The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 4, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 4, 1934
Page 5
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SATURDAY, AUGUST 4, 1984 BLYTHKVIUJ5, (ARK.) COUK1ER NEWS SECTION a CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION ^•Uy raws per one tot conseou- FRU1TS ELBKRTA PEACHES, It Biuhel. C. G. Ha»lu, t>»lt aod Fred ace. Corner Lake & Main SI. 31c ktf Woman ExcelU a» me, SALE (Five averse «ios to • line) 13C D8C 0«c 0*c Me One time per Unit T*o time* per linn per day . Three time* per U&i per day , fi» time* per line per day . rate per lin* ......... Minimum charge Ho Ads orccrea :O T tnrec or su uuie» and otopped before explra- l'm\ »U1 bo charjeo for the number of times ttw *d appeared ana adjustment ol bill nude. An Claained Advertising copj wibmltted by person? residing out- i!de of Uio city trust be accom- p»nled by cash. Rate* may be catlly computed from abote table, No resnonsiQUJiv win be tttea l PI more than one Incorrect ta- lertlon of any classified ad. Adveitssuix unlace for inegu- *r insertions lako- the one tune late. Everlasting beauty in pentUMnt concrete Bower p»U, bird batlu, Inwn seats. Z. TURNER, 251 Division. 3*p k(i FOB SAL? cheap—Large 2 door Gary Sale, 1440 Ibb. 2nd Hitiid. Burke Hardware Co. 28-ck-8-28 ihc conect temulc ily e. it hus| 611|llfi u Ls dIHeicnl wl,h been no tandlcnp lo Mrs. Reeve. j however. K j think a foul mould Polo Releree I ; 0 '' 1i ' lle , ilUvaiJs ls 'V lhe tllck , °"t» «"«<! »nrt n-ixnnlly »w«rd.»d row RCICICC lllc toulc a|)rt wiud]ra cacll plliy ij cnii (L whc(ho| .' a ,,» m h <w , , Her keen eye has jjtven her Mie; bund or ..,,,. ..ih,,. mi .iiiW<ir 11,1, 1'HILADELPHIA (UP)-Ouc ol; rtistlnclion ol being stricter l«»n'"ciiin" ' S ullm "H "'It r 01 (he the most unique and attractive men. When Hiked how slip IK-' ,,,,,, sights during a polo Bume at the quired i his abilitv, Mrs. Hccve K'-,"'! mlilljll " <l h ,, alllti ! i !', 1l " 1lct , ??' Philadelphia Country Club Is the pi| ct |- ' r |)hl ? cr °" lllc I'hllidelphla referee, Mrs. W. Foster Rcovc, 3d, \ V |mi u man isn't playine. h,.. C °"" tr -' clm) tcam —seated side-saddle on her j:ony.. becomes boml und dors nol- lakn "— _— Although she ildes her pony in I quite .so much lnU'u>sl in tin 1 Jii-ml Courier News VVuil Ad». CLOSING OUT ALL ICE REFRIGERATORS 20 pound lo ISO pound Ice Capa cities. All porcelain, all steel, and mull oak finished refrigerators at (HVE AWAY PRICES. E. B. GEE SALES CO. 407 W. Main St. REAIi ESTATE PHILLIPS' USED CARS FOUR KEAL VALUES Oiicn Nights Until 9:30 '33 FOKO 1>E LUXt FOKDOK SLOAN. New Rubber, Motor A-l. l.uohs Like New .... 5513 •33 CHEVROLET COACH. l.otikb Good, Uuns Guod . ?15n •33 FOKO Ot LUXE TUDOR. Prrfcct Condition SJBI •S3 CHEVROLET COUPE. Motor A-l. A Ke;il Uuy .... $11 •ill I'LVMOUTH COACH. Good Kubber and Mutor S "• •W I-OIll) TUDOK. A Bargain for Someont * 8 For Sale Dandy 40 acre OZARK farm within 2 miles good town, Qoi daily mull route. Four room house, woven wire fence, Fruit. Price »350—only part, cash. J. C. CHAP1N fiUnila, Ark. OUR BOARDING HOUSE FOR RUNT h LIGHT HOUSEKEEPING rooms,! cheap. Good location, 914 Hearnj SI. 4-p-k.