The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 27, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 27, 1939
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VOLUME XXXVI—NO. 188. T »E DOMINANT NENVSPAPER. nu wnn.ri, w *D* ,„. ..'... . ** Blyllievllle Courier BlylJievliie Herald ^!^««™^™rBO,mK,T "-""MS A»» BOnmwr MTae oi M Mystery Still Hides Fate Of U. S. Vessel Seized ByjSermans £SSE^siS4»-»» lotlay iit the United States'embassy" ifiiisan sources declined to give* any information regarding the whereabouts of the City of Pllni, just night. Russia announced it had ordered the ship to sail from Murmansk at once. (In Berlin it was staled officially mat Ihe vessel was enroute to a German port, the name of which was being kept secret) 'Gorman circles In Moscow said they were convinced that the American ship had sailed from Mur- Blylheyllle Dally News Mississippi Valley mansk under Ihe German flag and Hint the American crew would be disembarked at Ihc first available neulral port. i U. S. Ambassador Slehiliardt! thus far has waited In vain fo promised additional information from the Soviet foreign office He remained at Ills office most of liie night awaiting word from the foreign office but none came. J. F. Smoot And Son Are Slightly Improved Condition of j. p. smoot 72- yenr-old father of Mrs. E F Blo- mcycr who was stricken willi paralysis Wednesday night, and his sen, Russell Smoot, of Mounds 111 whose back was fractured in a hleli-' •way accident nfter he reached here to be with his father, are slWitly Improved today, it was announced at the Walls hospital where both are patients. The elder Mr. Smoot, who lives nt Lilbourn, Mo., was visiting the Blomeyer family when stricken suddenly ill. Hi, cinditlon is verv serious. ( His son's car overturned on Highway 18 yesterday morning after he had rushed here from Mounds Several vertebrae are fractured. Shock May Be Fatal To luck! Woman's Father PHOENIX, Ariz.. Oct. 27. Winnie Run, j, llld% Die er n , tKo -'. Mx'Kinncll L"l |J<Wt of " e!Uh I'tln slltcfc <> v er Iho ejcapi! of hi "', lai ' Bhtcr from "'<= ^''i 1 slate insnnc asylum.' Physicians said that if h e <n, P or' HuT" fttth F' s dcnth to her list 01 Killings. Emotional upset over her death for freedom, they snld alciic was responsible for his critical conclitlon-and only her rclurn might save his life. , With the doctors standing by nt the retired minister's bedside Win t "' C K" l ',': s I™"-' ^>.cd County Wiring Are Named In Plant'To Prosper Event, Lies On Irish Coast; British Sailor Tells Of Ship Sinki (U |., ing LONDON, OcT~a7 , ur periscope of n bl g u-boat-- <«ie of Germany's lurgi'si-unnMi helplessly out, of ihc sen olr " U|L Kentish coast loday a tier 50 l-o - es were reported lo have |, m , ,. e _ novod from (he wrecked craft Probably the victim O f liutlsh ins, Ihe .submarine, was believed o have drilled ou «| u , dmi,^,.,,,;' S"' 1 " St "" ls aflcr " cliis " '"*• LHtte Information was available onconiliis the wreck and officials •ere silent as to whether lh» slorv f undei-setis drama and"death oiild be pieced together from ex - mlnntlon. Mississippi comily winners u 'iio Plant to Prosper contest for faun families this year made tin. highest records in the comity slilce the program Wlls inniiuiiratcu,:' ii wns- Htmouncetl todny when results of Ihe I!W ccnlost were nmde public. Mv. mid M,S, T. •]'. Campbell, of lie Shady Lime community, won Ili'st. honors in tht' county landowners divisions. '•'iist honors In the 'home liu- ixovc-ment class of the tenant division went to Mr. and Mrs. MH- vlii Holiniicr, of the Shady Ordyc community, i • Mr. and Mrs. Oiroixi Payne, 'ol . , Gosnoll, won hlijlH'Sl honors !ln the tenant dhtsion. j Thc 30 lieclitln riirins, of neiu' I'lythevllle, filtered In' the oper- honors ' ope Pius' Enc y c 1 i c a ] Seems Aimed At Germany and Russia' VATICAN CITY, Oct 27 mp> -Pope Pius said, in i,| s nrat en- totlay, that when the war on,i *i , ll " t - J1 uje war Vn-»T r- ti tlle )lcw °f«ler of the world York Cotton I national a s well HS ,„,„ '?J-° 1'' as well ' ~ 1 must rest not on "nulcksanriV iio NEW YORK. Oct. 27 COP)-! P™' 1 "* ""'i' on thef selfish inter- OotlOll"- dc^CCi StO£LtIv CSiS fif t?rnnt* «•• f.,_•;..;.