The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 5, 1967 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 5, 1967
Page 8
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Pag« Eight - Blythevllle (Ark.) Courier News - Friday. May 8, ttff Probst Housing Discrimination Negroes Plan March Downs - By C. M. GILMOUR .1R. 'LOUISVILLE, Ky. IAPI Negro civil rights leaders Have announced plans for a march on Churchill Downs tonight creating a possible confrontation with the 25,000 fans who normally attend Kentucky Derby- eve races. The Rev. A.D. Williams King, leader in the movement for an open housing ordinance, said Thursday he planned to - '?o house shopping — just to look, not buy" in the city's all-white South. End, scene of violence during demonstrations three weeks ago. King's brother, Dr. Martin Luther King, in Louisville for Derby week, said earlier he and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference "are 100 per cent behind using every means of persuasion" to get the city to pass a law banning racial discrimination in the sale or rental of housing property. The march will occur about the time the Derby-eve crowd exits from Churchill Downs, also in the southern part of Louisville. If police approve th marchers' application for a parade permit, they must supply enough officers to keep order and reroute traffic. « * t If the permit, is denied, a spokesmen said the group would march anyway. The marchers then would face arrests for vio- lating a recent court injunction banning night marches and marches without permits. * * * The group will assemble at Wyandotte Park for a seven- block march to the Downs. Wyandotte is the area where two weeks ago marchers met up to 1,000 white hecklers who threw bricks, bottles and rocks. Police made a total of 500 arrests. The marchers apparently will not enter the Churchill Downs grounds. There were these other developments Thursday: Officials said policemen and National Guardsmen will number about 300 more than usual for the Kentucky Derby Saturday. Gov. Edward T. Breathitt said, "I cannot believe that the cause of open housing or any other facet of civil rights could be helped by demonstrations at Churchill Downs." * * * The National Committee against Discrimination in Housing announced it is demanding that the federal gov- related to urban renewal, ernment deny -Louisville funds housing projects, and the model city program unless the city's aldermen pass an open housing ordinance. Negro leaders have promised some demonstration on Derby day, but have not said what form it will take. Draft Proposal Passes First Test WASHINGTON (AP) — Prcsi-[individual boarBs, with a lottery dent Johnson's proposal for drafting younger men first has passed its first congressional test, but his idea for doing away with some 4,000 local draft boards got failing grades. lor random selection system. The committee-approved legislation filled a gap left by the President's proposals— what to do about college deferments. It suggested that college stu- BUl .«mu s 6 ,— . ThP Senate Armed Services dents in 8 ood standing should be legislation draft « syn.vsi.w a- f. «r. - potential draftees But it rejected the concept of consolidating the local draft boards—now manned by citizen volunteers—into regional boards hundreds of staffed exdu- sively by Civil Service personnel. •And the panel gave only limited approval to another proposed Johnson innovation—replacing the present system of induction, where the decision is up to the with the younger eligibles. * * * Republicans in the House earlier this year rapped Johnson for not offering a plan for handling undergraduate college deferments, which have become a controversial issue in the wake of enlarged draft calls to meet Vietnam war needs. Under consideration In both law, due to expire June 30. The law requires youths to register for the draft at age 18 and keeps them from the ages of 18% to 26 in a pool eligible to be drafted. While the Senate panel did not rule out use of a lottery draft system, it questioned whether it would "really result in a fairer sharing of military service." The universal lottery plan drew renewed backing from Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D- Mass., in testimony Thursday before a House Armed Services subcommittee. The plan also was backed by Lt. Gen. Lewis B. Hershey, director of Selective Service. But spokesmen for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce argued against the plan, maintaining local draft boards should retain four years the military draft UiiUcr UUIlOlUClatlUU 4U UIJUJ JVLQl ui Hit uuu»~-j u"- —— houses of Congress is adminis- full authority for determining tration legislation to extend for -'-'-'- -—•-•—'- -'•-'•' »™ which registrants should be called. Robin Olds at 