-9 _______ _ _ ^ v Alien? HtS AWAN ON A, CL^^A-'B^V : ,t / \ OSEfAP, YOU SAiD?— O\ YtS,-^. YOU'RE T\\t rAA>N WVTH SOMt -RAINBOW PROPOS\T1ON TO Ltl COMt IN ON TvAE 6ROUNTJ TOR ^200O /-VES ,-WELL , ILL TtLL VOU, — OM TVAE GROUND TLOOR MOW Of TUE VAOOPLt OR6&MiZAmON r^—AHD Tr\t TLOOR IS HIGHLY SL\P,1P YOU MOVE. SO, , SkeUUw oi Gwt ' I LUfrdv FOUN] in Ctnada WINN1PCC1 M»n (UP) — The skeletons P( two giant • llwrds which lived In the Cretaceous Sea millions ol years ago have been guild near Thornhlll, Man., It reported here. Tin discoveries were nnulc ALLEVOOP Nicely Furnished BED ROOM. Mrs. Nolen, 310 Weil Walnut. 30o kB-W Xvo Room Furnished Apartment. I'hone 656-W. Mrs. Ted Green. 2-pK-9 3 room r-URNISHED APARTMENT Aug. 1. S09 W. Kentucky. Phone 148. 3(Jc kit FURNISHED APARTMENT. Phone CK). 108 .W. Kentucky. IpW Furnished BEDROOMS. Mrs. Kd Harilin. 1017 W. Walnut. Call 11W. Ic ktt TRUCKS •j'i FORD Hi TON Dual Wheels, Closed tab 5. •y. CHEVROLET V/i TON 157 inch Wheell)»se TRUCK. Dual Wheels, Closed Cab S 73 CHEVROLET Hi TON TRUCK .ind Trailer, ^o* 111 ..Rubber *'- 5 '39 FOH!) PANEL TRUCK. (icud Kubher, Motor A-l ?H2 PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY "" USED CAR LOT 9:30 MODERN ) room furnished «• nn furnished apartment over Kirby Dru« Store. F. Simon. Call 164. 30c ktf rh'briinlll byll'ic geological survey of the National Museum at. Ottawa to Search for I lie Mossassprs, m«- llne lizards tint lived In the Cretaceous Sen 60,000,000 yeiirs ago. The skeletons will bo excavated und sent lo the National Museum, where they will be assembled und placed on exhibition, The largest lot Ihe two biiclcton.s Is US feet 10)18. The fckelelons me tho llrst complete ones found In Canadu, although ninny specimens have been covered In Kansas, SternberB I ' When It fights, cmerplllur of the puss moth spite a stream of poison liquid. . WOK IS \V(K)T1K! By HunUn 01, PAPA - VAW - , V OOP )«<JR«3HT.' -,cN, WE GOTTA FINO ftLLGV OOP/ ' WftNTCl-Vft T' SEARCH ALL TH' 1ERRITQRV MEREABOOT5 f . LEAVE NO STONE UNTURNED.' HE CAtt'T BE ,J FAR FROM HEREf 'ER RWAV. WQHNESS.SIR. \ye'RE SpflPV T 1 REPORT THAT, TU^t;r,'O CX-9. SVEO^ ROCK *.^' DPBBLE 'RCXJMD VJE COULDN'T. FIND HWR OF AUEV OOP A W.LEV OOP.' «V LOVER.' t'S GONE .' I'LL NEVER SEE HIS SWEET FACE, , ' -"" "GAIN. fe JOOO flQOt '' Hoob.' S- k BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES IN THK WEE HOURS! By Martin LOST Open N^hts Until I'hone 813 Yellow gold Gruen Watch. Reward i Courier News. Ladles WrU t returned to Ic Ic6 AUTOMOIIVE Save Time and Money by using our compel* stock of Auto Replacement Parti Habbtrd Uvdmn Co. Automotive Dept - - Phone 47S 6c k8-6 FURNITURE Lawn Chairs Unpalnted 11.85 THE ARK-MO LUMBER CO. 25c !c8-25 BUSINESS SiHECTORY PETER 'sCHUTTLER Missouri Jlulc Fjrm Waeons WINCHESTER Shot Gun Shells Uest Prices On COTTON SACKS ROOM & BOARD GOOD Meals and Rnosni. Rewon- able prices. Mrs. T. K. Watson 112 East Cherry, Phone 601 7ck8-2l CLEANERS, TAILORS Linen suits, hand Ironed and tailored shaped are nice and cool Ihes- hot davs. Phone 171. UNIQUE CLEANING SERVICE AUTO" ACCESSORIES" WASH T_UBBS_ /WHB BOU6MT THIS COW- 1 PASTURE FOR " ~ r SOMB NEVKK ARE SAUSUKU By Cru PAUL BYRUM Opposite old Postoflice Building Fhonc CALL 127 RT liUhcc-l