The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 13, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, January 13, 1932
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE JCOUMER NEWS - ™ WNUNANT NEWSMPK OF NOI^HBA maOU^ ^SSS^nSS^ ' ^^ "* 'K-* XXVI1J—NO. 2G6 Blytheville Dally News, BlythevlU* Herald, ^sjWj[al^T^ader._jyi^ti^cuurler', BI.YTHKVIhLU, AUKANSAS, WKHN'KSDAY, JANUAUV II! 10,12 ' AND RAIN TAKES TOLL IN SOUT Mrs. Caraway Is Victor, Fifteen to One EXCEPT DF FLU New Governor oi' Mississippi Mississippi County' Gives : Widow Almost Unanim-! ous Endorsement. LITTLE HOCK, Jan. 13 <UP>— Mrs. Hiittie Caraway's huge lead over .her two opponents in the race lor the vacanii seal of the bte Thaddcus H.' Cariuv.iy Briicl- ually increased as "returns' drlbWrd in from 'rural precincts. A( noo», vvitli approximately two- thirds of the ' stale ruporled, her lolc! vote was placed ;it .ipproxi- n-iiely 1(3,000 while Dial of Rex Floyd was estimated at 950 ;md lhat of Sam D. Carson at 500. Officials- predicted the tolnl vote \vould reach 18,500. LITTLE ROCK, Jan. 13. (UP) — Arkansas voters in an overwhelming vote given Mrs. Battle Caraway in Tuesday's special -election have broken a precedent by electing a woman to the U. s. senate. Incomplete returns from 57 of the state's 75 counties gave the widow ol tlie late Senator Thadtois H. Cnraway ,n .lead of approximately 15 to. one over her nearest opponent, Rex Floyd. Trailing, far \K~ hind was Sam D. Carbon, Saline county farmer. With fully two-tliirds -of the precincts reported the vole was: Mrs Caraway, 14,943; Floyd, 987- Garson, 452. . <IXses One Counfy -,-2S4£ e ! face °- £ tne unofficial returns FliH'a carried^ oivn county, Marinn^yhere ho received 344 votes to Mrs. Caraway's 135. Carson foiled to carry a single county, trailing Mrs. Caraway in his own county, Saline, by four .votes. Mrs. Caraway's sweeping victory had been anticipated but the majority given her went bsyoni the expectations of even her o»n supporters. In Jonesborp, her home, she lost only two votes. At Fayelti- ville not a single vote was recorded against her.- The same "was true in S' Francis county where she polled 200 votes while" Floyd and Carton failed to scratch. Administration forces led by Governor Harvey Parnsll were jubilant over Mrs. Caraway's victory. They had supportfd her enthusiastically. Connty Almost Solid Mississippi county cast an almost solid vote for Mrs. Hattie Caraway, the regular Democratic nom- tec, at the special senatorial election held yesterday. A little more than 1,000 votes were cast at ten boxes in the county. Two boxes, Leachville and Bassett, not teport^J as yet; arc. expected ' to swell the total to about 1250 votes, Xfanila. where the late Senator T. H. Caraway had many'friends and relatives and often visited, polled the largest vote of any box in the county. A total of 309 votes wr-re cast at Manila with 306 going into Mrs. Caraway's column. In Blythevllle 216 votes were cast 206 for Mrs. Caraway and 10 divided between her opponents, Rex Floyd and Sam Carson, George W. Barhnm of this city received one vote, his name being written In. Three vote. 1 ;, classed as irregular, were cast here. Two were purported to have been for C. J. Little. The voting at other places was as follows: Armorel, Mrs. Caraway 44; Osceola., Mrs. Carawny 122, Carson me; Frenchman's Bayou, Mrs. Caraway 15, Carson one; Etorah. Mrs. Caraway, 21; Kelser. Mrs. Caraway 53; Joiner, Mrs. Caraway 29; I,ux- ora, Mrs. Caraway 25, Carson "and Floyd one each; Wilson. Mrs. Caraway 200. ROpK, Jah.-13 (UP)— SchtKSl.'