The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 6, 1941 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 6, 1941
Page 3
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TT-IUKSDAY, MARCH 6, 1911 BLYTrTEVTLLfi, (AHTC.) COUNTER NRWS PAGE THREE Wild Bill Donovan Has a Look in Bulgaria Total By End Of This Year In Dominican Area Is Set At 1300 PITTSBURGH i UP1 — T h r e c- hundred Buropertn rcfug-ecs alrend.v hfive sc-ttled in the Dominican Republic and 1,000 more are expected to be established there by the of 1941, George L, Warren, executive .secretary of tin? Ih'esident's Advisory Council, on Political Hefu- revealed here. Refugees, are beginning n new phase of their lives on :i 2(5,000,- nere settlement, donated by the Dominican Republic for their rehabilitation. Another 50.000 acres have been added to the original jj)ot bv a donation of Gen. Rafael Trujillio, former president of the republic. The plan to rehabilitate ihe refugees, Warren explained. was evolved at Evian. France, shortly after the Austrian Anschluss with Germany in 1938. The meeting was •vi-r.-u-.ri \jy rum-esentatives of 32 countries, including the United war, also Iwlltl^ht. ihe Stm<l:iy oil the front aftrrnoon p;H',es of Siudi Scheduled March 13 To For ni> lo The West Coasl C'OLUMWA. Mo. <U!'i - Ap)>roxi- i inaicv! f>00 Stephens College t-'-ivls v.'JIl leave hero Miuvh 1'} Tor n trip to lh< West Coast and a look nt the Grain! Cnnyon. San Fmueisi'o's Chinatown, Victoria. British Columbia. a u< I assorted screen luminaries. It \vili be (he lu'th annual spring 'The nu\s:.; movi'iiKiM of ;' M -UK) jjrls. lu'.cs HI id L'O. complete with bniy:u>i\ ropri'M'nt.-i n dioro ;il' sdv'v.oriui.'. rumploxity. but in the fours!- ol' !fi such piltfriiuiujps tho collet!i.' lias m'oh'iul n syslt'tn of Muooth-fi'ir.'iionini 1 . routine uud turU'ul I'huiii'ruMiu.'r Ilia! kK'ps i friction ;uui drhiv to ji minimum, j Thi- fcirl.s Imvi'l by .sp«vinl (.ruin ! -Insi ycnr ihctv \\viv throe socUous fMiT.via?: U or 10 willmnn airs each •with u iviinnr id' cliUDOrOncs. nurses, n doctor, and n still! lo su- UITVI.M' doinlls of tmnsporiiiiloi!. hotel ai-conimodaUons ami writer- lalnmt'iu. /,O.S/ £«W A'eitW Sardis, who is spencllnc, this week with them. Mr, and M'I and Mr:;, II. daughter. Hva I1\\y, art- I ho week in St. Louis. War Letter 10 Months Late i LOR-AIN, O.' t UP)—"The mail <, W. A. StiitMei 1 , Mr. j nuist so through" Ls a slogan which L. StatUer and their .-ylll applies—but It Kornctimes takes u lon^ time when deliveries are made from warring Europe. Mrs. Joseph S. Mocjar received a letter from her aunt, Mrs. Johanna Mondry. of Kluknava, Slovakia. It was 1(3 months late, To Build Hospital As Memorial To His Wife President Roosevelt's personal representative, -. Col. William J. Donovan, center, Inspects a military school ir Soiia, Bulgarian capital, in company of George Earle, U. S. minister, and General Nihoil, head of the school. This is one of the first pictures of Knrle lo arrive in America since the lormer Pennsylvania governor's champagne-bottle imbroglio with Germans in a Sotia night club. bear is a bear isn't a bear is a bear Coast Guard Outwitted ,™ By Youths With Kite sponsored by the rolleiie vl Lxj-'.iin j!;: novel proi'iinn for travel oiiucniiuM for students \viih a trip to si. Louis, where a smull ^roup o! S-'.n'i:; was taken to ra vi'and o)jera pi.'ihunianee In H)2<J. • •;><.uv ihj\(. time Stephens uirls. seviMni hundred strong, have vis- Die hulls of eont'irss, inier- navy . dep'.irlment, West Poim, Annapolis, sailed to Htivmm. and Hrsi or lust, lakcn In most- of