The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 27, 1939 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 27, 1939
Page 3
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FRIDAY, OCTOBER 27, 1939 German U-Boat, BLYTBEVILLE (AKK.)' COURIER NEWS Of Its Victims •~i German Sub Also Trice! To Cut Cables In New York Harbor Iliird In n M-jic-f. of four nr- licles on Gemum U-boat activity against American s during the World War * * * BV SAMUEI, TAYLOR MOOIir Written for NI-A Service Broadway's bright li x i U s neve f", °> rl " m ° rc '"sdnallHS «lov 1913, for the bearded crew 'o tne^Gornuin submarine U-151 on; k'.s liurbor, off Fire Is- Standlng atop their U-boat, thes,, men would have liked to see a show tlml nlglit. But the Hudson wns linslile, nnd (Here was fishing to be done. Not for the blucfish nor that run 1,1 the" waters of u-.u- slarnl sound were these Germans angling. It was for the Atlantic, they grappled, using n newly devised implement for'cut- ting underwater wires. Three days they Hshed, qulckl) submerging when ships hove in sight. Approach of ng}y wealliei and their optimistic conviction they hnd cut, all (lie cables led them to pull up their big scissors and leave for the New England coast. (They actually ait only two cables, one to Europe and one lo South' America.) V-151 1'AVKD THK WAV This adventure, almost under me nose of the stalue of Liberty was but a prelude to the rattling- the U-151 was lo do during her month's visit ns the first German submarine to operate off America. Before the U-boat left she had sunk n ships of 52,000 tonnage. Prowling in harbors -was a favorite stunt with the U-151. A week before the New York incident slie was in Chscapeake Bay, out of Dnltimoi-e, sprinkling n portion of (lie heavy load of more limn 1(10 fionling mines she had stowed away before leaving Germany April 18. Approaching lliese ship-Infested waters, the U-151 sat en Ihe bottom in lhe daytime, moved ahead under cover of night. "Mines ready on the top deck" Kapitan von Nostitz and Jancken- dorf, her commander, shouted. As they Here launching lhe first mine — '-••• • - one ., night, just off Cape Henry, tlip 'shadow' or an a'rmored cruiser bore down on them. effect of the U-151's activity was fell. Ships were ordered inlo the nearest ports, convoys prolccted some of the others and vessels either hugged lhe coastline or did not sail. Freight rales went up and .lie American navy went out to sea to limit what was believed to be several U-boats in the region Among lhe victims cf the U-151 was the Norwegian freighter Vin- dcggeii wiili n hold full of copper, Because copper was scarce in Gei- nauy, the raider led Ihe captured .'cstcl out to open seas, trans- erred Uie cargo, and loaded cup- lain and crew inlo lifeboats to ow them back to sliore. Near the coast, the submarine slglitcd the Norwegian steamer Hemrich Lund. Using the Vindeg- :en's lifeboals as decoys, the U-151 submerged, then popped out o sink the would-be rescue ves- el. With even mere boats in tow low, die overlook a coastal patrol ~, w.,.. fjn I (1C 111. • Quickly the barbed explosive was A IiMle lalci ' when they tossed overboard and the U-boat' the Kronprinz Wilhclm, dived to safety. bout and turned over the two hip's crcivs. HAGS TRANSPORT UN ROUTE HOME' On June 13 the CJ-I51 headed for lomc, gleefully sinking in mid- Atlantic an empty British transport arrier. ' 1 A little later when they fired at e Kronprinz Wilhclm, fcrmcr Korlh German Lloyd liner, crew •*-« i.w .iiiiv.