The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 7, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 7, 1934
Page 6
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PAGE srx Ex-Collegiana Who'll Gel In Pros Hair m.VTfTPvn.f.rj:, (AUK.) romiiEft N'FVVS TUESDAY, AUGUST Pasliino First Baseman Leads Loop Wilii .500 Baiting Average; ; flames Irmijjlil: l.ll/rnv fa.kli i Greens vs. Ten-y Slale Lint- j Smi'-* Sl.ilinn .mil Ark^n.u^- I Mkwini I'liiii-i- {'Oii]|i.iriy K. I!. ! n. Ilujlit.-, company. | AffeeiiniiHlely irc-aliii'J all opposing p'.tehrrs ar, lonrc If-M "cousins." William llr-i,i|ililii •Tiny) Glover. inr,ii-ii:inini-.iiii Pastime first brisemun. In 1 ..-, srnn.sln'it Ills wny to tlie linUInc Irudej-.-.hip of l the Coitmicivlr,! Sofilull League. ] TJlc records include Annies HirouKlij Thursday. AngnM 2. I . Tlie g!am IniiUil Dicker, In Ihlr- tcen Btinms, has |KHinded nut twenty four lilt;, in forty elRltl irlps to tile plate for rfmnrkablp. overuse of .500. Fred Boyelt, Aik-Mo Power onler gardner, ha.s si record of .58(1 hnl has ap]»arpd In only seventeen times at lir,:. Sk of lloyelfs safe swats were secured in fiu'ccssion, n league record. lUinner-np lo leaders Is "Bill" Crowe. Robinson Drug's crock shortstop, sporting .410 murk,, followed closely by Clinrles lien- j dig, Hsynes 1 Httrler with .-105. j Three-Way IfiAet ] March Cailavmy, jr., Fioliiuson Drug first seel; guardian, is leader! in three riepsnmenls. He IE first in runs srored, home rutis sn;l in driving in runs. He hss dented the rubber twenty seven times; poled out i-lx round triples mm JIBS sent, livr-iity iise miile.-: acro-.i Slugsini? lionoi;-, 10 Mnnaper:-. "Dick" 1'otler "Tiny" Olnver. Poller controls l!ie dr-iInles r,f Hie first li:ilf c.hiiMipion Ro!)itiion crew, whi!.-! CilouT d<i".s Hit- master mlndins for Hoe!; Salllia's i'nsihiip Billiard Puj-loi. liu-h lin--, punished the y.cUlcj for fi:-.y ilx Im.c.'. Potter ha r , lined out seven irlple-s, In v.h'ch iipp:\rtn!rn: iv le.v!. i in- circuit gnashes, nnrt icn . r ,in;:le.s. Tndiirtrd in Glover's r.-cird ore H one r,j.'^[r. r. piir of i[mih!r.<;, a quart'.-! of tn.\v a:irt I'.inr ha;.;- WILL TEST I'.x-Collcge FJcvcii Skill At>ainsl Clii- Rr>;u-s August 31 of ihe All-.liar ex-coll,'3ln in Clile.ii;o. In !> le.-:i o[ Ihe cimjnnit 111 nili'll .1 |w;-, i.s Nli-!: •r Irfl. ,!-,» l.-nv.. ,.| nnij f:.-nv:» Ulnn:rr nf li'.e llitq ..14Z inM Mnrliall cro;I:?il our. M«rn,y fi-.t-. l!v.vpir,-.|. Bla." ilT... I,;•[iF l ;iJ-CCl ill I iVMHy I gen-.r:, fo.i;- rnr,,-; i.-.i.i .hi: io::in- T-A-I c'lir>- )!o!ilns'.!i!ie- nrr lied 1 ror kai)pr. r ,hii> In n lU-parin'.p.nt.' Ih&t of lii.inufaetiirln' 1 don'ilFs.i football . c r[nnd liiiii slrenvlli of college :ind Noil: IV.IIIP; riuiniivj is nnd iippnr ri'ilu. Ci ini-ei tin; Chicn^o id fooi- .IIM.MY _. Srrili-o Sjmrk Wilier in. Aim. 7. -Wlu-n Hie x-i-nll, 1 :'!!'