Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 7, 1942 · Page 3
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 3

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, August 7, 1942
Page 3
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NAUGATTTOK DAILY ,WEWS, How They (Stand fi/LL <7O£ UM Ivors Told Me JtoTnie Story, And- J{ , a Always the' Same, ; The Legs Go First,' : And the End Is Near, So It Was With Wright, - *«,«, ^ *> •«. l*»* ERASER" CATCHES UP WITH CHALKY i 1 1 ^> (\vhluh Is tho I In start, talk with was a prutty In the oru of C.lmnou. always NVUS ,-jii- I'hruHo In my book, lllin y Ihhu/s iln tills n|, in tin 1 hands of that, f.ot us go bot'ort! wo t'or- •ulll to KVtM'.M, HlO ,1,1(1' of Troy, ,N f . Y, you rnill/ud Urn; v H any more'/" iM-u- II weds n\[Uana- I jnhn Plrui nut Hint •r u 1110,101' IwiKUQ also how, i> Trojan, "a story and I'll toll It to ivmcmhor It, v pLiyhiK tho Now so I'fU 1 as I know, n Id M VIM'S, 1 fool 1 IH-I), and I don't belter than I ul- •.I them. Whloh can't sun me for M'tlnns, I f ( 'hap|,,i in tliiiini' my noso at 'cm onco iplayi-- And ••Hill," .<-iM l!l w with flu'. ^iM'\,K't!y ;>•» I •mK'iUy svr a! .,•;< liunN .nid. ,, Jill Ihi- .-i.tiin 1 .ria.< rmirse, only nv I hoy I'dol makos lift tliu Hamn way about mo. "I'm nut Hiiro, who II Is that's calling 'em at I'lrsl base, Majfbo If. Is Hunk O'Day. \Vhoover It Was, hu eould miss 'oin Just as far as any otluu 1 umpire In my book, 1 Bui [ don't want to plok on Hank, so you .(-an say 'It -was 13111 Klein, if you Uko. "Anyhow, 1 Hinaok an in Hold grounder that .fools IIku a lilt to mo as 1L leaves Ihu but, I3ut whon •I K<'t lo I'lrst base, there's tho ball, "So I say to 'inysuir, 'You mis- Judged that ono, John, that 1 was no hit, that svaa just an Int'lold L.VS'I KIDDING "The next tlmo I eomo to'hnl, I hit uuolhoi 1 ono Unit has tho snmu sound of n 'huso hit (o mo, only boMiM-, Hut just us 1 nm mukhifj (hut Us I, lonjj slop .at lfli\s-t huso, I luMii 1 tho bull smack into Morale's mltl, , u 'llortx luvru, F/viM'S, I ffuy to iny- soir, 'what <lo you IWMIII llmm'iu out on two Int'lohl In (i row? Tuko hold of yourself, follow, and .stop this silly roolish- Yosttii'duy'a HesnHs Boston 2,, Philadelphia 0. 4,;.Dclrolt 1. Washington'0, New York 3. Ulevehuid-Bt. .Louis,"'.postponed. The Standing ' Now York Boston St. Louis ., Detroit , Chioago ...., NVualilngton-. Philadelphia- 70 GO '59 54 51 u L. •"35 47 47 54 58 55 0:1 09 Pot .r,o7 .501 .557 .500.408 .455 .413 ,382 Today's flames', P.Hchcrs Boston at Washington .(night)— Dobons (7-0) vs. Carrusquol (5-4). Glevolantl at Chicago (night)— Harder (9-8) -or A. •Snillh (8-8) vs. Humphrlos (7-9), Detroit at .St. tduis (night)— White (7-9) vs. -Nlggellng (9-10). (Daly games sohocUiled,) NATIONAL LEAGUE Vestwdny's Now York 8, Brooklyn 0. ((.inly game scheduled.) Tho Brooklyn ., Louis ., /'Cincinnati , Pittsburgh . Ohlongo Boston Philadelphia "Thru, Hill, I (toino to hat unit d<> It n third tlnio, iintl tluvt (lino I know tho truth. I m«y still bo a pretty fiilr xoi-t of hull pliiyor, 1 iwic'l s ol' XValcrhury A. <!, RANDOLPH-CLOWES OUTDOOR STADIUM CUll.NKH HANK AND MEADOW HTS, TONIGT HUSH MDDY DOLAN \\ ATCHIIUHY <S HOUNDS' vs \VII,I.IK ROACH WIUII.MiTON, D MOUNDS' vs -Pet. .705 .018 .SJ4 ..51!) .470' .449 : ,,398 .307. Today's Games, ''Pitchers Hoslon at Brooklyn (twilight)— Javery (7-13) vs. Davis '(1:1-5). Now York u-t Philadelphia (night) —llub'bell (0-(J) vs. Hoerst. (/i-ll), Chicago 'at Cincinnati (night) — Wurnoko (7-0) vs,• porringer (0-7). St. Louis at Pittsburgh (night)— Cooper (ia-5)'vs.'Tiornlokl (1-1). Golf's Biggest Money-Win. ner, Smashed Missi&sang-o ' Course Record. (Ily United Press) Ben -Ilpgan of 'i-Iersh'oy; "Penn., took the lead at .the end of the;Jlfat : round of-play in 'the Canadian"',ppxin golf championship by shoQling; a; sensational seven-under-par 05. : : ; Hogan, the fame's 1 biggest ;monoy- winner, smashed tlie 'Mississauga course record of 00, set. an 'hour earlier by Craig Wood and tied' shortly later by Ralph Guldahl. ; The previous record for the course; was 08, Wood, the Mamaroncdk, Now York veteran,'shot 32 for the first nine holes and did the back' nine in 3'i to set i h,is short-lived. record. Culdaht, who hails Ranoho Sanl.a Fe, California, orod both nines in 33. Both left the course sure had tied for the leadership from! cov- MOORE MOW YOHK HUSH mrr DOUGHERTY MILU'AUKIOIO, WIS. (i HOUNDS KOVACH .\.\i:ti.\'n:(.;K COLLINS WATI-IHHUHY HOUNDS VS «10K ^ JAKES HHOOKLYN, N. WIUJK SHANK .MONTHKAL Y. YOr.N'd MORIARTY WATMWU'HY HOUNDS VS KID . SPIDER HIUJHiUI'Oiri All Tnxrs Includrd TICKETS Now On Mnh' nl Mullli/nii.'.*! Mi'slmirnnl, IMmrnlx .Avenue, ADMISSION $1,00 - $1.65 - $2,20 iH.'liovo Iain, Uut this timo I know thai tho yeai-.s are niuruhliifi I'ast- 01- thun •ilohnny Kvor.s is inarohlnfj, and ttiat I'm just .twi old »uy who can't quito do it any more. ' M I kopl on (joinjj For a i'dw months nrtor (hut, but always with tho i-oali/aMon that, somewhere there was a yoimo ball player who would ho worh more to my ball team than (lie Trojan, "(H. .course, 'SiuJUiifjs and others were reall/inf/, loo, and ])robnl)l.y had been before, (he truth caine home to me. .^nyliow, it's that last .step that makes I he'difference. And when it •• jjoos afjainsl /you instead ol' for you too often-In a-row, the.n you 'know that the old })uy with the seythe lias ciil. you down, You may fool some 6TV;l^lMi.^|iU!0| 1 ti}ir,. Ihat, hut you don't fool ' yourself. For when, your lejjs -j;o, it's a sure imp that you've (jot to follow." '•TllK LKGS A MIC Til 1C TltlLL: WIHoh happpnocl do be tlio clear- us! and most cU-amatki description 1 have ever .hoard ol' the nemesis that 1/haL eventually catches up with every great -athleto. The sumo old '-"ilobbH" that caiiKlil up with niialky Wright In Madison Square Garden last evening, whon he gave way before the oompurn- ly youthful A!lie Stiolx'aftfir approx-' Imatcly five rounds of; cvon-Stcpli-, j,on I'fghttng. . \' On most -soorcoards,' in- sp'itc of a couple of unfortunate" and tiinllonal low by Chalky, IL was eil.hcr i'igiiter's fight when' the sixth heat began. From "then on, it was Alllo St-olz 1 flghL to win as lie pleased. As he pleased apparently didn't Include a last round knockout by •they ••But Hogan, pre-lournamcnt 1'avoritc,. came back in : :.J3 strokes after doing the first n-ine in 32. - ;-V Directly behind socond-plaG£i-s. Wood and Gulda.liI is Glayl Hoa,fnpr of Durham, North Gar-ollna, wILb 08. He racked up an amazing itt (.'or ,,thp; first nine, scoring il^o^-bit-dies' 'Qp, tho first seven holes. But"fre"faltered on tbc way - back, \ taking 3? 