Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 1, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 1, 1896
Page 5
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Dunlap's Celebrated^ fl atS. Silk, Stiff and Soft. •Spring Styles; DEWENTER The Hatter and Furnisher. TICKET IS MED The Ring Has .Fixed the State for Nomination. Will the Populists Have a Hand, in This Convention." ;"•'•' According to All Predictions They Should Dictate, • Tlie Democratic county' couvenlioii meets today under imculia'r .circumstances. There are 1101 Hit sulrltcd eon- tests which charactei-iited.ui.hCLnarty as- gi.*? lu l'orme.i'.y,ears:but.-'thei'e)l>f SPRING NECKWEAR, SPRING OVERCOATS. SHOE BARGAINS. 98 Cents Buys Men's Shoes solid leather, lace or congress. 98 Cents Buys Ladies Kid Patent Leather Tip Shoes, button or laoe. 63 Cents Buys Ladies' Kid Oxford Ties, pat- tent leather tips, 73 Cents BuysJJLadles' Low Calf Skin Shoes jast the thing for Garden. 29 Cents Bays Ladles Serge Slippers, bond comfort. 69 Cents Buys Children's Tan Shoes, button or lace. 19 Cents Buys Baby 8hoe», patent leather tips. 50 Cents Buy* Beautiful Velvet Slippers for house wear. Stevenson & Klinsick. 403 Broadway. THE BEST OF IT Cleveland is Looking 'or That Very Thing. KOKOflO WON A GAME Cincinnati Dropped Another Pittsburg. to THE FIRSF NATIONAL BANK -OK- LOGANSPORL . . INDIANA CAPITA'. «2.VMM»0 A. J. &urdock. *•>•«•». W. W. Koa», Ciu>h. J. r. Brookmeyer, A«»t. C»»h. DIBKCTOBS: W, H. BrtaKbant, Dennla Cfcl. F. M. Harwood, W, T. Wuaon. . Banking in al» Its Departments promptly •nd carefully done. Safety to Customer* and Stockholders •ought for. „ , Btront R«f«rv» Fund maintained. 4. J. Mnrtoci. , tuais. ' STANDING OF THE CLUI1S. Clubs Won Lost PerCt. I.o.?an-poi1 3 1 ."fill Elwood 2 1 ' .Or." Anderson -•.. 1 .1 '-300 Kuknmo 2 H .100 Uushvllle 1 2 -'O Conuctvs-vllle 0 0 .000 ' There Is somi'i-liliig radically wrong w.itli Elwood, and that something must be remedied before many days. If that club Intends to play ball, Jt must accept the ;ii'ines scheduled for that place or drop ; out. when another club stands ready to take Its place. The Logansport club was compelled to lay at homo Idle yesterday and today, because of the failure of Ehvood to live up aprrppmont. to the still something of a'srt'ugffK'.'Tbe Honiburg-Klstlcir com:i>irie''-ti6asti?d 'jast' . evcniuj,' Unit tUn^s were n'U '•fixc& rt ; bjfl there Is some prettyl£0od,.)};ork, being' done ro upset It. It is c-ltilfljefi; t,uat Hel- vio was 'turned down attcr.-ifour years ami :lie one term rule 4'or.M'ouK year of-' lice established iu by 'that net. " ' : • The Populists claim pcctwl lo elect a prcsni ocrats imd that some.ofintbcir, county cainlUlatos ought 10 li<?-h>ilovsed..in.re- turu. Tills ceitalnl.v looks-' fair MiF-'tfl'o. Democratic combine Is' nbT'litfhT tb'at way. What is wanted' .js'.^ Pormlis.t voles, not caiidlda-te.*. .,,. . -, ; ;'..„. ••.-.This is shown In the State.. eaiupalgn. It is proposed to fiii<e on -..i lie electoral candidates in proportlon'th'-Mie vote.'giving tlie Democrats 12 cl'ecVo'M 1 and i; thc Populist* 3. Thus the ''Fopiilftt "wh'q wants to vo-to for Watson fo\.vl.c;e_.prc3- klent. casts 12-15 of his. ..yole,- against Watson anil .l-l.l for him, .FcscUea-lly lie votes tliree-l'ourtlis agiiinsf l :l:l*"can- rtida-te ami one-fourtli Corn'lm. ; Tliis'ls a fine way to vote for a mari'cc'rt.lliily. On the other hand De.nKJbrnfs. are, asked. to vote only one-fourth .Jfopijllst, when tliey walk into the bnolh;a;iid.!4iinip -tlie ticket. '•'•'-•. >.•.-..