Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 5, 1942 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 5, 1942
Page 1
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The Weather Continued Cool Tonight, Beacon Falls Circulating In Bristol Terrace—— Cotton Hollow Middlebury HOME EDITION Millville •—- Platts Mills Straitsville Union City XLVII, No. 182... NAITGATUCK DAILY NEWS, WEDNESDAY, AUGUSTA 5, 1942 Price Three Gents ndia's Congress To Vote On Vast Sit Down Strike ff^::: •••""""-"• •'•^^ " ~" n*«.r,ir. .^—.1---^^ •«=-—_, i j,-?- ,...,,. •• ; . —!* •. - ' ' • '".' ''- '"".?. v y v •••••—-~ U. S. Rubber Co. Salesroom To Be FORMER SITE OF HAWLEY STORE NEW LOCATION hdustrlal Eolations Offices flf^ PUMPER and Hospital Facilities to Be Amplified, (1!l.di\ within 'i I"- ||i||i|nT I' 1 '. ,1, t will I liMi'nrd throUK'h u ri sniinu' t n (I a y f <if wooks, tho U. S. alesroom on Wulor shifted from Its pros- r , |( , me ' n .»\v »i!'..k''t» li:iM''d In have lhi ih'il In Hi' 1 silo or Mm for- ll . v H.»ril\Vai'0 slum oil VVu- jus I adJw-iMil Id HIP oniu- ,m\ (..u'kiiii; 1 yard on that atniet. I'iiii.-*, it Is sali I, rail for the spuco l'»r I In 1 salesroom lo he Into added office nielll- lj.-< fur the Industrial Helatlons cle- ;.i;'liu''iil nf Hie company, svhlle on.- sirlinn will KO 10 diilai'Ko (.he in)s| f-ii'lHIIes of tin.! firm, Til- 1 shift in I ho slln of Ihr Hdle.s- ro.Mn will no ilouht atrlko u pop- nl.u- nnto with NaugfUuuk people f,)i- (lit' ii'-w location will be wort 1 tvn!i',il Hi. in (he one now in USD, wtiik lie- urniiiid floor level In Iho [..nun 1 lltulcy slore, will ellmlnalo Ih'- I'limliiiiK of slalrs such us Is t)K I'-IM' 1VH\V. on P«KO Might) NO THEFTS OF CAS BOOKS ARE REPORTED HERE IS AT LOCAL FIRE HOUSE The pumpui i'!hl"f of I'nlliv ,fnhn rinnuley •"'I Hi!* mnrnln.K that svhllo a ruiui- t"T <if llipfls of XIIM ration hooks fnvi' IIHMI iv|iorh«l up and down Hi' 1 .Viuxalin-k Valley, an yot hl.s 'h'U'lmriii II.IM reei'lvnd no eoiu I'hinl* ri'x.-u'ilhiK IheflH of LhlM mi llIP' 1 ll'Ti'. AiHniii.i has already llnlod nearly lii'MsiM whi'iv KMNolInn ral-lou hook? Hi' 1 !: 1 M\\III-IN, and Ihni'o also ha.* h.»v- II.'.-M laki'ii I'roiu HIM oars ol I"'")) .m miUu'rak or Iho name kind of Iliii'Vi'ry in Turt'lnKl-Ull, T» 'tit' 1 Xaiiw'aluek ha.s u < ilil'' In this iTMpcot and loeal po- I'' 11 li'ip" thai HID Kood record will new WX)- gallon Seagrave (Ire, englnu, willed for the pust Hi'vorul days has caused inoro dlsetisHlon hero than a Lwo-hoadcrl midget Is now wifely parked In the iS'uiiKaluek (Irq house today. The railroad oar which -brought the pumpuL 1 to Nnugnluok last Friday, loilay was hauled Into the Wa- tcrbury Tri'lght yards, and Iho ma- ohlno was rolled out onto the platform and dually sot Us wheels safoly on Llio ground. ,11 was impossible to unload the machine here due lo the lack ol v an unloading ramp at Uie Naugatuuk freight yiwlH, Tlfu vSeagravo rejtresenlallvo had ohargo of unloading the #K,000 ma- olilno today at \Vaterbury and drove It lo the local lire hoiuso. Kirn Chlnf ,1, Shorldan atat- iul that the now pumpoi 1 IH wider than older typos of this lire apparatus, and Indicated that the chonklng of Urn equipment on the much Inn Is being done today. Tho borough board IH .slated to muni! a time for the 'pumper Ux bo fully toHtcd bore within the noxt Hovt-ral days, find when this work Is done, SatlnfactorUy, accop- tanco of the efiulpment will be liikon by tluj town. .