Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 5, 1942 · Page 6
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 6

Naugatuck, Connecticut
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Wednesday, August 5, 1942
Page 6
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P*ge light NAUGATUOK DAILY NEWS, WEDNESDAY, AUOUBT 8, 1942 RUSSIANS REELING BACK UNDER BIG TANK ASSAULT PRIVATE BUCK .-. By Clyde Moacow Keveals New Re; tr0*t» in Caucasus and Don River Bend, (lly.Unllml , Tho HUHHlun tu'inloa tiro pooling fijit'k lindw Homo of tlio Kroatonl tank asHwulU of U»« ontlco war. NaxlH aro nttnuklng lii waves nmny UM .1-50 tanks, and are Whippet tuiikH from j>lnnu» Sovlol HnoH, MOHOOW oofi/li'inn now rotroaln In. tho OawwMUM and at thu Don rlvur hunt! whom Soviet MUCH previously \voro. holding, . Tho ofl'lolal IliiHMlnn news aKonoy, TUHH,. »p(wkH of the "Inorun&lng' gravity /of tlio BlUmtlon," Tho Irioat Mpootutnilur Na/.l advance, Is in tho Hlul«yuxllnti (lioe-ul- n'-iih) HooUir DO wllus 1 of Salrtk, Ifoi'o tho OwwaiiM an.) jwiindlriK focwai'd holilml manned tanks, a^alfiHt Soviet dofonseH whloli In- oliido fow If any tankw, II In oft ihlM norl-horn fi'onl that Iho NnnlH aro WhlppOl planer aiul mum's of pat'u rthutn troops. ThoHo InolloM thrnatnn lUuwlui fonuiM, ImUIInK In tho pookot nouU of UoHtov, vvllli unolrolomcnt at KtiMhnhovka, On the l»on rlvor bond, the HUM Mans admit falllriK hunk on tho fronts Horth norlhwoHt and southwest of Stalingrad. All alonK Ihn front, .Mm Russians are hattllnK deNpora|.oly, Tho Soviet ooiimiunhiun roportn that flosMuok cwvutrymon killed M.dOU Germans In a sliiKlu sector south of Negroes Confess To Fatal Stabbing of Stanley Kolbusz Now York, AM», 5—(UP)— Polluo n\\y thai it-Nt)0i'«. ulrl mid four Nofji'o yo.uNis- have <HHI- rrvs,MO<l (o the fatal Nlahblnj of Ntanloy Kolhu.y/, In a Jlarloin holdup, The llolyoko, JMiws., dufonso worker wa.s loorlnu thn Nouro dlNh'lot on .fitly 18th when he \\k\H iitlitckod by tht) llarloni' Itivs, Hi) HviMl two wouk« with a ttfiwwl lip heart hofore hist .Stinday. On another settlor, a battalion of anll-rlflc'innn hold 150 Naxl tanks at hay for «i hours ^knockltiK out 17 of thorn, four mlKhty f.lmnan altaokH worn stopped on NIC Don river bond nnar Tsliulyaosk (Tsiiiun-lyahnsk 1 ) before llin liusslnns foil hawk. Tho /Ioniums ulalni that llio vlK'M 1 of Sovk'l counlcr-attaoks on tin) Uon IM diminishing hut list no now on llio Niibjuut. U waa most unfortunuto for India—and for an uiulWHlanding o Uandhl—that, In drafting hln Jalos roHolutlon, ho «poku of nogotiatlng with Japan. TIIOHO words, ostensibly, Imply that (landhl IH an appon«or, thoy glvu thu IfiipruHMl'on that Ito would soil out to Japan. A imroful study of GundhTH position rol'utos thLs, (latulhl wantrt an Jiulopundunt India, froo of Hflllsh or Jnpanuso control. Ho fools that, onoo India 1^ froo, ho uan go to Japan and nrguu that indlu and Japan havo JJD ijuarrul. if despite this, Japan should at. laok bur, Uandhl fuels that nonviolent •rtmlHlanuu and Allied holp tioutd save India, U. S. Rubber Co. Parachute Boat ^OFFICE HOURS— MONDAY THJBQIJGH FRIDAY • 2 to 5 p. m. , Telephone 5304 V ! Notlo«8 for this Calendar must be -at ..Defense ;I-|ea'ilquurlcrj5 or Red House by 5 p. m. Friday, each 'week. ! 