>., _ . open high low close Jan Mar 'May 915. -915 . 906 908 . 893 893 . 880 882 8S2 8B4 840 841 905. 901 887 874 857 835 911 . S03n 892 880 8G4 840n Spots closed nominal at 939, up New (Means Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 27 tUP)_ CoUoii futures closed steady today. up one to three points, pen high low 923 923 910 . Dec. Jan. Mar, May Jtil. Oct. 914b 905 892 874 849 905 892 874 84B 898 884 -8B7 843 close 921 912b-14a 902 892 874 841 * , -< •> •'" i"c .M uisn mi ests of group or individuals but on HO »' ' aW "'"' div ' ue r evcla- In a part of his message which seemed aimed directly at such die-' Intor types of government as those of Nazi Germany and Communist, Russia; the pope warned that to consider the state' as something ultimate, subordinating everything to it could- not fail lo harm tin true lasting prosperity of nations. . - -r-, can happen when unrestricted dominion is conferred on the slate as" having a mandate from.Ihc nation ami the people or "en from a social class or when the state arrogates such dominion lo itself as ; absolute muster despotically, wllliotil any mandate Sailor Tells Story DUBLIN, Ireland. Oct ">7 (UP) •A ymiiw British sailor, who leau- from the battleship Royi ,i Oi , k hen It was torpedoed by a U-boat old the first vivid story today of ow ECO officers and men died in ie oily waters of the Scnpn Plow aval base. The sailor, who swum two mil™ shore, said the men died quick- ami without union chance of rape when the Royal Oak -,vns !ik wllh nboit!. 1200 aboard Some of them could nol sw.n en when (hc.v were nbh lo rs- 2 tln> exijlcsiciis anc! jump Inio ••"'"" '- said. But lime lU'liu Inmior ev:n f.-, sallo:s s jhoiiicd to each her that it was a »ood lime lo learn lo swhi. The tailor snii!' 1- Thai he had ;,een Ciernnn U-fcu^j vnlui>i.nrity aurendeiiHg :o the Jirilish because ihelr oil was exhausted and (hoy could not re- liir:- tu their bases. 2. '.'Mat the British battle cruiser which Ihn German:, claimed to have tm-pcdncd at the same lime Ihe Royal Oak was sunk was not even iu scapa Flow at thc time. 3. That the Oermnn claims the British airplnuc carrier Ark Royal had been sunk or; damaged were K Juke because he had since seen her .in .jrood-.condition. "... , ators division, won "I 'this clnss. Epcclul honors were mmcimced 'or Mr, and Mrs. Join! Sloveijs 01 Dell, in Die operators division; lor Mr. 1111,1 M,..,. Howard Uowe'ti, of Double iirldt'cs. in tlic •Innil oS owners Kroup. and to and o v-ater, he is a note n: Mis. U'. K. Martin, of Mlsseo KC- Imli community, hi thc tenant division. So close were a number, of entries that personal vl.slls had lo be.made by Ihe judges after tliey had examined the record books In order- lo select first places These were Included in this t'roiip: Landowners—Mr, and MVB C. A. Evans of Lost Cnne, Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Gulp of I'awhceii Mr. and Mrs. Will Uoljlnson of Cunnl. Tenant—Mr. n J1( i M ra . Francis JJonncr of Cosiicll, Mr. n.u! Mrs. W. O. Anderson of Annorel, Mr. ""=' '•>"«• W. H. Pulghnni of 'dos-' Mr. and Mrs, Ton 'OsiH'll, Mr. and M Sli'oinlru ol tiosnell. lJ 1 !.' S liM l ' la ', Wl ' mt ' 1 ' s " Uh( ' so co »*li will cnltr the Arkansas slnlo «' iti'st. winners of which will re- ceivn substantial cash awaids 'I'he foimly winners will also b u ewsts °' inn sponsorhij! imuer for « bnn- 'IJIH ut th,. nolt'i I'eiibody Mem- l 1 !'