The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 4, 1941 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 4, 1941
Page 5
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TUESDAY. MARCH -1 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS More Than Halt Of Single Family FHA Houses Cost Less Than $5000 Mere than half of the new sin- glc-iainily homes constructed under the FHA plan in 1940 were valued at less than $5,000, Federal Housing Administrator Abner H. Fcrgu.son announced recently. There has been an unbroken trend year after year toward lower-priced homes in the mortgage- insurance operations of ihc FHA, Mr. Fergu.scn .said, indicating the success of its program in reaching families of incomes through •sound and liberal financing terms. The median valuation of new homes on which mortgages were i accepted for insurance in 1940 wasi S5.059. including land. This compares with $5,245 in 1939, $5,334 in 1S38. Sc.524 in 1937, and $5,025 in 1936. These fly tires refer to homes financed with mortgages insured under Title II of the National Housing Act. In addition, then were approximately 8.500 homes i financed with mortgages insured i under Title i of the Act. where the loans were S2.500 or less and thuj valuations ranged from $2,500 10 53,000. Heaviest Com-entnilion j The heaviest concentration of ! FKA-insurecl mortgage volume occurred in the $4.000 to $5.000 valuation range, with 26.3 per cent of the total business falling in this category. Al! the valuation categories b?- low S5.000 increased in relation to total volume, while all price categories a bore $5.000 were relatively smaller than in iho preceding year. Cnly a little more than lo per cent of the FHA'.s total business, under Title II in 1940 covered homes valued at more than $7.000. whereas in 1936. the first full year of its opera lions, properties valued above 57.000 accounted for more than 30 per cent, of the total volume. Additional Number Home properties valued at less than S^.O'Op financed with mort- I gages insured under Title II show- j eel ;i gain ol' 21.8 per cent of total business in lf,-iG from 19.2 per cent in 1939. In each year there was an additional number of Title I homes constructed. The median mortiiauc amount also declined during i.940 to $4.358 from S4.-M'0 in the preceding year. In oilier words, as many homes were financed with mortgages of $4.353 01* less as were financed with larger amounts. The trend of, niortgayo. amount has not declined Moderate CiM Home JlliNiratrs Good Plaiuiinj.- V - ""* \™J t „ * ^ ? , H \ te^:'4*P;^'^ < " % S^Bi-i¥^^ : ': ; :^il ; -^^ The fundamentals of good planning for nuulonilc cost houses is shown in this illustration. A home which will hariuoiii/.e easily wj(|, either wooded or open setting ;ulupt- able (o either North or South, has been developed here for well under $:,,()()(). A , norl . Kajje of $3,400 was insured on this house by llic Federal Housing Administration. Monthly payments on a morl^n^ 0 O f this amount, exclusive of local iaxes and ha/.ard insurance, amount (o approximately $20. • nouses of similar appearance is ! more stable, more allraciivc. and ; more permanent, according to Hie FHA. WriES-BUIfTHE Prevent Accidents Architecture That Is Suit-1 BlJ Co ^ tani .e To Vicinity able Be Cpusicierecl appreciably over the .six-year pc-! vied as u result of changes in the j National Reusing Act permitting leans of larger amounts in relation to valuation. When building a now home the buyer should an architectural .style .similar or suitable lo that of other houses in the immediate vicinity. To be considered, as a part of the whole community rather than a:s n. separate and distincc entity, the design selected for the house should conform in general Lo the designer the other houses in the immediate neighborhood. To illustrate. Federal Housing Adminlsr.r;uion officials say thai, because i.ine-^nt.h.s of the" houses in a block are Cape Cod cottages it Constant watchfulness on part of the home owner \viil aid in large measure the protection of his investment. And consistent vigilance will also safeguard him against the danger of accidents o.