The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 28, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, October 28, 1939
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS k I VOLUME XXXVI—NO. 180. Blythcvllle Courier ttlythcvUle Herald Russia's Delay In Answering Queries Irritates Officials WASHINGTON, Ocl. 28. (UP)—Official irritation with „, r , • ~ . . Soviet Russia was apparent today as the state department » laii y i'eloiiy Cases Await made public, without commenl, a report in which Unileil States Ambassador Laurence A. Stciiihimlt employed force- I'nl laiijjuaKe in describing his cll'orts to get iii'formalinn' alwiil the American freighter City of Flint. I His report implied that, not mi-*— : II! Kus-sia had Judged the dispute In Germany's favor and permitted tlie German prize crew, will) the American crew of 41 men presumably prisoners aboard, (o sail the government owned slilp cut of thc Arctic port or Murmansk, was he given any information or permitted lo present, a formal demand for the ship's' return. THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER Op NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Blytheville Daily News '.''• ; ~~— Mississippi valley Leailcr ".'liYTIlKVIM.K, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, OCTOHRH 28 The 5,000 ton frcighler was believed to lie at sea, bound for some German port, a. belief that caused further anxiety here for Ihe Americans aboard. It was not Car Wrecks; One Killed, Two Injured WINONA, Miss., Oct. 28. (UP) — Ray R. Blirch of Helena, Ark., president of the Arkansas Power Dc- velopmenl Association. was killed cident near here. Cecil Biiifoid, driver of the car, suffered tt broken leg and Dr. Wll-' Main A. Ellis Jr. suffered internal Injuries, Physicians at the Winonn Infirmary said Dr. Ellis was in n serious condition. Dan F. Baldwin, also ot Helena, was in the ear but was-ml hurt] The four men were cnroute to Tuscaioosa, Ala., to attend the Alabama-Mississippi State football game. believed likely the British would tcilay and two oilier Helena men permit her to pass unchallenged through their blockade and the ability of a ship so stow to slip through the blockade was doubled. Would she be escorted by German naval vessels? Would they and Ihe City of Flint's prize crew resist a British attempt to seize .her? If there was resistance, a battle would fellow, placing 41 American lives in jeopardy. The next move of the State Department was not apparent. It was believed likely the Soviet, government would receive another, protest and that a demand now would be made upon Germany for the ship's return. If she arrives In a German port, Ihe American government will have opportunity to present its argument that, under International law, she was not a legal prize of war. Two parts of Steinliardt's report stood out — a direct accusation that the Soviet government had not only failed to co-operate in his efforts to obta'n information about the City of Flint, but had withheld Information from him. He said he had expressed his indignation at his treatment (o assistant Commissar of Foreign Affairs I'otemkln. The other was an implied doubt ,of the..truth of the German con- lenticn—which Russia, accepted— that- the German., prize .cnew had'struiifor, a prisoner, been taken to the rcmo'le'Arclio A mysteriously acting mhii," who port because of "damage to machinery." The City of Flint was seized by the German Pocket battleship, Deutschland, in the North Atlantic which put a prize crew aboard. She was taken hundreds of miles to the neutral port of Tromsoe, Norway, where she remained but two hours, and then 400 miles farther to Murmansk. If her machinery was damaged, thc Ameri- Brook field, Mo. Instructor Is Missing With Myslcr- lous Stranger BROOKFIELD, Mo.. Oct. 28 f UP ) — Officials of a i r fi e 1 (I s throughout the nation were asked (oday (o watch for a small yellow monoplane in which state • police believed 'a kidnaper was holding Carl'' Di vens, Brookfield Hying in- , had been tentatively identified as Larry Pletch, look cff witli Divens at about. 