8tf Week Beginning- August 3^ 1942 WEDNESDAY, Auoust 5— Mo Fneetings.scheduiod ". ' •••'••'':''•'' ' "^^*" - - —~ .'•-•'•" THURSDAY, , 1 3 :00 p. rn. i7:30p. m. 6;30p, m, . August «—HX)ME NUHSI1VG Red C-oss HOUSG— (J'lni'ors)— Miys Catherine A. Brooks. Red Cross House— Mrs. Ar|hur Swe.cnc^. AUXILIARY FiniSMEN'S TnAlNlNG COUliSK , Fire House— Section ,'B— -Arthur Fager. : ' '' . FWDAY, August 7— AUXILIARY FIREMEN'S TIU1NING COIJHSE 6:30 p.m. Fire House— Section D— SLephen Sweeney. PRIMARY VOTERS NOTINCUNfflTO SWITCH HORSES "Just my luck! A rare specimen and I left my butterfly net two mUes backl" LOCAL MOTORISTS MAY HAVE GAS CASES REVIEWED EN€LAD HA| REPUDIATED THE from Pago Ono) Hurlln roports play up tho Na/,1 olnlin Ihaf. Lh« town of Kropotkln Uri miles rtnuLli of Itoslov, has fal- Ion, Thn (U'rimiriH. say Uu-y'vi; pushed to tho Im'nks oi' Uio Kuban rlvur, oonlh'mod the Na/.ls fields of 'J'lif'sn olalms —not yet by \fosoow ..... would brlim ovtti 1 neni'fM' tho rloh oil llio north Caucasus. Japan Poised To Pounce On India oat always stays allauhed to the illol. Although this orango-yellow boat In flvu foot six Inohos Jong-by thruu foot I'our Inohos wide svhun InllaLed, It folds Into a compact stfat phok only M Inohos'by IJj Inches by Ion: 1 Inches. NWthln this pUckuKo Is a full HOt of vital (U|til'piuon(. T.syo wlro rolnfuriiod 1'ahrlo paddlos ill Iho hands of thu Illor and operate <us Iho wob I'oot of a duok to propol uiui stoor Iho boat, A oonoorlirw haiul pump Is I'astonod to tho valvo utul oan bo uHotl for maintaining re- (juh'ud prossuro. * Tho action of the pump IM sl'inliur lo playing an ,uo IContlnuwl from Ono) ri Ih^ fn(!c of tho (lommon r, Ihoro xf-uiiiM ru> |KI|»O of a oofii- lltHt lul/thl nvurl tli>' <H'|H!H Ihc .aiiHWiM' H.OM In the and I'tHcr background of HID ovor Indfpondonci', to tho Mrlt- iHhVls not an aoadomlo riuosUon hut a'hfmlod polllloal and ooonoinle IM- Hu«, , , rfir «>0 ywirs oi 1 more, Hlnlosinon hqh/ju taknn stands on tho ppobloin-— volood vlevvw that oan not ho ftly t'< In ease tho Ijout should.bu plorced with maohlnu gun lire, thu oqulp- rnont fnuludos Hpoclal plugs Iho Illor oan (julokly fusion into-the hoius mado by a bullet. If any accident should happen Lo the boat ho hun oqulpniont for o/norgonoy uvo which ho oan uso either working from within tho boat or from In Iho \vu- tor, In addition, lie IUIH a odllapHlblo fnln'lij lja H llln#'oup and u fubrlo sea unohor, Total .woltfht Is only 12 pounds. In addition, Hie govunnuont fur- nlshuH a can of watur, and a sou jiuu'kur for uso by Ihu Illor In drawing attention for rusouo pur- fs'augatuuk rnotoi'isKs \\iho Jia-\ had I heir rnriuosLs for supplcnicnfii gasolltiu turnuil ilown by Lhc loc-a rationing board, may appoal k> LI board for a rovluw of tlicir case looal ol'fkilalrt have inclloalod, Motorists \vho fall to receive th add(ul gasoline; may appeal t.o .11 board 'in wi'lllng, and oaoh ous will then bo UioroiiM'hIy rooolvei at 'llm next mooting -of Ihu ration Ing'board-- Tho board is rcuiulrud.t abldu by bho ruios and rogulatlon laid' down by Iho D'PA and l,hos rules will bo Inlorprctrnl as Ihu appl'y to'..