Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 30, 1891 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 30, 1891
Page 8
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How wretched is the man who has fallen a victim to Biliousness, Indigestion, Sick Headache, or diseased Liver, with all the horrible attendants. Look npon the picture. Poor man, being tired of dragging out a miserable existence, he is the picture of despondency; altogether, he is rather a forlorn specimen. Do we pi'y him? Of course; but at ihe sanifi time feel assured that in a measure he i? to blarne for the bad state hi to which he has fallen. A sure, safe, speedy and easy cure can be fov,nd in Simmons Liver Regulator—Kature's own remedy. No mercury or deleterious drugs, not unpleasant to the taste, and ahvays rt-liublt—just such a remedy as you can sin your faith to without a shadow nf disappointment. Read the testimonial, don't take our word for it : *'I have been subject to severe spells of t~nn£CStion of the Liver, and have been in the haSit of taking from 15 to 20 grains of t-'aJr.T.el, which generally laid me up for three or four days. Lately 1 have been taking Simmons Liver Regulator which gave me relief, without any interruption to business." J. HUGG, Middleport, Ohio. HOME-MADE BROODER. An Arrangement TlmtHas Hitherto Don* Its Work Admirably. The man who expects a big- pvice for early broilers must have some means of caring for the young- chicks as they leave the incubator, else they will soon be a "dead loss." Of course he can buy brooders and broods rs, but if time be plenty and money scarce with him as with many others he will prefer to make a brooder. The following- homemade arrangement was built by Ii. V. N. Dimmick of Madison county, N. Y., and found to do its work admirably with hot water. We show a cross section. Two tanks were made each 30x13 inches and four inches deep,Pig-. 1 with pipes for filling and faucsts for emptying. A bos. Pig. 2, to inclose the upper tank was made 4-1x20 inches and eight inches deep. An open space was made in the bottom of this 10x34 inches and after the tank was carefully placed the space between it and t*e box was filled with sawdust and tight cover nailed on. a •2 BOX Q"x4^." 2 1 1 7 TflNK «"*12" ; 3 3 2 2 JnTJK 3k ^72 / *" 2 BOX 8"«4-*" 2. 2 f Simple' Way of Testing Salt. The following- method of testing- salt to be used in the dairy is laid down by salt manufacturers. It is a simple test, can be tried by anyone, and will show the purity or comparative qualities of dairy salt: Take as many common drinking- glasses or larg-e test tub4s as there are samples of salt to examine, and fill each alike with clear, pure water; then dissolve a teaspoouful of salt from each sample and make the comparison from the instant the salt is added. The solution showing- the least £cum, sediment, foam, milky color, or other impurities is the best dairy salt. Flavor of the salt may be detected from this solution after it has stood from one to two hours closely covered. A good color in salt is, of course desirable, but the whitest or a glistening- salt often contains impurities extremely detrimental to dairy prodticts which arc hard to detect, but some of these may be traced in the solution method. Have you a Pittsburgh, Rochester, Duplex, or a. Student Lamp? Do they work satisfactorily? Do your Lamp Chimneys break? You get the wrong sort! The RIGHT ones are the "PEARL GLASS," made by Geo. A. Macbeth & Co., Pittsburgh, makers of the celebrated " Pearl-top " lamp chimney, which have given universal satisfaction. J. ii. XJEILIJV if CO., Som PKOrBcrroKs, PHILADELPHIA, PA. PRICE, Sl.OO. A Noted Divine Says: "I have been using Tntt's Iiiver Pilla for Dyspepsia, WenK Stomach and Costivenes.s, nitli which I have long been afflicted. ARE A SPECIAL BLESSING. I never linil any thing to do mo so mncb Brood. I reccommeiKl them to all an th« belt medicine in existance." Key. F. B. OSGOOB, KCTV Tork. SOLD EVEEYWHEEE. Omce, 39 & 41 Park Place, If. Y. ifflltlleforliint.hnrcdfcnnindsu k for ui, by Anna 1'nirr, Amtln, ni>, nnd Jno. lloiin, Toledo, Ohio. cot. OtlierftBredolriRM well. Why Inotyou? Sonim-imiovtr*50U.