature ...M Totaj -precipitation 1.03 Weather All Over the Canal rr I'nlted States Department of Agiicul-ture, weather bureau. Observations taken at I p. . seventy-fifth meridian time. Condition for Nov. 29. 1914. . I stS !-? K : t V C ,1 x ' r 5m TOW K- Aniarlllo . Kolse ........ Haton ...... Buffalo TT 42 55 40 42 60 54 44 48 44 44 3ft 42 54 40 6x 42 IParl Hdy Cloudy Clear noudy Raining Cloudy Raining Raining Cloudy Cloudy Raining clear Cloudy Clear dmtdv Charles City Charleston Chicago Cincinnati .. C. Christl .... tenver . lie Molne . rwdga City . Duluth ...... T.l Paso .... Ft. Smith ... El. Worth ... .04 Prt CldV Galveston ... Part Cldy Green Bay . Helena Jackaonvtll Kaneas City Knosvllle" ;.. Little Rock . l.oa Angeles . Raining Cloudy Cloudy Cloudy Cloudy Cloudy Clear Cloudy Cloudy Cloud v .41! '.it 14 S M 51 43 40 42 4i 30 41 42 44 3 54 44 .40' .04 i Memphis .... Minneapolis .somsumrrr Montreal .... Moorhead ... Part Cldy jowly Cloudy Cloudy Clear New Orleans . New York ... North Platte Oklahoma ., Omaha ....... Phnenit ..... Part Cldy; iriouoy Clear Clear Cloudy Cloudy Clear Clear Cloody Raining Cloudy lr Pittsburg ...t3 Portland Ore I 40 Raleigh I Rapid City (4. Frawlace ST JOHEPH Mt. Louia ... Heat tie ...... Hheridan ... tipokane .... prfleld. Ill Spg field. Mo 8. Current , Tampa ...... Toledo - Washington Wichita Wlllhrton. .... J 64 It 64 M M 62 60 32 44 64 63 Snowing Cloudy Cloudy Clear Raining Cloudy . Ralnlnar Part Cldy Clear 1 AMISKMENTB , . BXTRAOHD1SARY ' EVt&'T AUDITORIUM Friday aaal Satarday, Dee. 4 and . Matinee a Saturday I'ader Aaaateee mt y " MOILA TEMrtK SAN CARLO COMPANY Orsraalaatloa at 100. Caanalete tirama Opera Orrkratra. Saperk Staging Chan. IBWORLD FAMOUS STARS IS Fine Seenle and Coataaalag Ef-'.,:..., frets. . . . Repertelrei Friday Verdi's HIUOI.BTTO Saturday Matinee CA V AI.I.KRIA Rl HTICAM A PAtil.lACCl. Saturday bvrnlna; Ulset'a CAR. MKS. . (F.arh With a Different All-Star " " " Castt. ...... Prices SO. TS. SI, SI.SO, SS. Seats new at Jenkins Haale Stare. Phase 393&W. -LYCEUM- ; Matinee Tndnr : Tealght ....-if The Great Drasaatle Sneceas at the Seaaen . The Trail of the Lonesome Pine Matinee, Oheheatm. T5t Balrnay, S0t Uallerv, SB. Prleea Maht Oreheatra, Sl.OAi Balcony, 7S and &Oel (.allrry, SS 0RPHETJM TODAY "The Man ram Home" Five Heela. A I.aaky-I.lrbler fratare nlth t'ltaa. Klrhman. nne of tha aat fwnnlar atara new appearing n the aereen. We have the heal and want yen ta rnjnr ear heat re, ear Bhatlla? and oar mnale. Wrdneadny and Thneaday "iar Slralaht Rand" With IJIads Hanson.. Remeasher thnl nn Wrdneaday we will featnre (he Nrat nf the wenderfnl aerial alery . -. . "Jlndem." ' See the Heat ene and dn nat salan tha nther. CRYSTAL THEATER Barree-flerlat C,' Srreamlng Karee L'emedy -4led Vrssette and aidelll Esma frani Knnland . Faher and Water Dee Baltr and Jap Lareaee Jnhnann" Plelnre 5c MAJESTIC-lOc Mel.eerge'a Mnaleal Cemedy 4. In "A Senlhera (.Iri" Land at Areadln S Revl Drill hy l. Jaaenh Seneala Helen's saeriMce, Flral mt Srriea .. mt II a sard a at Helm 5c ROYAL 5c - The heat prasrrasn In In rlly far Five Ont Taaaarram The Warning." One ef the saoat reaaarhable pheteplay ever predaeed. The Only Weal Ht. rat Theater att Bros. M. Joseph'' Blgh-Ciaae Tailors 111 Fraocla Straat 111 :::: .i..KifjljftlEe "-.'"..".'. '. "4 1 . - I

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