4 p. m. yesterday from the instructor's private field and disappeared in a southeastward direction. Night 1 , Police Chief Clyde Cns- sidy, who took charge of the investigation until stale police arrived here, said he was convinced SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS [V Reaction To Senate Arms Embargo Repca Merlin : I Disposilion; Judge Keck To Preside | A full docket confront the criin- | Ilia) division of Circuit C.iirt ivliloli opens here Monday wiih Judjc O. K. Keck, of this clly, prcsldiiiK. The (nil two weeks Icnn is expected to foe consumed in dylns cases, dates lor which have not yet teen filnally arranged. At least two cary-over cases of '.vide Interest are slated la- trial along with two murder cases, .several forgery cases, several illicit relations cases nnil the usual charges of larceny. embezzlement, robbery nixl iissault with Intent to kill. Caseu of M. C. "Bud" Robinson nncl W. S. "Cele" Barnes, charged with assault with Intent lo kill iu u street altercation In which a. A. Cunningham, former city judge mid lU'cmlnent attorney, was critically injured, have been set for Wednesday. The cases were continued nt a previous term. The case of Alex Uakcr, former director of the Manila school district who is charged with embezzlement of approximately $1600 from the schcol district, iin.s been set for tlie second Monday utter having been continued from the lust term. Remainder of the docket will be set at tlie opening of court Monday. It is expected that the cass of H. B. Richardson, f;rmer senior field assistant or the AAA in charge of the Dlytheville office, will be set for (he first week. Mr. Richardson, who is charged with forgery and uttering, may also have to face trial here on charges of embezzlement in connectiin with alleged shorlage.s in Hie AAA office, it was announced today. He has waived preliminary hearing on the first state charge in which lie is alleged to have forged names of D, S. Lantrip and Joe Hughes to a note fcr $300 which was given to a local bank for a loan . Federal secret service men are here assisting in investigation of the wise which b said lo have disclosed forgery of checks amounting b about $800 and a capias warrant for Ills arrest on these federal charges has been Issued. Marion Perkins, of Newport, is slated for trial on a murder charge following the death of Sam Autry which took place Oct. H, in which Perkins is charged with striking Autry a blow during a fight to cause his dealh, The other murder case is that of , Oct. 28 (UP)—Cicniiivny nny Intensity H.I wnr preprint Jons' In an attempt to strike an Immc- knock-oiil blow nt Grail Britain before tho revised Amor- icnii neutrality law tan become Directive, inspired 'Na/l sources Intimated tcday. The .senate's passage of the bill was thii second blow lo the din-ini; one day. The wns tlio encyclical in which I'opc l>lus XTI .spoke strongly atjiiiml the Niizl- Cominnnlst type of dictatorship. Niixls mid that it was unlikely there would l)i> any Immediate official comment on the neutrality bill because tlie house, It .-.(111 luid to pass .They said also that Ilicy liuil not, been surprised by the senate action brauixR thfy had known ever since, the debate opened lhat It was H fader on willed Germany must reckon. Unofficially, however, (he Nazis made no attempt lo hide their displeasure at (he prospect Hint the United States tfotild soon bo selling lo (he allies arms which, though Cieriwniiy could buy nlSo, it could not »et through tho Ilrlllsh blockade. Diveiis had ben kidnaped nnrit W. J. Maxwell, charged with nuir- possibly murdered. question was, why wasn't it There is no dctibt in my mind, repaired In Tromsoe2 If it was he said, "we'll probaby find his damaged enough to prevent the I body but not the plane or (his prize crew- from attempting to run (he British blockade lo a German port, how could it be propelled through the gathering Arctic ice fields into Murmansk? •New York Cotton NEW YORK, Oct. 28 (UP)—Cot- Ion closed steady/ open high low clcse Dec 916 918 910 SIO fellow Plech." Tor two hours after Diven's Jan 911 Mar 897 May 885 Jul 872 Oct 848 911 897 873 849 911 893 884 867 845 Spots nominal at 931 off 8. 905n 895 885 870 845 Orh'.nns Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Oct. 28. (UP)— Cotlon futures closed steady t:day off one to up six points. open high low close Dec ....... 925 926 920 920 Jan ........ 917 ...... 