St. Joseph News-Press from St. Joseph, Missouri on May 20, 1940 · 4
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St. Joseph News-Press from St. Joseph, Missouri · 4

St. Joseph, Missouri
Issue Date:
Monday, May 20, 1940
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THE ST. JOSEPH XEWS-PRESS MondayMay 20, 1940 OPPOSITION VOICED BY ALF M. LANDON TO COALITION IDEA Kansan Is Against Move That "Would Tend to Decrease ' Party Responsibility" WASHINGTON, May 20. Selection or national : eonverwoii delegates approaches the final tag ihli week in political (filiation beclouded by the onrush of the European war and the call for unity behind the president's defense program. By Saturday night the Republicans will have picked all but thirty-six of their 1.000 delegates, with no candidate having enough publicly Instructed votes to guarantee a first-ballot presidential nomination. By the same time President Roosevelt probably will have the pledges of a majority of the 1.094 Democratic delegates for a third term, although only two-thirds of the total will have, been chosen. A Virtual Certainty. While the' chief executive remains silent, the consensus of Washington politicians Is that the war has made his acceptance of renominatlon a virtual certainty, Jt is the general opinion, however, that he will not say "yes" or "no" until the convention actually has asked him to head the ticket again, .Talk has arisen in some quar ters of postponing the Republican ronventlon now set for Phlladel phla June 24 until the war situs. -i tlon la clarified, but opposition was voiced last night by Alt M. Lan ; don, titular head of the party, Opposed to Delay. " "I am -opposed to any sugges tion that the Republican party ' postpone its national convention or lend, itself to any intangible V coalitions which would tend to d crease party responsibility," Lan don told reporters at Topeka, Kan., before leaving for Washington to lunch with Mr. Roosevelt Wednes. day. - - - , "We Republicans. ean best serve the cause of national unity by maintaining ourselves as a patriotic and constructive party of the opposition in the best tradition of popular government until we are voted Into power by the election next .November. 1 "Thereafter, the country will neeo ana expect in same service from our Democratic friends." Maintenance of democracy was the theme yesterday of a confer ence at Wisconsin Rapids, Wis., celebrating the sixth anniversary of the Progressive party's found' Ing In the atate. -T&'Serk Re-election. Senator La Follette said that the party is "committed to the task of strengthening the internal as , well, a the external defenses of American . democracy." Mt will seek re-election in November un der the party's banner. The sole remaining nrealrlrnHa) primary will take place tomorrow in New Jersey, with Mr. Roosevelt and Thomas E. Dewey of New : York unopposed on the Democratic and Republican ballets, re- i spectlvely. Nine other Btates will hold conventions during, the week to select delegates for one or both major parties. OFF THE RECORD K . 'rt- -a t. v, "I come home on a furlough and she says, 'My! dandy contraption for digging dandelions' " i- What a' Jane Withers Embarks on New Movie Career HOLLYWOOD. May 20. Jane Withers, No, 1 Juvenile at her studio now that eleven-year-oid Shirley Temple has retired from the movie,! embarking upon what Is .virtually a new career. At fourteen, a ft en six years in small-budget films, she graduates Into "A" pictures. No longer the plump little ; nnyaen who lent needed spice to Shirley's sweetness In "Bright Eyes," Jan has become a slender, wen-mannerea, aimosiv demure girl and her roles are be ing matched accordingly. She's weathered some - pretty poor pictures, has Jane, to climb steadily In box office popularity. - 1:1 Jr r mwm erf ltJafesw JANE WITHERS AID FOB QUAKE AREA Water and Typhoid Serum Are Sent to California Valley EL CENTRO, Cal., May 20.