The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 6, 1941 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 6, 1941
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VOLUME XXXVII—N(). ;> TOBMM ™*OTNI^PA|.mQPNOHTWWOTAPlf*»« B . lm o«.^^~~~:* 00. Blytheville Daily News BlythevJlle Courier BIylhevillp Herald Mississippi Valley Loader Arkansas Prison Conditions Bad Committee Finds F NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI '"" — ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, MAKOH 0, i!Ml asked Wage Witnesses "" ri *"«" s *xisi in mol , time to * fee. For dinner and supper they * said they received greens in plain$ water. ••; Prisoners said they were "not / given sufficient clothing to keep •" them warm In Wnler and that Isome of them had to work bare-, foot n the fields. "The sin-prising thing is," the committee said. "that wardens corroborated the testimony of the convicts." One prisoner said the Labor Dav break in which more than 30 prisoners escaped from Cummings Prison Farm was planned after the convicts decided it was better to risk death in an atfSmpl to escape than to Stay in prison -under unbearable conditions: " " - - 'jells of Deals Prominent bankers, merchants and planters testified that the penal board rented farms from individuals on share basis and that j the prison officials then demanded Ai Uift conclusion of our first* «ay.s work", a committee report to I the nouse said, "we were confronted will: propositions that compelled us to call upon the state police torn- and the state comptroller's 01 nee for assistance". Recover Prison Property The committee reported that it had recovered abou: $500 worth of loodsiuff nnd prison property lound in the possession of ex- fonvicis and "certain other persons". One firearm belonging LO ihe state penitentiary was found in a Little Ro'tk. pawn shop. Committee members said they talked to a large muv/jer of convicts and ex-cojjvjcfs who lesti- iled they were subjected to severe beaungs with leather straps attached to pick handles. One convict who was sentenced to a vear iii the .state penitentiary and 'was rreed during the ilth month because of good behavior, said that m spite of his record he had been beaten 24 times. Describes Vile Fod 0 Food, the convicts said, was entirely unseasoned and unfit to eai They described breakfast as a small portion of rice with a watery syrup, a third of a loaf of bread and an occasional cup of weak cof- The Magic Chisel Of Borgium Is Stilled CHICAGO. Mnrch fl. <UP>- Ouwon Borgium, 72-year-old sculptor of Mount Ru.shnw>o •south Dakota, died today alter suifering a hean attack.' Ho had been in Chicago on a imure tour. Hl.s physicians :itid the lir-iin attacks wero Induced by overwork. Victim Of Shooting At Driver Yesterday Is Buried In Osceola Today \\'i workers. The OSCEOLA, Rrk.. March 6.— Pu- (Because of t neral services for Alfred P. Williams. 48-year-old bookkeeper and -store manager for Lowrance Bros. & Co. at Driver, who took his ife by firing a pistol shot into his brain at his home early Wednesday moniin. were held from Swift Funeral Chapel here at 2:30 o'clock this afternoon with burial in Ermen Cemetery. Services were conducted by the Rev. E. K. Sevvell. pastor of Lake Street Methodist Church of Bly- tl Seville, formerly pastor at Wilson assisted by tiie Rev. w pastor Church. Active pall bearers were Charles Lowrance Jr.. James McGarrity Hbw.ell Nicholson, C. N. Larmum Emmett Chiles Jr.. James Elslander,- Dr. .V. B. Ellis and Edward SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS' Boosted To 800 As .Manila Lions Play (lost to 135 Guests m«» n Thai many l.