The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 5, 1967 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 5, 1967
Page 6
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City Boxers Go for Titles F,h ;:-'t-'. i:!e tattst continues th&t Yeuni vss one a.' the b*s t-'a'ivano 11 is ts e SauUiessisrfi ifi ths wan-iamem. i'-.V -eW.a! bosing tourne- The other winne _»s; r. ; :r rc'm : ^ Memphis !tst night, i Sod Ksmfci:i. the Bother;.! "we"'do." Bento.i. Eijtheviile' Air For« Bssf swwtMf.. »'h htCTvwt-icM, won his secona defeated Dan WrJti of Atianu f iht o' the tMrTi&meM 1 & s t » » >• '"^ht when he decisiansd Tom-! These rw-s *i!l ng..-t : c; rr vVsung sf Jackson, Tenr,. ; championship honors xn-gbi i Both Dr John Elliott ana i the Kidsoath C»:;?ejm. £ ~-~- Ja'mej Long, coaches ef t h e i Lang saia .V dossr'; know i FMh'vi'k- "team, commented the winners sdvancE !-:• ar.y sar t-'k "prt-figU rumors hsc' it' af national Kornasient or no'. BHS Golfers Finish Third MAJOR LEAGUE 'STANDINGS Poor Mets Gotta Have Hart i By THE ASSOCIATED PMtSS i XATOXAL LEAG'JE pc , GB By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Mete. The nmth-inniBg itetr W. L. Cincinnati .. 15 Pittsburgh St. Louis ASar/ta .... Chicago .... Phfia. ••... Sar. Fran. .. Las Ar.eelss :CEK York .. H 11 .652 .625 .611 .611 .508 .474 .474 .368 .358 .5SS Jim Hart may be the biggest Thursday clinched it for tie Met fan since Casey Stangel.,Giants, who bad w surrire & Net for whzt the Mets do to the i mild Met threat in the tigSai. 2 2 i i 4% 4Vi f s :Fraatisco Giants' third base- 'p}«yei Chicago at Afltmt in ^3-,aa said. "I just go up there i the National was ramae imt t .mm 'mfc- f.wn 7>mch sin^Hinging." iout. There were w gases gts? after rnif was ron.. Frank P Whatever tfae cause, if Hart scheduled in the America* LJroy sarm on. en\ in* nstt roer. rirtsJT.eflly one hit before leaving la ths Twicers. Msuirljie seventh. s jjjrtmss Wifcf' M'ilif wflf fix Ms gim against j Three scratch singles and Jim M; his olf! nndgar matef tw9 ' Aim, S* ta«*.) For what he does to them. j run seventh inning arid stnoes san!-. at i <lw)?i« ^' 'If 51 * . And what he does to the M6ts Los Asgtlet 9-3 wfci'e Humtai t fiwuint we ure <«'ni!f is amarin', absolutely amarin'. took Philadelphia 4-1 in &* ®*f £™ lni s"* 1 -' Jir a ' ; TOKid)t "I can't erptein it," the San other major league gerafc- MsOormist. wh.' iwt * thr?? • p . - _J .... fc •hincr gftlnf nw :ht siffhth. gn: .MaMS-oski nan .s.«v s p,un >^ cm *. Lsndis' double got two Astro drove 'nms in the first and Bob Aspro- ingly ; toe mon(e had . 60 ] 0 ^ mei ta the «M t. 'gfi^a te fourth . e n.h inning Dodger torn. T"iraif!S go W bat. j 'hrae aouston righl-handers,; TbnrsdayH Result* Pirtsbx-ch 6, Los Angelet S 'could play all his games against League. SK Franasce S, Sew York 1 tie Mete he'd probably break aD' Hart started it againa Hojs-uir ' Philafleltfiia 1 o! baseball's most cherished Wets' DOB Ctfdwell—wh» Chicaso -A Atlanta," rain 'records. tewed only four hits before lew- The Piratef vauli« mro ss> came on IT. fiie r for a piaeh hitter in the ser- one plant, rwt conef hsck m starts.- Don Wilson pullsa a grnunc Intr an inning- including winner Dick Farrell, j the eufiiiiE flfliibif pky anS retirsa wimhined inr a five-hlijsr! Ji Sf« York ir. nfiisr in tte ninth, agairea the PhiHies. Farrell j fourth when On!}' earnes scheduled He had a homer and scored Todav's Games ^^ ?*PM*«y =ight ia •o- a- NewYoTk, N l GitBts ' W "^ ever Philadelphia, ; Mets ' ^^ hi* season a isge against !