The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 14, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 14, 1936
Page 1
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VOL. A'.X.XIH—XO. 180 BLYTHEVILLE C T " E DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NOKTIIEASI 1 Bli'tlicvlllc; courier Blythcvllle Holly News ARKANSAB AND "SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Bl.YTHKVl].LB.ABKANSAS. Leavenworth Terms for Two County Resitknts CAPE OIRAKDEAU. Mo.—Tod Muiphy and Cecil Laugford, who Jive in Mississippi county, Arkansas, but who were caught with two . stills Just over the state line in i Ditnklln county, Missouri, were sentenced to two years in Leavenworth prison' and fined $100 each by Judge I C. E. Davis in federal court here I Tuesday. | Henry M. Denton, 23, of near j Caruthersvillc, drew a year and a I day In Leavenworth prison and ' was filled (100 when he admitted SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Beacon Along;WorlctRacers' Route TAX CASH •Reaffirms' Faith Jh cracy's Ability to National Problems 'ST. LOUIS, Oct. 14 (UP)—Pres- ! that lie tms ^ the llam e of Ills Idont Roosevelt reaffirmed "Iii'lih f )rotllcr to a government pay ehcck and confidence" today hi the nbll- Hy or the people to meet their' problems of national and inter- 1 national security by the "peace- 1 fill processes of democratic rep-.' rrcciuutlvc government." ' "No place." the president • added in hh dedication of a memorial In World War dead, ."could be more filling to reaffirm that faith and conndence than a monument lo those who have died in a gulli'iit; effort to save democracy for lhe world." He observed that while lhe Imnd of the "good neighbor" was wing extended to break down bar y ' Auto Maker Says Nation Has Had All the New' ,Deal IrjCan Sland DETROIT,- Oct. 14 (UP)—Hen _ .. vu „, n.^ uuwii uiir- riers blocking- the way to inler-'l „ J r— - .«,-,—nunry national accord, there also was a' r ° rd endorsed Hie presidential """ '- ' - 'Icandidacy, of Alt M. Landon In- to service, at home. Serves Cause ot Peace ''I "We best honor the memory of' those dead by slrlvlnsr for r IV.,,1 Jt._ ..... ^ ' Tlie aulomob'ile in the early manufacturer, ! Russia Mates Proposal lo Powers'; Madrid . Defenders Take Offensive i —— " ! I MOSCOW, nii.«ln, Oil. 14 (or PI—Hussla. Ill n noti lo Hit! noii- Inlervnitlcn coinmlttec In Lon-i <lon. hus pro"osi>d iV virliuil naval kiuh! of Portugal lo prevent r'iienls of war ,-upiilles to f-'Pflln. It was revealed olflclalh tonight, .- ,. . .• • down . the barriers of commerce which divide nation from nation we are promoting the cause of pence Ulrougliout the world. ."•«.. inequalities in our social nvder pall (or correction. A true .•patriotism urges us .to build an fvm more substantial America ., ... , , .- , where the good thines of life mnv' Bill . ned tl ) ree distinct im- bc.. shared by more of us—where : P™ 58 '?"* of Win: first,'he' Is e.\- j.lhE-sccJaJ Injustice will hot be S^V 9113 ^' wcl ! informed and IMS p,,^xu-.,r;^^. .- «:—,., --.--._ • __.iliad .exnerinnr/*nlnn<* ™.,'.,.. n ' '<ik l c , f ? - , ' f ° r rOUn "- L " C -™ r "l -" «™» >« thh dbph, of UghU over famed Wal- -<ik, Leacl, in the harbor of Honolulu, Hawaii, lhe photo, made at a recent army celebration s ,<,« h« nted waters of the Pacific, with Honolulu. building, in the background. Here ta C^pc, ur liners, nylng .from Manila, were scheduled to land with ,„., Amcrlclln Mwtmw ? ^^^ _ , 'heir last water hop In a lace around the world. "» i.