The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 6, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 6, 1934
Page 5
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MONDAY, AUGUST 6, 1984 •LYTHEVILLE, (ABK.) COUB1EB MEW! €t A*f m'ED SECTION - CLASSIFIED i ADVERTISING INFORMATION rate per one tor couwcu- jve Insertions: (Five »ver»«6 WOICM to » U*** One time per linn J* Two toes per llui per day .. we Three time* per Uu. per d»y .. we £lx time* per lice per day .. we IJcutti r«te per UD» I* Minimum ch»r(j« 600 Ads ordered :u' Uirce or uuies *nd stopper! before expln- 1'on *U1 be chwgoo for the num ber ol Um«s the «d appeared iao adjustment of bill made. All Claaicea Advertising cop: 4i!bmlUtd by persons residing out »lde ol the city n-ust be pmlcd by cash, Rates miy bt etcUy compuU 1 ^. fr<irn above lablt No responEiDllilv win be uren tor more tlian one Incorrect In- lerllori ol any classified ad. Advertising orueitC lor languor insertions wk\» the one time KLBEETA PEACHES, (1 C. G. Hawk* frmM. uU Corntr Lake * Mate W. 31c kU Free HM r .. Roofing, Pilnllng. Rtj»lrs THE AHKMO LUUBSR* CO. lite w-io D/vk!n IMWin FRUITS Bvthet. SALE while glove* uiul liiniB them outliree and saw something while. A 01 , u, e u m , to rt,.y_ nnt i (hey ilis-'tpy B | aS5 revealed the other miss- White Gloves for Bdriei«n; Ldliy . hlcr Jm)gc u.uu.crjS SSK*S - ldeWB>1)r '^ COLUMBUS, Neb. .(UP)-A »w>-i s aw one ol ihe gloves on toy ol'. The glove will remain missing ther robin living near the home ol t \he gimigo. so boys In the neigh- .because the judge feels llml fern' Profeuor BeEeve* Society Pendulum Swinfi Back Judge Louis Ughtncr here npuar- ently believes in handling her lum- lly with gloves. Several weeks ago, Mary Lijhtner washed out u pair borliood promptly wore bliuncd for Iniin ihc misdeed. Bui buck from lite day typified by tire •flapper and t!w Jazz hound", lo- b**nty In permanent concrete Dower pok. bird tatht, lawn seats. Z. TURNER, V* Division. 3*p kO FOB SALE cheap-Large 2 door Cory Safe, 1«0 Its. and Hand. Burke Hardware Co. 2S-ck-8-28 CLOSING OUT ALL ICK KEFRIGEKATORS 25 pound to ISt pound Ice Capacities. All porcelain, all ited, and 'small oak finished refrigerator* at ' GIVE AWAY PRICES. E. B. GEE SALES CO. 407 W. Mam St. REAL ESTATE PHILLIPS' USED CARS WHY WALK WHEN YOU CAN BUY A COOIt USKI) CAR ON OUR EASY TIME I'AYMENl PLAN'i •31 rOHl) COUPE. New liuli- IKT. New IMint ?" 5 For Sak Dandy 40 acre OZARK fann svithlu 2 miles good town. On daily mail route. Four room house, woven wire fence, Price $350—only part cash. J. C. CHAP1N Manila, Ark. KOK KENT — \ BEDHCXDMS. Mrs. Edf 12.1 DE SOTO COACH. Gcud. Motor A-l .. Looks $2-15 '31 DODGE SEDAN. Uuiis Good. Bargain S1J '' '23 PLYMOUTH COACH. Rml Furnislied Hardln. 1017 W. Walnut. Call 10: Ic ktt fjlGHT HOUSEKEEPING rooms, cheap Good location, 814 Hearn St. l-P Nicely Furnished BED KOOM. Mrs. Nolen, 310 West Walnut. • 30c ktt-30 Buy ? 