> curriny on his promises. Adaciimte inspections, madu pi- rioclically. will prevent casuallie.s that may result through falling of bricks, .stone trimmings, and other materials loosened through age and weathering. Reasonable precautions, in the nature of repair work financed iviih funds obtained from private lending in.sUtut.ions approved i jv t.lvo Federal ' Housing Administration under its Modernization Credit i Plan, will Here From Premised Land Farm; Tak - „ . !lif5 i" the prevention of wouid not be necessary for the j accidents and in thy maintenance of home builder to select a Cape Cod i Property in a satisfactory con- howovev. jdition. Bare Kitchen Walls Can Be Made Useful Many kitchen^ have a bare unused wall .space tlu.L could be i'ully and a!tr;ictively transformed into iecos.sed shelves. Painted in contrasting colors, such .shelves may be i.tx:d for cook books, recipe ifle.x .;ind possibly a triephonc (;:•;tension. cottage. It docs mean, that if the majority of the houses arc unpretentious and informal in design, the architectural .style of the house should be simple and restrained. Conversely, if ihe majority of the houses in th«: comimmity are pretentious, .sophisticated, and formal, it would be unwise to choose to build a Mexican farmhouse, a Cape Cod cottage, or some oLher informal house- A neighborhood developed with / Could Tell A I cfMiid ieii {he .slory of how this tuition developed after (he war between (he slates, of the glorious struggle, and (he hardships we faced, ft wouldn't always be <\ pretty story but. truly, an American one. We Americans of today have many comforts unknown !o the early settlers. Of greatest importance, possibly, to our general health and well-being is the mod- err, public water system offering an infallible source of pure healthful water at ail times. A far cry from the water problems faced by Americans less than u century ago. BERNARD ALLEN, Mffr. i*> Votir Chcapesf Coimnytlitv' Mrs. B. W. Thweatt Has Taken Over Beauty Shop The Modem Beaui.y Simp ;,; pi;, West Main .street has been renamed the Jane Jean Beauty shop and is now under management of Mrs B W. Tlnvenll. i! wa.s announced today. Mrs, Thweatt look over ihe !m<i- Saturday. The shop has been ke I osscssion oepi. Carroll p. Blakemore re.,1;.i lli!7 West Main Strci't. one of the most attractive of the ; older residences in the city, has been .sold to Mr. and Mrs. "Hiram i Wylie who will not take possession ! until Sept. 1. j Mr. and Mrs. Biakcmoro plan I to move into a .smaller house but j they have not completed I heir I plans. 1 Mr. ami Mrs. Wylie, who hav«- lived on the Wylie Farm at Promise-d Land since their marriage, and their two you 11:4 daughters, will reside in their new home. Thi:, residence, erected a number of years ;u;o. is very modern with two bedrooms and a bath on the lirst floor and two bedrooms and a half bath on the second floor- The firsr floor also has a " living room with fireplace, bi'afy alcove, sun room. hr;;r in» room and kitchen. Mr. and Mrs, Bluke.morn purchased ihe residence following thrir inarrhiye a number of years a'.'.n. completely remodeled owner. the n< Front of ihc Many New s Keiny limit in BlythcvUlc! Over ;j period, of many .years we've nuiiulainefl -\ rn-crd of honest and dependable work. The same i.s i rue loflay. \Vc guarantee your complete .satisfaction on every job. Arrange F. f! .A. Terms THE PLUMBER 10!) No. Firs Phone, 10-J EITER OES i sign, 'Souncl Cons! ruction and. Safe Financing Are Being Noted advoealed by . Administru- """ -"Hi-active desr-n, Mni ud con*! run uui .siandurd.s. and H.s:in-m- <''in ol liM<mriui;.-uppcim, k> 'be M ,lid founda i ion in the ry, according I-'HA officials. Any lorward movement involv- the miportrtnl factors of desii-n c-ti maieriuly, „„,, ., sufu nn!li ; ( .J JS- -^ystoni is : , step in the n,<hi ^'llon, official;, a g ,ert. A nt.m- - ol buiidn... maleriuh, manufac- J<>|S Hi various parts of the conn- been eoiuhu-Iiny nnibllJous Questions and jftu.^ Answers iitiewiun to the importance "I 'it'sign and the right kind of nnannn-; tor homes, as well -is thr import anee of good man-rials. inU'rivsi in bi-lUM- home design ami belter home const rum ion is rein a union of throe impor- individual.s in the ro);slniction homes—th« builder, (.hi; inutcrial man. and Liu: ing agent—KHA officiate .sny 'I'm- KliA has found (hat a i^eai many builders and Iniildtng-maio- i'ial dralcrs are dovelopin» their caujpajyus aromu! UK- (iicmc l.hsit il'cir hoi«n;.s uml their material;, nirrt Federal Housing Adauni.stra- nc,-!i .siaudards. Such promotional ai iivitir.s confribuli' jircatly l,o the drvdopmcnl, of bcitijr com muni ties mid better neighborhoods, accord- in^ to the FHA. Patterned Woods Arc Aid To Floor Problem Whether one is building a now >me or modernizing an old one tin.