The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 4, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 4, 1934
Page 4
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FAGS: roui H^THBVILLB, COUB1EU NHW8 THE BLYTHEVILLB COURIER NEWS JHK COUiyCB^NEWS CO., PI1EUBHJ5M C. R. BABCOOK, KUtcr H. W. HAWKS, AdYtrWfflf kt»QK«r Sole National Advertising RcpixfcnUUvcs: Arkansas Dallies, Inc., New York, Ciilcagt), Deirvit, St. Louis, Dallas, Jf*w#a CHy. Mempliuj. Published Every Mtcrr.rxjn Excr.u Suiiaay. Entered as second dcss matter at Hie post afllce at B:.vthevlllc, Arkansas, under ;ict or Congress, October 0, J017. !jcrv«i u'.' unito.1 I'rwa per KATES By carrier in tne city a: Uivllwvlllc, >!« week or tO.SO i*r your In iKlviincc. Uy nmll »IUiln n ratlins of C-0 inllee, IJ.Ofl licr i-rnr *1 W for Hx niuntlls, U5n (ur ll.rcu innnUii; ay mall In ixx-tnl toua two to Elx. Inclusive, Jti&O per year, in w)iics scycn om 1 cl£lil. pel year, payable lit advance. , 7 echnocracy Is Dead, but Nol Its Lesson meliuirhtily lilllr Kltiiy few days aurti telling how tlie little ehemical factory at I'nmplon Lukes. N. J., oshililislictl several years atf" liy Howard Seoll to <'X- IU'rimcnl with his ilieories of 'IVi-limn-- laey, was sold at aiiclion, with all Us t'unlenls. for a total of $7. r >. This low price on a Iniitdim; 'which 01 ice was H'ui'tii many limes I hat nnich is pi'obiihly a pretty accurate j;aiige of the general pnhlic's pi'csenl valuation of Ihe Technocratic theory, lint while Technocracy itself came down mil <>f the stratosphere lik« an exploded lial- k'oii, I In.- way in which we all rcaeU.'tl lo il when it lirsl appeared is still worth thinking iilttiul. This Iht'ory Imrsl on us al a lime when tlie liolUnu seemed lo have I'alleji util ijf everything. Tlie wheels had all run .down. Kiirm- ers, imluslriiilisb, u'lijiu-imniui'.s, investors, salesmen, pt'ufessioiuil men—all classes and condilioiis of people wore full of gloom. The nation itsult' constituted (he linest plant for producing evcrylhiiiK I hat mankind needed, from com on Ihfl cob to automobiles, llial Ihe world hat! ever scon; lull things had tftil ""'• of i;ear somelitnv, and there st'onu'd lo he lillle cliance thai they would jjt.l Ijack into jrear very soon. Tlien, in (lie midst nf all this n'kunii, came, these Technocrats, atiiiounciuj; blithely thai we need not starve in the middle of plenty after all, telling us that our rich farms and our may. iiiticenl factories could lie kept going full lime, wit'h everybody gulling more than ontiuijli of everything, if we would only make lite right kind of cfVf.'i'l. Well— il suuiicliMl der- We ail fell wasn't long lief tin; nicr. and mi won- a great thrill. 1 1 the bubble exploded, lo be sure— that litlle sale (lie other day indicates the exteul of its collapse— -but for a little while we thought we saw the dawn on I lie. nuuiiiUiins, sure enough. And the thinjr lo remember now is tile facl thiil these gentlemen, with all their mistake.