Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 3, 1898 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, January 3, 1898
Page 8
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DAILYJPHAROS MONDAY, JAN. 3. 1898. OITY NRWS. % Born, to Mr. s,od Mrs Isaac Oppen- faelmer, a son. Eeoa Brlgfcs returned from Mocti- cello this morning. County Treasurer Cash hag gone to Ladoga to vl*H; hli father. Wanned experience help. Call at 430, 10th street in the afternoon. Mrs. A. L. Andewon left this morning for nor home at Goshen. The public *nd parochial schools of the city reopened this morning. The ice on Eel rl'rer above the water works ds,ra Is ten inches thlcz. Charles Stewart Is over from Kokomo for a short visit with relatives. Street Commissioner Jamison returned last might from Memphis, Tenn Miss Battle Moore, of Frankfort, 1« in the city lor a short flslt «'lth relatives. Miss Nellie McPeek, of Chicago, is visiting her sister, Mrs. Landry, on east Broadway. Miss Clark htis returned to Indianapolis, after a visit with Captain and Mrs. D. H. Mull. - Mls§ Lelandl Grove of Railroad •treet, Is recovering from a severe attack of appendicitis. S. W. Ullery, the- hardware merchant', has returned from a visit; at his old home in Ohio Samuel Aleifinder, of Ga» City, ie a guest of his (iliughte'r, Mrs. C. E. pykeman, on the Wesialde. Russell, the young..son.of Mr. and Mr*. George B.'I.'anguy, of east Broadway, is quite il'l of lung fever. Mrs. Harry Williams, of Chicago, who has been r'islting her sister, Mrs. Simon Gross, roturned home today. ' Natural gas bills for the month of January are dtiia and yayable at the company's offlc?: on or before the 10th Inst. Mrs. J. N. Wescott and daughter, who were here several days vlsitltg Mrs. L Luddets, returned today to Kokomo. Miss Schilbllu, who has been visiting her sister, I4iss Simou Gross, on the Westslde, returned today to her home at Huntliigton. William Tansjuy and Robert Bringhurst will arrii-efrom Philadelphia, Pa., tomorrow, called here by the death of the foi-mar's mother. Mrs. John Whistler and son Ralph, of Detroit Mich., and Mrs.Hollpeter of Peru, Ind., were the guests of Mrs. Al Swadener over New Years and „. Sunday. Fred Smith cit Hoovers, and John Griffith, a Ioc£,l barber, were each given ten days lln the county jail^hls morning, by Mayor McKee, for getting drunk. Miss Lillian Thompson has resigned hsr position ins bookkeeper at the Hub to accept a similar one with William Heppij & Sons, the soap manufacturers. The hoard of managers of the orphans' home will hold their annual meeting oa Wednesday, January 5th, at 2:30 p.m., at the residence of Mra. Haulc. A full attendance Isi requested . Mrs. Maria L. Schlater.Mra. Frank Stukey »nd Mrs.-Herbert Brown, will entertain the Penny social of W. R. O, No. 30, ! at G. A. R. hall Wednesday afternoon. Every member Is urged to be present. Dr. Hollo way will leave February first for theNciw York Post Graduate Medical college to take a three months' course* on" the diseases of children and "romen. The doctor graduated from tha*Bellevue hospital and medical college of New York Clty1nl8»2. Revival sen Ices are In progress at the Wheatland street M E. church with a very encouraging Interest. The church Is g reatly arroased and the unsaved are being moved to ««ek the Lord. Services every day except Saturday at 2:30 and 7:30 p. <n. The publi.c is cordially invited. The Logans port Treble Clef club will meet ou Wednesday evening In regular session, and now that the holiday season is over, Jet every mem ber make It hur business .to be pres ent on that evening. The new .music for the club has come anfl will be taken up for practice Wednesday evening at 7:3D. v~-. Yesterday »ias the scene of a very pretty wedding on the Westside, where Rev. McDonald united in marriage Berttia F. Reed and John C. Phillips- l^he bride Is the daughter of Kx-Coancllman Thomas L. Reed and the tfroom is a clerk at Traut's grocery. They will reside permanently &t the home of tne bride's parents, 202 West Broadway. Mr§. Charles Parker, colored, entertained a nu aber of her friends Saturday evening at her home on Main street. An elegant luncheon was served. Those in attendance were Mrs, Elwood Winslow, Mrs. H. C. FortJI, lira. G. L. Brook*, Mrs. Horace B. Turner, Mrs. George King, Mw. Jti. Crrter, Mrs. Ben Keelum and Mrs. Will Anderton. MINISTER ROBBED. fiev. Martin Tirmenstein Was the Victim. While He Was CoDdnetliif? Services Yesterday Morning 1 Thief Entered His Residence and Stole tils Goldl Watch, Une Handred Mlars In Cash and a Lot: of Vain- able Get man Cuing. Rev. Martin Tirmenstein, pastor of the German Lutheran church, wa«s the victim of a bold theft committed yesterday morning. It was while Eev. Tirmenstein wa,s conducting the morning service at the church that a thief entered the parochial residence, adjoining the church, on Ninth street, and stole his gold watch, $100 In cash, several