'strokes. on the last nine. - I; #!^.-'•• -;',-.•• : Tony Ponna of Dayton, Ohio, an early Vlnisber whose 'Score - o ; i'",0 ( J : looked like the day's best ..until Wood dame in, wound ur\\in .i'oui'.tb. place. , ' Kour Canadian players" a'r'eVJ,le,d for fifth, each with a 70,.They/,are Willie Lamb : of Toronto, Bobby Reith of Windsor,' Ontario, 'Jerry Prouix of Montreal, and Jules'Huot of Quebec. , . Eight golfcrs/have. 71's,..on'e .under par. They include. -Paul Rimyan of White .Plains,-: - ISew^ York; 'Frank Strannhan :ol'. Toledo, Ohio; Willie Goggin of Wbrte Plains,"New York; Gordon -Brydson ',of. Toronto; Gene. Kunes of Philadelphia; Art Hulbert 1 of -Toronto ;,;Skee 'Reigcl of ; Miaiiii; and Bob Burns, of : Toronto; ..,- Wicrdost Shot In Golf One of the- wierdest 'shqts ever seen In a golf tournament was made today in the ..Canadian Open at Mls- sissauga course. ..... ' The golfer who made H was Stan Home, ,'a ''.Montreal professional. Morne was playing'iin iroji shot on the '215-yard third hole. His ball soared into the/air, veered to one side, aiid: landed on a beach umbrella near, the green. The umbrella was being held by Sheriff Frcil;-'• Graves • of Lincoln County, 'Ontario;. As Craves tried ; to do'dgc the bail, it bounded off'tbe .umbrella, and right into" his back pocket. .'';. \ "•. .,-•;' ''''••' .;';. Graves, knowing, the rules of golf, /didn't, attempt 'to rbm'ove 'the ball, ile just- .stood'-'there undiJ 'golfer Home and : a-group of officials came .up.- After a-, conference, the-ball-was ruled an unplayable lie. Home was allowed' to take the ball -out of 'Graves' pocket' and .place )t on the-ground. On.his next shot he got back-to the g'neen. But be- "forc leaving. he thanked Graves— 'for keeping the shot out of a nearby bunker. •/ M . '. • ... , llio classy New .Jersey UgliUveight- bcoause 1 have a reasonably strong hunch that he m'ig-ht liave won : i! tiiat way .in the end, if 'he li-ad chosen io do so. . But Alllo Is a nice, clean-cut, ing sort of kid, and Micro's'"' , chance' that maybe he didn't want Lo •humlllat.o n courageoas opponent anymore than was necessary.^ Perhaps the fact that Uie,. a ncien!, Chalk leaned on* ..--Stoles • sweaty .shoulder in that "You're doing line l-hing Lo do with No-matter. Slola won -as'lie pleased'-, ....... IH' round oil and, ex Ira" 'weight, extra years and all to counl,'• H would have been no. pai'Licular'star in ill's cap to huve/pollsliccl o'ff sngging-legged old leaUierwc king in. the olosins\rninutos of ten-round 'scrap. ;• ?, Had lie done so, ....lie the; isljf -tie 'n'ii- after the Hght: "This 'is a Mile. He could have whipped me when I was younger. 11 How much younger Tlio -Chalk didn't say. And again -It . dlUjilt mat- tnr. For Stolx had hcatcn hiih as lie pleased in the last halL' or : ':'")Jjeir light and, in so doin^, had convincingly demonstrated his. right-lb othorMigntweight title -sha^al 'my Angott. , ... \ • " -i' ONE OF THE OF ALL-TIME!! GREER GARSON Directed by WILLIAM WYLER . Produced by: SIDNEY FRANKLIN ' • • • -i,.. with '-• TERESA WBIGHT • DAME MAY WHITTY ,* HJ5GINALP OWEN HENRY TRAVERS . RICHARD NEY • HENRY WILCOXON Screen Play by Arthur Wimperis, George^Froeachel, James Hilton and Claudine Weflt • A WILLIAM ;WYLER Prpduction Based on Jan Struther's Novel • A Metro-Goldiwyn Mayer Picture (A Pie-Release Engagement;) ' I'LUB A FINE PROGRAM OF SELECTED Sgl.QfiT SUBJECTS __ - - - — - L — — — — ^»^»»_. » BUY WAR BONDS AND STAMPS HERE PKICtS>OR THIS IHOAQtMt^T ONLY MOMCIAT lo rnlDAV : »._;....,•,., i f M. 1 AM »,.