-', did put I heir rm^r mi the central problem. It is possible, physically. for us lo grow enough food OUT OUR WAY SATUUDAV, AUGUST -I, Hiul inuku ciuuigli things lo bullish wml from the liuul forever. Jlow Hi at is to bi; done may l)u an- ollier iiueslion. Tlic central lact is still there, and we ought not to forget, it. No plan for recovery, whether it be the New Dcul or something else, will lie worth much in tin; long run if it dues not call on our ijesi ull'ort.s to take advantage of Iliis <lax,x.liiiK chance— which was never open In any other people before in all the history of the world. Practice and Tlieory Tlie lirsl legal lesl nf Oklahoma's law providing for slerili/aliim "f habitual criminals is going un now. A yj-year-oltl burglar is about to be released from prison. Under the law, his ability to become a parent ninsL he taken from him before he is released. His I'itsi! is expected lo go clear lo file slalt; supreme eoui'l—which has already upheld Ihe law in its application lo victims of insanity—before il is lin- all.v settled. Now if happens that \Vardun Sam Brown of the slate prison opposes the law. "Our records," he says, "show lliiil .seldom does Ihe son of a criminal come lo (his place—and that's the final proof" And the warden's remark leads one to wonder if our present knowledge of Hie effects of heredity anil environment upon 'human character is wide' enough lo permit, us lo go ahead with such law. We are a long way from having exact .scientific knowledge aboul Ihe traits thai, a man can transmit to his son. Until we have such knowledge, a law of this kind may he unwarranted. , /apan Slackens Uf> ][ is interest ing In noln that government statistics issued in Tokio show thai the rale of population increase in Japan is slowly slackening. The growth in population in MM! was under that for several years. The birlli rate declined slightly, and. the dealb rale rose a litlle. It is loo early, of course, to say that Japan is approaching Ihe point of a stable population, and that is a pity, because until that date is reached Japan nmsl continue lo be an aggressive, expanding nation. Tlie Icrrilic pressure of new population is forever forcing Japan lo seek new lauds, new resources, and new markets—wiib results which, like the Manchukiin episode, an; often dangerous to world peace. Until the island rate of population this condition will militarism, in the last, analysis, is caused by her people's great fertility. empire s growth continue. ama/.mg subsides, Japan's SIDE GLANCES By George Clark 'I K<»t ;i swell idea for yon driver ordering an Druw a I)IK, husky ice urcani tone." I ruck CHURCH EXCUSE To livo is lo die—.some d;o tjnickly uhilc olliciti spend duys, wi-cks. even veins ilyiny H i.^ not so hnptirtnni tio'.v ot 1 when 0110 (lies, but il is Iniporliin: tiuw oiiy )ivus. NCJ on? will chart;? tlint n ctrati. s\vcol i no nil liif can not- Us: lived uutsiile of tlic chinch, hut all will admit tin 1 cluirch is n great, help. ATTEND CHURCH SUNDAY Committee. Almanac, Laiwjerborn. Ittto Silver certificates for l,z and £ dollars ai^ior- iz£d by Condness- 19«=Publk Cu/wous WORLD V. THE SEEDS Of= THE WORLD'S' LARGEST UVINft THIM&, THE G/ANTSEQUO/A WfiSvARE 50 SMALL THAT IT REQUIRES THREE THOUSAND TO WEIGH ONE OUNCE. Woman Deputy Sheriff Aids Poor of County HCHANTON. Pa. I UP) — Mis, fc!iz;il)cll> Williams is one deputy .sticrilf who is welcomed Kith opc-n nuns iiy the poor of Luckiiwiimia County. Apiwinteil by her father. Sheriff Ocoi'SJC Williams, tu a salary of , S250 n month. Miss Williams cam- I eil S25 Ilic first three (lays she) was on the job—and spent S1TO. i Of Ihnl sum, $100 went to pay a | judgment against, a woman whose '• husband had been killed a year 