-tJuuj»H.j|[clIt came the day after Governor Liu. don visited him at his home atj -"•" «u. iina iiuiim y r, Dearborn. Tlie nominee was hc;e on his campaign tour, sueiikiiv I last night. ., J | Pointing out that he met Gov-' ernor Lnridon for. the'-, first Unit yesterday. Ford -said: SB.!!!! i Tw 'o'lnjured When College IPIICHI CIFTQ-'- -pirlsSiagePoiiiticarRiot Ki^firfe, - Chairman wSon:Announ- ^tHo,^«,.^ NORTHAMPTON. Mass.. CM.' ed when 150 members of o...i,i, ,r °{ flc!l1 ^ of.._ exclusive Smith College Democratic Bailey With ('resident i - LITTLE ROCK, Ark. Oct 14 (UP).— Members of the attornev! general's staff here today said I that they had been informed Carl I Bailey, Democratic gubernatorial ! nominee, hud boarded the presidential special train in St. Louis and would travel to Chicago with President Roosevelt. Bailey left Little Rock Sunday for Campbell. .Mo., and then joln- rd Democratic National Commit- lecman Brooks Hays in St. Louis where both had been invited to join the presidential party. Bailey, according to original! ve the ]>nrl.v .cato tonight and co lo Washington where he will -lend a banquet Friday nigh Will Go Down Ihe Line (or • Roosevelt, Its Secretary Declares _„ --,. 0 LU „, ijrj|].|ij nuYr x urtft., Oct 14 ( npi plans, will leave the partv in Chi- Tammany Hall-Is siibmcrginE iu 0'itmuc east Erudge-s against the New bpii "' '" ' ^•" CC ^ i "«. to Hurt Stand. ^! Ilic Arkiuras society lional capital. 'of in the na- Pemiscot Farmers Ask Changes in Soil Program CAUUTHERSVILLE Mo -At n meeting of farmers of Pemiscot county for Ihe purpose or draft- ins recommendations relative to changes in the soil conservr.tion program for 1937. the following recommendations were made and have been prepared" for forward- iiiB to the slate committee according to County Agent M n retarj- O f the working with fc allies organization. to 8l v7 ^'''No^VT"' 6 ' 1 " *'« P IU "'to ^ , rk Clty ' whlch n "v be (election"* 8 ™"" <" ^ ™«°™ [ew York city goes-or rath- ccs New to Democraticj punc ^ Several .hundred 1 dollars' in liddi- iiip= tl.onai,contributions to lhe D ' -- .. 11 swunij into the parade ahead ' at -, . . . rloi in which two the Re)>ublican group of a 1 *!) girls were Injured a lid pictures ot which was on its way to a Cl o' 'President Roosevelt were torn. IP. rally. ' .> 'i,-' '• .Nearly-.400 .girls,^ many '-.from' .I\»t^.a sludctit wlio' !identified wealthy, socially ngmmient' tarn-, herself otily ns'a 'member of t'lie Altaik IN'bi-I Lines With the Loyalist Army West of i"'lrl(i. Oct. 14 . (UI>) _ Loyalist volunteers .e.xhlblllng a new discipline; and a new spirit, ripped irdav Inlo lhe rebel lines west of Madrid and U wns believed mi Imporlnnt victory was Imiiiln- A t'eut'iul offensive opened wjth iin attack on Niwalppral, a? miles northwest of Madrid. The attack was-carried .southward with JmlivUliNil nssniilts on thi; retH lines nl several |:oin(s, He-eiifurccmenls Arrive The fall of San Martin seemed n mailer of honra. Insurgent losses llieie were t nnd their position as untenable.' That the Madrid government attaches great importance tg. the offensive ' was made clear by the massing of re-enforcements all along the 30-mile front. Volunteers from Madrid, lough looking men from, the:local mountains, ran: Ing all' the *ay from men of 70 odd- years lo beardless, boys, were .