(, '.' f«'(«' *,«H , ; > >« ,;) >AI •!> Cfiflif ' • It, IU Out,. ltr:0i()-. JU-lul. « ,-|,V^ MUI STOL7 IS A fXASSY h sharp, sinni't,'' iff nuui, tliKs sniiiiiuf froni Jersey. .lie's' no lethal piinchrr, liioro's the pity. If lie iWci-e, he'd be as good n. ;ii»h(\vel(jhi as \ye Itovc 'spoil n round here since .ivnd , v cla,ssy. Stolz IVoy reduced tlie^sw^e^s^omit; l -scioiHMJ whon it comes ,1o He has to n real boxing, niul don't, lei anybody, . or nnythlnff. (not even. his. ' smile), kid you into-foelio'viiw-that he doesn't, know his way around that riiifj. He does. ''•' ; And nobody knows Ibis • belter (ban Saminy Ann pit, who doesn't, therefore, have to be warned. When they meet afjain, as they nro-.floiiiff to meet, Samuel will need no.Avn.rn-. Iiif;. Tor Sammy'knows he's,.«oin(j to be tniifilinn with a real (jood lifihtwciflht. , . Don't you, Sammy? ' IMIOHITE SHOWS IREfSUN^AN SAT.f.SUN. AUG.7'6"9 £S§**B< ^ 7CRESSONIANS ^4 JOLLITEERS ^LOIS LYNN" ilrGAUDSMITH BROS. *EVE KNIGHT MJGATUCKHIGH ' ( Coach peek at, gridiron Peter J. Folcy had his ilrst his Maugatuck -"high school ; squad in actjn"" last nigh L n t V Recreation 'flcjd. .wliere. the Ilrst full/'practili^-^alPs: pigskin •group An extensive rniAvas; 'held .under the' watcllTuI 4yp:''.9 J> Coach Foley; wiib .ad .t;h r e ; ori rl'^qf^thc session cx- p ressccl-.; ; 11'i'ms(?]-C^flS i'':'11'o pc f u 1 regai'd- ing. the^rbcol'd.'^f l]ie 'N. ;1I. .S. gi'id-- ders fJiis^seVisd;!,.^-'. 1 . " ..••;. A .lon^^pun^^Jilrill > ; wa$- held and ^he^f.^i|^^Jenly;^pS \vbrk iJi I'undamGrfta'j^^^^ of which ; mfikes:^o'fc v -bi>'enks --'n.ny '.foot-. ball, (.cam.,; ... , , '• , :". : , ; Among'-' the ''youths'" who por- formod :well, -lasL night was : 'Cap La in Charles Kevit,. 'Moo: 1 Natowich.'Tan- gredi, Oeiil'inan-, .--Gillelte, "Charics" Matus/cwski, "Jaok 11 .Lent, "Gy" Could,. "Benny" Glernentc, J. Pappano, "AI-" Schiller and "Bed" Ryan. Practice 'sessions' : are slated 'for very Tuesday .and -'Thursday nigh ts at 0:30 o'clbck/'at Recreation, field. • The ..Chicago•-.American.- Colored .GlarUs,. famous mi(l-\vostern Negro •baseball aggrcgaUtm', ;\vi)l be the next attraction' under -lights at Wa- iGi'bury-'s Municipal Stadium against Fred 'Davi's 'Waterbury Brasscos. In anticipation of anotherrecord crowd 'such us''that which- witnessed- the Bi'iissoos-Cubans ganio last • Saturday 'night, Manager Davi has /'provided 'for extra seating accommodations. • The Chicago Gian.ts are members of the American Professional Colored league and are at the present time leading that group'.- They are one of the oldest colored teams In the country, their 'organization dating back to 1887-Avhen they were known as the Chicago Unions. 