!!!" eleven un' v.'irh ihe Chli-r,(;o lieais oniill here AUK. 31. Hie prohiihlv svlll rjn mmv In olri ar|, r iniieiii us ir, v.'liich I-, ill,' heiKv hr:ini| of looi- Inill eollfjc or lira — tlinn nny l-onfllet hrlwren I in- iv;o rlrcull.-,. ; hi I ho pasj, several conlest.s linvo iK-r-ii plavod with nn aliempl. lo Mils 'inrsllnri. lull (hero nev- lin;; t(er>n a (miy repi-e.vniatlve liniK-li of colleBc boys on nny one j sriiool leam io le.«i ihe cnlihrc of i tlie pros. In the. oonilii!! Riinip, : however, you'll have practically all of l!)33'.s All-America sound In 111" trav for the. iionor of Joe College, j Players on the colleijc ' squad were wlpcj«l liy popular vole, and ! ll,e Rrldders who received the most , " were Skladany. Pitr,. and iSiiillh. Washlneton. ends; "Krausi', Noln- name, nml Sc'^vanmiel. Oreson Slate, faekles: RosenberB, Sonlli»ni f!nl., find Rrhnmmcl. lo- wu. guards; Rernard. Micldgan. , roller; Laws, Iowa, qiiarierhucri; | i.uknis, Nnire Dame, and Fenlhcr? j Tr)m«=er-, haifhacl'.s; - - ' ~ j iiViirnshfi. fiillhnsk. l ' * ' * • All Inn tine o[ ihe.-:e irtnyiM.. ; i.:Hv, received first leiirn inenllon • in Hie majority of All-Anieriru :-,-lrclloiis, nnd nppnrcnlly, IhroiiRh 1 ropulin- opinion, are the ones u'hn -iionld rnrr Ihe Hears. But af|p r ihat (mil dial selrviril die oll-slo l-:-pli:ill learns for I heir eonle.u ii lulv. i!ie pnbl!,; imv lie again. And that can't be done In' he l-.vo or three weeks remaining! before Ihe game. I It is fnr Mils reason Hint defeat i hunglne over the heads of hie ids fresh from Ihe Inslllnlirm? of •arnlng. Slars, every one of them is. ll's hue, hnl we're afraid Ilin lenm composed of slurs wllh liffej-eni ideas nlmil iiow lo play IIP Earn* will lie sadly om of plaiv r«hen it cnnip« lo i-oin|ietlnB with he ,-;inoolli fimellonin? ontfil nf •ur.s ilnil po lo make' up ihu U-'lll-S. Hill llcwiti, Jnel: Mandeis, fled "irniii-e. Broncho NiiBin-ski, nnd he re.n of 111? Hears v.'ere ipiile ; oniP .-hakes as college playre r.o. ll has lakcn a lot of pr : ic- I.!IT and learn v.oit. for iliein [o i.c-end in ide |nii!,'h t' piay- •fl i>\- ihc pros. ELLIOn IS Judge Gol Vacation " ( , KAST ST. LOUIS, 111. (UP)- 1 Oily Judijr- Ralph Cook Imd & lu'o-dny unr-xpected vaeaiton. There no eases on hi,s docket foi rial, Ihe lira, lirne in years VoLs. l)cfc;it R n r n u s ; Ducks and . Travelers Idlr On Moiwhw ili iv. n Tin j J'rliCSlJS l-,:.s Allniuft CiMrir iisln'illi- Vnl, l>laiil; ^-iiMii ]i.:,ir)j!.s Ln il viiiiem .i-:-o,H;iiinn vrsi onlay. l!l|-d:-. il.'f-fileil lllr> 10 I. ij[ N,-i'.- ni-bHii nml Clitl-l:- ' -,. I"(LI- : - : . Tuesday - Weds. Steele Beali Deering 13 io 5 On Sunday =iT|.:ELf. Mo. - Hiisler Crmor plielic.1 -], 'a first game Iliis sra siih the. Steelo tall cliitj Siimlny illnii-lnij only 8 scnliererl nils as hp turned In a 13 lo 5 victory ovr-r I !" tlie hard liitiliis Dcn-ino iram ! ""' Sicele Is finxkais .for enmi-s wlijj ionic .stronjj (dims.