Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 7, 1942 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, August 7, 1942
Page 2
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Page 81* 500 ABSENTEE BALLOTS HERE 'Over ftOO absontou hallots h'nv'e boon received at the office 'of'Town Mlurk Uaymnnd St, ,/ohn, a record total It •was I fu I Ira tod horc., )Thn ballots cannot bo (Hied until 00 days before the fall election, though tho applications may bo "gotton ready In advance of that Um<\ Town Mlork St, John e'stlmates that Ihftru are more titan MX) local me-n In tho arnterl forces of thu nation, who aro cllglhlo to vole at the. coming election, <(UitUng,out this voto^wlll be a rnajor problem for members of both poll Heal parties horn, Giant Freighters gky Planned oVlh'o Journey. 1 Gasb|fuo Is no'pi'ob loin hero, but every drop of gasolln must bo shlppud Into lilngland, In dla, or the Middle Wast by Horn route or unotlior, If the cargo pianos havo to forr In Ihelr own'gasollno for the rotun trip, this cuts down'on lliolr mill tary loads, If they havo to haul li spare parts and-engines for tho <ro pealed repairs alrpl-anoH -need, thin too wl'll reduce their military olll- eleney, are further drasvbaeks to air cargo pianos—'the vast mmibci of men they tie up In transport work, Thirty-llvo men oair keep ,n freighter .going, while a plane (Clonllnuud from Pago One) be true freighter In a yoar, 'Theoi'ifUoally, this may hut In praoMou-many oould bob up to change tho picture, if'luni'H an< temperamental orou-« lures, They must paw aftnr every I'nw hundred hours for overhauls! Had \VHufhiT grounds Ihnin, Ships, ond the other hand, go for long pi'HndM wllhoiil lime out for overhauls nnd they defy all kinds of weather. Hut, more Important, Is the relative efficiency of Ihe two, -An airplane, because, It must d*;fy tho law of gravity with Us load, carries a proportionately small curgo Cor Ms weight. •MOMI of (he lonnage Is In airplane llseir and In fuel which Um big motors burn at too galons an hour a motor, The longer Hie trip, the more fuel needed, and (his cuts down on the cargo that can be carried .Jn long Irans-ocean IKM»M. There Is Ihls additional I'aotor. f'lanes must refuel at both owls carrying u tiny fraotlon of u freighter's load thJH up twlco as many men—all skilled men. The practical dlrtloultloH of air transport, at t)il»- Htagn 6f -the gamo', aru too great to entertain any thought of .alrpowor leplaeln^ freighters. SVo'll Htlll-Mieod frelght- ors—tuiiKh-eds of thorn—frelghtern that stl'll must dol'.v submarines evon when largo cargo ptuno 'lOO tons come by .truck tbmorro\\ It jnlgtit bo "-loo IIfile'.and-'too late., 1 Jn this so'rt of '.Avcirk,. air cargo pianos already have.'stepped c up '.th'o pace of the war, 'They're also dos- 1,1'iiod to .help speed light and ur gently needed cargoes ;aorofcs wide oceans to distant fronts. But, foi some time 40. conic, slow-plodding freighters still must carry, tile, vasl bulk of equipment any army needs to 'maintain Itself. Nazi Forces Surge So. -Russia (Continued from Pago One) illus soutj) ,,pf .Horftov 'his has not been oonm'mod. to -make-"a clogged,. to kqep Us line' h\ tact. NEWS, * FRIDAY, AUGUST 7, 1942 ythey .hope, to obtain allied in- .j... I . | I TV / "~VU . " VF iJ^f U\J uu in.ll u At tho west end of the North. IdWhll'on Ju their behalf. Caucasus line, south of Kuschevka I However, the new move already (Kops-chorknh) Don and Kuban ' ' Gossaeks ,cut i'nto the German flanks. , if or the ni om oh I;. Red Star -reports, this lias stopped •Ihe'GeniianH .iii this' area. . . ...; , ' ; ,, { Onl-y on. the .Klotskaya (Klets-kulu yah i'ront northwost.: ot' ; • Stall ingraXl are the Russians -'having; any de- of success. ; • ..'