Laredo Weekly Times from Laredo, Texas on July 4, 1909 · Page 12
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Laredo Weekly Times from Laredo, Texas · Page 12

Laredo, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 4, 1909
Page 12
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FEOSI THUE 8 DAY 8 DAILY. MEXICO CIGAR INDUSTRY. One of the best ways known to cut down your bank account yet die* covered, is to cultivate the habit of wanting. No matter how pleasantly and conservatively any controversy may spring up between two local contemporaries, it almost, invariably ends in a rough house. As IT is becomiug daily more apparent that the *Teddy’ bear is going out of fashion, how would it do for some inventive genius to get up something a little “Taity” Just to amuse the public at large? Now COMES the Caller and intimates that the cause of so many fish being killed in the Corpus Christi bay, may be attributed to the sounds made by the Celestial voices of the singers at that City by the Sea, T hee * can be no denying the fact, that of all those abominablfc trusts, the sugar trust must be the sweetest of them all, and probably that may be the reason why so many of the big prosecuting attorneys in this country are sucking on it so much all the time. IT ih iuipUBaiUiv ko evcu much less determine, as to what condition the human race would be in at this age of the world, had all the work, effort and zeal that has been expended in teaching and planting Christianity in the human heart, been used in opposition to its doctrines. Bals» Hermioos Of Veracruz Lead The Manuftciurers Of That Country In Quality Of Cigar- PROMISED RAIN ARRIVES. , OUR WASHINGTON LETTER jíiigíiageüige.! Both The Weather Man And The I Our Central American Neighbors A nyhow , notwithstanding all this fussing over the hot weather that has prevailed for several weeks without intermission, our worthy and strenuous governor seems to be taking bis much needed and deserved rest, after keeping everything, from a boys spinning top to a railroad locomotive running on time. It seems that the biggest opposition to any further railroad building in Texas, is confined mostly to those counties that are already filled with them, and dont want to see the undeveloped portions of the state come into eom- petion with them through the facilities offered by railway transportation. Have you noticed it likewise? How does this piece of cruelty to the feminine race as paragraphed in the Corpus Christi Herald by Bre’r Jeff, ring in the cars of the heroic masculine race; “After all, it seeuis that the the ladies of Corpus Christi will have to take up the work of suppressing the mosquito. The men are too busy to even think of the citv health " T he Laredo Times bows most gracefully to its esteemed contemporary tbe Denison Herald, pleads guilty, and asks for the loan of that world famous split log drag to run over any such suggestions in the future as is speaks of in this paragraph: “T he L akkho T imes is making suggestions for tbe Legislature to act upon, Man, man, don't you know that everybody is thankful that the Legislature has adjourned and that thoughis along these lines should be relegated to a distant date.” Have you ever smoked s Balsa Hermanos Cigar? We suggest you try one and experience a half hour of pleasure such as you never before experienced from a smoke. The factory of Balsa Hermanos of Veracruz was established in 18d4 ana from the time of tbe organization of the brothers in the cigar industry, the concern has continued to grow in size and reputation until the present time they lead Mexico manufacturers in the great industry and stand shoulder to shoulder with any similar concern in the world. They do not live on the reputation made in earlier days, but manufacture the article that lovers of a good smoke demand and daily add lo their famous standard, “Quality.” Tbe fact that tbe judges of tobacco at the largest expositions in the world have awarded to tbe Balsa Hermanos cigar and leaf tobacco the first premium gold medals is enough guarantee in itself to the smoker that tbe cigar is all that tbe bouse claims for it. At the International Fair at San Antonio the Balsa Hermanos cigar has been «»Wcbturu luiec uicUtAtd, Ub buC World’s Fair in Chicago, the Pan- American Exposition in Buffalo, the New England Fair, at Boston, tbe exposition at Atlanta, Georgia, the Louisiana Purchase Exposition at St. Louis, the Paris Exposition, and the Crystal Palace exposition at London, besides a large number of smaller fairs throughout tbe world have placed the Balsa Hermanos cigar first and there it Stands today. Mr. Cortina, a representative of tbe house who is in the city at present is enroute to the Alaska-Yukon exposition in Seattle where Balsa Hermanos have a large Laredo Weafher Prophet Strike It Rij^ht This Time A good drizzling drenching rain fell last night and the reputation of'both the weather man and tbe Laredo weather prophet has been saved. A couple of days ago the weather prophet published bis prediction that it would rain before July 2 and be had a good twenty four hours to