Mexican dollars and a large and very valuable collection of German coins. After the "service, when Rev. Tierraensteki found his watch mlaei- Ing, further investigation proved that the thief bad mane a cleaa sweep. The police department was promptly notlfled! of the robbery, -and are doing everyfihling In their power to apprehend the thibf and recover the valuables. The thief gained an entrance to the house througlii a window.; Hi; first broke a pane of glass then reached through and removed "the fastening. INDIANA OIL INOTJSTR1. State Geologist Bllatchley Preparing Figures for the Governor. State Geologist Blatchley has secured figures on the oil Industry In Indiana, which will be submitted to the governor In about three weeks During 1897, up to December 15th, there has been completed 208 wells, which, in September, produced 15,00(1 barrels, in October 55,000 ;and In November 88,000. Operations have been especially active around Peru, where $400,000 had been upent In drilling, while the prodac'5 from the; wells equaled in value "but 180,00(1. He thinks the producers will make little money under present conditions when large bonuses an3 royalties are paid for small leases, which requires a pumping output for each well, where- aa the same pumping machinery could be used for ten wells with the same expense. The state geologist will, in hlis report, have figures on the Broad Ripple field. APPROPIRIAirELl UBSERYED, Wan the Slalleth Anniversary of Pope Leo by the Catholic Churches of Ljgansport. The sixtieth anniversary of the ordination to the priesthood of Pope Leo XIII. was appropriately observed by the Catholic churches of Logansport, Saturday, New Years day. Prayers were said for the jubllarian and holy communion- was offered up for him. Pope Leo's life It verily one of jubilees. . Four yeaes ago ho celebrated his golden jubilee as bishop. Three years later his golden jubilee as Metropolitan of the Sea of Perulga waa]observed, and last summer the faithful commemorated the seventy-fifth annual recurrence of his First Holy Communion day. For Early Closing. The movement of the retail clerks to Inaugurate a 6 o'clock closing rule in the city, to begin this evening, has not as yet been a success. The clerks, however, expect to have their object gained sometime during this month, as a majority of the merchants favor the movement. The Weather. Fair tonight and Tuesday; warmer tonight. ' TflE PERFEITCAL LA.MF. Publication of the Article Regarding the Discovery By * Loguspart Inventor, Has Caused Widespread Comment. The publication of the article regarding the dtsnovery ot a perpetual light by a Logansiport inventor has caused widespread! comment. People are disposed to doubt the claims of the inventor, but all admit that just as wonderful discoveries have been made ia the past. Mr. Nlckum andoimced today that he would shortly make an exhibition of his lamp to a number of representative citizens. He also expects to light up the building at the corner of Third and Market streets, also to place a number of the lamps on the outside, thus Illuminating the street. The lampf have already been seen in operation b/ four weill-kuown residents of this city, Including a representative of the Pharos. They all unite in the statement that there seems something wonderful about the invention . • ' A wide awake citizen suggested today that the Losfanaport Commercial association should take steps at once to learn If the invention has any real merit, and if sb, arrange to keep its in Ten tor here to manufacture and dispose of his device In Logansport. - _ . DIVORCE LAWS CONDENSED A. Rnshvllle Minister Thinks They are Simply Terrible. The Bev. Charles W. Tinsley, pin- tor of St. Paul's M. E. church of Rushville, in a recent sermon attacked the divorce laws of Indiana, among other things saying: "The system of modern divorce for every - trivial. cause is egal'zed robbery of childhood. The divorce laws of Indiana are a disgrace to civilized so- jiety. They permit progressive polygamy—a marriagts today, then a divorce tomorrow and a marriage the day after. It is more indecent in many cases than Mormon polygamy, where a man is bound to provide tor his plural wives. Our aws should make divorce difficult and marHase permanent. Since 1S67 divorces have Increased Sthree times as fast aa the population. From 1867 to 1887—twenty years-^there were as many divorces in Bush Bounty (41) as in the entire Dominion of Canada, with a population of nearly 5,000,000, and Indiana stood first In the Union according to population. Why? Because In Indiana divorce is easy. Any one of seven causes. But In Canada divorce Is very difficult—through a committee In, the senate ol! the Dominion Parliament. ; The?e Is no more serious and vital quesUon before us as a people than lints, which thrusts at the very heart ot public virtue." Official fecsimile of Medal Awarded DR. PRICE'S CREAM BAKING POWDER WORLD'S FAiR.CHICAGO, 