Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 8, 1942 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 8, 1942
Page 2
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*"** Btt K^DAILY NEWS, REPUBUCAN 'i.; Pinna for llto fall polUloal oani- fw(Mii will bo made at a M footing of the Hcpuhlkmii town rtommlU too- Aug. 2-'», ,,loHoph (!. Hay.Uwlnh Jr., chairman, 'hub 'announced,'Pro- llmlwiry plans wore UlscuHHOd at ,a lengthy inucUJng hold ruccwlly-at Miv HaytkwIoM'a ijonvc,"Mr. Mo'tk- wloh Haiti that thuro was no dls- •uiiHMlon tin to who Will run Tor Jiho office of Judgo of probate or U'or the •Ho UN." of 'ttdproHcmtativoH.'' .Those Candidaliw tiw> expected to bo clls- cniHHud at tho rioxt mooting. II. Is expected that t tho''delogatoH to tho ntuto convention will bo [PRIVATE MJCK .-. Py ClydeJLe^isl "i)y r Gdi)f;'^osopii' E; /Taijiot; The delegates to the congressional convention, are Ijclievocl to, I'ay.oi To.nonjlnation; :ot ".Oong; Talb,ot if ho closlroH It. Pros. Atty. Thomas Noary is'expected (o head th'e dele- gateH to the Senatorial convention. Tho district Is'rionjnally ; RcpubllCfiri. borrowed licr /rom the circus, Sir. I'm having a little blc putting up my ten t) w tou Boston, Aug. S~Ten additional pkuiLs in Now England h'ayo formed joint .lubor-niaiuigCmont comrhiLtcof in connection with the mitlon-witii oampa'' inoreaso 'and aqoolornu;; war production, 'it was ann'ouhocci today by .M>e llcglonal- News |Ujroau\ : Ofliee' of War Informal'lon, ; J7 Coin-:, atroot. ThlH makes .a total of 10, 'phui,t,H In Noy/ ttnudand which" -hav;', organised co.iumiUcoH .since '1,hc '.wtt.i ;! jirotluotlon drive, began,.. ' , There 'nrn' ho\v' 1100 plants throughout tho country' In which voluntary labor-management com-; mltteoK arc \vo.rklng : :to increase production in accordance with the-pin?!' HUggostad last Marolrby Donald M, NolHOn,' chairman of the Wtir Pro; ductlon board, Tlie plan include. 1 tho recognition oj 1 individual' merit by moans of'awards"(o workers, ai rangements for workers Hugge.stlons Into 'o'pcra'tion, 'slogan. contiistM {iml'.olh<.'r. means of Increas Ink production. 'Additional •Connecticut plants In which' \var pr'oduotlon drl'vu /com' rn It Coos Mavo bqen organised IncHidf American' 'Briujs com pan, t Torrlng ton; Hrlstol- company; \Vatei'bur> and Scovill Manufacf-urlng-bompah} Watorbury.' 4 *» .War insurance 'applications estimated at $25,000,000,000.' •' te!' : 'M'ai't ) in says/that the nesci; ne.twdrlt/.of listeni'ng posts; C;M- ^tent^jdirectly into 'Japanose-occu- :r; ' '' -- : -'' '''' yi.v- .«7. ;•••. •-. -.?-r- '•.;-• . .•_-.-,}.'. •!•'•'^'-^-'^vviVv.Vi' With ; the : ; X;meric"an 'v .... Force,, in- QhJna, " Aug., 8-^-( Nothing •J'a,noy. T.elephpncs, ohartH -and .a chairs.;.' 1 ; That's a Ghl'na's •; networks, which . ^u : idc and pilots as/they it; tho Japs. . . Air operations ofilccrs ^lavc told Uriitc'd' 'l^rcss "GorrcspondtMit iVob- ^rl/P. how this ertoolivQ sol- up'iw.orks. There's close teamwork In-'China's timcrtosted warning and n tell igdnco system H has enabled 'outnumbered iightors 10 throw .thoir •'yvojglil Into-' -slralogic air .sections ind operate as a tactical unit—ta- itead vof striking blindly. ' ( American'''ortlcbrs at those bases iro'-rosponsiblo loir ground antj air, liaison; Bui, Chinese .soldiers and jigo'iils sh'6'UIcier the responsib'lify •of plotting, the course ol nnoniM alanos/'and making this Information ..