-: The Fopnlistn may be efinfcbt-1.iyU.liIs Democratic trick and then •agalh'ni'c'y may not be. There are two 'catnlltVateV for vice president in tho.'Kision arid'.lf JOS. Q. GRACE WILL 5ELL YOU A SPRING SUIT TODAY FOR iLESS MONEY ANY OTHER CLOTHIER LOGANSPORT. jfV ->^1 £BrT."'w m T T~^ 4*^4 /"V 7^1 1">1 f^^T^l"™* 1UNE COflPLETE. Business Change. James Bofcoor lias purchased the Pelton meat market. He now occupies the -Daw-room Just erected to the -wast of the old stand, and It la his IntentJnn to run a flrst-dasa shop and handle a full line of fresh and salt meats. JOURNAL, SATURDAY, AUGUST 1, 1890. Funcy Bnrtlett peas.—Foley. . Fresh Mocha and Java coffee.—Roth- eraiel. Men's wliltc duck pants, 50 cents, the best, at OUo'B. Dew-drop-ln; 50 cents for white duck pants; all one price; all at 30 cents, at Otto's. Just received a carload of fire proof cooking utensils. Will be sold very cheap.—Traut. What you want when you are ailing 1» a medicine that will cure you. Try Hood's Sarsaparllla and be convinced of Its merit. Round trip rate to St. Joseph, 12; to Lake Maxlnkockee, fl. Train leaves VandaJla station every Sunday at 7 a. m. Gents' laundered shirts worth "fie, only 3T<c at the Trade Palace today. See the bargains la socks, shirts, 30c tics ou- ly 15c; also underwear at priced that bents all. THEY WALLOPED ANDERSON 7 . Kokomo, July 31.—Special.—Anderson was badly done up In Hie ca'SSSfeSre this afternoon. The team shows lack of practice and their floidliiK wns miserable, as testified by. the score of errors. Following to the score: Anderson 0 .1 200000 0—3 'Kokomo .12 0 050 4 1 C-17 •Batterle*—for Kokomo, Ropers and Kimmln: foivAnderson, 'Warner and Ivory; lilts—Kokomo 10, Anderson 7; errors—Kokomo 0, Anderson IS: struck out—by Rogers 4: by Warner 2; base on balls—off Rotors 3, off Warner 0; hit by pitched ball—ROKCI-S 1; passed balls- Ivory 3: two-base .hits—Duffy, Boyce, Kimmln. Henley; home nin—Hackclt; double play—Kokomo 1. Time 1:43. Umpire Morris. Hie Pojinli-Sts give a majoj'l'Kto what would otherwise havojwn a minority tliey claim that the vote should go half and liaJf for.vice preside;t^'They say that if they turn half Denio'crnt'fo carry the State, which would otherwise bo lost, the Democrats can afford to turn half Popnllst for the ; sflmej_rcnson. Furthermore- tiiey ' say tli.-it (ho Democrats having stolen the Populist platform and candidate are Popnllsls and should really Indorse the.Populist electors In full. This seems to lx> the correct proposition, especially since'-the Democrats have gone back on their presjdcnt and tilie planks they ...have Indorsed for over one, hundred years, y ''''"" •'• n lougley Hat and be up to Date ? 426 Broadway. P. S. ; If you want a Tailor Made Suit don'tjfor- get my line of the Celebrated Stein Block Clothing THEY'RE OX THE SLIDE. Reds Are Going Down the Ladder As Fast-As They Went, Up. . ;• Awarded Highest Honors—World's Fair. •DR; Cincinnati la<itiinotlier.game to ritts- burg yesterday. It seems Hint !ho long spoil of winning which the team ha had Is at last, broken and before th Western settle,; Is flnls'lied, the Cinein .natis may..not have anything like th lead they thought they would have t take East w.lth them. Cleveland dli not play yesterday. Following are th scores of the games yesterday: At Cincinnati—Plttsbirrg .0, Clncin nnti T. At Washington—Baltimore ", Wnsli Ington •]. At Boston—Philadelphia 1. Boston 13 At Xew York—Brooklyn !>, New York 9. Rain prevented the game at St. Louis with Cleveland, and Louisville and "Chi C.IKO were not scheduled, STANDING OF THE CLUBS. Olubs Cincinnati .. Baltimore .. Cleveland . . Clilcago .... Plttslnwg r,. Boston Philadelphia Brooklyn ... Washington , Won .5fi .52 ..no .44 .30 .38 .34 Lost. Per.Ct, 2f) .075 27 .071 30 .0-1" 3? ,r,T!: 30 30 New York 34 St. Louis ..." 27 Louisville 21 4." ' -in 4n 4S r,s .r,4i .r>30 .404 .-12: .41." .3.18 .23!) CREAM BAKING POWWR -MOST PERFECT MADE. • r<™ Grape Cream of Tartar Powder. Fr«| f Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant 40 Ye*» th* Stecdtrd. LOW RATES TO LOUISVILLE VIA PENNSYLVANIA LINES. Special excursion tickets to Louisville. Ky... will be sold via . Pcnn«ylvniila lino.