The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 8, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 8, 1934
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Served by United BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS 'I-J1B DOMINANT NKWW'APm Of NOHTHKAtfi' AKKANBAB AND tfOU'i'H*AtfV [ •*f~~ — - ' '•''•'_ •' mm EDITION ... • • -. ••' '"s VOI.- XXXI—NO. 122 UlythevUlc Mississippi New> lilythevllle Ccurltr Valley leader ItlythevUl* iienld BLVT1IKV1I,I.K, ARKANSAS, WKDNKSDAY. AUGUST 8, 19S-1 SINGLE COPIES FIVK- CENTS ESTPJE SENDS COTTON UP $2.50 A BALE Kansas City Machine Carries Him lo Easy Win in Missouri Voting. Mechanical Trouble I Balks Byrd's Rescuers; I I'fTI.K AMKltlCA, Aniarc'.il a,, All-;, :: (Ul'J— 'lii!- si'i-ond all.-mJl | i.'ch Aclnm-.ii Piiviuiu t!-l l;yiu ,i'. his M;iU.i:v u-.:t]jj I i-. 1 . al twiay v.-l:-n :L "LI-.I<:LC..I- ];ai '.,ui IL:VU! Ijr.c-k lo '.h:;: l.j:i.' '.::;jic':d diilkuilii-:, it m-ccs.--ar.- Inr l-l. Inuiiiv, C. i'ul-l- tcr and hi 1 , main 10 tuiii Visit t;o Hermitage Planned by Roosevelt ST. LOUIS, Ail". 3 (UP1-M:-,- saurl priniiny •.•Ifftifin voters toiliy sky-iocksltd' Harry S. Truiirin from [L pDli'.ically obscure county court jtidgeship to the Democratic nomini'.jji! [in- United Stairs *-n- atcr. man debated John J. Couhrun. Si. Louii 'red-."eadcj Irish cunsrc-js- :nan--a victory maJe possible by T. J. Pontlergast and his Ktcani- roller machine of Kansas city—lo win the riijri to oup-.s? Rc3;QL- C. Patterson. Republican incumbent p r from Springfield, in the b:il- ; "•• loting this fall. Jacob i, Milligan, Richmond, was third. Longslreet Cleveland. t Buonc county fanner, polled only a^fev,- scattered VOIL-S. United Press tabulation of the voting In 3.3BG out "of 4.270 precincts: Cleveland, G.9fi3: Cochran. aid ii:.- i:ii:e-- :•; :m<; ri'tiirn lu-rj iil'.Mi-.lH '.t; r-'-'tj.. tar-: tun nt \\r.:u r three, standing I ::;:;.• ! ; .- uil] UMVI- i! Wl-.;l!K-I . today. _> L, l.i ir.if.L,r y fur 134.7CU; Truman. CARliTHElZSVILLE. Mo., All". 8J —Pemiscot county 5\vun^ a bi;.i I'oto to Harry S. Truiu." 1 .n, niJmin- =trai:on candidate and ;ip:;arenl By United Press A Democratic rebuff to An admin- islratlon-sponsored senatorial candidate developed loJay as the most significant result of primary contests in Missouri. Kansas and West Virginia. Clem L,. shaver, supported by Postmaster General James A. Farley, apparently lost the West Virginia Democratic senatorial nomination to a darkr.or-je. 29-year-old Rush Holt, more radical New D;al advocate, supported by mine unionists^ .. Congressional incumbents in the three states, running I'M- renbln- backing, a trend which has continued since start of thta year of rhe selection process. In Missouri the Kansas Cily Pan- dergast machine functioned to assure the party nummatio'j for the eenale of Judge Harry y. Truman in a four cornered race in which Rep. John J. Cochran of SI. Louis was second. . Senator Rcscoe C. Patterson. Republican was unopposed. Kansas turned Dr. John Brinkley in the Republican gubsr- natorial race by a one siilej vote, picking Gov. Alf. M. Lauclon. Thir- ly-six-year-oM Omar Ketc'.:um, To )i3ka mayor, received liie Dsmo- cratic nomination for governor. Vole Cast In Yesterday's Democratic Primary Election. New York Cotton NEW Cotton Oct Dec Jnn Mfn-ch May July S[)ol.s •15. YORK, Aug. closed steady. 