Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 6, 1942 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 6, 1942
Page 2
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II THURSDAY, AUGUST 6, 1942 NAUGATT70K DRIVE FOR SCRAP METAL NEXT WEEK IN BEACON FALLS Houoon l''alls, AUK, 0-~l''lrsU So loo l- Tiwn Austin Koi-U, uiul Kvtvns, (ilialrman of tlio Salvage oommlt- tou of 01 lUjI'ciiHO, uro rnnklns plans I'ot 1 ft'lvu for sot'ap niotal, to lako plftoo Huinedtiio nnxl-Nvuok, pos- By A, W. WALKER Oplomuli'Kst ut WicJtafll Bank Si, at Center sibly Tuesday or Wednesday. Scrap iron, steel,, -other metal; rofiu rubber and burlap, will bo taken up during the drive, uud H is hoped that the residents will plaoe the scrap in containers HO as to make tho work of tiie collectors less llivsomc. Tho proccefls derived from Uto sulo will bo placed Jn the Civilian fund. All the above men-' llonetl siM'iip Is much needed for war production. littler In tho week, tho date of (lie collodion will be made known by Mr, Kvans, Now Draft System " ' Itoturn From announces 'that specal ;s,orvloo. and Mrs. Swlcrczewski••have guest, Leonard Gzaplicki, of Akron. A.ROFL Jiriint v • -•.»»". T'~rV'~ ~ T T~ " v • .•">•••••• **(*-* ^ i ArvVy*r - C) j mouhtain 'and 'desert 'fighting. •j ; The presence of Canadian, ti;qops, and detail's of.Jts operation''Indicate' Uie -force 'm[ght- : lie' usedrfor•':sp'coiali. duty Jn Alaska, .and; Ganacl«,U!,: . •'. ...... ...'•« • •»—.. ••',"-'••>• •',!• .Infantry/ division ia being broken •up -Into two .airborne dlvisp.ns— l,he (Dneja.updred first! ah (It lie 82i^--wjt]i 8,QOO^fiyinJ5;Uro<>ps in each'. : '• ? , v : ', u 3 a t ters.ori/ also anno uriecs cr,e,a t.i on of a sp'deial '•transportation force, -coordinate and speed the Local men who are registered In thn selootlvo service board :I7-A, of Seymour, will be Interested to leant that a new system has been put Into •operation concerning the registrant^ classHloatlo.n. In the future tho registrants \Vlll receive n" notice- to appear for physical examination and will receive a notice after his examination that ho ha's boon placed either in class IA, :tO, or 4I'V On aooount of tho Increased amount of office work this change has boon matlo necessary as much larger quotas are now called for examinations. Oporntion Carol Holloway, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leo Hollo way of Ghuroh 'slroot, was rntnrtved to St. Mary's | hospital In Walorbui-y, where she midurweuL an operation this morn-1 Ing, ( On Vocation IN flow' of 'men, equipment and sup-. Boston, Aug.'G—.(.UP)—The- Amerj- 1 can Federation of Labor .has won the right to represent nearly" .1 ( ,)00, workers at a Provl'dcnoc, R. I., shipbuilding plant. Tho election,, spon T sored by tho National Labor ltela-i OF Til ' ''''*•• iV'"?,*. ' <vf ••"•••• ''V IN THE MAKING Washington, Aug. G—'(U P) American army of the'air^is lions 'Board/was held at the-Rheom l-nia'king. Undersecretary ,pf >Var Ma/iuftfptur-Jng company plant'which I 9 1 ' 1 -Pattorsb^. announces .that now is building cargo boats for the U. S, Maritime Commission, -An Tho 1 