(10 « noiith. Ton r aD do ihc work Mid livfl t homp, wherpver you nrp. KVBD bc- nro oimlly pnmliif: from t* to Hlntlny. All BECK. Weahow you how imd ntnrt you. Cnn M-ork In .pun- tlmo or nil tin- llmm^We money for work- tr«, Fiilltiro unknown ninonR thftn. l- CO..MOI; IflOOO.OO »yfnr U bcin? mndo by John R. Ooodwln.tn>y.K.y.,iit work for ua, Itcadflr, yiui tuny n«t make BS .noch, but vre cnu ttnch you quickly ho*/ to earn from $S to glu 11 dny nt the atari, anil morn a« you po on, llotli flexfrH. all n^oa. In nny pnrt of imcn, you can commwico «t homo, (rlv- ; hll j-gur timc,or mpare momenta only to work. All la Mi'tv. Great nay SCKk for rvi-ry worker. V\'o start ysu, fumlshluK e,ver> p thmc. EASILY. SP&ED1LY lentticrl. „.--- LAKS FI;KE . AiMre,, Bt onco, A CO.,' rOKTLAAD, JJAI.Vt. Xext a box, Fiff. 2, was made of the same dimensions for the lower tank, only -n-ithout a top, and sawdust (3) was filled under and around the tank, raising- it even with ths uopor edg-e of the box. A frame one inch deep and the size of the boxes is fitted on the top of the lower bo.- and tank. To its bottom is tacked heavy burlap, which is covered with half an inch of sand and a top- sprinklins- of sawdust for the chicks to run on. The top box is placed eig-ht « inches above the bottom one as shown (3) and all boarded in, an occasional pane of glass being- set in the side to give the chicks light. At the back of this chick chamber a door is made so it can be buttoned open or shut, and a curtain of thick woolen cloth notched at the bottom hung- there. This makes a room 20x44 heated from above and below. After the tanks have been filled &, gallon of hot water to each every morning and evening- will keep the temperature hig-h enough, and perhaps in mild days too high, if ventilation is not given. The heat is so even that the chicks never crowd, as in some poorly made brooders. The water is poured in the pipes at Fig. 4 and drawn from a faucet at the bottom and front of each tank. Whenever the floor of the brooder becomes soiled the inch frama is drawn out of the back door and its sand and sawdust emptied and renewed. Chicks kept in such a brooder until they are three or four weeks old are fit to take their chances on the floor of the house.—Jv. E. Homestead. HANGINGS ATORS, FRESCaiHS CHU8GI1ES, ..ft RESIDEHCcS, SC. We invite visitors to call and inspect, Correspondence solicited. W. ?, MELSQH & CO., 133 WABASH AYE., CHICAGO, ILL You Can Eat WHAT YOU LIKE IP YOU TAKE DR. WHITE'S DANDELION ALTERATIVE. It enres Indigestion, Biliousness, Liver and Kidney diseases, Constipation, Bheumatism and Neuralgia. It purifies the blood, and makes the weak strong and vigorous. Thousands have been restored to health by this great medicine, why not you P Very large bottle for $1, and every bottle warranted. oold by B. F. Keesliiig- and D.E Pryor. MANY A MAN will get well If he heeds, ordle if he Ignores, our •.yarning. Jffethoa* Kxrlumiut; Succem VniQttf. Thousands restored 67 name Trratnintt. Guaranteed Testimonials. i Aim atvii* •tTTTTtT''!' 9 Dialled freo for a OUR NEW BOOK 1 LIVE STOCK NOTES. Do NOT let the sow and her young pigs run with the other swine, advice which we think will commend itself to ev«ryone. BEGOT to plan arrangements by which the cows nest summer can have plenty of pure water, Mnd-pnddle water is not the water for the cow to drink. BE honest even in trading horses. It is funny that it is practically thought that even .an. absolutely honest man is justified in cheating- at a horse trade, if he can. seeking to improve your other I stock do not forget that the swine are worthy of an effort at improvement, I too. Endeavor to make steady progress toward higher perfection. WHENEVER the calf becomes sick give attention to the cow, and ii enough attention is piven in that direction, it will almost invariably be found that some chang-e in our methods is required. WE are asked if shoes are really necessary on horses. Our correspondent says that he has seen it stated that horses, even upon the road, are better off without shoes. Yes, we have seen that stated, but our own experience does not warrant us in believing 1 it all the same.