The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 27, 1939 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 27, 1939
Page 7
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FRIDAY; OCTOBER; .27, 1939 VniEVIU/E (AUK.) COUU1EU NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rote per line for coiisccu- Out) tfme per line .............. lOc t'wo limes per line per dny....08c Vdrce limes per line per dny...0fio Is times por line per day — 05o I Month rate per line ............ GOc I Cards of Thanks ........ 50c & Miniuuun charge 50c ftrts ordered for three or six | /.mcs and stopjKd before expira >on will be charged for the "um- Icr of times the add appeared Bin' itlJuisUuonl ol bill made. All Classified Advertising cop 1 jLilitnilled by persons residing out- I »lde of the city iirtist be ttccom- mcil by cash. , nates jnay be e i/ computed from above tnble. Advertising ordered for Irregular insertions tanes the one time ral«. No responsibility will be taken I tor more ilmn one Incorrect Insertion ol any classified ail. For Rent Small Cafe at Steelc, Mo. Good location, Other business reason I or selling Small cash price. Tomny Frakes, Sleele, Mo. 27-pk-31 i~"oom furnished apartment. 108 W. Kentucky. Phone 083. 27pk3 ; HONEST VALUES HOLD EVERYTHING - By Clyde Lewis •J room furnished iipai tmc:it. Mrs. Elinn Crowdcr, COG N. 0!h St. 2C-ck-tr 2 room modern furnished aparl- mcnl. Mrs. Tiischncv. 1G01 W. Ash. ;«"*-" 3 room furnished apartment. l'o.v session In one week. Mrs. C. Tl. Wheclcs, 309 llcarn. M-pk-30 2 furnished rooms with Frlglrtalro. Mrs. Ted Green. Phone 8H-J. 23-ck-lf For Sale Several good mules, marcs young horses. Paul Ujrum. mid 2ncktl 2 laruc room apartment. Couple drsired. 700 VV. Main. '<!3el . Ijusc bedroom, twin beds, 'two I eliisets. steiim heal. Men preferred. Phone 1. 23-ck-lf AT I'lllU.U'S Used (.'(»• "nil Truck 27-'l>k-3 OlYui'fd l''or Sille Is Ki'iuly lo (Jo, H«' Them Today! '36 I'urd Coupe S2-5 '38 Chcv. O.u'h S1S5 '!!(! I'lyiiuiulh Tour. • $a08 'HI Flint llel. 'I'mlor $1115 Chcv. Sedan $' M $ •3K Ford Tuilor SIS? 'HO L'ord Tudor S28S — TRUCKS — •:n C.M.C. 3/-1 i'ick-iip $:«>s rii'k-up $w Welding l.ale model rcflnislicd. llynmi. tractois. ItchnlU and Good as new. 1'aul ^6-ck-ll 2 or 3 room furnished uparlmenl. Newly dccoralcd. OH ITearn. * "M Kurd dm 1 . H'j Titn Turd I'liHi'l 5 Allis-Chnlmcrs Combines. Easyj Terms. Paul Byimn. 26-ck-tI. | Cheap for quick sale; one liUo« Colcinnn Oil Circulator and one . Modern Gasoline Range. Terms. Phone 322, 806 W. Ash. Comfortable bedroom, ion Wnl- nul. Phone 102 alter four. n-ck-lt 2 bedrooms. Business women only. Phone 239. 14-ck-ll Nice comfortable room. 310 W. Walnut. Close in. 13-ck-U | Crushed Corn, Chops, Meal and Bran. Public Crushing. Blaylock I Mill, Highway 01. 