the Untied Stales, Last yenv they .sliuit't! iheir own goodwill tour tv) Mexico, where Latin journalists were so isitriyuod b.v Hie presence of f>(H) American college uirl.s in a single «rmi|) ilia! they crowded ihe Horn Mr. and Mrs. .lolmie Sinltler the parents of a daughter who been named Shirley Martin 100.CCO Top Figure | Under terras of the Evian conference. The Dominican Republic :^i>reed to accept 100,000 rel'ugc-w. The refugees recently begun to arrive In numbers, and are- coming into the country every week' in groups of 10 or '15. Warren .said. European representatives of the committee select ihe refugees carefully, on the .basis of character and possible contributions they will be j-uie 10 make Lo die new communities. Most were living in Western ^ Europe, where they fled from countries invaded by the totalitarian nations. Reception ;m:as whore they live in the Caribbean country are un- derpopulated lands, generally devoted to one crop. Under the rehabilitation plan, it. is believed, many of the refugees will introduce diversified crops and eventually may enter many types of mamifnc'turing and industry that cio not compete with current operations. Modern Colonies Claimed The finished ' community will have a place for representatives of all trades, occupations and professions, and living And working conditions will be enhanced by modern scientific equipment to as great a degree as possible, according to Warren. Cost of transportation •irom"- r Eii-' ropo LO the settlement area, which ! is near Puerto Plata in Dominica. } is paid by the American-Jewish ! John Distribution Committee or by ] relatives of the refugees. In many; instances the money is advanced i } in the form of .loans, co be repaid when the refugee re-establishes himself. Eventual size of the communities, Warren said, will be determined by the rate of production of both agricult-tiral and industrial materials. The Falk foundation, of Pittsburgh, has appropriated 450,000 for a survey. are has Convention U'lll Meet On Sunday The monthly sluuln^', convention will Lxj Sunday afternoon ui 2:iX) o'clock at the' Little Rivev Baptist church, « •» » Mrs. Mniuit'Thitf Towlcs and sons. l")avid and lla.1, have returned from fardis. Mls.s,. where they visited In)- a lew days. They wero ue- c(Miipanied home by Mrs. Towlos' sisier. Miss Dandle Wordluw ol HARRISON. All:. < UP)—Accord- In i.; lo n local county ofllcutl, H «K5(U10<) hospital is to be built- at out 1 of ihe highest and most pic- tinrsquo spots in the Arkansas 0/aik,s. The hospital is phumeci Ijy R. W. MrGrath, of Wichita, Kansas, as n memorial to his wife. It, will be operated on n chiuitnble basis. The site is OIK- milo south of DiUnvlji in the northern pnrt of Muono County at the foot, of the historic Pilot- Knob, Piloi Knob is ivfjtrdi'd as the'si point in this itiva. In Un year 1KHO u [ill-fool tower wns built on Us civs; ami from I he top of Die tower on clear days the SpriiiL;- ik>ld skyline could bo seen. The tower was maintained by the government for forestry but foil Into disuse about. -10 years iu, r o. The site !;i thoUfilit to bo ideal for a hospital or sanitarium. Its elevation makes It cool nnd com- lertable in the MWUWT lime while it.s locution on a sheltered slope ail'onls proloctlon In the winter Mnie. 1^30, jilg iron production In Canada totaled "756,182 long tons, compared with 705,427 long tons the preceding year. CHOICE MILLIONS thought for HEADACHES WORLDS tftRGEST|f|£ SELLER AT IU Y PORTLAND. Australia 'UP> ~ II it- Coast Guardsmen blushed when boys put this one over. * The ketch Pf-nuuim had run .it:round un a' daiiiit-rous coral nN.'f '2(0 yards ollshon. 