—Western Eural. (_HEVERS OF OhD HONESTY TOBACCO VILL SOOfvJ FlfxlD JrjAT I] L/\STS LO^GEf^ TASTES SWEETER ThjAfvJ OTfjE^ TO- BACCOS, A[VD V/ILL PLEASE Ql [ ASK YOUR DEALER FOR IT ; / ' AND INSIST ON GETTING IT. cJj. ,mFJNZEB'5BROS.,Lonisy!]le,]fj. 'CONVENIENT WOOD BOX. One of Them Should Be in the Kltclien o* Every Farmhouse. The wood box illustrated herewith is made of beaded ceiling. The cover is COUGHS AND COLDS. SCc, and 91. at all drugglsti. E, MORGAS & SONS, •-Proprietors, PROVIDENCE, R,L nufoESUPPLIEDi>r ROSS GORDON^ LaFayette, Ind. For, sale "byB. F Reesling- WOOD, BOX. Eecurely fastened--with stout hinges, and is open only when taking- out or putting in wood. A piece of 2x4 is placed across each end of the bottom, into which the casters are .secured. This wood box can be easily moved, when sweeping- or mopping-, and if it is painted a color to correspond with the woodwork of the room, looks welL It can be made large or small as desired. —Orange .Tudd Farmer. A butcher of Seymour, Ind., is said to have found in the stomach of a slang-h- tered cow a silver half-dollar, several small bones, a lot of needles and pins, and a quarter of a pound of iron nails; but a more remarkable discovery was that made by a servant in a St. Louis restaurant., , While he was opening- clams the other day there dropped from one of the bivalves a gold ring inscribed "S. S. to R. 3." The: clams had 'been purchased from a Sfew York house and were gathered from the ocean bed near Firs island. Cheap Lands and Homes iu Kentucky, Tennesee, ALABAMA; Mississippi and Louisiana. On the line of the Queen & Crescent Route cai be found 2,000,000 acres of splendid Dotcom, ap- land, timber and stock lands. Also the finest fruit and mineral lands on the continent 'for sale on favorable terms, FAEMEBSI with all thy getting get a home Ii the sunny South, where blizzards and ice .clad plains are unknown. The Queen <t Crescent Houte Is 94 Miles the Shortest and Quickest Line • Cincinati to New Orleans Time 27 Hours. Entire Trains, Baggage Car. Day Coaches Sleepers run through without changa and 110 MHes the Shortest, a Hours the Quickest Cincinnati to Jacksonville, Fla. Time 27 Hours. The only line running Solid Trains and Ttoougb Sleeping Cars. ONLT LIKE PEOM CZNCCVKATI TO Chattanoga, Tenn.,Tort Payne, Ala,, Meridian Miss., Yickborg, Miss.; Shreveport, La. 20 Miles the Shortest Cincinnati to Lexington Ki S Hours Quickest Cincinnati to Knoxvllie, Tenn ' 116 Miles the Shortest Cincinnati to Atlanta and Augusta, (Ja. 114 Miles the Shortest Cincinnati to Annlston Ala 26 Miles the Shortest Cincinnati. to Birmingham' Ala. . 15 Mflas Shortest Cincinnati to Mobile, Ala. Direct connections at New Orleans and Shreveport For Texas, Mexico, California. Trains leave Central Union Depot, Cincinnati crossing the Famous High. Bridge of Kentucky' and rounding the base of Lookoat JIountaiB Pullman Boudoir Sleepers on all Through Trains! Over One Million Acres of Land In Arbama the future Great State of the South subject to pre-emption. "Unsurpassed climate. For Correct Gonnty Maps, Lowest Rates aw) rail particulars- addres, D. (J. EDWARDS Gen Passenger & Ticket Agent, IQneen 4 Crescent Eonte, Cincinnati. 0 NOTICE. '! O ihc Voters of the City of 'port, Indiana, theioof, to a. point opposite Tents street, tbenw?: south crossing said rtv,-r to Bace street tnencei <*«*. along the Dortii or Bace street to west strce'. south along the west Hi street, and thence Hue, of Eighth'^ Of Hit' Vhunse Iii the IIouiiduricN .il'the Voting: I'recini-tH of Said M-afli; by tlic fommoii Cuiiiir.il at Tlu-ir KvKiil».r Si-ssu-n, .Tiarcli IS, 18'JJ. The voti-rs of tlip City of LoKansjiort, C;iss Conn- .y, Indiana, will Iipjvby t;il«-nolle.