Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 18, 1895 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 18, 1895
Page 3
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Did you ever sec one of the famous waterproof Interlined Collars or Cuffs? It's very easy to tell, for they arc all marked this way LULOI -, _ MARK- They are the only Interlined Collars and Cuffs, nnd are made of linen, covered with -waterproof " CELLULOID. " They'll stand right by you day in and day out.aud they arc all marked this way The Erst cost is the only cost, for they keep clean a long time, and -when' soiled you can clean them in a minute by simply wiping ofF with a wet doth —that is the kind marked this way TRADe chafed nock arid r.o wilting down yo;t get a collar marked ihis w::v These collars and cuffs will outlas' •six linen ones. The wearer escapes laundry trials and laundry bills—no if marked ihis TRAO£- ,saMi#j* :SP H w n wfjffi;';.';!•;• ~o Ask your dealer fir?.t, r.::d tr.Iw no'li- .injf that lias not above tr::de mar.:, if yon desire perfect satisfaction. Al! •ttiiers arc iTTiilaUon'i absolutely. If you can't £nd collars or cufk r:],".ri:cd this way, we will scrnl you a sample postpaid oa receipt of price. Collars, 25 cts. each. Cuffs 50 cts. pair. •Give your size and say whether stand- i.'p or turned-down coUitf is wanted. TH£ CELLULOID COMPANY. 4e?-aa Broudwnr, NEW YORK,. las MItlTARY BAND CONCERT. At tb« Opera Hume Thnri4»r Sight April 18th. The program for the concert to be given Thursday night by the Logansport Military Band, promises much in the way of excellent musical entertainment. It includes not only the best of band music both popular and classical, but the vocal leu on (he list are well known local artists, whose names are sufflsient to guarantee that there is pleasure in store for those who attend. The program is as follows: PAHT FIRST Overture—Poet and Peasant __Fr, V. Suppe Ma'eh—Directorate Soosa Cornet Solo—AJr Varle Asban J. W. Merrill. Vocal Trlo-O Happy F-ilt Shield Mrs. CHa.s. Krels, lUs. w. H. Anderson, Mrs. J, B SlmJK. Violin Solo-Fantaslt) BrMlinte Artot J. W. Merrill. I'ART SECOND. Temple Quartette— Humorous. Vocal Trio— The Water Nymphs ..... Henry Smart Baritone Solo ............................................... Dalbr Mr. Root. Cramer. Tantiialeon Old Kentucky Hume ................. Dalby Maruh-Corey mil Club ........................ H. r, Odell D. W, TOMLINSON. REAL ESTATE bought and sold,' MONEY loaned on reasonable terms. OFFICE 409 Broadway, 2d floor. Entrance on 4i!i Street Dr. E, H- Grace, DENTAL PARLORS, 316 Market St. New Ideas In Gold Crown and Bridge Work. DAILY JOURNAL. THURSDAY MORNING. APRIL 18 Brooms, 5 cents, at Foloy's. Waists, waists, waists at the Trade Palace. Last chance for special items quoted in Otto's advertisement. A handsome serge suit for $10 at the Bee HIvo this week, You should see those lined sorgo skirts only $4.50—Trade Paiace. Rohwald Bros, were displaying a •handsome .now wagon oil the streets yeiterday. The case of Henry Gilbert vs. Theo- dooia Gilbert in which 14,000 is involved, has boon taken from here to Howard county oa a change of venue. "Say, neighbor, I feel bettor since I iniured my life in the Travelers of Hartford, Conn. Don't you?" "Yes; certainly I do. Isn't it surprising what a low rate we get?" The ladlos of the G. 1. A. to B. L. E., will give a coffee at B. F. Pittman's, 1322 High street, Friday afternoon, from 3 to 6 o'clock. Everybody Invited. Coffee 10 cents. Stolen—From my desk In Anoka, a blank note book with one note filled out fo $118 in favor of A. W. Trier. mood, signed by James H. Woodling, •date between 4th and 6th of April, due on or before the first of September. Payable at Anoka. The capture of the thief will be liberally rewarded. —9. P. Dykeman. Convinced Atfuiiiwt HIH Will, Nearly every One for miles around Morely, Mich., knows Chas. A. Jones, whoae farm lies two and a half miles nortawest of thai