Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 6, 1942 · Page 3
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 3

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 6, 1942
Page 3
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THURSDAY NEWS, < .****yv» >> HV* Page Three MINNIE T; AHERN, EDITOR r Changes Style For Women ;,•« Hie ,• siu-prl I'Tor"^'' 1 ™- slilc of war tho liffht- tho order of .,< iiirtiniiiilJLy goos Ip the r spirits wo all aro really ^."iti'm 'lln'V l»«viV 'InUMi for' a ''" jinio. II''i 1 '*' ai>() NO" 10 M>H.uHs ' Yin ini'i'i'MKil olol'hos: '" New Colors MAC Yll6i\I FltANKFU.R'rtiR LO.lfr • 2 oups unbooked macaroni 2 ouns grated American choose', riot packed 2 offKH, well beaten 1 cup milk 2 toaspooris salt G-8 Star Fpiihkflurters Cook tho macaroni in boiling, salt- od water i'or 20 minutes; Drain an<;l combine with the oheose, milk .in-:l boa ton o»ga, and -salt. Put a layer In tho bottom of a well oikul loaf wnnien would love a sweet pun- blouse. \vltli and ',.,,i,>rs ;in' woiulm'ful, • oapo- ,i ness 1 oito called vital pink, (HMtMH'k him*. Tho blouses ni.i.iiinivil. With elthor short ^1,'rvrs. They're truly mrinrlV Tll( , Yinml'l"' 1 I'nlu-U's, of oonrao, d ,is KIHH!. Take a shirt In ,„.„,„ (MitNui urul rayon with tho ' tni's,, sllliouelti) and throo- ei . sl-'^vi's. It's porfoot U go- a \vhlti« Kubardlno suit npfl , in- worn willi any number t<>0. THA.N'SACTION Ic Hair have sold ,. and l"t on May aviinno to \V. Swf'M5(>M, arcorrllng to a tni tutlay wllli Town Glork John. Federal slfunps (It'rd itulloalr 1 thai, was approximately IHlY|||0||il ',.1iXi'il I" tlu ([HAY VI K \:!\, ami > ia.l'f : -m»ily "I" ' ln Gormley vcn, t'nrmer are sponrl- ill.- month of August at Ray pan, slqo 1 9x5x3 Inches, Lay 3 or 4,, t'rania'urtor.s on top lengthwise ol 1 'tho pan, put on anothor layer ot 1 macaroni' and top with .rest of frankfurters, Top with another layer of macaroni. -Bake in JJoO rlo 1 - gruo l»\ oven for 'l (hour and 15 m'ln- .utes.or until solid, Kuop top 'oovj- 'orod with \ylax .nhpor-nVo'SL of"b'nk" Ing, thno to prevent drying. .Turn out onto planter and garnlsti v/il,l;i tomato wodgOH. When slices are cu.f .there will bo 4 or G circles of frankfurter In each slice of loaf. 'If you prefer you may. bake the nraoaiWl loaf without t-h'o frankfurters and sorvn tho sausage alongside the lonf •on tho platter, KNlJlfcTKD IN MAIUNES ' liidmiind G. Glcslowskl, 24, son oT. Mi 1 , and Mrs, Bronlslaw CloslowsW of 10 Molbourne court, has enlisted In the Marino Corps, according to an announcement from the AVatorbury recruiting office. KMI'LOVR!) |N WILLIAMSPOHT Franklin'llubbell, who has been visiting wll'h 'his family on Contra! n.vonuo,. has returned to Williams^ !)ort, l>a,, where oiriployiul by ,the United States Huhbor company! VISITING RKLATIVRS Soaman Albert Xapalka, who is j statlonod at iN'uwport, II. [.,'la visiting relatives on Ollvo street. jLoeal ' : 'Meh Apply . Fran'els Thomas- Keating of '22 WopclMno'i street, .Union City. Francis: ^William Cliisweil of 148 High street,' >ancl'; ftrhvard Joseph Sullivan' of ^0. Grove.