The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 27, 1939 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 27, 1939
Page 5
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FRIDAY, OCTOBER 27, 1939 B1,YTIJEVH.U5 (ARK.) COURIHIl NKWS Tactics In Use By Bombing Planes j^ti%frXffinftR9^iRS^£9KtPK-itt*&M w (J'?5' v -'n i ^^|Fi?p'J'""' T ^Mii Bul^Boniljci's Are Reported Fairly Accurate From 35,000 Feel B.f NliA Srnii'c WASH1NQTON. — Long bombers from- Germany dro,,,,,,^ death charges on British ntiviil bases nre giving Hie world n preview of the new techniques ot aerial \var and defense developed since 10IB. The boHitei'B lire working some. 5fi» miles from ' lliL'jr bases on llicje laftls. At (heir objectives, Ihe.v must cither chance a hit from a citrt.tln of fire that stretches up five to almost fix miles or drop their explosives from a point nijovc Ibis range. Bombs can be dropped wili) rcasonnbie nccnracy from as high us 35.000 feel, hut more effective is dive bombing. Armament on bombers usually l (s confined (o 30-calibcr nuichiiie guns, protruding from all tides, I'wd for defense. Crews range from /our | 0 11 men. The minimum cninplrnirnl comprises ;i pilot, co-i)i!ot, radio man .iml Ijomb- cr. Ships carry upwards of 20UO pounds of bombs. As n bombing squadron npuroa- ches its objective, tlie ships spirad out niul donlile hack at various unices, dropping bombs, in dive tenibing, ships plunge 'inwn'rd al- tcrniilcly. dropping their chiirgss jnsl before tlicy level off. Aerial fighting has rorgci. (hrough incredible developments •since (he old "Jenny" days ol 11117-13. But of four types of combat planes, only one, the pursuit, Is filled us (in offensive /i against other planes. The single-combat pursuit plane, rigged with forward gnus that lire rylhmically through tlie propeller, is Hie only type capable of participating in a "dos right." H is built for the single purpose of attacking and destroying enemy craft. The pilot has one 30-cali- her And one 50-calibcr machine gun, bolii fifcrt with eleclric switches. Pursuit plnne.'i .sol out for their prc.v in formation ol three In 100 ships. Planes tly in units of three, taking V and echelon formations. Attaek planes arc maimed by two men. are used against ground Ircops and artillery. They fly as low as six feet above the ground, spUtiny bullets from six giuis. Observation ships operate in -small groups or entirely alone. •-They set •- pictures,- . keep, infantry informed of enemy position;;. They communicate with troops ihronsh hvo-way radio. These ..ships carry * two men, mount two 30-calilwr guns, one In Irani and one rear. 30,000feet: limit pf fjre for Planes bomb effectively from 35,000 fcetc Head Courier News Want Ails. JAiscisl. Backer Held By Police It looked like Hallowe'en when Chicago found swastikas painted on department store windows and bricks tossed through Ihe glass. But no joke was the arrest of Dr. Homer Herman Miier/c, who snid he was not a member of the Fascist "Silver -Shirts" but advocated membership. With companions he was charged with causing the damage and was held for federal inquiry iiito 550,000 exiortipn lel- lers sent Jewish store owners. Soy Beans We Arc Itu.vcrs ]-'or All Viiriclics of Soybofins'. •Seu or I'honc Us for Daily OfTcr.. ilythoviile Soybean Corp, So. U.K. St. Phone 555 range Fipiit, .50 caliber .machine guns 3OQO feet: effective remge, .30 caliber machine guns Mrs. Johnson Plans Another African Mini 111 N. y. (Ui»)_Mr«, JI>|UIM)II, widow of tlie , fnmi'd fixplnw, is pliinniiiK nil- olhi-r Afrii-an molion picture t-.V- IH'dilion in Januiiiy or I-tbruiiry '.