-.._. , Filipino Soldiers Mad e Citizens at EbrtDix Japan Poised To Pounce Upon Paralyzed India If Gandhi Keeps Pledge Late News Bulletins 111 mi unpi'eoo<lei»J.iMl cortjmony, 14 heroic I'hilippin ij Scouts, who i'oiifjht and were injured at Itntnnn and lor arc shown as they were made cili/ens oil tli« U, S. tit TilUm; Gonci^l IVospUal, Fort Dix, N. .1. Well from (licit 1 wounds now, the men arc -.shown lukiiitf the, oath of allcyiancc before Judjje Philip Foi'iiian, of the. District Court of the State <>i' New Jersey. (Central Press) U. S. RUBBER CO. NOW MAKES PARACHUTE BOAT I'olli'i' tin advlsn motorists In l 'in'y ih-'ir IMS ratlonlriK cards on Ili'-ir |ii'iNtiMji. People are also ad- vi<"i| t,, write their use tax .stump fiiiiiih"!' iijiun tlieir Kasollnc niLlon- m < '"'"k .MII| also lo kimp HIM mini'"'i 1 "Id.-whnv. as Ihls Is the only I><>«IM" unhurt of Identification of < sl .'>l"ii use Hlamp, 10CALPLAYER IS WINNER crunk looul Uw, won his inatoli loiirituy I'lYtJ |iv ;in fur I'ark Ian I, snii'pH of fi-l, 0-,'J. tm lournny whom ho face Champion "Joo" h" III In. OF aKS REPORTS ON CONVENTION Jeremiah L, f.Iallahan, nxaclerl ru I'M 1 nl' the NaligaUick Lodge of Klk.s made his report, following Ills trip to the National convention of the I'll Us held recently at Omaha, Nebraska, at Iho regular meeting of (hi! loon! lorlgn hold last night at the Intuit lodge rooms. The exalted ruler stated that phuiH are now under way for a half million dollnr war cliost to bo raised by the Klks on a national Hi-ah- for win 1 relief; This elTort is similar to the work clone by the Klks during the last World War. Mr, Gallahan also described his visit lo Hoys Town, the nationally known rn •hal)llllatlnn . movtMucnl for boys, which ban Its headquarters near Omaha, Similar Products On Larger Scale Among Those Produced in Local Plants, II 1C LI) I''OH SAI-'K THICFTS Hoston, Aug. a-dJP)— Three men are being hold by Oharlestown police In connection with a series of •mfo robborl'<!H Involving about $20,000. And offlcors say two of the trio of Hoston suspnetH have admll- ed making the brouks which oc- nirred in a dn/en Own I.IT Mnslon onriimiinllles. Pollen adtl Ilial- 1.1 u: men allegedlr took Iho safes from islnoHS houses during woeU_oruls. hon they hauled Minm to a Hoston garaK" and oponed them ill (heir ulsure. An lngonlous_ new one-man parachute boat, Instantly inflatable, roi euivjrgenoy use ' on single-Heater lighter 1 |/Kinos has boon developed hy United Stales ttubbor oornpany, Tho total weight of this bout, in. eluding the U HOIUH oT vl'UU equipment that help pro tool, the lller, Is only 12 pounds. it IH attached to the pilot us- a scat pack when he. Is In tho plane, Is held tightly to him in parachute descent,- and can bo Inflated I'n.from, live' to 10 seconds by turning u valve on a .small L!o 2 cylinder. First shipments of the new type boat are now being delivered by United States Rubber company. . Advantages of the oiio-mim parachute boat for speedy, small fighter plane's are Its Ugh.I weight, great, compactness and the -fact..thai the (Continued on Page Eight) "LEARN TO SWIM" CAMPAIGN AT THE LOCAl Y. 1C. A. Certain Churchill, Is Visiting Eussia .•.Stockholm'; • HipoH reach inn Sweden from Lisbon says it., now is_ consid-.; ored cc'i-tnin (hat Prinie Minis- !.«r Churchill Js..vJsitin{/.-iUis- sin. . ......*•• - /\ccor«liii(j to Ihe Swedish .Tulu(jni|ili Ilurcau, it Is hcllcvcd- "that yost-ei'diiy's •scc.wJt- session of Ihi: Bi'iUsh Honsooif Commons had to do with dhui-ch- ill's trip.' However, there sUR' is lio olllciul eoniirniation of rumors, first put out by AJio Na/is, that Churcliill is in cow. . —0 GAS RATIONS FOR DEFENSE WORKERS POPE PIUS PROTESTS* TREATMENT OF JEWS Potain to End "In. human Arrests of a De- People," :» ..... (UP)— IIKUlllHt till) lutl'Hll In AUK. from an uulm- Thn pon 11 IT. Iho Papal Nuncio . l<.h| Marshal 1'ol.aln lhal ""I uudcrMliuul why the l"'HiK iHTMOouU'd, And the ^"M (o have entreated the U *" '•''^ill. I'ctaln IH said lo