The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 12, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 12, 1932
Page 5
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\ _BLYTHEVTTJ.E CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents a wont lot first insertion ami one etot * w«d lor tacli BubGequtnt InieiUoQ No advertisement tiken tor tei than 60c. Count me vttds »aa send i be r»jh 306 FOR SALE FOR SALE OR TRADE—One seven room house, strictly modem. Located on one acre ground half inllj south on highway. 13111 Van WlnklJ, 325 E. Dougan. • •FOR SAEE—Chevrolet coupe, 1923 moid, can see car at J. J. Bled- boc's, Buntelte. llckU FOR SALE—Weeping willows. Lombard)' pop!ars, splrea, forsythia, pussy-willows, tamaracks, butterfly bush, elc. 25 cents each with free Iris root. Mrs. E. M. McCall !2pkH i'OR REJST FOR. RENT—Furnished apartment, 700 West Walnut. 20C-TF FOR KENT—lly 80 acre farm, edg e of town, end ol Franklin street, formerly rented by A. O. Byrum. Write J. R. Byrum, Sikestoii, Mo. ff-K.22 I'OO. RENT—Bungalow. 305 Dougan. • 1C-K17 FOR RENT—710 W. Ash, 5 rooms. $22.50; 505 N. Broadway, 4 rooms, $18.00; 127 E. Missouri, 5 rooms, ?17.50. All modern. Phone 100, R D. Ferguson. 12C-K15 \ _—__ WANTEB WILL TRADE paper hanging and , painting for good cow. Chas.jOli ver, 715 West Park. llpkll WANTED— Washings. • Kimball. 605 Lilly Red Gross. Mrs. Mary street. Call K-TF RANTED TO RENT—Nicely fur nished residence. Thomas Laud Co. 1C-K13 WANTED-Fresh Cream. St. Louis . prices paid. Bennett's Dairy Blythevllle. 7C-K31 WANTED—To rent, three room furnished apartment or furnished house. Must b e reasonable: Phone 35S. 1C-K.TC "WANTFJD —Information relative address and occupation Mrs.Vel- nia Wrather Frazier or husband, Arthur Frazier. Last known address 107 W. Cherry St.. Blythevllle. Formerly . taught school vicinity Portagevllle, Missouri. Address B. Gillesp-:e, 600 Monroe Building, Chicago, 111." ' O-p-k-13 - LOST AND FOUND . STOLEN—Purse contaiiu'ng valuable papers and aluminum cigarette case. Parties known. T\vo Dollar Reward if cigarette case returned und no questions asked. Mrs. May Winters. 6C-KTF Novemncr 16, 1931 , Treasury Department. Office ot the Comptroller of the Currency. Notice 'is hereby given to all persons who may havo claims against "The First National BanSc of Blytheville. Arkansas," that the same must be presented to R. L. Bradley, Receiver, with the legal proof thereof, within three months from this date or they may be disallowed. J. W. POLE, Comptroller of the Currency. 11-16C-K2-I6-32 Courier News Want Ads Pay. SECOND HAND FURNITURE NOUGHT — SOLD R. J. Dodson 3C1-303 E. Main AUTOS RENEWED Expert Repairs to Bodies, Fenders, Hoods, Paint Colors Matched. Acetylene Welding for Fenders. Frames, Doors, Etc. Tops, Glass,'etc.. Replaced. Prices Reasonable. Phiilips Motor Company Phones 8H-S10-"7 I'HOI'EHTY OWNERS! Better place your HEAL ESTATE for sale p or-rent with CAUDILL. Particular attention given to renting and collecting rents on Farms and Houses G. G. CAUDILL, Phono 787-785 (AUK.) COURlEn NEWS OUR BOARDINGHOUSE , fay ubteday, Doran and Co. GOLXJ PAck'Aees OF BY KAY CLEAVER IHMIX A\\. (TCn.V aft HAH* VRAM. :s I-'I:N\VICK ii v « .,UB ikrir tu:inuiiarrnl». The BUtera have !