•thrown, into the . thorp were reported heavy reported /-•i'iT •• , ••"»• liiwtxr- in Cliickasawbu district of-'Missis - —.. .v.b \ji- lYllisiS>!pl)l " , !i ? ve _ S . 0 ' 000 ' ( ™ s annomic- Wilsin. for 'this street parade. During the Aniburgcy: That the base for 1037 be certain percenlage of crop ia m | for each and every farm | n the county; that no deduction bn .made '-- —- " goes the state with" its f 47 electoral v ini- .tiave admitted tlmt Nc v; *°TK slate may prove lo be the crucial one in the November elcc!! lion. There have been reports in ;u- cent weeks that Tammany, still lesentfnl over what it "-— unfriendly acts by the tration, was contem campaign fund »,„.„,,„; district of tlie cuonty. •hickasawba district's quota r« , -, n " 5 ' wll ° desirc to help reach it are invited by Mr. wihon to send their contributions to him or to the Courier News. •" • ; i . More Money .Vccitc'd ,' An appeal to' complete ' the roinity-s quota as oiiickly as pos- siUe vas received today bv Slier-' iff Wilson from c'.iflon H. Scott state chairman. Mr Scott enclosed a copy' off a telegram from James A Par-' m. ' ' ~ ley, national chairman, on i thb'" %, . I C - s '- Comp:lny has » m ~ basis of which Mississippi criim C ' ln5ctl tn = bxisiness'property In this tv.'s quota wns increased from , vlclmt >' ? wned by P. B. Joyner, SIO.OOC to S15.000. cvcnlv tlivirt ? " 8cnt ' ll WBS announced toed between the two districts cf Mr ' Joyncr 5a!d the deal In- ihc county, in keeping with a ^^ "T " W " lcc stjU ions. one on prcnerlionate Increase in the stifc s«Mt in Blytheville, and oth- quota. ers «t. Dell, Leachvllle, Joiner and "On account of thn ' Ule ArknnS!ls -Mlssonri slate line, mauds' belli, made uuoiITnp n ^ T""" 00 , b -" k plt " U nt Jolncr ticnal committee to" nfr^i .1^,^ ,,!?,, dwl in Ulc Purchase, tremendous eampai,,, f^ (i ^ h^te^n^^^S^" "*'J l^-i^'illlclLU mill- *"-"->i->i "uij 4ia 11 Ilieilluur O] in n'Tree-for-a 11 o:i,.Pemocratlc club denied this. Sli c ""' ••'"' '- ; - — • said the light was started 'by till. members of' the Rc'iiibllcair uroiii- charyed Into their Democratic ' -- :,. s. lhe """I" 15 list night when Hval s.nlcl the light was started'by ' . • •. l . l ? ll V r facltons clashed.'. lollowliiij u >After the campus riot, In w r . ->. V v,*Jitu, ivilii I td L-Odfty by Sheriff C H Witinn ' "«*"«B ^>*« jncicc uiiu yuun^ • •,-"-- * ^•«iiw,mKv ""'""• " " ' - u'oman hail a tooth knocked out. i. ! « nntl lore "down banners beni- -melee one yonn^ - .-: *• .- «uu«i, ..iiuvni^n ULII. > . |t — «......^., Another was kicked in the stnm- e llc 1'i'esldcnl's picture, mem: College authorities withheld ra . ' o! - tlle Democratic' .'finillpi names. iich. then An elderly vroinan who joined the fray on the -side o publican group retired verge o /collapse. ' Witnesses said the 'riot dcvelcp- Texas Cpmpany Buys Five Service Stations went to the Republican rally and booed the speakers. Ainoug the speakers were Hciir> ^^^-f«ut!?5Fo!^»^ dldntc for Dnltcd States senator, and John W. Haigls, Republican candidate for governor."". have our opponents we cbliyr-d to increase our cciTsiderably in order 1 s Are Acquiring Dir- trict I7's Holdings Northwest of Here Agricultural development of a — .i mi- ii.-.\^!, considerable tract of new land in been company for the past 20 years, has, th = vicinity of Gosncll and Calu- b'.