The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 12, 1932 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 12, 1932
Page 6
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»• Inaifls UH1-MHG1 Wins Over Cooler, and Steele . Drags Yarbrb Down.-ti'st Night. -./Team Blythevllle 'Yarbro Steele. : , 'Copter , Arniotel OSCeolfi . BRUSHING UP SPORTS W. L-. PCt. 5 1 4 2 4 2 2 <• 2 4 1 5 Vfinning over Center, Blythcvillc ajjairi' held, undisputed flrtt place In' Ihe'-'Ark-Mo cage league i>( the. .close of laU night's ncllvltles .wilh ,.Steele defealiiig Yarbro 'ami pulling (he latter team oul of a tie wll'h the rjlythcvlllc quint /or top position. A') three gnmcs played last n were fast and closely contested. Blythevllle's five point victory over Cooter,' 34 to 29, was the bin- Best victory margin of tho night. Stecle won over Yarbro In n ding-dong- tattle, 24 to 22 and Armorer got out of the cellar for the first time this season by defeating Osceoln, 23 lo 20. Ther? appeared .lo be more Interest Hi the games last night than at any time this season. The Blythevllle quint came from behind to trim 'Cooler In the opening .contest. The locals, trailing on the, short end of a 22 to 15 score at the hnlf, sprinted soon after the second period opened to close,up the gap and go inlo the lead. Once ahead the Blythevllle boys were never headed on, although Cooler foughl back stubbornly after .the 'surprise of. the Blythevllle comeback passed. The locals scored 19 points In the final half against, seven for the visitors. Y»'rtrp-St«lc Game Fast . .1 The second gam e of the even- 'tog, the Steele-Varbro encouhler was expected ty prove the hardest fought game, of (he three and the fans present were not dlssi- pcjhted. Yarbrb fighting .'to hold Its place alongside the Blythb- viile quint In the front rank went down In defeat, by .a. bare twb- 1 point margin before a Steele team that consistently rates as.^probably * the . blsgest tho ItWT RAN FIRST SECOND typ THIRD IM EMUSH OERBV" GAihJEO ^o HANV Tri. KiNCj HE«W, KACW6 7ne T AKICRV. Golf- \ AM oi n IIMUIVS 1 •$<** •v. * * < *.» Scrap Rook place with. Ynrbro as o result r list night's win.. Yarbro sut the p»c» for ten minutes bf' the first hah out . the Steele quint led 11 to 9 at'the half-way whistle. Each team scored 13 fioinU iii the sec- ond'half with that'!*••;.'point margin carried over 'from the opening half clinching ; e -wln for ':•:.-'• Armorel.climbed out or.'tlie eel* jla'r.'..Ust night,and appears a .'good .':Stay : .QU\ if Manager'Burge can keep, his present group Mn; tact.] The.,win over. Osceola last -night »as the second straight for the. Armqrel boys who surprised : lasVr.week by... trouncing 'Steele. Armorel set a good pace In the Initial - period 'with. Burg e finding . the basket with several neat shots. . At... the; half the- ' Armorel 'quint led ,15 to 7. Osceola put oh.stenm In the last half 'with Hallabaugh, speedy Jlttle. lorward, setting the : scoring p«ce. The Osceolans, outscored the Armorel clan 13 to 8' In .the final period but the early margin of the Armorel troupe .wns too big .-for. Osceola to overcome. Abe Kinnirigham, scoring ace of ' the City cage league last reason . but who has been inactive this season, made his initial appearance . with the Armorel team. Abe didn't .play very long and appeared to be out or condition. . First Game B'vilje (34) Pos. CoDtcr (29) HollantJ 11 , p. Tc . rrv •, Potter 9 p. Burns 10 Stevens 6 c. Coleman 2 Bible 3 . G. Rushing 8 Smith 1 . . . o. .. Mlchie Substitutions— (Blythevllle) • Har: ris 4, Newsom,. Bryant; (Cooter) Young; Gillen, Myrant 2, Brown. ' .. _ Game Bteete (24)., pos. yarbro (22) Colbert 7. , ,F. utn B 5 Cro^ett 1. p. jpniins , 0 Bums 3 . o. Northern 2 S» rls 8 •'-'. G. Zohner 2 Workman G; Booker 2 Substitutions—(Steele) Crawford . . — . 