•., The Sovlel, noon communique says tho vRUssiahs- -have -repulsed LtU- Gerrnan attacks in . lhal, -area. And speci'al dlspatchoa. say the-. -Russians' uivo advanced several /one. in, one ( has • received an unofficial cold shoulder in Washington. Several con^e^smcn have expressed their 'opinion's Nyjrl oh? siim.up to the contention that. tho civil disobedience ,oampalgiv H ;is-;7JlrLing..Ay.lLb Japanese Jnvjisjon—jumping, out .pi'< Lho• .i'r-y- Jnjhpan Inta ,tl)e ; m:.e.. And .they're.' -against American, intervention. Several o'f India's,own leaders] in fact, have appealed to •-.'the. congress to ! 6a \\->. off , ; th c ; d Iso bed i encc 6am- palgn, arid, be satisfy with, a guaranteed, rpledge of freedom after -the war. On the flghtlng fronts, Australia .oiilyi'40.'milOM'below;-Krasnodar He ! s'ftys,. tlio ,nus^ians are .putting'.up ie groat Maikop (My-kohp) oil •powoi-ful •^ooiintei'-dttaolcs- fir- tho ho gr elds --.from which Hows reatest supply 'or high-outano avia- are The main role of sky 'freighters In this war will not-bc In supplying • the main armies for major balitlos, It wilt.ho In carrying vl-tal to distant outposts, whoro apnocl and small, quantities <nr ,o(|ulpinonl can play dwilslvo roles, Ships still must carry Lho hoavy biH'don—tho vast quantltlos oC tankH, guns and amrmml'llon noodo/l In any major olTenslve, Ships tmmt onn-y Ihuin lo the fulvaimo buHos, -but -In buttles -themselves air cargo planofl have a rtjlo. The dnrmans have shosvn In tho battle of Crote.'ln Libya and In llus- nla that air cargo planes can play a decisive roln-ln a.,rant-moving offensive, Hut hero, again, It's a situation whore speed and smaM amounts of equipment ai'o of key Imporlane.o, An advance spearhead may noccl 100 Ions of ammunition.'today. U' planes can lly this hi, the spearluuid may press on to capture a vita) objective bofore the dlsorganl/ed wnomy can prepare an organl'/.ed fle- fcnse of tills objective. Should the Tho Husslans i\lao announce no\v llg'n ting, . ; -;llio- 'S,er4or , .. , IOO -inllbH soUthwoHt. ..of .Stalingrad nuid ,(n .- the .Belaya (Jllna -., •.( yulp-Oleona)-v-aroft 100. mllos - uast- or : -Hostov, .•', .' ; > « ...\ ; ;0f!.tho two, the Stalingrad tlvrca.l looms as tho 'greatest, \Thero, -th^ Axis arm Itos can ..dovelop a; plncor'^j, Tho 'Gorman radio, meantime', I-fuji™ 8 , 86 * new concern about pos- ys. tlio .Russians are putting', tip f, ' T • |mmln cnt olfensive moves -by kiiY/tfftii .~,;,A,iiv».x;, r.-^^^-\^' ^.,.. M u., --JiU 0 .' 'J, Q paneso;'-P.rimo 1 ,.Minisl;nr'.r,nrf.ln and Golkov sectors norl.h- west of Moscow./ ..'.. \ '-' . -, _ , .-»• The R'uHslans .make ,no meiiilori of it. Bill,, London,.observers believe that/If th'o report,'is'-true •slans might bo attic' io . some of tlio 'Gorman'6 .Caucasus, s ' '. . : ^India's Nationalists "a'ro. trying 'to solicit support';from.;.the : Unlt,ed j^a' T; tlons for their froo'dorn-how doAiandj 1 . ... ... : Th'e congress. '-parfcy's oxocuti.vo movoment- against M\Q-, : great-.VplgAj committee: has docJdod., to .soh'd TelJ. moves -by .