>aiilnu busings MLs-susljjpl county not dir win, in>; lnu'n.soly inlmvsu'd in (In- pro- or«anl/.iiin . wus cloiuonstruUHl ut u Manila dinner Daring Raid On Nazi Base In Norway; Greeks Stand Firm Awaiting Showdown Ky \\n\ift\ 1'n-s.s Germany in o v o d swil'tl l«<lay toward n showdowt \vith C,Yc>on» and Turke (iri'et'i! standing ijri id rojociinjr in advjuitT an\ l an> efTorls by the axis iii (•enimn.v's invasion special isLs-— (he leaders oi' the arm o<l forces thai, swept, throng Inland and Norway and intx 'vumam'a and Bulgaria—mei 'i Sofia with King B or js more Nazi troops into Bulgaria. Yugoslavia wn.s reported to bo '•"KiiRocI In an nth hour attempt ; nu f »*»™ Mwrni Grecoo mid the uM s ill of Osceola J. Spicer, Methodist relused to identify Uiemselves.-iNtlA telephoio.) - --- __ __ Funds Allocated To Aid Rural sing Conditions In Comity Funds for financing a $50.000 rural houslm £ oi ll\c MLss!|ipi County I inn Huronu \vh.>n th luuw Club was hast (o »ff;iir uttendiHl by i:i. r > J'hJs mootinsi. Mu> nrKt .sponsored >J\ H Kroup uj' uon-u^riaiUmv bus- iiu>.s.s men, is ( in example of the KiniJc.Tsit.loti which tin- county fnrm Iwri-au oxpcci.s lo hnve during MM I niembm wviv told ni K i,i bv I'M'sideiit R U. Tompklas ol Osce- th,/""vV '. J " u "' 1lJt ' IW( ' ( ' u Liri>ocv «"id ola. ' u , UMS "\ order to preserve her AX r;»'™rs £>«««"~""" nlso heard startling incus Turks Do v/ii ' Hieir livelihood .us told Germ, h-nV ^ by C. R. calvert, president of the clcr c ^T T " l lhc bor ' Dunklin County, Missouri Farm S,1 " i'n , " IUl M urkHi> ' bllt Bureau; President Tompklns, weakening °^ "° 8l * M Charles Colemun, n member of l.he Yuuminvi IJou-d of directors oi the Arkansas »,.i!!^' Ul11 '" C1 ftl>))0fu ' U) ** Suit oFtirm Bureau; U. c. Knap- Stnte Purm Bureau; H. c. Kiwp- l the county orgimi/.uUon, and liud Davis of Uox Klder, member ol the Mississippi County Agricultural Committee. Meiitfoership Totals 800 The 241 memberships pnid lust night to make u total of 800 for 1041 reflected activities only in the extreme South and West parts oi ihe county nnd meetings to be lield at Gosnell tonight and at Lost Cane Friday nifcht, when AAA meetings are also .scheduled, are expected to continue to swell the total until every community lias had an Intensive membership campaign, ii was announced. There were 1200 members lust year to represent the 10.000 farm families in Che county. A number gressman E c ' ' ;or ,"i :r: cy ; *™ uh ° i «»<'«>»«"<°" me- .b. w o,« are not only today from Con- | Paying memberships tor themselves their share croppers and year ago by S. L. GladLsh of el*, county judge at that time.) Stoffle. Honorary pallbearers included Charles A. Lowrance Sr.. Blair Low- ranee. Chester Lowrance, V. A. and Convicts and wardens testified that regular gambling concessions are operating in prison camps and that employes of the penitentiary shared in the "take" from games. f - — -- v* » *^i(4 1Q vHCil UCJJl JlIlLJI- l n -r . --- - —^, ,, ^^. nd received from the farm own. i L ,° ng and Clyde Slaier a " of Mem:'s large .sums of money before ^^ ^ 1': N _ Ich °teon. W. N. N ith- to land lease contracts ^ ^ „ «• «• Cromer. P. B. Elslander, F A White. D. s. Laney, G. L. Waddeli Sr.. B. H. Pollard. Dr. j. D. Pinion of Canithersvllle Mo., Joe Cotton, A. F. Stanfleld, , Memphis; Eric Waddeli. S A; Regenold. Charles Lane, W R Committee members are O E » %*£ \T\ * l ™ , ne< W " E ' Gates of Cleveland Cotintv L B f 6 ' . Brewstet- Hopkins. T. T. Autry of Mississipp^u^ S *™^ ^llbour Noell. Joe Dunnawav of Puiaski Countv ' ° Culloin. E. Chiles Sr.. J. H. Poster of S-^^^r^^^/a,^ 11 "-!''