-autrjprities.m widely separated sections of -Arkansas today faced, the. problem of keeping classrooms open and teachers paid from depleted treasuries. In several rural sections schools hav? already been closed. ; ' ',' Rural districts are hardest hit but in some-small cities the situation is seilous. The last legislature failed to. provide relief .for an already burdened sehopl-systerh.. It also '• passed a' law forbidding school boards from contracting indebtedness for operating ;expenses. Citizens of Conway, by public subscription, planned to raise $10,000 to keep the schools .open. Teachers havs been able to cash but half of their first semester warrants. Census Shows Decrease of Under 5 Children WASHINGTON. (UP)—For the first time in history thcie has been a decrease in the number of children five years of age and under registered in the United States from one census to another, according to Emery M. Foster, chief statistician of the U. s. Office of Education. "Althounh there were 17,000,000 m °re people In the United States »i 1930 than In 1820," Mr. Foster sir! 8 ' " tn ' r < was a decrease oi 128,Wh ""ton-of pre-school oge." s thcre wer » more than 11,children five years of age '" ld « i" the United States ten ' thc 193 ° cenius Indicates Murlin Sennc'.t -Conner, farmer, lawyer and legislator, who becomes governor of Mississippi Jan. 19. is sho'.ro here- in his best picture/He had been n candidate in three suc- C2ssive elections before he won'last August. is srmt Many Communities Face Difficulty -in Keeping Classrooms Open.. Special Session Called for Next Tuesday to Act on Water and Light Matters T.u«e necessities,- water, power and communication, and public utilities In general held the attention of .Ihe city council,.last nlslit as means we're sought 'to reduce present rates a nil'services and pay back bills. In the end'the council adjourned until next" Txiesday night without takl/jg defliiite action on nny proposal. Virtual agreement to issue tax an licipatkm warrants to the federal receiver for Associated Utilities, In the amount of $4,000 In payment -]f water bills, and reluclance of the council and mayor to accept a new contract for while, way and streel lighting involving a 15 per cent rate reduction, marked the session. An unofficial poll of (he aldermen by Mayor Nelll Reed showed th-3 council as unanimously approving Issuance of anticipation warrants lo pay the city's "witer bill."The bill for water service extending back over a period of about nine mentis amounts to> 16,236. Privilege U- :ense owed the city oy the utilities :ompany for 1931 and 1932 amount- ng to $1,000, and $1,000, the city's share of- the company's 1930 mlll- nge tax, set off against the debt, reduced the bill to $4,236 Elsie Janis Married to Los-Angeles Man Report TARRYTOWN, N. Y., Jan. 13 (UP) — Elsie Janis, international stage star, known as the sweetheart of the A. E. F. for her work in the World War was married New Year's Eve it was revealed today by the Tarrytown Dally News. Gilbert Wilson, 20 year-old business man of Los Angeles was the bridegroom. Miss Janis. gave her age f.5 42. Drop In Exchanges Causes Canadian to Boy at Home WINDSOR, Ont (UP—Mei chants here arc" reporting a favorable result from the sharp decline of the Canadian dollar since Great Britain left the gold standard. The rate of exchange on United States currency is roughly 20 par cent at present, and; despite seme very unfavorable reactions among residents 'ol .Canada ' as regards fallh in their own currency, officials have expressed belief lhat the entire situation has been favorable rather than unfavorable. Prior to the decline. Windsor residents made many of their purchases In Detroit-Just across the river-and it is this trade that has been most affected.