914 plane disappeared no alarm felt. His son who hnd accomapnied him to the airport had fueled it to capacity just before the two look off he knew the fuel would have lasted about three hours. He waited for three hours and then called night Police Chief Cassidy. A search was organized and some 40 citizens searched by automobile and on feat. In the surrounding Ihickels and cornfields. At dawn all searchers had rctiirned with nothing lo report. Tlie high mark fcr major league baseball attendance was reached in 1930, when 10.180.000 paid admissions. Mar 907 May 884 Jul 881 Oct 85G 907 897 881 856 903 804 87G 855 905 879 853 Spots steady nt 920, unchanged. Stock Prices persons Say He Drowned Son as 'Insane' NEW YORK. Oct. 28. (UP)— i Traders took profits today en -anal lillle buying was generated by senate passage of the neutrality bill and the stock market receded frac-1 (ions (o more than a point. I AT&T 1G7 1-4 Anaconda Ccpper 335-8 Associated D G 91-8 Belh Steel DO 7-8 Boeing Air 293-8 Chrysler 90 3-4 Coca Cola 120 General Electric 40 7-8 General Motors 55 Hit Harvest 635-8 JVfontgomery Ward 55 3-4 N Y Central 217-8 Packard 4 Phillips Pet 43 ]-2 Radio 0 ' Schenley Dist H 5-8 Simmons 55 Socony Vac H Standard Oil N J 47 1-4 47 1-4 der in connection with tile death of John B. Ahenrt, 3-1-year-oIcl farmer who died two monllis after he was shot by Maxwell. C7. Pandering are the charges filed against Allen Hargett, A. c..Long, J:hn Carney, s. P. Cann. \V. E. Stewart, Buster Owens, George PM- wards and Willie P. Taylor in connection with alleged sexual abuse of a 12 year old girl. One ol the defendants, Willie F. Taylor who Is the step-mother of the lillle'gtrl, admitted to officers that she was paid variuis sums by the other defendants for these Immoral practices. This look place early in May. Charley Strickland and his son, Clarence Strickland, are accused of iiwest and carnel abuse In connection with alleged illicit relations with the 16 and 14 year old daughters and sisters which took, place two years age. Both men were (ugi- tlvcs for a year until July, «hcn they were apprehended. The case of L. C. Canlrall, charged with incest in connection wllh his 18-year-old daughter, has also been docketed. Mussolini Called To Balcony Many Times By Cheering Admirers ROME, Ocl. 28. (UP)—Thc sev- rnteen Hi anniversary of (he Fascist march on Rome finds Italy "from the Alps to (lie Indian ocean compacl. strong and reso- Itilo more Hum ever." Premier Benito Mussolini said to a checi'- Inij crowd loclay from a balcony of his Venice palace. Consenting to r.neak In answer to the clamor of the crowd Mussolini said: "Today, as In lime."; of bloody struggles, Fascism claims for Itself only one privilege— In construct and march ahead, no mnl- fer what happens, with the people and. for the people." The dny.was.a national holiday and Mussollnl : appeared on llic balcony 12 limes in response (o thc frenzied cheers of a crowd estimated at 40.000. Wearing a Fascist bluckshirb uniform, with the red and yellow sash of the "March on liomc" order across his breast, he smiled and saluted his admirers. ; What's Cow's Tail Worth? It's Up to Commissioners PITTSFIELD. Mass. (UP)-Coim- ty commissioners were slumped when nsked to set the value of a cow's tail. Dogs have been biting off the tails lately and the commission tried io set prices for damages^ne for ordinary cows and another for well- bred stock. No price could be aereed upon so the commission decided lo treat each case separately and pay the owner in proportion lo the animal's value. Don't Call Them False, They're Your Friends BOSTON (UP)—Never call them "inlse lecth." DenlJsIs ,11 (lie 7fith annual meeting of the New England Den- tat society insisted (here were no more "false" teeth, but "reprodiic- " " or "new 1 teeth. U S Steel 76 u An American elm, in Marietta, O.. has a trunk 35 feet In circumference. A negro, Ellis Turner, is charged] -one would net call a beiutiful with sexual mistreatment of a M- p, lnl , ug a 'false' picture' y sear-old negro S irl. j saidi ,.«.„ lt is wiu , ^ ^ pjj _ Other cases to be set are: H. B. : tients who have to have rcproiluc- ' I.ONUON, Oct. 