The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 13, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 13, 1936
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VOI,, XXXIII—NO. 179 —-—- ^^^^^ rll.jL. \\f »5 "<H ; >*^ '\ Blj'llievllle Courier niytlieville Herald Blylhcvllle Dully News Mississippi Vnlley Leader .._ j EV.LLtt, AHKANSAS. TUESDAY, bCTOHBK ,3, | 03 0 KVaiiARRlIS FIGHT INTOTAJli Contributions In Crjicka-' sawba District Arc Already Well Over $5,000 The CJiIckasaivta district of Mississippi county has passed Its orl«- lua quota of $5,000 for the Democratic national campaign fund and » irell on the way toward its new goal of $7,500, Blicrifl C. ft Wilson, chairman, for the north end of (he county, announced this inoriilng.* . ' A/ P. Barhajn is in charge of the campaign, in the Osacola district Mr. Wilson had no figures for that Hawaii Clipper Read for v Flight With Ekim SAN FfeANCISCO, Oct. 13. (UP)—Pan-American Airways announced today the Hawaii Clipper, with II. )!. Filing aboard, would take oft from Manila for San Eruncisco between 1 and 1:30 p.tiL Pacific standard time (3 and 3:30 p.m. c.s.t.) which- would be 5:30 a.m. Wednesday, Manila .time. ' . • — . »--• Rockefeller Seeks Sun T01TEL Winter Declines lo Talk About Quarrel With Reporter at Providence BOSTON, Oct. 13. (UP)— Tn a hotel room guarded by six nollcc- ! men cqulppc<l with (ear gas bombs and side arms. Ihe Rev. Charles E Coughlln remained In seclusion today, denying himself to newspa- IKrincn who wanted lo question him iiboiit his quarrel with a re• . porter at Providence. R i ') a te Union Ready to Demand/^ suitei,, the couw P ,, M 1 er Lent Increase, ^, . Says PROVIDENCE, IN TEXTILE PHI voles. nmtninsr In Boston to "uel" the re- - -- ,. v aUt-MIl^ | l;il. n . ame " lnto Private affairs of Pro y the personal .efforts or Mr. Wilso • • " *J| «*i. wiisuii and J. W. Meyer, who have spent most of the past week soliciting contributions. Farmers and land owners, who have received important direct benefits under the Roosevelt administration, have been the most liberal contributors, M r . \yil- Mississippi county, according to available reports, leads all the ' counties of Arkamas i n its response to the appeal lor funds to carry O11 ., the , t Democratic campaign. Mr. Wilson made public today an incomplete list of those who have contributed, .the amount totaling about $5,700. Some additional contributions arc on hand which Jmve not yet been tabulated and the campaign will be continued un. til the $7.500 quota is passed Be- caus = it Is impossible Tor Mr Wil- *ic -win me qemana would cov-' ""' viti 3 "c»inK!n. er all divisions, cotton, wool, wore-!, An «ouncln.; that Caughlln would ted. silk and rayon. leave for 5 pm, today, If - the ray demands were granted ne approximately 1,250,000 employes I" 21 states would benefit directly McMahon said the union' would ask also, a 4D-hour week, :wo shifts of 40 hours eacli for' production machinery, and restoration of work loads that prevailed my der the NBA. Kcelon declined to say what. - : —-l-*T, ,— - contrTbutrons-either- to' him or to -o bf"^^^ *n»»t'walfing to be called upon. Thev will ho promptly acknowledged. List of Contributors . Hie list of contributors. a s tabulated so far, follows- - • - John%t & Houcllins ' '- S150.00 John Stevens ,j 0( , 0 1*-. A. Stacy Dr. v. R. FOX C. c. Lnngston C. F. Tucker . J. Y. Turner . Bcb Veach ... R. C. Rose .... M. F. Brownlee Q G. Redman J. \Y. Meyer . B. G. ;Gill lO'ff.03 iqo.o:) 100.00 IOO.G: 100.00 lOD'.oi 103.00 ico:oo 100.05 100.03 • •. .-:-..-..,... iuvf v w^ B. E. Simmons 10 -. ra AtTlick Taylor Freeman Tom Martin . Huffman' Bi-os. Moore Bros. ... B. A. Lynch ... Roland Green C. H. Wilson . Clem Whistle . "C. 100.00 100.00 100.00 lC".O n 1CO.CO 1CO.OO 10>Mr 100.00 Den Gin co..:....::.;;;;; 75 . M John Bcardon 75 OQ Sam Fincher 5000 Adolph Knobeloch '". 