nualtty Kentucky. Sou- ihcrn Illinois and Red Ash Coal. Loivcsl />sli Content. Cowl diy COOK and healing Ko*" 5 iind kindling. Coin, hay, niixc;! [ceil, [aim seed, table und clock salt. Home- o[ high tjuiilily products and low cash prices. •FARMERS CASH FEED AND SEED CO. A Home Owned Business Wholesale und Retail 3ct ready for summer driving ai bargain prices yon probably will never see again. Come in. Compare our prices on auto parts, tires, tubes, motor oij, 5 gal $1.50 WOLF ARIAN We Sell Wholesale and Heteil Phone 116 - - 128. E. Main COAL & WOOD y Coal Is Black but I treat iou white. Fill tip now. John Buchanan—Phone 107. C .fi0LD/1-VEtzyTHISV3 XJCHES TURNS • bR' REAPED MILLIONS. MOW/ AT ' HAKtNG MONEY. i; HAS HIS TWS-K1S YACHTS', ANPCASTl.ES,AWe PRIVATE ANE/THIM6 HC WAKITS/ HB gfflS. EVER/THWQ 9UT HAPP1HE8! /Aw/ NOW, HE IKTBC5S ro guy IT LWE SO MA POPX CHOPS.' 4MQOGQ IM CASH H£='LL PAV "ID WASH AMD t?A3y roff A SWOLEflCODTiKt K«E[I Kool »illi Hunter Electrk FANS. Ciaonditionally guaranteed IIL'UBARD 1IDW. CO. 6-ck-8-6 RKi'AIRING factory anthorlrcd FRIfilDAlRB SERVICE Factory Trained Mechanics Day 07—Phone—Night 3S2 E. B. GEE SALES CO. 107 Main St. Park Bench Echoes Became Loud Shouts PHILADELPHIA (UP) — Daisies may not tell- romnntic secrets, hu! tlie semicircular B ran He hsnche; th:it form part of the Civil Wai monument in Fail-mount, Park her; tell in a big way. By some freak of construction, the benches, which are backed by high giHiiitc walls, had an echoing quality which reproduces n whisper «s a fairly Iwid shout by the time il reaches the end of thf 75-foot seats. The be_nches once wsrc a popular rendezvous on moonlit, nlghte —until the romantic couples discovered they were telling; Ihe W. .T. KNOX His lerialrert shoes hcic well (of 12 years. Reasonable prices. TEHM1TE Proofing Insurance UNDER THE ANTIMITE PLAN. E. C. Robinson lAr. Co. Phone 100 50"^ rcdnction Jnly Only On Furniture repidred, rerlntshcd, np- holsteted. Patrick at P»ikhnr5t?s. Call 57. B-ck-8-9 Free Home I/an Estlmilei KoofliiB, Painting, Repairs THE ARKMO L,U^VBER. CO. lOc k8-10 SALESMAN SAM C'\ aoTTA COMQRATJJL^TE VA , TjETecnv/E noiooy, PER CAPTURIKJ' S&CH f\ \ DflNGEROUS CHflRflCTEP, . 1 SLIPPERY SKIMMER; Orf, IT fcJftS WUrH 1 ^', VER. TOMOR.' CTEST A f«RT OF MV DUTY/ A VERSATILE I'RISONER! PERvou,"SLIPPERY IVE GOT EKJO'JGH ON VOU-TA SEMD Vfl AWAV /FERQET, JUD6E, FOQ. TH 1 BALANCE CF VSRLIFEF/ YEP. \ THftT H&S A RECORDS SHOW VEP WOT ONLV A BANK ISECQND-STORV JOBBER, BUT ALSO A PICKPOCKET, J MflW,TOD! ( OIS- ROCKETEER AW 1 A COM MrtM f /^COVERED THAT (OHEM I NftBBED HIM! By PIRST HE TOUD Ht OKIE STOf*Y ABCXJT WHAT HE WftS COIN' IN TOWW, AM' THBW HE TOLD ME AWOTHER FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS TIGHT Sl'OT! HIOSM Pliene 777 At Nrjhl—Sunday—Anytime For -Quirk and Dependable Wrecker Service Phillips Motor Co. f^ i FRECKLE? f I'M ( CAUGHT-HI A TRAP! M T'S UP TO YOU r. Don't Forget ' CaudilFs Agency General Insurance ^ i OM.' OW. 1 I ) MISSED.' I I'LL HAVE T TO TPY V AGAIH :.' M T^AT WAS -* SHOT, AMD IT MUST MEAN SOMETH'WG. 1 IT WASNT FRECkLES' .22, EITHER;..rr WAS A 30-30,00 i-MISS MV COE3S.' ITS NO USE...THE CUM is JAMM6D'

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