- Imvinr- won five sintljjlu. in i lie lo r er. iei ^ io on'.-Ill-nil-, Illl Jii'ili wii] Hnuland liil. Tier-; If,:- III" She tslU o life ilie never rtarf.d fiss ic> ony mtiiil , , , , • ', ""' v " ) -"><-">-' Vftlln|w,i il.r- ; 1! ' irom ' , lft "> ". at IlirininKlinm " ll " ld " lc linrn " s 1° •"'* ,""'' fm >' ! '-<"' < - fi '-''«ii «;i;: ; ""'"'- l''n''"'''- Tli-- Vcilun- , ' lfr ' l "'" ! I0ll(1 '' l( ' | l -' "><='' "f l» ""'•'•. ! rf The l>ox score Slfrlr- Fnrri.--. 2b f. Burns, ss Davis, lib Copeland, If II. Burns, rf . Terry, Ib c Key. ef Carter, p ' Kcnley, ' WiUon, c TnlaH iVfrl.-ig itiuder 1'. rtsher. Vnnne linker PMler (larreli ; "Handful!" Has Eagles = BIM:! Eating Out of His Hand j 0 2 2 It 1 2 1 3 2 1 •i 'J U (1 ! 45 13 l!i i l i .Vr< H H E , ' • The fllytlievillp Tieer.- 'colored j variety) ami Helena Envies cross- i . i'd hf'is at the colored ball pen): ;Sunday lint the ace of Hie Dlylhe- i liille pitching siafl Itad lite situs-: :tion well in hand, according to C.! i C. Partee. i I Pnriee forgot lo record the score j linn "Unndfull." Hlythevillo hurler, < : ira.? in usual form giving up bill.! il \viis repoi led. Texas City 'Voters Finally I Pick iSdtool Trustee '• HELEN r UP i—Voters'. of relief re- nnnminccd itad oicvicd a V 8 5 Clciek Kan no Years Curl Gsii'ikc- ami n. F. Brrwdon are rtesdlscted wltV. four e?.ch. Or.o sfinlnt at. the nflicla! learn reccrds will imcitir-siii.ndily riAeui why no'jl!::™ Drill Is, fur "in front. nf the,ue. Tliry tire hilling ar. n team for an average nf .342, forty eljhi ixiliit.--, alieari of 1'ns- tititfi in second tilnce and fleldinr l '"' -893. Rock Sallba's 'pralese.^ also wnlll<1 ' are fecono wit'n .fiad. Oonnllng .!. W. Hwlery. who left recently for C.C.C. camp, tiie pncc makers could put an entire team of 300 or more Miters on the field in on" time. itlintr—Nurr Seil Veinon. Rimer, wljo'Tlws sotith- I»ied the COKOOVS to an apparent pennant, is leadini in the piichhif. parade. Of Ihe flftwn .-.T. I.C.liir. i. !;rcOiiiii:(; il>'l h.' iI'VP. '.I nn'.:,:-;-iir ,ll::i ,11 ivil-,. I'u. v;: v. !:rn nr.-in-li 'iilcj eonie :. d . with a r.fey, a rjharlry Oeltert. r, i.-l; ov t Drnn hy r,irr>!;- I'onnf-r Lncn! Fnotbiil! Slnr Naniei.1 lo Posl For .S,".'isod ,. Med-1 <•:>!••.. [ho v,hi!<- Jih nr.iAits- wcrr V'ajiiirr In r;i'"veit:jui Ihe nlljri- r'.fteh'iirnr,. j"' 5f -'; "ri'hrin I lirnlre in In inifi. n pliv- 'er diiin'l lr>i r, ihii?. t!iln-, lil;> i, r.inii^:' 'spike '.vrviiiiri l;eep li!,i, In .-ioi'- r.fln.i i:, do- :e:<-(hr-. .'.i,,i fliRvlnj in]:n.vr, }nlp- ;nb.idiLirj.- . '.\3~ the oiiiy iiiuiM~|-.tlii .-olinlnji in ihe iitiMii- lw«iba!l ilien. You'd inhe oil -,o>n l:r..i and ::o.