'J8 (UP)— Britons Ihe Slates ccd lodny nt Die PIISSHKC of neutrality bill by the Dulled wnale. They looked forward lo its curly passant; by (he House and dramatic cITorls to yet Am- fi'lcan made airplanes lo liriluln and Praiu'e past German submarine ami warshl|«. ("overnuient iiuarlers nuule no rommi'nl r(>ijnn!li>K the seilntc nc- lion. They hclil that the nciitrnllty 1)111 was n strlclly internal imtUer ol United Slides Interest. Hut no- liody prclcnded not lo be pleased. The paiwaun came loo lale for in; newspaper commciU, but nes were eloquent: "Good Mernlnsl Good News! Hrltaln will arms from U. H. A." proclaimed (hi- Dally "Roosevelt Triumphs Over Arms Knitargo," said (he daily Mall. "Hill May ISecomi! Law In A Wei-k," said Ihe News chronicle. "U. S. To Sell Arms To Allies; Bit; Roosevelt Victory Means 1100 May Lcuvc Next Week," Planes said the Dally Express. "America \VI1I Send $-!50,(100,000 Air Fleet," said the Daily sketch —a refc'rcncc (o the amount of allied airplane orders In the United Stales. Accused Of Disposing Of Property Under Lien Ouy s, Klncald, •14-ycnr-old fanner of near Armorel, was arrested last night en five charges of dlsposlne of properly subject to a Hen .following an Investigation which Is said lo have disclosed, that Klncald sold approximately 3C bales of cotton under a fictitious name. tn lieu ot making bond, set nt $5000, he was In (he county jail this morning, Klncnltl, who Is said lo have moved to his present home' several months ago from near Jonesboro, Is alleged to have taken the colton to Uny and Jonesboro gins where It was uinned niul sold uiHlcr another name. The colton Is said lo have been picked at the 1200-acrc farm Klncald was operallnj; this year. Carl Rylee With Band Featured In "Short" Carl Rylee, local musician who for some time as been touring with various orchestras, may be seen in the short. "Swing Hotel" nt Ihe Rltz Theater tomorrow and Monday. The' short features the Duke Daly orchestra with which Mr. Rylec is now appearing. He Is Ihe son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Rylee ot this cily. PAlilS, Oct. 2« (UP)—Well Informed Piviich sources (oday hulled the. United Klaics senate neutrality volo, and tile expected house pa.sxasc or tho revised bill, as possibly the mcst • Important single development of thij war. H was asserted lhat final passage of 1,110 bill would have Important ellouUs on tho entire war situation Ijy formidably lucirnslng the ullled nmlerlnl resources. Informants emplmslwd that (he (Mhh-nnd-raiTy provision benc- ,,, ,„ , Illod llio nlilM exclusively because !l!!.2j!iL'J they commanded the seas. llehvcen Kr-pt. 1 and Kept, when Die I'mbarco wns !m|>o,s«li UK- United .stales shipped to llic ullle.i Hourly {U.OOO.OOO worth of airplanes and parts, it was 'nsroii.- '-n rail' or nearly $1,200,000 u day. When the nt-utrallly bill becomes law. it was said, the United alwlcs, would be able promptly to France $r]|i,OOD,l)Ol) worth of supplies, principally planes, and llrll- nlii $14,OOO.OQO worth. House Expected To Follow Senate And Repeal Arms Embargo .WASHINGTON, Oct. 28.' (ui-j-Prcsidcni Roosevelt's ... iimilrality hill went to.the house today with a thumping 'il 2-ld-l Hcniito endorsement, [ndications were that the house «}l would concur by a narrow miii'tfiii within a \veck. Ul Delwtfi IjouliiH Tuesday, and lenders hoped the special 1 session culled by i\lr. Roosevelt for the sole purpose of re- III ! the arms embargo and olh'crwisc revising the neu- HI ho able lo adjourn by Nov. 3. |1| __._—_4. Tho senate's 03 lo 30 vote passing j-11 rn -rn nrni \l " ll: m " 'Cpirsenled 11 majoi New (-1 LG lUntrLi IB BIILEI STIES He Will Noi Mince Words In Radio Address WASHINGTON, Oct. M CUP)- , , CJmlnmm Martin Dies (Ucm I1CI1( ™ II J' inogrnm, and on this Tex.) of Ihe house comiiiHlco In- SMI ° «!<>"«. .tnc senate unAmerlcan victory. It wns In .sharp ron- tiusi to last Miminc'i's 12 to II vote In Die senalo foielga relations committee In defer comidemUon of neutrality el!<tnge.<i until the January Cession. Mr. Rooscyelt protested (lie delay (lien, and said the senate's action rcpicsentcd a (jamble that there would bo ho war. War broke out and the .special session was called. Itcpcal of the einbaifjo on *h!