«•<•» oriikmir' tint* cklliltoo*. Tin- gru S.M.IB" n.i <h«lr \vral(h m*t the huuukulil i. ,wrr*rltt by rntBlBBB. Fur IhU rramiii, A», 28. n»4 I'lHLIr- M HOY!). >UMIIK iBn-frr, «rr Bllll UluVlng ol tbit )««t now when Ito- tolcplioiic." Hlie took the Iron Iron* PACKAGE, fU. band nnj pushed tu» box PAID TOR -THEM / '' I sure, lioiiod aail trusted, -TH''.SHlR-r" OFF »/|S BACK x -2..80 I'LL TO uuv /IRPLAWE Ann stood still ntiU held (lio cardboard tu!u K as elio mlKlil havo held a bauy. Slio closed licr eyes uud bl( I MS OM A COMMISStOAi BASIS, THREE PER Tlio ilrar oli! ;jiillriiin ut her lower UD, trying not to moan way things &re now with Uarer and with tbo eiirglug rain of relief, rs uf her fnlluro tn mnko licr KVink'8. Tlint la Wu jlitill nucd 10 CBCBKvd 8 jrcari (. i. ) 0 v C JUIIIIV Mi-KBKr., am r I'll! warn hr iiron»*« »he lu Bnmc Ike weiilttK dale ke- i-.-iu»i« •«<• c.tMBiif Iriivc Aim \\ilk crNyeBilblllly ot tke G&T LOTS O'F S Vcs, I know, lionoy. said one ol t\vo reasoua. (lie otlicr reasou?" "1 don't know exactly. nidi In orilor to dl.i Ito would bo wlili licr BOOH, and hlu cuss ilio imitler nf our lllllo cue's - l\o nlila llnio to tlino, anil fstcty, nnd Ills lips would ulvo sort of wondered ft at last (licy had ... ._ •VBOul, »trlki-B vn »H MCiiunlMlnttre «IIU UAKL ItK AJIMIIIJM'. .Iwk Cecily's voice, fitlll Inughlug, waked nu a little. Slie mrttm h\m fcrrwlly mud fce «rl*B In pt-raande her lo brrcme hiB purlnrr !• •. \QHdrvllle ad. I'hll lakr* AKB t» dinner. A Clrl «k» ha* never nren «rnd> bio > note. l'kll'» n v \,i llciB« Brr va K ue. UB Ike Trar fcii 1'fcll utauji ike rni lo lnvr»ll c Home eacine Iraulile. irko irnilt <ke Bi>(e, anil KI:.\M-:TII SMITH, b<r ewan, eowe alorr; Ir, DBOlkcr rnr. l.rlly urging Vr to own It. fact that » aud frightened? arc young. A tilt Imtioluolu-n tilt, ways—sho nnd I'hll togctjior, nut tht bcs on tlio table, nnd as her you know, ray to? toily, is NN aliook her .head. "Wollt But thought thni. ovcryllitng couid bo explained—cr forgiven. that couldn't bo it Isn't. No. to marry." "Yes, 1 know, —they would? Tliey Bcem to wish u» Cerlly said, "Qu, Ann-th« bwu- m the midst ol It, UiouKli Mlt± Lniio could not mm rcc.i'l wlicro nor reason »:!iy, aari AMH. ancry. gel» i rar Bud Baku hiai to take bntue. «B l.nae, n tcaeker, tlml krr Ann, M last, let tho air out ot They'd think Just far enough to do- i)g.\ and It made a queer. Buffering eounil ng uho auld, clare that they wouldn't stand In promise ol nocrccy; 'Ho shonldD'Uiaro— the way ot our fiapptness; but tlioi SOW GO ON WITH THE ST01U CHAPTBn XXX mid licro she was In n. inolly nlc' 'o. wero sucli masses ot tbom, down Diern In the green, tbiidlui, 1 from what Iliey would do If wo went off A lady, nod « crofraslni; Clirlattas, AS the door closed, Ann looted up and left tliom.' Ttioy mlcbt feel creni;iy wbito to dooj roso. neither told [lea nor broko uroi lilies, BO rare, BO iltffarent. worried niid frightened, but they from tha Ironing, and Cectly It wnj not particularly • Pull had roiuerabercil iiow eh* lorcd wouldn't allow tnomselveii to think tur««l from tlio said. "Goodness, Ann was readily