0[K?n high low 1321 13G8 1321 133t> 138-1 1336 1350 138D 1343 13,if. 1400 13W 13M 140") 13G1 1370 HOS Uii' closed stcadv al 1 New Ortennx Cotton victor in thc race fnv Miwouri' 1 ; Democratic senatorial nomination yesterday's primary election. Orville Zimmerman. Kcnnelt attorney, carried ihe county by a .vide maigin for Ihe congressional nomination. MOM of the county mess were rather one-sided, that for judge of the probate court ting a:i exception. Approximately 5,000 Democratic vr.teis went to the polls in the primary. There \vos little intcr- in the Republican primary, j whrre there were lew contests, and the vote was light. | Returns from all hut two of the' county's 31 precincts were avail-' able ,today. The missing precincts. Virginia No. 1 and Clodair No. 2 .•mi Finall nnd the-'vote from I':.' 1 :/! will change none ol the results. The vole in 2il precincts, as tabulated unofficially this muming. war; as lollows on important contests in the Democratic primary: For U. S. Senator:— Harry S. Trumsiti. 2.7M: John J. Cochran. 079: Jacob L. Miliigan. 703. For Representative:—Orville Zimmerman. 3,011; V. Lee Stokclcy, I.COU; Eugene Mungcr. 381. For County Judgo, First District: —.\t. R. Rowland. 1,359; \V. E. Brown, 828; w. II. Kirby. 411. For Judge ol thc Probate Court: —B B. Sanders. 2.554; T. E. Broderick. 2.246. For Collector:—D. Ben Holly, 4.- C61; James A. Brown, 830. j For Prosecuting Attorney:—Rob! eri, W. Hawkins. 3.323; Houston Buckley. 1.274; Sam J. Corbett, C1C. In Little Prairie township <Car- (Upi — ulhcrsville) a warmly contests! race for the Democratic nomination for constable resulted in vic- 1303 lory for Bob Dunavant. Tin- volo 137a was: nimavant. 514: Hollis BuirJ. I35ii 258: c. w. Hampton. 1C4: Garth 1394 Ilinchey. 148. with ." other 140: candidates tr.iiiing. in the ftam township \v. W. Corbett, C. E ragg and Gobler Elliott, incuin- tciils. were all rcnominated for u.slices of ihe peace. Ic, IIS M THO BRIEF anncliun Quintuplets Now Sccin Likely to Live Maturity. l() A visit to The Hermitage, lordly mansion buill neur Nashville, Tcnn.. by Andrew Jackson, Is expeot- od to be on thc itinerary of President Rooscvolt when he inspccls TV A opeintlons in 'I'enncssce. probably laie in August. The old Jackson home, near where "Old Hickory" is a stately lumie that played an important part in (he nation's buried, Is sliown nbovv, history. | Mercury Soars Here i to Record for Yeari Jessie .Cra\y{ni'd, 18, Nar-jm j The temperature reached a new | high mark for the summer here : yesterday when the maximum read|in» wns 105 degrees in the sSad?. ft was the third successive duy "vmvlv 5'l!«;cp= -Hoi- Vlravt io\viy- ftiisses nei ntau With Bullet. v.'hich the maximum temperature I xvas 102 '"'" hi 8 hci '- ThL ' -previous !ll , J , 1 mark of 1M ^^ , ra:; ! equalled .Monday. Jessie Crawford, atlractive 18- year-olj dai;ghter of George Crawford, of Ihe GosiieM community, was in a serious condition at Ire Bly- ! thcvillc hospital today as a result j of a bullet wound, self-inflicted at the home of her grandfather on 21st street here early tills morning. "Please let me die. T don't want to live." Miss Crawford «-as quote;! as telling her sister, Miss Eunice Crawford, wr.o was the first lo each the room where ihe shaotin? ccurred. Lying on the fiocr \vith bullet wound in her ;eft lung, the ill begged for somct'ing that 'ould suable tier to be certain thai ler desire had been accomplished Fulicll air.! Driver Will Speak Nenr Manila Next Monday. Afternoon.' MANILA. Ark.