5o'oo I J. W. Bader .'.'.';.',' 50 ' 00 50.00; 50.00 Threat to American Cotton Industry, However, ' NEW YORK, Oct. 13 (TIE) -• Brazil is threatening''to take, away the United States'vblggestfcoMon customer—Japan -Benjamin • Adler cotton statistician told the Unit-' ed Press today. . '•. • •vSince'rJiirie> ,'Adler stated,. Japan has pi(rchi>sed . 250,000 . bales of Brazilian; cotton. 25. times as much tts,.last:,year,i ••'.'' , - ; -.Brazil's'total 'crop this vear (q UOO,COO/.;baie S , .:or this'sMOO? bales was purchased by Japanese farmers;, working', in the South American nation. ' : .-''This does, not mean .that our sales . of cotton to foreign countries . will fall off this..year or even next i year,". Adler said "The world is recovering from a. lonr I Oenod of industrial inactivity and' textiles arc in the vanguard it that recovery. '.-.' ."Our exports of cotton should increase, the use of it at home should expand to a new record •ind the present crop of 11,600,000 ----- "v -'uj ntiiti- utL' radio priest planned to do in the in I "rim. The quiet that surrounded the Coushiin suite nt noon i ras in marked contrast to stormy scenes . which witnesses tlcseilbstl as hav- A the early! Ing occurred there In mcrnii 1 ;' hours. Following his return from Prov- dence. where lie confeiTcd witU Hhcde Island leaders of the National Union for Social Justice CoURhlh, dolfercd his jacket nnd collar and excitedly paced the lloor of hfe- room, gesticulating houting "rr j , m(] hlm ' u iullet Ulcktd 5 ""3lj our his Hew Jersey Democrats Have $50,000 to Bet . .joct, 13. <rjl>>_ A group of New jersey Democrats <*'y oirered lo New Jersey Rc- "Mcniis n $50,000 wager that 'info R <»s«'clt would carry the They asked odds of four to OIP riie offer was announced by Mayor 1'Vank lingua of jersey City, New Jersey Democratic 'leader.. In a lele- l , 0 ,. ntMlr > r W.'J»ir«vs, cliiilr- of the stntc Ucpilblican committee. Hague said (he rour to one oclds ' c b Heimbllran prcdlc - Alf M ' u »" !o ' IS CHEERS OS IE MS B.OI; ments," where ft Is his custom to rcmal and here I'd choke nun," according to witnesses. .. The "him" referred, to; John Barry, veteran reporter: for --the Boston; Globe, with whom Cough- lln had. clashed-.,In n corridor or the Biltmorc hotel at Provl (fence. ,a rew hours earlier Jlicre Coughlin had snatched oil Barry's spectacles , while ,• berating ,him ror trying., to "stick your' nose info a private meet- Ing." Rampaging Waters ^2 Rooeevelts in Corn Belt Deciai-cs Parljcipulion 'In Politics Leads to Loss; (UP)-Oov m- bor to keep out of politics avoid the dangers which » "'? f "; vol ' k ">B l«°ple serfs tlic state" In foreign counfrics "M- Republican .presidential oininee, completing his I"! northern .Ohio to ° 25,000 Hear President in 1 Add less Today in ],au- don's Home State WICHITA, KonsToct. 13 (UP) -IiMldcnl Roosevelt told n Kansas, audience today Hint he dirt not belioio Kansas would hnvu survived the depiction in such 1 -jpteiidld Khnpc liacl It not been for he nssliiance nnd cooiicmlto-i oi ,tho fedeial government Using ii, 0 home state or Gov Atr M Lanctou, lite Republican op'-' pononl, us an example, Mi ROOIC- vcll jnshcd out boldly nt crlllis or the New Deals progiam or idler ami .social security. He charged the Republican leadership was "even tiylng t 0 bihij? rear , lU the riicsldcs of Ameilcji " .Help IA llalillng Depression I do-not seek to dlscius will! you the pias and cons of jour local government oi of jour state , —„, „, ^^ JUKI ^I't IP government, and Ir Ranws juu know moie about Hint than I do" ho snld "Let me say only niirl in W' :'"'» le , '1"' S «»t I do not Knilsas W0ul(l • Addressing ah 'audience .of 1 000 aovcrnor Landon declared «r «m nusolulcly opposed to : aiiy liifrlneo- •••enlof the right of 'labor to or- a " y Cllrt! """cnt of reedom of ass-mblj L i 1 Z Bovprmncnts dutj to pro- :er Warns Real Estate Men of Danger in Na^ tional Measure .'