-OPV Water to replenish dwindling supplies and typhoid serum for any possible emergency were hur ried Into the Imperial Valley today as the six cities most heavily damaged by a score of quakes . since Saturday night launched re habilitation programs. Death toll of the temblors waa : set at eight, two of them in Mex - Ico, and estimates of property loss ran upward from 2,500,000: In ; Brawley, hardest hit pf the valley communities, three men were ' jailed on looting charges. Governor Culbert I Olson an ; nounced In Sacramento he had canceled a proposed trip out of town to keep in touch with the ; situation and indicated he might send national guardsmen to the scene. Public Health Director Walter " M. Dickie ordered supplies of ; typhoid vaccine as a precautionary measure and tests were made of water reserves as railroad Unit cars rolled here from other points in soutnern California. . The water situation was con sldered serious because of breaks la the Alamo Canal south of the International border, which brings this richly agricultural valley Its , only water from the Colorado River, , Last year she was thirteenth among the stars, outranked in the Juvenile field only by first-place Mickey Rooney, fifth-place Shirley Temple and tenth-place Deanna Durbln. Made Twenty-Knur Movies. Bouncing, vital Jane has .made twenty-four movies, exactly the number that Shirley made before she dropped out of pictures last week. But where Shirley had to carry her expensive pictures al most alone, Jane had only alight responsibility.: Jane's1 low-rental pictures aJso played in somany more gmau tneaters man ma snir ley's that she developed a strong following where It helps most, SABETHA f'AKMER DIES BABETHA, Kan., May 20.' (Special) Hiram Mlshler, sixty- four years old, a farmer living near tier, aiea Saturday follow jng a nearx auacx suffered on a street here. He Is survived by his wife; one son, Floyd Mlshler three daughters. Mrs. William Bchmllt. Mrs. Keith VanHorn and Miss Lola Mlshler, all of Sabetha, . ; . .. .hi i ,,.., ,,, ,; . fl; TOWNSEND CLUB NO, 1 Town send Club No. 1 will meet at the courthouse tomorrow eve nine at 8 o'clock. William Crump will be the speaker, The i public Is invited. . . K1DIGESTI0I ewe afedtfc Heart ennOMMHtiftiniiai .-r hat At UK n un 1 M mm ml mmm mm4 m Wl ai HUM among film fans of moderate In come. -- Further, where Twentieth Cen tury-Fox studio frantically sought to keep Shirley In pretty little girl roles, Jane was allowed to develop naturally. In her first year of high school she played the part of a freshman In '.'high school. Now, a sophomore, she's to make second year. Taller Than Alice Faye. One of the few children of the theater If not the only one to keep right on through the awk ward stage, Jane has just com pleted "The Girl From Avenue A." The studio, basing the film upon the stage play "The Brat" and spending more time than usual upon the script, lists It as definite ly an "A" picture. And as soon as Jane s face loses its childish pertness, it Is Intimated, she's to be ready for romance cinematic, any way. Already she's half an Inch taller than Alice Faye. .. 8hlrley's pay has been about twice that of Jane, who currently gets around S2.500 a week. But experts predict that Jane, now on the way up, eventually will be the wealthier of the two. The Once Over . Br sl I. rsnixirs. FLIGHT 1940 (Lines on seeing a newspaper picture of the arrival of Princess Juliana's baby in England.) X babe In flight within a fat-proof -., box i An infant menaced by nan's brutal sreed . . . The picture shocks and aaddena all . the earth " And mak.a asaln the heart of mankind bld. A symbol of the wak agaiiut tb - strong The ntnry of this ar In on full fla.h: A uhlld whm very Ufa breath nd ' defftiiM . Ymm nmnklnd In a dark abyamal duall ! V " How Ilk k caakct secnm U' tiny . VMm " Wllhm whti h 111 gentle, wide- ayed child'!' li It a aynibol too, of this world's - young,. " Dcatlned to di to suit a world Bona i : .. wild? .!.. . , A nurw and parent bear thM .. .. atrangegt crib I A picture takers teal and stamp j : ' th arena . . I Again an Infant flees from edicts cruel . i Aa fled ao long ago th Nuanna. i Tb mother has a gas mask at bar, waiat, ' Aa haa the troubled father and the maid la this the year of nineteen forty T , . . Speak! . la thl th world two tbouaand eara bav made! " The first public sale of nylon hosiery the other day brought riot scenes In department stores. Ima Dodo,- for Instance, got all her clothes ripped trying to get one pair of ripless stockings, .... f AmerhBi Dialogues, ...... ' Q. How are things' at home? A. Well, we're not getting on so well since my wife's mother came to live with us. - - Q. The old fifth column, eh? Whatever new weapon Hitler has he should remember that two can play at that game, and that whatever he uses, will be turned against him. Boomerang No. 1 of the last World War was poison gas. ' . . 