1893 TO THB KLOSDIKEr George M. Pilcker on the Waj Fully Equipped and Blearilr Backed. .George M. Pllcheir, the contractor, bis been" In the citr several days getting ready for a trip to Alaska. When Mr, Pilchor iSolished his '-bon- tractherehe left hid engines''and and other digging appliances, and his return to thin city was to, put them In proper shape for shipping While In the east Mr. Pllcher had flattering offers to go to the gold fields and finally accepted one of them. He tak.es with him stationary engine, with derricks and everything necessary to do most any kind of work. With the ample backlog Mr. Flicker now has at hand, his many friends here may soon eipect to hear of his success. Possessed of a nerve of iron and ac ability to "hang on" will yet bring George 11. Pllcher to the front. The work In this cll.y was done by the King Drill Co. PBOTED FATAL Did the lojnry Sustained by William Bnbmyre. William Bubmyire, the Westside teamster, who was injured Friday by falling from a log wajpn onto a steel tucdspike that had! been left stick lag in toe ground, died at 6:30 last evening at his home on Daisy street. It was foutd that the sharp point of the bar had entered nit the serotum and penetrated upward fully eighteen Inches, rupturing the left lung. The deceased was 38 years of age and leaves a wife and (three small children. The funeral will be held at 1 p. m. tomorrow from the Evangelical church. Intermomt will be made in Mt. Hope cemetery. ; - ' "| - .. . . .- - A Cloaks, Blankets and Underwear AT COST To Close out the Stock- SCHMlfT & HEINLY The Golden Rule. GEE=WHIZ! That's what the man. said whea Ms laundry, came home yellow, orn and faded. Then he concluded t» try MARSHALL'S LAUNDRY, and his linen was renamed as white aa ahow arid without being torn in the least. Call up phome 110 and have our wagon stop for your work. Farmers' Institute. The ninth annual meeting of the Cass County Farmers' Institute will be held at the court house in Logansport, Ind., Friday and Saturday, Feb. 4 and 5, 1898. PR03RAM. Friday, Feb. 4fch, 10 a. m.—Presi- dent's address. Reading minutes of last annual meeting. "Planting and Care of an Orchard" -C. M. Hobbs, Bridgeport, Mariun county, Ind. "Which Side of the Fence or Road are You Farmlug?"—S. H. Todd, Wakeman, Huron county, O. AFTERNOON SESSION. 1:00 p. m.—Experience meeting. 1:30 p. m.—"The farmer as a student of His business"—J. H. Roher. Cass'county. "Fruits for the farm 1 '—C. M. Elobbs. •'How can we best restore our worn ou.tland"—8. H. Tndd. Saturday Feb. 5—Morning Session. 9:00 a. m.—"The pig for profit"— S. M. Grable, Cass county. "The dairy cow and what she should be"—Prof. C. S. Plumb, Purdue University. "The farmer and the hired man"— S. H. Todd. "San Jose scales"—C, M. Hobbs. AETERNOON SESSION 1:00 o'clock—Experience meeting. Election of officers. "Scientific Against Haphazard Feeding"—S. H. Todd. "Sheep Feeding Experiments"— Prof. 0. S. Plumb. "Sprayla,?"—C. M. Hohbs. If the time will permit a general discussion will follow, the assigned speakers' treatment of each suoject. A11 farmers of the county and all oiihers interested In agriculture are cordially invited to attend each ics- slon of the Institute. JOSEPH GUTHRIB, Sec'y. Saloon Bobbed. Andy Conn's §aloon, at Royal Centre, was robbed yesterday. Whllo Mr. Conn was at dinner a thief broke into his place and stole $30 in cash. The thief is known. HOLIDAY The handsomest, and best assortment of CHRISTMAS Shoes" and Slippers ever shown in the city. Patent Leather Kid, Ooz Kik, pink, green,redj lavender. In fa,ct anything in nice evening slippers. See our Men's Bootee combination, Boot and Shoes just the thing for winter. Stevenson & klinsick. 403 Broadway. Can THE! TAILOR. Suit You in Style and Prices. Before setoling t Holiday Present Or Furniture to adorn Your Homel we Desire-to call atttenlion to our bind- some and complete line of the |ery Latest Designs and Novelties in Furniture and Upholstered (bods consisting of Roman Chairs, Tajbor- etts, Divans, rockers, coucbegetc. at Low Prices. Cummings & Morga Cor 3d & Broadway. City Bull Annual Gas Rates /:> RTIFICIAL and Natural Gas Bills are jQ DOW due and payable at the company's •* *• office. Natural Gas Consumers desiring to avail themsielreii of tKe Ano'tial Rate, commencing 1 December 1st ,can do so by calling- at the office itularranging for same. All bills must be paid bn^or before the 10th of each month. '::•' .::•"**• .-;;'•'f •••--'"•- f alky Gas The "Domestic" Office, Now is the time to provide self with a good Sewing Mact a very low price. My stock all the leading makes. My are easy, and there is no cxct being out of a good sewing n the house. The old stand •t 529 Broadway, near R B WHITSR' r.IVE THEM FITS. That's what you'll get if I make your clothes j making Fall Suits and Overcoats to order frc to $40.00.:.../. H- G. Tailor, «*•*

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