44 Still a Hot Pilot By GEORGE ESPER SAIGON (AP) —.Col. Robin Olds is 44 in a young man's Air Force but he's still one o: the was escorting the F105 Thunder- chiefs whose mission was to bomb the Hanoi transformer site seven miles north of the center of the Communist capital. hottest pilots of the Vietnam war. A World War II ace with 24Vi enemy planes to his credit then, he shot down his second Communist MIG21 Thursday io become the first double MIG killer of fee Vietnam conflict. ,. "It was a great experience," he said when he returned to his base, Ubon airfield in Thailand. "It was a mission to keep the and the other got nailed. He was MIGs off the 105s (F105 Thun- iburning when I left him. An derchiefs) and we did just that. IF105 pilot saw him go into the We spotted four MIG17s later, | ground and I didn't see him bail hut they didn't want to mix it : out." up." ' Olds, graduated in 1943 from outstanding tackle on the football team, comes from a long line of military men. One member of his family was a colonel on Gen. George Washington's staff. His father, Maj. Gen, Olds said that as his flight got | Robert Olds, was commander of near the Phuc Yen airfield "two * e 2nd Air Force durm S World MIG21s were spotted at 10 o'clock high heading for the last formation of 105s." "We broke into them," Olds related, "and when they saw us they quickly forgot what they were there for. One disappeared COILED COIFFURE gives Australian soprano Marie Collier something to sing about during time off from her operatic duties. The creation includes a central coil in the center, with "fountains" o£ large curls sprouting out, around and above it. QUICK QUIZ ; o_\Vhy is Mira called "ThtJ Wonderful Star" by astrono-. m one ? of the largest stars far the universe, It is famous for (slight changes. Mira expands; and contracts every 330 days,. This expansion and contraction causes its light to grow brighter, then dimmer. O—Does sound travel faster through steel, water or air? A-B travels through steel. 15 times as fast as through air; in water, it travels four times as fast as through air. tLl may be achieved. The load skidded to a stop after 700 feet. homa to Be First Insemination? OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) The Oklahoma House has approved and sent to Gov. Dewey Bartlett a bill to legalize artificial insemination of humans and declare children of such conception legitimate. Final approval of the measure which opponents tagged immoral came Thursday as the House accepted some Senate amendments with little discussion. Both bodies had passed the bill earlier. Bartlett, who hasn't expressed an opinion on the matter, could make Oklahoma the first state in the nation with a law on human artificial insemination by signing the bill. The measure provides that LBJ Back at Ranch For Long Weekend SAN ANTONIO, Tex. (AP) President Johnson is back at his Texas ranch for what seems destined to be a long let-up weekend. The White House press office, headquartered here some 70 miles from the LBJ Ranch, said Johnson would be working on ambassadorial appointments, jorrespondence and similar rather routine chores. Johnson and wife Lady Bird flew to Texas Thursday afternoon. artificial insemination may be practiced in the state by a medical doctor. Offspring resulting from the procedure would be considered under the law as having the same rights as a legitimate child conceived naturally. During the original debate on the measure, Rep. J.D. Witt, D- Vinita, warned that passage of the bill could lead to Oklahoma becoming "the Sweden of the United States." Other House opponents charged it was "an immoral" proposal that would "put human beings at the same level as four- legged animals" and "won't make for good relations between husbands and wives." Rep. George Camp, R-Oklahoma City, has received communications from all over the nation concerning his efforts to pass such a bill. One letter came from a 27- year-old woman in the Northeast who is expecting her first child in June. The child was conceived by artificial insemination after 3% years of failure to have a child by natural methods. "These last six months have been the happiest of my husband's and my lives," the woman wrote. "My husband is our baby's father." "Fatherhood is more than genes and chromosomes, so much more," she added. Dr. Herman J. Muller, Nobel Prize-winning zoology professor at the University of Indiana, expressed "encouragement and support" for the bill. An Oklahoma City couple wrote saying they have been planning to have a child by this method, but their doctor has advised them to wait to see what would happen to the law. The wife wrote: The doctor "will not and cannot agree to help us unless this bill is allowed to become law." The wife said she knew of other couples