1 j u[jo in a mine accident. Miss Wil- : Hams had been ordered lo sell the toman's furniture to satisfy the I judgment, but she couldn't bear to' sec'the woman dispossessed. Then she also cijme to the aid of a woman whose sewiny ma- chiiio ti'ds reclaimed by tile company because back puypicnts were overdue. Because the. xvonian's stile support of her family depended o[i her sewing, Miss ^Villiams spent £70 for another machine, wliicl) she had delivered to the woman's home with her compliments. AT THE;- THE MOOfS IS A9OV& THE HORIZON FOR.fWOW££M AT EACH APPEARANCE/ BETWEEN TIMES ir REMAINS BELOW THE HORIZON FOP, A LIKE PERIOD. . . GOeLDl FROG, OP SOUTH AMERICA, HAS A DISH-SHAPED BACK ON WHICH IT CARRIES - y ;T3 ESGS ABOUT. 1«J3< BThtA Stnv^E. DURING (he dark period known as winter, full moon occurs [ the poles when the moon is above the hoiizon, and new moon \vl| it is Ueiow the horizon. During the summer months the conditions .; just (he upijosite. ' Wijijl ^re marsh rabbits'.' CADtZ. Miithcr (-'ruin O. (UPl—All ol(| girl's nerve saved her mother Outdoor Sleeping All Right Bui You Must Avoid Insects This country spends inately $1,500.000.000 annually cure for 300,000 criminals. froin death by a bull. The Mary WaUigiira. shotted at Ihe animal lo attract attention and ai>proxi-j tiijjucd ui)dc|' E fence us lire ani- lo;miil charged her. Her mother i crept to safety. Bull i liens "Cut" KK( Sizes 11-year-. GAINESVILLE. O. iUI'>—Twil freak cjrg.s. varying Irom Ihe '| of mere marbles lo about size ojgs. were laid over a 10-i| period by Ihe 23 Plymouth Re I Leghorn nnd Khcde Island 11 hens of Willinni Garisck, of Mo| son. XERR'S SUPERB IQVE STQRY _Sy Sopliie Kenrl ilV l-idilrir I)K. SIOKKIS riSllHIMN ,ad;iys. reasonable prices arc asked of tlie Aim-rii-mi ! for couches whicli have simple .McilU-al Assoi-iatliiu, and of Hy- !.s];vinys and tnatlress . susixuul Bcia. the Health Mag-ailnc 'from a Iriangutiir frame work. The Once u[ion n time iitople li;i(l ' Mia]n-ndcd bed is les-s likely lo be he idea that night all was dan* I invaded by insects or other pests ^erous to health, so that children illian the one which rests upon the md adults were huddled in stuffy ground. . I Ktoms during tile niyhl. | Vou can also piovicle .such aj The suiwrstition was <li:o In the .swinging couth with a folding top. j hid that mosquitce.s came np mjhke that ol a perambulator, for tiic niylit carrying in;,!,iiKi. and (lie b,iby. This may be used in i people who slept onl a I ni'jhl \vevo ;cnse rain dfivclniii, suddenly, or | bilten i)y the mosmiitrrs ami h"-;whcn there Is nccr.ssily of kcepini; i c.imc .sick with this disrusc. :nfl unusual drufls ol wind. ' Wt\cn the fresh ;u;- ticnlmcnl ,. " * * t for tuberculosis w.ib ;:uioduc«l. : 'I'licu- also .should IK available I opinion*; changed lapidli. so thin!" ™l'«' oilclolh or other walcr- tmlay large homes and foir.c apari- 1 1«™' covering lo ;;o over the bcd- ment houses ale ctiuipjvtl with rtln ? '" cnK "i" comes U|>. Don't Ihink. however, that slec|>- ir,4 ouultwis carries \villi it any '*" 1 '"*" ilB; '" 151 :lli ; "' cs Of '"' I1rf t T ! ; rrc , is ™ llll : i »-<'» c \ a 'f ln liri ' U "' u , ls m ° rc ™r>ortant to scl 1>lcnl >' o[ '' csl rlll(i slce1 ' m- floors than one or two hours out- fpMT- I|'O Mtl'K. ot^rrlrd. Ur«» el kin ] ^Thrn tff ^.•fler* t* (pear tk? rn-r ni ihrtr \-fai! il couiciupln- 1 > i] I »ni !