- Many Detroit stores still accepted Canadian'mon- ey at par, even while the exchange rate discounted it a few cents on the dollar, but almost universally coun antted a Percentage dls- FALL, RIVER, Mass. (OP)™ ma . s . J - Haggerty, organist and choir director at St. Patrick's Homan Catholic church, recently com' Haggerty "has written several other masses, including two requiem mafias based on the r gorlan chant, and also his < posed an Ave Maria. The latter >f lh« Boston Opera '£%££* mm BITES Under terms of an ^agreement worked out last night, but'not yet officially approved; the cii? Will'pi'/ the ulilities company $236 In cash anil Issue tax anticipation warrants Tor $4,000 with the understanding 'hat one of the $1,000 warrants will x applied on the water company's 1931 county tax to pay the city's share. This proposal was submitted to the council by.-L'.. A. Pe'ltil jr., of Kansas City, Mo., representative of the utilities, receiver.. • . The nc\v agreement, -'which is slate! for approval iii the form of a resolution next Tuesday, will supersede a plan previously agreed upon whereby the city was to apply $100 each month ori tne old debt until it was wiped out. Mr. Whether the- 90-year-old man shown nt Ihe left Is renlly Jesse Junu'sl premier bandit and bank robber of post-Civil Woi- days, Is the perplexing problem facing Governor Henry s. Caullleld ot Missouri: James, believed to hnrc teen killed In St. Joscnli, M 9 ., in 1882, 13 shown at the right In a picture lhat Is suld to bu his best likeiuvs; A delegation of citizens from Excelsior Springs, Mo., appeared be-! (ere the governor to support-the contention of Hie ugcd iruin who asked Caulfied to grant him -complete' freedom.' T Dr. W .C. Watson of texi . arkana; 'Conducrs^ UMEEl Will Step Dowri for Younger Maji, Head of Giant ' Corporationi*^Announces. NEW YORK, Jan. 13 -'(UP) — James A. Farrell, who rofe from a day laborer to become head of the world's largest corporation, has announced his, .resignation as president of the U. 8. .Stret corp- drallon, effcctlvj? April IS. .In announcing, his retirement Farrell declared' he-was stepping , L ,t churcrTaYYtfeloc'k" thi-TaTter! aside for younger men. His resi*- noon • . nation followed jactlon by stock. The Rev Dr w r wittrr, „,« holders who 'revised the pension t J^, "the ^/Meih^TchSS OSCEOLA, Ark.,- Jnn. 13.—Funeral services for Mrs. Nancy Bawyer, mother uf Dwlght Blackwood, chair-r man of the slate highway commlsj slon, who died of pneumonia at Uit age uf 82 at the home ol'ne'r daughi ter. Mrs. W. U Mooro of ' plin. Thfs provides for automatic retirement of all employes at Ihe age of 70. Farrell is now 69 and Duld way service and street light Ing system. . Mayor Reed complained that tr.e •esolution placed before the council by C. V. Sebaugh of the power company contained two features which might prove objectionable. He said that a contract for the street lighting system, which is now operated without contract, and the ten-year period as provided in Ihe resolution, had not been touched upon at the Informal session when the reduction was agreed upon. Possibility of approval of the contract affecting the city's chances in a suit now pending in circuit court over a general 20 per cent reduction In rate ordered by the council last fall was advanced. City officials decided to withhold the resolution for additional study before presentation at the rr.cellng next Tuesday. . The proposed contract oilers thr city three optional while way services and corresponding reduction.' (Continued on page 8) ed ' ^ lieved time has now arrived for my successor to be ap pointed in order to establish the management on a more permanent basis wi(h younger men." Hold Negro Suspect In Taxkab Killing Petit explained that the city hadl^ h * Ve Kt . aln «d Ms Post until not been prompt In payment under F f b ™ ai 7 .. 15 ' I 93 ?.