Intelligencer Journal from Lancaster, Pennsylvania on December 20, 1973 · 60
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Intelligencer Journal from Lancaster, Pennsylvania · 60

Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 20, 1973
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Wirr ; SS -INTELLIGENCER JOURNAL, Lancaster, Pa., Thursday, December JO, 1973 vr 1 . '"ess 3231 Jr V ? ihi t, : ' '" "I '. 1 VaOnSHEESBi ugaaccaa r7i,JL-ga rl..ywM Bill Cosby Doesnt Like Republicans JIS233SS. : ! K3SS. .I'T ' E23Effir.;! N. t " T-", ?M-J IM? -ii-fi V J ' s y v'4; :'2!s .411.' H Comedian Bill Cosby won't work with such names as Jimmy Stewart, ... Sammy Davis Jr., John Wayne, or ' Lucille Ball. Especially Lucille Ball. HOLLYWOOD - Bill Cosby has concluded work In "Uptown Saturday Night at Metro and now heads for Las Vegas where a Hilton Hotel gig will keep him occupied through Jan. 10. Hes looking forward to his wife and four children spending the holidays with him In Vegas. Hes looking ahead with even greater expectation to the end of his Hilton hitch when he returns home to Amherst, Mass, and resumes his post at the University of Massachusetts as instructor of urban and lower economic education. "Ive been laying off TV since CBS refused to change the time slot of my variety show and cancelled the program early this year. He also doesnt have much interest In guesting on other stars shows. "Frankly, says Bill, "Theres no one Id feel groovy working with on the tube except Flip Wilson or Lily Tomlin." His ungroovy vibes generate even to champion comedienne Lucille Ball. From the way he talks, particularly to Lucille Eall. I dont like her politics, he offers by way of explanation. And goes on to say he cant cope with working with people of Re publican political persuasions. Its such a viewpoint (narrow mindedness seems more like it) that also places such personalities as Jimmy Stowart, Sammy Davis, and, of course, John Wayne on his wont-work with list. Marilyn Beck Hollywood Thats why I never take part in the Share charity affair they hold out here each year. Its-supposed to be the chance for us show biz folks all to get together. Well, I dont want to get together with a lot of them. I send in my check and stay away. j MGMs Grand Hotel is being referred to as the grand fiasco in Las Vegas quarters. The $170 million elephantine structure which opened its doors earlier this month might be closing them permanently unless fresh money can be acquired fast. Im told Kirk Kerkorlan has already put $10 million into the pot since the hotel's opening, and according to financiers Ive checked with, that $10 million is just a drop in the financial bucket needed to keep the 2,100-room hotel afloat. At the moment, a fresh fortune is being sought from money interests both here and abroad. In ordinary times, it might not prove all that difficult to find backers interested in gambling on a Vegas hotel. But with times what they are with the gasoline . shortage and cutbacks of airline schedules already affecting Vegas business-Jthe future hardly looks grand for the Grand. ' Dick Van Dyke has volunteered to help Bill Macy overcome his drinking problem. Its help to which Bill has become receptive since so much tsk-tsking has gone on about Macys impromptu, Improper "performance at the recent Yorkin and Lmc TV academy testimonial. . The irony of all this, of course, is the fact Macy cot his biggest chartce to shine on "Maude this season in the two-party story on alcoholism entitled, "Walters Problem. 1 ' Bing and Kathy Crosby will be turning . the tables on their household staff again this year, playing servants to their servants at the Christmas-day festivities at the Crosby Hillsboro, Calif., manor. Bings taken off on a duck-hunting outing to land the game that will comprise the maincourse of the feast Kathy will prepare for 40. The three teen-age Crosby youngsters will be pitching in to help cook and serve for the household staff and the staffs relatives and friends. And when dinner is completed and dishes are , done, Bing as he does every year will sit at the piano and lead the crowd in Christmas carols. ; The way things are' stacking up, "Scarecrow co-stars Gene Heckman and Al Pacino could end up competing against each other for 1974 best actor honors. Gene is hot in the running as a result of his work in that film. Al also deserves a "Scarecrow nomination, but will more likely earn one for "Scrpico. v , . Before Im off thd subject, I want to express a very sincere "thank you to Dick Van Dyke for his touching note expressing appreciation over the manner in which I handled the story of his battle with alcoholism. "It makes me glad I gave you the story first. writes Dick. It makes me glad, too. Dick has been bombarded with letters since the artice appeared, commending him for his courage In speaking out . and noting that his disclosures have given many the courage to seek help