1 . The pfoblei'n was how to |4^t a line to U. Tiii- Ijo'.'.^ attached a Ulna tlsh line, 10 •'•hich a sinker and a balloon had been liecl to keep it atluat. u> Uu-tr kite n.nd tlf-w it out over the keti-h. Once the crew had the lish line. ,. heavy line was nUached at the -iMire end. then a suvl C'al)lp iMv.i lit 1 crew pulled aboard. Fiji Islands Britain. owned by Regents of University of California said this was no bear, refused to accept it. Beniamino Bufano, the sculptor, said it was a bear. Sarida Henderson, editor of the college paper, looked it in ihe mouth, accepted it for her office. Bufano here unveils the tiling for Sarida. Spring is galloping toward us. Light, moist cakes THE \Dainiy COOKING FAT Jts Wonderful! Pie liakrr, 75, Bt'ats Women SPRINGFIELD, Mass, iUP) — ] -Seventy - i'ive - year - old F. J. : McCarthy says he won the Pioneer i Valley apple pie making cham- i piomhip from women competitors i because he had done the family baking since his wife died in 1907. 'iaa^^i%j^^ FIU-SAT. & MON. Mai'. 7, 8, 10th CHECK i COMPARE SHORTEN THAT\ "CLQSEQ~tN" ' TiME OF COLDS >FNFTDft NOSE LiltlsWGROr'S PINEHURST, N. C. (UP)— MOVP ihKii 10 learns from several slates already nre entc-reci for ihe annual .spring polo tournament, here April •JO. Pre-iournamem matches are bc-inj4 held every Sunday. Heads Naval Intelligence MONEY IF AVE ERROR. YOUR B A C K MAKE LAST TIMES TODAY | WK BUY & SELL j L O C A L FARM PRODUCE. Kryers. milk fed Ib 29c j llecf Roust hrundcd Ji> 19c j Mutton Chops—Koast .. ...121-c i 1't-py Head I5c j IMjjs Feet pii-klcd 3 pc I«Lt Lard or Cornp. hulk Ib 7'^c j iig',^. iJiru'e fresh 17<- I Gerber Baby !;> or .iimior can Coffee, fresii ^roinid, H> i5c Kraut. Stokley choppt-d (;an,...10c IF,-.niitiy old fashion i-;m 10e Keans brick baked 28 oz 22c Food Coffee 25c !0c upount NVxvs & ComoiJy c Koxoffioe open 1:45 to 3:W Roxufficc open 0:3!) to 9::50 I Maxv/cli l?«»usc ! PL'I::P!JII Liliby can.... '. l.itnas Biy fresh c;iu ! Aspara^u.s all grccJi 1'u-nie. j Herts Lihhy's cut ; Tomuloj^ iiunt! I'nk 4 onus. ! 1 inm-iittic* -1 .-)/. t;ins only.. ; I'u.ichcs r j':il;!c Ir^e halves, j T;uii;ilo.s KatlifPs 12 for... ! Chili Cmia'iy pound can... Salmon Alaska Chum Spn^lictt; Franfo-Arni-rican S:ius:ise pure jjork \y«:inii!'s, .skinless Ib Kimm VeribL'sl slifi'd Ib. Suuce for MeaLs riutisage sin- links pkjj Club Steak-Roasts 1'ork Chi.ijjs. ct'iilcr Ib. . . '{Jaby Uevf SU-ak Ib Veal Steaks bone.-lcss • Salt Meut sidt\ Ib iMn liars-Snoots-Kidncy . N*(,-ck Hours, IV.icou Skins. Jiaroii Squares Ib C'Mcese Vtribest Ib Lunch IMeats Ib L & S '"tire Fruit I'RESEIIVES t ! -j«' jars 68c £l(;:n-\ Syrup i*5i" can 2'» Ibs.. Butter Koll Ib. FRIDAY • i I Singing and Swinging in — IEAK ROGERS TURNIP TOPS or GRKEVS. bunch only :1< Al'lM.KS York Fresh Cooking 4 Ibs. for I He ORANGES Calif .Seedless Sweet Eating 5 for..l"u- LETTUCE or CELEKY crisp and fresh lr«re Sr TOIVIATOES Firm - P>es h 2 Ibs. only 2.vj VOTATOES Baling: Keel 10 Ifc 12*c bu. 75c sk 51.14 ONIONS or SWEET POTATOES fey qual. S Ibs J5c GRAPErRl;!T Seedless Texas juicy 5 for 15c Capt Alan G. Kirk, above, U. S. naval attache in London for the first 16 months of the wai, is the new director of naval intelligence. Bob tmby'i «rd*stfa,-lwtBrtJ« "tta tebesrtf' Also Selected Shorts MANY NEVER SUSPECT CAUSE OF BACKACHES This Old Treatment Often Brings Happy Relief Many sufferers relieve nncging backache quickly, once they (liscovcr that the re:\l cause of their ^trouble mny he tire<l kidneys. The kidneys arc Nature's chief way of tak- inc the