The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 26, 1939 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 26, 1939
Page 5
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THURSDAY, OCTOBEH 20, 1931) Osceola Society — Personal Mrs. Traforrl Hostess Shocks of com . mid pumpkin, baskets of brilliant sumac on screened porch, and red and gold oak leaves bfwkcd on mantels and ever doorways, with pottery bowls filled with gutllardla mid marigold made an Autumnal setting in the home of Mrs. E. A. Tcaford on Tuesday afternoon for the meeting of tlic Literary Department of the Osceola progressive Club. Twenty members nu'd three visitors were present. \ ll:ll call was answered *Hh cur- Dill; Weibev. Mrs. Utwei) Mrs, 0, I, \Vartdc-H jr.. Mrs, K K Marshall, Mis, Kail Robbiiis a,,H Mrs. Giiy Rabbins. ' Mrs. Guy Robbhis will entertain (lie group next Dr. C. M. Harwell left onrni- night (or New Orleans where lie Is unending llio course of Intensive sve Graduate Medical Instruction from Miss Nannie Smith h Piano Instructor Here Miss Niwnto Clink smith, o(' I WUpaiJey. came yesterday to lake ' over Ihe piano classes In the- music studio of Mrs. J.. li. oxman, who Is inovlni; to Union, K. j. ' Mrs. Osman was bofoie her muv- lo 28 at Tulanc Unl- —--1—-——-'-_ _.J__I l ^_ lt ' si| - vcrslty. He k llio guest of his son Dr. Mallory. Harwell, who is doiir graduate work in Una city i> Harwell slopped in Memphis Monday ui-iiu for the lecture at, John Oaslon Hospital which is one -f u series of lectures In obstetrics 'be- i'lfi elvcii in cooperation with (lie University of Tennessee aud Tennessee Health Department lust nlslil, MJ M KnUiryn \v|io 1ms taiigla hero for two years. Miss Smith attended Galloway' (Wicgo at Se«rcy, and the. Amor- Icun Conservatory In Clilctino before ncceptlwi (he position as head ct tlic music department In tho •circst City high W h ol)) , sllo 1Yas M Forrest City for five ve.-irs before Jt'.signlni! to study' in Jull- (AUK,) COU1UKK N1WS ~ —————--—. llnrd's School of Music l» New AH Slw llns bcim a student: of Alton Jones in that school for tlio putt two years. Miss Smith hiis vkHed Iwo n' number of limes as (ho guest ot her sister, Mrs, W. u llorner, »n<{ fnmlly. l»inils 10t)-i'oiimi- Shark UIJIUIAN, South Africa tl)]>)~ What Is bellovcil lo bo'a world rccoid fcr BPOOJI (Islili)ff' lins been cMaWithwl by a Durban angler. Ji. Hobson, who landed ii 100- poinid sllwa'y gray s>lmrk after u five hours' battle, WAHN1NO Oltniill in the Chancery Couvl, Chlckn- ™\vbiv District, Mlsilsslppl County, Arkansas. Ada Wlllfojtd, I'laintlff, ----- ..... >., Mrs. W. T. Ramsey left Ihis week : ca was answered *Hh cur- (w il two w <*ks visit with i| CI rent, events ot nnlionol and inter- «««S"lcr, Mrs. Roy Caviley In New national interest. The first of a so- Orl «t»>s. She was accompanied uy ' ill school niuiuimi mieresi. Hie first of u so- *•"'«»<"»• ^'^ wns accompanied ries of six hook reviews to be given hcl ' 5:l >< Tluace Ramsey, who vv throughout the yeiu- was that given "Mend- <lie baseball training scli< by Airs, G. HwUilt Banks when she al Louisiana State University, B^. reviewed In an tiucrcsUn; manner to " Rouge, for several weeks, the. leu thousand dollar Harper 1 w - v - Alexander, Magnolia com- prize novel fa- 1930 entitled "Chll- mission agent for Mississippi conn- dren of Clod" by Vardls Fisher l - v - 15 '" MW« Hock this week at- which tells the slory o; the ori- 'ending Ihe annual meeting of the gm, gro«lh and development of the Arkansas Oi] Dealers Ass-.clatlon Mormon church in the United Harry Foglc-ninn spent (he week- States'that has been called by some ell(l I" Memphis with. lh s mother Dip most truly American cplside in Mrs - Molt 'e Fogleman. our history, a movement character- ' Mr »- Mary Bowen Poitms and islic of popular psychology both Rol >crl Heidy, In company will) ser- in Us superslttion and the fury of; cl ' al Memphis friends, spent the its oppression. Mrs. Banks used a \ weekend m.Blrmlnt'hnm, Ala. marked map (.3 trace the trek of Prosecuting Attorney