«• fnllill cn L > rf hiT husband's I'lierlshetl il roams. Tlic cxprditicni will keep Ihc fn- moiis wnnuin explorer In HID jungles lor a! least a year, Mrs. Johnson said when .she niilrt a brier visit In friends here, "Some things haven't, been dona bciori! niul lliey arc things thia Mnrlin anil i always dreameil ot doing Ingclhcr," she sidd. "I'm trrrlWy sorry [ (:i in't (dl yen Jnt,l y.hnt we IIKC! in mind, but I'm i;o- hij; (<> make tuir dream conic Intu. That's nil 1 can suy now. cxccut, m.v i»ir|.y probably will visit tlie rlijIai) Cuiigo and liist Africa." The outbreak of European hostilities delayed nrniii(jomenls for the expeilitiun, but Mrs. Johnson •said she hcped (o.mnki! HID Journey "war or nn war." : Martin Johtuwn was Uillcd In ft plane crush. •! filled ivlth emu pressed ulr, forcing the plunger indi l|« other cyllntlcr. A lliiinm-scjcw ivgulalos (be lenglh if lime It, late f or n lc piinmec 1" desn'inl. «<> far, JaiTeini mid Koch have sii«T.ssfully applied their itivciitldii l« Un-nlii); off (I,,. |||,)i(. s ,,f , v ,u. s - pluy ttlndow anil to <lk>connootliig Hii! lolepinmc when a lons-disliince call gop.s boyuid three minutes. More American Toys E*i>oilc<| t — nnseltlpd world mndlllaiis, AIIUT- irnn toy mnmifnclurers nre eii- Joylnjj nn Innr,isc(l export market for Ihelr piviiucl.s, (lie Depjiil- menl ol conimrrt'c rcpurls. in thi> Ihsl eiglit. nit>nth.s this year toy exports exceeded those ol last \em by n per eunL mid ninoiinlod to $l,m,HO. Ontsic]c effective limits of (I curtains of tire a battleshin can (brow up to protect itself from bombers. The lumber must 'eun.-r from above the screen or take his chances divln- lhioii»l> Scout News Boys -..4.4 .,- Girls Time-Switch Patented To Save on Electricity NEW ORLEANS (UP) —Joseph A. Jarronu and Urban J. Ito:h liiii-e Invented a lime-switch wiLh- <ut clock works nnd sprinijs, Iho |)i-iii!-i|>ul object fil which seems (rf be Iplvplioiu: and light, lilll savings. •)'bi' rtcenlly- patented device is composed of two cylinders'mid plunger. The lower cylinder is APPY UOUR "MRT. iilcct Officers Qfliccrs lor Girl Stcilt Troop Number Eight have been clcelcd, it was announced following a mecl- ng at the Little House. Miss Vcra Saliba is leader of tlic group. The officers follow: carol Chapin. chairman; Ann Weiriman, scribe; Prances Fields, treasurer; Joyce Al The Hospitals Walls Hospital W. Ij. Simpson, Annorcl, admitted. Mrs. Vcisie Mac ffcnley, Annorel, udinlltctl. Kilrio McClee, cits', iidmiKcil. Mis. Jiiimiic Sanders, city, Uis- missed. l)l?llicvi)lc llospilal Wilbur Wilson, city, iirimillcd. Memphis iMclboilist Hivsjiil:!] Mrs. 0. W. Mnui-c, city, nibniUcil. Alriniililii llaiitisl Hospital Infanl Wrotcn, city, admitted. Ninety-nine out or every 101) Davis, sergeant at arms; Mary Sue automobiles stolen in Louden are BcrryniBii, rep:rter. | recovered by police. Plans for the Little House tea (o ' : — oe held Sunday «erc discussed by 'lie group before "Taps" were sung. |n NOV. !! Viiiir las! filiaiiur. (Ills l'l'.-(f [(I (,||J,,y a tiiKilritin ami dunci! on Ilir liirr. r.Asi' 1 KXCtJKSION YKAK (Continued Worn I'ugo 1) cclvc ciingy thut Dioy . |)iiy inid huve In use us ninny u))|>l|iinco«' UN it takes (lie iivcriigu city dweller 20 year* (o ucciimiilntu itnd It Is bellem) (hut !h|s will Ire Irnc \\m>. us minis 1 furnu'is hnvis ahcmjy jnir- i-lMM'd elect rir,ii iippliimrcs, nccnrd- |ng lo coojiciiillvo offlcluls, ' I'rotiuljly Ihu uieiUcsl lite Ihul of Mississippi County will to work for tltifli- clcclrlc Ihi'iii will bo in Uio ninniim cf prcMUi'c )iuiii|xs lo supply \vn(cr for