*l:, soi Carrlinalc nndonbtediv t v '' nul<1 -"I" 1 """'• 'h' rlj-ln on ih,> tails or ilie""" ' : "'" Clanls non- itnd tiny l:<'en iible to obinin piuiliin;; liolp during ill-? half or Hie eamp;ii;!ii, U'lien • ilin n.-. Ho.; ; irurii'li;,' -.01. fitvu.i nil ;'.-iin i;;-rrifi' Ins vvilh hi- rlshl Ihrre d.iy.'. i 1 ; uidli;;? p!oymrnl r.iiiiation. Hie Dam lirotliei-.i rni-rlod nn preny inurli nlonr. Another Infielder IUH! oitlllelder also would l|iue come In handy as Pepper ,Mnr(in. Speedy .Diirorlier, l-Visr.-h and Medu'iek went, onf in turn. Bui- vylns recorded by his team, nimer lifts-won 12 while losinjr one. Potter has chalked up tn-rj wins, Brogdon the other. C. V. SeabauRh won his only start for Ark-Mo Power Those hitting .300 or better in- cluiic the following: Crowe. .410; Ganskc. 3BO; Purser -S18: Rimer. ^75: Roderv. 368-' DroEiion. ^64- Binckard 33H- Pot^ '-T; - 12R: ^"awnv. .357; Crawford, ~84; Smith. .375; Ooiidlli. ^57- Keniiig. Am-. Boone, .341- L ^p- P ,T>™' JM: Br °?rton. .323; isanc. ^27: Crocl-.etl. .300: Glover, .500; nrnwpmj, S r, 5 . c i. e( ]i)etter, .357; McAfee. .350: Biinc'i. .304; L-eri- iiV" r \f' 312: , fl " e ''- M H: Marsliall. --'• Mntwell. -123: Pnckelt. 31S- Rf.-eite. ,ii>s. Thomns, 3D]- t>n«fr .343; Adnms -!33- 1S.V RSI,,,,.. nlo . 'ri^n'. iliere v.'iis no one at Co- linnbiis. Roclie-iter. iroiiMon Sprln-n.eld. Mo.. Kimlra. .Cr l>oro, anil oilier Cardinal • rnrins worili bringing up. Vancr Alon; Avallible Tn Us pitching emergency. Sam Breadon & Co.. had to turn lo nil)', the Cincinnati club, and take on old Dazzy Vance. )nsl aK Utey broiifiht nnotlier Oiillivcr of till? Bair.e. Durlei^h Grimes, from Haiton -four vearj hsfore. unn frlcl-iii,T;r l n ' •nt. nnd you'd ,"''_* ho.i rialn liui-l: In llmrr. foi Ihit Mimelif.dy would sionl job. "Phii'i-rj. nre swahlied nnd l:uo- daycd lo rienlli nowaday.-;. "On ilielr liifi Irlp 10 SI. I.onls, one of our fellov.-s lieani Doc. Pnlnfer. lit.- Yankee iniiner. say .lie lo no lo a drily .store lo Cel. snmu Pluiidn v.alcr. : •"Whai do you do wllh Plorl- dn writer?' lie asked. •"flh. i hey like lo have It, In Ilie .spnnye iiiickel.' replied Pointer, 'it reviver. • Ilicni.' "'i Unit a liol one? Florida vrater. and Inill players liovln? to l>e. revlverl." Rnl'ei-i l-.llbit of ilii.- F.r Ilh'ihenlle iihii tpi •isr, lins been n.iM«i ullilpiii- rii- lerlnr at Wynne iiiill sphnol. He will aUo Ii.' a hiemli?!- of tlv= TF-I'--';- (tiy srnfj. F.llloil -.i'.n.-. one ii| mi- : -,ia- 1,1^,1 lier.-. of ine illyihevine hl-jli ,>l.-uii for srvernl yenr.-. nml :i riiPfiiiiei- of local [(iniily thai 1m h:i(! ;.-\,-n. in liii'li M-lino! nlhli-iii--. Tin' new Wynne condi :ou-ral iM'.hools ;ifir fl - f; r.i din i ii i|-,' ui- '{•lildliin U. of T. junior rolL^e, Univei-.',ii.y of MLvtoslpnl iinii Ark- an^iis sh:|p colle^L 1 nt .lone.OKjj-o. He Im-i played prneticdlly e-.i-ry inn on jt fi^otbalj tetiin. : rliy. lonr- iaol rno'buil More Ilian..11,000 Jewish n-fn- eee.s fled front tlicir homes in Germany lo Piile.sdne in the nine montlis following April 1, 15:!3. of timn to i^r ihe n;uiil- coach. Ihey uiaich for tlie Jn^. inone 1 .