'Under tilc 1 endcrsh ip of the iinmorI, n 1 Rube F-ostcr, however, they acquired their present moniker in 1012 and since that time -have won 17 world's '-championships and many sectional honors. • Included in their lineup are such great colored stars from the. mid and far west as outfielder "Cool Papa" Bell, formerly of the St. Louis Stars an'd : ''-Pittsburgh Grawfords; "Zack" Thompson, a -great)' right hand 'pitcher; Alex Radcliffe, crack third ;baseman; Jack Crutchfield, and many others. Hal Smullqn, famous Notre -Dame pitcher of. last spring,, and winnci over Mickey Cochrane's Great-Lakes Naval Training nine, will do the hurling for the Brasscos, with Tommy Sheohan of tire West-Haven S.11J- ors on the receiving end. The game is scheduled to start at 8:,'JO p. m. IS. AV. T. : . " • • v • Announcement Of three preliminary boxing-bouls-Jiy ..Promoter Geo.. Mulligan of the Walci'hury A.'G.. completed Die !third outdoor-show', of the'local season, .-.scheduled fOi- tonight, at the .Randolph-Clowes sia- diurn, Watorbury. Irish Kddie Do- Ian and Lai-ncy Moore of New York; Ma-tt Dougherty of, Milwauke-i and Willie Ho ache, of Wilmington,- Delaware, .will, be seen,-In the two : :"top" fea'tures, of eight rou.nds i.-ach. The ring class of 'Doian and Roach.? is .well- -known-."here; while Moore arid Dougherty come to', town'-.with: the ''highest of "'recommendation", as woi'lhy opponents for tire firs!; two" named. Action Galore In a six round battle, Naugatuclc's Dula Kovach,- at J80 pound.s will tangle with Joey Jacriuos of New York;- Young'Moriarl.y of Waterbury niid Kid Spider of Bridgeport: who recently had a lorrid sera]), will meet' again; arid Tom Ooilins, with dose roly-boly, eyes, meets u'-p with Louis Shanko/a Xew ond ! place with Chemical. A win for Chcmi'cal Monday wiW make 1wo defeatsJ'or,.all .throe teams. ; Tlio Eastern Malleable Iron Co. soflball team advanced. in the- up•per division -of the i'ocal Industrial league last cvcni'ng when .they handed .a 3-2,dei'eal, to Histion -in .one of the best played games-of llie.-sea- "sofa., Ray Loman's home run ;gavc the edge to the Iron men and a--, tag- out - a t tli c home pi ate by Fred ; Va- riccaro robbed the Bisddn outfit of a tying run, L. Steffanelli 'was the winning -pitcher and Jones twi'i'lcd for Risdon. ;A three-way itic for first place'i ; n tlio league standing is Jn sight'for n cx't vMon day ;.evcri i n'g • \vh en I-lip ' U. S. 11 libber' and Chemical; teams meet; The Rubbennen lead the league with only one. defeat. The .13. M. I. has lost ;j,w6 and arc now > 'ticd' for scc- Today - Sat. ttnrn • np* ri i 1 his lime for; Keeps" and Spy Smasher Great Chapter Play 991 Chrysler and Plymouth | . G.M.C. Trucks i • • — 'I J, C. Raytk^ich | Tt< i ' k t = -<•? ^* r /, t,. » -,/ji ACCESSORIES \| : -Repairing 1 " (.. I ion SOUTH MAIhJ ST; , -| , Tttleplinno 4006 . -1. jgjlg-f ™'^F AN : <6 ;S ;:6f - TH€>W I tD •ID AY " plut'LONS RIDtR INCHtYSNNl Whale of a Struggle For Fifth Place in the Amer- 1 - i ican League, down to seventh sec an unhappy known as the 1 Sometimes we slare so hard al. tho top, we lose si'ghl of what's going on down under. For example, 'there are a couple of very interesting things right now below the line in the American league. ; ' A,.whale or a struggle, in in progress for fifth place. The Detroit frigcrs and the Chicago While Sox arc slugging it out. The Tigers have a slight advantage but the Sox are roaring forward. Chicago won fis sixth in a row yesterday by licking Detroit, four to one. Hard luck .Eddie Smith won ills third of the