...'; HOT SPRINGS, Oct. 13 (UP)— Snnrp criticism was leveled today social security laws by A L Wcoten. Little Rock real estate man, in an address to the slat* realtors association. "Within ten years the social s=- cunty Jaws will call for an expend! consumed nt rlsinV h"J c of T? monc> " tl!i >" is "now , - being used- lo operate our government," Woolen said. "Home n r laud owners ' ,00 aales of American cotton should • all short of the world's require- mcnts and be c prices," he said. . 50.00 J. M. Jontz L. V. Stevens Russell Phillips C. w. Romey J. I* Wallace . W. S. Cockerham .. Hiram Wylie G. G. Caudlll C, S. Stevens Enrl Majors G. E. Snyder ...... Fred Fleeman J. II. Roney Chas. Wylie II. N. As L. B. Gill Fred Warren G. G. Hiibbard .... S. L. McCnnn . Otto Koehler ... E. M. Woodard .... Jtss Wiggins Dave Flagg H. L. Eblen W. .V. Rlggs H. D. Baker S. J. Cohen ..... Otto Bradbcrry .'.'.'. Kva W. A. Whistle 2500 J- A. Leech ] 2o!oO .Slmvcr & Foster Gin 25.00 Geo. i\f. Lee 25JX) 50.00 •50.00 50.00 50.0D 50.00 50.00 50.00 50.00 50.00 40.00! 25.00 KM 25,00 Pemiscot and Dunklin Defendants Among Those Sentenced Monday CAPE GIRARDEAU. Mo - A number of Pemiscot and DunVIln county defendants in liquor-law 2 ^n™ re ,i' V ? . fines n '«l P^on . hould watch to prevent this -rcvemie-co rloselv to fJavpc ,._ & .. L , ^Philippine Typjioons ' MANILA, P.' r~Oe't< : 13 -(up. The Amedo and Agno' dikes o" he rampaging Pnmpagna river burst tonight,- flooding thousand j or acres In fertile central Luzon and adding i, ew deaths nnd damage to the mounting loll or dc- slnictlon in one or the grea'ei' hSor°" 5 ' eges 6f "cent.Philippine After .'withstanding four days of pounding, the. dikes gave wavl under pressure of. the roaring wa- ers^whlcli rose to record heights m the Pampagna, one of the principal waterways of the island The death list, already ove 3tO-with_ hundreds more missing I i ml feared dead-grew hourly as the muddy waters swept through the crumbling riv( , r blmks , through the tiny villages of Hie Trie slate association in Its morv mg meeting today endorsed the work ^of^the. Federal Housi sing Ad ministration ahd the Home Owners Loan Corporation, it recommended the opening Bnd opsratlon by tiic government of a mortgage discount bank where sound mortises -o'lH be disposed of. The 'association cruised the present S3 of appraising property. lnsfsV.ii. thit holdings should b= judged ,lon« hv the income that th 3 y proSucc .W. if. Ramssur of Hot Sprin-s was named president of the n«n elation to serve during the comln» year. York Cott °» of Gallon closed steady. cpi-n hig «- — '."•uv././.ici.^m, O j Dftslfll £' n *; » We amount of hls^ i" ••"•"•j *•*/ viiu 25.00 Rcslllutlon or 25.00 j shortage had 2o.OO made. . . E. B. Gee 25 w ............... O. Shonyo ......... '.'.'.'" 2500 Dr. Max O. Usrey ____ 2500 E - H. Ford ........... .'"; 2500 Shouse-Hcnry Hdw. Co. .. 2500 Sam Simmons H. C. Knappcnbergcr Hubbard Hdw. Co Roy Lnwson J. H. Blinn I>. W. McDcarmon W. T. Barnett ..... ..... 2500 25^00 25^03 25JJO 25 OD 25^00 25 00 ..... ..... (Continued On Page 5) - previous.y of Ihc ' home March May July ---r-.. 10ft r 1198 1205 UBS 1185 1195 U84 1181 1193 1181 1192 1198 H87 1192 1199 i )90 1187 1191 1I83 close J205 1190 1195 1197 1193 Is near the Arkansas ll nc south S "°' Avcra » '« 12.12 of Slecle. wns given two IWO-VMH Tllc nvrra « c P rl ™ of 7-8 prison terms on "quor charges I In1<i<i "" g cotton on tllc and then was admitted to oarcle s '8»ated So.*" as$csswi nnes «*•«£ " V '° V " Dave Collins of Caruthersville as given two years I: - ' do ' " "* , s gtven a vear and a day and fined "lOO Th an fined lOO They had liquor on a boat whtcn was docketed at CaruthersvTl" W. was given .