-tiKit tin- lulluw- iigurdi'i' was rmioV by the Common Council of the Utyof Ugiiiisport, Car's County. lmJi;ni;i. at tln-ir (pj)ar ,sc,s.sloji, \\ cdJicsrlyj- c-voiliig, Jljia-h J«, Mi'etloiiprpclnutsasfornx'd InihcCltv of I o- llisilon-.lliaililifl: liiiiiTonJancowiih.-ti, act or tlie Li-gtolalure of thffciiiH'onndiami. Hiim'uvpcl.'Harcliij. iws It is mil-red by the COIKIIIOII Council of llic Citv of Lo- .f.uisijort. C!issC(iumy Indiana; and Ihey'do now T ._,.,^. u „„„,, tljt; ftU*ciIOJjs In s;itd nrt*~'' : ' S£™ at tlipbriclt « ffl ^ buil^at.'th^ Predm-t No. "2,—Ail rbat territory cm; within the following metes and bounds, « Com men dug at the corner ol Seventh aud streets tlience ruiirlng east on the soutli lin, Hlgli street to Eighth street, thence north on cast line? ol Eighth street to Bace street tht ^.S»$*^*!*K .^O^taTte street, thence south on the west line of Twelfth «i-eetto Broadway street, thence west on thP north line ol Broadway street lo Sovemh stilet 1 '* and thence north on we east !U)e of sewnth 1 ol said precinct bi> held at °/ '?? T 1 ' 001 1'ouse lot being s second addition to Lo K ansi,ort, in sata| ward Precinct No. S.-A11 territory . .- a errory embraced S, j ""'I;, follow!,,,; me.es and boSi ™to^f^ Co iineiici/iKat ihc southwest corner oi Twelftri'S ,1K1B oauwaj streets. thcn..-e, running south oiv« Je -T"^' 111 s "' e ' ' •KlllU-t du II,,. ,v,,,k. von. No ri'.li. mi'tiln, or utl your lime to Ml* \M •iid.;ind lirliiBHM-onderf'ul micci-h* e'lrnlriRT from *-'o to tittt ii^rvvfc rti'turu little experience. \V U ciui Turn Hnd t( ' KI.KV I,! V,,u c Ml , rk. Tliii k mill uj.v j,loy,,, n ,,l« n cI le.cl, you PICKK. No v ,r, u> „ .l^, ^ Full init/miiuion Ultli. y — lTIJ .1: C'O., .HULMa, 3UJ.M". Attractive and Promising Investments in CHICAGO REAL ESTATE TURNER & BOND, IO3 Washington St., Chicago, I!!. Established 1875. Reference IsUaU. Bant, n and adopt tin- following voting im-elnc' •'Vi-ralv/anls of tlie City ot Logaiisijori. TOsalso Cnllect Kent,, Pay Tnxe«,Xrmiii- Jr * }™if Mortgage J.onn«, at no cost to lenrt- Gr, and ftlnnnao Ei.ta.tcn for non-rosf dents. Cor- re -?ffi, n , d ,?n 5 S ?iH tod ar "? Blven Prompt BtSntiol Maps ana lull Information sent on application. We have for salo a number of aero tracts In dlirorontpartsof the city, also well located business properties andother RealEgtatelnvestmenth. «nl nn V n i °5 a ° 3inUl10 Irst mortgage loans for sale, drawing G per cent scmi-annuariincrest. WORLD'S FAIR PROPERTY. Corner Midway Plaisarux & Stony Island Bmle.va.rJ,. Finest hotel slto near the Fair Grounds, A so desirable sires fornimrtment buildings and choice frontages near tueparlis. Property Along the Line of New Elevated Railroad, Now in Process ol Construction. Corners and Inside lots on Calumet, Prairie, Indiana mid IT- abash Avenues at from $100 to S300 Der f t ChlciiOw v ' never KrowliiR faster than now and' the completion 01 tho Elevated Koad will have a marked eucct OQ property along the line and at the HiftES' IMPRDVEi, 25c .... 'M IHUDUiC. SO HOI'JNCORSTRASNIflC tASILYMOl' THIS PAC.V.CE MAKES T~,T f.AlLPSs. The ino.it APPRTTZJNO- una WHO 1 J;SOM3 TEM?S34?.-OE DKINiJ in tto worM. Delicious and Sparlcling. . THY j$ Ask your Drug-plat or Grocer for 3^ C. E. KiR£s, PHILADELPHIA. Eaat. West, North. South. ennsylvania Ljnss. Schedule of Passenger Trains-Central Time, CHICAGO DIVISfON. Wostward. Columbns Iv Marlon " LOBtunspOrt. | ^ Wiaainao " Crown Point...... " Chicago ar. ^ Cliicn^o .. Iv. Crown Point " Wlnamao " ILogransport. | {^; Marlon " Columbus ar. . •. 