-dlffuront oases. • Ts'ow fupplluaMonw for -supplomonL ary gascdlno aros-l'lll boliiff.rcool at -tho rationing office to'be'uot cd upon by Unvboard in duo "course Persona who havo applied for .sup plcmontary'KasoilMo and havu boon granted souio extra inofor fuol Vmc who failed lo call at H.ho of'floe lo obtain the supplujnuntary l»ooks have one coupon removed i'ron Ihu supplement for every elghldays o ,luly 2i>. Up to the present time all. appllca'tlons wirlcli were preso/itod j/rlo/- lo July 30 4uivc boon acted upon and 'people may call-'at the rationing .office Lo learn whal action has been taken. Thu board Is not sending, out notices of Hie action take a*s Ihc'OPA provides t'hem wltii no stationery for Uiis inir- pos.e, •Slate poHce \vere said to be In- vestlHalfng reports that fake gas- ollno books' -\vero boing sold in An- sonla, of to [i and tho land's natural rlohos a It a prl/.o not easily ronounoet* f Interest Is a powerful motlvo. iVo havo only to ohsm'vo the rolf lohhlos In our own gnvornmont ftpproolato tho prossuro Lh/U from India's rlohos, ThUH, aftl'flf from Imrnodlalo military nmwMsltlos, any ftritlsh decision to out India loose Is dlmoult lo inako, Mcmnwhlle, tho Indian point of vl'ow Is bolng Hhnporl by Oandhl—a Visionary who stands high ahovo tho numdano earth, , .Oandhl soos India In terms of hnr cloHllny. And he, fools that road to that flosl.lny llfs ahead of tho path of passive roslMlanoo. 'oHNtanoo Is almost a ro- wllh fhmdhl, anrl IIP truly hollovoK tho rnook will Inherit tho earth-—In good season. This Is f.ho weapon ho has userl Against hrilaln for yars, and It's (.ho weapon ho would uso against tho Japan OHO, It's dlHlmdt for n western mind l.o understand Oandhl's reasoning, and ihnro Is much muddltul Held in Slaying This nosv ono.nittii ' paruohutu boat Inul'Uflos Innovations developed by Km! I'atton, boat uxjjort of UnH- ud States Hubbor uunipuny, work- Ing with basic Hrlllsh doi^lgns. A war plant of Unltod Slates lUib'bor oompany IH now producing tho ono- iiitui [laraohuto boat and other typu.s of Inllatablu llfu bouts 24 hours a iluy, Urgur life boats and pontoons aro bolng made hi the U, S, Uubbur Go, planls here for war UHU. Former Hawley Site Location (Oontlnuod frum Pago One) POLITICIANS MUST PROVE GAS NEEDS Will Not Recognize Changes in Frontiers,.'. in Czechoslovakia, v .. London, .Aug. 5rr-(LJ P)—England officially has taken 'back overyr thing she saitl at MuniuTi about-Ger-' rnany's ' Suclotenland •'--(i 1 a i m s In Gxe'chosloyakia,',, ( . / . Foreign Seci'e.lary Edon' told the House of Commons tlHit/ih the-post wai- Tost' of Czec'lioslovakia, lOngland .' Svlli.' not- 'recognize uny ohangos in 1'tiqntiers eYrpcted in ' or since i038. Tliat Visa TneariB .|,hal the slices ^o'btulno'd. by Hungary and Pbl- u ad-' \vi 11 *b'o v -v£ki cleri.,. 11 ovvqver, Eden saklPoUinYi's boundn^y -Xyit : h'Gxecl}o- slovhki«-'(jaYi'be- settled a : t th ; e conference ia'ble, " .-';•'.. •'?.• l -.v..,/'': Th6 -for't'-igri... .socrota'ry' • rleclarcd .of the . ogiYoes'sionB.-acknow- ndgod by Britain fit^-M-unlch. will >e considered, It was .a;. fprnl : al re- mcllatioii of the Appeasement act vhic/h Killer violated ' three' years o iby marohlnjc; into ; .'Pra^iie. •'. Wden.- announced that Jie.'s • ex~ .hanged notes wi,l<ii, the • GJ5eohosro- vak foroign minister ; assuring, -him -ha.t lOngland now'is-..guided -o y •! i cr f o rnia I I'ocogn 111 on. ; ; of' th o ocih -government in;exrle; He also -paid .tribute. 