^strcet, Nduga- t u c If,' .have - a p pi loci /a t, . the .,na yy re- - cruilliYg station .in Wa'terliury and have 'boon sent tp New .Haven for STORE-WEL'L 2 cups di£ed cooked ! ''"potatoes 1 cup ; diced, celecy , ^. ; .1 , cup •diced , cucumber ;,.,'. ' ,2^\hard7ppqk^d'_egg > 8^ l diced" '•• • 2-3 cup real •mayoniVaise 1 teaspoontu 1 grated onion ' -2. teaspoOn/aalt ,: '-•-.-" .-.• .- ..,_.„„__,..._,„.„, cucumber ieggs. 1 ' Blend refill ; maypnnaise,) i^salt^a'ricj':^ .pepjper:. ; Acid,! toi . •* ."- ...-•'* • - * "••_„- t i /potatQ\mix,ture;-;TQ!5Svtogcthe.l' light-; /ly \yith- fdlk; Store;?iriS covered con- .itain'er; • chill,. • • - QUICI< SPIIVACII'OMELET - Two tablespoons butter; 1 cup ; cooked" drained,spinach; /« eggs; 4 jiablespoons cream (or milk) •'" i-?i ' tablespoon- salt,' ;'dash pepper; 2! SOLDIERS • SAILORS • MARINES Keep 'em happy with snapshots from home With picture-taking us easy as it is with Kodak Veri- chrome Film therc^ every reason to send snapshots to your man in the.Service. Send him pictures from home regularly and often and you'll do your part to keep him happy, He'll like to get 'em. You'll like to take 'em, for Vcr!chrome goes a long way in boosting your better- picture average. SWEENEY'S s r TANn There's no .need to let -d, \yhip : eggs until very -*fuffy; add seasonings. Heat .butter,, iiv pan un- ti 1 ;1 igli t .. brown-; -add>sp1tia4tf >( wJi iclr . : -I prefer \weli-seasoned with.,:, grated onion) ; simmer; a: few seconds ; poup- .beaten eggs ' on top and .at once" sprinkle v wltli : ; grated " cheese'. Cook over hot flame until egg sets, .roll, reduce heat • ah* -, cook - a , few seconds -more. Garnish with parsley^and serve at once. '-. ,' ' ' ' • • " "•• CUSTARD TOAST (Sugarless Dessert) 6 slices enriched bread 2 eggs -.-'.- 1-2-cup'milk v ::,:'.!;. 1-4 teaspoon salt, 1-4 teaspoon : vanilla Butter, jam or jelly Remove crusts from' slice's of bread. Cut in halves lengthwise; Beat e£gs ( with a fork and combine with milk. Add salt andvvanilla. Dip slides, of bread Jn .mixture,;; brown lightly on both sides. in butter in frying pan over lo'w heat; For each serving, stack three slices together, spreading jam or jelly between each slice. ..'.-•" Blend the' juice from two, cans ,of\pears with six cups 'of chilled vginger-ale. Place a mint sprig and •a green marasch'ino cherry In each ." Serve immediately. . Eugene Orlando of 52 Grown street, Union City, has cnHsted in the U, S. Navy? it has been an- hoVinced-br "thJe' '•hdvHi'- hv.New Haven. PARTY POSTPONED The card party scJiedulcd to be held this evening by the auxiliary of the Veterans, of foreign has been postponed. It will -be held on Thursday, August i3. A T I 0 N A Lf Buy Your Next Winter's Coat NOW! AUGUST COAT imer* A GREAT STORE , . . IN A GREAT CITY WE AREJENIiARGI'NG OUR ; FASHION FLOOR SO THAT SERVE YOU IN THE FUTtyfifi / . . PiiftlOD TO COMPENSATE IN^bkVENlfeNC^S' : IT - 'MAY^ CAUSED -WE EXCE^Tid>irAL VAtuiis" IN ; ALI: WE SUdGEgT fHXT YOU SHOP BEST* SELECTIONS. PATTERN NO. 170fJ In fine cotton' this 'fiiet-croehet. r u n nor' I s • 10' 1 n ch os« w I d o and I n - orcnsos" In' width withy tho use" of- heavier cottons. The'special feature ;of the design is that the runner may bo made as Jong or short as you wish, depending upon Its use.