-. »«t he_explnln- Lhe old agreement although $250 las been paid since the plan was Jut into effect in November, and :hat the receivership's need of 'unds was desperate. He voiced, too, he possibility that the representative of the utility company who agreed to the ok] plan might have exceeded his authority. Some doubt. It was agreed, existed as to tr.i validity of tax anticl- jation warrants issued under a, new law-for debts of the past" calendar year, and Mr. Petit saia that the utilities receiver could not accept warrants in full payment of the lack bill, but that a provision would )e necessary holding the city responsible in the event the warrants «'ere invalidated. This was Informally approved and City'Attorney- Crawford was Instructed to draw up a resolution calling for issuance of the warrants. Balk at Whiteway Cat Plans for reducing rates and service of the white way system, ten- atlvely agreed upon at an informal meeting some time ago, were expected to meet ready approval 'ast night. Action on the plsn was ?tjt off, however, when it developed that the resolution offered by the Arkansas-Missouri Power company called for a ten-year contract for of Texarkann,- 'Ark.,, of' which „ nomination Mrs. Saw'ye^ was a niernber, 1 officiated. He was assisted by'Rev. Ell Myers, 'pastor 'of the Osceola Methodist church. Inler- ment followed in Errrien mausoleum. Active pall bearers were Ben Butler, Braxton Bragg, H. J. Hale, J. L. Ward, H. L. Quinn, Earl Qulnn and Hale Jackson of Osreola anil Guy Butler of Lepanto, Ark. , Honorary: Frank Williams and • Victor Klelber, Little Rock; Clar„„_„ . A ,- | er "* Wilson, Tom Whitworth and rr^SfP« Ark ",. Jan ' ".-Isaac Edgar Borum, Blythevllle; John Crockett, 24-year-old negro river Thompson,' Mena; Morris Smith, fleet employee, .waived; preliminary Cherry Valley; c C Bowen A W hearing and was held to the grand Bowen, B. G. Segra'vcs J w Cox jury In Justice O. L. Waddell's Godfrey White and Dr V J shed CHUT*. hpr*» veetarrfou nn n M. n ~.»* j-_ . „ . "' "• ^ ne » court here yesterday on a of murder. irge dan of Osceola and Dr. T. F. Hudson of Luxora a^S-&£'-B?aV!!S?J= mor- ceola taxlcab drivfi', whose iy^s found shot to death in near Grider Chrlstmcs E nlng. . • Crockett told oflcers he was riding In Brown's cab when he was held and killed and that, he got out of the car and ran when Brown was shot by the highwayman. The negro was given Into custody of Deputy Sheriff Hale Jackson and City Marshal Dave Young at Vkksburg, .Miss., Sunday' after Vlcksburg officers had placed him under arrest when he told negroes there of being with the taxlcab driver when- he wax killed. s(atc Pearce Brother* Trial 1 William, Osceola. M " T ' ilc, and Mrs. J. L and Mra. W. L, Moore of State Offices Closed for Sawyer Funeral LITTLE ROCK, Ark.-Offices of the state highway department and of the state land office in the Capitol were closed yesterday and will remain closed until tomorrow _ morning because of the death of IT i t PL IA Mrs ' N »ncy Sawyer of Osceola, Fixed tor rebnury 10 'mother of Highway Commissioner gwight H. Blackwood and Mrs. LITTLE ROCK, Jan. 13 <UP>Trial of Don and Charles Pearce, brothers jointly charged with murder in connectoln with the Arkansas Gazette payroll holdup Saturday In which James E. Chappele, 55, was fatally wounded, today was set for February 10 by County Prosecutor Carl E. Bailey. The brothers were indicted yesterday. The payroll, $4,600, taken in the robbery, was recovered. COLD SPRINGS, New York. (V P) — A wild cat, welshing 22 Belva Martin, state land commissioner. Mrs. Sawyer's funeral at Osceola today will be attended by several officials and employes of the two departments. Hold Services Today ' for Former Soldier Simple funeral services were held this morning for Jim Cathey, ex- soldier, who died Friday at the Bly- thevllle hospital. Interment w"1S5=u tl^ m»* rnni!niV.")i -t~"~-i .IM..V,.-.-.- \icimty in several jears. 8oriic.