24-pk-ll-:2i I, One 1037 Sliidcbaker 4-door Dictator. Ooort mechanical condition. One 1937 Chevrolet coupe. Perfect condition in every way. One set i wagon scales. One coal burning heater. C. E. Parks, phone 2S3. 23-ck-30 10 head young, fresh Jersey cows. Gaines Market. Phone D3. 23-pk-ll-23 Comfortable front bedroom. Outside entrance. Phone. 351. 515 Walnut. 11-ck-tf Nice bedroom. Convenient Steam heat. Phone 280. to ball) 19-ck-tf PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Corner 5lh & Walnut Phunc 810-811 for Dcmoiis'JiiHon Illythtvilk-, Ait. EXl'KUT KLBCTIUC AND ACRTYLBNB WELDING llr«B line and heavy irctillni • Barksdale Mfg. Co. riione 19 or Uri. 1019 For Trade Tailor Miule Sails $23.50 up , I AM, KINDS AI/nCKATIONS (it'orge 11.' Miiir 'Illyllit'vlllii's Only Tailor" The longest record tIKdit In u ll^hl plune was made by Johnny Jones early In 1030 when he Hew from California to New York, it distance ol 3780 miles, In 30 hours, 47 mlnules, ' 'In" a 'nine-year ,, period,'- 1 ; -thero ^.,. were 45,000 mofp'. aulb, ,,acc"lde(it--M deaths a\ night liiali, during the' S daytime, de&plle the fact that daylight liaffle is three limes'ns heavy " as that at night. ' ' * Nineteen per cent ol nil drivers _______________ ___________________ _________ Involved In nirlili'Uta are Riillly of W 1 " '''"do .Siibni-h:m home for res- speedlnu. lilciiro nnir llluli Sehool. 11. Hmles Lund Co. ai-pM! Wanted wlnif, alteinallons. Hllp covers for fiunlliire. Cnll MG, Mrs. W. I j'onnr<l Smith. 21-pk-ll "Loukil my lonjjiic, Miinia—I dropped my liolllc of siula on Unit nuw slrccl tliey just lurrcdl" i Ice | Upright piano and four foot Frij- iduire electric refrigerator. Both In excellent condition. Phone 17 or call at 811 W. Main. 9-ck-tf | BABY BED cheap. Practically ne\\ mattress. Mrs. Samuel P. Nor- I ris. Call 648J after 6 p.m. dh I Lumber. Oak, Cypress. S13 per Ihonsand. Delivered for S20. Art- 1 joining Clear Luke Farm. D. It Onrner of Annorcl. 11-pk-ll-l Wanted to Rent Notice Notice—I Bin now salesman for Thomas Land Co. Have Root! mys on Farm and City Property. II. C. Campbell. 13-ck-ll-13 Leu'I.s-Chambers Construction Company, Inc., is responsible only for purchases if the vender is supplied with a written purchase order signed by W. C. Drcnmn J Philllpce. '2-pk-ll-2 Help Wauled ' WILL PAY STRAIGHT SALARY $35.00 per week, man or woman with niilo. sell Poultry Mixture lo Formers. Eureka Mfg. Co., East St. Lcnis, III. ICE-iCE Phone 10? JOHN BUCHANAN Ttikon-Up Wert Optometrist "UK MAKICS 'KM SICK" Ovrr ,lnc Isnars' Storf Phone MO —-PRESCRIPTIONS Safe - - Accurate Your Prescription Druggist Fowler Dru^ Co. Main ft, First I'himr 1 J. I, GUARD Oplomctrial Only nnidiinld (>|iliiiu<i- Irlsl In 1ll)'tlir.vlll«. ClhiHsm [''llti-d Cuirrclly TERMINIX TERMINATES TERMITES, BRUCE-MEMPHIS HOW IS THE TIME! Allt'iu] fu'Your Tire Needs Now While 'These New Low I'rices Kxisl. i Ttre$ton* STANDARD TIRES i/f. a PRESCRIPTIONS Freshes! Hcfil Kirby Dru? Stores One u-hllc faee Kteer yearllni, wclglilng nbonl SCO puiliK'i. 1> K. V. Hill, Route 1. 