- Heavy cottorr worked in I/ho box pattern with unp rose i border makes a. beautiful. our lain panel. The design 'Is equally suitable tor 1 bedroom' 'or living-room. Pattern envelope 1 contains fIJot-. crochet diagram of easy-to-sce dot- In scruaro method;-also full directions. Send i-Jc. (coin) for above pattern number 'to Naugatuck Daily- News, Noedlo Arts Dop't, P. 0. Box' .172, Station D, New York, N. Y. UKTUHNS IIO.VIB Miss Lorraine Patterson, who has Jjnen Hponcling': a vacation in Sara; Logfi Springs, N. Y., hna roUirnod to' hnr homo on Norlli Main street. systom Is, used to sup- ovorscns.. BEDFORD'S WOOL FARIBO 100% Fleece Wool' Blanket 100ft Wool FARIBO MarqUette Ni'/o 7w n x84.' rnado of fln- eat virgin wool, .Uhyou- liiuling', Blua Co •, (Iroon, Dusty 'rovonco Bluo, 100ft Wool FARIBO La Salle Hixo 7U M x84 JJ , Blue, ^oacli, Green, B'ormiu'ln H«su, Dusk Koso, "Wood $g,98, Vollow, 100% se« te virgin wool!' 100ft Wool FARIBO Bradford Sixu 72"x84"j fi inch |1} iyon .. Hiitin binding 1 * 100ft virgin wool, (Iroon, Blue, Dusk I KOHO, olothes budgot tear down your Stan-,' 'clnrrls .of smartnoss.; Horc Is, a froolc?' you can make i'or very little, but,', •by its sl-mpllolty, or line, -and- thej; Holever detallliTg. of the white' collarsv and cuffs, it will make all who see;' ;IL beicve It cost a lot!,; Try Jt fo^ fall In the stun-ning- new- 'rayon f: •orepes. • .' ; . • Barbara. Boll Pattern -NO. lG53-B'is'; .fleslgncd fpr sixes 32, 34 : / 3<i,' 38, 40, ; A2, 44 and 40, Size 34, witli short; Alcoves, .-requires 3 5-8 yavda 30-' inch materials. ' . ' . All 'ages and all. /sizes . >vUl \ find] intorestlng .new patterns 1 in 1 f-he I 1 'all'j, • Fashion BiOiOlc, newly)published. Send| ,15c .for yo-ur copy today.' Qrcliir it .witli a 16c'.pattern f,or 25c, 'plus Jc ' .for .postage. . . ; . : « For this'attractive .pattern send .16o-, plus^lc- for-'postag-c, Mn coin's' -with your name, address, pattern in;um ; bor and size- wanted to Bar-', [bara Boll,' -• Naugatuck Daily-News, .Post Off Joe- Box 75, Station O.-New ;York',.,(N.. Y. • . ..-:..•,.•-, v -. MID-WEEK SEHVICE \ The mid-weok service of the; Hillside Congregational church',wl'll b'e conducted by Rev.,.Arthur Johns.on this evening at 8'o'clock. It will be a meeting 1 for . informal fcHowsliIp' in prayer. .; A VARIED SELECTION OF STYLES, FROM OUR •'.; CHOICE COLIj^CTION . . . VALUES TO ?12.98 SPECIAL 6ROUP Cottons^ Rayons 'SKaritutigs Original! Price SPECIAL GROUP K$COO $QOO Prints A-jyyjiA $5 Values to $25 Sportswear iWere .SUITS ; •;-... .. .Now PLAY SUITS $5.98 . ,-;•; . v; ?3;88 'Were. $5;98 . •. .-. ..;-. Now $3.88 Were $7.98 . . . ---- Now $4.88 $79. ...... Now $4.88 Wer^ $8;98. .,-.. . .Now $5.88 •Were $8;39: . . . , . ,N6w Jf!15.88 Were $10.98 . . ---- Now $6.88 SHOES; SLicks; SLACK SETS; BLOUSES; AND DRASTICALLY REDUCED. Furl ho; is exclusive in WaiorlMiry \vith Hwlfo'rd Extra Weight FARIBO Madison Sizes 72>'x84 ( V, with 6 in. rayon - satin bin cling 1 . Biue, Wood -Roso, Green, Godar Bo66, Provence Blue, Eoso, Maize. Made of 100^> virgin wool. SUMMEH FESTIVAL •) A sum'mer festival under the aiid- pices 1 of the : Fidel i ty Bi'ble. class'' of .the Nau^atuolc Methodist eh'ureh will' he held' Saturday, •,August' 8, starting at 7 p: m. Mrs..AVilliam, Umlauf is chairinaii of the arrangement- committee. , . I ,,;. ,,;,-'. Feature . the'?:-•.