- O. U Barham nf .QohocMn,, ^J'^.. _..^ Bucl - Eai1 Robblns and Guv Rob- Barham of Sebastian County, and bins' K. Leasure of White County. Stock Prices A. T. & T Am. Tobacco Anaconda Copper Bethlehem Steel ... Chrysler Cities Service Coca-Cola General Electric .. General Motors Int'l Harvester Mont, Ware! . N T . Y. Cen .'.'.'.' North Am. Aviation Packard Phillips [ Radio Republic Steel Socony Vacuum .. Studebaker Hid of N. J Texas Corp. ... tJ. S. Steel Mr. Williams was well-known in i South Mississippi County, having I been connected with the* Lowrance , firm for 21 years. Born and reared 'm Memphis, he was first, connected [with Goldsmith's in Memphis and : afterward worked at Barfietd In 795-8! Lhe northern end of the county 67 i-8; prior to coming to Driver. 4 3-4*; II1 health and nervous strain are 94 1_4 thought to have caused Mr. Wil- 33 i-2; Iini1 ^ to take his life. He had suf- 43 i-2i 1 ' ! - I 'ed from a chronic stomach con- 47 i-2|dition for several years. 37 1-8; Survivors include his wife, Mrs 13 ; Marie Hanson Williams: six d'au^h- 14 1-4; ten-:. Mrs. G. L. Waddeli Jr and 2 7-8,Mrs. Zeke Pollard of Osceola; Mrs. J. D. Pinion, Caruthersville.' Mo • twin daughters. Jean and Jane i Williams, and Alice Williams and «--«jt\vo sons. Dr. A. F. Williams Jr., b 3-8; O f Latham. 111., and Bobbie Wil- of the home. who organized ihe Mississippi! gi ' eat n '»nber of che poorly c&h- woutuy Housing Board for this I stl ' uctetl tenant and shaj : ecr6pj)er purpose. The original application hnncr "' '" "" a«beri for the expenditure of $1 - 5UO ; 000 in Mississippi County to improve housing conditions among !o\v-uu-oini> farm families. 1'rojcct Was Delayed Mr. Gladish said the application for the rural housing project was apparently sidetracked by the urgency of national defense'and members of the local group had all but abandoned hope for obtaining any part of the amount requested, although all local requirements had been met. Chairman "of the county housing board is H. F. Spiece of Osceola and other members are: Roy Brinkley of Reiser. Eugene Shan-, eyieh or Leachville. Grover Snv- day laborers, it was pointed out. Interest hi organi/.ud agriculture - is being shown In thLs .section because business, men are beginning J'KOslavia did appear to ^ wcakoning anci an imporUmt declaration slrenniheuimj Yu«oslnv-Axi.s lelutions wns expected within a lew days. Bolynule doubted that Uigoslnvia would formally J O I M the jri-power alliance because- of pub- He opinion in Yugoslavia. However n '•middle way" wa .s expected to be found to place Yugaslavia In the position that Sweden now holds. Budapest heard that would be asked to allow troops to move through the Vnrctu valley toward Greece and that Germany wanted lo use southern iUBo.slavln nlr bases. Culls I'roposalg Daiijffcrous Adolf Hitler was said to have warned Turkey against allowing British troops to land on Turkish so l and Nazi .spokesmen in Berlin snid they believed Foreign Secrcj- •y Anthony Eden had made proposals to Athens thai "could be extremely dangerous to Greece If, she accepted them." Jewish residents of Tstemul, worried by steadily Increasing- Ger- to realize H la also to Ihcii inter- - ™, hoiuscs in ihe county, improving est to have the fanner's dollar O n bank, infi'i "'J?, living conditions amon thi wortli as much a. h l wltrttw lhcir ° n tho n ' nwh among this cla. wortli as much a.s that of labo were der of Manila and Jesse Brown "of ni $?h school 37 4 120 34 1-2 Luxora. While the amount allotted