27-))k-3 ____ i ____ ..... _ _________ ............ _____________ i Airlines are adding n totnl of 31 new ]ilimc\s to their Heels at an iiKRi'cijutt cast of $'1,W)0.000 Ijeouisc of Increased demand for pusscngcr service, All Now l.urulnl at 101 North Sfinnrt ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON rmVAHMS, Vnijirlrlnr M^ltr.i of lU'linlU Typewrltrr.i, Atlilln K K — 1'arlji— HUtbonj OTIllill SIXES PUOI'OHTIONATCELY. Use Our Kudffet Han! PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Hills- Snl|ies,' Iliicluel H);r. Mil ,v- VVulinit I'liunr HID Personal | 2 or 3 furnished rooms for couule and 8-ycar-old clilld, near Central High School. Phone 538. 27ck31 Modern furnished house for two months by responsible party. Box 'FHM Courier News. 24-pk-3l Wash ins;, Ironing Hunting License & BIRD DOG LICENSE FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE WF ARE PREPARED TO ISSU! YOUR HUNTING AND BIRD HOG LICENSE AT OUft STORE SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. PHONE 35 Arouse SlURRlsh Liver, work ofT the bile to rid yourself of constipation, gas pains, imd that sour, punk feeling. Take one box of KIItKY'S ACTIVE I.IVER 1'IU.S 25c at all Kirby Storca Pound Bird do[j pup. Owner may hyyc hiin by imyiiiK for keep ami cost of ad. Mrs. Rube Bwill, Rt. 1, Uox 40, Blytheville, Ark. I i.osl I Male Help Wanted One light Jersey Steer 'Yearling, wci'jht about 425. Horns about 15" Ions. REWARD. Cull Bob Hiir' rls. Ulylhevllle. We will come for 1 Etcer. 27-|)k-30 Houle men wanted immediately! whUc f . lcc Heifer: Weight about, who have a desire to get ahead [ E:0 pounds. 14 monlhs old. Notify Gaines Market, REWARD. Telephone 93. 27-pk-31 Expert washing nnd Ironing. Rough dry and finish. 0 quilts Itl.OO. One dny service. Willie aell I Green, behind City Tee Plant. O-ck-10-9 in life and establish an independent retail business. Watkins Company largest, best known products and easiest sold. Must have car and be between the ages of 25 and 55. No cash required. Write P. M. Lewis, c/o The J. R. Walkins Co., Memphis, Tennessee. AMERICAN EDUCATOR Small female whit; rat terrier, brown snots. Named Trixle. .REWARD. Cecil Wingficld, Steele, Box 8-1. 23-pk-30 Wanlnl To Buy HORIZONTAL 1,0 Eminent ccincntcir of last century. 1) Migrating fish. . 10 Freedom from \var. 12 Mohammedan judge. 13 To clear of outlawry. 14 Doge's medal. 10 To make lace. 1C Uelicvinf. 44 Pygmies. 21 Farmer. 25 Simple. 30 Garments. j 31 Opposed to boltom. 33 Wnltlc tree. 34 To eject. 35 Hoops. | 37 Polynesian chestnut. j 38 Noisy Answer to Previous Punic IDRnilroDd. 20 Nay. 22 Gypsy. 23 Kimono girdle. 24 Moist. 26 Because. 27 God of war. 28 Matching group. 29 He was or president of a college (pi.). 31 Perceptible lo the. touch. 