his credit when the rain fell before tbe time was up. Yesterday tbe weather man predicted “rain to-night or Thursday” and be also struck the nail on the head and the ruin arrived. Yesterday was a pleasant day as far as temperature goes it only reached and there was a good north breeze and the clouds played about tbe sky the greater part of the day in attempt to shut off the rays of tbe sun. But in the afternoon a whirling dust storm made things as uncomfortable as possible for everyone. Everything was covered with dust. The popular pose of the day was taken with a feather du.ster in one hand and if there was more than one about, a feather duster in tbe other hand the arms moving in backward forward motion, the dusters brushing everything in reaching distance. It tried hard to rain yesterday afternoon sprinkling a few drops ! of water ul iutervais uud about six o’clock succeeded in loosening up for a little drizzle. This ceased shortly and was continued until night when the rain came in earnest. The day dawned cloudy and at intervals during the morning tbe drizzle continued. This is the kind of rain that makes the grass grow. A slow drizzle that soaks into the ground until tbe earth is soft and mushy and filled with moisture. Reports from the railroad oftices exhibition and from there he wiiijgho^. that tbe rain was general in take their entries to San Antonio; this vicinity, Tbe Texas Mexican in time for the exposition in that | reports that everybody between city in October. i here and Corpus were treated about One reason for the superior | the same. The I, A G. N. reports quality of the Balsa Hermonos that the rain was general along cigars is tbe fact that they raise: the division between Cotulia and their own tobacco. In ^ alle Na-|San Antonio but not much this cional, are located five square ; gide of Cotulia. leagues devoted exclusively to tbe cultivation of tobacco. This year these vast plantations have produced libs, which amount is utilized b\ the factories Hermanos in Veracruz. When you ask for a Balsa Her-¡free The observer at the post reports a rainfall of .47 inches in this city. Soreness of the muscles, whether of Balsa j induced by violent exercise or in- jjury, is quickly relieved by the application of Chamberlain’s manos cigar be sure you get a Balsa Liniment. This liniment is ecjually Hermanos, don't let the man be-; valuable for muscular rheumatism, hind the case say “Here is one just i and always affords quick relief, as good”, for if you ever smoke a .Sold by ail dealers. cl Balsa Hermanos, you will know j — ■—— — that he cannot give you one “justj IRRIGATION CONGRESS as good.” I BALZA IN GALVESTON Ch'a.lenges The Town According j To The G&iveston News Tells | About Match In Seguin ! But Not About One With Belfose. JosT to think of that county attorney in Texas filing a suit for tbe state of Texas, after giving it only a few weeks attention and then allowed NINETY THOUSAND DOLLAES for his strenuous effort. A sum of money that amounts to ten thousand dollars more than the governor gets for twenty years service to the slate, to gay nothing of his ardorous duties in holding down those regulative legislatures. But, it should be recalled, that this big pile of cash didn’t come out of tbe state treasury, but out of tbe pockets of one of those dad blasted “cuppe rations”, Tbe best pills made are DeVViti’s Little Early Kisers, the famous little liver p‘ills. They are small, gentle, pleasant, easy to take and act promptly. They are sold by Reed’s Drug Store. dl Andres B.ilsa is in italveston and challeiiges the town to ri (ireco- Rouian wrestling bout, hut says nothing about, the match in New Laredo with Belrose. Galveston News says asf(/llows: Andres Balsa, who claims to he thechanijriun Greco Homan wrestler of Mexico and Texas, re-achMl the eilv Tuesday morning and was a caller at The News ofib-e last night. He is a {lowerfuUy built young man, and looks the goods, judging from his photos in mat costume. He is willing to take on any wrestler in this city or section in the (ireco-UomiiJ style, and expresses J. reference to try conclusions with Prof. Herman Bernau just as soon as the latter is ready to sign articles and set a date Gn June ¿U, near Neguin, Balsa took on Private Frank McDonald of the United States Goist Artillery, wiiO' claims the championship of i I h * army, and threw him two straight rounds. Ihe first round lasted two and a half minutes and the second five and a half minutes. The match was under Greco-Roman rules.” Sad Accident Estelle, the little three year old child of Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Foote was so unfortunate us to have a fall yesterday afternoon resulting in the poor little thing breaking her left arm The fall was from the front porch at tbe Foote residence. The child suffered great pain for some hours after the accident, but has been resting easy today. Great Interest Aroused in This fountry Over the Meeting at Spokane Aug. 9 to 14 to Discuss Our Utide veioped Resources. Are Becoming a Great Burden to This Country in Its Effort to Maintain Peace. PROFESSIONAL CARDS. POyskJans, Suf^eons dm! Speiiallsts. Memtiers of Webti C«. Medical Society. DR. J. T. HALSELL Physician and Surgeon. Office: Richter Building. Hours . 