[ds>et been appointed local agent. | '"?t. a few miles northwest of Bly- theyllle, Is in prospect as the result of sales that are being made by Drainage District 17. J. W. Meyer, engineer for the uirccl "We arc rnnTH i "' "' """ti unu nun ^istrEct, said loday that he had al- If sou explain our iirirtt' , .. I, te WOS " Ot nrfcctccl by the deal. I ™ ad y disposed of 1,400 acres of the ...,-..",., I... . our . ncc<k 'o the It was reccnlii- bouirht by Biifc' Ariel's holdings at $15 per acre - ^.^,. uttiL ul , ^JJg pQJ ~ ln Sf stre^ r b5 '- "^ J -i having the , spleiiiid ind loval mi ° "' M rcmil! i-' b <"'S''t " f ' he f nance I tore ° f J< " 1CS ° ( Meridla ». »»"«-. lnc i" 1 "''™ r l - , r )ers of ones of Merid prc ?. !1dent ftt '«« Polls in lh f n " a .', lcc <"-w«ilz«tIon you have continue uider ' "-""«•-' at vote >• I.IK; iJuiL., in I ; • •-"'.iwii you nave continue i' keeping its set i'l> "icy will respond. We are' home or by deeply appreciative of what you cast agnlnsr, lmvc accomplished so far and the 1 Orri^.. nnt ii-iu.»i wav the uconle nr vn,,_ -i.._i """-r ils operation. Concerns . and that he wa.s conndent „.„.„ acres more would be sold within the next 30 days. The land which I the district has sold and is noiv ofterlng lor sale i s all outside the Big Lake meander, line. Some 15. der: that no maximum soil build Ing payment be fixed, but payment be made for nil that h earned; and that soil building rny. mnvts be materially Increased in 1937 ' ' New York Cotton NFW YORK. Oct. 14 (UP) _ Cotton closed steady. open high low close 1208 1215 1205 1208 1202 1211 1200 1200 1202 1205 1J94 HOC 120-4 12)2 1201 1201 1208 12H 1202 1202 1204 1208 1195 1195 Oct Dec Jan March May July Spots closed steady at 1245 up eight . for planting enough — ,.„,.,.„,..(-, tuwusu Lorn ---~"*-"-» u. 11115 15 iiot pply feed for the farm prc- Stand said lodav "We n™ fnl-n t« „«* __1-1 ., - ' r)r.,,... *!.-- ,, _ lc Webb Lumber Company fnslrle the meander line will not be noimced yesterday follow: nd East Arkansas Builders Sup- several weeks ago Mr. Mcy ...... - .............. — o ^u $50.00 ply. It was announced loday. The Chickasaw Special To Paragould Announced W. D. McClurkln. sti|icr!n- Iviidciil of BJytht'vllle schools '•mioiiiiced loday lhal r Chlcknsaw Special Irnln will leave here Krldny afternoon at 5:15 o'clock over the' Cotton Pelt for I'arafouid where the from Main HI)thevllle, .Chicks and •ould lliilldoss piny uiiilil. 'lhe (nun will depail lhe Collcn Hell's West street crossing, near Ihu grade school. . Hound trip llckels for 'lhe special went on sale at.-the Idgh school here .this after- noen and- will be 1 on • sale at drug stores In the business district tomorrow morning:' The price Is 80 cents. Decision May Render eral'"Windfall" Tax .'[a-! effective Gliuuer Scheduled to Bring Him to Sunday San Fra ncsco Unllrd IIAKRV M HtANl/, I'rc-ss Staff Correspondent Individual O.wnersiu'p No Solution for Tenant Pfoblern Says Union MEMPHIS, Oct. H. (UP)— Tlie Southern Tenant Farmers Union today condemned federal and other efforts to aid worthy tenants gradually to become home owners and set forth communal groups or col- ectlvc ownership as the only n^ans to sol ye the cotton field problem. Tlie union's views were contained in n 31-page supplement to a previous statement on farm len- nncy. presented 'to .the Arkansas tenancy