The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 4, 1941 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 4, 1941
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVTT.LE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Bahamian Society Is Stunned As Duke Of Windsor Works Al Job Shows He Isn't Social Butterfh By MAK1AX VOUXCJ NK.-V Service Staff Com-spomient NASSAU, Bahamas.— Tlu- rich and heady atmosphere of London's May fair. Paris' Ritz bar> and sprawlin chateaux ' in ihe com' provinces clung to ihe and Duchess of Windso the years that they reigned j over Europe's fabulous Jii-i ternationa) Set. But all thatj has vanished in the heavy I tropic air of ihe Bahamas. ; A crestfallen Nassau has discov- j ered thai the snub-m^ed, blond j Duke and his trim Duchess are no They are social-minded \ They are social-hided. ; Wliile frustrated Bahamian hostesses sulk in their idyllic palm gar- : dens and tourist-agents despair, the Windsors are occupying tliem- .selves on "the other side Of the tracks"—seeking lo improve tiie !oi of the malnounsl)f?fi natives of these islands. The swankiest and most intriguing pnrtie.s the old yuard of Nassau can concoct are goinu unattended, by the Windsors, except, when given in the most worthy charitable causes. DUKE'S INTEREST IN POOR IS NOT NEW Th:\s. a half-year after the onetime King-Emperor of all the British Empire came to the politically and geographically insignificant Bahama Islands as their governor, he finds himself t. ]> growing in nopi/larity \\'i(\\ his dark-toned subjects who comprise 80 per cent of the Bahamian population, and <2> hem" viewed v->»h mingled feelings by capital S Nassau Socicry. The Duke of Windsor's interest in the poor is no new mantle, taken on to pass the time during his stav on what unkin:! crimes have called his St. Helena. The fact, is (hat the Edwnrci whom Nassau now is seeing is that man who. when he (cured London's slums sis the Prince of Wales in 191 J), called them "damnable beyond words." And .who. after seeing the Welsh coal, miners in 1932, said. "I wish I cot'ld do something that would really help." Those words re-echoed the other r*ay when the Duke told me: "Something plainly must be done to improve the conditions of the neglected four-fifths of the population of the Bahamas." "TOO LITTLE DONE FOR THE NATIVES" I spoke to His Royal Highness in the yellow and gray library in a wing of the .sprawling, white- frame Government House. Topping the town's highest hill, affording a view of both town and harbor, it is both home and office for the Duke and hi.s American- born Duchess. Slender and gentle mannered, the Duke's suntanned grow knit with desp earnestness as he spoke to me of the unemployment, the poverty and the. ill health which harass thousands' of the people he governs these days. "We have serious unemployment problems here in the Bahamas." the Duke of Windsor said to me. "Most of the natives never have steady work. Now. with the sponge industry the disease, that has ruined the croo for the few years, there is almost nothing left for them to do. "All in all. iar too little has been dene in behalf r.f our native popu- 101 ion." DOESN'T PUI.I. ANY PUNCHES Then, with si-prising frankness, he said: "Trying to get, cooperation in Nassau is likv your head against a stone wall," and added that certain non-cooperative dvin leaders are "su-fly in what they nn? pleased to call their staunchness." He sat cros-s-legged, utterly relaxed, sunk deep in the cushions of an upholstered divan. The glass too of the coffee table before him picked up the sun-rays streaming from a nearby window and lighted his boyish face, his sandy and un- grayeci hair. Then his expression became wistful anci sad. rather than grim, as he leaned forward, rested his chin in a hand, and asked: "Have you been ov.-t to Grant's Town? Yes? Then you know whv The Duke of Windsor points without pride, to Grant's Town; "Have you seen such .squalor, I am deeply concerned for social improvement people who live (here ever seen .such .squalo ways ihr Have vou such des- Typical of the elaborate, sumptuous mansions on the beautiful i.v landscaped estates of British and American society in the . llatuuna's "\\Ystbourne," above, seaside residence of Sir Hurry a"cl Lain- Cakes. perate poverty?" I never had. Set on the very edges of narrow, rough .streets — not half a mile from the swank. excLsuive Montague-, Beach—are rows of liny, dirty, smoke-filled one room' shacks. The vough boards which make up tho walls seldom