for their alcoholic problems, too. , Tell Me Why by Arkady Leokum A CASTLE FOR CHRISTMAS Walt Disney, Why Does A Year Have 365 Days? There are two ways of measuring time that man uses: one is natural, the other is created by him. The second, the hour, the week, are exam- pies of time measurements that man has "made up for i his convenience. But there are ! two natural divisions of time: ' the day and the year. , Each day is marked by a , period of darkness and of ; light, so it is easy to measure ; a day. The year is marked by - the changing of the seasons, !;the position of the sun in the sky. And these changes take " place because the earth goes 7 around the sun. When it i reaches the same place, an-: other year begins. ; So a year is the time it takes the earth to circle the sun. This takes 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes 46 seconds. This actual year is called a solar year (solar comes from the Latin word for sun.) More than 6,000 years ago, the Egyptians were the first to measure a year with any exactness, and they considered a year to be 365 days. But what about those extra 5 hours, 48 minutes, 46 seconds? Over the years they add up to quite a number of days. This is what lead to the creation of leap year. Julius Caesar (in 46 B.C.) ordered that each year was to have 365 days, except every fourth year. The fourth year would be a leap year of 366 days to use up the fraction of day left over in each ordinary year. But this calendar was still 11 minutes and 13 seconds longer than the time the earth takes to circle the sun. So in 1582, Pope Gregory XIII ordered that leap year should be skipped in the last year of every century unless that year could be divided by 400. The Chuckle Box Ken: Have a peanut. Kate: No, theyre fattening. Ken: How do you know? Kate: Have you ever seen a skinny elephant? Old Lady: Tommy, suppose there were only two pieces of cake, one large piece and one small piece. Which one would you give to your brother? Tommy: Do you mean my little brother or my big broth-. er? . 1 Win a New Book of Knowledge Yearbook for Writing About "THE MOST INTERESTING PERSON I KNOW" DR. JOYCE BROTHERS mm. Marriage Can Work Dear Dr. Brothers: A month ago, our 22-year-old son came home from college and announced that he wa marry a black girl he had met at college last year. Apparently, he's been living with her off and on for months and he s very much In love with her. .. , , , My husband and I are upset, not because we re anti-black but because we love our son and we're afraid such a marriage is bound to fail. He's our only child and we've invested all of ourselves In this one child so that naturally his interests and his life are of major importance to us. We would do or pay anything to break off this relationship so that our son could look forward to a wall-adjusted, happy, successful life. We just can't help but feel that this marriage will stand in the way of his goals and mean years, perhaps a life, of unhappiness and disappointment. S.T. Dear S.T.: You may be unconsciously projecting your own fears and prejudices upon your son when you, contemplate his marital future. If he and this woman are in love and share mutual respect and interests, they may look forward to a rewarding marriage. Love And Shared Interests These days there is little reason that this marriage, if it Is one of love and shared interests, should Stand in the way of your sons goals. - Studies of black-white marriages reveal that the reasons for such unions are much the same as those for marriages between persons of the same race. Race was not an important factor in mate selection in most of the couples studied. Its quite true that interracial couples may have to face more problems than the average couple. And frequently, one of these is parental disapproval. Overcoming problems together often makes the marital bond stronger. Most of the . problems your son and his wife will face will be the same as those in any marriage. Black militants and white racists may add extra burdens but since your son and his girlfriend have much the same educational background, the chances are that they will be able to overcome the additional anxieties and pressures from family and friends who object to interracial marriage. If you are close and want to remain close to your son, the best thing you could do at this moment is to give him your full support in his choice of a marital partner. His respect and love for you is bound to grow if he sees that you want to make his friend feel she is loved and appreciated for herself and because he has selected her. 1 When parents interfere they are likely to make a sons or daughters romance all the more intense. They are also likely to destroy part of the existing relationhip between parents and child. The young adult is bound to resent their interference and to view it as a lack of respect for his judgment and taste. . - Constant Learning Process