The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 14, 1936 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 14, 1936
Page 6
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PAGE SIX IN TEAM /Soft Field Reduces Jnjur- ies But Also Slows Offensive Punch JONES BY MAJ. LAWRENCE "BIFF Head Coach University of Oklahoma NORMAN. Okla.. Oct. 14.— What .does a muddy field do to a football .team? Plenty! It cuts down >our offense on pla\s Involvi'it; multiple handling of the .ball, nnd -practically destroys your for- -wnrd passing A -muddy field reduces the .chance of Injuries, because the soft ground serves as a cushion .Also, the players can't get tiieir footing and hit ns hard us on a , dry Meld. • t Many, coaches, . realizing tills, take most of the pads off their plaje/s. , which eliminates Uic weight 'of the discarded pads nnrt r, rtl«o of (he moisture the "would absorb. Personally, I prefer not to do Hi Is, for you tnkc ilsk of getting a plnyw hint. ' How do coaches equip playcis for a muddy game? They nuiKc them near longci deals However, sometimes the mud will ball up under them, nn<t this must be le' moved, during limes out. Commercial brands of rain pants nre "• the bunk. After experimenting with several, I piefci mine; ordinary light game pnnts and making a complete 'change between halves.' If the so-called rnin pants are 'waterproof, they also must be alrproof, nnd that overhauls the players. Wet Field Changes Game Plans Tactics in the mud? The 'coach nnd the quarterback should examine the field before the game and judge how much liberty they can take. I've seen conditions so bad that all you could do was kick nnd wait for n bienk. However, sometimes the "footing will be good enough not to interfere with- normal -tactics. Rain is a great cqunlbei of fnotlnll team'; If the field is ro nuiddv thnt forward passing is oul of Hie question, a coaUi rui weaken his secondaiy defense tn •r.tmiglhen his line anainsl n nm- n.i:i=! attack, n situation that make 1 ; Ihc game n sorry mess for sp-ctators and plajcis alike f The best, nll-\icalher field I ever vvil RVht'^here at Oklahoma It rc'ncd all 'rnornlng and up to within 45 minutes of the Rnnras paw line Inst yeai, jet we liail wild - footing for the and •*rro al le lo \\car short cleats Worst field T ever .saw? One 'cm mHrli |.MC Sth nnd 88lh division'; lri«l |f ttf|plny at Gondiecouit, Franc" In the winter of 1919 It had no turf, and the mud, which hod the consistency 1 of very thic'i split, pea soup, flowed over • the plajers' shoe tous Comedy In tlie Mml , Good; pi ays In the mud? I can think : ;of three lust., season: Br> Hews;' our blocking hnlf, did n prcat job of punting nt Kansas State. Bill Breeden, our tailback won thnt game for us by stand- Ing In the corner of the field ar>d bootlne the wet ball between the rmrights froin the 13-yard line! We also beat Missouri hi the nnirt, 20,to:G, but the prettiest play of Ihe game Was n forward-Intern!. Murray to Turnbough to Harry Mason. Hint Missouri worked on Ihc. 'slippery. turf" to score h°r touchdown. Mr-si comical' incident on a muddy Held? Nebraska was smtish- inc downfleld on a power march srd: with the players of both teams so. muddy you couldn't them apart, the Cornhuskers were on their opponents' one-yard Imc, wjtK fourth ' down coming np. However, one of the opponents lined "up offside wllh Nebraska When the ball was snapped, he vvhee.lrd nnd tackled the ball carrier" for. n loss, saving the touchdown. Nobody ever did know where lie came from, Daring Italian Wins Dizzy 300-Mile Race HLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Completing 300 miles of 1,200 turns nnd twists In an average lime of B50S8 miles Tanto Nuvolarl, Ilaly's auto race driver "who hap, a contract with the devil" won uic Va> Cup race over the new Roosevelt Raceway al Wcslbury, L. I. sixty thousand 'saw the Italian ahead cf four other foreign drivers, and badly out?h,,ss American pilots, who could do no bcltci sixth, Mauri 'Itee, of Columbus, O., (aklnx that spcl. Here is . Nm<olari iccelvlng l| lc • '.'