'ALLIES LACK PILOTS' Pldne Designer Sees Difficult Task in Fighting Germans NEW- YORK. May 20. Maj. Alexander de Seversky, designer of United States army pursuit i planes ana air record holder, said today the French and British air forces faced a diffi cult task In fighting Germany be cause the allies, "like the united States," have a paucity of pilots. He coupled the statement with a declaration that this country must provide some vocational Inducement to young men to learn to fly, "or w are going to find ourselves, in the event of wMWln as sorry a situation in the air as France and England." It has been proposed to train T.000 air corps pilots a year as against the current rate of less than 2,000. A former commander of all the Russian imperial navy pursuit aviation in the Baltic area during the World War, Major Seversky advocated what hel termed a "practical approach to the prob lem of inducing American young men to undertake pilot training." "The allies' air Inferiority," he said, "is not so much a matter era. I flew the British spitfire ers. I flew the British spitfire fighter In England last summer, and I still believe It is the best pursuit In Europe." 1 POLICE AT FUNERAL CHILD IS PRECOCIOUS MONTES ANO, Wash., May 20. (U.P.) Wars may come and go, but Louisa-CaprlottV two years old, hss no difficulty whatsoever In reciting the names of 150 places on the globe. It all started when her parents, Mr, and Mrs. Joe Caprlot-tl, began' to discuss the Russian-Finnish hostilities. TRAFFIC VIOLATORS HIT COLUMBUS, Ohio, May 20. (U.P.) Minor traffic violators will receive a ticket punch on their driver's license instead of being arrested, according to a new plan put Into effect here. Three punches, however, aid you're out A Boup proof necktie has been perfected. Somebody Is always worrying about .what happens to the soup. . The belated move - to prepare Uncle Sam propertly to survive In this military world Is on and it Is going to mean taxes that will make the present ones seem like so many gentle caresses from a collector of pennies, . ...,.. Add Simile. . As neutral as a waiter delivering the dinner check. As neutral as someone "else's face powder on your husband's lapel. As neutral aa a newsreel. ' As neutral as political caucus. Gene King. " jaw- lie- - ; -v.- i ANNIVERSARY IS IGNORED Paris Papers Make No Mention of Lindbergh Flight Date. PARIS, May 20. P! The thlr-teenth anniversary of Col. Charles A. Lindbergh's take-off on his non-stop flight across the Atlantic passed unnoticed In the morning press of war-time Paris today. .i .. , , , ; . WE8T TO LOSE LANDMARK FORT BENTON, Mont., May 20. (U.P.) Thla city Is about to lose one of Its oldest historic landmarks. It is the sign of "Jos. Sullivan, Saddler." Sullivan made saddles there for fifty-nine years. Recently he died, and the sign will be taken down. Rite to R Held at Morehouse fmr Youth Ntabbed Fatally. MOREHOUSE, Mnj, May 20.-iPi A number of officers. Includ Ing- the state highway police, will be concentrated here this after noon during funeral services for Cereal Yancey, eighteen years old, who was stabbed to death by a Mexican farm laborer Saturday night Services will be held at 3 p. m at the high school auditorium. Highway patrolmen said senti ment was strong against a number of the Mexican laborers immedl ately after the killing and through out Sunday. They have been brought here for work on a near by plantation. Sergt. H. J. Ttirnbull of the stale police said somebody hit a Mexl can laborer over the head with a bottle several nights ago and Sat urday night when some of the la borers came Into town, one saw Yancey and believed he was the assailant. The stabbing followed. Yancey died Immediately with two knife wounds In the heart. Three of the Mexicans were arrested and taken to. jail at New Madrid. FEWER PEOPLE IN COCNTY FALLS CITY. Neb.. May 20. (Special) Despite a gain In vir tually every town, the population a Rtrtbarrlann flountv will ak decrease of approximately 690 per sons in 1940 as compared to a aec-ade ago, according to Ivan A, low-arnEftevens, census supervisor. Elev ens' figures reveal the 1940 preliminary count aa-19,138, against the 1930 total of 19,826. WEAVERS TO GIVE, SUPPER WPA Week Observence Will Be at Mitchell Park Church Tonight A supper will be given at 6:30 o'clock tonight at the Mitchell Park Christian Church by the workers engaged In the WPA weaving project in the old fire station at Ninth and Doniphan streets. The affair Is being held as a part of the "This Work Pays Your Community" week observed throughout the country by all projects In the professional and service division of the WPA. " The weaving project Is one of the many here In that division holding open house this week. . Mrs. Myrtle Morris is supervisor at the weaving center where eleven workers are employed. Bedspreads and other, articles are made. ' u!..'''