«•«•• klM. Amy take* iiiihy. name* XAXCV, promlft- ntvrr lo rcvf«I <!• parrHOpC' ^ hrn Amrrlrn rnlrr* «b« \Vorl4 ii HotTtirtf loin* 1h« •TliilD* ii* Atnfm ««n !• btirB urtA ^nrd hrt« • l»rlrl I rare from n» Me •ri|nrrFi a raid and • -» \<n-k« l,i trr »1«mr)>« tnlo iie« -itllrr. JrnycrnfrlT 111 «Mk 'iiiMDri(Ji- Whct> Arrfj nrrlrrf hrr Ittul HownrA" hn* hrr lt»» rr. n j flp i*». Mn p Jniic , lllnrii te MM sleeping porchc.s. In the summer many to cauip out and sleep i Hit. The t ccriiirc on hni niyhrs qi;eMioned. Certainly, circmnim'.: is healthful to cvervor.i more, on exceedingly open iilr is much i No luiiOLml ol [x>h(ir,il ur economic maneiivci- 115 can ofUrl (n combat successfully tin- naliir- il te. nil j til i> ginM j n trillion or cnyineciinij trvi'Li,'i:nnii. I);-. K.irl T. CouipLon. prcoUtrnt ii MiiRvKhUH'tls In-stitulr ol Technology. Hv Williams C.-vVT ^E HOW ~V Tt-V gULL O 1 TH' WOODS *, CAM KTT£P UP HIS j O'C-VITV, OM A THING JJkE THIS-- IT HAS HE >XWP|N' AM' 1 LIKE A '-•*V;AT AIM'T THAT'S OUST rn 1 SLIGHT' DIFFEREMCE BETWEEN US AND A 816 SHOT- HE'S TH1NKIN 1 TH' SAMc THING AS YOU AM 1 ME — WHAT WOULD HAPPEM, IF THIS THING JUMPED 1H'TRACK?*)MLY HE ' DOM'T LET A LTTLE THIMfj S YAWPS AMD GASP5 / IMTERFGRE WITH HIS THIWKIN 1 . crpini; hclwpcn sniy under cuvf-rm^ ;•'• :ip;e like i i: che o[Kii \ • f . ;lsn pro-, '•;mi;oL be ; :ic."=l) aii I c Fiirllici-- ! i I'M. niglius : N':lcr tliail ; i:ci (>> wrfll TUB STOKI CHAI'TKIi XXXIX MV ilpupiu. "Hoxvanl LS here— * nily tan rooim Away, and 1 i;i i even l:c R'itb hltu! Yih'Al will kir For ihosfi who liKc Llii; ouliiotir ;ur. however, and for DJOSC who rnjf>y camping, sipcping under inrpi!!- conditions under the pi«n j-Ky may be exceedingly delightful. i] .'ihuulcl iruli^r. hfiv.i-vcr, IliatJ icui arc ctitciin li:i/:irn.-< Ilial ran ' ? avoided if ynn iiiifln .' ,Lui Ihpm.i IT 15 Ihr (Ninii'.r r,! hj|ii|i; l.v . qml<^:;. utuch i. OHIO IhKJllSll 1IM- !'! Jl, up. Any one whu >. KlinHs. cm ;\:r, k:i!'l iBhl lo hr pnrtcctrd i ..;ly O'.TI - ,n.r|i|ilo lift- qK In tlin l nf a heel. .L.iinst [or- Marquis Lives on Relief Ship Thorp is i;n ion •indoor lied .<.|iniild oinrni'talili 1 than nm- \vliy . .my lew] ,rs. Now ANNOUNCEMENTS Thn Coiinrr Nc*^ hn* ijjr,,, al i- iorlyccl lo nmiQiinci tl-r rollowlnK a« cardltlalrs fn r p-.hllr. 'illkc. cuh- ;cct lo [ho ixwncradc prlm»ry ieit August.: Fnr llfprr.xnilnllvr IVY W. CKAWroKU CUIiTIS .t. J.frn.E For ilcelection hr fV-ior.d Trnn Fur Coimlj .Tlld(;(; ZAL U. HARlilSON GEOP.OE W. For Mcmlrr CLINTON L. I'or Sheriff For Ke-olcclfon "f H. WHSON for Srrond Term For to JOE a HOLAND OUKKN For Clicult Cnurl ( Itt* HUGH CUAIO ADDIKON SMITH H. U. (SKEhT) STOUT fat Co'mly Cav.l (:it»k FRED FLEEMAtl F« RS-Elfctlon [O] Jiirl T6 1 .!? CAREY WOODBUPH *> •In il He rjics!" bl:i- Knuu ih^t all o( Lhern ii-inr; mo rlnctor— wore t>ure i•: %v;j= ynntu to (jic. IP :l:t riDUor s:|I<i tijc cons i"-i nju^i |;s imnic;fiata. | better IOT yo^j Uai lHMR£ tnre wjfb j'uur {ears. Tber§ U x> M? doing fhat? ily ua& suffering wl|)i btr. She $$W ft ID [ils eyes, heard It In hi? iqlce. Sh^ tried to meet U witb con rage. "I'll go speak to the ffiMdi I'll tofl tlicm wft von'l make tny moro wortf tor them. Doo'l go away until after the con sultatloD. Father. That won't w long, probably not more thaq an hour or so. The doctor