.' George Vandcrbllt, left, after the race. an hour, darln; r limn oily from Only Two Paragould, Four Chick Regulars Started Game Last Year By J. P. FRIEND Substitutes In 1935 are exacted to bear the brunt of Ihe conflict between the Dtythevllle Chlckasavv. co-champions last year vi-llh pine Dliiir, and Coach jack Dale's Para yould Bulldogs, Friday night nt Harmon Field. ',; V. : .. Father.:Time, the'ol' gent with (he scythe, cut n wide swath In the starling lineups of, both clubs'-and only .six 1035 starters are likely to be In there for the opening whistle. Of this number two arc Bulldogs, and four of tl lc Tribe . Algle Jeter, 144-pound guard-nn<! Ililmadge Mock,. halfback, nre the Pnragoul<l holdovers listed nmoh» the probable starters this year who started in the Inst mcetin» of th" two teams. Byron "Ripper" Wnlk or. center; Calvin "Hickcrnut Mlcad Moody, .guard; Alfred Mer- ]Cdlth, back; and Homer Beshar>,e WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 14, 1936 Taking a Flyer at Football Harry Gray son Crashing Into Picture Football Is Old-timers to remain football, need no longer fear that the gridiron will become un ouldoor basketball coin-l. The .so-called i - a'/,?,lc-dn-/zle vvm grand entertainment while It lasted, but aller two giddy seasons, fundamentalists clearly havu dcm-i onstratcd that loo much of It Is unsound. They Have forced leading exponents of lateral paiviinq curb excessive handling of the I. especially behind the lino o( scrimmage. , There w n 'c limes 'n ""•! f"l '15 when H appeared that.: the -ihanglnt; trend, born 'of tile in,c prohibiting un oppnncnt from advancing a fumbled ball, cveutn- illv,,,vycul<l lend to Urn oilskinlie- Ing 'round Instead of oblong, so Unit noble .athletes ucou'.d dribble as svell as lug-H'.down the llsld.- ,ilt ;vvas jSUsnucted .,11ml some, of the leftists, might even BO ^:o finis to'suggest flipping-the spheroid ever the crossbar luslrrul of l;i?k,|'M fnr. Ihe extra point. There ^wiis no J^etlinu' nwnv from the'-, fact' .that '• tlie 'good >old " lii>- nnn'gaine, of football was rapidly nnd lalWmingly drifting from Ihe blorkhiB nnd tackling iocs •" rlous by n score of 38-0. 'Jeter nnd Mock are -performing al their old iwsls. Besharse has been converted into a wlngman. Stewart nnd Downs, ends 1 '' Home and Justice, tackles; Gilbert guard- J. Hart, center; Hunter, Hayes ami Harrell, backs, are missing from the Paragould roster. All graduated except Hunter and Harrell Harrell is now a' member of Iho Jonesboro Hurricane. Hunter has withdrawn from school ( 0 accept a position Gene Blackwell and Robert Baxter' ends; "Rnsputfn" Rnyder aim Ray Larkin, tackles: Elmer Lindsey Buard; Hershel Mosley and Eddie Snllba. backs, received their sheepskins from Blythcville last June Practically the entire ' slWn" lineup for the chicks 1 in Friday's contest went in in relief roles last year, but some in different positions. They were: James "Bab" Hoberls -and James Burton, guards; Joe , Bartholomew, Lloyd "Tear" Wise and Bill Harrison, lackles- Onell crnlg, quarterback; Russ=il Mosley nnd Max Hutchlns haff- tacks; and LeRoy Brown, fullback U ,". r(o " ' s n p«' » tackle; Robots an "id; Bartholomew, guard; and <--ralg,, guanl., . Hershel.' Earp, 172-poiind tackle H 9 i C J" l ° -" B ean ' e - as '»'«" °s Hijliflll, smith, guards- Harris guard; Beaton, center;- 'Dunham! back; and V. Hart, half. Earp -| s ."sled as a probable .starter,-a.s Is Carroll Harris. Beaton Is also on he ai uad. but the olhcrs arc miss- Ihe daing joung man do.u, on hi.s kmes is u lmn of Southern California, who dashed in to b!o-K a punt by Henry of Illinois, and wn s blocked o,I by the Illinois footballer w ,o ni's t, „", the a'i will, the greatest of ease as a result of the impact. The Coasters beat the mini 24 to 0 A nevvspapei iliolojiaphers life - 1, niled with ' hazards, ineludin" such limes ns when he sticks (he schnoy.zlc of his apparatus Into n To Give Play-By-PIay Account of Grid Game Collegians From Texas Work Out At Haley Field Tuesday By J. P. FRIEND They call the St. Marys University football warriors the "Battlers" but they could be aptly termed the "Travelers." Traveling in Iwo large school buses, enroute lo Scranton. Pa. where they play St. Thomas University, Sunday, the big, husky squad from San Antonio, Tex., 25 strong, with their famous coach, Prank C. Bridges, formerly of Baylor University, J..C. Slmms, director of athletics, and Bro. William Siemsr, instructor, and two student managers, slopped oil here yesterday nnd went through n two hour workout at Haley Field. They took