season. Look way, way place and you'll' band of Athletes Washington Senators. That is, they : \verc unhappy untiJ last night when they readied up and up and up to knock the world champion 'NcTv. •York Yankees down, G to 3. The victory won't give the Nats the •pennant—they're 2(J 1-2 games -out 'of the lead. But it was wHh a great deal of-satisfaction that they managed to sweep a two-game scries with the .champs. There -.was only ono .other American league game. Boston won-from. ,?,hc Athletics, 2 to 0. A double: header- between Cleveland and Saint Louis was postponed. In the National loop, the -.New. ''York Giants -rapped Ihe Brooklyn Dodgers, 8 to 0. The other ckibs in the circuit- weren't scheduled. :• Army begins plan to enroll college Oien in enlisted reserve. Nelson creates committee to curtail business questionnaires. Ym~welicrweight of reputed ity. '- Tickets for the show have, been ;going well, and, -with good \voath-: er, a g-ood, big crowd is confidently expected as the two • heurilmnrs alone arc -more sojncthin-j to look forward to. Pete Burke Is Defending Champion-—Great Array of Golfers Listed. The Hop Brook Golf-club championship gets underway this week. Qualifying rounds will bo played over the next two weeks with • pairings-completed by August ;*22nd.- Last' year's": chAmpionship 'was won by Pete- Burke; with Ovm Klimasewski'the runner-up.<Gus has boon the runner-up for the past seven years* "Joe 11 Bay and Pete y Burke, past champs, will be meeting a strong Held among whom are Gus Klima^ sewskl, Henry Cleslcwski, .lack.u^d Fred , Dean, Leon Gcsseck, TonV Neary, Prank Green and-'Harry. 'Anderson. An outstanding conteivctw* appears to be E'ddio Cichowskl. vvlip is now at the peak of- his game, v Past champions who will be unable to compete this year aVe Crcslq, Palmoski and John Galeski, sorv- Jng with the U. S. armed forces-;f«nH Zig'Furs who is working In a Des Moines defense plant. ';.' . SPAIN BUILDS Now York, Aug. 7— (UP)— Spain ; 'I3 building up Its ^military breastworks in the area, .lust north of the British stronghold oJ\ Gibraltar. Tho Berlin Hart to- says that Generalissimo pranco has ordered the military zone .extended to a point'' W -miles north of Gibraltar and i^ miles in an easterly direction from' "the Olock." " , V GE Today -Sat. — Also TK'-«X! SPOUT' HKI2L and A BIRD IN THE HAND IS WORTH TWO IN THE BUSH ... SO CASH IN ON THIS UNDER-THE-CEILING SALE of r MEN S FINE CLOTHES How soon will there be another opi>ortunity • like this to obtain fine clothes at prices definitely under the ceiling established by. the OPA? We don*t know. We don't know-of anybody who does know. But we do know that in this, iOur regular semi-annual clearance .sale, we're offering you smartly styled, fine quality clothes at under-the-ceiling prices so attractive that we certainly wouldn't miss the opportunity to buy if we were on the other side of ,» the fence. ;^ 5 Under-The-Ceiling Groups Of DEVONSHIRE and CALVERT Year-round Suits 24N* M&-- 3i $0 CEILING PRICES TO $30 CEI LINO PRICES TO $37.50 CEILING PRICES TO CEILING PRICES TO ?55 CEILING PRICES TO $75 All Sizes! All Style*! All Fabrics! A Wide Variety of Pattern* and Colon! anay- 17 EAST MAIM S KEEP 'EM FLYING . ..BUY-MORE >Bt)NDS

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