Bruce Ivy Ihe Mormons from New York to ' '"~ " Ulah. Sirs. Ijlqyd, Mrs. George Basil Segraves of Uttle Rock and Mrs. and his dimity, Myron nere special guests cf the Crittcn- den County Bar Association' for a chicken and barbecue supper neai Edward Teaford Jr. were guests. iWcst Memphis Saturday night. The harvest note was suggested | Miss Huby Grain of Wilson, who in the refreshment plate outlined ls a student at the University of with variegated oak leaves, brrwii Mississippi, is expected home today and gold brick cream, and a diplo- for " 1C weekend ivilh her parents ma-like scroll of yellow pai>er tied Mr - arul Mrs. J. H. Grain, with gold ribbon on which were T)le Rev. Lester M, Bickford is typed quotations und verses about October. Has Blrttiilay Dance Grinning jack o' lanterns glowed from doorways, innntcl and window expected home the last cf the week lrom,l-reeaom, Okla., where nc attended a family reunion ol~his lamily. He was accompanied by his brother, \v. A. UicWord of St Petersbiu-g, Fla.. «'ho ))as been ills ledge at the Osccola C'omimitiity . S" es t hero for (he jxist week. Clubhouse an Saturday night when ' Mr - anc ' Mrs. Nathan Wcinbcrg Mrs. W. n, Di'ess entertained 45 are the parents of a baby dnuglilcr young boys and girls ot the teen hom at the Baptist li:spital in Memphis Tuesday morning, Mr Wcinberg and his mother, Mre. A. Wcinbcrg, went down Tuesday, ro- '••— '•-- age In honor cf the twelfth DirtU- day of her son, Bobby Dycss. Out of town guests >«ere Pale mid Gencvicve Fletcher of Market! Tree; Alice and Bobbie Williams and Charlie Lowrance III of Driver. Hears Houston Minister turning been named. Wednesday. The baby, seven pounds, lias not . • Mrs. W. A. Eariihail and bal» T ., ..*,».,*.,.. ,,m, l;1% vi daugiiter, Sarah Helen, of Euclora, The Rev. E. H. Westmoreland of Miss., are guests of her sister, Mrs! Houston, Tex., was the guest speak- • Lehman Williams and family this er at the weekly luncheon meeting 1 week. of Ihe Osceola Rotary club ou Tncs- i Attorney Carey Slovall and \V. day using as his subject "Our Un- ] M - Harris of Corintii, Miss., were conscious Influence." The Rev. Mr. ! ccurl visitors this week. Westmoreland is conducting a I The wedding of Perry Medley and week's revival at the Baptist chinch. Mrs. Inez Short, both or this city. He was introduced by the Rev. ' which occurred at Marion on Sept. Harold E. Tillnmn, past: rot the ' 22 is announced this week. Mrs. clmrch, who mas in charge of the Medley is employed at the Wilsoii program. [Cleaners; Wilson, 'Ark., and the •*•»•"•*»•. t — --^-..v-m^ ,, jiowjj, fit t<.., aim (.iic Edward Teaford was received as eroom is crnncctcd with the Rob- new member and «-ill lie for- . bins Brothers Grocery in tiiis city. inally welcomed at next week's mccliiiy. Demurd, Allen and Hurry lluiues oi'Blythcvillc '\vcre wests. (live.s Class I'arly Twenty-three, boys mid girls of the fifteen and sixteen-year-old group of the Mcthcdist Stmday school class taught by Mrs. J. L. Glascoe were entertained with They are at home Mrs: Charlie Cramer. Memphis visitors Tuesday were Mr. and Mrs. Uwighl H. Blackwood and D. U. Blackwooil. Jr., Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Fletcher and Dixie Leo Quinii. Mr. and Mrs. John R. Miller spent the weekend in Uycrsburg, Tcnii., as gucsls of their daughter, Mrs. J. Paul Baird and Dr. Buird. "ship wreck" party in her home They were accompanied by Mrs Tuesday night. Nail kegs, coils .of, Miller's sister, Mrs. T. L. Belman rope and flags gave the- atmos-|cf Tuscaloosa, Ala., who has been pherc of a ship. The guests came convalescing here lor three weeks inviirds being aj ;f given l. cloflics, to Frcdjlie L 10 various points belcre lino- ueulry, both of Spartnnbiu'g, S. C.',, the "treasure"— a large box I and Mrs. Turner of Uurhnni.' S C '"•'" •""' '""' ""•"" - - with Mrs. Lease Williams and' daiishtcr, Miss Helen Williams of Smith and Bernard BurjarsSi for me uest costumes. Directions were given each.couple for a treasure hunt which, look them to various points befere finding the "treasure"—a large box of camly and fruit. Oilier games plated on ship were enjoyed upon fhcir return (o the Glascoe home. Baked bctuis. hot dogs and :lher eats likely, to bs ssrv'ctl on ships were served. Norris Wuu'iims and Dorothy Dy- esi v.'erc-guests ol the ciasi, J'esiMi! t'la.v.