*, August OMi and 10th, account the annual -meet of the League of American Wheelman. The lo-w iwfiM will be o|ien to all. Tickets with return limit in- chiding August 18th, may be obtained at ticket, offices of .the Pennsylvania. Lines, For details, apply to nearest ren.nsylva.nta Line Ticket Agent. They must be sold or perteh, Otto pays. Summer clothing nnrt hats' ( are. perishable goods;.half-price'' Is' better than a total loss; 10 cents for boy*' jerseys. SOME COMBINATIONS.. The combinations are-namcdrtho alatu is made, aud It, only..: remains .for the convention to vote on.t.hiijiuiiejjiOf the candidates for Hie tlcketjo'f^(9. county Democracy to be pvljitfld-• ..From .the be.«t obtainable authority' The-iiourual. has gathered a mas* -of opiiiton'sj-^nil- from this mass It has •sifted J tiic. molt" .reliable, until what renVtvUlViVl^i'ki! flie wheat after the chaff .^HjVj .,1.icgn;.blown away. Here Is t-he.tIqSA.ti-wli.icli. " ie convention'will in all psobfvUility.nainp. this afternoon: •'•' "'• I'-"-. " •>'•"• •'•' For Representative—' For Prosecutor—Gecfrge For Clerk—John M.'BJI For Treasurer—Will • For Sheriff—Charles •H.ouilwg., '• For Surveyor—Harry Troutmanl. For Coroner—Dr. J. W. BiiilflrtJ;* For Asseaspr—Clia n nc&j ;( ' C'ns tCT.•' ' For Commissioner, A. Senwright. For Guninlssloaei 1 , Robert Burket. • ' '•."'.' re- .'•-•>-. Thai is the slate ones have made, and the. political bosses v nominations. If the does not go through. It will lie .because there'is a breaking awnyi-t'rouvitlje rule of the ring by'the mass of-jrKoftlelogntes. If the'first named •tR'k-eV is" Wot'the choice of the.convenii(5nv''flfpn';Bi'i^st.ltute Hie name of .Pannnbakwi'^or.^rcasnrer, In .place .of Will Grain's.^!!], that at Stukey for.Sence lu .tliP.'Ecpreseutallvc race. ' firallis Is the .(htrk.'horse in thfc. of promlses'to be a. .tii'iiie'affair, for tbo noniluatlons wereV,rcaliy made Ins! night, .when the r.ing..held;a,last caucus iiiid:llxed the slute." :',.: . j •The. ! Ughffor-KepTesentiitlve'l!as developed a-ii U'hcxpected turn wilhiii the pnstf twenty-four hours:; All day yesterday the llenteu'auts 'of Frank' Scnce wore the..busiest, men in tow.ii, and they got /i'n : their work to a certain extent. Tlieiliq'ubr element to a man Is -for Mr. Selice and It 3s stated on good aur.hdrity ildff fli r|>turn : 'forthls support,'he is'to vote'lm-'the r'epeaJ of >Jie Nicholson i:nv, tt'hjtli is so obuoxiou* to the saloon men. .To.OjGiithrie wns, until yesterday morn- I'UgoTJ*;strong, mav agiijjwt Sencc, but Tliurtrf.'wero many of the stipportoi-s of FiWf>k''-Srukey who could not be turned frrtn .iirm.'htJd'In coii.?e(]nence the race jiasrpari'O'vyed d6'wu"t(i''t,'wi3 men, Scnco aud'Stiikey. Stukey has. the,.milk-d sup': port- G-frthe law aadi-owlflr..element, aud Sence-ls tacked by-thaifiquor clemcut and Its friends.' .Thls-rari; .trill bo one if tire closest" ill' 1 tfiB-'c'piivi'ntlon and it Is'liard t^'Kll"wltich qf.tne two named wHl be the.sncc'e.iSsr'liV.o.flp.. Guthrie Is noti.out of the race..liy^ony'means, but If it Is seen that Seu«.P:cauuot be noml- hatc'd,-Hie'latter'ai-istreoRtR will be thrown to Gmlirle.'-W-hb-'lS the second Choice of t.he ! Sencc'me^'. ; i"'t}eol-ge Burk- h'art has his ciir,close, t^'the,'phone and It.is'saild .would'notj!p£u/s«'the nomination If .lt.'weje, s <eiiiierefl. him. A dark liovse In thlsipuiecc.i*'nofcat all Improb-. REPUBLICAN DAY. Hon. James A. Hount Will Speak to Citizens .August 7th. Friday, August 7th, at 1 p. m., at th rink, there will be an address to the citizens of Cass county by :.lie Hou, Jamee A. Mount, candidate on the Republican ticket for Governor. The well known ability as a speaker of the emi ncnt Hoosier :Shou](d be sufficient to cause a big .turnout of those interested Iu the vital issues of the day. There will be other prominent men present, among them beJog the Hon. Geo. W.