cmnmlsslon several weeks ago. .The supplement contained 16 Pnn-Amerlcan Airways Ela'ilon, riiniau, Guam, Thursday. Oct.. 15 Hawaii. -Clipper, currying Eklns. of the New York WciJd-'lelcgiam nnd otlioi Sciliip 3 - Ho'-ard newscapors on n race irri-ml the wor'il in commerclnl 'Irirafl lljln O n ugulni nil Mi'c* vns icady to lake off at !ln»'M today for :\Vnkc island. Far ahead of two other Now York iiGwtia-cr writers Dorothy Klljnllcn of the New Yoik Jomnall and Leo Klcran of the New Yoik' Times, Cklns wasrdue hi vVaVe 'ate today, In Hawaii lomornn In Sah fFninelspo-!, Sunday am In New Yoik |it 0 A M (B S T Monday, IVflss Kllrallen, and Klemon wen due ,fn Manila this moinlng 01 Ihe Dollar Line' steamei Picsl unit Pierce and planned to tnkc tlie China Clipper, on which this ccrresi-ondent Is Ojlng with othci newspaper men lo Manila, on Us .retuiii voyasc (o the United Slates. MtNNEAPOUS. Minn, Oct. U'.T VA M ol> , l i, Ws "'HI Htbtributors «il( lecclve millions of dollars ln-),n- poundcd processing. la xcs as «„.„.-• ?oda °1 a °" 0 " taken or "'"""need? oday by several of the world's flour* milling companies • , I Mmi 8 * nt "". ln « m<! nt of Gerferaif Mills. lnc, thai it would return^ more than $11,000,000 WcustomersJ vns followed by similar announce'^ '"cuts from the Plllsbury Mills and '• Russell Milling rompany oil e? ma or milling companies are .J[ ' Prated to follow stilt 9 ' Th c taxes, collected by the mills "m er the Agricultural Adjustnre 1 Act. never were turned Into the government because of the s courl decision which 1'- was lilnted here that nncfcluir companies, also holding tens O f ml? 'Ions of dollars In Impounded"^"", ccssliif taxes, also will make •payment offers to tbclr customers The repa>nients will rclleic the companies ot payment of the fed ioiTr"'™-- nit lit, tiie huge sums left in tl hands of processors under the sii- prcme court decision Processors would not comment on the status of jobbc-s and 1U- ™ Wmen'u an " "^ ""'''al of the sums involved Object to Smqk ? and Dust from^ Cotton Gin Joseph Blain Catching Dies at Home Near Bassett IMESETT. A^kTl Joseph Blain Catching died Monday night ,,t his home near Bassell followln. n heart attack. He was 40 years old. , A member of a family which for four generations has played a lending part In the mercantile and agricultural activities of • : - — l - t *--*-'""nf tvumiijutl ID "-•" •• &• 1^1111.1111:1 H1.11V1L10S 01 specin c rccomnlcndatloiis. | -TOUth Mlssisslpj:!, Mr, Catching Tlie recoiiimendallons followed a demand for enforcement of state "net ,fedaral e i v in<[ llenints , <[ enns the rights, dignities, and prlvl- "?;?, to w?llch lhc >' " 5 citizens nre entitled." Tlie union reiterated charges of terrorism and abrl.1o C . ment of rights of free speech and assembly In eastern Arkansas. "The entire structure on which the tenancy commission, federal sovernment and other agencies 'ope to correct the tenant problem will Inevitably collapse,'' 'the union S nlfl, "unless first the rights f ci'izens are respected Immedi" ately. Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 14. (Up) — Cotton gaSed 3 lo 9 points for the day. with heavy foreign and domestic trade buying absorbing the dist church, a thirty-second de Shriner. A University of moved to Bassett two years ago. He was a member of the' Methodist church, a tl grce Mason. and graduate of the u ..., t , 0 ,, r 01 Mississippi, be had been admil- ted to the Mississippi bar. • Mr. Catching is survived by his widow, Gcnevicve Stewart Cat ching, two sisters, Mrs. 1. N.