- iiia<-l -.-. hav.' pluyrd lopr untl.-v one .ijsieni. i 'iii!.-. vein- iho .'-nnir .Mlualinn is .1: .-limit. Will ler-- iii:m a moinli. In riMJi.i lino :.liap?. Ihe K.-lior.i j ',i'. p : : re ni a (ii.Mini-l ulfiirivaii! -1 d"->|iii • Ihe fiifil Ihe pro sen-' i' 1 hiuji'i yrl .-lurlJ 1 ,! io yU'e ili". ••::uifil .-en!*-, iii.^ edi'e In nrr.i-- Whlle ihe pros may j-,->ln>n io Hi.' joh o litllp f.ljlc from ihe'r. Irn-! layoff, ilie'y will kilo*' hur.k. | v.v.fii nnri fr.i-v/fifd fh' .'yslf-rn (hey ; iiMii»r,l ...-i ivfll ih niskc- thsw-eiir.-.; riiMiipior.:, of tlu- pro rijiniil in l!i:i:: ?ifil lino no ihp eiuv: of (hi ' wes 1 . eo;:--i. p::-rollec,'lan: in a prx-t- ! -.•'a on lour lit^i winler. ; if ilie elioii-f> of ihe people is • lo he followed hy lite collegia!!' j ; I'onrh—who now ir. beins sebciccl' i:y vole-ihr burling lineup to i I confront ilie Bears will Include I ] ii'HV'fis who linve learned I heir . li-.»!l):ill niidei- Die Join's, Koekne. I ; Kipke. Sutherland, and a 1 hair I ] dr.zen other systems. Any attempt i lo instill one system in the minds of iliese boys will necessitate most, i iif ihem learning tbe game all over ] Oiil .smppin-r is tile, nr.-- of the John H lamil.v hero. It was Chris! ian Fry. '] from purli: rent to ihr- col':i; froin CAMraiON. Tev; hfrc )i n ai'ed a :;:;< lently wliej] it tlLU (hey linailv v-:' iric-i M-iiool iru^iec. l-'oiii- liinr-. ihey went to th.^ cclln tr> cost ihoir vows. The first e|pc...lon ihe candidate.^. John (I. Stoebner nnd 1-loyil I.ewin. lied wilb II voies each. :^ii iren-- The- .stc-oiiu lir.ifi rarh rec-lvcri Loeiibrr{jer 10 voles. nifariu/ed Tl:e llihd lime each received -20 \oi-s. limr- Sin:-l:i!:-i- r'- s ami I.^'.-.-j- 27. TWELVETREES DONALD WOODS RALPH MORGAN WONROE OV/SLCY S 140 year., sviih- )'a.. Paramonnl News Mils" with l{ny Turk \\'illio Whopper C:irl«nn— . "ftassli.t' Itonnil" HOT FAST WEATHER! DRIVING Extra Safely.?' Molor e Oil Postal Officials Followed Letter Writer's Directions CM icAsoT9M AHD HOTEU l Prlde . Son- Wllh all their : franchises, thei - — Cardinals have been unable io| ST. JOSEPH. Mo. (01')— When a produce a shortstop since Ciclbert ; Californian wrole to n \\oman ti'.ct with his lamentable hnntlnc! «hosc name lie did not know, ne accidem in ihe fall of 1M2. nil- j save elaborate instructions to aid roclier. r. hiillbui nelder, bin .111! HIP posia! authorities. And Ihry All-America out, hnd lo lie oh- 1 delivered HIP leti^r. Ii was ad-; 'anted from i in May O f . * e-«rri a-- folloivs: last year. ' : -|- 0 ihe lady who lost her voice. Ai !?.ist ten major Se.iguf club-, ''i' 11 lir'i:- r. 