have "" ""' .NMX| dociipalloii authorl- " l)| lh harm Krojioh JOWH. Uo "."' M..'ldloil ,I('WH 01 Xllll(l| °' ho Vul- proliliiin JH:- hlin talk lurnod lo Iho Na/,1 f|i!poi-l,al,ion ol' foreign Jews ^who've sought I'efuge In Krwnco, The aK"fl marshal remarked that the problem was very unpleasant. But, "I havo ono uonsolation, Tho Pope umloi'HtmulH uiul upprovoH my The room was quiet and tho reply of tho prh-'Ht carried through the •room, "Marshal Potain," ho replied, "the holy faUior nultliiu' undorsliuuls nor appi-ovo.H," ho Htilrl, Tho noxt day ho HHW Polaln n private iiudlenuo a'nd reportoclly told ' "TIIO hol-y 1'athor ontroafn you lo put an ond to these Inhuman ar. rewtH of a cluforiHoloHH pooplo. 1 'll (>, HAUL HKAD Stamford, Aiitf, f>— ( torlal dlroetor of Mm UshliiK company of New \ork, Jom ,h 0, Mil, I" cload. Dah w«j. nn of many books -on hotel;Ton». Mo- was a native or St. Paul, Minnesota, Physical Oi rector Frllss Klarnbt has his "Learn To'Swim 1 . 1 campaign on In full swing at the Naugatuck Y. M. 0. A. pool, tliosa days, and many local residents have acquired the ability |.o take care of themselves-In the water due to these sessions. , . Swim classes for 'the boys arc held every afternoon except-Tuesday and on Saturday morning eaeli week, with the non-swlturners Jiav-f lug the early part of the sessions which start afternoons at .2:30 o'clock-and on Saturday at- 9:00. Tuesdays arc swim days J'or the girls and womon at the "Y" pool, with women having pool sessions ut 10:i5 In the morning. On after- nous girls classes start at 2:00 o'clock, with advanced swimmers taking over later in tho afternoon. On Tuesday nights women swimmers use the '"Y" pool from 7:00 until 0:30. physical IJIi'cotor Klambt points out that swimming is.perfect exercise In addition to furnishing the moans of enjoyment of shore and lake vacations where varied water sports ,aro u part of all programs. . 4 « » LOCAL BAND IN BOND RALLY Providence, R. L, Aug. 5—.(UP)— Civilian Dei'ensc workers ,in;;Rhode island -arc going .to got supplemental gasoline rations. ' ; • Brlgadier-Cenerdl Earl C. Webster, the Civilian Defense director, says Mi at these workers will be able to list Miolr driving to yolunibcer jobs as occupational mileage. And General Webster's anrnnmccmen:t comes after' plane spotters and _ol;her workers threatened to quit' tli'Oir posts due to la'ck oi' gasoline. ...•••• Li o u tcha n.t Ja JTI'OS . Gu dd y.' and . Pa• trollne'n /PimoL-by Rcardon and John Micalo)]us are the delegates; from ^tha; •Naugatucir ; pbyce .lienof! t, lh- ^'uraiide': associali.on to ' WIG! annual convenlion..or l/be Co.imC'Cti'CUt State .Police a'ssoolal.ion which is being 'held in Hartford-today; 'An interesting; program has, been ; ari.'fl.nged for the 'Convenllon, the sessions of 'whic-li .are. taking -place iir- the- Hotel Bond, in the Capitol City, and a..number of features of police work upon • whi-ch -war coi,i- ditio.ns liave placed 'special -cmplm- .sis "will be - discussed at the ^-con- venlJon which-will be "stream lined" jn many respects -due to the .war. RUN WAR BY LONC WSTANCE THONE INDIA BIDS FOR FREEDOM The impending political crisis over India's demands for freedom casts a deep shadow over the Pacific fighting fronts today. The All-India Congress party has made an eleventh hour bid for freedom now, before invoking Gandhi V, civil disobedience, campaign. The Congress working committee has adopted a resolution, pledging India's .full alliance with the United Nations against all aggressors—providing immediate independence is given. WOOD VENEER PLANT IN RUINS Mellen, Wis., Aug. 5—(UP)—Charred ruins are all that remain of the world's largest airplane wood-veneer factory. The Penoke Veneer company burned to