-. yy.n'iM?; ,. .' . -4tw .... . t A favorite camera . everywhere SIX-20 BROWNIE Evan mer capable), van mart papular than the earlier Brownies. DU ' way hits assure sharp focus for near or distant subjects. Two extra-large brilliant finders. Smart, with black : morocco-graln cever-.1 Ing. Decorative metal -front. Album-site pie hires, 2Vix3'A inches. $255 mm to 1 bW A 3!i tisin l S GHOOSE Kodak or Brownie for trouble ' free performance. Behind it are more than 50 year? of camera-making experience an investment of millions in precision machines the inventiveness and skill of the largest group of camera craftsmen ever brought together. These unseen factors can't be copied. And they're at work for you every , time you "press the button." New models are smaller, handier, quicker to shoot See them now at your Kodak dealer's. He has Kodaks from $3.93; ' Brownies from $ 1 . . Eastman Kodak " Company, Rochester, N. Y. M KODAK'S tslW COLOR SHOW-AOAIN THI . un of thi niw tokk woato-s ran , Millions of people have mantled at iht beaut ; tad drama of Kodachromc roll-color pictures projected ea t tS7-foot acreeo, tensest in the world. Also at the Kodak BuiMincexpert ednqt oa picture taking at the Fair. Don't forget jrou Kodak. OVLY EASTMAN HAKES THE KODAK J 2922 5' ' uuu CAJUKA-aia Ptctukis One of the moat conrantent : canam mt dcalgned. Kodak Bantam (8) cmrrlea like a pack f daanttee, yet through mod-era photoflniahtnl mcthode It i Jraoa to picture ?a mchee. Loadawith low-prlcaS-eipoeura Kodak Films. KODAK IAHTAM (fS) - MOtl SOI TCHM MONIT , Kodak. Anaaritmat lene, IIDD abutter, prwieton cnnatructloei . . Kodak W UHM Is th miy lit tow-coat SS mm. camera. , Modern Hnlahlna method lead to black-and-white ptctur IMzA Inchea. Alio taken Koda-rhrom (full-color) Film. , KODAK SS (fS. NIW-ANe AN WSTAKT HIT Kodak. Vlftllant 8te-M (ft-3) at rich la now tture. Sing.! , button controla opetilnS, closing,. Precise self -mwcrlnt front. Retracting body abutter role. Two view Sndera. Kodak Antlftmat a.J lene. llse shutter, rictur 1U S !4 Incbe. ; KODAK VteiUNt IIX-S0 (f.) THI 1CONOMT MOV1I SAAKHI Brlna home movie within the : reach of almost avOTyon. Glre . M to 3 bUck-and-whlt ntorta acenee ach a, long a th aecrag newer eel acene on a roll of film coating ti,finhhed. rmury to enow. Aim make f nil color Kndnchrom movies. ClNf-KODAK HMT, Medel 10 SPEED'S OKAY IN. BASEBALL; BUT I LIKE.MV CIGARETTE SLOW-BURNING. CAMELS BURN SLOWER AND GIVE ME THE EXTRA Ml ION ESS I WANT EXTRA SMOKING, TOO In recent laboratory tests, CAMELS burned 25 tlowtr than the average of the 15 other of the largest-telling brandi tetted alower than my of them. Hut meant, on the average, a smoking plus equal to EXTRA SMOKES PER PACK! 5 GeM! ; GEORGE CASE. hading bs-stalr ef the major lesguss GEORGE CASE, Joe DiMaggio, "Bucky" Walters, Johnny Mize ... so many of the top-flight players in America'! favorite sport prefer America's favorite cigarette-Camel. They have found-and you will find-that Camel's matchless blend of costlier tobaccos and Camel's slower way of burning mean several important "extru" in steady smoking pleasure and in actual ' amount of smoking per pack si btlow, left). FOR EXTRA MILDNESS, EXTRA COOLNESS, EXTRA FLAVOR- SLOW-BURNING COSTLIER TOBACCOS 4): V- f i" - li. , -a, ;e." i X .4 i 1 m Hi and helped develop a great telephone system for Missouri FORTY YEARS AGO this man was a runt ... a telephone lineman's helper. His eyes have seen a miracle ... the development of the Bell telephone system that today serves more than 450,000 Missouri telephones. His hands helped make the miracle come true. When he was "breaking in," there were scarcely 17,000 Bell telephones in Missouri. Based on present standards, the service then was slow and " not very dependable or clear. Sometimes it took hours to complete a long distance call. Today, from the sidelines, this old-timer watches with keen delight as 6,700 Missouri telephone workers carry on. The job is bigger . now, but the goal is still the same ... to furnish , Missouri with the best telephone service possi-; ble, at the lowest cost to the user. :' - , , r Ptobmbty to calM fccua ht did tho htmry lifting tot th linmman on thopoh, - SOUTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE CO. Ye era ImMeel t vieH Ike Dell Syeteai a aklWtt r Ike Nw Yrk m4 m Unmetae WerM Fetra. mt mm mm. n wmm m

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