Mississippi County at this time is comparatively small, hope us held that, more funds will be made available for this purpose later on. It is estimated that the first al- lottment will be sufficient to finance about 20 units, plans for which have been made by Frank Stern. Little Rock architect. I'lace Each Unit on Acre and would ultimately result In «»d Industry, the tanners higher health standards. told. In lf)40. Ihe fanner's dollar was worth 75 cents while the industry dollar was worth $1.50 and that of labor was worth $2-49, based on parity tlgures of the 1909-1914 period to show a rapid change, according to figures presented. ' This change was brought about, speakers declared, because both la> - T i - * b ° r nnd lndust! 'y were organized senior Introduction Pro-i 100 per cent while agriculture W as only 10 per cent organized. In reporting a recent, state board meeting in Little Rock, Mr, Coleman sale! R. E. Short, president of the Arkansas Farm Bureau, was told in Washington recently that there will be no money appropriated out of the United States Treasury for the 1942 agriculture program nnd that fanners will have to fix some system of taxation .such a.s the 'former processing gram Scheduled At High School Here Tonight Eighty five students of the city the public tonight at a specially arranged senior introduction program at the high school auditorium at 7:30 o'clock. Dick White, president of .-. - ~. the class, today announced the outline of tho program. Other class officers arc: Betty Dodson, vice president; Mary Lynn Jackson, secretary; Tom Reeder, treasurer. Dr. W. D. McClurkin, superintendent of schools, will make tht Under terms of the project! Principal address. HLs subject will members of the county board i l)e "Problems of Youth." would be empowered 10 "buy one 1 Program will be opened with 1942 tax. "Agriculture will have' to .stand on lt,s own feet, in the future." Mr. •Short was told to report to Arkansas farmers, because "there Is n law to aid agriculture but no money ':o .support it." The soil building- allowance is 'he only payment now planned for was also pointed out. upon which to build each .music by high school band followed cong re s as n, p o rh ed tho mm the location of which would j with prelude, "Marche", Chopin,, monc j°' £ ^v ^nffor i'i Ln be decided upon by the board i by MLss Nannie Clarke Snuth, ' e , s - §50 chccl should° hr S183- a with the aproval of housing 'au- i pianist. The seniors will then be S5 00 c ec^k sho dI be 1830 4nri thonty ofncials at the Fort Worth.'introduced. ;?!«,_ C L: sM .° td . bc , $I83 ° . and AH Turkish military .schools were ordered LO move to Ankara. Budapest reported that Turkey •n.s preparing a negative' renlv tn Hitler's note. Bulletins TOKVO, ftlarfh U (Urj—.la- ammimcod toilay mi ajfrcc- nwnt between French Indo- t'lilnu anil Thailand <>/> tho |>i-ini<l|i;ii |>oin(s of (|kc. j)c;ice U'nus Jupan proposed. A Joint ^ontiiKtiiique Rnld. iwiiits of tU'Liils." Hki'iy l«> \}f; s-ctiUui wlth- I« u iVw <ii\ys. It wiiN iniilnited that Pruiioe, fucvd by a 11 inipiiwl uircau oi" JiM-'anesf: HTIIUM! iu'lion jj' j a . pan's pn»c<- terms wt>r<; rcjrolc-d, h«s (>onoo4li-(t lite major points «t' thi> (IrmiUHis Japan made us "nM'(iiu(or." 'l'!u> «'oinniuni(jiu' came less thuii ;M iiours hoiforv cxjtlra- tiou nt noon tomorrow <»f the twico-extruded (I-IUT tn.'iv\v.-n IndO'Chhiu nnd Thuiland. WASIIINCiTON, March « tUl'i—Tlie United State* lias asked Italy (o cUisc iis consn- luti-s In Detroit u ml NVwark for "reasons ol ualionul |M>ltc,y." the stuh- de|):irinu;nl revealed today. 