- Al Mrs I,- the' CUinosc found--l-t-dif-' •j'flpu'lt -to obtain information oh the *;numbers^types/itrid flight direpti'onS of .; : ;kn;ttrii# l 'pljwesl "But under; cqn- ,sj,tant- • Amorjcdn: tu .tclugo, ' :'.my air force and. I'erj-. ._. i'and;-plu»Qs ; receive': the' same! careful attcn.tiiJn./.'.-And'''Mart'in says that' iew AiiierJcan'Vpla'nes;"~ ; are lost 1 oyCr Isijrango ;t(jrrltO;ify—eVcrirthough: s 'or diI'ecti'on <: '-i\ riders•'Aro ; ship ;: iaunchings. ! . ;''•;> J '"•-.. -"_>•..'•'-'' wish'' of Miss vi^sendVa'^lgliting: ''slri'p 's!'iding. v ;;dttw w ji'^tjCic \ >va'^;s".' v So" Missi; PapajolVji ;AVrotc;^to^President 'Roosetvelt—teJl'ing "'. }f$m : about 'cousins .\ylio i'oughfe-Hn Gr^Cice, her brother. 'Iiji, tlic- Aiii^rican .army, and about h'er one gj'c'aj wish'.;" •That wish^win; bC^'fuiniled. Miss Papaj oJi n ^yi,l.l, a navyjw i ue-, sweeper GRANT .REQUEST ,, ^ AM, tl \y ^ i( > ,_ OF YOWG WOMAN v/ \ '- * ^ ,''^c available In Americans. English language to Elsie D. Papajohn ,WiU Christen Navy Minesweeper Today. flreonport, N. Mko most ol Brooklyn g)tl long has gazed slarry- oyed nt picture's of American -\var- Y,, Aug 6—(UP)us, n 22-year-old Here's part.; of Miss f A '-i }~\ O l^l'^Qi^lf 1 *!! i " / * '•*«•' 0 tJ • ' l> I I w XAui91VlwIll'*-t f * , ,', "Is iii iie'cessiii-y 'TOr a person'- to be well known to christen -a shlp, ; ? "I watched'we!IrknoWn persons' christen .them- and/, each; time wished with all .my heart,' that, J.I. was "1 ... Nol only because 1C would ho an honor I would never forget, but because I feel'thai the prayors I have in my heart,Will help bless it and help it^to 4 destroy that whi'ch brought death and doslruc- tion and hunger to my parents 1 people."- ' KKEAK FOK TAXPAYER Washington, Aif£. 8—(UP)—Congress is considering an idea to give the Uxapyer who's broko^-a break r jihc plan is sponsored by SemUor Bnown, of jVIichJgan, He wants the government , to declare what 'lie calls a "I'imifed mod a to Mum 11 on any taxpayer who's head over hofls in debt. A sort,- of br'c'athTng spell, .to: )el, him catch up*. SOTT' SCR&P BOOK TRY A CLASSIFIEp AD IN THE DAlti P>fEWS....RESULTS ARE CERTAIN! "PTTfA Hi 1 i A By PAUL ROBINSON Consult Classifications ;Belpw 1-or Profit. a A l.o.Mt it rid J'Vxi tid ,• '• ' •'--•-i-L...... liOST—Piilrof vuliin'tili* hl-focnl eye- 'glaHMfis near - Muore'H •Market on '('lliunih Mtre.'t, Thursday nlKlit. flowtipcl. Trlephonn Il77('i, at noon dally. 8-7-dMx. Employment Womon M'J Mi:i,l» UAMIOI) L new ChrLstinas flnrd monciy-makerH, Soli gorgeous designs. KmbOHHdd and with send- or's name—fK) for $.1. Make r>0u on lt?l "KfOATUIUO" assortment. Many others. Sampl"H on approval, Pi'ls- hAUv3~^n.h,K«H, Cnaclu-M, Wlok.u-I ?!'!?, ^«"°«: l _* lc Tl ' omi J/ 1 i „%' Merchandise Jlousehold Articles Slrolkrn, High ClndrH, ('.ribs, I'lny.l YnrrlM, Malhe-'notlKM, iowost prices, lloslon. 8-8-dix. TIIK MAhln ft NVaturbury IHO f.inuul SI. K-7lf OI.KAKANCK SALKl OAS AMV (.JOMfi[NATION .HANOIIIS Plug-In Hleclrlc Harige $(H>.