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St. Joseph Gazette from St. Joseph, Missouri • 9

St. Joseph, Missouri
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gfrffogcftfi (gazette. Thursday Morning. September! 23, 1915 IS ADJOURNED Furnished Firms Who Built arid Judge -Booth to Come 1 Here So Civil Docket Goes Over Until March Theater the New Electrie FORABADtJOUGH Hero a fin old-faahJn! rerl(s fur ciOklis, crlla or catarrh tiuuhlp that la aJiaul'rtely unmk4r tfTwm-yonr tlrnjr-- Blt I ni. of Parniint iDuuMe HtrdiiKlh) anil ailil to' It 1 t'lut of hut watr ami 4 unr. Taka on 4 tlmfi a day, No- more racking your whole body with a i-oUKh.

ClOKKeU nostrils will open, air paaiCf of your hsad-wlll rlpfir and you fart hreathe freely. It easy to ire-pare, costs lltlls and la pleaaant la take. Aiiyoiij wno A atub. born cough. hawrold or catarrh In any form should rive tin pre.

ecrlptlon a trial. DISAGREES FANNIN JURY, The PEEA The H. A. Myer PaiirtingCo. INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR 7 Ten for Conviction and Two for Acquittal in Trial on Boot-, legging Charge CHAIMs DECORATORS GAS MAN" RANSACKS HOUSE HE ENTERED Office and Store, 1115 Frederick Ave.

Phone Main H89. Were secured from and fnstalled by the Admitted at One Home to "Inspect" Meter, Force Way Into Another Owing to called to Minnesota on legul business, and Judge Ar. ba VanValkenburgh' will have to fi to Jienver to "flit on tfie federal court Ot Appeal which opciis Monday, the tt. Joseph dlNtrlct of' the western Uvlilon of the United Htatea district court wis adJiAirnod last night, with the civil docket. Intact, curried over to the aprina- term.

Court had been in unwilon here since Monday. Only three eaaea were called- in court yceterday. I'hllllp Fannin of Gallatin, vhnrced With hootlen-irltis-. 3tood trial, and the Jury Wltnetyiea were examined durlnr the RECENT WORK DESIGNED AND COMPLETED Interior and Exterior of This New-Electric Theater. Consult us oa your color-schemes, OUR SPECIALTIES -I Fard wodrf 'tntrhTTtRT2 A nun who said hn "waa worklnf for tho Ran company went to the Lome of Mr.

J. Hart, 2405 Oil afreet, yesterday ofternooiv, anil inked to Inspect the gas atovM and the jru I wftcTiiumu. T7rH? SrEXniMer ah3T TMums in Jir hm Shortly afterward, Hart saw theman so it) Samuel Whltt were Btnte wltneaeea, who testified they had obtained Rcfmisln'np Changm Colors. 7 Imitation of Hardwood. Interior of the Crystal.

Lobby and Entrance of the Colonial. the home of Mr. and nom-ranWTTI? When Dlacsd -minimi, HeliniHN tio live at on the.tand,Uhe defendant, waa FURNITURE AND CARPET COMPANY Homes Furnished on Easy Payments. Refiuishinp a woo Floors, Guaranteed. Wall.

Tintinp Oil and Personal Designing and Supervision Given by H. A. Myer, President, to All Work. No Work Too Cotjiplicated for Us to Handle. Specialize On Equipment and Fur tvishings-for "Larrjc- Public- House Painting Given CfireftiKAttemtorr.

Olive street, and (tain entrnncc to the house by, etfWtnijf tbeaeretm off a baaenieni window, '-(' nei'sme plclauaot h. -man-Htfcr-ntfirrt the police, HoweVeri when the unlioe arrived the aUeKed birlr had dl- appeared. The tioiw ai'j-oss the way Jn1 been ransacked, biit nnthlns; waa Kune. Jl. In the opinion puliire, 1 bat Interior plana of many dwelling- are learned tri thl way by 'burtrlara.

They advlae all person to auk to see tb of piHuilii who reprrtient theineelvea to be official. MBK AT to The OatBrjle.1i DHrllhtrton. Srpt 22. -Aifaln TwrlinKVin has called upon to milter another lone by. fire, HlKbV the store of A.

le wat deatruyed. A. L. r'tiHHilan. wljo ran hnrneM ehup wtc jif the Je ttv.

loat- his entire Mock. The caime or the fire not known. aiaikOui Carpets MI (S-1J AND Erll ablu to reraeaiber deflnttety abou.t..lil movement during- the paat few yearw, T. O. Ttuimrd.

Ijemuel Corniilj WjMd War. ner, Thomaa Lwi, and es-Mberiff Jllalr of Davleea county were among the wltneseee for the Sefenae. The attorney- for Jfaiinl-ate(npte'o -ea tablleh Inoompetehey of the teatlmony of the wltuoaaeirfor the Out Five Honrs The Jury waa iut from shortly after 4 iKlock' In th aftcrno)n until 1:10 oclock last night. About 8 oclock they asked for further instructions from Jule Van Valkenburi-h. Ten stood for conviction and two for acquittal.

The members of th Jury are: CJeore Bonham, John A. Akin, 8. K. I'oage, Thomaa T. Merrltt, tieorge Kurta, H.