11 to 12 aud 4 to 5. Phone; Office 104, Res. li.'O Spokane, Wash., July 1.—(Special.)—Continent-wide interest has been aroused in the problem.s relating to the reclamation of arid and swutnp lands, deep waterways, forestry, conservation of the country’s resources, good roads and home building ko b<: discussed during the 17th session of the National Irrigation Congress in Spokane, August h to 14, and there is every indication the attendance will be the largest and most representative in the history of the organization. Railroad presidents, financiers, scientists, government officials, engineers and practical men in other lines of activity have accepted places on the program, and advices to hand show there will be from 4,.oU0 to delegates, including farmers, orehardists and truck gardeners and visitors from Kunsa«, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, Colorado, the Dokotas, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, Arizona, Nevada, California and points in flanada, and as many more from Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia and Alberta. There will also be delegations from Missouri, Illinois, Michigan, Florida. South Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, N*ew VorE and other eastern, middle western and southern states. R Insinger, chairman of the board of control, has letters from 25 governors of states and territories west and south of Chicago, saying they will be present one or more days and representatives from Europe, the South American republics, China and Japan are expected to remain throughout the wt-ek. By Uuiwtl Frcsi. Washington, June 27. — The recurrent problem of Central America still confronts Secretary Knox’s administration like the ghost of the White Man’s burden, and the State Department, which is of a mind to wind up and take a demolishing whack at it, is pausing to know Just how to whack Secretary Root’s policy of benevolent education conducted on the dipluraatie settlement work plan has not had the desired effect. The little brown—or the white?— brothers down on the tropical end of North America are cutting up worse thon ever. There are rumors of revolution, riots, disturbances and every variety of civil unrest, which corne to Washington in telegrams from consular and diplomatic officers and the banana route from Mobile. President Zelaya, of Nicaragua, has practically run tbe American diplomatic representutives out of Nicaragua. Iluuuuia» is in itieiiabiiual state of chronic unrest. Guatemala is in the hands of a despot. Salvador and Costa Rica are in constant fear of being svpallowed up by the neighboring tyrants. The State Department files are full of the claims of American citizens, The condition is so unequivocally bad that it seems tbe question is not now, how it is going to end, but when? Next November the new home of the Bureau of American Republics, which represents |T5l),()0(i worth of effort on the part of Andrew Carnegie to induce the Central Americans to enter into the grand movement for peace, will be dedicated to its high mission. It is a nice marble palace and we may be sure that John Barrett will make a great occasion of the dedication, as he invariably does, but the people down in the revolution belt, civil employees and insurrectos and the few plain people, don't seem to care much about it. It is a safe bet that when the Costa Rican, .Nicaraguan, Guatemalan, Salvadoran and Hon­ duranian ministers wave their silk hats as their particular flag is floated in the breeze, the folks down borne will be awaiting a chance to start a revolution in their neighbors back yard while thoy keep an j eye on the front door. This Central American burden is costing the United Slates a pretty penny every year. At tbe present time live naval vessels are required to do patrol duty along that tropical and perpetually disturbed coast. These are the Duburjue, •Albany, Vicksburg, Paducah and Marieta—with ii2J men in the combined crews. These draw in pay alone about >(40,(M>u a month. There j are besides the officers, the cost of maintaining the vessels coal and other items. Considering everything, it costs the United .States about i*l,5rMi,t)(i(i a year to watch over Central America — which doesn't include the upkeep of Andrew Carnegie’s 4;75b,0()U peace institution in Washington. The net result has been a lot of chiirns against the gavernments, continued disorder down there and increasing disgust and despair here in Washington. Hospital Closed. The National Railroad Hosfiital in this city was formally closed today. It was practically closed last week, but finally so today. The employees and ('(¡uiprnent have all been moved to Monterrey, where a large hospital will be maintained in the future. The Mercy Hosjrital will be used in the future for cases of the railroad requiring it and in addition Dr. Ilalseil, the comjiany physician has opened an office in Nuevo T>are- do for the convenience of the em­ ployes of the company in