•..,.!:er. Gurtjri has confirmed the statements, from 'allied headquarters yesterday that ,tlier> American, .-support; given ' l-ralia-has- no ;more than, tilled the, •;gap'causedoby Australia's help in /pyiei'.Xvar theaters. : , •={;>.Tha. : .Taps-,l^ave; made another om- ; '; 11 V Jnoiis.'niovO'.-by .scl/Jng--three more v islands flahk4hg ; tlie;-poi't o their next-big move'not against Australia, but Russia Jn Liberia. China's minister of information in London ways the enemyJias con- centraLqd al, least a thousand planes In Manchuria, Jn preparation for an attacli—probably "on- Vladivostok and Khabarovsk. TroppSj he says, also are moving northward conlin- U'Oiisly. - . , ' • One -of .-the encouraging features that might . the Japs from opening another front, however, is the increasing American air suppor to the Chinese. In fact, American bombers and fighters have just hit an enemy ai-r- drome near Ca.hton -and caught the Japs flat-footed. They., destroyed 10 Jap Planes -.on 'the • gi'ouiid and tore up the runways. ,'Briga'di or ; . Gen era! cne.nnault says the- •Japuneso arc •making, \vhat ; Jie .'C.alTs.. a. ; suiaidal; .effort to drive American fliers out' of China. They're using their best planes and ! mo : s't:.;experienced; Pjlots —and still, says'Chennault; ca'n't- get- any where. . -.:•"•'•':-• ..." , • • SCOTTS SCRAP BOOK B YR.J,SQ Industrial -city or by-pnBS It and uid Houthpast for AHl.ruk.han, .. ,,. Astrakhan , Is thn -great--port on tho-.Oasplan Sea—a funnel for loncl- uaso., supplies pouring Into the Soviet Union from Persia, To sl'ow down thoso drives, the Russian HOklliM'H 1 aro charging Into massed Gorman lanks-and pressing, hordes of Gorman ^troops. Moscow nmphasI/OH that those countov-ullaoks aru e.urofully timed and,-ear.e.fully-plannod. Tho idea IK to .disorganize/ lho> Gorman thrusts- Three .'...'times, .Russian troops hurled I homye.l vestal,,.the enemy In the .Bolu-yu Gllna. The nrsltw stopped tho •'ll.y.' •On tho .third, '.tho eountor-nltae fallodf .-.say , the Husslans, and. : .:th lied army -troops -wore oompollc tors -to- the.- hoacls"of ': Am or lea •-'and, .«Gh 1 n n, a n d to. Russ I a-'s... a in bassarl o r In London, .explaining ..the reasons north. The Mel- fboui'irb Herald; however, is-worried• 'Miat:,ihe-,n>w Jap base at-'-Koko'da, 'on Now,,Guinea, is a real threat to .'the .allied- bape;, : a,!, 1 Port; Moresby; ; And.,-it-, adyo.oatcs-- an immefljate of- vfcnsivo,.to drive'the enemy out.; The Chinese -'still believe,-•/how- for .risnia clvli, flBr.-eysr. ^i,^ ^ aX"ta"»lSg PHESIDENT 'SIfiiNS NEW HILL Washington,' Aug;.,7— '(UP)— Pi'csi- dent Roosevelt"" 1 Jias signed a bHJ nu- Ihorizing 075 mi 11 ion >do" Hars for naval 'shore facilities. ••'.-'.;• :; : ; V .-;The..-.measure is said ; to Include f 11 nds : for 's.Qcret. {,rai.nIng',anrl a, PO- c-reL weapon. Mr. 'Roosevelt also si'gned legislation; -authorizing the \var .shipping-, administration to sell pr charter:.two vessels to the go.v- ernmenl,, of: Eire. :. - OKE. OF <Kt kX<ivE. ' AU£,<RAUt/k It RlDlKq - K>* F»i««. Sj-na*^, (n^ WorlJ frtt. mm , ^ ETTA KETT A CJLASSIPIED AD IN THE DAIL >^. RESUI/FS ARE CERTAIN! By PAUL ROBINSO •BHHP^— Consult Classificatipns Announcements \.