the ground today. And irreplaceable "machinery was destroyed. The company was one of the largest suppliers of wood-veneer fo ( r United Nations planes. A strike started in tlie plant yesterday. "BLACK MARKETERS" A SECRET New Orleans, Aug. 5—(UP)—Congressional, investigators have the names of some of the operators on the steel black market—buf they're an official secret^ Chairman Peterson, of the House committee looking into the Higgins ship contract Cancellation, says to inakc public the names might hurt the : case. The "black: market operators, observed Peter son,, niight b.e moving their steel right libw—thus•'-'destroying; eyi'fiencev" f . , . Blow Would Strike United Nations Staggering- Blow to Avert Crisis. HAVE ITALIANS ON RUN • London, Aug: i; 5—(UP)r-^Iugoslav troops are reported -to Imve Italians forces on the run on the Serbian front. The Moscow radio- has broadcast a communique from General Miktiailovitch's headquarters claiming that the Fascists were forced to retreat in the Kasatskie G : orythe sector. The Italians left 4,000 men on the battlefield and lost seven tanks and three' anti-tank guns to the diet- niks. The l.horney issue of India's freedom is being pushed to a showdown, will] grave hul unpredictable consequences. On Friday of this week, Indift's congress p;\rly meats to vote on Gandhi's program for a- vast sit- down strike. Only a British offer of Immediate independence for India apparently can head off this cH'ppNhg step. The crisis is doubly tragic, because Japan is poised to pounce upon a paralyzed India— if Gandhi carries out his threat. Such a blow would strike an In. dia bound in invisible chains. It \vo\rld deal the. United Nations a staggering blow. .*- . ' (Continued on Page" Eight) SEN. REPUBLICANS COOL TO WILLKIE^S "VICTORY CREHF Providence, R. I.,. Aug. 5— (UP)— The .president o'f • J3ro\\Mi university iiai'S'es thai. Pi'flsidenl, Roosevelt nncl Prime Minister Church 1 1.1 are trying. I/a run lire war by lons'-clis- Lance telephone. And tire .United Nation's, declares Henry Wriston, i« but an empty phrase Tor Jack of action. Wriston accuses Congress and' Hie various farm, silver and labor blO'CS oi' putting- L-heir -own interests ahead of victory. . . ' JUGOSLAVS CLAIM SUCCESS London, Aug. 5—(UP)4-Jugoslav'forces are repored to have killed or wounded 2.000 Axis soldiers and captured another thousand 'during battles in the Kralna district of Bosnia. A report radioed from Serbian, guerrilla headquarters says that Bulgarian troops have been forced to withdraw from the area. SACRIFICE PREMIUM PAY Chicago, Aug. 5—(UP)—CIO United Workers union resolved unanimously today Automobile to abandon NO COUHT TODAY " There Was no session of the Nau- g-Rtuck borough court today. •$' Try On Homemade Gas Masks Victor Zcmbruskl, of and bis band will bo heard over stations WATH and W13BY In Walcr- bury tomorrow afternoon .at, 5:15 when they will play on the Waterbury. Growi on Uie. program sponsored hy the U. S. Trnosury Depart,- mon'i, lo Increase,.sales pf 'War. Sav r Ings stamps and borirts, , its sacrifice.of premium pay for Saturday, Sunday and holidays unless all other unions accept the ban within 30 days. BIASED AND PREJUDICED ACTION Washington, Aug. 5—(UP)—The cancellation of ^the. Higgins ship contract brought new charges today against government'. shipping agencies. Chairman Truman^ ol; the Senate committee investigating the war production, accused the navy's bureaus.of ships of biased and prcju diced action in connection with the cancellation, Though the Higgins contract was voided by.the Maritime Commission, Truman, in. a letter to Navy Secretary Knox, laid the major blame for.the move on Ihe ships bureau. Washington, Aug. 5—(UP)—Senate Republicans are cool to Wendell Wlllklc's" proposed ^'victory••creed" as a basis for this year's parly platform. "-.'