„„ ,,. placed on probiulori. . Dunklin two years but NEW YOIiK, Oct. 13 (u Fairly heavy profit taking cped on Ihr stock market ...... to slash Into early l to 3 was. gains, that had carried the I lo' rurther new recovery high list 'nfection Costs Life of Beebe Cotton Picker James Paul Henry, as-y»ar-old cotton picker from Bsebj, Ark. di"d at one oclock this monilii' nt the Blythevillc hospilal. Henry, who had been picking cotton on a farm near Yarbro, opened a pimple on his nosj and infection developed, his death bcln, attribu " ed lo complicallons resulting from gangrene. The body was rclnrned tins morning to u<xte where funerai services will be held and Intennsnt "HI 01 made tomorrow He is survived by his wife. Mrs Aileen Hairj', his parents. Mr. and Mrs. James A. Henry, five'broth- er and one sister. . The cpbb Undertaking company is: m charge of Tuncral arrange- Look abrod, Governor UnrToi, " .,,,- 1CtteBhl P lln Participated In cicullon of nc labo, ba s the mroim, nchlncd and Gm LnndoA 'caiijlng hi, Ro a1 " a>Wen " nI "mpaht. h n ,«, Into Michigan, Ibtlaj together the Kansas gover ;ipr and (he billionaire automo manufacturer deinrted the rord entile nt Dearborn MINNLAPOLIS Oct clinrgcfl today (hat President Roosevelt had perpetrated the coirsest belmjal and don ble closs I ha\c o\c 53 ycnrs or politics." China Cfioper Leaves For Philiopine Islands KE ISLAND, fWcdncsday) 'UP)-The China Clipper or the Pun-American Airways Nebraskans crowded Ak-Sar-Ben. auditorium in Omaha to hear President Roosevelt discuss fnrni problems, offer proposals for "pcimnncnt agricultural prosperity" in ftll address made (luring h brief slop on the westward swing of his campaign tour. At Lincoln, earlier the same day, the president spoke at thc state capltol. Photo above shows Mr. and Mrs. Roosevelt, at Lincoln, nnd. In the background, the crowd that heard the address In Omaha. Hold Doctor and Nurse of Birth Control Club NEWARK, N.'J., Oct. 13 (UP) — Police announced loilay they had broken up a birtli control club In which 800 women, most of them employed in oifices. paid $2 uartv of ncvrcpapermcii -iboinf mollth ly and carried Identification T*vf» I,,-,,.,, l^.i __. . . """•""• prt t-rlp Icrt here today en ro.. Ha. The time Is 1 p T., Tuesday. to Man- M., E. S. The flyers arc making a "preview" passenger night from Alameda, Calif., turn. They cards. . Dr. George Harley, alleged head of the club, Is nt liberty In $5,000 bail nnd will be arraigned tomorrow In family court on a rom a- , to Manila and re- ?lllll '6 e of performing illegal oper- re- were delayed two'" 110113 ' P° lice silld ' . ere eayed two' ' hours here because of typhoons' Iiis "urse, jriss Anna -Gree raging from the Philippine Is- was rc ' e ascd in S3,000 bail ari l!ilul£ tn-.cnr.l nii^.n Will hn nrrafniid/^ «-Itl\ ^lnp A.H lands toward Guam. Manila Man Missing will be arraigned with her ci;>- uloyer on a charge ot assisting him. The police estimate lhat Iile8al were performed II. who livid south of Maiiila7has !cach. iecn missing rrom his home slncu Thursday afternoon when he left Cross Carried 3,000 Miles locale him have failed. . y, wooden cross on his.back, C. I. 0. Leaders Ready to Discuss Labor Peace WASHINGTON, Oct. 13. (UP)— Representatives of the Committee for Industrial Organization .said today they would be willing to discuss peace overtures of the American Federation or Libor. No official statement was rorlh« coming rrom thc reb?l union faction, headed by John L. Lewis, but certain spokesmen said: "We are willing to talk over the situation." '. County iccr Sentenced ' far Alice Embezzlement BENTON, MO.