village. His friends and tbey wore numerous, feared he wou d not long ba spared to thorn, for the doctor pronounced bim afflicted with boart disease and said he might drop dead any minute. This was not a very pleaeant reflection for hia wife, who watched him almost constantly; once she found him where he fell unconscious in the yard. His appear- anoe Indicated paralysis, the doctors were called a?aia, but they did not understand his case, consequently couldn't do much for him. He was in this condition when he heard of Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vitallzer and its effectual use by others. He sent to N«leon Pike's drucr ssore for a sample, and as he expressed it: "I bad little faith In patent medicines, but some, thing neemed to convince me that this was a good one and could be relied upon. Do you know I felt better and slept well after taking two doses? I want to say to you that Dr. Whe«ler'e Nerve Vitallzer is the moat wonderful medicine ever made. It cured me BO completely that I never felt better In my life." Mr. Pike who sold him tho medicine, says: I wouldn't have believed such a cure possible if I had not seen the change with my own eyes; it is cer~ tainly the most remarkable cure of my twenty-four years' experience in the drue; business." It is equally as valuable for other nerve diseases, suoh as nervous prostration, spasms, fits, sleep. lessoees, mental depression, exhausted vitality, despondency and general debility. For sale by Ben Fisher, Druff- Fnneral of Patrick IHurpny. The funeral of Patrick Murphy will be held at 9 a. m. today from St. Vincent do Paul's church, conducted by the Rev. M. E. Campion. Burial will occur at Mt. St. Vincent cemetery. Dacklcn'a Arnica Salve. The best salve in the world for outs bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum lever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns, and all skin erup lions, and positively cures piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Price 25 'cents per bo?. For sale by B. F. Keesllnff. Druggist D. E. Pryor has a novel E&ster display in his store window on Broadway. $500,000] OFFERED. Bemarkablc Snccoss [of » Foreigner.-^ Tlie History of Yens's Wonderful Remedies.—Moke Him a Mil- ll*naire lit SOTCU Tears. Accident t« an Aged Mrs. H. H. DeWolf, aped 64, sustained a fracture of the right arm at »he wrlit, in a fall on West Broadway Tuesday evening. Dr. A, Herrmann attended the injured lady. The fracture ie a very serious one. Tk«y are Pre«cMb«<l by BnndredN Physician* la thin Country, and Recommended from the Pulpit. or Since Veno cam* to ihls country some two nnd a halt yo»r*'ago. his remedlts have found a home at every niwlde, Th« fact, sUone, that they have b««n adopted by hundreds or physicians In their •every day practice, la. perimpa tfla greatest guar- hntee 0.1 to thplt merit. Many reverend Rent omen have commanded highly from the pulpit. notably smone them belni the Rev. (tpo. Prls- lean. of tho M. E, clinreh,X*nln, 0., and iheBev. A. P. McNutt, Bmdner, 0.. also a Thin! We offer OneHnadred Dollars Reward for any case of Catarrh that cannot be cured by Huii'i CSitarrb Curo. F. J. CHENET 4 CO., Props., Toledo, 0. We, the undersigned, have known f. J. Cheney for the last 15 y«ixs, and believe him perfectly honorable In all business transactions and nnan- clallyableto carry out any obligation made by their arm. WKJT&TIHUX, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, 0 WALDINO, KINXAN J: Mxuvis, Wholesale Drug glit. Toledo, 0. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken luternaUf, acting directly upon the blood and mucons anrficesof the sj8te«i. Price 75c per bottle. Sold by nil Testimonials fre«. Befor* Veno l«>tt Europe, a syndicnte or wealthy gentlemen, neelnc the Rnmt po.wlbllltli's In these remedies, made him an offer ot $300,UCO,tO tor his entire buslnaM, The Veno Remedies ar<< sold t>r 50,000;drogglsts In tho Unlc«l States, with full Instruatlons tor home os« iu follows: TEN'O'SCORATtVT, SYRUP (5Cc iv ho'.lle). Is a CKMItlve core for weak stomach, djscwpsifv liver, Jtldney. blood and iirlnar}- woabKs. sleoplossness. Door apuctlto and general -\veaScnoss, and whom nsed with VKSO'S EI.KtTRIC FLUID (5(X; n bo:- tle'), wfll cure the vrorst and most desperate forms of rhannmtlsm, sciatica, lumbaso, puraljsts, stiff lolnw, nporalgla an<l »U aches and >alns. VESO'S LtSO TO>"IC (50c a bottle), « qalck w>d permanent cure for throat and lunz troubles asthma, bron^hitLs hosraeoess, and coughs and colds. . Soldjby Johnston. Keeillng and Ben Flsler, Bts ind guaranteed t» cure ormoier re- BapUBt A meeting of the membori of the Baptist church will be held thii evening at 7:30 to consider a ministerial call. All members are urged to be present. E. MCALLISTER, Clerk. The Discovery Sired His Lift. Mr. Gr. Callloueite, Beavewville, 111., says: "To Dr. King's New Discovery I owe my life. Was taken with la grippe and tried all the physicians for miles about, but of no avail and was given up and cold I could not live. Hiving Dr. King's New Discovery in my store I sent for a bottle and began ite use and from tie first dose began to get better, and after using three bottles was up and about again. It is worth its weight in gold. We won't keep itore or house without It" Get a free trial bottle at B. F. Seealing'a drug store. Chai. Reed a Pan Handle .brake, maa, le reported very sick Mike Whalen. the Pan Handle switchman, Is off duty owing to sickness. Pan Handle engineer W. S. Street will move to Chicago In 'about a month. T. B. Sewell, chief clerk at the Pan Handle shops, and wife were In Chicago yesterday. Sam Keever, Pan Handle car in. •peotor at Hartsdale has resigned and will go to farming. I. H. Sample has been appointed assistant to Claim Agent L. S. Pur« cell and has already entered on his duties. T. W. Cobv, a Pan Handle brake- mna bad his left hand mashed yesterday morning while making a coupling at Gas City. Vandalia brakeman Harry Harris who about a month ago lost a leg at South Bend was brought home yes. terday. His condition is much Im^ proved. When the Monon gets its new shops at Lafayette completed it will give employment to about one hundred more men than now and will build as well as repair equipment. Pat Murphy who died Tuesday evening was formerly a well known figure around the Pan Huodle passenger station where he served for many years in the aapacity of porter. W. L. Byers engineer of M. of W. of the Chicago division and August Hookenbeamer, his chief clerk, are in Chicago attending a meeting of the engineers of the Pennsylvania sys> tern. If you ask Sprague Nichols, who is a Pan Handle brakeman "how they're coming" he will answer ''Double". Tuesday night twins arrived at his house, a boy and a girl and yesterday he was the proudest . man on the Pan Handle, The first wreck -that occurred on the Pan Handle for eeven weeks hap-, pened about -4 o'clock yesterday morn- Ing east of Hartford City. Freight train No. 85 broke down and several oars were ditched. It took several hours to clear up the wreck. Business at the Pan Handle freight house IB exceptionally good. The regv. ular force of platform men working over time and a number of extra men have lately been employed. There is also a night force and 6ev_ eral clerke employed there. The sick list at tbe Pan Handle shop and round house has decreased considerably within the last few weeks. Yesterday there were bat seven engineers and firemen marked off sick and among those there are two or three that have not worked for several years. The new class P engines to be built at Altoona bhops for the Southwestern system will weigh five thousand pounds more on the driving wheels than do those now In use, and will have a sir-foot driving wheel. The superintendent of motive power of the Altoona shops is of the opinion that with tbe large wheel on Western lines better service can be obtained- Notice