^Steele, member of Congress, and candidate In this district for rc- olection. There will be good, music and plenty of M, and a good old Republican time. Every citizen is deeply interested In the settlement of the financial problem, and the speakers Friday will be weJI equipped to give an honest exposition of the silver question. racc'who stands tbe'best chance of winning and: th'ougli there-arc otlicrs ruTintng, 'tiielr chances 'are'slim.^ Wiilliard. Fitzer Is/still in '^ the" (Iglit, t.liough he. -lias practically, -.conceded 'his The opponents, of- Kls.Hca-:. arc: trying to form n- 'combination ngalnsf him', but tt Is almost' 'an iassufcil fact that lie hn.« enqugji 'of jhe di-fcgiitos in lefca't any ccmbl'na'Uo'n^rupy may lie able, to fotTO. , .. '_ ,i--,,- .-.; ..- ,.••. .-•. Andy Flynn Is making a determined. fight; against .lohn Bld5s,-b«t It la-conceded to be n" }M)pele.<w"one'. v -Tli(? : 'o6e-reiln) alk la beh'g work Bliss for all It 'Is : Mrs. Rhodle ,Kijo)),,p/;'ihi.? place, was taken In the njghf.wlttLiCrainpIng pains and the next da.y,.:(liarclipefl,set lu. She took half a-bottle-of .^blapkberry cordial but 56! no relief/ v 'Stie'-thRn sent to mo to' see' If I ndo! : 'ti.ri'jth'1'ng that would ne'lp'iier. I Mnt^r^ bottle of Chamberlain's Coilc. Cllolgrajjanjl Diarrhoea Remedy.and tiic flr.st,-dosft.relieved iier. Another of our nelghbors;had been sick for about a week and had tried different remedies for 'dlarrtrt>e.i -but kept (jetting .jyo'rse;. I "soii't^ him _thlH same remcdyi Only four.jt&j^'.o't'lt were re- qulr.exl ,to cure him, ,-H%.?ay8 he owe* his recovery to this .wonile.-ful remedy. -Mrs. Mary Slbley,:-8Hmey;'.\IIclj. For snje'by B. F. Keesllng.'-'drtigisi's't. PERSONAL. Oilier Bearss of Tern wns in, the city yesterday'. Harry 'Ma'y, sou of .T. S. May, of Richmond, is In the city visiting Master John Bairnuart. Kewanna Hem Id: Bert Clary aud family, of Lonuisport, visited the family of E. E. Clary near Mooresburpr over Sunday. Mi's. D. W .Tomliusou of Micliipnn BLOODHOUNDS AS TRAILERS. BJooiIhouiifls have been put on (he track of the Fulton burglars, but as yet they have DO: been loc.itf-X'. Tiic money wilicli wns stolen from E-nynit K. Son!s store wns found a <«hort. distance b.idc of tile store in Hie weeds. This givas rise to rlie belief that the deed was perpetrated-by local.talent. ADDITIONAL LOCAL. City Is in I he city, called here on ac- ..,«<) social count of the til ness of her sister. Miss • French £iugli.tJ!is, wort.U J3 cents, for S% cents ioday.—TJie Bee Hive. Get: a $1 to ?•• corset, for TiOc tomorrow at the Trade Palace, also the best OOc summer corset for 27c. Best "Brownie overalls, up to the age of 13 years, today and Saturday, 25 ceuis, worth no cexits, at Otlo',«. New harness bellR worth 5GC for 25c;' Rot) Roy belts, STic; Rob Roy watch chains and suards at the Bee.Hive. ;W.hen perislurbl* goods are offered at a price, Otto thinks tlier'll po Quick; a Sfl.no ftue child's Milan braid for 50 cents will find buyers. Tlie Wesrside sewing club has returned from Lake Maxinkuckec \\-heie they have been for a week's outing. Clin: Early of Burlington had a valuable horse killed by liplitnlng last Tuesday night. The animal was tlefl in the stable between two others but :Jiey were not injured. Mr. and Mrs. David Clymer, Jr., as- . sis-ted by about forty of their friends, celebrated the sixth anniversary <S. heir marriage at their borne on Wa-' b.i$li avenue Thursday evening, Mus"ic ; Supt..'.'V\ ; .;;.p..AVasiliburii .ot;.. tbe^Mctro- liolltftti' Life •Insnranc.c-. company met a number 'of l»!s assistants -here last night. " Aflent-'D. E. CmvglH "oM/.ifay- ^. 'cr.tairi that it .Is not',y^iSi.,^n"iich.. 