—M'ISS fc, former lrcasurcr~ of" Missis-' slppl .county, was sentenced .iVprt- ?on ror seven years by Judge Frhhk c"y In. circuit court here Monday Miss. Lcc'pleaded guilty to three indictments when she n'ppearc-1 b" W^^^i,"'*- ji'v<i,(. gjii t; AMISS L*os three jears on one count nnd tivb ycnrs each-on the other'two. the s"™ i«nccs to run consecutively Immediately attorneys fo- Miss "jo filed application for parole, in M ^ t>0 paro ' c Judge Kellv to any special consideration wl* *' h ° J ' ad a|:lpeAre(i in -others, ' cr ,, , ,, v ""iisu-i ivuuiu navo pulled through the difficult problems or the pn 5 t roili jeais as splendidly M R ha s i, nt j lt , J been for federal cooperation anil federal asslslahce In many field- of youi cndcnvor" .He told his listeners cluiing an hour and n | ln |f v r s j t i| lnt n t , did,.lot, think thc ndmtnistmtlon was'right In B l\in g this a'sslstnnce thej must If lo B !cnl, ask" that ev- erj state in the union sot'Itself up a? an Individual entity for thc solution or all probienib maintenance of the army uav) and tiansacllon or nffalre , ( , ills G. O. T. Scare V«ilci / tj Mr Roosevelt .prefaced,-hss re- mails by out; ft. Uji.'i4\j^ v . k , > p, attucks on the Republican "leadci- ship Hint he has employed j n tlie cnmpilgn He talked of '-VhLs-pei- Ing ghosts" nnd "stalking bogeymen He chargeil the Republican leadership with bringing on the, sconomic.cilsls of ,1932 and with attempting now i 0 sabotage his iccurllj program. l! l cm Krlfe anothci book I am going to lune n chaiitci in t about bedtime stones—political bedtime stories it will be n my iimislnff chapter I am going to nil it with nhlspcilng ghosh ona ilalklng bogeymen and I am ^o-" ' ug; lo end the chapter by lolling low the American, men and women, on the third of November me rerusetl to be frightened b/ fairy tales. You folks do not look eared .to me.' Kaimus Cheer Kim The president mndc his attack, parked In the middle of the field In Lawrence stadium before 25000 enthusiastic Kansans who had cto"- ged the highnnjs SIIICD dniiu to "lye the president a noisy reception. , He used blunt language in attacking his opposition in the most vigorous terms he in., U ssJ on i,,,, 0,000 mile campaign. tour and although he never mentioned Governor Landon by name he met the Kansan's criticism of his pomes with biting sarcasm. .'.. '•' "• A chorus of. "no" went U p when Mr. Roosevelt put lo the crowd the question whether it .wanted to return to "rugged .individualism." "Don't you and .your-wire and children look forward to a safer, better ruturc today than you did three nnd a hair short years a»o?" he asked. ' ,,,.. A roar of "yes, yes," was Ihc response. . •' • : I_|. ".- " « ""I! JJDSS L,?e, W.15 taken into custody by Sheriff Jo= Intf™?" -?:?°'. Icft »°" *«cr' for Little Is Vets Chairman \ for Democratic Campaign| C. J. Little has been appointed veterans county chairman lor thc Democratic uatlosal^cainpaigii, tt has beena nnounccd by 'Louis Johnson, chairman of the Veterans Division. The appointment was made by Dr. Samuel G Boyce. ' Mr. Little Is lo assist ill organ- Pourtecn Indictments were re- 'rned against Miss Lc e bst May, 'tglng shorlagcs of about $57,!„• .,™c three counts to which Ha -I" 51 *" 11 "* Vcrncy' Ja $ rrfes ^^^ remaining charges would be dropped. the in- vi, vestigation of her ofTicc was shs had been county treas- ' 17 yca " Hcr cas = «">e ..ton from Mississippi j ount} . oil change of venue. . « ..Bc« campaign. be cleteclcd miles away. Two Ask Divorces Husbands are (ierendants in two oivorce suits filed yesterday 'in chancery court here.' • Mrs. Alia May Barrett, asks a divorce from Tom Barrett MI the ground of indignities. Her V.t'or- ney is Virgil Greene. Mrs. Geraldinc Mollett seeks a divorce from Earney Mollett on the ground of desertion, clarence Meadows, iMchvIlle, is her attorney. * WEATHER Arkansas—Partly cloudy tonight nnd Wednesday. Probably rain in northwest portion nnd "in northwest and central portions Wednesday, cooler In western portion Wednesday. Memphis and vicinity—Fair tonight and Wednesday, not much change in temperature. Tlie maximum temperature here yesterday wns 78, minimum 43, clear, according lo Samuel p. Nor- rls, official we.ilher observer.

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