1 ', to ^yliat, he a Hod "the tenacious, courageous Land the 'Czechoslovak people are uikilng -against their a-u/thless ; 0er- lan oppressors." ;_ . : - • And -lio added, "acts .Such 'as tho ostruction. of Lidice, stirred tha onseloricc of -the. ciyllixed world id will not be foiigottcn .wihen 1 ID time comos to, sqttlo the ao- ount with the per p'pIra tors." : ' Primary voters in four states do i(?t seem inclined:'.to switch horses n' mid-stream, 'in Virginia, West Virginia, Kansas and Missouri, officeholders seem assured of re-nomina- U'on;. 1 ,. . V,irgii!ia,'with most of the ballols .counted, re-nominated' Reprcscnta- U ye .Howard Smith, despite obstrue v tipnjst, charges. Virginia. Is ccjuivalcnt to electon. r . ; We,st V'l'ginia voters gave tile edge .to. 1 Governor Matthew Nccly in the Democratic senatorial race. - Veteran Senator Capper of Kansas had.littl'O dilTlcuity in winning the, Republican re-nomination. Former Senator George the Democrat who will face • h-i'm in the fall elections.. '-.-Representative Walter Ploescr of- St;;. Louis, Missouri, leads six opponents for Republican re-nomination despite^ accusations of pre-war isolationism. :' DRASTIC WMOUT COAST ORDERED San Francisco,'Aug. 5— (UP)— The chief or tho. \YC.stprn 'defense command has ordered, a.,drastic di.maut or blackout of.Lhe.cnLirc west coast —in some areas as..far in land as 150 miles. , , Lieutenant General J. . L. Dewilt explain^ that the order—effective 1 August 20t!i—<i's necessary to.protect; coastwise shipping from the sub marine menace. He says lighting from such cities as San Francisco is visibly .150. miles at sea, And he warns thai .submarines have little trouble picking up the ships silhouetted by shore' lights.. What clothes do you plan •''..''.'.. for your leisure time? Slip into these he men's two piece, short sleeve sports collar shirt that gives your Adam's apple the freedom of your neckline —and slacks as cool as a cucumber—for as little as $5.00. Other suits reaching to the heights of linen, homespuns, and choice gabardines, $8.50 to $15.00. NAZI U-BOATS FIND GOING TOUGH OFF AiERICAN COAST The order 'spccillcaMy limits outdoor lighting to one caddie per foot at any point—foreshadowing the end of n-i'ghl, baseball, games. Th'e- atcr marquee lights must be doused. Coastal dwellers must shade windows fachig -the sea. General Oe Wit!, reveals the army, navy, fourth air force and the ofllce of civilian-defense will conduct surveys testing tho effectiveness of the order. The OCD will tll'rcct the enforcement of the order. R.A.F 1 U VVUM ruinoi'otl HOIIIO months ago thuL tho hullcllng now Lu bo for a U. 9. lluhhor Oo, HuloH svuy lo 'bo ontlruly tiorn down to inako room for u now laboratory bulklliiK. bulappHrontly thaso plans havo boon wullcally hold up. Pictured weoplnf Into ]\\n h»ndkor- chief JA MHX Fox, 48, M» ho waa booked for homicide In n Htntlon house Jn Now York City, Police any ( he confea«e<l 'thnit ho fnt«lly ahot Kobort B, Greent «nd Morris Wo- lenakl, hl« ex-partneva In A crossed him, were pl«y- when Fox ended their llvei with * .88 p!