satisfied. Uuly one then, nnd imd got th3n> and sent It—much less say It They ore that tlicm to hor—all tho wr.tcr. llllea In was ucccsanry; ojio snowy know sbo was going. we hurt her feelings. tlioy are both planning u lifetime anil Email whlto llo did tlio trlclj. card. Sho boiied that Ciclly would ahead of tliein.. They won't rccog- Turcc): liluiBolf liad elva noctllcas iinl not notlco how ber hands wcroaliak- nlzo death—tli»y won't so : much as Wa dldu't even tell licr we •CO.U.S.MT.W,-, BY ntA irnxc v«c. Ing. fiho horcti that I'lill would aot were glnd about tbo Carmlctmela, was (nut a sin, Dr. Turcck wno !(vr say that ha WM sorry. "I don't know what too nlco lu lumiUon Bin) 11 grlcvoiig 10 bo (no first to toy that. ill tell them ntout Phil and me. "Slie talks too much," Ann said, fault. Troubling and worrytrn; fur- BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES They'il question ao." but falnlly defensive. "I know. Dut slio means to w.ite/ Illlea saU nil that ho'd ori-r "Dont tell them ono word a'oout ready, nirwircntly. BO 1'hil'a busy—something ot that Wed nnd worried, would surely ho much better than she Is. docs Grand. Ttiey both do." "For aiy Insplr.UIonal girl," she sort. Ho uas i«en busy a tot lately. oiso tlinii tcllluy ono lltllu lib. read. Below thai,-neatly engraved, Cecily stopped for • second, tried to I think I'll go to see were, a tow meaningless words: l!r. tako tliat back, could not, and went said to Ann nn they stood together •nulcr the ivlnillni;, lironpinH w|s- terln on (lie [inrch, "iial to worry this. Mary-Frances Is n nlC8 Miss Lane this afternoon. 1 Kenneth Horiier Smith. on: "They don't really nMlce much, "1 wisli you would. Sometimes tliey.Jaut pretend Barry is coming early." Don't sny a word, lad bttore "Phil thinks Mary-Frances Is boy they've missed Ptll at all ta'll be struck." "What ol It? She's hcallliy girl ot 15." "We weren't boy slruck nt 15; said Ann. llttlo Etsler, .Mary-Francos Fcnwlclt, It you c;m Ejioro tbo llino. Jilts right." "I'll not worry, w.itcli her illos.' ; • "i'on Aren't lookiiif so very wall Wo'ro all through, Ph,H aud I. Miss -Lane, • portly, 'comfortable "Angel! Isn't tbat had quarrels before." "Not Hire this one. looting, poised 'always as a sternly umo gyninnthlzctU Wo were so worried and so b-j M cm we"!, extraorcllnarllv Still, I do remcmbe: I've cared BO dreadfully. Cissy. I'ro Such n beautiful spring this year, boy named Milton; aud what alioul been so crusbnfl—so burr. 1 don t ronicinlK-r such n a handsome— Carl wasn't It, Ana?" "Dear mo!" Ann almost Emlled. *" hadn't Ihought of htm for years just eort of light foellng and free. oeautltul spring—ov did It hccauio sho wag I can't explain It. There's iho bell So much sunshine, 1 men 6'ad fo have Ann c"mo, and became nnd—well, BO mncli tb» tragic look lu Ann's whIUi facu' i'rlsbtncsa and bli'da nnd sunshln I don't want these napkins and dark eyes reinforce! Iior con- r waa a butcher— I batct viction that pnrenta (rclntlves In Cissy, does It Impress you Same old story. Miss If. PMl'9 changed his mind," general always camo under; dissipation) wero idiots!. that Grand and KoEallo bavo Bud donly besun, of late, to talk a lot about our