was received yesterday after noon of a serious Injury occurring to J. H. Rosenstock,. a yard conductor for tho Pan Handle at Chicago. He was struck in the head by a crane and for »long time was unconscious. Tbe exact nature of his injury could not be learned. Mr. Rosenetook formerly lived oa Twelfth street this city. We take pleasure in recommending Chamberlain's Cough Remedy because it is praised by all who try It," says J. W. Cox & Son, druggists, Marshfield. Oregon, No one afflicted with a throat or lung tro.uble can use this remedy without praising It. It always gives prompt relief. It is especially valuable for colds as it relieves the lungs, makes breathing easier and aids expectoration. A cold wiL' never re. suit in pneumonia when this remedy is taken and reasonable care exercised. For sale by B. F. Keesling, Druggist. MGflTING FOR LTO A Suffering Wommn Te»Ufl«». < Mrs. Henrietta Burton of Janvier, N. J., writea: "For a long time I suffered from a disordered stomach. My appetite was gone and what little I ate distressed me terribly. My health failed rapidly, I became very weak and /eared I should never be well. After reading- your "Guide to Health" I was encouraged to try Muoyon's Dyspepsia Cure. Ita action was BO prompt that I soon felt like a oew woman and am now completely cured." Muoyon'a Stomach and Dyspepsia, Cure cures all forms of indigestion and stomach troubles, such as conetipa. tlon, rising of food, distress .after eating, bloating of the stomach, palpitation of the heart, shortness of breath and all affections of the heart caused by indigestion. • It soothes, heals and invigorates stomachs thai have been weakened by over-eating, or where the lining of the stomaoh has baen impaired by physic acd injurious medicine:). Price 25 cents. MunyonVHomeopathic Home Bom' edy Company, ot Philadelphia, put up specifics for nearly every disease, which are sold by all druggists, moatly for 25 cents a bottle. Those who are in doubt as to the nature of their dlsoaao should address Professor Muayon, 1505 Arch street, Philadelphia, giving full symptoms of their disease. Professor Munyon will carefully diagnose the caee and give you the benefit of his advice absolute, ly free of all charge. The Remedies will be sent to any address on receipt of retail price. Ilurni Branching Oat. Those who knew Barney Burns during hie residence in the city, will be somewhat surprised at the following from the Chicago Times Herald: "Barney Burns, the 'Logansport Giant' has issued a challenge to fight to a finish with any 170-pound man in Chicago. All replies can be addressed to Burn*' backer, M. McGulre, 180 west Van Buren street." Burns was a bartender for J, P. Sebastian in^this city and was later a Pan Handle fireman. When he left here he was thought to be partially paralyzed. This Wonderful Man who has Spent 21 Years of his Life Among' the Indians. DR. CHARLES MENDENHALL, (INDIAN NAJIE, MON-GOS-YiH) THE GREAT INDIAN DOCTOR. The Doctor will return to Logan sport Monday, April 22, and will remain. until Saturday morniug, April 27 »nd will roturu ten days in each month for one yeur". OFFICE AT TUCKER HOUSE, 304 BROADWAY The Doctor uses only natures wonderful remedies contained In Roots, Barks, Gums, Buds, Berries, Leaves ami Plauts, Placed there by the Gre»t Creator forth* Healing of Mankind, MARVELOUS— Tlio Doctor can tell you all your coinptatms by simply looking at you and without asking any questions, CONSULTATION FREE. In all diseases of Men, ^Voiren and Children, wonderful cures pbrft>ct«d. Perfect cures guaranteed In ail cases undertaken,' Cmarrli, Throat; Lung, Liver, Stomach, . Blood Disease, Scroful:-, Sores, sputs, Pimples. Cuiarrh, Tenor, Iczcmo. Kye, Ear, Kidney, hladdM, Piles, Rheumatism, Heart Disease, Lost Manhood. All Feiu;Ue Complaints aud Weak 'CnlldMft. '. promptly cured, VOIi.VG AXI> MIDOJjK ACKO Chamberlain's Bye and Skin Ointment Is unequalled for Eczema, Tetter, Salt Rheum, Scald Head, Sore Nipples, Chapped Hands, Itching Piles, Burns, Frost Bites, Chronic Sore Eyes and Granulated Eye Lids. Tor sole by druggists at 25 cents per box. Troubled with Nervous liebllliy. 