said the i others would come ?ery soon:" | Tlie maids were, as her tatlier bad said, flccent, but tllsgrnmled. "Them nurse j come out bero and order us around us If v>o WEIS dirt," complained iho coot. "They vant everything ID a inlaulc and they're always bojlfng their dirty slnfl on my raoge. I have to keep a coiipla grcnl tig kolllcs 9t bot w^lcr rearly all the time and Hint loaves ipo hardly no room lo coo£. And F! tl? I* aee **a«. Wt'i truitere her«." "I'd rather slay rl^ht horc." sa-' Amy. **You go ahead. E-'ailier." "But ! don'l like 10 iuyvr ft flloTie. under sue!) circinnstiiucej-.t; Tii] Dot aEoilo. Ucnvanl i& ticrc. Bo still fldsh.:recl. "Is t tio r oothmg 1 cat) bring yon. my ru^ "Yes, you can tiriiK nie t". thing. Go into 9 slnr^ anrt me some knHHttg needles aud io Eiockliig vvool. TeJI Hie:n It'e — a Boldier. Whoever ivalts on j wilt kuuw Jiisc what ID give y Kvery sliop'e full of kclttins *tu "Unt Aniy—" "K;jther. r^case. He must live,3 must believe bo's going to Uv» None of tlie iloctor? believe St. h- I wusit It helpj me to hsU^ve^ If I'm rnnklns snnsclli>n= for lili Don't now sect It \ «hould g'.;| iKjliEvius li. rrt die." l hey're BO fussy about wual they -the cat! L tried to asi 41iE= Terry | wlicn slie went out u-hat to gel lor • i dear dnuf;htcr." STid 1 foir.-inr f-oxve, y&ry mriiily. 11 was dinner, lint she qcicd ]ike she didn't | ucljevc 'lo^^rd'e s oln P to t|vc - .usulla-Icvcn near. And 1 falrj to M'ree. ^ :GVDr "cHeved anjilung ej&e. A uiiglu as well piu oo pur hat= ilfjctnr ciiicred. "1're eol r!" 1 * 8^.1 out pill, ion.; l]fr erle» iiii anil pirate. Vnu coiil'ln't Wtf3 Mglilcnert w|i|) tcllinf Ihen]. ' " I'ljey'l) tie Jicre ejiartly •• ;n: it* 50 mil lor fl while- out <:f hack belofe they ^ei here." :li?pUE:-r) DEfor? 4uiy. "Your -i ;n<! i? rp a-pr=£. Mrs. Jack- :j Us i? holding nit wu. $nd ji IQ Ucgll. IE-- tMjfbily — yery ^> ;jfc-l> id V lltJl DIUCb, pr-ifeitor came In 31 the run* n i and i h? rtni'lnr repeated in' us Uarl lold Amy. aud took .:\: ilir inotc-^'ir was rlisturlied i-i 'iin 1 : -y "Aniy." tie ^ld. s'L- ;:^ 'i.ivii i.r.-fifF npr. "this Is cer- n-'h n ITiy [)p ( uijar sitnnllon. "liui I'd nut tike I acted lliatatvay if tus; lu tlie HOII.-F> Ppppj I'd smitl II 5 anyway And ki're? ^•ould. tno." "I'm EO ^orrr to c-a have It oad fick' lold vour said she all inconyenleucs to you—aud to Miss i Teiry." sairj Ainy. "Vfe'ft mu?e 'ujy bnih^ud li Ue could be ojoTed. i)ii( bs cau't. jii=( DOW. H h^ sets l, e u er _- siie changed it. wllh fiin- pliasts. "— whtn lie gets letter. We'll la^e him lo a hospital at ouce. H:it now —please he a3 pa- Lieut witli us as yu-i can." "We certfiinly will, ma'atn." do- «. L. fer OAllfgH blf nf OAOE The Breach' aobl«mu.'Mtrqul* Mftiron oeLivaui, vn toui}4 H7lpg'itc4rd th4*il. S.' 5. Mficy, fottlnj hotel (or tke UDtniploy^d netr Phllldelphii, 'Although Kft- ter of 1C Uuguages, 1 aud^dafe 'a college professor, te Is liable to commerclallia bfs kco^lMg;. thic'^l •[;: nui. ny [|| C bac^ door, IN::, - siiyinj; nolhlng what- rhr ?Tvaiitj. leaving no n cr-?-= n cook and a ; 'let cjis »r>inon. but bath 'li^rnritlnd oy llie «xlrft Kf H;e 'IcriMnds the nurses IT.rv t\'or? ou the pcinl of 0=;i I've cuilaiacfl ni^t* '•n -i: ; coulrL aud I think ! tnv i pmujlsed them extra *;i^rs In tan l gave thorp eacb ?.'" ni'l itilrl Thrm 1 would pay all I-P iT.r.iiHf:nn;it-e tills, (o; tbf iMil rC> tl!l:;ilS, VOU kHOW. BUl I Inn r 5se bow «p can itay bVe. '•i-ij anl 1. I meiD. and ujaks auy fnttli^r trouble for them, ill so onl 3£rt ?ct TDoiiif at lh« p«.