«tol, W. L. B. HEARINGS ON TWO MEDIATION CASES AUK, f>-(UP)— Tho War hahor Hoarrl hoKl"H hnarlngn tnclay on two mofll'atlon panel rt»- portH, affootliiK Now ICriKlami loxtllo woi'korn. Thn roporlH Irullimlo that tho wa«fH of -i8,000 .mill owployoH In the Now KiiKlarifl arna an.' .suh-Hlantlard. Ami they" ronomiiHMifl pay liun-oaHoM of ahont H(!vnn and one-half conlH an hour, Thnnn two rnpoi'U Involvo only ahont onn-half of tho Now KMK, land loxtHu svorkm-H hut all "rtuoli nmployo8 would honollt by any In- • I3ostoy, Aug. 5—(UP)—The regional OF J A administrator gives some now Information on tho controversial order, allowing candidates for, political off I oo all l.he gasoline thoy want. And Kenneth B. Baok- rnnn siiys-thls data will help coi-rccl 'what -lio calls a misleading Impression, No says the rpgulaLlons allow sup- plomonUil politicians only for what aro do.soi'lhrul fis purposes ossonllal to the prosooutlon of oandldaoy. I3nokman. adds that tho- fuel supplies will he'given only when transportation.!^ ricoessary to accomplish tho polltloal work and only whan there aro no oMier roa- sonahly adequate moans of transportation available, Plan for second • front backed Canada, Gallup; poll-Jlnds. In Army cases standards to take men wl'th one eye or deaf' car. London, Aug. 5-(UP)~ The British believe that the Nazi U-boats may., bo finding things a little Lough for their liking off the . America coast:' . . ' .. Official British .sources point the> .decreased scale of subrnarfn attacks in -American -waters as Jn di'cating that the U-boats may hav Hecn. forced' to seek oilier waters which" ; .to prey on allied commerce And they say thai the Increased dc fcnsps and adoption of the corivo syste rt' probably -is responsible fo Ch'is. ; ';V •"•' \ ; • 'A I;'.' the same time, Lhb British re veal that thoir light naval force have-;, taken the offensive agalns Ih'.e Germans. II, '.is' -explained that when B hn'd only; a few of these coa'sla .ships...^.^:/ had to remain, on the defense. Now, however, an aulhorlzec informant • says, "The -bottlenecks have been 'overcome. We~ can look forward to an increased scale of attack." •'.' ' ; - •• •»*•»• -Mexico return's Kunzo, bund chief for espionage trial. Korel'gn Secretary Eden, in statement to Commons today, formally repudiated the Munich treaty which carved up Czechoslovakia. Me said that in view of Germany's conduct, Britain no-longer considers herself bound by tlib."= pact. And he warned .-fijormahy by % Terence that a new Czechoslovakia wi'll arise after the war. .But he declared bluntly that tho Nazi cyimcs in destroying Lidice will not be* forgotten on the'day of reckoning. The Jugoslavs continue their battle against the Axis with ever growing violence. London reports that Serbian patriots kiMed 1400 Axis. , troops, wounded 600. and captured 1,000 in a major, battle in Bosnia. Bulgarian and llali'an units were forced to retire. Across the Medi term n can, Allied bombers arc hot after Axis shipping. -'With American army heavy ,bom1)or,s leading tho way, one direct hit and three near rnisse's were scored i'n . a raid on three enemy :supply ships. • „. .. .»«-»-- • 70 per cent of Republicans favor a world union, Gallup poll finds. KCFUSES CANDIDACY Greenwich, Aug. 5—(U p). famous author and playwright', „ Bool.hc Luce,, is not a candulalc for! congress in the fourth congTcssionJ Yoril n Uie al district. Mrs. Luce, wife of the Ne\v publisher, has informed can Slate Chairman ,l. KcnnelM Bradley she does not plan lo offer her name as a candidate for gross. Mrs. Luce explained'she lacks |HTI| sonal acquaintance will) the people! of her district—a matter which .slid says is of the highest for a congressman. con. Too