«ew York to .4" Sat Fraadsoe at Pitisburga, Cincmriai A Attenta, K S:. Lauii ai Chicago But that isn't surprising. Last seasoa he hit .415 against the eath—with a walk in the secana. :ifite Cmeinaati. OE as sganga shoulder musde. and allopsd Lion Boss Unhappy in Popcorn Box B!ytbevfl!e High Scha&I's gali hole. tf£E finished third Jr. a seven-; tsasi Selc at Manila yesieras}'. One of the Elj'fheviUe gel: Kss — latm Black - coul rriaks ite trh>. fit V?SE ill H t' w e v t r. jolin Bradlej st-sppei in for him and firec £ ver<; : solic 134 :or the ET holes. bt £ 36-ho!£. one-day stand. Detroit ... Chicago ... be played at; Boston .... Qa'b and will j New York Thursday. BHS Coach Car. Eains -iS:6J Bishop and Rose it. Tbt AAA state tournament ii! Liste Sack. '•"Wf cart take but two." Raiia esaleiiwd. "and these e-rat with 488 strokes ane"^E '** ^ ^ CTK >* v ' e ' V£ P ls J' ed followed b'.' JenesbuM. with 5DD,it ihi£ yssr.' and BlytheVille with Sli. The even; win Manila, Osceola, V/ilBOR ant RebsarnET: Coun" Leachville also entered. After two rounds, BH£ Berry Bishop was medalist, with a 77. He had a 42 on the final nine End finished fifth. Richard Rsse tied for ninth with a 122. Rob Porter had a 130. Jonesboro's Scott Puryear ttas medalist with 112, defeating Paragould's Treece on the second sudden death playoff Saturday 1 * Genes (eight ef his 2S hofflers^came afi at New York ! Met pitching. Los Angeles at PoiiadelpMa, ! T K iyear SEE Frandsos at Pittsburgh j -~ "I don't faiow what you'd cell ' a walk, baa ru; snc two errors. Mets, callectinf Bine "of his S3 i that ball park. j Lsfe ssaxed iri the homers aad ?0 ef hit 98 ruas) "I'd wl lit a popcorn bai, liftree walks and ar, f bstted ia. The BeasEiB before, think." i Against Tscn. die J The speaker was Bill BswliE,; 1? hits ts Teen's ss. Si. Louis at Chicago AMERICAN LEAGUE baseball coach, who' short long bH3s did them in. eThiT three homers this l^ wght saw a 74 lead evejr |' 'have bees agaiast the ora' 6 wif?a the cozy conflneE of Greene County Tech's ball I park. The Techs hit three horaers in the sixth, as they scored: "By gosh. I'm hoping it's ihird OE ' going to be another story Sat- ror. iurasy night ... ought to be a ions go:: goad ball game. Haas everyone bat ths: cams oui to see it," Bowlin ! SEid this moraine. 10 DAY SALE TIRES CUT 15% on our most popular lines 77 Sizes With Guarantee SALE ENDS MAY 11 Sears Roebuck and Co. PJaza Shopping Center Phone PO 3-1600 BATTING LEADERS M'. L. COURIER NEWS i California Baltimore ,. Wash Cleveland ,. Minnesota .. Kansas City , Mw »• '86' Ladies Award April Trophies BlytheviTle Country Club's Ledies" Golf Association made its ! April awards recently. Ruth Dillahunty, Adele Poetz Thurs. ' 10 11 Pet. .58B .588 .529 .629 .500 .500 .500 .471 .412 .389 3% BATTLNG - Maurj' Wills, Pirates, had three hits and triggered a seven-run seventh in-! ning with a two-ran single in a i 8-3 Pittsburgh comeback victory I Thursday's No games scheduled Today's Games Washington at California, N New York at Kansas City, N Boston at Minnesota. N Baltimore at Detroit, N Chicago at Cleveland, N Saturday's Games Washington at California, N Wew York at Kansas City, H Boston at Minnesota Baltimore at Detroit Chicago at Cleveland, N National League • rws to D03t 2 13 _ 7 Bsttmg (30 at bats) -Thorn Coach at T g ch fe Bne Jij2 !as. t Chicago. 400; Clernente, i 3ow] ^ brother of Lim B ffl. G ' B 'i Runf-' Harper, Cincinnati j "Anyway," Bill phHssopiiped, — ! - '"ante. 15 : " we get a crapt: at ?m nere in - Broct St i Saturday night (5:45) end we'll Louis 20- D. Johnson, Cincin-i see theH - We were ^^ &ed na ti 17 . - . h^ night anyway." Hits — Brock, St. Louis, 30; ; Not many things weBt right Pinson, CSncinnatt, 29^ j fe? Bswlin and his Lions at Doubles — Helms, Cincinnati j Tech. John Lincfc pitched z 1; Landis, Houston; Alley J strong game for five aad a ana Peggy Lswshe won the j againsl Lo£ Angele5 . team priza, with Rovint David, Irene Lewi, and Kuby Beving- HTOpt - ^l^j. ^oirCoSt Ellen, perfect rel.ef out of a j KTA'SS'^ISS ?