•.' ; ';''-;\; ;Smnrt Fashions, Low Prices "and!| Easy Credit Terms GOWNS Original l>rice .^^^^^^»^^^»«.^i^» SPRING COATS AND SUITS Original Price Were to $19.98 C(MTS . Now $.10.90 < SILEX: 6 to 8 GIFi'S-- ' • c'ti p' cn b ncfty,|, -^;;''"; '*• ! : ';.';'• ! i; 1005f. Wool FARIBO Langdra (( 'f'tl)iiic(( Angora and oriiio wools, Size 72 M X r t'"ii, Wood lioso, YoJ- w » Cncoa Moigo, Ivory, CHATHAM Finest Wool Blankets . Chatham AIRLOO'M weight 76% ' " 1^1 mid W/o cotton, ^".\<S.[" Moth I'opollont, !;' ( '<K (jiold, . P on oil, fp^'i Kosd, r> Mai^o, \-- •& SGOOP .A., value , we could rieV6r | -offer £gain at twice the , . . Lihiiiiied Qiia!ntities GOTHAM 1 Firat Quality Irregulars 98 SlttK STOCKINGS Liraited Quantities ELECTIUG KITCHEN ^O CLOCKS ( SCAUCElv W& We Still Have Sonic^ 4*F CREDIT JEWELERS 162 Scut* Main 54. — 4-2206 FINAii SUMMER HAT : .PANTS . r ;y:V.- 'rittt- uicy In'eb'd 1 to be ' inc l lrn - Wool HABLEY Blanket ^' tnado 'by (1 C!iat-' ' ' J 'tio, (jraoii, Poach, $g.98 IH <s, -Maisso. 1 , 72 M x90 n RONDA Blanket 6" Bayo'n-Sntin binding,. ( Fall sizo, Elliot KORO, CodavosG. wool. 02 BANK l>'o ( Jitted Jib you nt tiij ; conditi6ne(V v 64 J BANKvSTREET BULLETIN., \OK:\CU«HES. •.WIUTE-.OR F " ' ;,-</ 24 v CENTRAL 1 ••• Life-saving Suits are giving chance. '\' ' States Rubber Compari^ Footwear Division \ 100 % wool, trimmed with Silver Fox. Others $37,98 to $119,98 Presenting your Favorite Fur in our Greatest August Fur Sale, Sable-Blended At Guaranteed Savingrs Our August prices' are lowetf tHah (jefiling'priicds Exceptional value in every coat ... direct result of Angust Sale savings, witli prices substantially lower tli ah the Ceiling Prices they will be • tagged' with at ? ter ; tlie .Sale. Every coat, no itotter hclw little tlie price', is 100^ pure; vir- gin'wool ... promising yon years of wea r a ml warm th . . . in styles of time]ess beaiity. EVferyTur the Be*t of Its Kind. Every Style the Latest Creation. Every Detail the* Most Painstaking. 179 .50 Plus Federal Tax Intrinsic qu'ality and beauty . * . pelts from tough, sturdy, little animals with deep, thick, warm fm\ Matched and blended to rich SabM tones ... . the one fur that can take 24-hour duly S'n its stride! |! A Small : Deposit Is All You Need to Hold Your | Selectibri in Storage Till Fall, Budget Terms To Suit Your Convenience Hundreds and Hundreds of su at the DON^T MISS THIS BUYING TREAT!! Entia Jetticks Safe Formerly $f>.50 - $5.50 - $4.85 Spring and Summer Shoes Men's' $2.99 Ladies' Dress Shoes $2.99 Slippfers 89c Formerly; $1.98 $1/49 - $1.29 ' ./i5 - $3.08; - $3.45 •dhildrfen's White only $1.49 Formerly $2:49 - $a.20'> $1.98' I $4.45 & $4^95 VaJuRS $t) ; .00-,tO.*6,r)0 Ladies' Oxfords ^i Heel and College Heel $2.99 Formerly $4.45;- $3.98 - FINAL' 75 Pairs of CIIltDftlEN'S \VHltfc SHOES Values to $2.50 J NOW .\.............................. *«*«N»*>»***'»<*»**4»S»^»*^W*«»si^^>«S»j NEARY O fr en: Satuf day> WE' HAVE NO KRANCIIES

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