Iiate to Classify FOI{ SAIvK—Comj)le(,ft sef. of ivory,! nursery rum J Lure. Excellent con-l Hcasoiiflblc if token ial '-I-^IX/S 'I dition. single lot. Telephone ; Hard, Crispy i 507.. Axis-con trolled concerns in the U. S. have been liquidated. DAILY CROSSWORD Tliwt odd piece of furniture flntl a huyer if you use the Classi fied medium. In the Rear Stinger Tho two panol roportH togothoi* with another QUO a (Tooting southern ml'llH worn mado aflor tho loxtllo workors union of Aindrlca had askod for wage InoroasoH. This CJIO group ro(|uostod a iO-uont-an-hour hoost for Iho north and 20 oonts I'yr tho south to wlpo out what II "iufl an wage dlft'orontlals, ., .4 »» WHAT'S IN A NAMK? Sprlngflokl, MO.MS., Aug. 5—(UP)— Tho \farlnos hnvo a now roorull. for their ninkrt and It's all 'huoauHo of two unusual reasons. Tho onllslnrl man Is .lames A, PnMnlHuho of Hrls- lol, Oonn,, and ihn Jolnod up at Sprlngflold hoonusn of his namo, Vou-»e«, -hlHlnlllalH »poll J-A-P and (I|M middle namo IH Adolj>h, t ACROSS 1. Division of a play 4. First woman ' . 7, To dye 9. Light wood 12, Bring into line 13, Wood used for pipes r 14, Dish • .15. Move sideways 16. Comfort 17. Fishes ,- ' 18. Strikes with the hand 22. Wooden f rarnework 25. Observe 28. To 'be in debt 29. Constellation 30. Vase with , pedestal 31. Precious •stone 32. Those who 2. Struggle 3. Perennial pfant 4. Subsides ,5. Changes 6, Omit, as a syllable .7. Sleeveless garment' 8, Bulging jar 10. Vend 11. Greek war . god 10, Climbing 'plant 20. Biting 21. Mutual -concord 22. Piece of • „- wood 23.. Solemn 'wonder 24. Evening sun god 25; prosecute judicially 26. Go astray 27. Typb measures 33. Buyer of old ships 34.. Record book 35. Obtains 36. In a row 37. Blended 39. Craft Great Britain Gives Ger many New Concern Ove Second Front Today. Great Britain •gnvc Germany ne\ concern over a second : front todn as rPval air squadrons sparred acros the Channel. ;• In -a 'move- filled with .meaning LoiKJon crealcd a new admiral!,} post to free her top sea lord for ur- ont tasks. The- announcement says Sir Dud- cy Pound will concentrate on clu- ,ies "connected with plans and op orations."' . - '. As this change was' announced, lighter squadrons roared across he Channel in-major daylight raids, it bombers had carried ou! mall-scale but sharp raids on lulir, dropping some, of their ,wo-ton block-buster bombs. Germany, nervously checking n second-front preparations, again ms sent planes roaming as far west s Lvcland. This time one raider came within trilling distance of Reykjavik, and uichi no-gunned an unattended gh tho use. Another Na.xi raider.prowled along IG south coast of Iceland and Jlew i'thin a short distance of Rcykja- ik before turning back. the big up WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- Without Calomel—And You'll Jump Out of Bed in the Morning R«rin'to Go The liver should pour 2 pint* of bile juic« into your bowclw every day. If thi« bile is not flowing freely, your food m*y not di- srcst. It may just decay In the bowel*. Then iTAfl bloata up your stomach. You get constipated. You feel sour, sunk and tho world looks punk. It taken those Rood, old Carter's Little Liver Pills to get these 2 pints of bile flowing freely to make you feel "up and up." Get a package today. Take as directed. Effective in making: bile flow freely. Aek for