|)- mcnl.'i of arms, Ammunition and im))lcmoj|ls' of war to belllgeients Is the heart of Ihe administration's activities said today he would "answer Prescient Hoosevcll" In a nntlon-wldo reme thorlty within tl llnlley, leilleld and men. showed said he did in Ihe : thev'Nyb constitutl been In "I calli year nt picnic cow Marriage Course I'opiikn PULLMAN, Wash. (UP)— Inlercst in marriage problems among students at Washington State college. When Prof. Carl E. Dent began his class In (bat subject In 1331 there were 40 cnrollces. This (nil there are 142. Never HncI a ClwnO- SACRAMENTO, Cal. (UP) — Tt was Hie wrong car and Ihe wrong place for Doinenlc Trojanowski, 21, lo be siphoning gns. The rnr belonged to Jailer M. S. Reese. It was parked In front of tlie coiintv jail. Fiecsc invited Trojanowskl ln- sldc. WEATHER Smith, charged with di.sp;sing of lions of Ihclr fi mortgaged property and grand lar- get ne,.v Iceth." ccny in connection with disposing of 32 bales of cotton on which a mortgage was held; Albert House, negro, chr.rgert with p;isoning seven mules; Roy Kcll, charged with grand larceny in thc theft of a car; Morgan Vassar, otlis Hopper and Haywood Owens, charged with grand larceny in the theft of a Iruck; Frontius Starncs forgery and uttering; Lonnie Canircll, bur-' " a ' , , „ . glary and grand larceny, In theft j I ."™ M \. who . ls visil '"S '» s Arkansas— Pair and cooler i?. extreme. east |H)rtlon, light frost tonight; Sunday fair with rising temperature. Memphis and vicinity— Fair lo- day with light frost tonight; lowest temperature tonight, 40 to 44; Sunday fair and warmer. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 84. minimum 72, cloudy, according to Samuel P. Nor, , , . , . lions of Inch- former teetli simply' ris. official weather cbscrver. Last felflngcr, • many oppo performing Yale on U. 'OC's, arc in filled by his Prank end and Blake hlijl spoils. Pudge 1 active foo Dec. May open 85 1-2 85 night the temperature dropped to 40. May Dec. 49 7-8 Stories of the old West come from the lips of Waldo 92-year-old Kansas wlH'iU of whlc hhe stoked as a claim more than n half century ago. Remarkably young looking for his years. Mr. Hancock Is quite car; Waller' Shafer. no»ro,! Jnmi , Ilancock on North Filth active. He started driving auto - «ttH ittr/i,-;.*,,. rr., ' ^?_..'' street. They come naturntlv be- mobiles nlmm/ .•*<: tv>nn r»c ir*>nn * S'grald'SyTZft^!- 1 -. 116 "" ')"> « '""^ "" B ^Luy, m men 01 (cresting- experiences, most of th«« back in thc romantic days' when the West was a primitive country ami life was a fierce struggle between (lie venturesome pioneers some whisky; H. R. Arbnckle. cm- 3. bezzlement by bailee; Elols Hamp* •— negro, assault with Intent to Dclbcrt Anderson and Carl An- and the untamed Indian larceny, of i who omuls B. J. Brown of Walnut Ridge embezzlement of $«; Oliver Yancey, ( | ;iys Mr . Hancock Is one of the real pioneers of those by-*>ne ' still lives. A cf he obeyed tin' im, lo "go west" when he a Grover Scrapes, youth of 21. lie's been there ,'wy Uoyd, Orvill since, and during the 70-year ill- he has been soldier, buf- mobiles almost as soon as Henry Ford slnrled making them and ancl slill take? the wheel occasionally whcn on his farm, although a Kansas law prohibits any man of his age driving a car in towns or on highways. It was 1809 when Mr. Hancock- decided lo have a look at Ihe Wcsl. He visited a cousin, one of five ex-Colorado soldiers who had Project For Little Criticizes Stip- ^otirt HOCK, Oct. 28. (UP) — fiiilrt today he hoped a federal housing :iu- )Jcct for Little Uocfc next few months, (.'vt'iillng that In- had d by 'Administrator Nai llmt the housing 11111(1 cooperate with any e In studyinic need foils, said he planned » soon wllh Mayor Sat- 1 LHllc Rock business cen informed," the gov- "Ihal a recent survey 1 48 per cent of llic ng Is siib-slwidard." lo a question Halloy d not plun.lo call a •ilon of the legislature ar , future to re-enaci g--act , or, pthqr : laws Vallty of ! , which liavc oubl. u special session this ic request of the sii- irt and accomplished Uallcy said, "l^ulure Is- je tried nl Ihe bar of ilon. 1 " Hcffelfinger Je on the Way Up 'OLIS, Minn. (UP) — 1 shoes of Pudge llcf- whlch sculled through sing lines when lie was legendary feats for U. S. gridirons in HID i the process of being Is grandJicpheivs. ml Mark Ilclfclflnger, sons of Tcllcn Ifclfcl- icw ot Pudge, are now left haljjback on Ihe schotil team of