Ihe hmi.sehold mid /or \valerliig slock, us well iis for Irrlgullnx their Biirdens. Muny luivc Hlso iilrewly purclmscd clcclrlc wushlinr mn- chincs, clert)-li! runges, radius mid viedliu rcfrljiCM-utoi-.s. Biivcrnl liinnois huvc nlrividy )n- stalH'd cai)ij)li!ii! syxtcins of wnler vunks imd nirdcrn phimlilnti The lluriil • • tlon line at) Witter Urau f)Wl l>lliml)|njj wlilcli enable^ lh(j farmer l ° ir.blnll a com- |)!?lc valor system ana plumbing Insinuation i»t u very little cutu otitluy (it (he tlmo'th'o work is rtoiw Jiixl farmers of this ccunty avo lading iulini|t/)go of tills 'J'liq |iln|| Is tlipl (lie fitrmoi' con. iiiiciii it ro|)o|)ip coni|Bct« to in. stnll the sy,slci)i; (lie fnnnci p,iy-, Ihc nlumblnir contractor 20 per coil of UK entire cost mid ijic coopcrj)- llvc liimnus llju remaining $o licr cent on t:<>inlriuimiul piiymciHs tit n Hal sis; uer umt The local dealer* |n qn effort to cmiipmoiu fn electrically h 7 fa) | Work ot t>ul|dlng tli|j cclhas been done by the g Ucctric Company cf Fmdlay, OJ>|<H ' Abcmath y l! > the rcsMgjiV .. i i -..—.. v *^ k,n v lUfttUVJJr MiperliUcmlent in charge of con- struxtlop, am) the cn^tnccrln K \vorlc lias been done l>y c. \} EthiTdgc of i'ndwnh, Ky, rosWent engineer, HII H G Knajipcnbeigcr, Blythe- vllle lupcrl'itcndcnt, Olllcers urn) dlrccjors of the Co- opcralhc nre as follows, p "- r IVcgcrs, Clem I K iI » wnlcr pressure' , klic')u'ii sink, nil buih room (Ixliira ''' ' and 'soil plpp Hip , of n Kiiwngc dbposa| |]|aiit, The Riirjil Blccti'ltlejitlmi /Vdinj'n,- Istrallini cnccurngi's fanners on clcclrlc lint's to iibe electricity In every irosslhlo wily so us lo take mvny (IIP dfi|il|i«i'y of farin labor, li Ihi; Mlw>t-ssi|>j)l ' Coiinty Cop|MJ|'i(tlV); (lon^ not jiuii- tllo cl«;lrlo ii|)|)lln]ii!r# Mtf (Iocs It ' r; John a HoytJr.'Leath- ville. John p. octirdcu, Lcochvillc'*' p, n, r—• '- ' . ../, Clylhcvillu, CbarleJ Mites Hlyt|icv(l|p, ^nijips \y<xxUrd," Osccola, C. B f<cal, Upanto, W lf u Qlovcr, I'Vcin-hnun's' B.iyou^ W, E.i , Kce||lcr, Dell, lie Wines, iiMlnjje mid facft? of n iiiodc)|i Uaiisporl, tV»!il<l ,v.'(ii'f(;ly rtciit tile ine(ol. CAS r— .A - '" - • ' ' ••••'••1— PjlOp|F " MfUOW AS MOOWLIGHTi i C,fi>cni)c (jiiality is founded on < grnjn (jiii)lity-n wjii^kc^ of dis- ' tlnctlon in;i((c (>y tlic exclusive ', Pic(icl foriiiula frojn tlie life a|)d - viyHr of the finest grujp. ', Nit man cniilil aik fur more! » "FROM TH£ LlfE V/GO« OF Conf. \f3J, C>0, A, pi linty Co Pint $J.2S GRQ.& NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 For I'rompt Laundry and Clcanijig Service . THIS WHISKEY !S ^ YEARS OLD " 100 PROOF Metropolitan LOANS Jas. B. Clark fjoi; in.ix;,, ii|,vnn;viLi,i;, AUK, AiilliiiriM-il (.nun Snli for Ilir Meiroiiniilaii Life In.siir.iitcc IS. Clark Uc|)ii.vnicnl -WilsiMi Agency, lusnr.ijiir AERIAL NO GRODND MOSEL .. . ghm in petfotminc po^-erfuj superheleio circuit— ped . . . oecdj oo icrial . Rich. (oil.10 . . . compttltlj ctoxj cibinti finiihr k IF IP HASNT A WAVEMAGNET , . . iT ISN'T A ZFNJrH Hardaway Appliance Oo, J. W. ADAMS, 5tli & Main A WORLD OF ntertainment Hero's a • suggestion thaL may seem novel to you: Start reading' the adyorti.Bemenls with the intention ol.' enjoying' yourself. For in the advertising- p^gcs of this newspaper you'!] discover interesting- facts . . . news about important new products . . . an it> i'inite amount of human interest. Begin today. You'll find a whole world of enter, tainment in the iidvertisernetita . . . and informer tion, too. (And your pocket book will profit, us well,)

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