-1/y. invin, tji:iiiriiM Jjloyn Ulier, cl'CW The cruiser had not been alter j members discovered their torpedoes i the submarine, however, ns Amer-h vere wcn k from long storage. Hear- ICEinS >ltill llinnfrl«t Ilinfn -.._ i „.._ I Illtr nfl nvtAlnelinti Mm.* «~ -- i _ Keiser News Entertains Bridge Club Mrs. w. W. Wnison Jr. enter- „ SSCr^KtoTue^ CarUtherSvi11 * Club Osceola Thursday afternoon. Mrs Fred Crcckett of Thomusvillc, Mo., , , become a member of the club for Committees Named "-- ~ •• • •*~""~. v, LJLI: LIUU iur CARUTIIEHSVILLE Mo Oct '27 the winter months. Tlie Halloween -Walter Bernard, president of 'the "±^±,™ 0l ,'_V" «' e Allies newly orpinl,ed Klwanh Club here, yesterday announced np- pointinent of committee chairmen •s follows; Dob Melirle, program; Dr. c. P '"'•- underprivileged children free of enemy raiders. Back en (lie surface an hour later, the U-151 finished Its mine laying Baltimore mid headed north to Delaware Buy lo plant the rest of its horned bulbs. THKN THE U-151 WENT TO WOKK see what was wrcng. As Uie U-boat broke Mater there wns an explosion, a depth bomb, plopped overboard by (he and refreshment plate served at conclusion of the games. High score prize went lo Mrs. W C Wnll nnd guest prize lo Mrs' Crocket. * * i * Has Birthday Party Mary Elizabeth Wllscn, four year old daughter of Air. and Itfrs. Harvey Wilson, entertained many of her little friends at her. birthday party given at her home Wednesday afternoon. Tlie guests played game.-! under Uie direclton of Ruth Taylor, Tinted Dunuvant and Puyc Bruce. Halloween hals were given as favors, and Ruth Taylcr dressed as a ghost to amuse the children. Ice cream nnd cake were served. Mr.'anil Mrs. M. o. Larson and son returned Sunday from Pascagoula, Miss., where Ihey visited with Mr; and Mrs. B. J. Larson. Mrs. R. H. Robinson and Patsy and Chnrlcs Robinson spent Saturday in Memphis. ..-...,, ,.„ flj,,l;|-, ---.A. ••"*£ Oklslll^t., JH.,11- 11,-rta,, {„ \*n 1 • thought lliclr waters I '"B no explosiion they came up to ?£ '" Mcin P llls y raiders. Back en the see what was wrens. i „ Mr ' aucl Mrs - w - E - McClain, ol 1 Couway, spent the weekend here Kronprinz Willielni Explosions of 'depth sh:ok. the U-boat like a . rattle as she shot nndcr in a crash " -' - " n!> " bombs ' baby's i Mr. nnd Mrs. Harvey Wilson ul family. Miss Gladys Atlcbury, ef Pnr- igevlllc. Mo., is visiting Mr. and rs. G. W. Hicks. Miss Ada Mac Burton spent the i,*..,* iw *YVJHI\ i intvu.- i:i inc snui nnucr in n rrn<;h — "...w,.. .>jj^ii L mm It WB8 after the adventure otK 6 that WC ' U '°° A ^' ' %£$*$ he'r n±7 Ptal " S M ^ Baltimore tlie U-151 took un the 1 ,, y nf ' er a rr " ntic manning of; ° ^, ',', , ', arcl .'"• _„. business of sinkin^ Americani vrs- pumps n "' J ''^"isr of every T ;/• A' „ , , E!l |-™ n ""^ s*. Likeademcn"ri SB nnnt Irn^ ""'^e of air pressure wns lhe ^?.. Q l y "" lc ? molorca to Mili. Like a demcn risen out "of the sea It appeared off lhe Virginia coast the morning, of May 25 to attack the 435-ton.schooner Hattfe Dunn. . ; s •'-,'' A few momenls later'it wns off in pursuit of the Hnuppagc, H4Q- lon American schocner, also 'sufik Kaiiitan von Noslitz took aboard the crews of these two vessels and 1 of one other, tlie Edna, for week's voyaging. Immediate posllude to the incident in Hew York harbor was the sinking of sis American sliips of 14,518 tons.,off Jersey,on June 2. Aboard the firet^of [these there climbed a German officer. "Gocd