Hunt, Jesse i I ner. -Yeman Haiti It. B. tiowdy. W.

A. Craven, and M. Hruce, When the rase, of Vlnceno Caronia, charged with Sending; blackhanl lef-tef to Joseph Plro. 206 South Fifth waa-talled. hl attorney asked for continuance of the case, owtnir to rck of time for preparation for trial at this term.

District Attorney Francis Wilson, objected. However, the court granted continuance. Papers aaklnic for transfer o-f the case on ground of prejudice in Joseph, were filed. The case probably will be taken to Kanas City. George Spears, 1 years ol( plead.

el gulltv to aendln obscene ketjrera through th malt and waa assessed a fine or Sl" which he arrartja-ed to pay. Hla home la at Bettle Station, Platte county. -jV Judge Van Val ken burgh will teav for Kansas City thl mornlng.Ss.JHs-trict Attorney Wilson returned lant night. ALEX WHELAN FREED OF HITTING AVGRAXH Jury Finds for Defendant in Row at Knights of Columbus Rooms BIG GRAND OPENING BEAUTIFUL NEW ffiHECTElC Draperies SUPPLIED the Brady Furniture and Carpet Co. 509-511 Felix Street Contract "Work a Specialty Seven THEATER Doors Open Oclock ft Continuous Show' 1 jj Wilton Lackaye and Clara Kimball Young ''t'he nutlagmtsbed Htaae Star js The llurpuli Sffff IVrsuhalM)' In Justice Vorgrave's court yesterday a Jury found Alex T.

Whelan not guilty of a charge of. assault brought by J. J. MoOrath. St.

Joseph Structural Steal Co. Structural and Reinforcing Steel tor Every Purpose Carried in Stock for Immediate Delivery T.W.TODD, MANAGER Fourth and Franklin Sts St. Joseph, Mo. lualify Tlie trouble occurred In the Khigrhtsj of Oolftmbua roonia, in the carory buUdrng. Keventti and.Kdrtiond streets, Auk.

SO, "and McOra'th alleged that Whelan struck him and knocked out rThe evidence showed I i U'lttla w.i ahiint Ia nnv flnme dues, for another man, when Mc-jB" I l-i'i ft 1 5t ft-' 1. 1 tirath told the secretary not to take the money. It was then, McOrnth snld, that Whelan strtick tirath' aald the assault was. wlthotit warning ahd t'hnt' Whelan also struck J. J.

Ooodrich. 1 Whelan said he) fenreit he waa about to be attacked ami that, he struck the first blow I i the ornamental plastering v. In the New Electric Theater Was Done By C. FELLING, I Specialize in Plain and Ornamental Plastering 2802 South 23d St. Phone 1271.

1r J25t pEDAR BROOK is everywhere that service is supreme the If I for this reason. It was brought out. by Stephen, rwen, attorney for Whelan, that the, difficulty in the club originated some; time jgo over the question of whether or not there should be a buffet in the club rooms. Oscar T. McDatiiel, i prosecuting attorney, tried keep out the old troubles, but Oweneue-j reeded in -otU4ig them -before thei Jury.

1 The Jury wu comprised of R. P. IT.n U.x-KirtuUI Wl ar assjs a -If ure, ncn age -mellowed raav" HI vW 1 1 "I urbon that cheers the Hi tourist like' a message jaded i tJr- vwt i. man. -Oeorpe Taylor, A.

P. MltcheU. and II. B. Agee.

HUNDRED EXPECTED AT Irom home. At leading clubt, hotels, and ftaurants, Irom leading dealers, to ask for CEDAR BROOK it a mark of good judgment certainty of satisfaction. For atMy-eight years the mellowest and best. W. HiXtcBRAYER'S Cedar Brook -TU World Fiaot WLiAcy" DUBOIS CONCRETE COMPANY- Furnished the Concrete work' for the New Electric Theater Phone 1945 lflc CREDITt MEN'S DINNER Will Be Held Tonight at Hotel RobidoUx President Moore Will Speak About 100 men are expected to attend the dinner of.

the St Joseph Credit Men's association at the Hotel Hobidoux at oclock this evening. The occasion Is the visit of four men prominent tn the I tion, H. G. Moore, the presidents and! K. M.

rnderwood, V. H. Salisbury, and H. 8. Gaunce.

national director. Moore will apeak on "A Word from i the 'resident," and Underwood's sub. I Ject will be "Credits and Counter-1 felta." The other subjects Thavs not' The Electric Equipment in the Electric Theater WAS FURNISHED 3Y THE ELEGTBBC mm. afc aafJla yet been announcea. i n.

n. icimmer-man, president of the St. Joseph as-aoctatlon will preside, and Ewlng Herbert and P. Hanush will apeak for thsSt. Joseph association, A USE WHOOPINO tXCGH REMEDY Mothers, Dr.

Bell's Pine-Tar-Honey Is Just the remedy for ytfur children's cold ailments. The fact Is that pins is a quick enemy of cold conditions. Its qualities loosen the mucous In the throat, eoojhe the lungs' and open up the air passages. The combination of honey, soothing and pleaaant, with the loosening pine quality makes this an Ideal cough remedy for children. Ewh-asalng'-yeaT-b'rtnrsrroTIt "new A family of growing children cannot afford to Jjc without It zsc a bottle.

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