(KJ l''li|n Sulocllon' of Ureakfast Sets $27,50 up Slip Joint MUVOH Through lOo foot limi'lur Plp/« ...'.•.'.'...•.; •''-'. • lOiJ foot j U Yards Linoleum All- llltlngM in stock I Hook-fold Metal Ueds' with ftxtfn.slon |JU!»|«TH ....from $0.r*0 up JDI/N .1, CAltHOLL & SUNS, INC, SMI Spring St. Phono VXW Hpoolal prlooa on All MornorlalH W. MGUAHDS yfiO So. Main St. To I. M87 KOH WALK — Apples, poluloun nnd vlnuKur. I). Uillon, 117 M»J|- f) coui'l, Dial 5flH7. '. I 7 IK "> 11T~H>.rrri'("f " "uTi • •"' ---I For Hnlu ; i - (\AOKAHD I'A SA1''K IM.Ar.K TO i Sudan 7-puHH. Sodtui Sudan Sudan ...,-, .U>fJ!) ^xlMM ^-«U'. Si-dan . JD3U F-Vn'd Sodun IMynioiiUi -^dr. Sudan ' Ooodrost MaUro«.s ........ ', J10.QR WATKHHUIHY KUMNITUflK CO. 480 Wi!Ht't\f(ilri St., \Vatei-bury. .Dial Merchandise SPECIALS * • , E(pliable FMru.i.tiirc : Cp. 3-po: Maple Hcdrpom Suite ;.$ 02.50' 'a-pc. 1 Kitchen 'Sets ..;./... .V ' ' a-pc. Llvl'rig YYoom Suites — 110,50 !1 Rooms, complete .'.;. i8!).50i Ox 12 Linoleum lings' ......... Occasional Chairs ............ 10.1)0 Complete 3;Iome Furnishings 234'Bust Main St., Wa'te.rbury X-QMQ, RELIABLE *W fi). "Main, qbr, Coin,'SVate.rliiir> ol. 3-0030 ' 7-2,1-tf jrO« — Cojiip.Iqtc si\t of ivory, iiu.i'so'r'y /ur.hftureV Kxcojlnnt con- 'cllt'l^n, .HoaHOhftblo i/ 'tulcon in single lot, Tolophbno 355C." 8-5-dG. llousohold Artlolus TODAY'S VALUES 9 A, M. TO 9 P. M. Continuing Our August FUiiNlTUltE SA'Llfl Odd K'ilctiiui C Ktlolton TiihluH M'>| Oil Cookers , , OIVJTO'S MUSIC it All Inslxumpnts Taught. Becords 'Mado As Low As J>0c. '• 257 So, Main SL ' ' ' Tnl, 4-/ Business Service I Of. r>7r. r>% G.U& 4,ur> .1 .»» amps tlJutlr».(Vul, Cirlokul UockorH (Val. Ico HOXOH 45 WnnifMl to Hr.ndor fc>ci*vicp ''42. MODICLr-lV. C. .A. yielojr phonograph; plays both sides; reduced •price, .flravcson A Sims, 2^0North Main St. « ' •..-•••'. .IW«J Plymouth Sedan 2U5 Mirrors Hampers , Pnekm-tl-Watorbtiry, Tnc, - (J HOMM OUTFIT "A HAI-'K PI,At!hi TO UUY" 42 Waturtown Avenue Olul 4-011 UHIOI) CAM 11)111) Ford (Jonvi'fllhln Ooupp !()!«) Ford Convin'tlhlc H IDIH) Ford Tudor l!»;iH Fonl Diilnxo Fonlor 11)117 Ford Hlatlon 10«'I5 Ford -Con pit ll),')8 lloHoto Scdtui 1040 Hhulftlmktn 1 •lim? Miidoln '/rphyr Hodun 10JM) Lincoln '/rpliyr Shdnil 1040 Lincoln '/cphyr Sochm TIfK NAtlOATUCK FUKI, C',0. HI. O.rt1«lftl Tiro InMpoction Scrvloo United Tiro JOaotory St., Wtby. l.Of 4U HAVM MONKY C'.OMK HAULY HADLJOY'S ANN'IflX I OU Mnritlow Street Watorbury ISmployment WAN'l t ICI>-~'V(VH > nfi mnn lo work In 'Ihund'ry. Apply Pnorloirt laundry North Main Hlrnnl, 8-«-fl» for .full tlinu work hi local ( Ht-dro. ^pt'cfal oon«ld6ra- iion gl.vnn draft-froc /aan of good . ,\vorl<, gnod hburn and p'ay. Addi'rm* Ho.x J, Claro or N' Off Ico. 8-7-(16, Fgr Rent Real Estate ^ * - Wl^^WU^rtMta^Wl^.^* , rwit for , fUlMHHil rocir or fiv 8-7-t-/. XO JMfl(VT — Onu iloiilifo fni*nl«<l»(<<l • J'oom with kltobcn -j I, <\pply tJfMJ Scott floor, ' TO room,' k \yJ|,ji(|Ut b.oa/td, Ad- UnsHH Uox- XYX rln i/tu'tx -of.