1 Of s of Memory, Wt nknef * of Bodj and Brain. Loss of Enerp Organic Weakness, Kidney and Bladder Affection or any loin) of £pec)»J;ul:>ee!,es, can here no speedy cure. • . WHITE— Thousands cured at home by letter. Send n lock of your hair, nge, weight, bulM. Enclose a stamp for reply, and you will be told all yonr complaints by return mall. Addreat) all letters to DR. CHAS. MENDENHALL. Office Hours— 9 a. in. to 8 p. ni. Lojjansport, Ind. TO For putting- a horse in a fine healthy condition try l)r. Cad/s Condition Powders They tone up the system, aid digestion, cure loss of appetite, relieve constipation, corred kidney disorders and destroy worms, givinf oew life to an old or over-worked horse. 2f jents per package. For sale by druggists. tow Kitten to Indlauopolln, via Vaii- dntiu Line. For the K of P Encampment at Indianapolis, the Van d alia Line will sell from points in Indiana, on April 29, 30, and May 1, 1895, excursion tickets at one fare for the round trip. Tickets good returning to and including May 2, 1895. Fraternal Union Heeling. There will be a meeting of the Continental Fraternal Union this evening' at their hall over Progress clothing store. By order of PRESIDENT. Melton-Thimpton. Henry Melton and Miss Anna Thompson were married ai Lebanon, Ind., the home of the bride, last night. The younff poople are employed at the hospital at Lon? Cliff. They will resids on the West Side. Don't Tobteeo Spit or Smoke Tour Lifti Awiy, Is the truthful, startling- title of a book about STo-To-Bac, the harmless, guaranteed tobacco habit oure that braces up nicotined nerves, eliminates the nicotine poison, mikaa weak men ?ai strength, vigor and manhood. You run no physical or financial risk, as No-To-Bac is sold by B. F. Kessling under a guarantee to oure or money refunded. Book free. Address Sterling Remedy Company New York and Chicago. Her Majesty corset at 33J per cent off of wholesale cost at the Trade Palace. Don't pay double the price. Have Yon Kidney Trouble? Have You Throat Trouble? Have You Rheumatism? Have You Bladder or Urinal Trouble? TRY "SAN-JAK." Sold by BEX FISHER. IF YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE GARDEN, It'vvill pay you to be particular as to whose seeds you buy. We are now in the market with a full line of Landreth's seeds for th* ... season of 1895, and i wish to say to the urardenors and others usinu; needs, that while Landreth's seeds may be a little higher price then some other*-they are always fresh, clean and true to name, aud as- we handle no other- seeds except those grown by Laudrecli & Sons of Philadelphia our cus-' toruers may rely on (jetting nothing but the very best. I believe that the cost of the'seeds is nothing compared to the crop, and when a person, hat the trouble to put out a garden, he should use nothing but the very best. We handled Laodreth's seeds for four years and have never heard a single, complaint; in fact, our customers unhesitatingly pronounce them perfect in ever particular, and as an evidence of thirl fact, we have almost the entire trade of all the gardeners around Lofjansport as well as uiuuy from a distance. Our trade has increased on this particular line of goods more than tenfold since we have been in the business? We also have a full line ' of garden tools and field seeds, v Remember that the firm, of Landreth & Sons has been 115 years in the occupation of seed growing. George Harrison. 