^-,:r^tn»v*'AiS^ts. mid found Employment r\ *l Daily Merchandise Women OSl'r—l'«h' of vnluulili* Id-furnl gla-HSOM noai 1 MOOI-M'S Murkest on tJhurch strcot, Thursday night, Howard, Tf'h'|rho(U' II77n,- (vt noon HARV — ytrollcrs, High Glairs, C.rilis, I'luy Vards, naMH-rictlcs, lowest, pi'lrns. Till') HAhro SIU')P I80 lirand Ht, 18 ! SALKt (IAS AND OOMHINATION HANC1KS Plug-In Klectrlc .Uango ..,,., ..$09.(X) Hreakfast Seta .,; $27.50 up n Ynrds Llnoloum ..,,'.,., OGo Hook-fold MotaI Hods with Ooodrest Mattress $IO.!»r» WATKHIUIUY KIMNITimK .CO. /i80 West Main St., NVaterbury. Dial ''i-MOXO --" «< 11 tf Mon'.s Mlljjhlty Golf Glutis. Nurnher of Glubs and pi-loo. Wrlto hox DTII in earn or Thn iS'nws. r> ' (ll!l « MUp Joint nvos Through I0o foot Merchandise ArtloU).s HoiKsohold AUGUST SALE ' SPECIALS Koliable Furniture Co. a-jio. Maplo- Bedroom 8uil.o ; .;;$ 02.50 H-po. Kitchen Sots ...i'.'..... 22.50 Ji-l>o, M.ving I'tooin Suites .,., .110.50 ,'J ilooms, completo :. ISO.'FiO 0x12 Llnoloiun Uugs 5.05 Ooeaslonal Gtiairs — 10.1)5 Gornnloto Homo Furnishings 2M lOnat Main St., Walorhury ..3-'09fJO PTPT T A"RT TP KU-HNJTURK rCH<JLlApJLJl/ COMPANY M 13.' Main, Cor. Colo, .Waterbiiry TOI, ,'MM)ao 7-21-tr SECRET AGENT X9 By ROBERT STORl R&HAINING OUT OF &HSHT, 'xr "CAPTAIN' HOLD rtiE MdU7H df BRICK BRADFORD Alt' fl I tings In Htook Extension ludiliM-H ____ from $f,riO up JOHM ,f, CAUHUMi A SONS, ING, m Hprlng SI. on All MomorUUs VV, HIGIIARliM Sir.0 Ho, i\(aln H To I, H187 . >H ,SAMO — Apples, pntnlovx olc^r vinegar, h. Dillon, U7 Afol- bourmt court, Dial '41117,. 8-V-dlmo.x Trnok.s For Sule AutoM .100 l«7f l»^ f'7f "A HAI''K PliAIJI'! TO UUY \m\ Paokard Sudan , . \Wt Hul(5k 7-pass. Sedan ,,.,, (W'\ MulHk Sudan ........ ,,,., U»at> Ghryslor Htulan ,, IWJO hoflgo '4-dr, Sedan I<JM9 Koi'd Sudan 1(»M9 Plynioul-li -V-dr, Scilan ..... fj'.T) MKtti Plymouth Sedan .......... «W — Gpon KvonlngH — Pttokarcl-Watorbui-y, Inc. ' "A SAKK Pf.AfJM TO llUY" 182 Watorlown Avcntio l)lal /i-(H09 UHKl (1AM SAM' I M!) Ford Convni'tlhlM 1DUO l-'ord Convri'Hhlo IDIKI Tord Tudor IIW8- FoiMl .IH'luxn l-'oi'dfir •IWI7- Ford Station Wnjion TODAY'S VALUES -9 A, M, TO 9 F, M, Con'thniing Our Auj?"* FtTRNTTUKE SALE .Odd KltolUMi ,flhalrs •,, .$ Kitchen Tahlns Oil. (Jookors Hrldgo Uunps , Table Lamps ,, Crl'ckot Chairs (Val. $5) Hrtcket Uockers (Val. $r>; foe BoXus Mirrors Hampers , U MOOM OUTFIT (JOMPI.MTIO SAVK MONKYI — CIOMK KAHIA'I •ITADLT'lY'S ANNEX KKI Meadow Street \Val.erbur ; /•!) C,,W> /i.Df) •1.1)8 -2./i9 :19.Ur> 1,90 ,40 $98.00 FOH SALIC—(lomiiloto sot or ivory, .nursery t'urnlturo, Excellent OODT clltlon. >noasonal)lo . If .taken in single lot.'Tolophoho-30'jO. - ' 8-5-clG, By WILLIAM RITT and CLARENCE Business Service Wanted to Hcmler M2 MODRI.—R, 0. A. ViclO'r pborvo-; plays both price. Oravoson & Sims, 280 North Main St, .-..-. ' SIOVICHAL Imrj/ulii.vj In {jood used radios, .prlood /it $3-$r)-fptO. New lOrigland -Muslu Shop, "I'Oa Grand St., .Wfttorbury. Dial 4-7103. AUGUST' SALE Save 25 pe on iM'Icus Sal i) I to W) per I'.ent During This Great lf),17 Ohl.smohllo Hoditti •Il)f)7 I.lnooln /cphyr Hmlun 1f)!)il. iJiinoln . Xi'iihyi- SiMlnn MHO Lincoln '/<Mdj.vr HPI|»I» NAUOATUCIK tfllKL CO. wiWW ,»'.V.i w •- * ;: j if) — Auto 'P«H«. IteKroovtng 6Htclal Tiro Inspection Service ri 'AT5WQ United Tire Kactory \jrx\.X>X^4 O, lrt iv.rfYM.urin c;t M > 17 Employment jii^w-v.wcj^ii Mon .niAlt Ifitimlry, Apply. Ponr North Main stnuit, to work In iwmdr-y,. •M-('•-.