Carter's Little'Liver Pills. lOrf and 25rf. Lowest-.Prices-In The City John Girdes Music Shop We Iluy, Sell, Exchange nnd Hepnrr AH Kinds Of Instruments Vioiin, Pianos, Radios, Clarinet. Trumpet, Accordions,/Snxnpliones. Wood Winds — Musical Supplies Tel. 4-9808 382 SO. MAIN ST. WATERBURY Snow Flake, Rails Poppy Seed House Holls Flollsi liaised Holls All Hot Kuhn's City Bakery MAPLE, ST. . '.' • ' TKL, 3178! Yesterday's Anawet 40. Bark of mulberry tree 41. Whirl 43. Catch sight of 44. Passable the ocoan, He's a radio operator and tail gunnor on many of the Liberator planes that arc flown to England, Tho'Parry Command has been responsible, in many ways, for the b\p bombing raids carried out by the English on Nazi territory, It has clolivored numerous planes that make such large r Aids possible. • 7'4n,p,, ) «_^.,-,., (Central Press} notches v 34'. Burdened, 35. Opening in fence 38. Siamese coins 42, To eat away 44, Fragment 45, Large pincers ' 46, African animal . 47, To brush away ( ,48. Pbrtable , chair. 49. Vapid 60', Metallic: ' . rock |V " DOWN 1, Assumed - , name 14 16 2.2. 31 35 23. 34' 21 48 >o 10 In Parliament, where second front oeoulalion conUnucs, the Cliurchill government, again has refused anj tcll_l,ale hint. ' Sii- Sta/Torrj Grlpps, leader of the House, announced that Ghnrchil) will- not make any s la tern en I, : on the war before Iho summer rcces.?. Sweet Sample 8-5 CBYPTpQUOTE—A cryptogram quotation ' J M 25 L T, J\ ,\B A Q „./D F'Z L R C A V G Z W W H B A. D C D J D W L 1 T V Z W* N C A W N C A V D R C WO O W W. N — Z T L D 3 O D ,* v 1 "Vfcs 1 , ^"VT'. 11 - '[ ' Yesterday's Gryptoquote: I NEVER DID REPEAT. FOR DOING GOOD, NOR SHAI^L WOT NOW—SHAKESPEARE. ,.„„_. Piptributed by Klne Feature* Syndicate, Inc; There is no better recommendation for a person than a Sav- inf/s Account. He thinks more of himself and others think more of him. Naugatuck Savings Bank The Old-Time "Mutual- 1 '" FINISH THAT JOB RIGHT! Use Murphy Qufck Drying Finish. . . I(, Provides Extra Lush-c CANS, INC. MAPLE ST, Trl. 1)507 WAR DAMAGE PROTECTION Now in force on ail properly U'HI expire June 30, 1M2. This proteelion may lltrou.qh the local insunnicp nueiils who arc nf.t.lnn fcm "ic I'nited States For informntion see 80 on oh fill Kii l\v hni fj of Si,"Ibe 1)0!' Fl Naugatuck Insurance Agency, Inc. ^ F. W. EATON, Munagor. Boom 9 Neary Bldg, Phone 2080 HIRST 'OF THE SEASON. Frances Gifford, featured film player, samples the first jar of sweet pickled peaches and maraschino cherries to be produced in' the United States in 1942. According to agriculture experts, there will be no shortage of these two'fruits (Curing the coming year because countless thousands of glass, jars, made by the new dura- .glas technique to assure lighter but stronger container*, are'now packed. , .*-__ DO-IT-NOW -from Automatic Coal Burners are now available our stock. No more are being manufactured, No one knows how much, if any, fuel oil will be available for house heating this Fall and Winter. As cold weather approaches there will be a tremendous demand for equipment and coal. Somebody is s ure to be disappointed. Is it going to be you? Call us now for a survey and quotation. The Naugatuck Fuel Co. Distributors of FAIRBANKS-MORSE AUTOMATIC COAL BURNERS Phone 5236 50% in

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