617,623 Broadway, FRESH FISH! If you want a fine fresh FISH leave your order with F. W, KINNEY, CHICAGO, March 7,1891. Da. BDRHMAK, CHICAGO. JIT DIAR SIR—My attention was first called to SAN-JAK last year In the ease of Captain J. SI. Broslns. «r Terra Haute, Ind., wlio was attacked In this City with acute nephritis and cpstltls (inflammation ol the bladder and kidneys). After prescribing tbeutudl remedies without avail San- Jak was gugp-sted. and the Improvement was so marked arter the llm dose, and a complete core followed so speedily, that I at once commenced an 'nves!Ji?atlon of Its merits and h;ive since prescribed It In almost every known form of Mdnej iladder, urelhnl. vaginal &nd aitarrhal troubles, 'ollowed !• e^ch Instance by tbu happiest results. A case ot enaresls(Involuntary fi»«- ol nrlne) In myown family was very much Improved by a few doses, and radically cored In les§ than a week from practical experience In a number of bad ca^es of leucorrhoea I am free to say that 1 nave ound no remedy that is equal to SAN-JAK. And while I nave never before given a professional Indorsement to .1 proprietary remedy, I say unhesitating!) and «lthout reserve that i consider SAN-JAK a veritable boon to humanity and after appMtif? it to the surest proiesslonal tests, can say wl h confidence, It Is be«er Uian it Is recommended to be. i shall continue to prescribe It In all cases of gcnlto-urlnary oc catarrhal troubles, In preference to al' other known remedies. As a XERVT. TOSIC. SAN'-JAK can be celled upon fully and entlrsly. The delicious taste of the mwilclne B Jso In Its favor. In prescribing It £or children. I aro at .present using SAM-JAi as an alterative In akin dlseasas. and ID sever* cases of cto'nlc eczema hava yielded so rsadlly to It* Influence that I snail continue to use It In similar cases, feeling confident that It will meet all the Indications In rach caset Toon sincerely. (Stoned) Gxo. W. SSTDEB, JL D. Chicago. HI r BEN FISHER DRUGGIST -TELEPHONE. 172.- A fine variety of fresh lake fish received daily. No cold storage goods. W e dress and deliver without extra charge. A Thankful Yctma. BRTAN, O., Jutr 24,1894. Bayer Medicine Co., Toledo, Ohio- Gentlemen—I think it due you to raise my voice in praise of your Dr. Bayer's PenetratingOiL I was a soldier in the 105th O. T. L, and contracted rheumatism during the wir in my right hip and left knee. I used a bottle of yonr Oil, and I never have been so free of pain in ten years. My wife also used it for similar trouble, and it acted likewise on h»r. I sincerely believe that my core is permanent. Thakfnlly your friend, JKRKMIA.H BKATIRS. For sale at Joan M. Johnston's drag store, SOoaud 50°J a bottle. Low .Hale* Tl» PrD«»yi vimla Linen to Indiaonpolin OQ April 29ih, 30th, and May 1st, the round trip rate to Indianapolis will ba one fare from ticket statlona in .Indiana on the Pennsylvania Lines. Reduced rate tickets will be sold account tba meeting of the Supreme Council Uniform K%nk K. of P., to all applicants, and will be good returning until May 2d, inclusive. Lacaa and ribbons, new one* .just opened in beauties at the Trade Palace. See bargains In corteta. A Clilld'n Life ««red. CHICAGO JONcnoH, 0., Oct. 2,18W, The Bayer Medicine Co., Toledo, Ohio: • .Gentlemen—This is to certify that I have used Dr. Bayer's German Cough Syrup on my child five year* . old in an extremely severe case of croup. At 1 o'clock last night we were afraid of losing the child, as he could not get breath. One-half te»-; spoonfal of your Syrup, and an. »p- . plication of your Penetrating Oil on. bis neck and chest cured .him. In ten minutes he was entirely well, and " fell ioand asleep. P. B. Sjrew, B. & O. JR. B. Depot Master. For sale at John M. Johnston'* • drug store, at 25c and 50c per bottle.: • Home Seekers' Kxcumlon t* Jtlefcl- KM F»l»m. Tl» Vandmlla Lfoe. On May 7, 1895, Vandalia Line will; : tell to various points in Michigan, -. excursion tickets at one fare for th* roue d trip. For full particular* catt on any Tandalia Line agent, or addrew E. A. Ford, General Passenger Agent, St. Louis. Mo. - . ... llaxmlcnckee. Cottvce tor Sale. : • • Eleven room cottage, 100 feet lak»- front; will give a bargain. See dU- at the Journal office. . W. B.BUEFOKD,

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