that city. Home Changes Hands Some weeks ago T he T imks mentioned the deal wherein Mrs. Thai- son sold her elegant home on \’ic- toriu street to Mr. Bernardo de la Garza, At that time it was agreed that the delivery should be made on the lirst of July. As per tbe ugrerunent Mrs. Thuison delivered the property today to .Mr. de la Garza, who with his family has moved here from the Handudo ranch to make their future borne. Mrs. Thaison and daughters left this morning for Kerrville to spend sevr*ral weeks before they establish their new home in this city. DR. W. E. LOWRY Physician and Surgeon. Office: Mil mo Bank Building Hours: 11 to 12 aud 4 to 5. Phone: Office 130, Res. 2ti6. DR. E. H. SAUYIGNET. Physician and Surgeon. Office: [.oiredo Drug Co. Phone: Office 112, Res. 164. DR. A. W. WILCOX Physici»..' and Surgeon Office; Wilcox BUx:k. Hours: 8 to 0 and 2 to 3 Phone 91, DR. J. T. WARD Specialist Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat. Office: Milmo Bank Bdlg. Hours: 9 to 12 and 2;3U to 6:30. Phone 130. DR. F. G. GONGORA Physician and Surgeon. Office: Cor. Grant Street and Fiores .Ave. Hours; 7 to 9 and 4 to 0, Phone; Office and Ri-s 187 . Dentisti. R. E. COCKRELL Dentist. Office: Electric Light Building. Telephone 308 fimmmmmmwÊmmmmammmmmmmmmmmmm^ M. A. WOE.HIIAM. J J. HEWITT. M. A. Worsham Co., REAL ESTATE. We don’t keep farms and ranches—We sell them. We write all kinds of Insurance, Fire,Tornado, Accident, Health, Burglar, Plate Glass, Auto and Live Stock. Get a. policy. We represent the best companies. AXV Kl.VI» OF NOTARIAL WORK. 1 have just received a carload of St i;I)EHA KKR RU NABOUTS, Stanhopes, Surreys, P H A ETONS, EX 1 ‘R ESS AND Farm Wagons tl)e Studebolter Is tlje Leader, Call at my e.xhibit store on Market Plaza and look over them, J. ARMENGOL. Office: Cor. A. E. YOUNKIN Dentist Richter Building Market Plaza. Telephone 211. N W JOHN O. BUENZ, SUCCESSOR TO George Pfeuffer &. Co. Dealer In Lumber, Shingles, Doors, Blinds, Laths, Builders’ Hardware, Glass and Roofing Paper. OSte0(MtÖ5 DR. L. G. AMh'T, (ISTKOPATH . Ke.«idenee and ollU-e I ntíh FiiirH),»ut.St. Phone ,’187. OKFIC'K IIOI KS: 11 to \'¿ a. 111 . und I to ó p. m. lawyers. C. C. PIERCE Attorney-at-Law, Practice in all courts. Office: Cor. Farragut Street Convent Ave. and Up-to-date and complete stock of HOUSE FURNISHINGS Laredo Furniture Co. JOHN L. DAXNKLLEY Attorney-at-Law Will practice in all courts. OHice at Sames, Moore A Co’s old offices. Qvil Engineers. AT LEE Æ FOSTER Engineers. Office: Sames, Moore & Co.Bld’g R. Ä. Bigden, Sign cincl Ccirricigc- P a i n t e r . Campbell’s F^evisedGuide of Mexico Rand, McNally &Co. PocKetMaps of Mexico, Terry’s Pocket Interpreters. Spanish-English Dictionaries. Spaoisb Qramroar. SONORA NEWS COMPANY, Eat What You want of the food you need Kodol will digest it. A rJVlCKTI.SlNri Z "4 1 / A \T Í ^ Kl.BtOTKIC ^ I H .S.V (il.AHS v3 V J i 1 V J O fficf : Robt. McComb, Painters Supplies. Mining, i^ancl) ai)d (Igricultural lyPROPOSITIONS IN GOOD DISTRICTS IN MEXICO FOR SALE OR LEASE. Fxceptionallv first class mining prosjiects. ADDRESS James M. Hughes Cerralvo, N. L., Mexico. You need a sufficient amount of good wholesome food and more than this you need to fully digest It. Else you can’t gain strength, nor can you strengthen your atomach If It Is weak. You must eat In order to live and maintain strength. You must not diet, because the body requires that you eat a sufficient amount of food regularly. But this food must be digested, and It must be digested thoroughly. When the stomach can’t do It, you must take something that will help the stomach. Tlie proper way to do Is to eat what you want, and let Kcdol digest the food. Nothing else can do this. When the stomiich is weak it needs help; you must help it by giving it rest, aud Kodui will do that. Our Guarantee Go to your druggist today, and a dollar bottle, and If you can lionestly say, that you did not receive any Ix'tiefits from It, after using the entire tottle, the druggist will refund your money to you without question or delay. We will pay the druggist the price of the bottle purchased by you. Thl.s offer applies to the large bottle only and to but one in a family. We could not afford to make such an offer, unless we positively knew wliat Kodol will do for you. It would bankrupt us. The dollar bottle contains times a-s much as the fifty cent bottle. Kodol Is made atlfielalxtratorles of E. C. DeWitt & Co., Chicago. Stir.D HY REED'S DRUG STORE Real Estaie Transfers The following real estate transfers were filed for record in the office of the county derk since noon yesterday: Policarpo Cavazos and wife to Antonio Z. Laurel, lot 1 in block 34 E. D. for $85, SelllTs Y^r"Rags. Bring your clean rags, not scraps, to T ub T imes office and turn them into money at three cents per [)f)und. I 4 tf WHY NOT .■^peibl the hot months in one of the cool resorts of ()LI) IMI l XICO b Attractive summer rates always in etTect on the Hood Rdlwoys of Nexko. FOR ALL INFORMATION SEE C. M. FISH, Coirrmorclal Anent, Laredo, Texas.

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