3 PM •735 1 11 235 3 1C 404 RW 730 AM J£ AM t730 914 .043 1130 AM 11 AM XI AM t9 00i*7 2C 3 oil 1 9 n * 420 43( f)1R BSS 83t PM ao AM *1030 IS) 147 155 s nn 810 PM 115 *125 s 33f 500 PM 31 AM t8 20 945 AM 4 | 34 psr I PM ts cats is 448 655 R97 ns PJf 30 PM t430 Rnn PM o AM 1615 ?m fl« 1025 AM 10 PM *820 innn 148 240 100 flip 730 AM ii Ail teoo q?9 345 PM to wl x>rednetXo 1—All that territoryembrac the lolkiwlngniptes and bounds, to-wiu c wii stiyets, tlH'iirerunning wpst'iiiotif? i'lic nonh UneoKJtliiwastreetto'VIiie street, HIPIUJP .south ;i long ine west Jineol 1 Vln« stiwro Miami stn-ct thence west on HIP north line of Miami street tii Plum sum, theiiciMiorih along tin- east line of I 3 l«iu street ro Bates street, thence west aloii"- the iidi-tl] line ol' Bales street 10 Holland street, Uicr.ce nortfi on the wist Hut? of Holland street w tile nortli iJOiindarylliK'Ol said First wurri. and thence east along the.north line of said ward to Sycamore street, and thence south along the west line" o( Sycamore street to tl!t> place of beginning \nd It is ordered tlirittlie elections In said precinct be lieidlnliou.se on Ottawa street on tlie southwest corner ol lot lu, In]), B. Dykeiuan'slst addition to Wf.si Logan, in said ward. Precinct No. 2— All thai territoryembracedwl thin the loilowlng jnete.s and bounds, to-wit; Co;iU)ieJ;c- 1.'ig at then on liwesi corner of Ottawa and Sycamore streets, thence, running soutli along the west line of Sycamore street to C.'hlpuawa street tbence west on the north line of, Chippawa street to Plum street, tlience south on the west line of Mum street to Usage street, tlience west on the north line of Usage and WhealJand streets to the Chicago branch of IhePfnslmrg, Chicago, Cincinnati & ou Louis Hallway, thence soutli along the line of said railway to Hie £eoria branch of said railway, thence west following the north line of said Peoriii branch of saia railway to tlie west limits of said ward tlience north to tlie line Ct 1 the vt abash and L'rie canal, thence.eastalongthe line of the Wabash and Erie canal bed to Holland street, thence south along the west line oJ said Holland street lo Dates street, thence east on the south line of Bates street io Plum street, thence south on Plum street to Miami street, ttieut-e east along the;south line of .Miami stretto Vine street, thence noith on the past line, of Vine si reet to Ottawa street, thence east on south line of Ottawa street to place of beginning And it Is ordered that the elections In said precinct be held in the buldllng ou the sou-Invest corner of the school house yard In said ward. Precinct No.3—All that territory embraced within the following metes and bounds, to-wlt: Commencing at the sombwest corner of Sycamore and Chin- pewa streets, thencerunnlngwest on the south JirjeofChlppena street to Plum street, thence south on tile east line of Plum street to Osage then west on south line of Gsage. street to Wheatland street, thence west.on south line of Wheauanii street to Die Chicago braucb.ol: the Pittsburg, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis Hallway, thence south aliing said railway to Market street! thence east on the iiunh line of Market street to Eel river thence easterly along the north bank of Eel river wicli the meanders thereof, to the place, of beginning And It is ordered that the elections in said precinct be be, J at tlie engine bouse In said ward. Pi eciiictNo. 4—A11 tbat territory embraced wltMn thelol owl. gmeies and bounds, to-ivlc- Commencing at tlie westend the ofEel river bridge on Market street In said ward, thence west along the north bunk of Eel and Wnoa <h rivers, with the meanders thereof, to the west limits of said ward tlience north to the south line of ibe Peoi'Ju branch of the P., C..C.i St. L.Hallway thence east along the Peorlabranch of the.P.O. C. <k St. Louis Railway to Market street, thence east on the south line of Market street to the Place of beginning. And It Is ordered d'at tee elections In said precict be held in Lhl's cooper shop 11; said ward. WARD Predict No. l.-AIl ih;u u-rritory K-IUiiH ilietoDowliig melts and boiuiiis" SSft* .^tet n K^^^on«S inn-til Hue of Market Mri-ei 10 fclxteenth street "^ thence north on west line of Sixicetitb sireeuo-* I he soutli bank ol Eel river, and ilinice «esialO!lg-S the HMjiii i ; ank of^e! j-iver. wi.h meanders there?