Mlmic- efFolflngers, who played bnll for 43 years and eked n first lenin Ytile n practice tsnmc when sturted his career at central high school. Avestock n high low close -2 85 3-4 851-2 BG5-B 801-1 843-4 SO icago Corn n high low -8 501-4 4D5-8 501-8 -2 523-4 521-4 523-4 radio uddress lonlght, "And i am not going lo mlncc my words," he added. President Roosevelt At his press conference yesterday described as sordid procedure publication by (he ccimnlUre of the membership inul Ihe mailing list of the Washington branch of the American Lenyue for I'eaco and Democracy. Dies said he would spcuk at 9:30 p. m. (cJi.U over H Columbia broadcasting- system network. Mrs. George Bunch Is Hurt In Road Accident A collision between n car and a pick-up truck on Highway ui. a mile north of Blylhnvllle at 0:45 o'clock this morning, resulted In slight Injuries lo Mrs. George Hunch and •. considerable, damage o both machines. The Inick, driven by \v. 0. doccli of Portagcvlllc, Mo.* Is said .to have been going noilli on the highway and the car driven by OcorBc, Bunch, df .Yarbro, was c6mlng> ; Kbiillj 'wjhc'n llin' Missouri driver attempted to uiakc-ii luni Into a side road on tho west at Camp Moullrlc it was said. It was at this point .that the collision occurred, Mrs. Bunch was bruised and slightly cut hut she was able to be removed home af(cr receiving emergency Iroalment here. Snow Cruiser Turns ' Over, Goes Into Creek LIMA, O., Oct. 28. (UP)— The 35-ton snow cruiser whiclt Hear Admiral Richard E. Ilyrd Is to lake lo (he Antarctic hit a bridge one- half mile east of comer, O., today, (urnetl over on Us side mid went into Pine Run. No one woe Injured. The, massive snow cruiser, which has been lumbering from Chicago lowaul Boslon, phmged Inlo the creek when Its lell front wheel struck part of tho bridge. . Czech Midget Yearns To Sock Der Fuehrer FLORENCE, S. C. (UP) — ntiron Richard Nowak. a mighty mlto from Prague. Czccho-Slcvnfcin, who slands 23 Inches Inll in his stock- Ing- feet, says his desire Is to get Adolf Hitler in a dark room. "I hate Hitler," growled the 19- year-old midget. "I wouldn't want to say whnt I'd do lo. him alcne In a dark room." While he admits he wouldn't be able to outslujj the German dictator, the baron said, "I'd crawl all over him like n horncl." ills Early Days In IVest- urrcd. . 1'coplc nev^r going imamu'd. since several Indian trlbss in , some of them /Ylt'iul- e hostile, lis biggest scares came followed with the Indians gaining rapidly. Pasted behind big trees with their carbine rifles ready Ihe men waited. After «n in- lerval In which nothing happened, oni! of the white men scouted on a buffalo hunting two companion, it was early winter and Ihe three men went out in two wagons to hunt buffnlos for ti winter's supply of meat and lo obtain buffalo hides lo sell. They were camped in a wooded section near a small stream. No buffalo had been sighted and the three men ranged far from the camp gone to central Kansas to settle. 11" f pal ' dl of thc ""'ma's. Siicl- •rhe virile country appealed lo him'" 0 " 1 }', some tiny specks appeared on the horizon. A look llirouglv and he cast his lot wiHi the oilier men. He served an enlistment in the Kansas stale militia which was used lo patrol the country the blnoculais revealed a big band of Indians. They had sighted (he 'I white men and were coming full . . • ° " C ' e rand -ratum,_ negro, souls « settle and protect the scattered settlers a few fro "> thc section around ; Gertrude White, ne- Beverly, Kansas, where he now old n H ,' c e, i- ver, s, were uc nu an ateed ronf '' • ero, recelvng stolen property; U. R lives and where he owns and op an alle Bfter an ateed ron • , propery; . ves an were e ow aftei an alleged confession. Adams, robbery and assault to kill, tn.tcs a 240-acre Iract, a iiordon speed. '"Throw away everything in your pockets and fill them with am- After leaving the militia, lie, munition," 'the man who had the slaked a land claim In thc fertile glasses said, "you'll never nce;l country near Uie Saline river. Here.your tobacco agsln." many of his most exctling cxpcrl-l A mnd dash back to the camp Three Brothers Undergo Minor Operations Today chief cxecutisc by a vote of CO to 33. H defeated an amendment by Sen. Bennett champ Clark (Dem, Mo.) to retain Ihe cmbaigo. The Ihrce. senators who voted both to rclaln the cinlmigo and to paw the )lll repealing It were Gillette (Dem . Johnson (Dem., Colo.) hhd Keed (Hep., Kalis.), The .ramie vote, at 8 -10 p \\\. EST, last night,, climaxed four stormy weeks of oratory, ana brought In'Sight adjournment be- , fore the end of next week. 