% fxrif Mrs. ,J. L. Glascoe, asisted by Mrs. Harry Jones as co-hostess, was hostc^ tc 20 members of the Yea- <g R major operation at the Baird-Didaney hospital in; Dyersburg. Mr. Sclman drove up from his home in Tuscaloosa yesterday (•: accompany his wife home. Mrs. O. D. Berry ami Mrs. B. E Gentry, both of Spartnnbiu'g, S C! luncheon guests of Mr. mid Mrs. Prank Williams Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. claries UTOC o[ Iloseland have returned from a visit with their son. Itichard ROSE. «'hj a ;i student, in Texas Military College. Titrrcll. Tex. Richard was ill for several days and his parents took him to Childress, Tex., for examination and diagnosis at the man. Bible Class in her home Mnn- hospital in that city of which day night for the monthly business Rose's brother, Dr. s. H. Tow :MIU sotiial meeting. Halloween table, is superintendent. They al.s-. visuca covers, napkins, and oilier decora-1 lier parents nt Mangrum, Okl-i lion.s suggested the season Mrs. Maggie Barbicrs w».s dcva- licnal leader, t'lollowiug the busiues meeting, bunco wns played in 'Ahicl Mrs. Roy E. Dawsou was highest. scorer. Giiesl;; wcro Mis. W. W. Wiilsoti Mre. D. I 1 . Crouch mid Mrs. A. S liosers. itoy E. D.wson and Mrs. Harry Jones are teachers of tlic class. Mrs. Earl Unbhins Hnstcss Mrs. Wade Quinu and'Miss Jane Wcathcrsby were guests playing with the new Tuesday Night Bridge Club in the h:me of. Mrs. Karl Roubins on Tuesday nieht. Fall flowers in browii-nud yellow shades combined with Halipvccn decorations were used in the new subur- bim home ot Mrs. Bobbins. The nine members ot the chib are Mre. Zckc l';llard, Mrs. Tim Boles, Mrs. fiusicir Crockett, Mrs, Far Sale! knonn ;is U>c Old Hickory Inn. «ct(-w from tli?ti fjclxcol. Will romidcr long-term lease li) right parly. See E, OLD HICKORY bclore returning, home. COLDS Cause Discomfort for quick iclicf from .Uie misery »f culds, lake G3I> Pull the lazy'Bowels, and Also Pepsin-ize Stomach! "iffi^a^^'Si tongue; sour taste, and fad I r S eath±r stomach is prolwbly loaded »n w K ccr taiu ..-..., jj you need l»lh Pcixiin i 0 i,Si break up fast that rich uiidi K c««lV™i H! 1-ourslomacti.and UxativcSm ',i^ tire higgcr on l\w<, • ± alB »*toi* ciicixirecveilofi dislrcvs. At the SJIIUE 1 line (|,i s nicd xvakcs up Uu,y nerves and muscles ill jowcls to relieve yourcomlipal oti si mw mucli bcllcr you fed by takii^ axalive that also (xils lo thai s oiiiacli discomfort, l™. Uvai cfcy cluWren love to taste this ulnn- family Native. Buy Dr. >'«, No. '((MU K. W. Willfoiid, Ucfcndnut, Thu defcndont, E, W. Wlllfoiid. is warned to appear within tlihly days in Uio court named lu the eaptlon hereof and answer the I'oinplninuf the plaintiff, Ada will- fond. Dnicd (his 2(i day of October, I01Q "AiCVEV MOniHS, Clerk. Hy Kllnnbeth Ulyllie, u c PACK FjtVI ^..WM*— — * — "*'—"** I'm now AJ Dudley, attys foe PHJ "-cy Wr^hl, ally ^4 utem '•. , UAPPY UOUR GRO.& HMKT: I'KBE DELIVERY 103 W, Main' St. 'Fhone 15 FIRST QUALITY RIN6LESS CHIFFONS 49cHase/ RocfWed/br America's Great Sale! pi. "Sensational savings" announce Ward Week sale banners! Sensational savings say 'thousands of price-wise women who know they can't match these value s-auywhcro else! Guaranteed flawless silk chiffons, full-fashioned, perfect! Also service weight at this amazing sale price! SUPER-HETERODYNE 4-TUBE SENSATION Has Built-in Aerial I Underwriter Approved! 6 25 BIGGER SET PERFORMANCE at" am.niitg Ward Week saving I Super,-bot circuit where most comparably priced sets liavc less selective TRIM Anlotiintic volume control! 1" speaker! AG-DC. 4-Tube Mantel Sot in Ivory.... ^5 RECORD-BREAKING DRESS SHIRT SALE! T/iey're Sematlonal 139 Values! 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