'icominR liotise on n nave made frantic efforts to pniclr 'lank, behind and above a filliitR -|\".<; Oil.- rrrwi\ iviih nn. Million, lhai is o n i| )r south side . wanted mi:- fi 'out.- .'iicce.--s. Detroii :e!d°r. : .. C',p\ eland 'Oiinlry for a ralchcr and cut- -In'epii." ii?l(ler—and a r?cond ha^minv : ,lohn r on Unlird Slates highway !n!:' \-.-ay [hrouali Hi. T •*" l '° l '- r ' : ' W-" 1 '"'! .lohn'on dis- lcamn| ™e.vd he h=:i a corking one sl|. i 'O; en ihe bpneh in Od'll ijj!,-. Ai For N'lghi— 'iimilav— Anyllme Quirt niij n?pftutiiM(. The National leaeiie lln^-np Is- Ntw \ort: agaitirt DronMvn fhi- ciigo ogauut Plltehtirc-h, St' Louis Ptoyhu. a i. Cincinnati nnd Philadelphia at Doston. Jttid Courier News Want Don't CamHI's Agency General Insurance T- PRICES RIR YOUR CO T T O N J. E. HASSON BUYING AGENT TOR Domestic and Export Shippers Offic* Grand Leader Rldg. Phone -129 Visitors to the World's Fair will find Hotel Atlantic most conveniently located in th* Loop with its Theatres... Smart Shops., the business OIK! financial diitrich. . . yet only a few minutei lo the Foir Grounds FAMOUS FOR GERMAN COOKING 450 ROOMS FROM OO A DAY CHir Own 200 Car for o FREE copy of Ovmer-Monojtement Ernest Roessler Frederick Taich Chang Xo 3M-m:s IIOK fatt yon drive, . . . 50-60- 70 miles an hour, Moliiloil will jtivo von sale, positive lubrication anrl foloother |ierformancc. TeslRil in the secreting heat at Death Vallej-, under tcm- pfraittrcs far ercater than you'll ever encounter, Mobil- oil proved conclusively wlty it is the first-choice of people who appreciate super performance. If you value your car... if you vant all the speed, power and nnoolliness that ivas huilt into your automobile, use Moliiloil . . . the World'» Largest Selling Motor QW L U BR I 1C — ikt lime motof oil \\i\ woa IhouiAfldt of fiierdi nadir lh« nsm« o{ "Mignolta Motor Oil." Stco^d only to world -famous Ktobiloil In lUmlna and performance, lub/ita lurpanet n«iy other motor oilt idling at a Mgriir prio. IF you wanl a quality motor oil cctting Un th«n Mobilell. oik for Lubfits. MAGNOLIA STATIONS AND DEALERS HEAT DEHTH^LLEY ! ^A c Tempcralm-p I tj?\J hap en On a •un-:ron;tii:i , trl ,, 0r mostlmitillpiini. l : , nrn i o-crcoi:- C'»eHtoiwili.-r 1 ,,. 1 ii, vnfmnkt oil. Inline nmniii;: l.ttHii mifrj in fo.rsenr IMn miV,,,, , n . on ,i gear thru 10 l min ,, ilhall , raillotor or ,,-„,,., . , nilr ]ft( . r mile \i-itliout £lo'i! With the tl, ermolllt|( . r silli . .round 130 J cfTt ,.,, mo , orlfmpcr . iii. Yet, vretcctrd l,j Jlnkiloii, 1,0,1, molors fonclionc.1 pcrfcclly. No !»>'« IOM . . no l,P lr i,, g fji | llr;s ..aoscotctlcylinj,,, . nn motor trouble! STANDS UP Stay with Magnolia and you stay ahead" and for Complete Snjooth performance ... Mobilgas

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