'Anticipating n let-down, Semite Majoilty Leader Albcn W Barkley (Dem, Ky) pleaded with scnatois lo slay in Washington to sec the bill through-confeicnce, If Ihis dine Is necessary. Today lioitto lejuleis arc expected to announce what piocedmc they will follow—whcthci to cblain Immediate house acceptance of lhu senate bill, which would send It to Mr. Hooscvelt for his signature; or whether lo delay final ac- llon by sending the measure to conference. The inlcs committee will meet Monday to adopt n iiile for consideration of the measme. Technical!), Ilia senate bill «lll come, before the house asjan amend*- J ed .version of (lie bill passed by the hous9 : ;last ••. Jlrnb 30,-which con- •(ntnrd a modified foim cf the amis embargo. In'this form, thc house has two alternatives; accept the .senate amendments, 01 icject them and l send the measure to a conference • committee roprcsenllng.uotli chambers. The liotiso cimiicl amend the bill, so the debate will be confined lo the broad, general Issucs.'H the house does not accept the senate" version Immediately, the conference, committee can make cliiingcs which will be referred back lo each house for approval or icjectlcn. Under either type ot procedure, it will be possible for opponents of the measure lo obtain record vctes on changing the senate bill. This permit advocates of;.Ihe embargo lo make another stand. Just how such iv vote would come cut in view of Hie previous attitude of the hpnsc leaders were unwilling to say detinltcly, but the concensus was that it would be a photo finish in favor of the administration: The house -wrote the -modified embargo clause fnto its bills by a vote of 214 lo 173, over administration protests last June. Ol the 00 Democrats who helped Republicans roll up the 41-\qle majority for the embargo last time. United Press pell showed U switches to the administration's side. Leaders privately claimed n switches—not enough to change the result In itself, but they also claimed 23 of the 42 members who did not vote last time. Thc United Press poll also showed, 15 cf the 60 antl-ndminisCration Democrats still against .repeal,:, 19 still undecided, and. thc remainder out of town. In thc senate, isolationists fought a desperate baltle to the lost, although they knew at the outset of debate that they hnd little pi- no chance t& win. White-haired Sen. Hirnm W. Johnson, Calif., shook his IIngcv 'at the Democrats and told them that tt thc country believed; it was getting "cash and carry" neutrality it was getting n "spurious, specious hoax." • .-•' Energetic Sen, John A. Danaher (Rep., Conn.), whcsc debating style is strongly reminiscent, of the late Sen. Huey P. Long, said it failed to cover 00 per cent of commercial transactions with belligerent countries as a "cash" measure. When he challenged administration supporters to show him anything to the contrary they contended that its restrictions on credit were much stronger than In any previous bill. through llic woods. A few minutes later Mr. Hancock saw a lone Indian walking toward them. He dropped to one knee and leveled his gun at the Indian, who at that moment saw him and stopped dead slill. "Don't shoot!" called the familiar voice of the third white man who appeared from thc underbrush behind thc Indian. Astonished, Afr. Hancock lowered his gun as the Ovo came up, nnd explained that the 'Indians: The three sons of Mr. and Mrs. were all friendly although it was T a V an Bibber needed several learned that a hostile band had minor operat'.w.* so -they all went been In that vicinity a few daj-s , to the 110S pU a i at one time, UMOre ' Thomas, seven;, Alfred Wayne, flve, The three white men joined the and Justin, three, underwent pp- Indlans for a few days and later eritions today at-the Blytheville were successful In filling their tivo hoi-pital. wagons wllh fresh buffalo meat. . Their conditions are very good.

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