^ ol.to the place ol betinning. And It Is ordered'-" that the elections In sa',1 precmci He held lu the ™ iront room over Nrsni's grocery store on ' w.-iysireet. iBsaWivaid. !.— Ah that ter •wing nietes and bdunris,' , _. ..ie corner, of Twelfth ; strews, thence ruRning east on Hie south line Market street toSJx!oe;.-th street tiieiica , tie west !m- of Wxtci-mh sti eet to Suicu thence west, on the north line of biiie i: d sTreet" iwe ith,street, and tluin-e. nonh on east iineof-'-*- iweiiin street to the place of beginning. And It->|- litepinh sneet en t ine Louse lu said/-^ ). 3.—Al; that terrltcry pmbraced^ lowing nii-tes and bounds, to-wlt•'=$;' Commencing at j-rf river on Sixteiith saeevSp g south on east line of SIxteeriUi'sS , . , ct street, thrnce t-ast on north, line'-® 01 .Market street to Eighteenth street, thence^ southi on east line, of Kighteenth street to SuearW street, ti'ence east on norllj Ji J)c of <~j :Pai • '"''• the east limits of the city, thence north:eastern limns W Hie city to jji-i w. along south bank of JJel river to "d it is ordered that the elections ism , n ho?,! • n held jt the t vi-. within the owing metes and embracea. bounds, S?!?f ? ' ! f, 1 tllecor " erof tne Wabash.St,Louis'^ and Pacinc railway and Twelfth streeuhence east ^ alone said railway to Seventeenth street, thence s3| north on the east Hue of Seventeenth street to th«' ~.'™9 >»abasaand Erie canal hed. thence west aJiine> : gS said canal bed to Sixteenth street, thence nortfiw4 on east line of Sixteenth street to MarM*. i*mu*??M thence east on south line of Market -....^ street, thence south on west line ., .. _,. . * •-' -••vw .. v -"w \nutifo iu - . of the-VVabash river, with meanders thereof, T«eltb street, and thence north on east Hne-ofi*S Twlfthsireetitoihe place of beginning. Audit:*! Is ordered that the elections in Slid precinct Ml P, ejU 'n y 16 h °"se now owned by Rudolph Bemdt, r %" I\o, GU9 Seventeenth street, In said n-ird '^ Pmc iictNo.S-AlHhatterrltoryenibraccdwlthto r*4 Oiefohowingmeiesandboun(ls.w-\vit: Commenc-vM Ing at the corner ot Twelfth and Smead streets -•'*! tlience. runiiiiipeiist on ihe south line of Smead*|| stieet to tlxleenih stroet, tlience scuth on the west =Si lineol .Sixteenth street to the Wahash and Erie -> — _ ......-ujtreet to the jiluceof Le-i ; glimiiig. And it Is ordered that the elections • SECOND WARD. Precinct No .l—Allthatterritory embraced within the following metes and bounds, to-wit: Commencing aiEel river on Fourth street, thence running south onthe west line of Fourth street to Eel River avenue, thence southwest on the north line, of Eel Biver avenue to TSirfl street, thencenortb i n Third au-eet to Eel river brldee, thence northwest on east line ot Sycamore street to the norlh limits of the Fallman Vestibule Dininc and Sloop- inar Cars run on ?fos. 2O and 21 between Chi cago and Columbus. PIteburgi, Baltimore, "'--'•'ngton, Philadelphia and New York; nan Sleeping Cars on JVos. 3 and 10 Washli Pullman , BETWEEN LOGANSPORT AND EFFNER. Read Down. Read Up. aia AM t545 554 609 624 703 714 745 320 AM ttiso 1141 1159 374 AM tsoo 522 609 12 121 S 56 12 49 9 14 100 950 1301115 AM j PM 1 AM lvf......Eirncr....,.ar. " ... Kentland ... " " ... Goodland ... " " ...Remington... " " ...Monticello... " " Idavillo " ar.liog-anspor 1 1 v. 3O3I311 Alt I Pit •10WM5D 10 3ol 9 40 10 14i 9 20 9 57! 9 02 9 14! 8 13 9 02i 7 58 8 30i 7 25 375 PM •fBOO 5 SO 440 352 140 100 1130 AM | PM | AM RICHMOND DIVISION. Westward. Cincinnati Iv Hamilton " Richmond " New Castle " Anderson " Klwood " Kokomo " Galveaton " T.oiransport ar Chicago ar Eastward. Chicago lv GalvesWn " Kolcomo " Elwood " Anderson " Newcastle " Richmond ''• Hamilton " Cincinnati. ar. AM 7 PM *7£5f445 905! SOI 10 35 7 35 11 14 8 35 11 46 9 15 12 111 9 45 12 45110 3C ... J104E 1 31T11 20 510 PM to PM *820 *1Q5 224 247 323 410 PM O AM f550 a PM 1001 us 122: 1259 128 215 300 730 AM Is AM •945 *12S 6 20' .:.:.. 