-3 Conllnued sen-Ice as at Is .Hsnltyed the pell to prove li!.' //VititlntiAi* AH K»/«_ *t clrtTV. ' fft£,-S=j=«5ssSS'S3£S the former soldkr, who died as a Red .Cross patient at the local hos- I*** 1 ) WOT* sought iKi«iicct.«fully. slnry, MELLON EXPlS Place Adtninislrali o u's Budget Balancing Pro, gram Before Committee. WASHINGTON,. Jim. 13 (DPI — The , administration . projram for levying .nearly one billion nf-'ad- led taxei In an Pinei'Bency chert .0 bolauci! the national Uudtel was p!«cctl before tlje houso wuyn and means romniltle e loday- by Stcralnry of.the Treasury Mellon. Mellon »ns (he nrsl witness c»l- Icil by the ccrmnltlti! 11.1 It bejwn Its hoarliiBS." The secretary, .following out his eiirller recoinme'nda- Mons to congress, advocated a >D- ;ui'n to the inconio tax rates of 192-1 and (lie Imposition of new tpcelul tuxes on automobiles, Ihea- Ire tickets, telephone «ncl telegraph mcssuges, slamps and oilier Iwms. f>>r, the fiscal yenr beglmilui in July MeUon cstlinaicd Hie lucreass in revenue' from IIOA- taxes ho proposed as foltows: • .'••/-, Higher fax an ( Individual In- wine.',- »1M.060,000 Higher tax on coriwralioji Incomes JtfOOOOOOU Super-tax on .estates |U',600/)00 Higher liix on lotaccii 44*,000,000 Real efitalc .transfers iis'.OOo'.OOO Sleek transfers il5,6oO,000 Autos and accessories »lii,6oo'oag Thcutrc llckcls • »l3i,ow',000 Radios and uhonojraplis uo'ooo'ooo Telephone, and lelegroph me« Checks 'nnd.drafts' '....'HEWoOO Increased postal revenue JiSO,6o»,080 Total ,,'|9J0.096.606 Tlie proposed fncome thi Kherl ulc .noulil r«|iiiro pfiyrhent by al single ImUvldunls earning ' more than $l,ow per year, and by all married perscm with an income of over »2.500. An additional exemption of »400 would', be allowed for cnch dependent.' • •' • • On Ihe first »4.000' of SINGLE COPIES FIVE CE Woman and Maid Found Murdered -WASHINGTON, Jnn. 13 <ijP)_ 'f'U'o women, Identified ut Mrs. lib toy ul New York unit her maid, i Mrs. Uriieknrr, were found club bed to dciilli about 0 u, lii.'. today ut Mrs. Dlsley's home nt Middle ours, Vri., uccordlnn to word We plinncd lo Waslilngton. I'olicc dteputched thruo cxjwrlr, ti tJkc up iho Investigation. Mrs. Illslcy was said by friend lo Imvc toon' th« former A^ne. HoeliiB of Milwaukee. A brother Aiilnir Hoeing, found Iho boddios Mis, llltley was found on the ftoo uf her room. Tlie maid was ilOui In !i.:r bed. Indications we're lir'cliet Imd been used. ' County officers took charge. Th Coroner ordered" an autopsy, Ef forU were begun Immediately to obtain fliif,*r prints from.a hatchc nntl n bootjack found In the rooms ami from the walls and furniture SOT Hoover Scans List of Bai 'Luminaries (or Successor lo Holmes. . WASHINGTON. Jnn, 13. (UP)— President Hoover today bsgnn going over the rosier oi Isadlns numbers of the American bar anJ judiciary for a successor to Olive Wendell Holmes lu the supreme court. Justice Holmes resigned yesterday. He gave declining iiralth ni his reason. -Jit will bo 91 In March Mr, Hoover at... ooce .«ct about ' ' a'wiii 1 prttuflicieuV to nominate' for ilhls >hl^ Tlie United Prete VhSrnwd ahal-'R lint of poASlbnillei, belnfc'prawn iif far hl» cnh«lderaUort, included tlw following naincsV " ' qaliln Coolldje. former ,..„ Rqicoi'.Pound, dein o! the Hirvard law «li90l;Wllilarn.p, Mitchell, at York torriej,_ general, Benjamin N. do«o.;ohle( : justice of,the New ccurl-Vof -appeals, and WllUijm 'S .„_... Kertyob,' former senator from lowji. income the Tax 'wouTd "be 2 rir ? 0 « i ;«-:^ e ™l_!"<ige;. Warren Olnev cent Instead ot tlie present 1 1-S 5K-4 pTr c'ct CUT,^ <f«°<nuv r d form, present 3 !Wr cent o n tax "" n . avy; Nl! -*' ton ' D ' able-income above «',MO the nora- s f "^ of »' ar ' !™* al rate would be 6 per cent in »",', ,°'™l ™! bRMa -" ^- urc p v ^cT^^'M * ----- cratic " rc "' - . Ir.," lawyer of San Francisco, Curtii D. Wilbur, U..