-. Ellis Hazel hurst, Miss., and Mrs. R H. Allen, Georgetown. Miss., am two brothers, Charles B., Colorado Springs, Col., and Archlbilc have n against the L..R commny of ln ch(l Henderson sance In operation of action gb, by th« company abat- Mr ana Mrs Henderson who "he oil property adjoining l na glii tie ,"T Ulat lllc °I'«atio" o the -gin has created a nulsinco by the emission of dust lint, ,mok° and obnoxious odors and by nolso of operation They allege that tl e llot n o P">l«rlycon--'' ',"' «> ot , her Cations such as the- lwin ff of cotton and that the seed' House is Improperly screened '' rB ",°" ° f " le B fl> '" s "* « r has caused -.sickness and has Impaired their health and <f«mag«f the value of thel, homestead the Henderson., claim ,. ed ,s attorney for tb= , ., Stecle, of Bassctl. , Burial . be at tlie famll; ™™Roosevelt for reelection, according to a statement is.siied by the Massachusetts Progressive ComrnVtlee ' follows: "We, the US — -•"" ,. Hedge sales O. w. McCutchen Chester Caldwell C. G. Smith .'.. B. F. Gay . - er has disposed of about 3,800 acres wu.uo i»>, ii »as announced loday. The w ""^ nisposed of about 3,800 acres 50.00 Hrnis rurchascd only lhe slock of. for approslmalely $58.000. The land 25.00 merchandise, which will be mov- ^M Included the last of the dls- Tl T 1 r*i *.i/.uw .PH.. ^.......i..-^, „ im.ii »% iu w: IIJOV- "*" mviwuvu ULU lU&t OI Arm™,r"4mVkV 25 -°° ed to "'"' other >' nrds Immed- Wet's holdings In the Armour sparks ,-,,., i,i e j v rj,,, tvphh i^rrf n-m .,„' Creclc-Aflllfcnn TJU»A „,„ ....... Morse and Kirshner E. .M. Terry Dr. E. V. Hill Tom Little 25.00 fnloly. 2500 j Icngcr 2500 15.00 BulTalo e- gs n e ulTalo Tlie Webb yard will no ' Oeek-Mlllfgan Ridge area In the be oporatcd. judging Lura Mays ' nr ,* £« co ™tive """I by lhe liberalism ni'c. A. Tant « the presidency. for for honors Spot Averse Is 13.20 iandVhe Amcri'c" The average price ot 7-8 Inch •SSSP&ST*. middling cotton on the ten designated spot markets today 12 20 according lo the Blytheville Board of Trade. . . ....... H. L. Reynolds .. Ed Rice ........... E. Tatc ........ R - DiX ° n ..... W E Hessle . Mr. Webb established the Uusi- ness almost two yc.irs ago when 15.00, he returned here from Memphis. 1500 where he had resided for sev- 10.00. eral years. 5 00 5.00 2.50 1.00 __- _ $50 For Reckless Driving i B ert a few , shift* out o ' a the'dieXl comm ; ttec •"« sent "to young nthleles "highly ™J '?K? 1 " y niakcrs Wth the re- the analysis of crime --.-..., ...uncia wiia me re- me iinin.vMs 01 crime sino n ^.t-*-i «.-j initu *iu mi mat they be Included In the squad went into n c flo;i cliL , !)" c drunkenness and given a 10- 'tnabildged dictionaries have taken la cover "'""nals day Jail sentence, the latter beY.ig ' ,-suspended. ] west part of the county. The Gosnell-CaUmict lands. Mr Meyer said, will be the Immediate beneficiaries of a $75.000 rehabilitation program which the district will undertake as soon as refund- Ing of Its bonded debt, now In progress. Is completed. Ditches in that ( area will be cleaned out and dccp- ened, assuring adequate drainage. , Donald Stewart was nued $50 in 11 ''J 051 of tne Gosncll-Calumbl • municipal court this morning on', ' ' ll "Piwarc. will go to