?• tlllrl >' f| i nocember, when Ihu niihoiiili swcpstakes awaixls will <• initietinccd, So unusual were the winning fl . •"'Is of this county thnt Jiulgc : »l »l!rlciilluiii| ^ lenders ngrci «il Mlsslssl|)p| County lm s n „" ?.' 1 "^""''""'ty lo win so\ "Itl-Sniilh sweepslakes. counly has already bee. thnl. It will receive llv i"Phy ollcrcd lo the comily )HIV uu Ihe largest number of entrle In Ihe 1939 contest. This contest, which Is Bptmsorei in Mlsslssipni County by Ihe ex- agents In connection will uic' llve-at-home proijram whlcl uioy have long practiced, \m- B«l by 0. I?, CrlsBcr, membei Ihe comily agricultural coin mlllec; Prank Dell of Osccolti secretary nnd treasurer of the Credit loilucllon Association in the C0 nn- )'; .1. P. Tompkins. member of l lie AAA commlllcc In this counly and It. c. KiwpiicnDcriscr, leader Iu Ihe Mississippi Counly Farm ''an. Mrs. O, H. Poni, sii|ier- '• of Hie Farm .Security Association in Mississippi County no - compnnied Ihc Judges In the role or tidvisor couccrnlni! Homes and vomen's work. Mississippi County lms won a lumber of slale nnd Mid-South fcs ench yciir. Mas Many Men Massed On Froui, Planes Ready To Take Off Oct. 27. (UI')-The Or" 1 "" 111 ' w»'> Rejects Proposal To Bar Armed Merchant Vessels From Ports Spots closed steady nt 820, unchanged. Stock Price* NEW YORK, Oct. 27. (UP)—The , y whatsoever," he continued In direct and sharp contrast lo his remarks about unspecified dic- . later nations the pope said"Our heart is joyous, especially at the thought Dial we can count amon« friendly powers our depr Ilaly." It wns the first papal encyclical ever dated from Castcl Gandolfo the summer estate of the pontiffs' from which Plus intends to return s ock market made an Irregular decline today with volume llihter than yesterday's l,C80,ooo shores A- T ' * T. , 67 -,_2 Anaconda Cop 33 3-4 Assoe. D. G 10 Beth, steel '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. 91 1-2 Boeing Air 301-8 Chrysler . 91 1-2 Cities Service 5 7.3 Coca Cola 1201-4 Gen. Elec .'";) 41 j.g Gen. Mot. 55 1-4 Int. Harvesler B4 1-1 Montgomery Ward 56 5-8 N. Y. Central 22 3-8 Packard 4 Phillips Pet. '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. 43 3-8 Radio Q to Schenly Disl '..'.'.'.'.'. 14 3-4 i Simmons 253-8 Socony Vac 13 5 B Std. Oil N. J .'.., 47 3 . 8 Texas Corp •]? 1-4 U. S. Smell 64 U. S. Steel ., 76 3 . 8 to Vatican City late (crtay. Agreement- Wilh Alies Reported To Have Far ported To Have Reaching Results LONDON, Oct. 27. (UP)--Turkey's mutual aid pact with Great Britain and Prance, now generally nceeplcd as a. serious diplomatic defeat for Germany, has starlet! Tentative Dale Set For energizing Here I".-. November M..i, ns bc( ,,, ( ^ r set as the dale'ton turning bn-.tlie eleclric energy for Mississippi Coim- tys iirst rural electrification -project, it was announced today, by II.' C. Knnppenlicrger, superintendent of (he Mississippi Comity Electric Cooperative, which is sp'.nsor- uii; the project. To Be' Established Wei! In Advance Election Of Dec. 9 , o Western Front, has eslab- general hcadduarlers ,,t C-otlesberB. In miparenl prejrnr ' llU " c Line, It was reporlwl to- ll wiw at CliKleslx-iv that Adolf "Mi" mid i>i| tm . Minister cham- bwtaln held a nucful conference » year (igo before Iho Munich conference on Czechoslovakia 1'U'nch sources averted thnt Hie porlwp* WASHINGTON, Ocl 27 in . wu, on iWdoul Id EEIS 'S RETHH Historic Cily Will Again Bo Capital Of lj| Nation 000, faclDB SwItMrinnd I'Vench fmitler 160,on the mid nine divisions, "••«*• 11* > lObUJin, . ..-..