•• Former Isolationist^ object thai; the program would commit the" GOP l,o a league of nations after the war and to the principle of, "policing the \vorld."' Wlllk-ic urged that there be no thought of peace or appeasement until totalitarianism Js destroyed throughout • the 'v^orld. And he proposed that after tM^war, America adopt a program of .toVter- naUonal," political and economic oo- opisration. « «» MAYORS IN BOSTON FUEL OIL PROBLEM bad. day in Stocks lost . two •yoniiflslei'/vlliii'bnrn (left) l nnd Sliciln Corbrtt, who live- in Honolulu, Hnwnli^aro sliown h-yiiiff-on ffiis masks pul (orfcllier for them molhcr. They are nuwlr of heavy while cotton sealed ot the seams with wax. The oycplcqes W of .celluloid taken from wallets. The round patch over the mouth Is Ihe hrentlpnn sne whieh Is soaked in a chlorine solution in Uie event of 'a 0as nWack. - (tciHi-ol 1 i i ess; MAJ. GEN. BRADLEY IN MOSCOW Moscow, Aug. 5—(UP)—Major General Follett Brad- Ley, representing President Roosevelt, arrived in Moscow. ['He told correspondents his job \vas to facilitate in. "all I possible ways'* aM>to Russia. BAD DAY IN WALL STREET New York, Aug. 5—(UP)—This was a "\VaJl StreetT—iiearly everything went down. as, much as two points, and all sections of the industrial list were affected. Railroad and utility bonds declined up to a point .and United States government issues had small losses. W^eai closed down as much as a cent and an eighth and other grains fell to more than a cent a bushel. Cotton dropped 85 to 90 cents a bale. A, F. OF L, CHANGES ATTITUDE Chicago, Aug\ 5—(UP)—A snag threatens to develop in the latest move to bring-the APL and the CIO togctlier. Pliilip Murray, the CIO chief, said today that lie hoped for tlie success of peace negotiations. But he added, unification of-the two unions depended on what he called a changed attitude by the AFL, A • Boston, Aug. 5—(UP)—Mayors of 50 Jfiast Const cities meet in Boston today to see \vhnt can be done-about the 'fuel oil situation. The sessiop has been called by Mayor robin-lo. make sure that the East Coast gels Uie maximum amount of fuel oil possible for this winter. And"according to the mayor, Uie oily, leaders from Portland, Maine to Miami,- Kloricla are gathered for another good reason. Jlc says such a .meeting as this will .bring home to the American people the seriousness of the fuel oil situation. And he adds that it will help show officials that nation-wide rationing of oil supplies Is the best way to solve the problem. . • ' Mayor Fiorello H. La Guarclfa ot New'York will preside at todays session. SANTA GLAUS IN ARMY AIR CORPS Boston, Aug. n-(UP)—New England's "flying Santa Chum" leaves for Miami, Florida, today to report, for duty with (the Army Air corps. He is Ed-ward R. Snow, who •has been commissioned a first.licu- l-nnnnt. Snow is widely known along the Atlatic coast for-his Christmas day flights with presents to lonely lighthouse keepers. ...--. FACTOGRAPHS The saying, "to pull the wool over one's eyes" (meaning lo al- : tempi to deceive), dates back to Elizabethan days in England,, where it had its beginning in a,' law which made compulsory the taring of wool caps on Sundays and Holy days. Those who' didn't have wool caps tried to make them out of raw wool, and' literally pulled the makeshift over their eyes. On March Jl, i8 ; «i, the steamer President, New York to Liverpool, with i.3G persons on board, '' disappeared and" was never heard from. •• •»' In the Swiss Alps 'there are no fewer .than 70 .peaks .\vlth ~an altitude, ranging", from 10,000 to 15,000 feet,

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