interested in and willing to undergo insemination. COMPARE THIS MOWER CDMET War II. Olds, of Washington, D.C., is married to former movie actress Ella Raines. They have two daughters, Chris, 15, and Susan, 13. He from S.C., and took command of the 8th Tactical Fighter Wing .at Ubon, which calls itself the '•Wolfpack Gang" because it has downed more than half of came to Southeast Asia Shaw Air Force Base, Olds' flight of F4C Phantoms I West Point where he was an; the 37 MIGs claimed by the Air JForce in aerial duels. Navy plots have downed the other 12 I -«- II A • I MIGs claimed by U.S. pilots. \/lf*\r I oils'c /Xmiri ° lds snot downhis first MIG Y IUI I CIIIXO /\l I IIVJ over the Red River Valley last * Jan. 2, the day Air Force pilots downed seven Communist interceptors for the highest single- day kill of the war in aerial duels. Taylor Talks Amid Tear Gas Bombs \ HAYWARD, Calif. (AP) -I Gen. Maxwell D. Taylor, defending U.S. policy in South Vietnam, continued talking in an unperturbed manner Thursday night at Chabot College despite release of two tear-gas cartridges in the audience. * Taylor, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and former ambassador to the Southeast Asian country, spoke at the junior college's new gymnasium dedication. " He was answering questions jvhen one cartridge was set off, JBriving about 75 persons from a (Section of the main floor. Doors were opened and ventilating fans turned on. Then, a second cartridge was set off in the bleachers forcing another 50 persons ta flee. There was no indication that the gas reached Taylor. A police official said, "It definitely was tear gas, but no one suffered." About 2,300 persons were in the audience. Chabot has 6,300 students. Police said "two very small cartridges" were smashed against the rear wall of the gym, opposite from where Taylor was speaking. Outside the gym, about 20 pickets marched in opposition to U.S.-Vietnam policy. Taylor entered the gym earlier through a rear door. Later, another group, said to be students, set up a counter- picket line. In his speech Taylor said bombing of North Vietnam is necessary to keep pressure on the enemy. He said he thought requests for more men on the bfittlefront were justified. Both of Olds' MIG kills have been made with air-to-air missiles. The Russian-designed MIG21 is a bigger prize than the earlier MIG17, since it is faster and more maneuverable. Only one other U.S. pilot, Lt. Hugh Wisely, a Navy flyer from Wayne, N.J., is credited with two enemy planes shot down, |one a propellor-driven plane early this year and the other a MIG17 on April 24. Olds flew 107 missions with the 8tti Air Force in World War II and won two Distinguished Flying Crosses, two Silver Stars, the Air Medal with 27 oak leaf clusters, the British Distinguished Flying Cross and the French Croix de Guerre. During the Korean War, he iwas in the Air Defense Command and, as he says, "missed Ithe fighting." "HOW TO TEACH YOUR BOY THE VALUE OF A DOLLAR" If interested in a newspaper route for your ton, call or write the circulation manager of the This newspqperboy has learned an important lesson through his part-time business. He already knows that a dollar isn't something that comes free every week under that loose term "allowonce." He knows how many papers he has to deliver and how he has to hustle for a dollar. It's one of the many lessons he'll learn on his route. When a boy takes charge of a newspaper route he's going into business for himself. He learns to budget his time, to keep accurate records; he learns oil-around responsibility. And his profits give him a head start on saving while he has the chance to get ahead. If your son cornes up to you someday and asks if he can have a paper route, don't give him the brush-off. He's showing o little initiative. And after all, that's how Ed Sullivan started out... he was a news- paperboy, too. Blytheville Courier News REMEMBER! His or Hers Graduation Gifts By Saying - I have Been Shopping at THE COSMETIQUe SHOPPE 105 S. Division PO 3-1134 with any other mower regardless of price! NO OTHER MOWER HAS ALL THE FEATURES A SNAPPER COMET GIVES YOU. Snapper Comet mowers are un> excelled for ease of handling and comfort for the operator ... and they ate unexcelled In mechanical features, too. Big 5 to 8 HP gasolliw engines (some with electric startersJi all steel construction! cone pletely enclosed transmission) 5 speeds forward plus reversa ... and lubricated for life. In* slant cutter height adjustment 1" to 4". 26", 30", 41" sizes. We invite you to compare Comet with any other riding mower. Try It On Your Lawn! Gentry's Garage 517 W. ASH ST. Ph. PO 3-4269 COTTON PRE-EMERGENCE HERBICIDES • Treflan • Cotoran • Karmei O. L. • Karmex D. W. 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