meet. Old newspapers are pasted over the rickety doors. Cooking is done . „ ,over smudgy, open fires alongside at a standstill because oi ' the doorsteps. Toothless women — many too young to be toothless—grin from the doorways. Ra-ped children, their stomachs bloated, their let's bowed out from rickets nn this land of sunshine), walk listlessly up and down the .streets. Pockmarked, grimy, inarticulate men come slowly from behind huts to plead Tor money, io beg to pose for pictures—for money, of course. Sandwiched in between the houses are a few stores—also one room hovels. Hen- slabs of dust-laden bacon, 'howls of dried peas, sui;ar .and cofl'op beans He on iilrhy. I makeshift counters, attracting flies and HOl'KS TO DEVELOP ISLAND'S KESOUKCKS "If you are .shocked at Gram's i.-huid.s. Something Ue done to develop potential agricultural and industrial resources. Only a mere handful of poopjf are work- in;', aloiif, lines. "We need more and belter roads here. Way.s w ifrow all of our own fowl on;>hi to be developed. I don't see why we cannot solve unemployment problems and at the same time make the Bahamas st.' niiife. more convenient ami more beautiful islands on .which to live." During the* bright. ,sun-drenched days of the Bahamian winter, the Duke stays close to hi.s oflice. Hi.s schedule keeps him at his desk 'loin 10 to :{, taking care- of oi- iK-hi) business, it Ls during these hours and afterward as; well Unit, IK- considetr, native problems SEKKHJSNKS.S KATH'KR TIIAX SHOWMANSHIP Listening to him express his serious views, it is easy to understand the consternation of those Nu.ssauvians who had expected the advent of the Windsors upon the .scene to mark the start of a guy .society whirl unparalleled in ihe. islands;' history. "You see." a prominent Amerian resident, of Na.s.sPai told me, "the Duke of Windsor had been expected to be u sort, of combined niiii.inre idol, master of ceremon- , ie.s, super-RaJesimm and cheer lead- I L-r—with hi.s wif^ as ' ihe star at-j fraction of a big and endless society ! cuniivul.^This was noi an un-j natural expectancy, in view of a lot.' of tlu- unforUinute publicity the' Windsors have received in recent • years;. "Bui when it became apparent that, H.R.H. wa.<; going to settle down 10 a conservative and high- minded administration of his duties, such a hush settled over the Bahamas thai not even the palm u»(?.s stirred. "Now. however, people are getting used to this state of a Hairs. And the Windsors probably are 1 More popular, actually, than they , ttould have been if they had let j themselves in for a lot of high , pressure hoop-la." TOMORROW: A closeup word- picture of the Duchess of Windsor in her role a.s the Governor's lady. Farmer Injured By Axe When Team Runs Away HARRISON. Ark. <UPi — Ted Jones. 21-year-old fanner, stayed in Ills wagon when hi.s team became frightened and ran away on I a rural road near Omaha." He i-stuck until the wagon crashed into i a telephone pcla and would have come through it all im.scrutcheci if he hadn't left his axe in the back of the wagon The force of the impact hurled the axe into Jones' back. He Ls recovering: from serious cuts. TUESDAY, JVIARCIf 4;-1941 Historic Old Drug Estab- lighmenl Of New Orleans To Be Preserved Read Courier wews want ads NEW ORLEANS (UP) — A liltlfl bit oi' Old New Orleans—a drug store thai onco disppirsed "four- thieves" vinegar and other concoctions in the fight against yellow Ir-ver—soon will occupy ;i place- in the College of Pharmacy at Loyola University of the South'. Sine? 18G7, when Ktienno Agvnor Larrieu founded the.' store near what, was then one of the lar^ plantation.'; on tho ol ihe fity, it has dispensed (iruy.s ami the other medical m".'t:-.s.sHk-.s- for tho neighborhood. Lan-icu planned to enter medicine, but un ear injurv suffered during the Civil War made this impossible. He became a pharmacist, instead. At hi.s death, his son Look over, but recently his two daughters were forced to close the si ore because they . \vere not pharmacists and there was no one lo operate it. Dean John P. McCloskey of the College of Pharmacy .said"that ihe .store would be reproduced a.s a "history of pharmacy" project. The old fixtures, many made 112 Prance, all were given \o the school. The store has all ihe auno.sphere of an antique. Only an electric light and a telephone booth change it from tho old day.s. There is no small showcase containing household trinkets, there Ls noihinR to ' Pull the Trigger on Lazy Bowels, and * Comfort Stomach, too When