—Over 3.COO people fiom Mississippi. Craighead and adjacent counties are expected to attend a big picnic near Manila NEW ORLEANS, Allg Cotton closed" Me.idy. hi<?h 13GG Ocl Dec Jan March May July Ki.ols 4H. 1317 1323 1342 1364 1382 13'J7 1404 1304 clo?c:l Kteadv low 1317 1333 1312 1350 1357 13S4 ciosr 1352 13'i7 1331 1304 Gas Explosion Wrecks Rooi-Top Aparhiients at I3o4. NEW YORK. Aug. 8. (UP)—A gas explosion lhat sent a ton o! 'crick and mortar tumbling to the Elreet damaged four penthouses on trc roof cf an 18-story ap.\rtmen l-!04bltui!din g in Greenwich village Stock Prices NEW YORK. Alia. 8 .UP) -- filocta etos;d irriyularly hijhci 1 on the New York e-xclmige tociav. A. T. and T ioy 3-4 Anarciuhi Ccp^vr 11 7-3 Bcthlohein Steel a7 1-1 Cltrysli-i 30 7-S Citit'. 1 : -Si-rvice I 7-a Coca Cola '.'.'.' na j.i Or-n-.rol American Tank :il 1-2 • ICIcLtric la l-j Gential Motors Intematiunal Iiarv:sler Monlttoiuory Ward 21 1-2 M:-w York Central 21 Packard 3 I'll .lip-; IVlioleum ....... 10 K-idio Coi|i 53-4 .Si'r.inons licds One \sc:nan was fatally injured ?he died as a police emergency :qi:rid had vainly applied oxygei jmld Ih? ruins of the expensive rcof top apartment. Several other person? were injiir :d. one of them being Louis Sobol Broadway columnist, for the Nev York Evening Jcunwl. who suffer ixl minor cuts when he was throw from his bed in one of the pent houses. First Arkansas Bale Brings $165 at Memph; OF HITLER inr T ' w<Jllll:1 >' ancrnoon ill which Cov. IIIL I ! Futi-L'll and Congressman W. .1. uUl I ' Drivcr wl " spcrik - I Arkansas Senator, Touring Europe, Interviews Nazi Leader. Tiie picnic grounds are in JBcau- I champ's Grove, one mile north cf BERLIN, Aug. 8 (UP)— The hol-.l which Adolf Hitler has on the German people is amazing. Senator ol _. . . . . . . . '. I Jcsepl: T. Robinson Pnysicians who examined Hie airi ! }aid |o[1 .,.. iP l " J " have been driven so ille. Pumps that there be plenty of water. Keiics This ilory, .umm|i:mlt'il liy J lull | |Cl] liuicr of hithrrtu unitubllshrd pli 1 - tures .on 1'agf R, Is the :.rnmil of I wo upiK.\lrlnf inclusively In the Cmirii-r News and ulhrr NKA Scr- vk-t- iit-\ts|i:L|it'rs-, revrulhi).' wliat goes on t>rl!iii<) |bi; srent'% t>i tb n Ontario lioint: uf thr famoux Dionnf tjuliiluplrlN, ami li-lllnc Ihe HIII.U- Inj "life story" nf lh<- lulilrs. SValcli thr Ciiurkr Nrws for ex- l-hiv:lvL- lectures. Cupyriclil, 1934 By NKA Srrvlrr CORIiEIL. Ont. Aug. V coups Jounced and rattled as Us lights picked out the rocky road from Callnnder. It v.-as jii;,i shorl of 4 o'clock in the morning ol May 28, and there wns hardly a trace of coming dawn across tin 1 slump- doited "bush" country. Dr. Dafce, al ti'.e wheel. WHS not put out by thc bleakness of lite hot:r. He was used lo that. You don't practice healing for i>0 yenis among Ihe sturdy French-Canadians of this section without gelling used to Irregular noun Now he could see Ih? kerosene lamp-lighted windows or the 1111- pritnted frame house of oliva 1)1- onne. Dr. Dafoc mused on thc case before him. Too bad he hadn't been called earlier. Prenatal care Is sketchy in this country, but sllll Mrs. Dlonne wasn't In very good shape; he'd found truces or n kidney ailment when Uionnc had called him tn a we«k before. So he insisted on "staying wllh" the case. Dlonne wasn't an un,klnd man People -licrc seldom call the doctor until - tilings look-pr«tty. bad, Arid Mrs. Dlonne's five children had n: been delivered without any particular