33 "i'i FOKU TUDOR. New Kul>- bcr. .Moior Good * 85 •29 FOKD 1'HAETON. A Keal Bargain s 83 TRUCKS •S>. FOKD Hi TON TRUCK. CJoied Cab, Uu if Witfls. ^ Clieap ^'•" 'X>. CHEVKOIAil' 1^ ' ON TKUUU. ill 1'ien tt'Ucci- laLC, Dual Wheels S3!)! •29 CHEVROLET 1!; TON TRUCK. Cluicd Lau, inial Wheeis, Slake Hmly S12i Two Room Furnished Apartment. Phone 656-W. Mrs. Ted Green. 3 room FURNISHED APARTMENT Aug. 1. 209 W. Kentucky. Phone 14«. 300 ktl MODERN 3 room furnished or unfurnished apartment over Kirby Dime Store. F. Simon. Call 761. 30c kit FURNISHED APARTMENT. Phone C83. 10« W. Kentucky. Ipkl '30 FOHI» PICK-UP. tar. 0-pij- Tires. '' Closeil Motor •W FORD I'ANEL TRUCK. Ouod Tiict. Itcal Motor .. Jlli PH1UM MOTOR AUTOMOTIVE Save Time and Money by usuig our complele stock nf Auto Kcpliceroent Parts 1ILBBARD HARDWARE CO. Automotive Dt|it. - - Phone 47G . - - ,..6c k9-6 FURNITURE Lawn Chairs Unpainted W-85 THE ARK-MO LUMBER CO. 25c USED CAR LOT Cunicr Walnut A Ut Sis. Oiicn Nights Until 3:30 1'nnnc HIS We Sell PETER SCHUTTLER Missouri .Mule Farm Wagons WINCHESTER Shot Gun Shells . Btst Vrices On COTTON SACKS UOOM & BOARD GOOD Meals and K.opms. Reasonable, prices. Tun.. 1. JR. Watson 112 Cherrj, fhooe W2. CLEANERS, -TAILORS Linen suits, hand ironed and tailK cd shaped are nice and cool tbes .iut ilijs. Phone 171. UNIQUE CLEANING SERVICE ~ AUTO ACCESSOBIES Opposite old I'ostofficc Building Phone 2S'J Jet ready for summer driving a jargain prices "you probably wil' iiever see. again. Come In. Coin pare our prices on auto parts -lies, lubes, motor ol^ 5 gal fi£l WOLF ARIAN We Sell Wholesale and RetalJ ehoae 176 - - 121 F, COAL & WOOD CALL 127 For highest quality Kentucky, Sou- llicrn Illinois and Red Asli Coal Lowest Ail) Content. diy COOK and heating wooc tau\ kindling. Corn. hay. mixed Iced, farm seed. table ami stock salt. Home of high quality products and low cash prices. FARMERS CASH FEED AND SEED CO. A Home Opned business Wholesale and Retail Keep Kool with Hunter Ekctrk FANS. Unconditionally guaranteed. HliBBARD HDW. CO. 6c Hy Coal Is Black bat I 'treat yoi white- Fill up now. JOHN BUCHANAN'- PHOJfE 10". ageous and humane social ophy of President Roosevelt more conservative era, he Whatever may be the outcome told students here recently In his efforts, for tlie time being there Js.nn upturn In the stntus of thi „,„„,„„..,„ „ ,,„,, CINOINNA1I. O. tui'J— "Thi! social sciences, Talbe1 ' as**''™ pres- should be nnucuscd. social sclcntlbls," he said. subject for Joto and ridicule, lire *>r of Psychology ill the Unlver- rising In popular esteem. The Cincinnati. ' believes ast week mine the denon Rtad Courier New* Want eious support Hi veil to the cour- iiicia. At »ii Ice eivnui ax-iul Hi? , trnslvc Irude operations, »ccord- o(| Judge linpiwnecl lo look up Into a hit; lo discoveries of aitieolo«L5ts DOMESTIC DIFFICULTIES! OUR BOARDING HOUSE AtNT THV5 TH 1 BERRIES.'.' JUS' WHEN V)E FINALV-V GOT OUR UL VJOOTIE AVV. SET THWJE A ~ PAPA. DO YOU THINK WE'LL EVER SEE AU.EV ORS IS TVVW 7HE W-.'SOPS CAP.