day, gentlemen," he said, "line wealher today. You had better get your boats ready and take lo them. I have to .sink your ship." Women and children were among passengers on the last of these six victims, the 5093-ton steamer Caroline, which dared not send mi SOS when attacked be- cntise of warnings from the U- boat. In lhe flight lo shore, one llfebont capsized nnd 13 were drowned. i Back on the Jersey coast lliei water ballnst forced out lo permit! nsccnt. The U-151 found her ns- suilnnt gone, the seas clear. Her mission fulfilled, (lie raider headed fcr the safely of her North Sen base. NEXT: Bad niarksmnnship lose many prizes for the U-140. REA Worker Hurt On Pemiscot County Job CARUTHEHSV1LLE, Mo. Oct. 27 —Morris Stanton, Paragould, Ark employed on a REA line project in this county, sustained a broken jaw and severe bruises when a 35-foot pole broke under him Wednesday afternoon. The breaking of the pole was attributed to lack of supporting wires. Fellow workers •said Stanton's bead hit the pole .is he fell, and that tlie impact forced his right eyeball from its socket, which was pushed back in ilace by lhe crew foreman. Head Courier News ivwnt au's. their Sunday lo necom- Mrs. E Ashworlh, hcme. Mrs. Mamie McCullars nnd Miss Dorothy Bryant spent Tuesday in Memphis. Charles . Ellison returned home DRIVE TO LEFTY'S SERVICE STATION ARK-MO STATE LINE FOR Gas and Oil NOW MANAGED BY ' Walter Cox, Jr. and E. M. Murray Monday from LHHc Rock where he iittcmled lhe stale livestock ihow. :omi»ittee; J. E. Drown, Jr., boy md girl's work; Iverson Mtclit rlasslncatlon n n d mciutaorshii 3ilford Edgcrton, club meeting house and reception; Hike Vm Ausdnll, Inter-dub relations; o. L Hooker, Klwnnls education; lie P. Rogers, public sirnh-s; Jnc Hopke, vocational guidance; an Or. O. O. Dcllcir, publicity. Manufncturers of Independei >arts supply more than BO p^ cent of nil park used In the produc loruof suitoincbilcs States. ' - • • ' In the Unite • ONLY 60 POFf THIS COMPKLTH Riding Comfort SPECIAL 1. SHOOK ABSOHBEnS-clcan anil rcrdl with special Fonl Shock Absorber fhiii! i\r-|OIC, sulteil lo srasiiii. Adjust fnr mnxlmum filling- comfort. Z. INSPECT SHOCK ARSOllll- EKS for leaks and tighten :irm mil sand packing nuts. 3. SPIilNGS-Trcal sprimts with sjiedal Fiird lubricant SI-.16Z8. 4. INSPECT ANT) ADJUST SPltING SHACKLES. !>. 1.1'IiItICATE CHASSIS C(»I- PI.ETEI.Y iisiuj factory spccl- flcil lulirtranls. C. EQUALIZE TIRE INFLATION to lhe recommended pressure. 7. HOAI) TEST CAR for final adjnslmcnt of Sbock Absorbcis to snil intliviilual rdiniremcnls. AM, ABOVE FOR THIS ONE TRICE. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Walnut I'lionc Seagram's 7 Whiskey. The .- .1 . * i - . Crown Blended ... The straight whiskies in tliis product are 4 years or more oW. >IO% straiglit K-!IJ S . kies, 60% grain nculral spirits. •JO I'roof. Seaoram's 5 Crown Blended Whiskey . Tlie straight whiskies -in ifiis product arc 4 years or more old. 27M% slraMil idnskics, 72)^% grain neutral spirits. *M1 l'r-f\nf l , 'M 1'roof. . jcagram.Dislillcrs Corporation, New York. PAVING TAX NOTICE The hooks arc now open for paving (ax assess. menl for 193!) j n Districts Nos. Two ami Three, 'and such assessments will become tleliiifjiicnt aflcr Novcmlier 30, Ifl.'iO. I'ay hcfore (hat date and avoid penalty anil costs. If you did not pay for 103S, please redeem from office of Circuit Court Clerk at once, nr the Districts will h c forced lo collect rcnl from such