being married? They never used to. Lately they drag It cldccl, aa she vcl.uracd to licr spick- cily laughed as &ua wout toward the liall. living rnom; iirotty feared that this interview was going Slio was atlll laughlne when sho \nn Feuwlclc, uho supposed, returned to the kitchen, with a. big tboso lovely, sweet old peoplo tljls In by Ibo scruff of the. neck when- alfccled that tragic nlr. heriljboued hoi from morulnp that, if either Ann or ever they, talk to us. they?" Hint Mnry.Frances should talk to hor, she would bad th030 wiao, charming old peo- not tell them about tho Billy and— Here, and hence to thi (t» Ue ConHnucdV Closing Stock Prices Neiv York Cotton New Orleans Cotton Detroit Book Ban Puts Load on Window Library WINDSOR, Onl. (UP)—Demand A. T. & T. Anaconda Coppcp ..... Auburn. Caterpillar Tractor ' ____ Chrysler ............... Cities Service Coca Coia ' ............... nn 1-2 Continental Baking .... 61-8 General Electric ........ 24 1-4 GcncrRl Motors ........ 22 3-4 MEW YORK, Jan. "otton closer! bnrely NETVV ORLEANS, Jail. 12 (UP)— Cotton closed steady. for boohs from the Windsor library close 640 G4D 606 683 705 110 Jan Mnrch May July- Get Deo Jnu Nfarch May July Oct Dec has been Incrcasetl KO greatly, slnco tile government ban on Canadians bringing books back from Detroit libraries, that, local Mbr.irlans fear the volumes will e worn out. They have no reserve funds to replace them. In the last period the ctrculn- Hon showed on increase of 50,009 Spots closed quiet and steady nt G38, off 3. Montgomery Ward New York Central ...... 31 1-a Packard ...' ............. • 5 Radio Corp Simmons Standard of N. J ....... 28 1-4 Texas Corp ........... 12 3-4 U. S. Steel .............. 41 5-1 WINTHROP. :,-ew "/ork, James I,nshomb, eight, saved hiin- a train rrom the suburbs volumes rinmlnu lo 460.W1 for the from drou-nlng hi' nn year to lute December. slips showing the exact time of ar- Ihc customs rul«l that commuters bringing American library bnoks into Canada must pny full duly for each book. rival so commuters will dencc lo explain llisir tardiness to concern was lhat he lost his skates. FRECKLES AND HIS v;cu., UAVfi To LET TUZ OOCXES TSAR COR CLUB V&.K&.... R3R A O1.'A£ API see -meyo BUST rr op!! THE J1ASTKU MIND! Read Courier News just A ^MslUTe._l^l. LET EACH OF YM TAMf. A RI0G TEW fod TStJ CEMTS....AM' IT PUSHES TOO.'.' YESTERDAY'S PICTURE AT 7H£ R1SHT TINiE TO EACH PART CPTHE O.OS THAT Twey ASSESS ~o PAV TOUY, THf FRUIT WASH TUBBS SOLD I-OK 5900! Here he Is-Tagalong McGooscy, brother of the famous Freehs You can ace him nsrfoini daily in '•Freckles and His Friends" 1 BUY PER CA66Eft' $900, VSS POT SETTLE?? , BUT NtR IF NA EXPECTS VJVW, f6R 5900 COULP 8UV Vft OP W\&&ERS,OES AS 600P, 'N' MM 86 I KNOWJ. BOT t IT ECOAOSE IT rw\vi FOR. I fvM VERY ITS sown ttootwv UST tT ASS ASS MINE. ^: BUM m ^900 To THE 6000. Continuing Our Removal Sale of WALL PAPER We are not moving but \vc have to move our wall twjicr to make room for 1932 stock. Reductions as high as 50 per cent. RELIANCE PAiNT, Per Gat. $U(I Other Paints for Kvcry Purpose E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO.

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