*? WA\T TVLL I TEU-B6KT—HE'LU IT OUGHT TO BE A TRUCK I—HlrA WITH A CAR HIS GOOD HUSBAND - 8LOOOIE -AUONS COMES A TWISTER f BLOWS AW*\V.' I GOTTA HUMCH HE'tU - SAY, 6VT THAT OOTA MV. SIGHT/ TUE WHOLE NElGHBORHOOt) WILL I HAVE A NEW CA5RWHEN SHE P1NISVAE.S 'RINGING 'TV.^y TOWN CRIERS "Bt\_U— UW\- -^ THE tX?OR ! HOP OU'I AND HAVE .. TT^rr— -- J; IV __ ...... - — ,c— - ^•PVi'y llHUr ----- •'7,'i^ THE NEIGHBORHOCD AND TAsKE \T -SLOWLY/ A/1 /-\ . T M RIC U S PM. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES IT'S CATCHING! O«\ — V OOWT TWMW I RONM\E DO ? W11L HE Bt TO 60 Ohi A6 OR , W\YA_ HE DROP OUT Or- THE PVCCURE WOURNEO, OPAL. TRY AN ) DO IT! WASH TUBBS AMD WOW HE'S BOfJED AND LOHf 01 AWBODV TO SHOVp HIM A 600D • TIME. HE TO THE TUNE OF AND WASH AMD EASY HAVE : &CCEPTES E'S GPATJPIED HIS'BVeRV-PESIRB.' HE'S .'ANo TASTED LIFE TO THE. FULLEST. HE'S BEEN SEEM EVeRVTHINfi. «- 80QRDMAW IS A CRAB. HE^ AW E60TfSTlCAU,STUCk-(JR SOUR.-FACEP. Ol_t> CRAB. R2ECAUSE HES RKH, HE'S BE€N PURSUED BY li>V/OMENl. AND KOW-TOWED TO 8V KINGS. WHO CAN TELL! SALESMAN SAM Read Courier HEWS Want Ads. Jails Newsmen Who Defy Him RETIRING Factory authorized FRIGIDA1RB SERVICE Factor}' Trained Mechanics Day 67-rtionc—Night 382 E. I!. GEE SALES CO. «07 Main St. ^ W. J. KNOX " Has repaired shoes here well for 12 years. Reasonahlc prices. 1 SK1KWER, TH 1 BANK ROBBER,GEE, CHIEF, i BEHIND TH' BARS WflS A 6REAT (6OT A HUNCH STUNT, SAMMY! IT'S fl SHflME- VA CflNTITHftT MEBSE GET SOME REWARD FEP. IT? ^^/ I CAW I ('cL 8E '7'M DETECTIUE HOUJDV, AN' I JES' tOANreD > WHV- ERITA «:MOIU (F YOU &IVE ANY REWPIPD WHEW(,AH-Tose TH' RC6BIM 1 OF VOUP BAWK IS NIPPED (M ) SORE, I TH 1 6UP —IN OTHER WORDS, FRUSTRATED? i VO\ WELL, I CAME Tfl OtX-LECT IT.' I JEST'PIKJCHED SUPPER/ SKNNER/TH 1 FflMCXJS BANK STICK-UPPER.' • BUT, MY GOOD MflM, •,HE HASKlT ROSBED OUR BflWX ' By Bra* | CERTAINLY NOT? 8Ur l'LU\ 6&TCHA ANYTHING HE UWUUD HAVE; (F I HftOM'T NABBED Hi.*- 4 .1 $?>& *&'M / 0f/a t'" O 1*3* BTirASI FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS HEADWORK ANDJ-'OOTWORK 1 . j)7||?f' NOT XLL GRIZZLIES! ' ONCE READ THAT, AFTER GPIZZLIES REACH THE AGE OF TWO, THEY GET TOO TO CLIMB TREES... AND I REMEMBERED THAT!.' TERMITE Proofing Insurance UNDER THE ANTIMITK PLAN. E. C. Kobinson Lbr. Co.' Phone 1W 50% reduction July Only On Furniture repaired, relinlshed, » holstered. Paftick s( Parkhotst's. Call 57. O-ch-8-9 Thwarted In Ilia efforts lo lorce two uewspnperiuen tn bavc their source or advance .information on an effigy hanging case. Police Judge Jay W. Har- lali. abSvc, of U.inyille. Ky., v^ged nn endurance lest with (he pan. fining *}d fcenlencing them Jaily ' 'They' remained flrm In their refusil to betray « touldtnct . BESIDES. IT V/AS A FEMALE BtAV.. AND YOU NEVER CAVj TELL A .WOMAN'S AGE .' MED.-AW> 7t>0k OY. 1 You O UP A I DID BO/! IF A GRIZ2I.Y CHAS60 KUCM/ THAT BEARS CUMB TREES, RECKLES 'HELPS CHARLIE FREE J HIMSELF THE 8£AR TRAP AND THEY RETURN TO CAMP AND FIND NLTTTV PARKED I'D'STOP HOW OU5 'IT WAS.'

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