1'he notion followed the clos- lni; of American consulates at Naples and Palermo tu i. li; »,-- of t»u: Italian Koi-ernment. Th« llnilwl Stales ordered its eonsuls there withdrawn as requested, explaining it was eus- louiury to do this wJirn requested hy tlie cuvttmnittni to the consular offices were LONDON, March G. (UP) — British and Norwegian naval forces, British troops and Norwegian marines in a daring raid on Norway's Lo- toten Islands Tuesday captured 215 Germans and 10 Norwegian "Quisling" prisoners, destroyed 18,000 tons oi -shipping and a big glycerine plant and killed one German naval officer and-- six men, it \vas announced "today The British nnd : Norweg 7 aa ' Jorces untied a big supply of food, SOUD. clsftiretics, clotlUi-jf and otiier eomJorts for the islanders - and biXHiSlil 'back with them a -'^611- sic crablc number" of Norwegian patriots who wtinied to fight '-for their coimlvy, ih e British and'Nbr- admirnltles said in a joint • a m s Two Burned When Iron Explodes A 10-year-old girl was burned scveely and her mother. Mrs. A J. RiLs-sell. Promised Land, was burn:d IL-S.S seriously when a gasoline- iron exploded at home •Tho Rlri. Mellle Russell, was admitted to Blythevllle Hospital at 2:30 p.m. today and extent of her burns had not been determined. The mother wa,s given first- aid treatment and dismissed. BERKELEY, Gal. (UP)—University of California scientist.-, report that than one-hundredth of the current flowing through an ordinary electric lamp Ls enough to produce a dangerous and even fatal shock. The findings were based on tests made with 17G volunteers similar 58 New York Cotton Mar. May Jill. . Oct. Dec. Jan. Prev. Open High Low Close Close . 1045 1046 1042 104G 1042 . 1043 ]fM5 1040 1044 1039 . 1036 1039 1034 1037 1030 . 1010 1014 1007 1012 999 . 1008 1012 1010 1010 993 . 1006 1008 1004 1006 991 Paris Posters Blame British New Orleans Cotton Mar. May Jul. . Oct. Dec. Jan. Prev. j Open High Low Close Close! . 1052 1055 1053 1054 1049 | . 1048 1051 1046 1049 1044 ; . 1039 1044 1038 1044 1036 j . 1024 1020 1011 1018 1004 • . 1012 1002 1008 1015 1000i 1008 1008 1006 1008 994 ! Chicago Wheat officials at the Fort Worth introduced. Texas, office. The unit built on< Miss Dodson will read an origI- i amounts li wis noini.rl nut this acre would mean that .some! mil poem. "Fear Not for Youth" ' w"Vi P d ° Ut sub-standard tenant house on the! after which Mildred Weathers will .same farm would be destroyed.: play a piano solo, "Waltz " Chooin 1 Tlie occupants of the new unit - ! J. W. Powell will sneak'on ••tlrtu- '> »r^»m^o«rf .... - „ , u-ould pay a small rent which! cation for Def^ over a period of years would make: euphonium solo. -Bride of the • ized.' PresScnrTompkin.s tokl Livestock the project selWIquldatlng. Waves," Clark, by B m Mowe and iw in pointing on Paee Hogs 10000—9000 salable Top 775. 170-230 Ibs 7(55-775. 140-1 BO Ib.s. K70-725. Bulk sows 640-700. Cattle 2150-2000 .salable. Steers 5)75-1200. .SI. .steers 750-1400. Ycnrlings & heifers 825-1050. SI. heifers 700-1200. Beet cow.s 625-725, Cutters & low cutters 450-600. Chaplin Plans New Role, Says Roosevelt Ruined Famous Tr; Representative Will i Opposes Paying Proposed Fees In Refunding Rep. B. Prank 1 -Williams of Mis- sslppi county, .seeking lower attorney fees in connection with Gov- rnor Homer Adkln.s' $13(5,330,557 lighwny bond refunding program. jrovlded the first opposition to ny portion of the program when lie blocked second i;oncllny of a bill appropriating $149,712 "for refunding expenses at a house session In Little Rock yesterday. Mr. Williams said