'But don't be ,.,,. ''."««! be-far (n'suince, „' '°' Mike -Brennrin. Lnntnin, ore you so.sure I'll be . Mike wasn't n giant but he knock?<i °«t lhal you'll guiir<mt"e wasn't afrnld of any ot them, and m ° tllp S5W lf rm »°t*" »sM Mike, was one of trie most effective trial G '"iigticrt and agreed. ho«es : bf the '80' S| nndJo-s. .., Fltz tried to frighten Mlk« by y staying lour eyes, lu the first few seconds ' he fa -- ' to anyone staying lour with rounds. Mike talked to Martin Jiulnn Fitz's brother-in-lnw nnrt mnnnger "How iinich \vill you give me if I knock Fitz out?" he asked "We'll give you $500," said Julian with a Irtish. :t Captain plorl guarantee the and we're on.v .said Breunci:i Olorl, a famous sportsman, nn'.i Filzs backer, was culled In. ' " l wl " guarantee you $500 if you .leyth ,p with'out a com I. "How Kiajiy tlmlps did you go down?" I nsked him n few years ago. "I. can't say," he replied. "My activities were going down n»d coining up. I could Julian in Hie wings yelling n t FHz to get set nnd stop me. But I jumped up so many times that Ruby Bob becnma angry,- and cursed me. "Sure, Tim. 1 got the S500. Aftsr lint I we?it through I'd hnv: torn cracked Mike on the chin nnd up- 2, Doss 3; lYarbro) Perry, Kin 5 i. Third Game Annorel (23) Pos. Osceola ftO) Smotherman 6 F. Howcrton 5 Burge S p. Hnllabaugh 10 Hudson 6 c. Watson 2 Klnnlnghan-, 1 o. Tatum ndcs 2 o. Hampton 3 Substitutions— (Annorel) Smith, anske; (Osceola) Rhcubush, Young. onicials-(first gawe) i vy , referee, Kramer, umpire; (second game) Kramer, referee, first half, umpire, second; Greene, referee sec- ond .half,, umpire, first halt; (third gaine) Cijjft, referee. Ilol- Innd. timekeeper. Sudbiiry, scorer. Gas Well In Heart of Clly ,A gas well, brought tn in Ihe heart ot the business district of ' Kenmore, Buffalo's largest adjoining suburb, has a daily gas now of 500,000 . cubic feet. Tlie well wns drilled for William E. George, local .'garage owner, to provide fuel for his building. nil) YOU KNOW .THAT—' Three world scries heroes live in-Rochester, N. Y.;<,-. one Is Rabbit Mnrnnville, «• years did .nnrt still .going strong... ; ,-The shorlslop of the Braves spends his winters sliding down a. hill near his home on a sled....and walking back up....Heinle Qrob Is there, too....Heinle Is- malinger of the Bingoes ot Bing- linmton....nml snys he can play third bnse tortay'. better than " lot of youngsters;.. .Heinle' l his brother ruri ft boVling ey.... Maranvllla' was - In' two world scries. 14 years apart]," and Oral i was In seven. ...Her- blc Nfornn Is the other..:'He pl'iyed (n the IBM "series,' heln- ing Mnrmiviltc to'upset the A's' fmn- In a ro«" - .'• T-iunUry Men Get. Jiikt)« ; ' SOUTHEND; England, ":<up).' : i Justice was promised'' today- fit the laundries . ol Southend, wh'lch nre kept .too , .busy--drying ; the clothes of persons -who faJI irit< the sea. Hereafter,. each .person who falls inlo..the ise'a will' be charged sixpence,to defray the cos of drying out.- f -. - .... 1 DIvlnyl oxklc, a new"anesthetic is said to be more rapid and efficient than cither, chloroform or the ancslhcllc gases ' : RITZ THEATER Tuesday and Wednesday Matinee—2:30 - Night—6:4! Acini.