( i:»; For Rent Real Estate 'four or ' flv* ro'oni ront for Imnitulltvto ooou pnnoy, (luflsrrll /•'. •HuKhuH, 1'ol^ phono ,'!87i. 8-7-t,f; Everything On Sale at tlio Priooa You'll Soo in 1942 . Thin IH the HIH BAF*M of tho your, \nd theru's a reason, hast year, lefuro prieea advanced, wo placed oarlrmd order after earlimd order with leading inannfacttirors In all tihu fuiMdturo centers of Amorlcu. Now, all this furnllu' 1 ", bought at low price Is hore. It's I'eady lor you at prices we cfunnH hop'; to •luplkmto' again, or perhaps for ( many years to come.. Alt- prices urn lower than they o/er will bo Mater this year, That menus buy everything you wl'll need thlx yoar , . right now I AS'n cannot reorder at those old, low prices again, Clome prepared to ltuy,,.and HUVJ ;is never before, Htiy anything flurlng this s.ile on unusual I'Jasy ToniiH, Albert'«, 208 So, Main St, VVatorbuvv. Phoiro 4-3144 JCLICCTIUCAL AINU HADIO — Lowuar' Possibly l>plofls — SWAN KLECTIHC CO. FDIootrloiuns 15 iJhuroh Street Tol.-2574 NOW fs tlic (lino to .store your fyr ooat. Pick, up und dollvory s«rvlc;«. . Also • for thn dry cleaning telephone 2022 , ; KIKVMAN'S 78 Clinich Si*wH» Nnuontuek LIST Us l*ut Your f.uwn Mower In phupo for,,the season. Mowers sharpened, repaired, etc. Gall .for and. delivery service.-Melbourne's Service Station, Rubber .avenue, Telephone :JM20. 4-7-tf Real Estate For Sale l (1 0r -Snlo SERVICE On all makes of refrigerators .waHhoi'H, moderate,,prloeg. . Kfr\V ,KNm,ANO .MUSIC .SHOP • 10^ Grand St. Dial 3-7103 TO lUINT ~ One <louh!e room •wlUr,kll<<fifin,,-prJvl!o#NH, -ill 1 doslred, Apply y(M5 Seott floor, nl««l,v with.or wHhout bonivl, Af|J -XYX" In oaro (if Tho fOH SAM':—Would you Hko lr» havo a homo or your own anrl .'irt«k« nn .Invnstniont, at tho .samu limn, Hiirc, Is an oxeeptlorml good -buy. .('or. tho. price .of a 4-t'umlly housn. r am olTorlng to you .(» .^IVitnlly. IIOUHO .In a'n A-i oond.'tlon, all Improvnmnnts and largo lot 70x130 loontod at tho oornor of .Uprrnan ;aiur Olive St. .-Anothov • good Investment,, .a 3• fornlly house of 14 .rooms, Jooat- od at Carroll : St. ,,PrIeo ;$0 ( 800, Yearly Inoomo. JH'{)84, : -:jr you want •. to'; buy, or sol j.suo'. Patsy Jj'nbrl- olft-, realtor, m High-St. Phono 3M8, RIH ,of land, furin, JO acres ,of land, -'i.ropm bungalow, .2 car gftrng'o,' hen' ''hbuaps, for '2,000. .Pi'foe - $;K)00, Cas»h - Jfii200. Terms , • ,. 'STUDIOS All TiiHlrumontH Taught, Mtufo AM'Lbw AH 50o. • t57.8o, Main St, r Vnt. '4-'ffW| QuUorii/oi«(iw|ai'H, -TinnloK, JAMI^?BAKHB ' ' ''] W «r*dloy • St. '• Nnu^aUibk, Conn. pur'chaso'r. A Tel..'243!!,, • , 7 7 2/*-t.f. SAI»^TiVo fniiilly lioiise of «' alt Jmprovortio'nts, .in A-» opnUILIon. . WosL'.sido, of , ; town Largo lot, $5900. AUo brand new; fnodorn 0 room, one family -lip-two.'' .garage attao.hed, Gopd.,. location MfrloocV j'dasohnblb.. A, Shonley.'Tel n/.*»»» ' • • '. » 1P -i_ '„ . . _ ,room,house -In, 1 Im roftspnahlq. Address Box •onto-'Of'Tho NoSvs. FLEET RUNNERS CARRY THEWORD - ALL WARRIORS, WCARKEN ASSEMBLEATONCE// 4G 15TO BE-HAMED BARNEY 000 OLE AND STUFFY SMITH By BILLY BE BECK BIG SISTER By LES FORGKAVB Y ;,WAMTS TO DO, 'itfBY JUTHT THE SIGHT OP : YOU SEEMS' TO -MAKE THING HAVE LYING ; MUGQS AND By WALLY BISHOP ...ITS SWELU . AMD TM'I ISl-K THING TAKE TO GET CHUCK HIS STUCK!! ^i^^^^"^ : ' ! ?^P-

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