he acted to Iny the basis for introduction ol nmcnclments today to provide lor lower rittorney fees, lie .said one {amendment he would propose would prohibit payment, of any legal fee to Charles. T. Colemau of Little Rock, attorney who drew up the Aclklns* Refunding net. "He said he didn't want any money two.yenr.s ayo. and I ftuesis thai still stands." the Mississippi countlan .said In a .statement., interpreted by political olwtrvm as rcfej'ence to Colemnn'.s opposition to former Governor Bnfley's 111- fntetl refunding plan. The .second Williams 1 amendment, if adopted, wodid llrnir legal approval fees on the refunding -.v>ue lo $35,000. The mca.surc to which Mr. Williams objected includes provision lor payment of SGO.OOO for approving opinions irom Thomson. Wood .'i: Hoffman. New York at- trneys. raid John D. MuCall of Dallas. Tex. One item is $42.000, for expense of printing the bonds. Remainder of the $149.712 appropriation, carrying an emergency clause placing it in filed upon passage, provides for 27 employes' ! pay for the rust of the fiscal year. I It was understood that Cole( man's fee was provided for in House Bill fi7S, Introduced yesterday in a $35,000 item listed as "MLscella- neoas expenses, including travel expenses, other legal expenses, office expenses, etc." Mr. Williams' amendments were to be- introduced today. Curry Out N !lvy Tra.lition ' learning- up beyond the Arctic Circle UiL'.Dritlsh and Norwegian forces nmdo u surprise nttaclc'-lii U>o bcsl British naval tradition. I hoy cumo back without a single cusuall.y nnd not n bit 'or danftge jo Uiclr ships, it wnii ftsscrted, having uccompILshcd with •• compute success" three objcctlves-ito destroy a fish oil plant that was making glycorlne for explosives', ::fo destroy aurmixu shipping and i-tb Uvkc prisoners. It was the nrst time Norwegians lyul challenged the Germans.'^ their own .sol) since the tragic days oi lust Spjjfng when the Germans, occupied and overran the country' Gum* Cover Landing- ' While British and . Norwegian light naval forces attacked ship. Ping In harbor, British troops and Norwegian marines landed under cover of fire from the allied naval uniLs. In hand to hand fights against weak German residence they killed a German naval officer and six men, took their prisoners Including JO followers of Vfdkun QuMIn* the Norwegian who helped, to deliver hi* country to the, Germans, distributed their foodstuffs .took, .abojircLtUe . NorwegJari -'patriots' who at last had the opportunity to~ escape German rule and fight for their country as part of the allied forces. Their objectives completed, the Britlsh-NorwoBliuv expedition withdrew. Amended OVA Measure Har> Adkins ; Approval LITTLE ROCK. March 6. (UP)-Governor Homer M. Adkins to- lay indicated that he approved^ :he amended Ouachitii Valley Au- :horlty bill by SeniUor Clyde Bird of Ei Dorado. * •-,-., The amendments to Bird's bill rtke out sections wher-M" 'ho late would have been empowered o take over two cmns QU^ ^d by the> Ai'kansas Power and company. Although Benjamin Franklin •• credited with numeroas invuntibi he never applied for a patent^ tiny of tliem. Ellie May Min Tobacco Road Dii High Low %z s " 4 Close 5 S This is one of Posters con- May ro Corn ••_.