constipation brings on acid indigestion, stomach upset, bloating, dizzy spells, gas, coated tongue, sour caste and bad breath, your stomach is probably "crying the blues" because your bowels don't move. It calls for Laxative-Senna to pull the trigger on those lazy bowels, combined with Syrup Pepsin to save your touchy stomach from further distress. For years, many Doctors have used pepsin compounds as vehicles, or carriers to make other medicines agreeable to your stomach. So be sure your laxative contains Syrup Pepsin. Insist on Dr. Caldwell's Laxative Senna combined ! with Syrup Pepsin. See how wonderfully j the Laxative Senna wakes up lazy nerves ' and muscles in your intestines to Virinj; i welcome relief from constipation. And ,' the good old Syrup Pepsin makes this i laxative so comfortable and easy on ' your stomach. Even finicky children i love the taste of this pleasant family ' laxative. Buy Or. Caldweli's Laxative i Senna at your druggist today. Try one I laxaUvethatcomfortsyourstomach. too. ! be bought'but medicine. The .shelves are filled with large bottles of crude drugs. The bottles are of blown KIJLS.S with .solid glass top.s ground to i'H. Pew patent drugs are seen and drug containers bear trade marks of French and English chemical companies. Included in The equipment are: A scale, elaborately decorated and with an intricate two-pan balance; an antique combination « ink well and iron penholder, made when writers used quills instead of pens; an old herb and root chopper; an iron mortar, and an ancient cheese-box clock. To relieve of COLDS 666 Halve Noso Drops Conjjb Drops Try "RHh.My.TUai". a Wonderful l,iaUm'iu]| Try Our Barbecue RIBS They're Delicious Ole Hickory Inn A group a flock. of geese is known I MI-42 BUDCET ESTIMATE Hlylhevillc- Special School District No. r» General Control Instructional .. Operation Maintenance .. Fixed Charges Capital Outlay Debt Service Total ... $ 4.030.00 55,092.50 5.04(5.67 1.150.00 1.985.49 835.00 LUX THEATRE LDXORA Phone 42 . Sat.-Sun. 2 and 4 i*. Af Every Night 7 1*. .M. Always We - 20c Wert Ontomehrist 'HE MAKES 'EM SEE' 1 Over Joe Isaacs' Store Phone 540 PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Slock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores APPROVED Alfalfa Seed Lespedeza Seed Oats Seed, Corn All Kinds of Field Seeds Keystone Bulk Garden Seeds BABY CHICKS PURINA FEED Fresh Dressed Poultry I. K. Ashcraft Co. 112 R. Main w/lfc VIRGINIA WEKHER CENE REYNOLDS COTKIMEE.IAN WINTER ELIZABETH PATTERSON REQNALO OWEN • HENRY HULL UNS WILSON • Directed by WtllUnx Thiele -Produced by Albert E. L»voy Also Selectetl Shorts WEDNESDAY - THURSDAY The most taiked-about man in history,. EDW. G. ROBINSON EDNA BEST^EDDIE ALBERT Also The Duchess of Windsor, long-time "best dressed \vonum in the world." dons a nurse's uniform as she works.»n Nassau tor British war relief. Town in Nassau, then you ought to see how the natives in the un- j improved outr-r islands live." Kis | Royal Hi»hiu\s.s continue:'! -Com-1 pnrycl to those on orhor i.-.lancls, the natives ol" Grant\s To\vti nre :i-ally well off. "You spf.-. t-hcrc are all too few .steady employers ol" labor on the going to read See Them TODAY! 'estinghouse ' Ranees ...with brilliant NEW with sparkling NEW smt! ^^Qf ^..with new and improved COHVEMEHCE FEATURES! FARMERS WE HAVE SF.VKRAI. Blue-Ribbon Hebssilt Traetors sni! Machines of'All Sizes GUARANTEED LIKE mm AND PRICED TO SUIT YOUR POCKETBOOK DELTA Implements, Inc. 312 So. 2nd Phone 802 /// "-•' <it D:ir<,it. i — (\fi\i. n. • 'i M\t\-0)lf M.:T( ;./.v. a i't'c.1 .1 ;////c:7 ti. In the back of your mintl. isn't there u desire tor ;i Cadill-.ic? Isn't that what you really want? \\ oil. why not /;//>• yourself the best in comfort, luxury .mcl performance? If you're going to spend above a thousand dollars for a car" you' can do it. As tor upkeep— owners report 14 to 17 miles per gallon! Let a ride make up your mintl— lorLiy. wit/Wit SERVICE MOTOR CO. St. Blvthoville, Ark, Beautiful new streamlined design. Easy-to-clean 5-SPEED COROX surface units. Exclusive new SINGLE-SET switch for automatic timing of Surface Cooking. BIG TRUE-TEMP OVEN with Balanced Heat and Single Dial Control. Convenient 5-SPEED Economy Cooker. PLUS numbered switches and units; tilted, Easy-grip Door Handles; Surface and Oven Signalites; All porcelain finish and safe, smooth, rounded comers. --EASY TERMS-Arkansas-Missouri Power Corp Clecbuc OF ELECTRIC HOME APPLIANCES

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