A PL union receiver] 789 votes whicli was about twjco .,ns many:) as were cast for the CIO group,;) the Industrial Union of Marine ahdj Shipbuilding Workers. Four other ballots wore challenged, one was vol'ded, nnci i:IG others were marked for no union. the llrst air born r e division is;'being formed. He describes it'as part of Hie fast-moving, hard-hitting elements necessary to whip"the,Nazis on their own soil. • . ; < . . IN CltlCAGO OVER " ' :fc«5^f-:-:•;• .c ^ ; ; -' Look Much Better at Tables Than Draped Over a Bar ' AIMaybr yttdward J. Kelly assures ! w,pmen-generaJly-tha.t he : hopes.Mioy \yon't Jie.-'o^endca. Hcrsays Ihe law js;,-aimecl: at..> the, ;few>\women ba' 1 flies, who hang ^around wailing 'for' men to' buy them .drinks. Anyway, says Kelly, women look''nluoli better sitting at.a: table than draped 'over a bar 'stool. . •But Edward Sanders, manager of a -fashion model -studio, docsn'l quite agree with the mayor." Says •Sanders':• "A woman can look graceful on a' ; bar. stool If she knows how .to' sit properly. 1 ! , ' ^.And bartenders;;arc loud 1 In their protests against the new law. President James Grqwley, president of • the Bartenders union,'says it will :lhrow many 1 bartenders out .woi'k.; . •.- •••. ,- ,'•" ''•,. Mrs, Ida B.. \Vise" Smith, head ,o the W. G. T. U., has only one com pi a;iu.t—tji a t iti e 1 aw d o csn' t go fa r enough, Says' she: "Men and women are on a par, I think we shouk forbid both sexes from going in saloons." ' : ' The ordinance goes into effect on #, WITH THE 6DAROIAN COLtAB \ .-SALB AT Open Snt, Nil* NAUGATUjGK, CT Aug. r 6— (U P)—'The windy• Gity is' humming with arguments, 'Q.v : er a new .ordinance forbidding 'rn<eifibers of tlie fair sex to ; an : d -mitil ^sucli or- Air Raid Erecaiitions Pursuaivt to the- ''authority grant' ed ' by- oixiinan'Ce ' of ; of Nauga til ok," ;dated:,Pebruary^26; '1942,' William nu bay, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. William Dubay of North circle Is vacutlonlriK at tho homo of Mr. and Mrs, Percy Morris, of West- vlllo. Washington, Aug. G—(U; P) — Canadian soldiers will serve as. part of the United States army for. tho Mrs I time in history. Undersecretary of War ;Pattersoti the following regulatioris";a're.' by prescribed' for 'air-raid...precautions:-' : •'•"•>' '•'•'.A ' : '•-;"" : ;"•;•;.*"" 1 AIR RAID, WARNINGS,; '(a) Tho '"public warnirig" signal of air raids sS'hall'be aseries ^ blasts on tl).e sirens, fivdt'dry tics or o their-warning i doVices";' Hi e- TODAY'S BEST VALUE — UNITED STATES WAR BONDS! t MEATS—FISH—GROCERIES — FRUITS AND VEGETABLES QUALITY FOODS! THE THOUSANDS FOR THRIFTY SHOPPERS MEAT — JOIN DEP'T. T f •• *-« i^» V^ tT »_J %^A,|«V^bAA *m^1M^ i FRESH FOWL' OKNUINK 1M2 yPKING LAMB LEGS Tender Selected FRESH SHOULDERS DAISY HAMS CHICKENS Prize" "Certified" Boneleu Fresh Ice-Packed i Ib. Avar, for Roasting i Ib, Avg. for Broiling IFRESH FRUITS & VEGETABLES Native Eoting Apples Rca wiiiiani.'i Urge Native Golden Sweet Corn doz. 23c Native Yellow Onions . . .3 Ibs 10c [i.N«tive U. S. No. 1 Potatoe* 15 Ib. peck 39c Large Native Celery; .,..;.....! .bch. lOc