• Open High Low 61 3-8 60 7-8 61 1-4 plight of the French nation— "Thanks to the British . our Calvary." Poster portrays Joan of Arc burning at the stake, 'tune Close Napoleon facing exile at St. By FREDERICK C. OTHMAN U»ited Press Hollywood Correspondent HOLLYWOOD, March 6 <UP> — j Since President Roosevelt has ruin- Jed the screen career of the wistful j tramp. Charlie Chaplin said today ihe was heading east to prepare a movie starring himself as a drunk, 'in a tull dress suit, in trouble, in : New York City. : While he's In New York chap- ilm also will testify as to the good ; character of Joseph j movie mogul beins of $412.000 in Chaplin said ed for good i baggy knees, the "Mr. Roosevelt didn't do amp him revelations of the Chaplin plans been married in mi™™ f« «<m any good the white-haired comic; was his first press conference.! and was S< U 1932> explained. "The president -••'••talking about the ot oi n. ,„-,.. ne nclc! al nls summit drive j could not understand \vhnf mn^o talking about the forgotten man | mansion, with cocktails, caviar and \ Chaplin so war™ of temna Sit nnri my In tie fellow lost his job. j prm agents on the sidelines. He his marital reSomhip Chnnlfn ^ m iM° n > V " h f iCl h ° InvUed th ° press to hls " T ncwr discuss my private life» Chaplin haul later on maybe he i house because he was trying to would bnnt' his tramp back to th« i dnmi up interest, in his last pic- screen. What he has on hLs mind ; ture. The reporters were more in- now is a comedy, with tragedy, itcrestod in other things private life.' retorted the flushed Chaplin: "T pic- ! don't consider it anybody's business. I'm surprised anybody's interested. about a European refugee in New | They wanted to know why he York. "The thought's si round in "but I'm ' u ' lcd to Vf;11 hl « making In just whirling ! mystery; what was his Idea in re- say when, if over, he hail lfi said ' Small Damage Caused By Early Morning Fire Fire of undetermined origin that .started in a bedroom resulted in $100 damage to a house occupied by George King nnd family, 228 North Delmar, at 1:30 a. m. today. Firemen extinguished the blaze after It. burned through one room. I regard my private affairs as be- ingn strictly, the private affairs of myself nnd my wife." The reporters jotted that down. If Chaplin had a wife, she must ..married Miss Goddard; why he be Mbs Goddard and he must have U. S. WEATHER FORECAST BLYTHEVILLE—Rain tonight , on him being e f ?L C ^ spirm& to ev »rte payment well-to-do- and Friday, possibly mixed with and why he. of al] the picture Sept. 60 3-8 60 5-8 60 1-4 60 1- lena, and a 1910 French soldier ^ French eXMioi- ' 1 "v7 w * cveic na d forced him to It will be cros^ S °- q ' er - ^;^ f a»°us^ v (iimrticter on'.the overtones." ^•^** • '"' ••--.• ' . .. . I . . /"v_ A— *,!**- o*ig shoes and j from the viewpoint ot^^^^^^i^^^^ ^™, Who earned him! trying to function in New York In! about talldn. aL,r a «^J°JS f«r--ti^ u ,- ., , at) out talking about anything, ever, tor-.these chaotic times. wUh no fu- •; for publication , Presl-tture; just living for the moment.! This barrage of questions. gave be a comedy, with tragic Occasion for these.unaccustomed Chaplin a bad hour and a half, which reached Its peak when one reporter said he personally had, added up to news. The guests set- rains, possibly mixed with snow to- tied down to hear more explaina- j night and Friday. Somewhat colder Gene Tierney New York debu- r?h««H» ^uo^ u |^ ni g ht - Lowes t 34 - Highest Friday; tante who plays Jeeter Lester's Chaplin talked some more about 40. | charming little daughter Eilie the movie in which he said he I ARKANSAS-Cloudy. rain tonl g n t ; May { n the movie version of To- ^ UP terest. The reporters Hied out. Flunkies took away the Caviar. and the eft5C Priday warmer in the east portion tonight. Somewhat colder Friday. bacco Road, tan looking and-span, in Manhat-

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