—JUitince—10 nnrt 30c Night—10 and 35c SEE txiu "_ a Job ' * "** OT »"T desired objwtite foUon * stow, cir- oiiloiu r«(« lo*«d. Oat columns not only tac»u, ,- nese pros . f or rca brt Uso M S ,« ,„ Ktutc interview with ac Inter- esua pr«p«t at Ue |rre»t«t «,. in« of time and effort. Phone 306 i DELICIOUS ||^ 1» Th« Word For 1(1 U&UCIOIM with JANR GAYNOR ouuss FARRELL IIMINOB. AM* b, OioMf Oowwm.! roxnouM Thls.C'harminK Pair in the Most Charming Picture of Thrlr Carter Also News and Cornedv Perfect Sl't, 3*VErt. Babe Huth, Bill; TlWsri and Denifisey are about, the Mine age The-Bate will be 38 when'.Feb. V rolls around, Deynpeey will lx 31 June 24. plil.Ttlden will t* : 39,' fb. 10. - .. ':.••••':•' •!.,•/;«..-..'., . Dempscy, ..though' ..'washed''.up, seems stljl to clinji'jo the foolish dream that h« can 1 come back-bn- ess ho Is only 'spoofing/ Tllden, older than.the other two, packing, them. Ih for'pro- feaiounl tennis 'mitt-Hi*,' and: mucii ol the okl nri) and skifc rcmiln In ilS' technique': :.-• .;,.-. \ , .\ : : ;:, •', I!ab; niith','after ISVnr.rrt. dim- ralgns under suronwrs bollinz im, . announces notl . , —-, Hardest Thcsa" three:'.arf. going down he smset trail stijl-.hghling, And. lioiiEh Dempsey is itie younger of ho three, the odils 'against his •iiccess i;i r9gairiir<.;>the v -. world championship should ' &•' -'ibout 50 to i, NO sucJi odd^j-ifeuld be laid against Ruth', ^pirformance with the.bal/,howe'y*J$.vXna i' ycu bar. C6ch e ti,-j^:;:, 1 ^ about the.peer •al;uij'j(«inis'nlav- cr : hi (he world.'; A'. .Mj.^;. ™ Dempsey's 'copditldn'isSa,''meas- ure-.of the «r«^«idoas3oji:j)oxi n g limb psrlection; required ot The rHj B nmn is far above that o£ any other sport. Perhaps, -.the; reasoh lies in the punches .a .flghter must absorb. TlWen'.. plays- one :.ii the ir.os| strenuous of. games, but doesn't get . slammed ground c, Dempsey 'was' in ; : :hts, furious bal le with ; HrpDt-.', for v instance, nr (he one with Bill Brerinan fJempsey.-remained 'it i'rils !-'"ik M about- flvd;?yeafs'-; -.Be' 1 - Kited -cm 1919 [ 0 i 926 - *"""' Uut ' 'X yeaS ago.' .nd Loit-'at ItiHb't'-" - •'•' '- : Ed J-atra'nglef tjVC'. U' -' pail '•u. *He - has Had perhaaB '1300' niatche.s : '-in his' -career* : -^hink of It, l*wis-was beg''innlnV'tost»r , ,, willard, Dempy and Tunnty.have passed fro ^ 'lie picture since-.-Lewis startea " ',-"""K. -"«ii me. : old-. Stranglei still is. squeezing-sconces -••/?.. And, wou! restler cou: Coal Industry S*u New Mine Safety R« c _ safety record for the year «„« Chrlslmas 'gift of the• Industry (o miners a»« r lies. It reported «7,OCD,M 0 i 0 n.• hf coal mined In 1931, with fcww „.„? dcjas In the mines than in am - n " vlous year,, up to Christum? EvV according to n report Issued by tho Commerce Department. .• The production for ili e y-aV promises lo aver.igc 226,000 tonj for every life lost by accident 1,1 <£' mines, whereas five years ago the average was only 281,000 tons, ten years ai;o It was but 254,000 tons ami 20 years ago it v.-as only 187.' 