- I.I5.MO In Austria at Iho Jji'icUon of thc Swiss-Itallan Iron- Shock divisions, tanks, imll-lank Buns heavy nrlillcry an,! nirpb, is no I u poslilon It w ,, s reported mid " L ' cilt '' 1 "'tier's von I . There was one big obsliiclc lo a Cioriiiim iitlnck _ thu nerslslcnt icnvy mlns wlilcli had caused rivers (i rise unil turned most of ihe Oerman airfields In the mmielnnd nlo, bogs. The Rhine, rosu 33V- lichen yeslcrdny. KOVNO, «JI')_ Iillhiinnla, Ocl. 27. » vilnu area of I'olnnd lo- crossed Iho border nt 0;30 '' ll RUSSlUll Pnrllnuieiit.,inct at noon two bills regulating me Mov , „ lory, nnd iii'cpurlng ror the tra '"!' of the cnpUixl to torlc Ulhunlan capital. s seined by' expected by that date as all of Die material for finishing the line Hits been shipped, all thc main line wire has been strum;, transformers arc now being''hung and connections are being made to hcuscs Energy will be luriied on from Ihe subslalion near Ibe McDcur- man farm on Highway is, six mllos west of UlylhcvJtlc Work of , Mtnbilshlnn collo Mi-cage'allotment!! for 19<o Is \« under, way In Mississippi Count according to D. s. Lanlilp in E. II. Burns, county extensio "gents, anil allolmenls to hid vldual farms tire to Ire establish well in advance of the rcfcrcndu to be held Dec. 9 on lhr> ni»»f<, of cotlnn n — "•••^, iino ami 11:11 ,i',, series of diplomatic conferences e flrst calculated lo affect policies of adciiti:i1 ' countries all thc way from ; he Danube and the Nile to the Indian frontier, it was disclosed today. Rumania, Bulgaria. Jnsjoslavia. Turkey, Egypt, Irak, Iran (Pcr- 'LoyalAmerican', Bergdoll by Name aftcr the Ine, work will start oii ; project of 125 ;nll winch ihc Cooperative expects have completed by early ."spring. 'Ibis \vill bring (he total mlle.ig Up to 325 miles with 075 member Eloclnfication of about 1000 fan homes or Mississippi, county is cj pcctod. Slntislics show that in Livestock BAST ST. LOUIS, III., Oct 27 (UP)— Hcgs: 5,000 Top, C.80 170-230 Ibs., 6.60-G.10 140-160 Ibs., 6.00-G50 Bulk sows, '5.65-6.25 Cattle: 800 Steers. 9.25-10.GO Slaughter steers, G.25-I1.00 Mixed yearlings, heifers. 7.50-975 Slaiighler heifcre. G 25-11 00 Beef cows, 5.00-6.00 Cutters and low cullers, 3,50-4.75 Wheat Dec. May open 84 84 high 855-8 851-4 Ion- 833-4 833-8 close 85 1-2 843-4 Chicago Corn Dec. May open high 493-4 497-8 521-8 521-2 low 49 513-4 close 495-8 521-4 sin) and Afghanistan have been Irawn into the situation. ,.„>.„. o,.u«u cs snow One result of thc Turkish-Brit-fin:nths from thc lime nriuers n- ish-Frencli pact, according lo re- (Continuedi o pa»e 5) ports in Paris, was lo thwart a ° secret German effort to obtain nil rights in the Near East and, with Russia's aid, lo undertake a ui- panlic diiilomalic attack against the British and French positions In Asia.' Social Register May Drop Her Pilot Tells Wife by Code Friend Coming to 1 Dinner NEW YORK CUP)-_Thc mystery of why. pilot. Robert Dawson of United Airlines reports to- his headquarters by radio as "Mr." DJUV- sou, "Bob" Dawson and "Captain" Dawson has been solved by his wife. x "Mr.," said Mrs. Dawson, "means .hat Bob is all right. 'Bob' is what ' he uses when lie has no message for me. And 'captain' means that he is bringing home s:mc compam . for dinner." lil'arm House South Of Cooter Razed By Fire COOTEIt, Mo.. Oct. 27.-Fire of unknown origin completely destroyed the home of Mr. and Mrs Wyalt Wallace who reside on the, Jerry Hrlly farm aboul a mile south ' ; of Cooter this week. ! j , r , No ™ c vvas nt '"M"c nt the tiiii!-.! , Ihe lire was discovered too late to I - sivc anything. ,\[ r nm | irrs w ,,|_ lace have seven K , m ll children. 