6 35! 2 07 712(237 737 303 8 20,1 3 34 9 151 4 IS 1 13 IS £ AM <? P ^ t720j I^Tt 820 • « 905] ,;« 93El AM 3 « 1020|*120 ! j? %, 10 34 f 160'" g j 1110 220 £e AM ^ AM US 3 IK 32! 412 445 53[ R3D 645,05215451™ 700 AM 1201 700 Koon | PM 730:T3 & AMj' <<; Ii? ^ -3§ Jr5 sn v 3 1 B ?! e.l S-a Pullman Nleeplnic Cars run on STos. 3 and 10, and Buffet Parlor Cars on Nos. IS and 19. BETWEEN LOGANSPORT AND LOUISVILLE. Read Down. Read Up. IO T>Jt *82fl 1255 330 659 AM 18 AM *945 125 fS Iv. Chicago ar. " Logansport ar. ar. Indianapolis " ar. _. Louis vllle _ Jv. PM| 19 Pur *51D 111 30 1105 730 AM 13 Air 1130 TM JTos.10 and IS carry Pullman Sleeping Curs: Pullman Buffet Parlor Cars are run on Wos. 18 and 10. JOSEPH 'WOOD, E. A. FORD, General Hsrjagflr-, 11-23-90. ' PiTTSBtTEGH, For time cards.rates of fare, through tickets, taRgage checks, and further information regarding the running of trains apply to any f T"nt of tha Fennsylvanla Lines. , A. MjpUItOU&H, Ticket A -pjii. TiKi. to tlie north limits ol said ward, tlienci? east on tlie jiortli line of said ward to Clifton ,'iveiiue, thence south along tie west line of Clifton avenue to Hannn street, thence southwest alonp the north line ot Hunnji street to Pontlac street thence south alongthewesillneofVoniitiestreet to the north bank of Eel river, thence nwton the north bank of Eel river with the meanders thereof to a. point on- jiosite Fourth street to tba place ot upgliininff And it Is ordered that the elections In said precinct be held at what Is now known at Schaeler's cooper shop in aid ward. Precl nl-t N o .2—All that territory embraced within the following metes and bounds, to-wit: Commencing at Kel river on Fourth sireet, thence runnin™ south on the east line of Fourth street to Broadway street, thence east on the north line of Broadway street to Filth street, thence south on east line of Filth street to tile Wabash and Erie canal bed tUeiiceeastaloiiKtBenonhllneofsaiU canal bed to Seventh street, thf nee north on the west line of Seventh street to High street, thence west on the south line ol'High street to Sixth street, thence, north on the west line of Sixth street to Eel river and thence west alone tlie south bank of Eel liver with the meanders tlereof to the pla e of beginning. And It Is ordered Ibatlne elections In said precinct be held at the Koith street engine house In said ward.. Precinct No .8—All that territory embraced within tlle following metes and bounds, co-wit: Commencing oil Ihe south bank of Eel river at the Jjnersee- tloh with TJ.lrd street, tnence. miming south to Eel Elver, avenue, thenre northeast along the soutu line. Of Eel Elver avenue to Fourth street, tlience south on the east line of Fourth street to Broadway street, thence east on the south line of Broadway street to Fifth street, thence south on tlie west line of Fifth street to Market street, thence west on the nortli line, of Market street to Eel River avenue, thence southwest on Ee! River avenue to the Wabash river, and thence northwest alone the south bank of Eel river, with the meanders thereof, to the place Of beginning. And It. Is ordered flint the elections in said precinct lie held at the town Oilp trustee's office in said ward. THIRD WAKD. Precinct No. 1—All that territory embraced wltu In the lollowing metes and bounds, to-wlt- Com- ineneliieat the corner ol F.elHiver avenue avd Market street, thence running east to Fifth street thence southeast to Oak street.ttience south along the weM line of Oak street to Canal street, thence west -lit ng the north line of Canal street to Fourth street, tiit-nce south on the west line of Fourth street to the Wabash river, tlience west along tlie north bank of the Wabash river, wltli tlie meanders thereof, to Eel Elver avenue, and thence noj th to the place of beplnnlng. And It Is ordered ilint the elections in said precinct be.held at the old brick school hou?e In said ward. Jreeinet No. 2.