the field shortly nfter Coach Carney Laslie the best running backs he ever saw." Paul .Buchanan, end, and alternate captain, hails from Prcs- cott. Second I.onff Trip This Is their second long trip in ns many weeks, having just rcturn- ' ed from the Pacific Coast where they played three games in five (lays, winning two and dra-,*i>g the other. San Francisco University tied them, S-6, but they won from Santa Barbara Athletic Club, 15-7 and downed the U. S. Marines at San Diego, 12-7. They arc scheduled with Western Maryland at Westminster, Md., October 24, before returning home. Horned Progs came through, 18-14, he said he was still inclined toward the Fort Worth boys. S. M. U. and Texas A. & M., couldn't b? counted out, and may spring n surprise, he .said. Bridges praised the condition of I the field here, and said Ihe Texans j made a bcc-llne in order lo get to Blytheville in time to work out on it. Just about this lime last year they stopped off for a stretch on their way to Washington, and were impressed by its fine shape. He also said that the fame of the Chicks had reached Texas. Fishermen Guide I'orpoises GLOUCESTER, Mass. (UP) — Three fishermen reversed the process by which they earn their living and acted as "guides" to Ihree bewildered porpoises stranded in Smith Cove. Aware that tht finny trio could not find their way ball enme. to be played at Pnra- under the lights. After the drill J they had supiier at Hotel Noble,! boarded their caravan nnd were on their way to Cape Glrarden'u, Mo., where, they plnnned to spend the night. They left Texarkana yes- lerdny morning. There are two Arkansas boys on Ihe squad, ami incidentally both i arc captains. Doug Locke, of Cros- I sett, who made football history in the,Wonder Stntc ns a member of the Magnolia A. & M. team, is one | of their backfield aces. Elmer Lay- [ c|cn now head conch at Notre'. Dame, saw* him run ngainst Catholic University, Washington, D. C., last year and said he was "one.of miles each foolball season, 12 games. They won U, lost'-l,'and ! had two ties in '35., j Praises Tribe 'cd to please alumni nnd ind to fill Madiiuns by lu lopsided scores against inferior rivals wllh as many ns five men ; ugi;liiig the ball as though il verc a. red-hot polato. Wanted to flay Caleb furnished by PltUsbureh In i" " 1IS Annorel has broken even In four lames so far. They boat the Bly- Booker T's To Close ''Baseball Season Sunday Harry Bailey's Booker T's. -will .cltvse- Ihelr baseball season r.gainst the Memphis Mud Hens at Bailey'-, ftate' line park Sunday 'afternoon. The Mud Hens nre managed by Happy Foreman, former big league pitcher and manager of trie Osceola, Indians. The Mud Hens have played the Booker. T's three times this season, .but have defeated the state liners only. one time. Two cluh: played Sunday with the Mem- phians winning a tight contest, 3 to 1 Bailey said he would send hi mound. ace, : Handful, against the Mud-Hens, in an attempt to close the season with a win. Meanwhlle. blocking and luck- Ing, the backbone of American f ootball, WAS sadly n^ylc^tetl. These who should have been ruti- 'ins interference loitered about 'he carrier looking for n .spun- ; actually laneous lateral. It got so unit defensive p'l ver?, '•-cklcd hM>. If al all. bccivu'O Ihey expected the carrier lo cluiofc he bill to somebody else. Viitu- ally, they nil become guards, a.i In basketball. The obiert was lo •>lcck the uass as much ns It was i bring the carrier down. The adherents of volley hall ropped key snmes to oi:poi;t-nls f eounl strength, but this wiu sight of on following Salur- G-" fl.»feat of Ohio Slate. Not once did the Panthers l"s' the ball Into the nlr or even nrr T , i. - • •• lend that they-were going to do B . l . ll| l» 1 ^ "nee. but lost to 1 so, even though the unced today. The play-by-play account of tlv> game will be sponsored by Apple baiim, Palace Cafe. Robinson Drue company nud KLCN. local radio station. The nccouf will be given'by J.'p. PrlciKl, sports writer nnd radio commentator, ove Boys Revive Spirit of '4(1 BERKELEY, Cal. (UP) — Tin spirit of .J76 .isn't entirely ,dc,id in California. • Stanley M. Ellis an George McKle, 14-year-old son of prornlnent local men, )cf home, went to Northern California and panned for gold for two vre*l; before .they were discovered in brouht home again The gold par nlng for .the! two weeks had nellc them $5.' • Six hundred eggs that vxill de .vclop'Into mature flies in two week can be produced by a single house ny. , ictually. say that his varsity d<-- "' 1> , T11= 8 nme is sc hctluled for 3 |>m. The Nigerian Yorubas rii nnl ,^r llbcralcly refrained from pUir 5 ' Dlrk I'ottcr, Blytl.evllle. will off,- mlt burial until d»bt? of t -,III, In order to demonstrate how thor- ! mte - . 