Native R»d Ripe Firpi Tomatoes..., Ib. 5c Fancy Elberta Freeitone Peaches 4 Ibi. 29c 4lbsl9c IGROCERY DEPT. CLAPP'S CHOPPED JUNIOR FOODS PILLSBURY'S PANCAKE FLOUR UNEEDA BISCUITS sil£a or LIBBY'S CUSTARD PUMPKIN RED FOX ALE OR LAGER ^ 20c CLAPP'S STRAINED B^BY GOOD LUCK PIE KRUST 3 tlns 25c A* -nlrmfc, A • \+ tins Steinie ,. MU 3 Uns 20c 25c SPRY SHORTENING 3 ib tin 73c SWEETHEART 1c SOAP SALE 3bara!!0o ' lb '"; ld ; aU CLOROX Cleans and Disinfects! GOTHAM TISSUE <*<>« *"«•"*"* SEDA TISSUE "llMpllal Created" .4 SEDA PAPER NAPKINS BO count SEDA TOWELS F « r «H« Kitchen STAR WATER "Mi™oio of washdny 20-MULE-TEAM BORAX .',•-• . j »• BORAXO Fvr Grimy Hands RALEIGH CIGARETTES KOOL CIGARETTES AVALON CIGARETTES WINGS CIGARETTES flun.Hwcct rolls 23 c 17c for SAVE The B & W Coupons • • I- - T rolls 1 Ib pkgs cans of 20 pkg Pkg- of 20 17c 29c Prunes Med, Si*e BLUK 1UU1SON Ilccf or Chicken Bouillon 10o Evaporated Milk RINSO 2 I^KH, 19C LUX FLAKES ioo GOLD DUST 19° Wilson's ,'/CertifJccI" '•—Mor-. oi, tin bars "'blast • '-bn ;,;sal;d factory "whls'les or other devices'. 5 ? v •< . ; -.v.' - r^y;.. - ;v •.;••' ... V ; r.^-;. ( (b) • Such pubUc^ 8,Ietialjsr-'.''^iia:ii -1 sQunded by all 'persona" havln^'oii to d y;ol' sai d sirens, w 11 i s ties'' or 'o fcli4 or warning devices- upon Instruo-i ti : ons from Wie' Ghlef Air Raid WaN den ;oi" hjs Deputy] > > •(p), ^The/Chiofv Air. or 1 ' h'is'-'tiepiiiy '^VaM' Us'sue,-.vthe : !IH structions for the sounding of sunn public- 'Signals• only'.>U]ppn^'iprders fr6m ; :,t'he Army, the Nay.yV'^ie-State Defense ' Council or:. ;S ih^-]C>istrict Warning Center of the 'OfJiclM Air- Raid Warning Syste'-m ; or : .iji .t-h'e 1 event; ; of' daytiime: fi;e;ld• trJ.als said; Chief '• Air'' -Raid : Wardom;may, issue, such 'instructions 'on 'his- own, initiative. • ' ' .. ' ..'''•; .; ji II GENERAL REGULATIONS' . *i ,(a) After .fche' soundi'rig' 1 : of "ili'c! "public -warning''/ signal • and the sounding' of the' "all" clear"' signal, bot.h cUiring- the day ;-and..;dXir- Jng the'nlffht^ason, or ui?tjjj' x l l qc l 4lr: authority' sWaii 'Declare as 'fe"any. : area .that there Is not a-'Ooridlt'ionv 1 , of clanger: . • \ .- • • ' j 1 (1) All persons 'shall seek f;ho nearest "available shelter -or \QOVC:' and sball r.ema>]n in > ftuch..vs/hel'teV or, !..'-• ; (1«) The- ^pwnersj operators 1 '•• or ten ''ants ^ofv all- ; buiiaihgs "S-hall ; extin-- iguJ^h 1 : or ^,GOi7Tp ; ]etely ;: obS'C-ur;e' : 'the^ i lights of su''s^ so that said/lights fside s-hall .visible from out-' tbuildlhgs, '"except su'c'b; a]l : 'be'^ecifically aul;h^ prized lj|^Fede']>al ;,or • State ' Govern- .. . coyer, -or -shfill, df Instated '¥y?civ- -except'persons' •putoiliij 1 -- officials,! ilian defense 'Or police 1 authority, evacuate any -area, up on, active duty, the armed forces, p o 1 i'C e o f f i c e r s, f i r c m en, ; m o m b e r s of state sand 'municipal', .services, members o'f civilian defense 0 emer-i" cnoy servi-ocs, and ••-memborjs-.Vof \ nulhorlzcd transportation, plant t ; he •'.highway felie engine-of s-lialb extlnjgiiisji :r .all the"Cligh'jts • of ^sucli ve:hic)^s/-^xcep^ ^tbat\ye:hi'CJles v -in' use; by persons ' spdcifieally : au'tlitfclzei;! l3y ;$tatev^ or.'