small a charge of reckless driving i, mcrs wll ° P lan to develop farin I" Three men were fined for op-1 , V , Or themselves. Two Mts- . Form- crating cars without proper llcens-1 fl 55 P p ! , me "' nowver, have con- wovklng us hut all nnes were suspended. The ! JuTrf , ' "^ *"** wlvlcl1 " ls nre J all H. L. Buck and L/T. Ellis.'"""' ?" d . thcn off<;r f °r salc I" in T. \v, Grlllin was fined $10 for the nubile diuiiktnncss and given a 10- tracts. A baby's head and eyes shoul:! always be protected from the direct sunlight. cemetery near Georgetown. Three Ask Divorces Divorce suits have been filed in chancery court here by three residents of the Manila community. Mrs. Dollte Sneilgrnss Is asking a divorce from Coy Snellgrass Robert A .West, Manila, Ls her attorney. — ,, J( Clay Lott Ls seeking a divorce .4i,i USD 1194 mob ('ran nixie Lott and Ooldfe Pierce 1202 1208 1197 1197 | is seeking a divorce from Jackson iwi i9no ,,„, ,,„„ Pierce. R . s . Hudson of Manila is attorney for both plaintiffs. Old Timers IMay Accordtort ST. CLAIRSVILLE, O. (UP) — Two brothers. Tlieodorc and Albert Greenwood, 84 and 81. respectively, provided violin and accor- music at their family reun- open high low close 1210 J205 1201b 1205 1198 llfM 1206 1197 .1,111 Marcli May July Spots closed steady nt 1242, up 1203 1199 1209 1202 1197 1193 1197 1193 NEW YORK, Oct. 14. (UP)—I Tlie stock market, loday resumed Itsi advance after profit takln. In lead- i ng Issues. Trading quieted lo the lightest level since Oct. 1. Chicago Wheat open high low close Dec 115 1-2 117 1-8 115 1-2 110 3-4 y 114 3-4 116 1-4 114 1-2 115 5-8 Chicago Corn Livestock Dec May EAST ST. LOUIS. Ill, Oct. 14 (UP)—Hogs, receipts:. 6,000 Top, 20.35. 170-240 Ibs., 10.15-10.30 140-160 »s., 8.85-10.10. Bulk-sows, 8.85-9.25. Cattle, receipts: 3,500. Steers, 8.50-9.65. Slaughter steers, 5.50-8.00. •Mixed yearlings and heifers •! 50- close 9.75. open high lov SMsaa^iji'S^iss^,". Three Die In Florida i Airplane Crash Todajr* JACKSONVILLE," Fla., Oct 14 P n~' I '" re ? ' me " K ' ere kil '«> !cn a ..wing of their airplay collapsed and pi, lnge( | u,e ship' .0 earth near HilHard, Fla, to- . The dead were Ralph u. Green., •is. -real estate, opcratoi aiid- sportsman, Bert McClellan «' gamge owner, and Robert Bond' , real eslate salesman, all of DIV- tona Beach, Fla. -•.... .' Lepanto City Marshal "' Badly Bruised in Accident LEPANTO, Ark.-Jay May city marshal of Lepanto WTIS severely bruised Tuesday when a truck hit him and dragged him for 30 feet "ay, weighing over 200 pound* was dragged on'his back. Hfe sm in Ins hip pocket, did not go off. Both his shoes were torn off his. feet. The marshal had gone into the country, accompanied by Marshal Jiinmle Statlcr, to vestigate the whereabouts of a man. They Imd stopped to make fnmnes. May was standing near the car .and stntler remained within. Tlie truck side-swiped u-e car, demolishing it, but 'Static- was unhurt. ' ", Animals of [lie deer family, such as elk, moose, and reindeer, have antlers, and shed tliem regularly Cattle, buflalo, and antelope have horns. WEATHER Arkansas— Generally fair lontg'it and Thursday. Memphis and v<c!nHy—Bfelr (c- ilght and Thursday. Llltle change n temperature. The maximum lempcralure here yesterday was 80, minimum 48, clear, according to Samuel p. Nor- rls, official weather observer.

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