-Thu Now* 8-0-d3. AUGUST SALJS Savo W> 'per cent to 00 per coril on Prices During This Oruat Said Ovoi-ything- On Sale at the Lowest Prices You'll See jn 1942 This I* tho Hid SAf/lfl of Iho \nd Ihoro'H a ruanon. Last bnforo prlctsn advanced, \vu placed; carload ordor after carload cn'dor; ( with loaVllriK riianufa-oturors In al funilluro oonlui'H of• A.morhui Now," all this fiirnll.ui'f), boliglit ut low prlco Is hero, -It's ruudy lot you at •firlooH wo cannot Mo pi; to 81CVICKAL burfjulns In 'radios-, pnicecl -^t $87$ Kngland -Music Shop/ -J02 Grand SI., Waterbury. Dial 4-7193,". ! ELKOTIUflAt AND » It FJ'A IRS —• Lowp.sf. 'I'o.slslblc I 1 Elcbtrloiaha * « i5 iJliuroh Streol " Tol. NOW is "tile'time lo «,t;or6 y.oj,ir fur', i'tyk' ii|i O'V^ Uollv^r.v sorvlbo. Also, for liio host dry cleaning, teje- lilioho 2022 ''?' ' : 78 . . . ili SUcot, Nnugatuck I.KT tJA Put Your fJniyii M^N shape ; for ; t : hft ' yaaon;' Mbverr 8harponc(}, ( repaired^ etc, 'Gall 'foz^ ftncl (Icilyery service/ Melbourne's Soi'Vlco Station, Riij-jlt).er ayeriuo, Tolophorib 3420. • ' \4-7-tr Real Estate For Sjile s JTor dupllcato or ' porhops (or many yeara to homo, All- prices are lowi.'i 1 than' thuy over will l)ci Mului this yeaK That moaiis buy every- thlfiK ypu wl'll nood this year . . rlKht now I Wu cannot 'roordor ;\t thoHo old, losv prices again, Come proparod to -Iniy, ;»and savo ay never bo foro. Buy anything during, Ihls silo on umiHiml Terms, Albert's, 268 So. Main St. Wa tor bu ry. 1 Pliono 4-3144 Oo all uia^oH of rafrlgoratora ontl prloptt. » "3 SHOP 8-7193 Motul OuU«i««; i! ^oa-ckii'H, 'TlnnJng, Boo/Ing fuul ^m'.iift.o.o-\y,oilk ; '; JAMES BAKER Tolophon-j 2f>r)5 . iJradloy St, Naugutuok, Conn. . lia,Vo a .homp ! ot' -your own and. make tin Investmet ' lit Uio atiine. tlmo.- Tlorq' 1 - ,Ja'; ,an exdep,Uonul, Hood J>uy "for. Iho\ .price "of a, ii.- f a n 111 y h o u s e,' I ' a rh " 6 fl'e r I h'g to • yoiiv.a, B-fam.ny house .In. nn A-l opndl'tlohr all Jmpr^vpixionLsi anr) large lot ••.70x136 located at, Iho ooi'.npr and, '.M,v : St. . , Anathni'^.good O'ovoatmqnt- 'A ;3i family hoiift'o pf. 14 vppms, -locat- ; .',(!Cl '.at »0(irroM .» St.. '•Brlbp *6i$00. Yearly \lncomc 0.84, • If -y.ou AVant to .buy/ O,P .solj sop -Putay Lab.ri- olft, roaltor,. 172 • High 'St, Phqno of land, 4 room FOH SAI.K— ^.OMlM-y .ftu-m, 10 iVcre«» galow, 2 car hon vh-ouap^,, , for • '2,000; J'Hoo/WpO.-' -iCa?li"-';W2Q(!i--'. Tqr. on> b.alanco ,toi .-'•si.ijk pui i ch>a9pr. A, 1 'Shoplpy. Tel. 2-ici'l, : ; i r '7-24-t.f., tl-f Two . 'nsV all/'Improybmoais.V in' A-i . ooiidlllon. '-yvcist ' sJdp "Of -town ' Largo 'lot ;$5. £.Mo brand nc\y. modonr 0 Doom, .one family honstj, i«tr«go -atl-aohocl. 'O.ood • looation,! P>l6«d •rpn^onabla,. A. $f top Icy', Tel. ' '•'• '' " ' a' '.siiMnhlo ' (J room house in 'Naugatiiok.'Miist bo roaHonablo. Address Box ",}" Jn •oa-ro of Tho News, 8-2-dtf' P.MNNV x NOBOD/OUr ^TBAO^WE'/SC <SO;N'7O JOJN TT-IF HI /HOWS THE COME ON O/EI2 AMD SEE" THE CAI2 WE'VE •BAINTED/-/F -W£$SU12E. I By ROBERT rHE ONLY Fty IN OINTMENT & THAT SECRET AGENT X9 A/P A f-EW MINUTE 5 NICE BUUChl Of= CRY BABI&* ! YOUR &ABOT~JOUR1N& BRICK BRADFORD By WILLIAM RITT and CLARENCE GRA Bjr BJLLY DE BJECK BARNEY GOOiGLiS AND SNIFFY SMITH i '' . ... . . « i . - |. > i" ,-.- - i . - • SISTER By LES GOOD» FOR KNOW-WHERE Iy WALLY BISHOP

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