'Have been paid. nys. when they poured It on fnr ouglily a sound defense and stiu running game will help an outfit which has wasted much of \ Its time in trying to pi-vfect ?t-1 intricate passing game lnvolvin;j n great amount of ball jugfliug. I Although their touchdown cinii-! late In the Kolng. 'the Panthei-j handled the Buckeyes much easier than the score indicates. ' From the start. Dr. Sutherland ! has favored legislation HmUin-! Coach Bridges' championship 1 1 teams at Baylor University iii' '22',' '2.1, '24, are mountain peaks in Lm-< 'Star pigskin history, nhcl he Is credited with developing tire famous Ted Lyons, one of. the few to step from the college campus to major league baseball. 1 He took time out between bites to say thnt the Southwestern race was going to be toughest in years. At the beginning; he said the winner of the T.C.U.-Arkansas game would win Ihc championship, sines the poises Imllcil Ihcir companion. Glass Is handled like hay, with a pitchfork, at a factory .in Ne\v : ark. o. - Bcfnre You Bay Any Outboard - See tbe NEPTUNE 2 II. P. VAC Sinele Cyl. ST*«> (Other to 1G H. p.) HUfUiAItn TIKE & HATTEKY CO. eakcr teams with nyln s trape^s j use of the'lateral.' other doodads that spell! ilghly accumulative scoring. But overwiiclmlng victories ov"r ss fortified foes will not forever crcen losses of Only on rnrc cccasions is n Lai- j ernl advisable before the ball ear-1 Her penetrates the line of scrim- : mage. . The pnsser has yet lo lie (!is- important , „ ,,„„, „ ncl even those who. tell hardest covered who can pull n football or aerial circuses now demand a I out of n lint with a ids-pound e.xl clurn .to a more effective. IhousVi j parked In the immediate vicinity <s spectacular, style. L, his n(!ck . Teams slress;ng what, generally I leaking, has turned out to bn I xjlball horseplay, necessarily nnd o neglect fund.-.mentals. Mosi or he precious lime Ihey had for iraclice had to be devoted to Die nyriad of new formatioivj grosv- ng out of wide usage of the ->;- :emporaneous lateral. They riab- )led in loo many uncertain plnvs instead of perfecting ble few. a deper.da- Thus, when faced by stern 03- posilion, the forwards of which 'ore Into Ihc Plays Shawnee "B" Team On Thursday i ARMORKU Oct. 14.—His small squad badly crippled, Conch Coburn "Poss" Thornton is confronted with n serious problem ns he preps his Armorcl Rcildies for their game tomorrow aflcrnoon with the strong Shnwnec "B' 1 team. In addition to losing lo 111: ngould Bullpups, 8-7, last M Shaver-Foster Gin Co. Corner or Hroruhvay and Railroad St. > At tlte Old ilahan 1'Iace Now stocked with and ready to deliver the kind of COAL deflect his loss after It was in the air, they were sunk. They were not piepnred to nvrt robust opposition at its own game. Pas£lc£s Panthers Proof Slanford's veteran and charging line broke up Southern cs. | Watson, center, George Early, and 1 Uodgers, guard, leavlnz him with only thirteen available olayors. There is a possibility that Watson will be nble to play, despite le? j and back Injuries. Rodgcrs Is suf- hard- '. ferlng from sinus, ns well as bruls- Methodlst's vaunted passing In Ihc Rose Bowl last Nev Year's Day Duke disposed of Colgate In the same way In this season's mnjor opening al Durham. Bui ihe most conclusive proof That Coach "Irish 11 McCandlcss is banging a fast, big, well condt- lloncd Shawnce team for the gai Is evidenced by the fact thnt th.., whipped the Jonesboro Juniors recently, 13-7, Tlie Whirlwinds ottoii With irry Home Moisten to this! It's older than ever—riper tbau ever —better than ever—and you get this Top-Run Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey al the same low price! Tk» A.M.S. DWtian of Kitiwul DJttiRers Products C«rptratiM, LoolsnKe, Iwtncky LOW PRICED? YOU BET! AND CHEAPER BY THE QUART YOU! aVIIOI IO «OOD IIQUQUJ pre-

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