-8: circuit Judge' of California- and former secretary of " D. Tinker,: former, , ami John W..Da- Vis, former ambassador. to''Grept Britain and Democrt candidate In I8S4.' incomes from $10,000 to $200000' n /X . .„. : On Incomes of more than 5500,000 "Ste of Outlook MeetOU I .nn. tax u.-nn!sf *-n nr ,v, * . . -^ | ' •' " at Osceola Is Announced the. tax would reach of « per cent. n mnxlm'jni OSCEOLA, Ark., Jan. 13.— Circular lerter-i mailed from County Agent S. D. Carpenter's office here yesterday to fnrmera and business men of the county announced tho Hundreds Offer Cures for Hiccough Victim PTNP nr nc^ 7~ -\ """ vi - ""* ««""» announcta tno H.mrt^H , ' Ja ! 1 " (UP) - annual Wcultiirnl outlook mecllnir Hundreds o/ suggestions for stop- which L< «-h«i,,i^ ,HI. ^ ,^ Ping hiccoughs for stop- came from every er part of the country as physlclaru sought some relief for Mrs Ethel Cantrell, victim of the since December 24. Almost every imnginable treatment, all labeled sure fire, was among the remedies. Mrs. Cantrell Is growing steadily weaker and unless some relief Is forthcoming soon little hope Is held for her. Aged Frisco Watchman at Osceola Is Dead OSCEOI.A, Ark., Jan. 13.—W. H. Moore, for ten years watchman at fhe Frisco railroad crossing here, JJed at his home yesterday at the Frisco railroad crossing here, <U«d Jt his home yesterday afternoon. He was 79 years old. Funeral services were conducted by the Rev. C. E. Welch, pastor of the First Baptist Church, at the residence at 10 o'clock this morning. Burial followed In Ermen Cemetery. • Mr. Moore is survived by hli wife, Mrs. Florence Moore, and a daughter, Mrs. Maud Ward. Health Ofikers Renew Vaccination Warmbfs New warnings were Issued today >y Dr. I. R. Johnson, city health officer, and Dr. A. M. Washburn, county health unit director, for all persons to be vaccinated for small- tox following the report of one caw among white people. A ten'month* )ld child of this city is seriously 111 oday from the disease. The epidemic among the mfroe* n this vicinity is yet on the' increase, six new cases having been found yesterday in one family In he dwell neighborhood) n«lady son, extension agronomist, ami James Maddox. economist, of tha University of Arkansas nnd U. s. Department o[ Agriculture at a meeting to be held In the OsceoU courthouse at 2 o'clock on the afternoon of January 22. Crop forecasts made by extension economists and made public at the annual outlook meetings In January, have proven 90 jxsr cent correct since 1924, Mr. Carpenter says. , which Is scheduled this year fo Janusry, 22nd. Tilt agricultural oatlook for 1932 will be presented by D. J. Burlc Judge Rules Hot .Springs HOT SPRINGS, Jan. 13. IUP)— Stanley l*t, former Hot Sprlnga banker, must face trial on embezzlement charges, Circuit Judge Esrl Witt ruled today In refusing to ouash indlclments against the former cashier of the Como Tru;t company. Attorneys for Lee contended the statute of limitations, had expired during the nearly four years he served in the federal penitentiary In Atlanta after conviction ior misuse 6f fundj of the Arkansas National b«nk. Trial will be set for the next term of court. Storms Claim. Lives iifMis-£ Hood Men«e.Iric'.re" ".'" ; ; .-«^*itrTit:.'-! .Bjr Unit** PmV-V <-£•-•'• Violent aicrma which 'r'ageil". Ovfr ' : < HID lower Mississippi valley : dor-, 1»S till' INWI Z<.lioiirs;-t^«y'r|i(M'/: ri'Mill.:il In loss of. life and .'WJurV'" to-many, 'added to" tb'e'• siihrrlhgr v i>ud Imidshlp ot hundreds of flood--' ief»B«M. - ''."•/'"'« .'''-'u iJK r -- ; .Thirty liijiir.-d crowded ilie''iftlJe' : ;; iictplUl of Aberdeen; -.Mlk. : fol';-;' lowing a tornado .'"