000 tons j>ci- deaili Courier News Want Ails Pay. ; "The of the many interesting golf battle*, between Jerry Travers artd Walter Travis was fought 28 years ago at the Nassau Country Clilb. Travers, at that time a youngster, had defeated Find lay S. Douglas, former national champion and recent president of the U. s. G. A., in the semi-finals of an invitation tournament. •Jerry was'nervous at meetm* the monarch of the links, three times holder of the amateur crown and at the time BrltUh Amateur cham- pl<jn. He shot 4-6-5 on the first thiree holes and was two down to the old auw. On the 6th,' however he, managed" to square the match with the aid of a Sche'nect'ady putter, borrowed , that. day. from a friend. Travers had gone stale using" his own deck .putter, • The young man hiid ID .'advantage when- he wth trie 1t!j.','.- . • '• - • '••.• •: 'Alter thcy^halyed the 8th, Trav- S»X-too)c the 9th. They halved the Wl), and Travis won the Hth. They Mlved the 12th, leaving Travis with an'advantage of mis up coming to tne hoodoo hole. Here Travis drop- n*d a;kmg,.putt for a deuca, malt- nsr him two -tip; • •• - Figuring the youngster well beaten,. Travis became careless with an Approach (o the 14th and lost the hole.. The. next two were halved and young Jerry managed to square the match on the 17th. I his life. With the strange putt«r in his hands, he hit the bsll smoothly and crisply, u was good all the way. The kid had vanquished the old master. „. ---T-.^h 1 : actually ^ W3»«fl.?|:-,;-,T.- < .i:.•'.•.-;' Thursday; and .— JIatinee — 10 and 25c Adm.— .Matinee and .'Night— 10 and '25c' -'" Set ready for (he laugh of a lifetime! • •- • -'•*•' "•** jvumjui o about half, that far. away ?' d , m " n ' s P"" stopped inch'°™ the: ' c uP «nd-.Bllght- side., Jf was a sure {our WARNING ORDER • CHANCERY COURT. CHICKA'; SAWBA DISTRICT. M1SSJS- ;SIPPI COUNTY. ARKANSAS. . The Tennessee-Joint Stock. Land Bank, a Corp., Tin d -Bank of : Commerce and Trust' Co.,, Trustee/a corporation, Plaintiff, No. 5088 vs. Clyde Robinson, et al., Defendant. The defendants, Harold B. phil- ips and wife, Grac E Phillips,-Rainer k Connell cotton Co., Bankers Mortgage Co., a corp., International Bank ot St. Louis and J. W. Rogers are warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, The Tennessee Joinb Stock Land Bank and Bank of Commerce' and Trus; Co., trusteo to foreclose'a trust deed. • Dated 12-18, 1931. 'HI' L. • GAINES, - Clerk, 'By Elizabeth Blylhe, D. C Church & Gannaway, Attys. for •Plaintiff.' '•• .' ' •'•' 21-28-5-12 Courier News Wjujt'jid* Pay. ROUND TRIP FARES AT 1«/ 2 THE REGULAR ONE-WAVRATE .; Now'a the time to take that : trip and here'i the way that will save you money. FinesK buses m the South, comfortable reclining chairs, Tropic-Aire hot water heaters, (killed,"s courteom driver*, convenient terminals. Call today for com- pleteandtcourteousinformation. Excursion Round '-•'• Trips -,. j- Memphis 1.1 $ 3.30"' ^Chattanooga^.. I3.80t Paducah ; 7.05\ St. Louis I 9.60>, ; . Evansville 12.75 -Birmingham -Jl.. 1230 Jackson," Term'.'' 670 .?Low :One-Wav Fares 'Ne'w Orleans L II.20 New York .-;,... ,29.40 Los Angeles ... 36.50..i !~ UNION BUS DEPOT': • 2nd .A Ash sts., Phone^ 2W GREYHOUND TO PUBLIC Tlie Laugh Riot! with WILLIAM HAINES JIMMY DURANTE ; . ' : tHe's a scream I) ' ; ERNEST TORRENCE LEILA HYAMS : A Sam Wood Production Mso News am] Short Subjects January nth, 1932 From and after this date, the Insurance Agency of W. M. Burns, Agent, (not W. M. Burns Company, Inc.) has been transferred and assigned to The First National Insurance Agency, Blytheville,-Ark,- '•t •' .. .;'.•• .-'•'."•'.. ; AH policy holders oiveing accounts for'iiiiraiu^;' tQ the W. M. Burns, Agency, will please pay same to the First National Insurance Agency. W. M. Burns, Agent First National Insurance Agency f

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