—All that territory embraced wlihinthe following metes and bounds, to-wlt- C< mnienclng at the corner of the Wabash and Irle.canal bed and Oak street, thence running east along-the south line of the Wabash and Erie canal bed to Twelith street, thence south along the west line of Twelfth street to the Wabash liver, thence west along the north bank of the Wabash river with the meanders thereof to Fourth street, thence north along the the east line of Fourth street to Canal street, tlience east on Canal street to Oak street, thence north on tic east line ot Oak street to the place of beginning And It Is ordered that theelectlons In said precinct be held at Harrj Terr's office in said waTd Precinct So. 3.—The tolrd precinct of said ward is composed of all that part of said ward lying south of the Wabash river, Including. Blddle's Islard. It is ordered that the election In said precinct be held atAmanscarrii'Be trimming shop on Burlington avenue In said ward. FOURTH WAKE. rreclnctKo. 1.—All the territory embraced within ' he following metes and bounds, to-wit- Comn-i nclnc at the corner o) ?ixth and High street t: ence running north on Pontlac street to Hamia stieet, ttence east i.n (lie south line, of Hanna sti eet to Clifton avenue, thence north on the mis lire of Clilton avenue to the ward boundary line, thence east -dong the wui d boundary Hue to east limits of said ward, thence southeast -ilongthi lppof -.-aldiuird r»»! river, thente Hcstalor 1 ? e north bank of Eel river, with the meanders 1 ] Lvnns of ,J IU ?! i ; Jla > lhe to™ty of Cass, the City 6: 1. John J-. Taggart. Clerk of the City of LoganS^ sport Indiana, do hereby certify that the above fea^ complete copy of the proceedings of the Common''4" Council of the City of Loeansport. ludlanaTS^ii regular-session held in tbecomicll chamber of s >- f ,1 n ,,7- -i—-.-» '"• l^ 1 - relatlvet'Ssi istubllshingotvotmi!;precincts for the TarK'-ff °"?."' a ! t ! J ':, c ° m . I ' rIsl "8 tll «Cit5- or J-ogansport. Jn-;S; [SKA1.] JOHK.J.TAGOAKT. Clerk City of Logtuisport, Indiana, <5TOPS A" ^^ unnatural discharges in 24 hours. Tl C URES M ^^.t flntts Gleet norrhea in 3 days. No Stricture NoPaia. SURE -^ Adopted bythcGM,'"',;3*| manGovornmontjfoi ••':'•*$ Hospital fcArmy use-, ; ; -Ms P.S.C. is put up fay :;J?jj American trade JS- 1 '?^ .1 patent bottle holf}. '-jji$, ng syringe (see cut).'-" j_ ?<^A «« *.tS- : The Von Mohl Company, Clncfpnat), Chl(v. : Sole Amcricim .Agent*. B: V. KEESLQs'G, Agent, Logansport, Ind. Ladies $5001 Reward Dr. Anderson's English Female'' Regulating Pills are tlie KnftBf, and mort reliable.' Gl\e them a, trial and le convii ced. At 'Drug; Stole or by mail, post-paid cer box 81. uO, S boxes lor S2.50 { For sale In Lo'gaiisiJOri.JJiid.bvBenJFlsLer, Fourth Street, " O. Mention paper. fcbi9d*vi3ai ' JOSEPH GILLQTPS STEEL PENS. GOLD MEDALy PARIS EXPOSITION, 1889. THE MQgT PERFECT OF PENS. Mrs. Allen's Parisian Face Bleach Golden H»lr Wash. Mamma Dura, for dcvd- opmi- jhc bust. Rusma. for rcraovlnr superOu. ous , " a "- Sm ^ drcsiinf. All coods wholeul& and retail. Send 2 Ms. for illustrated circular. Hill line of fine hair coods. Mrs. R. W. Allen. 210 Wood. Av.. Detroit, Mich. VI THE GE»TUllMm«EfHJ. Onr Malytlor Perfection Syrince free wlti »vvry Dottle. Prevents Stricture.- Cures Gonorrtxeik *nd Gleet in 1 to 4 <toy». Ask your DrnggiW tor It. Sent to any address for $1.00. AHirtM «ALYDOB MANUF'6 CO..LANCASTER.O, JUDICIOUS AHB PERSISTEMt Advertising- Juts aJunys proven suoccssTu). Bcforo piaclujfany Newspaper Advertising- consult LORD & THOMAS. "ADVKKTISr.VO jl(,-E\TS, ", •» <9 rini»l>.lr>i Rir™l. CHICAGO SPRING CURRY COMB Patented in United States, July 16, 1888, at' in Ten Foreign Countries A COMB THAT COMBINES THE STRENGTH OF METAL WITH THE ELASTICITYoFA BRUSH. Efficient, Humane, Convenient and Durable. ^- ' '.itfve.t.-. •' ___ '-j '__ jwcmcnnLAis ON APPLIOATION.-«» Ask your dealer for it, or send'SOc. for sample by iniul. SPRING CURRY COMB CO M South Bend, Ind. -L. , -,

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