1 hey are now at the home of Mr. ;« sister, Mrs. L:nla Terry I ( Tonight i i One will: 1B40 cotton crcp. Reports showing Ihe tilled acre age on farms will be .sent iu ever farmer of the county within week with the rcduest that mere is an error Ihe comity olllc is lo be notified so that correc lion mny be made, Acreage allotments for c!olloi arc based on the number of tillc acres In the farm and any crro hi Ihe number of acres of tiller Innd shoulii be corrected befoi allotments are established, It wn emphasized. The ccmeraillon phase of thc farm program will operate regardless of Ihe oulcomc of Ihe referendum, according lo Ihe county agents. Marketing tj are designed lo supplement the conservation program by assuring cooperalors Hint their efforts will not be nullified by noit-cooperalora. Farmers who plant within their acreage allotment under the con- •ervntlon program will be able to iiarkct all or the cotton grown on heir allotted acres without pen- ilty, it has been pointed out. If marketing quotas are In ef- ecl, non-eooperators will be rc- uired to pay a penally on all colon sold In excess cf the market ig quota for his farm. Clulm "Inside" H(UKirt LONDON, Oct. 27. (W)-rnfoi- niitlon reiicliliiK the mllllai-y In- elllRence of a great rorelgn pow- r ndlcnlctl today that Clcrnumy s aboul (o launch large scale ae- «iI warfare against Croat llrl- Iiiicnslfled air r n |,| s u . 0 ,,| (1 , )0 ccompanicd by bicren.scd subum- Ine allncks on Ihc British licet lerchant. mnrine nlu i N 0| . t |, Sea onvoys.. The snmc source said that ai>r- inny shortly would raid Enijliiiul y air, at least 10 times a day. flcr November the WLMilhur would lake such .« program dlincuil, It was pointed pul niul accordliujly Iho raids were uxpfclcd to jilarl soon. _T,.^.-. v - tA - - - ., • Objectives of 'the Oeriimn nil force, it .wns snld, would bo Ihc naval buses' nnd naval nnd ml!l-< lary . arsenals Including Woolwich, near London. The foreign military Intelligence reports said Mint Ihc German submarine campaign woultl bu Intensified In the North Sea in an cf- fort lo divert Brlllsh sea from Ihc North nml South Allnn- power Tlli; land In 1023. Husslii seized It In pniiUlon Insl to Llhunln the month niid gave It tarns cf „ ncw - .- by ,, vote of & , ,00 lo«^ « S 'W 1 ™' " - iiici'clinnt vessels of-bt'lliLwo) i^ifL ' } ', l ° ))an al ' mc(i nn«l tnrpitorinl Sllws ''°"- S fl '° m Unitc " States * Senator llcnijcll •,Mo.) IwhUlc.,,^ „..„„„, »IB mn ai (he senate.\ M under „ b i rict ^^ J '""".""^foa looispowor the "ill before tonight. iiinrehiiiirmen' 8 !"" cn<lmcrl1 <" lmii enter our watcii, only"imder .iBency conditions to be nm- scrlbcd by the piesldent ' ii'imlnWintlcn won n mnjdi Illy test ulho when the sen- -Muted n pioposnl by Senator Gerald P. Ny'c (Rep, N D) Jo ' lo K bill containing n mn ji- M.«\I! ' llTOii Cl l lb " r «<> for thc pres- mi in s jirojjiiini The senate le'tecd, n lo 50 lo reconsider the vote by Ck '° elve repre- Employe Conlribnlioi Phase ' Is Pushed By Committee Workers An clloii (o hnv<> as ninny liiy- Ihcvllle nrms us possible In the 00 per cent cliiss" I,, colltrl |, u . pluns w'cyo ;;iW- . _. "••-,•• i"«!••>•» »i KHJ iiiimu , in(lay to eslcntl (he dilvq Iliroiiali tomorrow so that all ririiis-/will . —•••*• "a ni in,-, ,given nn equal opportunit this goal. ty ( 0 lie lo allow greater Illwrly for the raiding Clcrnmn pockclbaUle.shliis Deiitsclilaiid nnd Admiral Schcer. emovctl to lays ago. William H. Brittain, 71, Lone Oak Farmer, Dies William If. nriltain, father of U ons and daughters, died at Ihe ilytlicvlllc hospllal at 9:lfi o'clock ast night. Ill of pneumonia, he was " ' ' the hospital several Thc 71-ycar-oiil farmer was born i Cavc-In-ncck, III,, where he lived nil) 1900 when he ctttnc to Ulytlic- Illc. He settled at law Oak where e Imd since made his home Funeral riles will bo held Sal- rday afternoon, two o'clock, at 10 Church of Christ, wllh Demon i. Ncal, pastor, ollicinllnt'. Uurial 111 he made at Elmwoul cemetery. He Is survived by his ivlfe, Mrs. ary Elizabeth Drlltaln; four sons, . In a number of the nrms vlslt- i'il yesltnlny by (he special com- "illtec mimed for this phase of Hie camiialgn, several owners nnd managers had already lakcu up (he matler with employes and all had made donations Pointing out Unit n i sil .