-• Federal: Gov-ernmental authfirltyv'sliall' be : pe ; rmitted : to •con--. ti-ntu^v : op ; er>atl on; ; - uslng' such• enier- gen'cy Jdcn : 1;Jfyihg. liglits''and • other 1 i&lVts sis cpnfo'rm ^to' State• and Fed^ eral: regulations;'•'•-for. tbe -movemen • '(3.)' N^.-tp'ersoji shall;open•• the out side • •dpors.i -windows'; •skylights = o other, apertures,'of, any, 'building uji , less(f'inte'ri01;.' ligfi Ls ; have- 'been c exliiii guis'lied'br Unless' : masking ourtains or oilier li^i-l.oeking. devices. Iiave boen installed ;to' prevent the -es- ca'p'tf'-b'F ligM'^AV-n'Oii doors or wih- dow,3 arev opened. ..,. (4) No person shall light matches, cigarette ligJiLers, lanterns, flash- li^l^ts jor other similar lights ou't- doprs .unless shielded in accordance wltl; State an.d 'Federal regulations. ^•5) .All- exterior, ligtils, till street lights, all .traffic control and traffic; >varping .signals, all exterior illuminated signs' and displays; all exterior night lights, and all inter; ipr ,nig)it, liglils . visible from i|ic , outs id.e 'of buj id ings 1 shall be 1m- ;.rnedi^tely , extinguished by the person s. -i n". e o ritr ol t ; h e r e o f, c xc e p t s uc-h .lights as. shall be. specifically auLh- ,qj»ized,by. tecti'dn, hospital and public iit/illty;! services, and except persons whose! presence upon /the 'highways •'or! streets' is necessary on-admission- 1 directly connecte'd With the 'public safety or is specifically 'authorized by the local or state polfe •(2) The operators 6-t -all vehicles shall 'bring their vehicles to a stb,p as far -as possible -on the right> hand .portion -of. the :hlghwa>"' or street, shall "turn'>off t-he? engines cif any inoLbr driven vehicle and- shaiil lake shelter or shali evacuate any I area as required In'U'(a) (1), 'except -persons:-dY:vehicles '.speclfi-cally authorized to proceed' by F', State or local authority,.'III JBLAGKOUT REGULATIONS • (a) -A blackp.ut'ls hcre'lly•;doiynbd as any period of time designated by Federal or State--authority during-which lights must' ! be'shielded^ extinguished, obscured or controlled in any other manner.' ' \ Ob) Upon, the sounding -of the "public -warning's signal' during i night season and -iinl-Itthfr of the ' U a-Jl -clear", or .after issuance of a blackout order by tlie Army or Navy or State'Defcnae'Council wlthi out.' the sounding ; 'of tlje or State Govcrn- montal authority to remain- ligihted, (;6),' The persons 'jn .con.t-rol .Qf all .capable of immediate extirigU'ishment shall install readily, ao,c.9ssil.),ie -or automatic switches .and sball. be responsible for the extinguishment,' shielding or ob- .scui-aUon of -all 1 such lights, signs pi', displays.'.<iuring ; a -blackout period. :;.