-'• 1 -'-~-'---"- J '' i build- : " - - Hamilton,. nearby/ ^ fHC storm killed n ivoman, Mrs. Grant-' Siminona. • .' ' V.,;.. v- -. -; Estimated rlimaga «as'MOo"oOO.V' Anotrier • tornado • swept— over'•'•'•' Moumlsvllle, Ala., kllllnj te'ri'' : ne- : V : grces, • and Hie Alabama' dreat '• Soiithtrii railroad telecr(\rJir.6ni)r- •' ntcr there reported-eight riegwie» : f nt Cypress, nearby, vjfeiif-".- phone 'lliif.i Iii the district * was ' down «nd rtetalls ol : l)i«- storm • were not available. . - : •'."" :v.'.-'. Storm it 6k«4oa»' T-.;. .L,-i..;, Al Okolona, Miss., two were hurl T.heii 17 dairy ings crumpled. Damage was-"esKi" 1 iimtod'at .$13,000,.- ..;•'.• .'''•'.'.•• *,'- v A. windstorm was reported '-'to ' Ime slriick Magee, in " ' -'--•=- slwlppl, and properly ttflinated- at $20,000. ., 7 ...... Ml. Zlon recently. Hve persons were'S killed by.a tornado. . .".-:-• ".-'.-J-r Kivcrs throughout llw "district > rcso BtrtdJly.- '..--.-, : : : J 'ri Storms battered gulf coast cities > from "Florida -'to Texas^ ."• '•' •;'"' .i.'.'.i Flee OMthlta Bottom"vU : -" ; NEW OHIJ^NS, Jan. n (UP)i_':. A tofnado and «le|uje of raih ',»rtpi : : Loui.ianv.i during ; the';\nl|ht :-ind ^ ,tWiier.»lruck'"'near"NranniL"' c ... atailttf ' hfo'yi : ' Inmngc. Hone irri«''ftp . At Monroe l&oo'.pi, already fled (heir homes _.„.„...„ - uore',Tsere .Ttady. to .evacuate,' Tflfel- ; Ouachlta \t out of its banks and •; less than two feet belowVthe'•-:.' W7 flood Jlige. . . ' ' • '. '"' " * :' '• .Miich of We»£ Monroe 'was iinder • - v.atcr am}.motor Is'iinciies weie'iri' use on all but, a few streets'-- '. vr At Alexandria the Red foot and a liall above luge. - .'.";• GREENWOOO. Miss.;" iaiji",-ji& UP)-Flood waters 'rolling<tn£'-'i lorth MiMlJslppl "counties >toa».- v reached the outskirts of thislcffir l nd East 'Greenwood is -undWi -•-• water." • .-' • ..- ;--,- ASV High winds, caused "damage- : 'aBf ;: ^' allroad ofliclRls satil their 'leveai --> •ere being maintained with r dlff!i~ ; ;: ulty. ----- _- ,,-., -f..£, The downpour washed out tracks t-' nd bridge.; and'covered roids wlti -t ater. Water covered the"prlncti-" [wl. highway between Jackson and '4 lemphls. . • .1 *-^,.'--j Sunny-side levee in 'Ihls ciilrify 1 -^! •as under water and crews-waifett-i' nee Heep In water attempting i' re-enforce it." .The •yalb^U3M / iver was expected 'to rise .^iwa, cct in the next -48 hours. It hai <-'. eft 1U bonks iri many places, ,"•':-' ';. 8-Inch DtwnpMr , - : 'V.'t. '.-'•'• PENSACOLA, Fla., Jan. li'cti?) : .l* -Eight inches of ralh fell - Hrt»-=". i 12 hours ending early, today. No''-'i amoge resulted-but concern wal •' xpressed lor rises of rivers In th!»'~: : ectlon. >:-... Cmt Reached In ArkaMat / rr EL DORADO, Ark.; Jan 13 ( , ,. -The crest of high waters in s. Banker Most Face Trial £™* ^.'^^ ™*A f . Streams, .pushed out of, their -- -« -» u«v "»,/ wtcjr *nks by steady rains of trie past eek were . reported to be JsloVJy receding. Several state highway* matned under water and traffic n the vicinity ot Portland, Cam- .1 and. Felsenthal was blocked, early half of the producing oil ells in the Smackover field'were osed by flood waters. • ... : U. S. Pubilc Health Scrrtce «el- entlsts have found that fleas can transmit typhus fever. Pit Off Vote on Hoover Reconstrnctun Profrua WASHINGTON, Jan. 13 tUP)— President Hoover's emergency pro- sram to aid business yreconstruc- tion was tlw target for a barrage of speeches in congress loday. So many members wanted to talk that rote, on the project was put off unlit tomorrow. WEATHER ARKANSAS — CJoudy, probabte rains tonight and Thursday. Colder in northwKt tonight and coWer Thursday. It rained M inches here yesterday and last night foUowteg a one Inch rain the previous nljht. The minimum temperature was tt degrcea aod the maximum. 5» de- trees, duudy. Today a jtir K? the minimum terapenture waa 27 degrees and the maximum, 41 d*. greei. cloud; with a one Inch anew.

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