48 College girl. 4 S Wayside hotel. 51 To obey. 52 Lofty sclt-respijcl. 53 Quantity. 54 Compound ether. VERTICAL 2 English coins. 32 Flexible. outbreak. 40 One who copjes sacred music. 3 Impolite. 35 Public 4 Shrub conveyance, yielding 30 Drunkard, indigo. 38 Jockey. 5 Root finial. 39 Name. 0 Awkward. 41 Land measure 7 Dainty foods. 42 Close-fitting 8 Modern. cap. 11 Grafted. 43To do again. 12 He was also a 4511,110. 56 He was n • representative 40 Within. or reviser of j n . 47 stale of bliss. cducalional 15 Ones in cards. 50 Neither, methods. n TO pierce 52 Pair. 57 To chant. \vilh a dagger. 55 Note in scale WANTED A IISEH FLOOR SCALE rnoNK von on .172 wu i'AY <;AS Used Furniture Ktiv Konnrr Flirnlliirc Store 111 W. 'Main 23-ck-ll-l! WE BUY SOYBEANS Strvns-Coupcrtcc Gin id) Day-Nile — Ulna IS %\Vv IG-pk-ll-li USED GARS and TRUCKS We Must jMnke Hooni To Trades nn 1 li e N e w 191 ohcvrolcl. .Itisf M Few of (hi! Many 1937 Plymouth Town Sednn. Special'(or Tuesday only. <t*}9Q Come early ft get this onc.v Jt* " 1938 Hudson Tcrraplane 2-Door with Trunk. Driven only 15,000 miles. Radio and heater 1937 Chevrolet Coupe. • Real buy at :. 1936 Chevrolet Four-door Sedan. Special '.. 193-1 Chevrolet 1V4 Truck. -,,, % D. W. Body. Only • Jpif J 1936 Chevrolet IVi T. Truck. D. W Runs like new 1937 Ford 1' T. Truck.' *OQC New slage body «pO»7 J 137 Int. Pick-up Truck. $O,4r Motor A-l •PO'iJ 1937 G. M. O. \Vi Ton $OQQ Truck. D. W $6i)J 1!)37 Ford V-B Pick-up. fl>OOA Slake body •PJJ J Easy (J.M.A.C. I'aymcul 1'lan Tom Little Chevrolet Co. rhone 633 RYDER-HOW D -rtJH HWPEt-J To BE TRAPPED IM A . CELLAR K " ' "''" LOOMJM, RED RYDER ; 1RACK5- WCXF, -'VJERtWOLF"/ E.RIFF/ ME A BLOODHOUND, QUICK KILL US,SHERIFF—AND THEREo PLEMTf THAT WOMAN CAM TfeLL L)5 • ASOLIT HIM —WHERE IS SHE ? 1REE 6REA1V1IM' 601-Vc. FRESH AIR ALLEY, OL PAL, '/OURS. A MILLIOWAIRG / SHADES OF THC MESO^OIC ','. WHV, AS GEOLOGIC € MEMS IHEV'RE PRICELESS ...AMP AS GEMS-AHU/J CEB.TA1MLV/ IHIIY ARE THE OMLV AU7HE^-^IC PIECES OF BROMZ.E AGE ARMOR WIRE WOR1.P "TOPAV/ MEAK1 7HES6 THIWfiS ARE OF FIRST APPEARANCE HISTORIC MOO DilTcrcncc of Opinion WASH TUHUS oil/aO VOUteE A- MEPHEW OF THW OBffiR^ cB^^v, -iTm&v, CAVITANVCEPOUS (.Bfitx.- POT.EH? C5ETOUTOF .CCOKDlVl' TO THW COP, UUCLE L1NCOLU TUSoS W16HT OE ft PRETTY MICE 6UV. OWLV I'M Af RAVD I\1 &OTTEU 1. GET TO HIS UUK \S ALL Cl&UT. HE WHY. FURCKLKS AND HIS FRIENDS X GUESS MISS KLENK WAS THE WHO SUSPECT6D THINK NUDBIM COPIED TMB EXAM 'QUESTIONS OFF THE BOARD AND THWS WHY HE OOF SUCH A C3OOO GRADE > BEING ASSISTANT JANiTCR GAVE HIM Access To THE QUESTIONS, AMD ' HE WAS THE ONLV CMS WHO GOT SUCH A GOOD GRADE I >A/ELL , AU- 1 KMOW IS THAT WE GIRLS . TRIED To HELP HIM WITH HIS ENGLISH i BUT. HE DIDN'T SEEM TO CATCH ON ! i DON'T SEH HOVJ He COULD GET KX>7o/ AND HE WONT. TALK .*

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