delinquent properly. Frank C. Douglass Collector. S. E. Missouri Guard Units 'IV Hold Camp OAKUTUEKSVIU,K ( Mo OH 27 -Siicciul-oiliccn-s of Die HOIIi in antiy, Missouri Nalloniil {Imuxl, with h«ul<|iinrii'is In (Ills city an- noiinwd ywlerdny that iiliu'leen unlls of t) u , ciimrd, In Ihe various Missouri towns, llmlm - on nti eiicnmpmcnt nt Sam A Uiikcr suite I'mk, in Wiiynu county, foe u Kcwn-duy Held imuu'U- vers (ruining period, November 10 (o 22. Tills is lhe nrsl lime hi tunny years that Ilie Nnllonnl Ounrd has (nken more llinn one encampment training period per ycnr, the usunl period being in mid-summer. All olth-m mid iiHfD will |, C irnnspoi-tpd lo Hie camp In trucks fm-nishi'd by Die u. S. l>ro|H'fty mid Ukl.iir.slni! OIllrB. Forty trucks, Jf. cf them one nnd one-half ton nml fuiir two nnd une-iuill ion CRiradly, mid six siniju,, wnuons nnd (UK. umbiilnucn, will lib usi-il to move the troops. 'Hie camp will be under lhe supervision of Col. c:. W. I'hlpps comimuidliiR olllcCT, of nils clly. Tills Held maneiwfi- p),in | s tiie of President lioosm'lt's ri'Ci'iil outers U,r impiovli!,. defense fnc- mtic's ID u,u Uulicil Sliilre. l.<icnl iciHlciimrlm omcei-s staled ycstcr- ilny thai Hie <|iioln of iMfl'cn- Isted mat for (he MOtli Infnntry is recently nittliorlzcil by the War Department, hnd nhnasl been filled. All officers mid men will receive •cgulnr -l-Vdcml pny for lhe seven- lay (mining period. In tuUIUIcn lo (his, nil HOth infantry units ire now drilling two nights pel FLAPPER FANNY - COPB. 1 S3» DV MA BtWlCC. IMC. t. M. RCO. U . S. Mr. By Sylvia nociors Hnd Hands Full PASADENA, Oft). (UJ')-It took nuiscs nnd doclois at the Emer- eency Hospital an hour to pick enctu, (horns from ihe legs mid ' of Uaibnia Johnson 3\<. wno " For Best Results In Baking—Use Shibley's Best receive veek, tor which member; •egular armory drill pay. In mldlllun to the Company, Company !i and the vledlcnl rJetnclimenls lire located n this clly, Company A i\t Stede COHipnny c «t, llnyil. •COURTS Charges of einliraJcment nnd grand larceny ngalnst Jiimc.s- llo- niir were itlsmlsscd at. n munlci- inl court hearing (|,h morning. The chi-nges bad been pivfenwl by Jlnrry Unliey of Holltind Ma milt grew out of difficulties over ownership of nn nlriilanc Involv- )i)(f Bomnr nnd Bnlley'K son, Morris JJlllley. 'A clHirge of selling beer lo a inlnoi- ugnliist Hal Fletclici-, Jv., wns dismissed by the court iillcr i borrow riiotiey on n good diamond." ring's still the best security." n simitar c)ini K e n«alusl lib father Dm! been dismissed upon motion of Ilie slate. A cliiii-|{e of ii.ssnult with Intent o kill nnalnsl aimmle Wllllnuw was dls(, A chnrgo of disposing of mort- Biigeil properly minimi I'nul Hnl- inrd WII.H dismissed upon inntlon of the sliilc, ^Cnl Dennl.s wns fined $so on « of carrying n concealed * 25 ° f " lu fino wns Tlie case of Uurl Uuvldson n«- cused of vlnlntlng provision* of lhe Irarbcv rci>ululloiM ncl, wns continued. Mrs. Ulllc Doss hns nicil suit In clinncciy court, nualmi Prank Doss, seeking n divorce on the ground of Indignities. HIT ni( m -- ney is Vlrjll Cirecne. Qnivcl roads nre snl<] lo bo the Imrdcst on nutoiDobllc UITO. ' 8 " rc of a r>U-mllu brldgu nci-Ms the llerh« strnlt lo Unk Ihe Willed Slnlcs wllli Slburln. FLOUR ASK YOUR GROCER Stove and Furnace OIL * Diesel & Tractor FUEL PWOIMP DAY NIGHT rnuiNt, 355 166 Barnsdall Refining Corporation AmiTira's Oliltst Oil lleflncry C. 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