difficulty, and she hack In the kitchen after Ihrcc days each time "Near-Miracle" Disclosed Dr. Dafoe pulled up lo the cottage, and entered iU-to nnd (and lielp bring aboul) a modern miracle. Two babies already had IKCI Mini, and lay In a clothes-baske hastily improvised as a cradli third, under ministrations of Mrs Alex Lcgros, a neighbor woman wr.o hncl come In to act as midwife, wa British Pair Off; Canada- to-Bagdad W ABACI A UKACI1. Out.. Aug. H] (UPi—Two ilrltlsli uvliitors. U'un-| iirii G. Held mid J. It. Ayllru;, look elf frum Wns:iga lleach lo- day In un atlcmiil lo bicnk t'nc '.vor^i's lonv, distance non-stop llujlil iccord by Ilylnu from tlii-i ecr,;liin Hay result lo liiigihid. Their plane. "Trail of Ihe Carl- carried They fiOO gallons of i;asa- hopcd to nnike the Iligiit of approxlmulvly 5,000 mill's in about 30 hours. Weulher re]K)rts over eiiMern Canada and the north Atlantic were favorable • I'exas and Oklahoma Production Drastically Cut by Droutli. Husband Stands by Woman Accused of Killing Her Lover CAllUTHEHSVll.Ll-:. Mo.—Tile! djournecl session of July lerm ut'l lictilt com I will convene here 'hursday, when Judge John R Duncan will mount the Ix'nch to tear the murder trial ol Mrs. Irmn "iaskins, wife ol the Hayli street .nd water commissioner, and ac- :uscd slayer of Charles Spencer. Hnytl night marshal, her alleged over. Spencer was shot In Mis. CiaEklns 1 home. Although "the other woman" was ntroduccd at the preliminary, Ics- :lfying against Mrs. Gnsklns. the faith of the accused woman's hus- are helng erected for children. There will tirniks. by thc women and be barbcci:. 1 Music -will tc Lcachvillc Band kii.i:-:^ Thcrj ; .space, ance Mid that the pistol shot nr.r- her ury, «,:ile serious, uas ieveri to be critical. Tho not not ' - lcn ' Ihe impression of a ""'«>• *. riltv 1 r> l»s -own ]v,st- ! " 5l ° »' -. who :it- lnc:r.o:-i.O I'aul v.ii and cold furnished and by a Manila -string ciuarl','1. will br plenty of and state police.. and the sheriff's fcice will be ay and to direct trallic. The people of Manila and L vllls are extending an invitation tended Ihe , ii'3.';ioii io:- ; HliijL-nbure aiul lnt;r interviewcil i to tiic citi-ious of all nuvtheast Ar- Rcbtivr-s of the girl professed to ilitie . itaiiihs lo attend. be at a 10=3 to determine the reason ! , ,, . . , , „ • or her suicide attempt. They said '."£™.* JH"' "' <, -.^ '"' ' »he apparently hatl not been hi a!' , L '.' r ' ti , . ' ( - l(J '- 1Ll - lespon;Ient mood nor was sh? in ill' .;.,Vi!i!l °.l NEW Olil.KANS. Alii;. 8 (UP)— . ftiuill government crop i-:;llrnst<s aiisi-cl ,'ulu^!.s tn rise $2!iO a bale to new highs In all positions tlif New Orlians cotton ex- ch[:ii-!L- today. WASHINGTON, Aug. 8, (UP>— Oroutli turned the 1034 cotton crop lo a ne-.v IC]v level rfnce ISttti ~.ith one exc2])tli>n, a government forecast s.'owcd tixlay. Tho department of agriculture, In I Its first formal production estimate, placed the Indicated crop at- U.195.000 bales, well within the taxation free limit of Iti^CO/WI bales under the Bankhead cotton act and the smallest crop since 1921. Texus and Oklahoma sulfcred most severe reduction eslimatjs but ti'.e ravages of tne sun will be felt throughout most of the belt, the report indicated. Will Enforce Bankhcad l.aiv Immediately after the report Secretary of Agriculture Henry A. Wallace summoned officials to discuss its implications. The estimate was said to be below my anticipated by department officials. It was said that despite thu Indl- caled shott production the Bank- act would be enforced In every Tho dcpnrlment estimated a harvest of 1G0.9 pounds of lint cotton lier acre and placed the condition (if the crop on August 1 at G0.4 per cent of normal. ,_ , , st year's cotton acreage pro- band was in no mann-cr lessened., d , lc(!