While marriage between persons of the same background, - color, religion and culture may have some advantages, there are also Advantages between those of different backgrounds. In such relationships there is a constant challenge and an almost inevitable and constant learning process. Its also quite possible that your son and his friend may be much more alike in deep, relevant ways than he would be with many girls from his home town who may appear to be similar to him. Any young couple needs and welcomes parental support. Your relationship with your son and his wife will be much stronger if you give them all your confidence and support now. . . i . SONNY & CHER O.C. SMITH DIONNE WARWICK ' TEMPTATIONS JOHNNIE RAT 1910FRUITGUM CO. HEAR THE HITS 1955-1973 5 AM to 1 AM Daily (Ex. Sunday-sign on 7 AMI WG AL RADIO 190 MUSIC aa edge Yearbook. Send your riddles, jokes, to: ' "RIDDLES, JOKES, TELL ME WHY! Include Zip Code. Todays winner is: WESLEY SAWATZKY, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Write a letter about the most interesting person you know and you may win a New Book of Knowledge Yearbook. Entries must be addressed Interesting Person, Tell Me Why, and give your age, name, address. Answer to yesterdays Puzzle Box: Haste Makes Waste. Win the New Book of Knowl- Saiisfaciion Guaranteed Replacement or Money Refunded jVhenitis the thought that counts... make it a gift of stationery! iiflfe i Thoughtful little gifts like these make delightful little stocking staffers THURSDAY, DECEMBER 28, 187 :30 AM COUNTRY MUSIC TIME "Breakfast With The Sheriff" 7:80 TODAY 7:25 NEWS AND SPORTS 7:30 TODAY An Interview with Truman Capote, authar ef "The Dogs Bark" 1:00 TODAY Energy Tip Part IV 8:25 WEATHER 8:30 TODAY 0:00 MIKE DOUGLAS SHOW Geerga Reinholt and Jacqul Courtney are co-hosts. Guests: Melba Moore. . Madeleine Edmondson and David Rounds and Thelassa Cruso 10:00 DINAH'S PLACE Dinah Is lolaed by country singer Mel Tellis and a group of speech therapy patients to discuss the problems ol stuttering 10:30 BAFFLE 11:00 WIZARD OF ODDS 11:30 HOLLYWOOD SQUARES 12:00 JEOPARDY 12:30 PM NOONDAY ON 0 News, Weather, The Farm Report and an interview with Pete Slaugh of Slauqh Blumenstock who talks about a consumer protection concerning real estate 1:00 WHAT'S MY LINE? 1:30 THREE ON A MATCH 2:00 DAYS OF OUR LIVES 2:30 THE DOCTORS 3:00 ANOTHER WORLD 3:30 RETURN TO PEYTON PLACE 4:00 SOMERSET 4:40 MERV GRIFFIN SHOW 0:00-4 O'CLOCK REPORT News, Soorts, Weather 4:30 NBC NIGHTLY NEWS 7:00 TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES 7:30 HOLLYWOOD SQUARES 8:00 FLIP WILSON SHOW Guests: Jack Burns and Avery Schrliber and The Fifth Dimension. t:00 IRONSIDE 10:00 SAMMY DAVIS STARRING IN NBC FOLLIES Guests: Sammy Davis Jr., Tennessee Ernie Fflrd, Florence Henderson, Jnck Cassidy, International Children'! Choir and Rodney Allen Rlppy. 11:00 11TH HOUR REPORT Newt, Sports, Weather 11:30 THE TONIGHT SHOW Starring Johnny Carson. Guests: Joan ' Rivers. Gabriel Kaplan and Oeorge Plimpton. 1:00 AM TOMORROW Sally Rand discusses her carter and Roberta Teitel tells Tom how she makes people's fantasies come true. 2:00 AM EARLY MORNING NEWS AND WEATHER. 2:05 ONE MIN. WITH YOUR BIBLE Photo olbums for insto-mafic and Polaroid- pictures. Telephdneaddress books, autograph albums. One and five year diaries. Let this 1974 dailyaide help you remember $ IffiSHgUi Keeps daily and , hourly appointments at, fingertips.' Space for monthly memos, too. Hard cover... Wood-look caddy for stationery Six compartments hold lots et writing needs. Choice of ebony or walnut finishes. )27.x4l 8 Fabric covered self-adhesive photo albums Ten 11 34x1 0-inch pages hold photos in assorted zes, keeps them clean. Plain or fancy covers. Stationery in reusable box $n 30 folded sheets, 5, x7", end 30 envelopes In mod colors. Use box for gloves, hosiery. Reusable vinyl box . ; full of note sized r paper and envelopes; Box of 24 decoroted folded sheets, 4x5, plus 20 plain envelopes. Lots of uses for the empty box. ?! f 'S - Distinctive attache case Water-repellent groined vinyl outside, 2-pocket folio insidp. Hardwood frame. Legal size Magic mount photo album (Ha 3-ring l6os leof. style holds any, size photo neatly. Clear acetate over adhesive sheets. Decorated vinyl! address book 1 J m i An indexed record at addresses phone numbers, birthdays, onnk versaries, Christmas cord list! Record your days in this handy 1974 yearbook .i A page a day of ruled sheets. Plus lots of ref-erGnces.Jnterest tobies, weights, measures, more. 6-piece vinyl desk ensemble fa1 Sot includes blotter pod, pen holder and pen, address book, fflentd pad. leothsr-look vinyl. Paper Mate Powerpoint Contour grip; Paper Mate The boll point pen thet writes ef ony angle. ..smoothly end effortlessly. Colorful barrel. la This popular Poper Mata moke o morvelous stocking stutter Barrels in choice of colors

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