'Bliss, ;ns the ring, at his, back Jind-. the ring •111 dlcta.te the nonrfMHwis:--.' ; , M./J; • Dr. M, A. .Torda7i;o\vtH'-f«; •named' fnr tate Senator, but : '' ! ' .tlorn- the ticket th CoHett will told ' : Jslon of" the • Taken all around, de- the convention ijtte ( w;ts In the party ."and T. .1. RI^'S and Ct. T. SoilinbergeV.'of , Lafayet.!i'. A.l- fred'^Knew: of A{t.Ica,;'Ge6vS.'>IcM'iir- ray' pi' Frankfort, -C.,G..St_e,W|\rt. of Ko- komn. W. L. Ke'ycs. and.->V; L. (5\v!n of Pc-ru. W. H.'Morrls-nt Wabasli, John- Stanley of Ma > ylon;-;'ain1vAlf«n'Wilfnn of Crawford.sville.'j''-' •;••'•;';' .;"•/ 1 CbnmberlaVn's" ,' cpide/ croup and . pleasant, sure and rellahlft bv BrF.'KeesIing, drug|5t«1>- ot cures - It Is For sale cbiiig v nF Otto's'.' 10 s of Uie-season Ida Covault. 0. 0. Griffin, who has been "jerking lightning" at the Chicago Gas ' company's telegraph station on the line cast of the city for the past three months, left last night for Greentown. where he was transferred t to the company's otlice in a similar lino of duty. Camden Expositor: 1. H. Gardner was down from Logiinsport Wednesday to ,*ee Ills father who Is confined to bis bed with dropsy. The 'Squire has been in very poor health for some time, but not until last Sunday was he forced to his bed Miss Caroline Harrison was down from Loga.nsport the rtr.st of the week introducing a new work in music, Charles Jt. Patlllo.'wlio has been at the.Ba.niett'for-the past four months a,? night cleric, lias resigned his position to accept (he management of the Grayling house, at Grayling,' Mich. Tie will leave today for his new home, and Uiotiglnhis residence here has 'been short, he made many friendi? wlio regret liis departure. .1. H. Kinney; formerly a conductor on the St.-ire Line division of Mie Panhandle, who went to Colorado somi' days since iu the hope of benefiting his health, wrllcs bis brother, Councilman KInney. that he already feels.much better, Hibugh he has been breathing the pure mountain ni.r but a, few days. He is at present in Denver, nnd will mnke that city his headquarters, taking side- an elaborate were indulged in, anfl .luncheon was served. They were the recipients of many handsome and valuable presents. The lawn fete which wns given at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Giffc on last: Tuesday evening will be repeated soon owing to the fnct that the rain prevented the festival from .being -a complete success. The Military ban* will be present when it i£ repeated. Tire proceeds will go to the Flome for the Friendless. trips Into like if. . the mountains as he feels Forty-cent onyx hosiery for 25 cents today,—The Bee Hive. Sudden ItitercftU "Sir," said tht citizen, "the carl'ixi&e home on last nightwn« so crowded that. people, raysolf among thorn, hat) t* hajigoo by thcJr eyelids, so to spenk." ;The street railway mngnntc wenfcon writinp. "So crowded, in fnct, that, the conductor was unable to collect :all -the fnrcs." •The mntrrint/e's pen 'dropped to "UK flcor. "What was the'number of that car?" he osked, eagerly.—IndiannpoltK Journal. l.at«l from BltiTllle. We recently purcbnseil .1 bicycle, Tbc doctor says that with careful nursing we will be oot in six weeks. .. We lost one.leg in the war and the other running- for congress. We Krt Irtill nblc, however, to play n full hnnd. There is only one gold bug In Bill- wile now, and lie's in a. dime museum nnder the direction of a silver manager. . There is no use to run lor coroner Ik Billville.' The only time n man drop* dead here is when some one goes crmzy and pays him tendollarson account, /Money is so scarce in Billville that we are compelled to run for office on the Installment plan; but It looks like weU never be fully instalIed.~Blllvil]e Bo«- ner.

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