( , 13iM1 , M o bales, the per acre and he stuck fatlifullj- by her. y, cW ur 20a : 5 pounds b3ln tfP one of Qnskins look the stand at lie prc- ,i lc lnrgest on r ^. onj> A b C [ , d liminary lo pic-ad for his wife, and ,[, nm m3 la , D32 u 1090 .,„„•*,; "" " ° " ™** Kt .-. before Justice. The trial of William McPhcrsoh. accused of Ihe murder in connection with tiie slaying of Linn Mills, Is set for Friday. McPhcrson Is alleged to hnve hired Elmer Drls- klll to kill Knits, promising the slayer a team of mules and har- s^ a wagon. MO bushels of corn, nnd '40 acres of lund free of rent. Drtsklll confessed the slaying and : "-'j u 7.7 ji^r cent of normal". . It was 74.3 per cent on that, date last year. An nccomnnnylng repent by the tensus bureau showed ' that 99,536 bales from this year's crop had b;cn ginned prior to August lour Mr;, uobii ol niropi'. ,T Nine Suits for Divorce | lax Filed in Chancery (Wt t " L , a » o High Court Nine divorce cases were filed yes- rday in chancery court hsrc. In cne motion Fay Davis, local .ieputy constable, is plaintiff in an action against Dsna Davis. He i-= repieiented by Sam Main;:. C;her actions include Bertiia E Snyder vs. Glenn A. Snyder. W. E Hlnson vs. Lilly Hinson, S. R. De-: !.-ancey vs. Emma DeLancey. Cha. LITTLE ROCK. Aug. 8 (UP) — in process of being delivered. Mrs. I^gros. herself a mother o many children and assistant at ih birth of mar*' more, was vastly re licvcil at seeing Dr. Dafoo. In fac she was visibly trembling. With relief. s!:c lefl the case to cool, busl- nefs-like Dr. Dafoc, and lurni-d to thr (,'iroe children already delivered. She in the stove, turned up the wicks of the kerosene lamps, tin-J assembled the bnbes In a lempo- lary crib bum from a clolhes-bas- kcl. Tr.c mother w v as imconscloiu, and IX". Dafoc's problem was a difficult one. Eaoh of the remaining two babes was found to be cn- _ closed in aiiniotic sacs, moving | about freely In the fluid which fill- Icd these membranous containers. lions arc under way for organic- JEician to'oiKn^tS cOTcriiiBs'and lion cf a new bank here. Appli - - testified McPhcrson until after McPhcrson's been concluded. I. compared to 171,25-1 bales ginned before the corrcsiwndlng date In 1933 and 71.0HS bales for 1932." Acreage Kstimatc Cnt Area of cotton in cultivation, as of July 1, allowing for usual aban- i ! Keiser Business Men j> i- oanking; Cooter Man's Condition Grave; Leg Amputated COOTER. Mo., Aug. B.—E. W. McCann, Cooler merchant. Injured in an automobile accident on Highway 01 last week, is reported In a critical condition al Methodist hos-jTcnn. pilal. Memphis, where hb right leg Aln. was amputated above the knee i Miss. Monday after blend nosoniug had set in. cation hns been made for a charter for what, is known as a co-oper- remove the tiny body from each. Thr Dawn Baptism Dr. u.ifoc turned now to his desperate fight for the life of the mother, who liad previously revealed week ago Tuesday, aside from a broken i\ supreme court test of the 193); atlv e Di1 "k. wili: 20 local business ! redemption law was asked in an i mcn tlle Incorporators. •appeal