(, so much the tnnoiint given but rath- 'ire Damages Service Station At State Line Fire of an unknown origin de- roycd a storage house and slights' damaged Ihe "Scotty" Tc.vaco prvlce Station at the Arkansas- ilssouri state line, five miles norlh here, shortly after midnight last glit. The names, which were discov- od at 1:10 o'clcck this morning, rtluir. Tliomns and Alfred lirll- I" of Blythevllle and Mcrvin rlttnlti of Little Rock, and seven •uightcrs, Mrs. Inda Slory. Mrs. iv artlia Green, Mrs. Maggie Johnson, Mrs. Mnyme Waldrnp, Mrs Cora Belle Cathcy and Mls.s Allle Brillaln, all of here, nnd Miss Almo. Briltatn, of Memphis, all cf whom have arrived for Ihe funeral. Cobb Rmerol Home Is In charge. er to have all employes give Bpmulhlinr, the employes wcru told thnl iiiuoimt pledged may be pnkl «t tiny given time durlm- the next few months, "filylhcvlllc's ih-st Community nnd campaign is already n success and we arc eager to reach Ihc goal of having every one who can lo i>ny something toward taking cure of our own charities" said Cecil Simile, president of the ncw- 'y formed Community Fund yroiip, In discussing the cooperation given' The goal of $4250 s tin lacks a few hundred dollars but it Is be- Hcvccl that this will bo exceeded by Ihc end cf the week. Any extra money will be placed in Ihc miscellaneous fund for oilier charities not listed In Ihc larger pro- eimtoiv. Burton K. Wheele'r in Mont.) W |,o made the moon to reconsider the vole said hjit congress ought to tie represented by the l»nrd to keen in oiicli with the piesliicnt'i, foielgn May Vole Today WASHINGTON, Oct. 27 <UP>- I'he senate Is expected to pass 'resident llooscvcll's «i ms eiii- inrgo repeal pioginm today, nm | n! n i" V h< "iiiy-iHvid«i housc MI iiiini action, As the neutrality dcvlslou nght approached a climax, Mr. ncose- vel icainrmeu present U, S. S- l™lty hi. the Emcpciin w,,r nml declared lhat Ihh nt^lon "does nol Inlciul lo got involved In war " Mr. : aoosqvelt chaigc.l orators nud.coiiinicntntors, "In and out nt congress," dellbcialely set .j."nn Imnglnaiy bogey' inan" concerning Ihc sending of Amcrl- wm soUUci-H to Emppc's baltle- nclds and labelled this cainunlgn a shameless anil dishonest fake" Die fact Is, lie snld, that no u s public;. olliclnr hne, ever J BII "Ihe rciuolG pobslblllly" of • AmerJcnn .(roop'j to Europe" Mr. spoke by ratlfo to he nnnl session of thc New York Herald-TrlbiiM's aimiial foium on current problems. ' Afler SO days of debate, senate cailcrs believed a final ioip on •he neutrality bill was assured late ' oday. Majority Leader Alben W Bnrkloy, D., Ky, believed "auk! come beloie 5 p. m, csi- fsolattonlsls conceded defeat In heir (.florin lo iclaln the nrms embargo, but claimed they had achieved "a grent morn! victory" Ailiiilnlslralloi ' ' , final the r projects of Hoy Scouts, social welfare, Goodfcllows, school baud, public library, Girl Scouts and thc $500 miscellaneous fund. .,—. leaders said a poll listed (H scnnton for ndiulnlstratlon nciilrallty bill, n maxinuim of 30 votes' against passage. The "moral victory" claim was made by Sen. Bennett Chump Clnrk (Dem., Mo.) an isolationist lender, who snld that "this de- balo has slowed up thc war fever nnd Iws shown that we Intend to' contest ovcry move that might in^ volvo (his country In the conflict." Gets Permission To Build Power Lines LITTLE ROCK. Ark., Oct 27 CUI'.)