^rsV nr,ti-i. ntitf up will « d t inert, tpd <(in II clarcd the Uvo In cborns. Anil coot aililcrt. »-|ili tyuiinliiy: "Wo know wLat ansioiie bonrs It l» tor you." • • • IVOW there nothiuj more to • do ciceiit lo wall for the con- suftatlon. but tliat was not delayed. Amy anil her fatlier stood Ip the ball while lh« llire« wen were In the ilckroom. Doctor Holzmanp senior ol the ^roup. spoke (or Ibem when tbey came out. "Everything s being done thai can be dona, and ayerylulnE that Is belns dopq Is the rlglit' thing. Your husband has ' 1 * chance— and he Is fight- to tan Lcre ihe re^t ot I e And I be lie re Td b«U»r IDEIP s oflii'e and see lief. S *i:iilil HE (here. | siipuo^t- I don't 'j]}<1ersijoO wiiy sue rushed out n.>i 35 »-e came. U't all vt?v pe- ci'.'lar I *i;h your mother b^d '•nmt n-iib i]« I mutt vlr« your mt'.hsr. acd Mrs. Jackaou—" JJJE NUc-^ A:i:y : 3c vou are ia. icu ?ou!d ) IjjTiri . "I don't u^ltt'ic;, iblt' dlltrcja ot " b& weal on. ^hut iiulft. 'tl Driug yon some I 1 can fjutl auf. good ni slintujlu?. ymir rntitt^l says." He Lienl in Ufr? li?r she cluti^ lo him fnr ^ loom Then she wn? kit once more alt»J| willi her (Ears. After a Dills she rouH clijl. so sbe began to worts disordered room. HcUug op pap^l from the flnor, pulEiQg (be odd loM lug piece? of furniture inio scera'ed their muni p^iMon*. s"j.| tling books on the shelve;. f!i ing cushions. At last e!ie rain? Jane's dc;k. whirl 1 «'ia '.^ i chaos Us o-vuer liirl loii it, drawers hil( oixrn. ibs lop (i-fri u-||]i a lo-.=eiKitioiil llilor of thjil contents. Amy toiichcr) il pin^^j haling If. it Eccmnd plorq c,l Jane lierceli. But 'orccd hnr^clf lo lay the tup^ and notebook? nnd lelters tos^elb^ Just 33 tbe Mad finished w bis the cnok came In. and wo Mrs. Jackioa plcasn tell b°r Rb the orders. There must, she y > Cupper (or tlie day t:iir=er • miOuicbl iHucli for the qur lio carne na at nigtjL "A M'ree anri 1 ulkcd U o^er." ^dt } Hie \vouian. "nnd wp doli't 11 jdca o( yon goln.5 -oiil tor 'Ve vaat to bcr^c your meals, tf | Kveu lo be near Howard IDE."' Amy stopijeil hlni: "Is there Mkely In b? jiny chnns?— soon!" • "There rpay t>e g cuaiise — elllur •ay-rof llie paltegl't condition lo- nlj'ht. I amlclpite nothing helore tbat time." ing . SUP3S.' may be a change, either | Movtug slantly Arey fell jba would eat In Jane's home. "You're v thoughtful." she said, "onl m? ther hat made arrangetuenis < side. l'erb,i|'3. a little later, w! my litiihand l; belter snd knc i I di appreciate vnur kl.J y.~ repeated Ams. tlowlj. "and 'talk there's nothing more anyone can do (or him—nothing al all?" "ram eorry." tild Dcclor Ho^ aann. "but th«r» Is nothln?." Doctor Gavin refflitned tor a mo a!y>ui. 1>e!pg oliii O f [iiiictlcal as ti? otbtrE letL "I'm coc- |crV;ir.p!n: 0 2 bad brought her bowk lo » n> normal slots and n^w sbe bEi to feel the beavy'latlgue of all had jone through. When Prole; relumsd shs was aflcj - the H--r>rti tal^ Tl vpy ^.oulO Vad' 11 »Ui Ins It l j()E{ r.ett »nd |letP- to »'ltb cat o! Jint'E bl^c* ' »*& "' pillow? us^er'ber )JE4<>- Ht ' tr not to dlfturh her, Wit «h« fUh i ttirt v^wnt (T (To Be

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