from Pulaski chancery i While present laws demand a 'court, which labt week u .In-lu I capital sleek ot $27,500 to establish validity of the act. ' i a regular bank, thc : W. B. Worthen company brought: bllll k may be formed the appeal for Street Improvement 1 °f 510,000 and can engage tn every| A.S thc gray sunrise light began] District No. 513. which sought pay-1 Phase of banking except the lending i to engulf ihe yellow glow of tin ; incut ol a $380 assessment for 10321 °f money. ' - • _ . . McCann was brought to the Blytheville hospital after the accident, which occurred near the stale line His injuries. leg, did not appear serious. Blood poisoning set in Monday, and he was rushed lo Memphis for the operalion. His wife. Mr.i. Opal McCann. postmistress -here, their daughters, Helen. 7. and Marianna. 3. his bro- hired li!in.[cinmncnt. lolalcd 27.371.000 acres, " held over.the department reported, reyls- trial has Ing downward an earlier -estimate iof 28,024.COO acres. EslimaU's by states: 1933 1934 1033 1934 Lbs. Lbs, per A licr'A Yield Yield 275 295 37.000 35,001) Car. 300 310 684.000 000,031) Car 255 235 735,000 IHO.OOO 24G SOU 1.105.COO 881,000 141 120 20,000 340 MO 253,000 170.000 240 235 443,001) 3GK.OOU 1U5 200 Q59,fXIO 915.01W 194 195 1,150.000 1,052.000 La. 176 175 417,000 41tl,000 Tex 185 10B 4,42U,COO 2.382,000 Vlr. N. S. Gcor. Pin. Mo. | j p. condition of nephritic toxemia. sisters. Mrs. L. E. Cooper and Mrs. Marcus Llmbaugh. are tn Mem- he co-operative and wl:o was now far down In the I',"'" :d with a capital j shadow of death. uier< phis, where they will remain until "C is a change In his condition. Okla. Ark. N. Me.v. Ariz. Calif. All others 311 280 15,000 208 B5 1,2M,OCO 193 ICO 1.011,000 4G3 435 94,000 391 370 OG.OOO 500 483 217,000 fiM.OOO 75(1,000 83,000 101,000 223,000 11,000 Silent on Arrangements Huey Long's Troops Told "Shoot to Kill" NEW ORLEANS, Aug. 8 (UP)- Ir-stie one challenge, then shoot lo kill, was the order given sen- lrio.5 at Jackson barracks today as Senator Huey P. Long's state militia continued their siege of Orleans, in defiant; oV courc , n . lor Political Meeting I orrter£ "i Two deputy sheriffs visited the The new institution is designed to man,-.o!lc faith of the parents. St. : i. 25 5-J| MEMPHIS. Ail?. 8. (UP)—Arkansas' first bale o fcotlon of the year brouglit 20 1-2 cents a pound on the Memphis exchange today. The bale, crown by w. C. Grant, near Tyronro. was told to the hiirh- nons Beds icsl b:;!<icr. Cook and Comp.iny. fcr Uuis-fian i-"rnncl. i -co 1 3-4 $105.50. Bidding opened at 14 cents and advanced by half a rent bids un;i'i Cook and Compjnv put in tli2 final Clrictiffo Corn •idard of N. J >IF Co S. Steel .. S. Sme-Hini; 43 21 3-4 132 1-4 Chicago Wheat open hinh low c 107 1-2 109 5-8 107 1-4 109 78 Absentee Ballots Already Sent pealed from an Independence coun- • |ty chancery court order of Fcbni-.Judpe M. R. Rowland I r.ry 12 that cancelled transfer .if; _ " left him by s. M. Lawrence.! on Bankhead Board Rulherford obtained Ihe secur-j before Lawrence's death Aus-i A total of 73 absentee had been dispatched tcd;iy to electors of the Chirkasavba district of Mississippi county, temporarily out o! the district. | H is understood Hint precaution is being taken to familiarize ab- , list 28, 1033. ballols, The chaWlloi ordered turned over to S. M. Casey, tor of the estate. CARUTHERSVII.LE. Mo.