—The State Utilities Commission loday granted the Arkansas j Power nnd Light Company pev- I mission to construct rural power i Hues In south Mississippi coimty. jThe nve milrs of line will cost ii , i n i • Mho nve milrs of 11 Hurt In Explosion I approximately $21,441. NORFOLK, Va., Oct, 27 (UP)— One man was killed and seven Injured today when gasoline "Beer Barrel Polka" Played At Wrong Time „, .. CHARLESTON, Mo., Oct. 2fi-It frinnl»/l rUJH,.^',. d * c p vvns nIo "8 s We " dock took some quick maneuvering yes^rippled Children S j In Norfolk Imrtor wher. the cx- tertlay afternoon to prevent em- Assistance Discussed''!,,' OCCilrrcd ' Cnlls c of the barrassment when II d " ce u^CUiiSeu ))tost wns no , C | ctcl . millc( , Chamber of Commer ploded as It was being loaded aboard the U. s. geodetic survey l>oat MiUnvce. Work being accomplished by the Hospital for Crippled Adults at Memphis, was discussed at the i were soon brought uiuler control after the city firemen reached the i ttvKi I scene. [™ a ? of the damage had 'urea-. , weekly luncheon meeting of the Several nrc the St. Louis . erce gocd-will companies fought delegation came here. to prevent additional gasoline on 1 The St. Loulsans were stepping the boat, and at the'dock Irom hi sh behind a St. Louis band as it exploding. • •""-- u ~-" j - •• • - rl-s.ate 3 H SS Received I marchert down the main street, j playing a popular tune. .Just as , the band Jieared a building where i the state \V. c. T. V. convention Was in session, the band struck up ^*^j, c ^ j ,. j Expansion Of State's was Out of Hie blue book mj> i- u i,w Ihis lisling of Mrs. Hcsler C,. Ihmtington. .She says she probably would be dropped Irnm ihc New York social register lor finishing $7500 bail for K,-,il Uiowder, Cominuiiist leadei. ••fivii \ji uifm. & i Airports Anticipated! LITTLE ROCK, Oct. 27. <UP>- Reprcsenlallves ol thc Civil Aeronautics Authority will be invited here within the next few weeks to discuss expansion of airline facilities in Arkansas, U was announced today. The state planning board said fie proposed program vvculd be Part of the federal-stale program cooperating wllh thc Works Progress Administration and the CAA It would call lor additional alrptrls Ihronghoul Arkansas. I past-district, governor of Rotary] | made the talk and presented a moving picture Ilustrating his sub- j ce i. County Gins 131,300 Bales Before Oct. 18 C. c. Danehower, census bureau representative lor Mississippi county, announced loday that 131,300 bales, counting round as half bales, of the 1939 crop had been ginned In this countv prltr to Oct. 18 of this year compared to 148.15S bales ginned lo the same dale In 1938, H6T SPRINGS. Ark.. Oct. 27. <UP)-Doctors nt thc Army and Navy Hospital hero believed today, that Emmcll L. Martin had hungl up a record for blood transfusions. Since March, 1937, Ihe 45-year- war veteran has rc- German Boy, 17, old World cclved 40 blood transfusions, ^ ____ , j amounting to more than five ga'l-' ,lons of blood which cost $1,000. Arkansas— Partly cloudy, showers In extreme east portion, colder to"Ight; Saturday generally fair, colder. Memphis and vicinity-Showers, slightly colder tonight; Saturday partly cloudy and colder. j Executed For Robbery BERLIN, Oct. 27, (Opj-Germany executed a 17-year-old boy today, along with youths of 18 and 21, lor a SGO robbery. Franz Hlnze, 17; Wllhelm Letzing, 18, and Ludwlg Pawlicck, 21; were guillctined for robbing a woman of 150 marks dutlng an air' raid blackout. It was the first time a youth un-. der 18 had been executed by tho NOT.IS. Previously"'charges ajalmt' [hose under 18 had been tried In iuvcnllc courls and the maximum sentence was 10'years of imprlson- nent. • -

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