(.7)'.''A11. fires, rieys;, furnaces Emitting light dump ^fire.s, ch'im- aud otlier .devices OJ 1 : .steam s-hall 'be so shaded, shielded or extinguis-hed by the persons in, control thereof that no evidence thereof slmll bo visible; • excep.t such -of the abov as shall bo specifically .exemp.tec by-State OP Federal govcrnmcnta au!Jh.orJ,ty. Adequate prepai'atJon fo the' control 'ajid ob»Guratio.n of; llg^t and-steam shall be und.ertuk en by such persons immediate! upon the promulgation of these rcg ulatibns. ' . IV. .SCOPE i. . ••(a) ( All'othpr'Ipcallaws and reg illation's 'not inconsistent- with th abo-va :s'hall;remain in full force and cffdpV'"''-.; • • '.', ' ••; ' (a) Violations of tho above r.cguja tioiis 'shall .be subject' to the pen felty provided in the 1 a-bovc-mun- tioned.-ordin'anoe.i - -'r ^•••;v ''•:jBoroug)! of Nauga.tuclc . .pa^pd-'^Ay^ , $,'• 1(M2...' 8-5-d3, with MINER'S LIQUID MAKE-UP pnd «ayo.ypuwoli hoaiary^heod-. aches. Juat aniooth it ^,v.look's like gpMamer silk hose. No ruriet No twisted ooams I Slays on (or hours t Gives sJockingless iegs velvety .atfracUyeneas <ahd eye. cxitchtng glamour, Wj[|i' no't 'rub^' off or atreqkJ , ' S=e=^3=3=3=3=3=3P%=3^ Fora Service Man! Victory Box of 6 Initialed White Ha-ndkerchiefs inready'4c.-mail box, complete -.$1.00 -.^ej^^\^^^^(^^i^ Handkerchiefs, .Hemstitched and Embroidered with Single Letters, : yV: j X$JG , also h9^|iinen- Initialed at 29e each. Please note; we will be glad-to mail these out for you. Augws.t ISlh.. Mcao>vhiic Chicago are talking n across the bars. T i**r _.-. i". _•.. Waterbury's Friendly Department Store" Frocks as exciting as the new season! Frocks splashed with dancing autumn leaves, prim 3- Jeaf clovers, darling daisies, prettily printed stripes. Choose the color that flatters you ... grreen, wine, b r o w'n, black, powder blue! Choose the style that does the most for you.... buttoned - down - the front, or buttoned to the W&tet! Sizes 12 to 52, including half sizes, BUDGET DRESS SHQP Wear a watyh you know U t O VA! UP 10 THE MINUTi THE MINUTEI 11 12 1 v> J MINUTfMAN 17. '50 ~^T 90 Bank Street also PRICE INCLUDES FEDERAL TAX Buy WAR BONDS & STAMPS MINUTf MAW'r 17 1QO. PRICE JNCLUDES FEDERAL TAX JEWELERS . . . SILVERSMITHS SINCE 1*00 68 BANK STREET - WATE&BURY f f t jt i t s * i East Ma in St. Remember the stories and cartoons about the plumber who forgot bis tools? I never thought ft was quite fair to kid the plumbers because they didn't really forget their tools. A plumber has many different tools and he takes along only the ones he thinks he'll need Tor a job because he can't take them all* When he knows exactly what the job will be he takes along the right equipment. Servicemen and troublemcn at The Connecticut Light and Power Company have the same troubles sometimes. "But^wfren'a customer calls in describes exactly 1 the trouble he's having, the serviceman or troubleman knowjs just what tools to take along to make the work a "one-call" job. Besides saving tires and thus aiding the war effort, "one-cair- jobs save time and inconvenience for you* Next time you need service you'll be helping country and yourself if you give all possible information when you call the Company. And you'll be helping 'the Company .;• "".'V'. • •' • •'•> • • to keep down expenses so that we can continue to say..« EtECTRlCiiY IS STILL CHEAP

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