excess acids and waste out of the blood. They help most people pass about3 pints a day. \\hen disorder of kidney function permits T>oiionous matter to remain in your blood, it rnay cause _nagging backache, rheumatic Tains, leg_pfiins, loss of pep and enerev, get- ling up nights, swclline, puffiaess under tbo eyes, headaches and dizziness. Frequent or scanty passages with smartiui? and burning sometimes sho\\3 there is somethiag wrong with your kidneys or bladder. Don't waitl Ask your drugKist for Dorm's Tills, u?cd successfully by rnillions for over 40 years. Th ey E| ve h a ppy relief and will h elp th o 15 miles o! kidney tubes flush out poisonous n-aatc from your blood. Get Doan a Fills, T!STKN ? TO KLCN a.m.. .r?:-tn r m.. 4:3 Waldorf Tissur roll 5o Shoe Polish liquid O c Rubbing Alcohol pint 10c Lux or L-firbuoy. ?, bars 19c Meat Smoke Dennis pint 4!)r P;-:by Chicks AAA 100 Chick iSlixrler Mash 10 Feeders & Fountains Lay Mash 100 Ibs.. 56.50 up Ibs ____ itte I0c S2.25 Dr. Slock & Poultry Tonics p.m. 5'hone Plwne Roxv X Y ••Sf'i N-^-. ^;.J j?>5*:-> I <;-X 4 THURS. & FRI. lOc .« 20c Johnson's GLOCOAT or Furniture Polish pi f>f>r OXYDOL or ULl'E SUPER SUDS re?. lOr s/ 7',c PUUEX or CHLOKOSA N bleaches, purifies (|t I'M- SOAPS I.iPv, P&G. Cry. White or OK, 7 for 25c Merry \Var Lye or Old Dutch Cleanser, ear. 7'-c FLOUR Be;uit-E-15akc 12 Ibs 30e 24 Ibs only 73e Seed Potatoes Verihest W is. sk S1.85 bu.shei SI.10 PLANTS Frost proof Cabbage & Onion 7' : c I.ard Pure 2 Ib. crt 17c Wood Flour 98 Ihs Sugar finest "> Ibs Zfic Meal White 5 Ibs., Renns 10 H:s best 3<)c Peaches-Apples It) . S3.:?r> ...15c ...10c STORE One ^fe Also Shorts and only 111-113 E. Main In P,lytbeville Aero^s From Rakery REST FOR T.ESS EVERY DAY— NEVER UNDERSOLD Fancy and Staple Groeeries — >Mea!s — Vegetables and Gen. M'dse. Phono 234 — Free Delivery Anywhere T. H. Van Ribbcr, Owner and Operator Rear KLCN at Ifl a.m. & 3 p.m. GRADE ccording standards set by t Marketing Service KRAFT MAYONNAISE COUNTRY CI.UI1 NO. •> CAN STANDARD NO. 2 CAN T3NY PEAS CORN BUTTER CAKE FLOUR TOMATOES Country Club No. 2 can 2 for Country Club Golden Itantam Country Club 1 li). roll Whole Kernel No. 2 can 3 for Country Club -M 07.S. No. A von dale 2 can for Counlrv Club Half or Whole, H>. Choice TOMATOES, Standard Mo. 2 can, t for CORN, Standard No. 2 can, -1 for MILK, Country Club ?> larti'e, (i small MATCHES, Searchlight, (i for COFFEE, Spotlight CAKE, Lemon ('ream Layer, 28 o/ CHOC. DROPS 1 ! 07,. Cello, batf CLOCK KREAD Lar»'e Loaves, 2 for. 1 Try It- Save up to a Dime! Evsiporated, 2 ibs. Cello. M A KSHM ALLOWS Cello. !ia<r Each APRICOTS Evaporated. I !b. Cello. 17c p. a G. SOAP 7 Bars 2Sc RAISIIfS 2 Ibs. Sunmaid 13c BAMS THICK RIB ROAST CHICKEK GIBLETS FRESH PORK BRAINS Krnfl American, SAUSAGE Meat Ib. Ib. SALT MEAT RSH OYSTERS Ib. Fancy Sliced Ib. 1). S. Fatback Ib. RED POTATOES, U. S- BEETS AND CARROTS No. 2 Washed ICej Louisiana grown, ] 0 11). batf • J i excel, qual. 3 bchs. 10 (; U E E N CABBAGE, YELLOW ON- \ A Well trimmed, O1c| IV rned. heads. Ib... 0'2 \ IONS, 3 Ihs ONION PLANTS CABBAGE PLANTS ORANGES LEMCMS GRAPEFRUIT Hunches 150 sixe Texas, full of Juice. Excellent ealinng qual. doz. .3CO size, Sankist. Recom- mcnci for seasonal use. 5 for At their peak for eating quality, Tex. 3 for 10 KROGER PIGGLY WIGGLY ^•K: Q UALITY ACCEPT THIS AMAZING Buy any Kroger brand item, as or better than any other, portion in original container GUARANTEE: Like it as well or return unused and get FREE brand we sell,'regardless of price. i<?3<? K.G &B Cc.

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