- M'lcciion of floors and floor tuvrnngs i.s perplexing. Various vrorrsscs have been developed to Combine design, durability, and economy. Popular among ihesc is put- Lernpil hardwood, which permits individuality in floor design and »t <h(.- same time gives a clurnbU: aarrlwoocl surface. Availnble in a vanely of 'wooilw. Ihr piii/efiuid' haul wood floors are sdcntinciilly finished, waxed ami jwlished at (he Q 1 pkin to landscape u Oipc, Cod rotCice lln.s Spring, tt'lml si/o shrubs should I us«? A. .Select shrubs which will nnt "e too IHJ-HO. Low .shrubs ndtl !o l!i< 1 fippiircn! sj/e of thi- how;i», Taller shrilly may be phintrri imviim) (ho doorway i o n C ;een(. this leal lire. Use eure in seleetinu the type of shrub ;;i, U :e some require conManl irlmminu uml pruning to I:i 4 o|) the sixe down to (hut desired. Q. Can you lell me (lie ol' <To.'..s-I)rUlKihj.-, between wond j"iMsy How .should briilijinu b' v installed? A, nrid|,»jiii> provides ;t mcuns of laterally bi'iiriny wood joists. U also lissisis in distributing Ihe weight or load imposed on onc- joisi to Ihe joists on ell her side of ii. Joislj; should be bridged :n h'iisi every d^lil feet, One-inch by Uiree-lnch inuterliil Is usually used, the end cut ut mi an^le to 111 solidly nysiiiwl. the lace of the Joist, To be effective.^ must, be .securely nailed in place. Q- What is the Hovm window? A. Slonn window. 1 ; uir .space in front nenf window .sash. purpose of it deiul- ol lh<: permit- This air .succ re cs- K flie (tnds io reduce heal. loss through (In- KluK.s area and the infill rat ion '.'I' cold air. Storm windows are piuMnlly ht;lj)fnl in preventing Irostint- of windows, since they ro- fiuiv Ihe iiossibilitlr.'i of condfjnsii- tiun on 'ilii- )nm:r windows. To insure uoixl protect Ion, s(orm snsl) should lit tightly, when hunt from the top on hinges or oMier hnngcr.s, a device should be provided .so that I ho window may be hi-lcl opni when venUlntlon is* desired. ranks sixth amuny Canadian provinces in Hie value of mineral output. fcUSE KE!P§JJt|TE HOUSES DISTRIBUTORS: •10HN MILES MILLER 23 \V. Ash Tlione Il«8 fir :n Built-in Shelve* Supplant Libraries There is no room in the modern -small of today for an old- la.shionecl dignified library as a .separate interior. The combined study-sHUni? room or bookish livinc room has replaced the old-Unit separate libniry- ln a .study-.sll.tiny room, book-' cases have a decorative as well as a practical v:\lue. and Ihe artisli effects possible in .such a room arc ninny. Bookslurlvc.s in a living THEY'RE HERE! WARDS 1941 tng fow prices. Stunning new patterns! fMVK YOU SKBN TMIC Birge Blue Book? Tlifs };nok Is composed of (he fines! wall papers made. In Ihis jjroup are many aulhentic Colonial papers of Ihe rarest designs. TJfKSK IMTTKRNS ARK EXCLUSIVE AND ARE FOR THOSE WHO WANT SO.METH1NC SPKCIAL.ANI) UNUSUAL )i\ \VALU>AI>KR. We can give you prompt overnight delivery and •i liberal discount on price. We also have bargains j r , moderate priced wallpaper. E. C, ROBINSON LUMBER CO. room, placed in proper relation to a fireplace, give an impression ot heliihi and dignity to (lie whole room. Built-in bookrascs and book- shelves that will add charm and : color to a living room or a sitllnu ' room may be installed with funds i secured from private lending Jnsti- j Unions appi'uvcd by the Federal Uouslni; Administration under it« Modcrnmilion Credit Plan. I Read Courier News want' ads. Insurance OF ALL KINDS riione 7!)7 IflG N. Broadway RE-WIRE Your Home And Assure Greater Safety For You and Yours! . „ INSURED LO ibt. HOME IMPROVEMENTS 1!" your home hasn't a modern, .safe, wiring sys- lem you're not enjoying your home (o the fullest and you're running Ihe great risk of KIKE. Talk with us today about n KK-WIKING -1015 OlN KM A THlliMS. Convenient monthly payments tt> suit your income. We'll be glad to give you a free estimate on your wiring needs. CITY ELECTRIC CO. C. V. Sehangh FLUORESCENT HEADQUARTERS ."At your Sei'vicL'" HI) S. «ro!ie)way .,,,," , Phones 20ti-7ytf-!M I FOR TO 111 OR ROW'S SECURITY HOME Tni)y your own home represents the finest possir ble investment, And it is so easy, too, through the benefits of the F, H. A. Plan. Jast make an ap^ pointment with us today. Tell us how large a home you want and we will do the rest. No worry or trouble to you. We offer a complete "ONE STOP SERVICE 77 for prospective home builders. WE HAVE SEVERAL GOOD BUII.DIjNG LOTS AVAILABLE! Phone 40

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