-*? - « -tory oLj y """ Indianapolis S, Phisenis z OUahoma Citj' 4, Toilsa 1 Portland 4, Seattle 2 Denver 12, San Diego 10 to ..._ t ,_ J _., „« ;„ Vancouver 4, Hawaii 0 MINORS— Minor League Res'dts ASSOCIATED PRESS Pacific Coast League gross score. Irene Wood, Delia Parilow i and Mrs. Bevington were 1231 tcsnge Winner ir, the blind bogey tournament. I Q faj ^ 1]8 Mrs. Dillahunty won t h e' "specks" cliarre day award and Mrs. Dunlap v;as second. Powder Puffs At Osceolo Pittsburgh; Cepeda, St. Louis. 6. i third innings. Triples — B. Williams, Chica- i "But he was wild and we go, 4; 8 tied with 2. iwere making errors and this Home runs — D. Johnson.! just wears a pitcher d o w n," Cincinnati: Brock, St. Louis, 6. Bowlin cemented. Stolen bases — Brock, St. i Those steth - innkg homers, Louis, 8; Harpsr, Chicinnati, 7. ; Bov.-lin feels, would be easy American League i OUK ai ? iE LeachvHle diamond. Eattine '30 at batsi - Ka- 1 Lmck only gave up iour hits 'line. Detroit. .385; F. Robinson, and fanned nine m the time he Baltimore, .354. , worked. Bryan Spence relieved. Runs - F. Robinsan. Ealti-, Vesterday anernoon, the imore; Kaline, Detroit. 14. : Lions dropped in on Laie and Runs batted in - Blefary and : won one 2-1 behind the si&luttsr F. Robinson, Baltimore; Free!of Allen Forienberrj'. The nan, Detroit. It I Lions scored on]y in the first on Hits — Fregosi, California; ' Kaline, Detroit. 25. Queen, Cincinnati, 30. l.DBD; j Doubles - Hershberger, Kan Veale, Pittsburgh. 40, 1.000. !sas City, 6; five tied with 5. I Strikeouts — Marichai, San Triples — Knoop, California, j Francisco, 42; Gibson, St. Lou- 3; Snyder, Baltimore, 2. is 38. Home runs — Blefary and F. Robinson, Baltimore; Mincher, AMERICAN LEAGUE California; Kaline, Detroit, 5. | Pitching (2 decisions) —Ruhr, Stolen bases — Agee, Chica-1 Boston; R. Clark, California; go, 8; Buford. Chicago; Cam-;Kelso, California; Horlen. Chi- inning spelled nc- yesterday afternoon in Y.M.C.A. Grade school girls Softball, as Lange defeated Sudbury 14-2. Each team had a run in the j first inning, but Lange scored i eight in the second, and had ' ! downhill sledding the rest of the j Osceola Speedway has sched- j way. Sudbury tallied one addi- nied a powder puff derby for j tional marker in the fifth, tonight. | Next league game is Tues- Wotnen will drive Class C : day between Central and Lange cars, with time trials beginning ; : a; 6:30 and races at 8:15. | SORE, Que. — Joey Durelle, Super modified and Class C;150. Trois - Rivieres, Que., stockers also will run for cash knocked out, Alva Simons, 15D, ( prizes. 'Charleston, S.C., S. Spokane 7, Tacome 4 International League •Jacksonville at Toronto, cold Only game scheduled paneris, Kansas City, 6. PITCHING RECORDS NATIONAL LEAGUE Pitching (2 decisions) — 33. cago; McDowell, Cleveland; Sparma. Deroit; Moore, Washington. 20, 1.000. Strikeouts — McDowell, Cleveland, 35; Peters, Chicago, MOVING! SALES & SERVICE CLOSED SAT., MAY 6fh REOPEN MON, MAY 8th AT OUR NEW LOCATION BOB SULLIVAN Chevrolet-Cadillac Co. UBt SB. filvliien (So. £1 Hi^cty) Phone PO 3-4578 COME SEE US! Let Tenpran* kill the weeds in your young soybeans. In about 10 days, clean beans. Tenor^n kills ths tpoifblesoBie brcsadle^f weeds that come through most weed killers,. And Tenoran can be applied early to soybean? -in their true leaf stage. You see your stand of beans before you kill the weeds. This makes Tenorari the best early pOBtemergence weed- killer and the modern way to weed beans. When weede come into your beans, hit them before they're 2-inches high. Weeds do their worst damage then. 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