—COUtl- | ly Judge M. R. Rowland of Nelh- fiindi, eri.vuds has Ijeen appointed a ! member of the Stale Allotment In fact, early efforts centered online courthouse'c.'"' "' t saying the life of Mrs. Dionne. Fow It was indicated, however, that! Ue::evcd tnat all. or any of the no alternation in plans calling fnri Speak at Leachville Tonight tabes could live, for no sat of quintuplets has ever lived unbroken bylon the courthouse lawn would be oeath tor more than a few hours. | made. Miss Reed is slated to sp;ak But Dr. Dafoe was not the kind afthe same place al the same Urns. I the governor to speak at 8 o'clock) JucJge Fred Plckcns cf Newport v.-ili speak in behalf of Howard Reed, candidate for governor, at 8 o'clock tonight on the main slreet WEATHER thai gives up. He took over all ar- Reed headquarters here bas. °f Leachville. - ... .. raigements. The five older Dicnne through R. A. Nelson, former slal»i Judge Pickens is reputed to be an 'Board for this slate. This board children were placed with neigh-Senator, stated that a joint dcbitciable crater and well versed in state I will have charge of all nnttcrs^bors. And the beit hospital ar- would be desirable but that other |l»li!:rr. pertaining to the administration of i rangesncnts possible were rigged up arrangement would be agreeable I Candidates for county offices have [the Bankhead act. '"'•> sl '°rt notice within thc little . Headquarters arc being cstab- house. ""«V^LT s^r^'i .r^rv 8 ^- cloudy ^.^ A ^^ G ^»' 'win-en voles may be casl in prop ? r • an . df ™"«<"»•• . lorm i-ronu^nrK' nii-mii,,i. n-iu.i 1 -, Aiempnis ana vicim.v—i-.iiu> "t"« «-^ ....v^.". v * v.^.v..^.v,..-----— • u m. ir.qiunuv nUMtit.i u - 1 ""^l c i ou dy tonight and Thursday, little for Missouri. Judse Rowland has I first told I Sep Use 110 1-4 112 1-4 109 3-4 111 3-4 Dec open high 74 5-3 76 3-8 77 3-4 79 3-8 low 74 1-4 77 3-S close 70 1-8 79 1-8 Rowland's appointment came'The World Astounded vicinity—P.ully'through thc director of extension] Dionne was thunderstruck The announcement of Miss Keetl's I been invited by thc Reed For Gov- h-uv i.. n,.. in IHL in temiMralure. at Tire maximum temperature here him for thc task. •esterday was 105. minimum 7ij. Other members _ thi I clear, according to Samuel P. Nor- Tde P. Trotter, Sikeston, and J. 1 vis, official weather observer. Hemphill, Kemiptt. iKfause of failure In vole in er manner. A large number of such ballots'yesterday was 105. minimum 7ij.| Other members of the board are [something ought to uo put in thc primary two years ago. speaking date was released to tlu 1 1c-nior riadquartcri here to attend press on the day following asp-Mr-janci rprak briefly. Rnce of Governor FutrelVs pians in; when the press here. Reed headquarters j City Sued I'cr Krojs new) denied, however, that Mfes Reed I SEATTLE (UP)—Jay and Mil- had experience, both as a prcducer'o'.iughters. "I ought to be put inKvas deliberately 'scheduler;' to liiake'drcd Harrnigton sued'the city to—-• ~ ~' - ' -' qualify|^il." he muttered. Then pride'.her speaking clash with the gov-!o'ay for $10,350 for the loss of came to his rescue, he thought ernor's declaring she rad b?en scheduled to speak here before an- A. papers about it. After all, five was nouncement of Futrell's plans was I trnril inltAM rtt^ T3n,. A OJ-\ '».«J n on Page SU) made. their frog raising teisincss. They contended the city dug a ditch in their gravel pit nnd spoiled their profitable business.

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